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Phoenix Wing Guild


Prince purred louder as the poor blue haired boy struggled to get any coherent words out of his stuttering mouth. It was quite possible the tall feline was pushing the poor shy boy a bit too far. Yet despite how uncomfortable Michael seemed, the fellow Dragon Fang member didn't even attempt to escape Prince's hold. Despite Michael's shy self, the cat was sure that if he really wanted Prince off and away, he could force the big cat just as good as Guild Master Jack.

With a soft chuckle, Prince released his embrace so he could grip Michael's chin between a clawed index finger and thumb to raise the stuttering boy's head. Leaning down and giving a kiss to Michael's forehead, tasting the Celestial Magic. Resisting the predatory instincts to just eat it, instead leaving it at that and pulled away with a bright smile.

Patting the top of the head of his companion and running his clawed fingers through the blue hair. "Well, feel free to let me know if you ever want too Mikey~" he said cheerfully. Even still, it was probably difficult to tell if he was completely serious or just teasing. Considering the catman had the same friendly smile on his face.

"So what have you been up to? Going on this little island adventure too mhm?" the red head asked, his teal eye watching his friend curiously.


Phoenix Wing Guild


Listening silently as she could hear Trinity move, Edarn continued to simply stare at the table until she found herself being pulled up and into a hug. The blonde blinked a little and she tensed a little. It had been awhile since she's gotten a hug that wasn't one trying to kill her. Emerald eyes blinking slowly as Trinity tried to give some comforting words. Edarn didn't really believe her, but she knew she was just trying to help. The Earthlander hadn't given a solid answer in what she would do if it came down to between Edo-Karn or Earthland Karn. Edarn fairly was certain she knew the answer. Earthland Karn. He was a sweet kid, who had managed to nestle his way into this guild and into the hearts of his Guildmates. Even if he didn't think so. Edarn stood for a moment before reaching her left hand around Trinity, sliding it down the mid back and promptly squeezing the rump before giving a soft chuckle and letting go just as Trinity did.

Glancing toward Sasha for but a moment, Edarn turned her gaze away from the ice wielding woman to look at Trinity once more in thought. "Possibly. I was thinking of making a body of sorts. I basically had to do most of that back home so perhaps I can just engineer a full body. Maybe with a little help with Mirror's mom." the blonde mused thoughtfully, crossing her arms over the chest of this body.

"The real problem is inside though. Your Karn has gotten a bit better since I came here but... he doesn't really want me to leave. He's grown comfortable with my presence I suppose. Doesn't feel so lonely I guess. He's a bit of a kid honestly." Edarn sighed a little at the little issue of the situation.
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Did anyone here that? That was the sound of Nolan finally snapping and all it took was just the minor insult, edgy kid, to finally set him off. "I'm done. Fuck this, nope, I'm done! Eat shit and die, fuck boy. I'm outta here." He threw his hands up in the air and walked away while bumping shoulders with Sora, completely deaf to Ethel trying to tell him that Ariel was okay. It was not even noon and he had it up to here with everything! The entire fucking world could burn for all he cared!

Dalton watched as his partner stormed off and gave a death glare to some of the nameless faces that belonged to the guild, causing some of them to reel back in fear. The exceed turned to Master Jamie and back to the door that Nolan kicked up and yelled, "Wait for me!" before flying off after Nolan. It was an awkward situation and he gladly would use any chance to get out. He also had to make sure Nolan was not going to kill someone.

Meanwhile, Enma and Zev had wandered into the guild hall and were now wondering what the hell was going on. They were sent from their respective guilds to partake in the island exhibition, but things seemed...chaotic.

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Jasmine Lockwood and Sora Kaze

"Umm..if...if you say so Jamie." Mumbling under her breath, Jasmine felt her strength return and took a couple of small sidesteps away from Sora towards Jamie. Just in time too, as Nolan's outburst made her flinch, and he might've barreled straight through the girl. As it stood, he bumped shoulders with Sora. If Jasmine had the courage, she might've called out to Nolan but as it was she simply cowered next to Jamie.

This day was turning out quite lovely wasn't it? It had started so well, yet had gone sour so quickly. Alas, this happened far too often for Sora's taste. It would seem that Nolan too had a similiar thought to Sora as he well and truly cracked it, earning a bemused look from Sora as he finally had stopped nursing his head. He didn't say anything, he simply watched as Nolan bumped him on the way past and waited till he had left the premises before speaking.
"Well...not sure what that was about. Oh well, doesn't concern me." Shaking his head, Sora turned back to Jamie.
"Hmm, so this Ariel girl absorbs magic then?" Acting like the outburst never happened, the mage looked down towards the merged dual. He didn't expect an answer from Jamie, seeing as it was more just repeating back what she said to confirm, and to further prove that he didn't give her a chance.
"Then I understand the root of the problem, at least the majority of it. You see...well, I do apologise in advance Ethel.
I'm gonna have to break employer/employee confidentiality."
Pausing to give a quick gesture to Ethel, he resumed in the blink of an eye.

"It's a long story so I'll try to sum it up as concisely as I can. Ethel here, her physical body was destroyed two years ago and reformed to be made entirely out of ethernano. Mostly anyway, there is still a will attached to said ethernano. Her body is also very fragile as it stands, which is a key point. Even the slightest disruption can be catastrophic, henceforth I placed a magic seal on her to help with it. But it looks like I didn't make it strong enough." Taking a moment to build up suspense, and catch his goddamn breath as it was kinda draining to have a huge monologue after all, Sora took out a seat and, well, sat down. What else would he do?
[color=39b54a]My theory is that your guild member here, with her ability to absorb magic, disrupted that delicate balance. Whether it was by taking too much or taking any in general, I cannot say. But, Ethel's body couldn't take the sudden loss and broke apart. And the ethernao that...uh."[/colour] Sora stared blankly at Ariel for a moment, completely forgetting her name. After a quick pause, it came to him and thus he turned back to Jamie.
"..Ariel(?) here absorbed would've contained Ethel's will, since it would've had no where else to go without her 'vessel' so to speak. I..I know not why she resembles Ethel, maybe it's something to do with the girls magic? I'm sure you know more about that than I do. So, as it stands, our problem remains as such. How do we separate the two? I could try and seal Ethel's magic away, but that has it's own complications. And it doesn't guarantee that Ethel will actually leave the body." Assuming a thoughtful look, Sora had finished voicing his opinion on the matter. He was interested to see what ideas Jamie had, maybe one of her members had a magic that could help?
But man, he needed to surmise quicker.
That was tiring, and he hadn't even covered why Ethel had come to the guild. He had breached enough confidentiality for one day, and Jamie hadn't inquired on the matter so no point bringing it up.
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@Silver Fox
Not resisting as Prince lifted his head up, Michael knew he shouldn’t be surprised at his friends actions, and yet he was. Constantly. At the kiss on his forehead, Michael blushed deeper. He knew that the catman could very well ingest his magic, and that he was resisting his instinct to do just that. He sighed softly, still unable to tell if Prince was joking or being serious. And Michael wasn’t sure which one he wanted it to be, so he merely nodded.

At Prince’s questions, Michael tried to get his thoughts into order, ”J-j-just doing j-j-jobs and t-t-things… Uriel s-s-suggested I g-g-o to the island… there m-m-might b-be the Zodiac Keys there… s-some of t-them at least… N-no one knows w-what happened to t-the F-Fairy T-Tale mages that d-didn’t g-get stuck on t-the island… “ he swallowed, trailing off. He didn’t know how to explain why he wanted to go to the island… but he thought it would be something that he needed to do, to see.

Like maybe he would find answers there. To what questions, he didn’t know.
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The young lady bristled as she felt a wandering hand on her butt. She responded by pinching repeatedly, "knock that off, you." She huffed, lightly pushing away and crossing her arms. "Letch."

She was eager to talk about something else. "Your soul would need a specialized housing, probably. Hmm... Well, it's something to think about, I guess." Making a body might be pretty complicated, but it might be the way to go, at least temporarily. "Dad managed to put a little bit of engineering in my head before we got separated. I might be able to help build a body, but it sounds like you have more experience."

"Yeah, he's definitely a kid. A very feminine little boy. It's a little troublesome even when you're not dealing with..." She paused, gesturing with a hand as she searched, "existential dread? Is that what this is? But he's a sweet boy... He doesn't deserve this." She fidgeted for a moment, slowly becoming more agitated before conjuring a guitar and headphones with her Energy Make, all connected. She tossed a set of headphones to Ekarn before she started to jam out. It was only audible through the headphones, and they would be able to hear each other.
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Phoenix Wing Guild


"Mhm is that so? Seems to be a promising suggestion. It is quite the interesting island." The tall catman hummed as he draped a arm around his teammate's shoulder and gave a toothy grin. Chuckling a little at the stuttering boy, Prince gingerly ruffled the blue hair. "Well I'll be sure to look for keys when I accompany you Mikey~" he chirped cheerfully.


Phoenix Wing Guild


Edarn gave a amused grin as her hand was pinched, drawing it away as the musician gave a annoyed huff and pushed the blonde away.

"Sorry sorry, can't help it around a cute girl." Edarn hummed with a soft little chuckle. Emerald eyes simply watching Trinity's reaction, almost studying, as she shrugged in a innocent manner. Perhaps a bad habit of hers, to do things just to get a reaction out of someone. Be it for amusement or just see how someone would react to certain situations. What makes them tick, what makes them mad, how they think, etc etc.

'That's because people are nothing but test subjects.'
'Only around to be of use.'
'Or thrown away if they are complete trash.'
'If they aren't useful, they aren't worth the time.'

Ignoring the voices that continued to ever so chatter in the back of her mind, the blonde hummed a bit thoughtfully, crossed her arms over her chest. "It's definitely something to think about. Be a bit tricky since I'm not used to... well soul transfer basically. Magic isn't exactly my strong suit. Technology sure, but mystical things don't happen too often in Edolas unless some dumbass tries to force it." she said, emerald gaze flicking toward Trinity at the words, before flicking away. Both for the fact that this woman's face still was a bit uncomfortable and that her estimated guess was set upon more solid ground.

Earthland Karn, for what Edolas Karn had experienced, was childish and naive, but he was a sweetheart. He didn't deserve this, even if he thought he perhaps did. His friends would still choose him in the end.

Blinking a little as she caught the headphones, Edarn looked over the magical headphones curiously before shrugging and putting them on to listen to the music Trinity had decide to set upon them as the musician played. Edarn listening as her gaze glanced over the area, watching as some yelled and left, as others arrived.

"Indeed. Childish, and sensitive. With low-self esteem. Prefers to have his hand held. Probably why he likes when I'm in control and have to deal with the more difficult side of things. But yeah, he seems like a nice kid and means well. It'll just make the separation difficult." Edarn mused as she absently listened. Highlights liked music too...
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Damian Gerard|Repairing the Rifts

Damian listened to both his fellow S-Class speak, looking between the two as they made their points. Penny was concerned about how her magic would react to dragons and the islands protections while Mayt was simply concerned about how strong he was against foes like that. Still, he didn't respond to the pair immediately, instead standing and resting a hand of the giant dragon's fang blade as he moves to a window, and if the pair watched it's blade, they would see a purple glow spring up ever so briefly at his touch.

"I understand your concerns and objections. Hell, I'm honestly in agreement that we don't know what could happen when we go there. But if you're wanting to use those as a reason to not go, your excuses need work. I went toe-to-toe with Hyun without magic, sure, but I was raised a soldier, weapon's play and hand-to-hand combat is what I was taught growing up. I spend hours training, practicing, studying just to understand my magic, and that leads to being stronger, sure, but I don't have any answers."

He turned to face the pair, sighing as he did so. "I'm not able to go either, there's a city who's women are being stolen no matter what preventive measures they take. I've put helping them off for far too long. Unless you can give me more reason than 'I don't know what will happen when I go', one of you is going."

Releasing the hilt, he sat down again. "As for the guild, Nolan's the heir to a company who hates mage guilds, Ariel's identity confused, Karn's facing some kind of identity crisis that I can't help him solve because it's stupid complicated in ways I didn't think were possible, you're scared that you're not doing enough, Mayt's hiding something, and Amelia's terrified of what the world will think of her if they knew what she had." He met Penny's gaze evenly. "That knowing what's happening in the guild enough for you Penny?"

James Hunt|A Test of Honor

James followed Cody's finger to the scrap of cloth and looked it over as he approached it, kneeling and pulling it off. "Yeah, it is rather coincidental, but as I've said, no guild has come in months. These jokers pretending to be mages have been operating without fear of being caught." The cloth was blue with black trimming, with part of an insignia on it. The colors caused a brief flash of recognition to pass through the Paladin's eyes, but it vanished as quickly as it came.

It couldn't possibly be them. This is far too small scale, although it is possible that's the point... Still, he wouldn't bring it up without confirmation. As it stood, the tear in the fabric indicated they had gone north, further into the forest and he beckoned Cody to follow him. "Come, let's get this dealt with so that the bridge may finally be finished."
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He blushed at Prince’s words and actions, bowing his head again. “T-thank you, P-Prince. You’re t-t-to g-good to me.” He said softly, stuttering slightly. He tried to compose himself, but knew that that was a futile gesture as Prince could just as easily cause him to be flustered once more.

Penny found herself growing angry at Damien's words. She curled her hands into fists, looking to him. “The difference is, you knew how to fight, Damien. I don’t know squat about fighting with my Phoenix Wing magic. And I could really hurt people. One song, done right, I could kill everyone. I won’t risk that. I’m terrified of this magic, and I don’t want to expose others to it, particularly in a dangerous situation. I will not go.” Penny was firm on that, she would not go. She didn’t think she could go. Not safely.

She turned towards the door, starting for it. “Well, we can’t all be perfect. “Karn. She’d failed him, as she had Jasmine. As she had Ariel. “Don’t remind me of my failures, I know them well.” She yanked the door open, and stalked out, trying not to make it seem like she was running. She wasn’t. Not sparing a glance for the others around the guild, she walked towards the job board, yanking a random job off the board.

She wasn’t giving weak excuses. They weren’t weak to her. She started out the guildhall, passing her sister but giving no indication she even saw her there. Angrily, she reached up to dash at her eyes, furious with herself for the few tears there. She wasn’t weak. She looked down at the jon, the flying piranha’s. It didn’t seem particularly interesting, and she sighed. She would not go back in there. She knew that if she did, she’d end up having to stay, to go with the group to the island. And she couldn’t allow that to happen. It might be wrong to just walk out like that… but she couldn’t do anything about that.

Standing outside the guild, she read the job she’d taken.
@Silver Fox
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Jasmine Lockwood

Jasmine didn't need much of a reason to escape this situation she had found herself in, so when she spotted Penny leaving the guild hall she took a couple of tentative steps that way, but stopped and looked over her shoulder towards the preoccupied Jamie.
She seemed to be busy with the Ariel situation, so not wanting to waste any of her guild masters time with her own problem, the younger girl quickly followed after Penny after her brief hesitation. She had found it odd that Penny had just walked out like that, but didn't give it much more thought.
Instead, she was wondering how Penny would react to the news of her magic. Maybe she would find it amusing that the day after she had offered to teach the blonde fire magic she had somehow gained water magic?
Pushing open the guild door, another thought arose. Could Penny even help her with this magic? They were kinda considered opposites weren't they-
Having fallen flat on her buttocks, Jasmine looked up towards what she had just walked into. It was Penny, it would seem that she hadn't gone far from the guild hall and while the younger girl had her mind elsewhere she had walked out the guild and straight into the Phoenix Slayer.
Again. Jasmine had a strange habit of walking straight into Penny, it had truly reached epidemic levels now surely. Scrambling back to her feet, the blonde quickly bowed.
"O-oh Penny? Sorry I-I didn't see you there." Having completed 17 apologetic bows in the blink of an eye, the flustered girl looked away.
Great, now that she was this far she couldn't think of how to tell Penny. Should she just straight up tell her? But what if she asks about it? How can she even explain this, when she didn't understand it herself?!
Catching a glimpse of the paper in Penny's hands, Jasmine seized the opportunity to try and ease her nerves. Without even knowing what the job request be, she had made up her mind.
"You're going to go do a job then? Do...do you mind if I come along?"

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Location Outside Phoenix Wing guild hall
Interacting with Jasmine

As she contemplated how she was going to address the job and complete it, Penny was in a little world of her own, and so when someone crashed into her, Penny stumbled slightly. She turned, expected to see Damien, or maybe Mayt, but it wasn’t either of them. ”Jasmine?” she asked, blinking a little stupidly as she tried to figure out why Jasmine had followed her… and relieved that the girl didn’t seem to hate her. ”Are you alright?” She asked softly, looking the girl over. She remembered that Jasmine had wanted to talk to her…. She was neglecting everything, it seemed.

Keeping her gaze on her, Penny frowned slightly. There was something different about her. Penny tried to figure it out, but couldn’t quite put her finger on it. ”What?” She said, looking down at the job, ”Oh, yes. Sure, you can come along.” She said, looking back up to the girl. ”Winged fishes are attacking towns people, and are causing serious injuries. They need to be dealt with.” She said, falling silent for a few moments, before saying softly, ”Is something wrong, Jasmine?” There seemed tobe something bothering her, but Penny wasn’t able to figure out what.

She shoved the job advertisement, nodding to her to start walking so they could get some transport to Shirotsume Town, and talk along the way.
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Crocus Restauraunt
(Collabed with @MarshiestMallow) Mentions: @SilverFox@CirusArvennicus (Last paragraph)
Mithera wrung her hands as Jarvis subtly suggested that he didn't entirely believe her. "I d-don't know about them not being generous," she half-mumbled, stammering slightly. "I mean, they did cover Royse and I's medical bills. They could've had their own reward that we didn't know about, or maybe they just like Phoenix Wing enough that they're happy to help?" She glanced at the door to the kitchen, hoping maybe the server was coming back out and could serve as a distraction. No such luck. "As for why Royse went back without me, uhm... I wanted to stay here and get something to eat, and she wanted to go home, so I gave her that lacrima you gave me and sent her home. D-didn't she tell you everything else that happened?"

Jarvis stayed silent for a moment or two, as if giving Mithera a chance to tell him the full story. When it didn't seem like she would, Jarvis sighed. He wasn't necessarily angry, as he was... saddened she didn't trust him. "Medical bills. Why do I get the feeling that Royse's injuries were a lot less then yours?" He said in a soft tone, watching her, "And that you sent her on ahead so that we wouldn't worry?" he raised a brow, as if asking that he was right before continuing, "I just want to know that you are okay."

"I mean..." Mithera began, rubbing her left arm. She winced when her thumb ran over a bruise she hadn't realized was there. "You know my magic Jarvis, right? What might be fatal to someone else isn't fatal to me," she couldn't meet his gaze. "So, relatively, Royse was hurt a lot worse than I was. Y-you saw her eye right?" She shot a glance up at Jarvis, before bringing it back down to the table in front of her. "But no I sent Royse on so she didn't worry about me. The, um, doctors wouldn't let me leave just yet anyway," the shapeshifter bit her lip, having not wanted to say that. Sighing, she rested her head in her hands.

"I'm going to be fine long term," Mithera finally said with some finality. "The doctors were unconvinced, but I did finally prove that I'd be fine, even if I'm not really okay at the moment. I'm... I'm just very tired right now, I couldn't sleep safely last night and I haven't eaten in like three days. Honestly this place is just the closest to the hospital," Mithera didn't meet with Jarvis' eyes and looked longingly at the kitchen door. "I'm sorry for leading you on, I just don't want anyone to worry about me."

"Mithera, we are going to worry about you, that is a given. It will always happen, same as it would for everyone else." Jarvis said, with a sigh, "If the doctors thought Royce could go, and you couldn't that means you were hurt worse then her. Don't leave us out of the loop... I don't want to lose any of my members because of that"

Mithera gave a sad little smile to Jarvis, finally meeting his gaze. She was clearly exhausted, with red eyes underlined in what easily could be bruises. "You won't, I promise next time something big like yesterday goes down you'll be the first I tell. Besides, once I get some food and sleep I'll be good as new! Then we can look for some way to get Royse a new eye," she sounded somewhat relieved, though she perked up when the waitress finally arrived with Mithera's meal- a large steak with an equally large side of vegetables. The starving wizardess barely got out a muffled thank you before beginning to shovel fork-fulls of food into her mouth. The waitress then turned to Jarvis, to see if he needed anything.

Jarvis shook his head at the waitress, leaning back in his chair. He watched Mithera a moment, sighing. "Just don't send someone back without you. It was... worrisome." he said, "And use your communication lacrima- that's what its there for, to make sure you stay safe and get help if you need it." he said kindly

"Sorry," Mithera muttered as she chowed down rapidly on her food- barely taking the time to breathe. Before the waitress even came back to check on her she had finished her meal and accompanying drink. Wiping her mouth, Mithera looked up at Jarvis and gave him a happy but tired smile. "So are we going back by Lacrima or by train?"

Watching her, Jarvis sighed softly glad that she was safe. At her question, he couldn't help but chuckle, "Why, lacrima of course. I need to be back quickly"

Mithera smiled and stood up after slipping the money for the dinner under the plate. She knew it was far more than what the meal was actually cost, but she didn't really have a convenient place to keep the money and didn't care to. She held out her hand to Jarvis "Then let's go! Is there a free room that I can take for the rest of the day?"

"Of course" Jarvis said, as he took out a lacrima, and took her hand, teleporting them back to the guild.

Mithera had to shake herself when she felt the arrival back at the guild hall. A few long days were beginning to wear on her, and the food had filled her to the brim. Through half-closed eyes, Mithera quickly scanned the room, barely acknowledging Mayt as he brushed past her. Her eyes shot open as she spotted Karn though, since she hadn't seen him almost at all in far too long. "Thank you Jarvis for bringing me back, see you later!" She said before practically loping over to Karn with an airheaded smile on her lips, wrapping her arms around the other shapeshifter as soon as they were in range. "Karn! Where have you been?" Mithera asked, seeming to not mind that she was interrupting a conversation in progress. She also didn't seem to think that Karn might not connect the tall, white-haired woman with the same little pseudodragon he knew her as.

Phoenix Wing Guild Hall

Menions: @MarshiestMallow@Zarkun

Mayt kept quiet as Penny shouted at Damian and stormed out, biting his lip. After she had left he let a long moment to pass before looking back towards Damian. "So," he said slowly. "I guess I'm the one who has to go." Adjusting his shirt, Mayt stood up and looked around the room. He wasn't sure what to say after what Penny said, and he figured arguing with Damian simply wouldn't work at this point. Damian was still obviously the better choice in his opinion, but if he already had another commitment... "I will tell Jamie and go pack then," he said as he reached the door, pulling it open into the noise of the guild hall. "See you later Damian."

Mayt fixed his coat as he began walking across the guild hall, closing the door behind him. He nearly ran into Mithera as she and Jarvis reappeared in the guild hall, but all it took was some careful maneuvering and a quiet "Pardon me," to avoid any confrontation. He then made his way over to where Jamie was talking to someone, and leaned over to speak quietly. "Hey, uh, apparently I'm going to Tenrou with you all. If you need me I'm going home to get ready, ok?"
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Phoenix Wing Guild


Giving a soft amused chuckle as Michael spoke, Prince playfully poked the blue haired boy's nose in a 'boop' manner. The red haired man gave a soft hum and purred a bit, tail swaying side to side. "Ah you're too kind! You're quite good to me Mikey! I just love you so!" Prince chuckled, giving a innocent teasing grin, teal gaze lit up mischievously.


Phoenix Wing Guild


While listening to the music, Edarn's slightly glowing green eyes watched as the woman who was Pen's Earthland self, Penny stormed in. Eyes twitched a little as the memory of 'Pen' irked in her mind at the sight of his face, though feminine. His voice ever so echoing in her mind. His image, she could see him clearly and ever so vividly amongst everyone. Eyes cold and hollow, empty... not unlike her own.

"They all will stab you in the back. They can preach, they can pretend, but they always will if you get in their way. No matter what high road they try to fill your head with."

Closing her eyes and taking a breath, she opened them for her vision to return to normal, and for now the voices be a little more quiet. Soon enough Penny left the Guildhall as soon as she arrived, looking quite a bit upset. Another guild member followed so the blonde wasn't that concerned. The next was Mayt, in which case her green eyes narrowed before turning away.

"It's a wonder what will happen to your brother and mother now."
"Perhaps they won't last long."
"Perhaps you're brother will meet the same fate as you did."
"Or they are already dead."
"Not like you'll ever find out at this rate."

Edarn took another calming breath, not paying much attention to the oncoming female before Edarn found herself wrapped up into another embrace. Causing her to briefly tense at the feeling but relaxed when she realized it wasn't malicious. Blinking a little in mild surprise, she flicked her green gaze to a tall woman with white hair. Looking at the face of this woman, appearance wise, this woman wasn't familiar no matter how much Edarn dug through Karn's memories. However, she did feel a eager spark of energy come from the other soul. So perhaps he had some recognition of some kind.

"...I've had girls falling for me before but this is a little surprising." Edarn mused, raising her arms and lightly patting this girl on the back in a slight return of the embrace.

"I've been sort of exploring I guess. Sorry to let the cat out of the bag though, I don't quite recognize you. And I usually remember pretty faces." Edarn said, giving a slight amused grin.
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Cody Bloodstein

Despite's James' deduction of how easily they had found this clue, Cody still couldn't help but feel a little uneasy. Overconfidence or not, this was a little too easy no?
"I'm just a little taken aback....I suppose I just expected things to be, well, harder." Mumbling softly as he looked northward, the trainee missed the recognition that James showed for just a moment. He was too busy paying attention to their surroundings, rather than his own teammate.
At James beckoning, Cody gave an affirmative nod.
"Couldn't agree more. We need to show that foreman as well. What a proper mage is like that is." Allowing a small smile, he followed suit after his mentor. As they walked, Cody looked around, surveying their surroundings and taking some mental pictures of the forest.
Despite their reasons behind being here, the forest itself was beautiful. Thick, tall oak trees lined the area around them as far as the eye could see, a thin layer of green moss lining a few in particular. He took a moment to just take in the sights around him.
He had always far more enjoyed nature like this rather than the city life of say Crocus. A forest like this just had a calming effect on the young man, the reason why being outdoors like this made him like this was a question he himself couldn't answer.
But, why question something like this anyway? Don't fix what isn't broken after all.
Not wanting to keep their walk in eternal silence the boy now spoke up. After all, some small chatter to kill some time wouldn't be all that bad.
"Hey James...what does it mean to have something, or someone, dear to you?" With a pondering tone, Cody didn't break stride as he absently stared forward. It had been a question that had been bothering him for awhile.
The words that that woman from the alleyway had spoke with...they had been on his mind for a while as well. What exactly was he jealous of? Because Amaya went to the dance with that guy, Cody was certain his name was Josh, before he had a chance to ask her? He wasn't sure why he would be, or should be jealous of that.
"I thought I used to know...but now I'm not sure."

Jasmine Lockwood

Jasmine couldn't hold back the relieved smile that formed as Penny allowed her to come with on the job. The blonde needed to get out, break up what she had been doing and needed time and space to think about this newfound development.
Though the moment Penny asked her if something was a matter, she seemed to tense up again. Penny could tell? Of course she could, she was an S-Class wizard after all. She would be able to sense the magic that Jasmine had unlocked, but obviously nothing beyond that.
"Um..well, actually...Ah." Fidgeting, Jasmine clenched and unclenched her fists on her dress almost as if she was wringing the outfit dry as she walked after Penny.
She couldn't seem to find the words she wanted. How did someone describe this predicament? She was sure she was the only one who must struggle with such a situation, this was embarrassing.
"Remember how you said you would teach me fire magic?" The younger girl asked sheepishly, a fitting smile accompanying the tone.
"Um...well, thing is. I-I don't think it will work. Rather I...don't think you can teach me it." Internally the young girl facepalmed. She just wanted to crawl into the nearest crevice and die, that was not what she wanted to say to get her point across at all.
"I-I mean...umm..I apparently already have...well, uh, a magic." Flailing about as her face resembled the color of Penny's hair, the flustered girl covered her face with her hands. Why was this so difficult?
It must be her, surely. Something was wrong with her, maybe she had been dropped on her head as a kid? How can someone even fuck up telling someone else they had a magic this badly? Peeking out from her fingers, she gave Penny an almost guilty look.
She felt like she had lied to Penny, having told her she couldn't use magic just yesterday. Yet today telling her she could use magic. Even if she had been unaware of her apparent talent before today.
"A-and I shot it off in the guild hall, and I don't know what to do, I don't even know how or why I have it...I saturated some poor man who scares me and I think he hates me..and...and..." Sniffling, the girl seemed to just start going off on some sobbing rant of pure gibberish. Though it was impressive she could be balling her eyes out, and be such a complete and utter mess but somehow not even break stride. Truly this girl was beyond understanding.
"A-a-and I'm scared. Idontknowwhattodowhatswrongwithmehelpme."
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After a little while, Trinity would speak, though she would not stop playing. "It's frustrating. He's right there... you're right there... but I can't do anything for either of you." She sighed, and let her instrument express her melancholy.

A woman approached, had she seem her before? She seemed familiar somehow, but she couldn't place it. The woman gave Karn a hug, and Trinity couldn't help but roll her eyes at Karn's vaguely Cassanova response. "Oh please." She looked at the woman, studying her as she tried to figure out... Who... Hey playing changed, to just a gentle strumming as she stared. "Mmmn..." Her voice, her voice was familiar.

Ah! "Mithera, is that you? I scarcely recognized you, save for your voice."

@Silver Fox@Burthstone
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Onward to Tenrou Island

Sasha Shin

Sasha looked over the docks, at Hargeon port, her expression serious as she turned towards the boat that they would be taking. It rode high in the water, whatever supplies that were being loaded evidently did not take up much room, nor weigh much. Sasha didn’t not expect that it would take long to get to the island, not with magical assistance. This was very much her show, although she still glanced towards Master Jamie and Jarvis, as if for permission. Or maybe encouragement. She had come so far, over the last few months… and yet, she still wasn’t certain of herself. She probably always would be. At a reassuring glance from Sasha, she looked to Patrick. This should be his show, and wondering why he didn’t take the lead, she stood there a moment.

Well. She couldn’t delay much longer. Drawing in a deep breath, she let it out slowly, before she approached the boat. As she walked, she rummaged through her satchel the ever worn and scarred bag like an old friend to her as she searched for the map she herself had drawn. While it was not accurate, it was perhaps the best they had for locating Tenoru island. She approached the Captain, and spoke with him for a few moments, smiling and giving him the map. ”Thank you, for this.”

”Well, little miss, I want to help make the waters safe again for us. Don’t want a way of life ta end. Only so much our magic can do against this sort of thing.” Sasha nodded, and made a note to look into the trader guilds. She knew a lot of them used magic… and they could have been seriously affected by all of this. When they got back, maybe it was time to check out the lower level guilds. Make sure everything was okay.

Drawing in another breath, she turned to the crowd of Guild Mages, a collection from Phoenix Wing, Dragon Fang and Frenzy Plant. Seen together, guild marks seen and unseen, Sasha couldn’t help but be awed. She nodded towards the boat, leading the way onto its deck. The gentle swell on the water threw her off balance slightly. She had never spent long on any ship… and now that seemed like an oversight right then. Shifting slightly as she walked, she absently lay a gentle hand on her stomach. She’d promised Lazarus she wouldn’t put herself in danger, and she’d stick to that. Yet this was something that she had to do, and so she walked towards a railing off the ship, trying to keep away from the crew as they milled about.

She looked down into the waters, swallowing around both sudden nerves and fear. The last time she’d been on any sort of waters had been when she’d lost her parents and little brother… she could still hear the ice cracking, if she let herself dwell on that. Turning her thoughts away from that, and towards the prospects of what they’d face on the islands, Sasha pushed away from the railing, looking out over the mages that were coming with her. At her insistence, Sasha had asked for the Dragon Slayers of each guild to be there. There was Hunter from Dragon Fang… From her own guild, Amaya and Zero/Zenoram. She wasn’t too sure if there were any from Frenzy Plant, but knew that they would be extremely beneficial to this operation. Any mages that were willing to come, Sasha was willing to have along. This was going to be an interesting operation for sure, and Sasha just hoped she didn’t mess it up.

Soon they were underway, the ship flowing through the water smoothly and at a speed that surprised her. The crew seemed to know what they were doing and moved as a single entity as they took care of their ship. Occasionally, Sasha would sense a trickle of magic used here and there, and she suspected that the ship used magic for a smooth sail. Retreating from the railings, further onto the deck, Sasha glanced around at everyone around her, a sense of happy contentment falling over her.


Penny gently nudged Jasmine into motion, so that they could walk and talk. She quietly listened as Jasmine told her all that had happened, The girl seemed more than a little distressed and Penny was content to wait, and let Jasmine speak at her own pace. Yet it seemed that Jasmine was having a difficult time trying to speak, and get to the point. Penny gave her an encouraging smile, trying to be reassuring.

”You do?” she asked softly, encouraging her, ”What happened?” Jasmine hadn’t seemed to know that she had magic, so something had clearly happened since now, and yesterday. She doubted that Jasmine had lied to her, the girl was simply too honest. ”Wait, who scares you?” she asked, intent on making sure that Jasmine felt safe in the guild.

She reached out to the girl, laying a hand on her shoulder, ”It’s okay, Jasmine. Really. We can figure it out. You don’t need to worry, okay?” she said softly, ”You don’t need to be afraid. You will do fine with your magic. It isn’t going to hurt you. Look, we can do some basic exercises on the job. Get you use to using it.” she said reassuring, before approaching a carriage driver and organising travel, nudging Jasmine into the carriage after she was done.
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Ship to Tenrou Island

Prince had pretty much followed Michael, and had found himself lounging on a highly stacked pile of boxes. Resting on his side with his elbow on the ground for support while his head rested against his raised palm. Red tail flicking from side to side gingerly and calmly. Enjoying the scent of fresh air and the open sea. It was nice being out here and prepared for the open waters.


Ship To Tenrou Island

When Sasha seemed to be call for the move out, Edarn had turned to Mithera and gently pushed the woman off of her. "Sorry but gotta get going again. We'll talk later when I get back alright? See ya." she said, pondering over the name Mithera that Trinity spoke. Something that quite stirred a excitement from the other residence of this body.

"K-karn, wait!" Mithera said as Karn got up to leave. She hesitated for a moment as she collected her thoughts. "Would it be okay if I joined you? I really want to catch up with you, since it's been a little while since we've seen each other. I promise I won't be a hassle!" She said. "If there's no room for another person, I can just stay with you in your room, right?" Mithera gave him what she hoped was a disarming smile, but with the dark bags under her eyes giving away her utter exhaustion it came off as much more ghastly. Her growing headache throbbed, reminding her that sleep was supposed to be her number one priority. "B-by the way, how far is it? I'm uh, a bit tired after the past couple of days and admittedly I'm not sure of my ability to, um, stay awake."

Pausing a bit, Edarn glanced to exhausted looking woman. Scratching the back of her head and ruffling the blonde hair. "Well I don't see why not. Bunch of folks seem to be going and seems they could use the support." she mused.

"Yes yes!"

"Good to see you're awake."

Turning her glowing ethereal gaze toward Mithera before shrugging and rolling her shoulders before moving and smoothly picking up the taller girl up bridal style. "It's fine, try to get some rest it shouldn't take too long. Everyone needs some beauty rest, though you don't need too much of that." Edarn chuckled a bit.

Edarn had just followed the crowd carrying Mithera, continuing to pretty much ignore Sasha and just remain a shadow that creeped quietly after them. Once on the ship however, there was one issue that she wasn't particularly enjoying about this body. The fact that Karn's body seemed to get absolutely motion sickness thanks to his powerful magic. It hadn't seem to effect him until after the training with Nolan, which he mentioned is probably because he got strong enough to the point where the overload of magic made him feel ill with motion that wasn't natural. So once on the boat, Edarn was just at the starboard side of the ship, arms folded on the railing with her head buried in them. Simply standing and leaning against it as the waves of immediate nausea assaulted this body. In which case, of course, Karn was hiding so he didn't have to deal with the full frontal of it like the one in control had to.
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Amaya Vanisis and Cecilia

Location: On the ship to Tenrou Island.
With: Cecilia

"Why a ship...Can't you fly the entire way?."Said Amaya dreading the thought of the ship, the constant moving...the salty air....No Land to be found.
"I can fly all the way there myself yes but I can not carry you and your luggage the entire way, Plus I'm pretty sure since a certain someone promised another certain someone that the certain someone would keep you from somehow killing herself, it would be rude to fly ahead and leave those certain someones all alone."Said Cecilia
"The have names you know."Said Amaya
"Do they? I sometimes forget."Said Cecilia sitting on the Ice Dragon Slayer's shoulder.

Amaya sighed adjusting her scathel of various stuff to try and help her handle the movement of the boat. She adjusted the large bag of things from her left hand to her right. "Lets just find a place that won't be moving so much and try keeping something down." Said Amaya with a sigh. IF she didn't have a mission to find her mother, she wouldn't have came. If her guild didn't need her assistance in the possibility of dragons being on Tenrou Island, he wouldn't have came. Unfortunately, Both of these options were there and if one of possiblt dragons could maybe tell her where she could look for her dragon...She had to take that chance. SHe had lost so much over the course of her life...She couldn't just give up...not till she knew whether Aurora was Alive or dead.

Her entire life has been choosen for her...This was her first Decision of her own and she choose to see if maybe Aurora was at Tenrou or if the possibilities of others like Aurora were there.
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Ferrin Astra

Ferrin walked back to his apartment his mind whirling from his talk with Patrick.


That's not right.

His mind was clear and a center of calm. Control. He was in control. He paid little attention to his surroundings and focused on breathing. Deep, steady breaths.

Like a match dropped in water, the storm of emotions vanished and Ferrin entered a familiar, deadly calm. He let out a breath in a muted, but frustrated sigh. So life it tough, what else is new? Boo-hoo. Get it together Ferrin.

His apartment wasn't a far walk from the guild and he arrived within minutes. He descended the stairs to his door, brought out the key, and then undid the lock-- along with the wards protecting it. Infused in his door was a layer of protective magic that made the flimsy-seeming wooden door as strong as steel. Also, any would-be intruder who managed to batter down the door, would be met with a powerful shock of lightning magic. Though not strong enough to be deadly to a reasonably healthy adult, it would be a nasty surprise and hurt like hell. It’s secondary purpose was to be bright and noisy, in theory thwarting any attempt at a stealthy entrance. However, as wards go, they weren't very powerful or through. It had one charge and was mostly designed to stop a physical intrusion from a single person, relaying on the intruder being careless or ignorant about the trap. It would do nothing if someone were to, say, light the building on fire, throw something expendable at it, or have other, nonphysical mean of entry. All in all, it wasn't an effective means of defense, but it was better than nothing. It was the wizardly equivalent of a chain lock and burglar alarm. On the other hand, it was stable. Most wards had a tradeoff between trigger sensitivity and stability-- Ferrin didn't want the thing blowing up in the face of some poor mailman or the next person who knocked on the door.

The door opened with a creek, Ferrin slipped inside, closing, locking, and arming it behind him. The room was dim and the air smelled slightly musty. The only illumination was from a small rectangular window set high in one wall. The young, dark-haired wizard reached out and touched a light lacrima, which flared to life at his touch. The apartment was small and austere. It had three rooms, a living room with a kitchenette, a bedroom and a bathroom. It was an old place, with stone walls, wood ceiling and wood floor. Set against the far wall was a fireplace and a ventilation system to take the smoke out. No rug adorned the floor and the walls were bare of decorations. What it did have was shelving. Simple, utilitarian, somewhat mismatched shelving which filled the wall space. Most of them were empty, awaiting whatever use Ferrin might have for them, but some of it was in use. Books had begun to fill one side. There were books of all kinds, story books, cook books, how-to, biography, classical literature, historical, and more, with a very large section on magic. On the other end, creeping across like moss growing on a stone, was rows of containers along with what could only be described as an eclectic collection of nick-knacks. Ferrin had a habit of keeping and collecting things he found interesting, or deemed possibly useful which invariably lead to a buildup of random objects in any place he spent a long-time in. Most of his collection came from jobs, either as trophies taken, curiosities found (and/or taken), rewards received, and the occasional "borrowed" object. Plenty of them had been or could be useful in the future, especially with ritual magic.

Back in his time, he had quite a collection, including some very powerful magical objects and rare materials. What he had now was a small shadow of that, an attempt to recreate what he lost. Or was it his way of starting over?

The rest was of the apartment was simple and spartan. A light armchair for sitting, a small couch for reclining, and a table made up the rest of the furniture in the living room. His bedroom contained one full-sized bed, one truck of clothing, and one folding table. The whole place was clean and orderly. The only thing out of place was a book that lay up-side down and open; Ferrin took great pains to keep his places neat and clean. A stranger might remark that the place gave off a temporary vibe, like its occupant was only here for a little while and could pack up and leave at any time.

The place was not ideal. It was small and cold and musty. But it was a roof over his head and a place to sleep. Most importantly, rent was dirt cheap.

Ferrin crossed the room in a few long strides. He lightly snapped his fingers, sending out a weak current of magic. With a quiet pop a fire flickered to life in the fireplace. Without breaking stride, he moved to the kitchenette and with thoughtless movements, fixed a small meal of leftovers. He brought the food out and sat in the chair.

He ate in silence, staring into the fire.

It was quiet.

The fire cracked and popped. He didn't taste the food.

He took the dishes back and mechanically washed them off, leaving them submerged in water in the sink to soak. Now that he had eaten, he took off his boots and placed them by the door. He picked up the light lacrima as he passed it and brought it with him. Walking to the bathroom, he stopped by his bed and gave it a longing look. He had just gotten back from a long and dangerous job, and Ferrin wanted nothing more right now then to lay down and take a long nap. But he didn't have that luxury right now. He was going to go right back out on the trip to Tenrou Island, which would also be long and dangerous. With a sigh he shook the melancholy mood. He had a few things things he need to do before setting out once more. First, he needed to do some maintenance on his arm, then he needed to make sure all his other gear was in good shape, he needed to check his supplies and restock anything that was low, he also needed to brush up on information about the island and dragons, including the information stored in Sasha’s journal.

In a few hours.

Oh, and somewhere along the way, he needed a change of clothes. He sniffed. And a shower. And a shave.

“Do you know the difference between a living wizard and a dead one?” He asked the room. “Preparation. I could tear down mountains, raze cities, and rescue puppies if you just gave me time.”

First things first, he had to do some maintenance. slipped out of his Armament, his spell-reinforced coat, and tossed it on the bed. It landed a bit more solidly then it should have. Beneath it, usually mostly hidden by the sleeve, was his Gauntlet. From shoulder to tip, it was slightly longer then it’s opposite, and much wider. The body of his forearm and arm to the wrist was grey-black, covered by segmented pieces of metal. His shoulder joint was a light and shiny grey. It protruded out, forming a natural pauldron. His arm and forearm were a dark grey. Covering the elbow was a piece of metal not unlike the one protecting his shoulder. His hand was quite wide, the palm was double the size of his normal left hand, and the sharpened, hinged fingers, twice as long as anatomically usual, formed an intimidating-looking silver claw. The palm had the same grey-black color as the rest of the arm, while the fingers were a burnished silver. Set into the palm was a round opening that hid a gun barrel. It could be used to fire physical projectiles or blasts of focused magic, not unlike a vastly scaled-down version of the legendary Jupiter cannon. Deep inside Ferrin’s Gauntlet was a powerful focusing lacrima that served as its core and power source for the magic cannon.

Ferrin pulled out the foldable table and tucked it under his arm. He brought it to the main room where there it was lighter. There he set the table up in the middle of the room, pulled up the chair, and retrieved from various magic storage pockets a brace of tools and brushes, and carefully laid them out. With them he placed a cleaning solution, some refined oil, a very rare and expensive commodity, hot water (kept in a special heating container, powered by a small lacrima), and a bundle of rags. He took a moment to open the small window.
What he was about to do was extremely difficult by himself by, however he didn’t have much choice. To start with, he used a tool to carefully remove the clawed fingers of his metal hand. Underneath were far more practical digits that were less of an impediment when doing finer work that required dexterity. Now, the removal of the arm, a difficult process in itself. It was strongly connected to the anchor which, itself, was grafted into his shoulder bone. He laid his Gauntlet out and held his other hand over the shoulder. Closing his eyes, he focused his magic and began to chant. The chant itself was meaningless, just a series of Latin nonsense and sounds, mean to help him focus his thoughts and magic. The real work was in his head. Using his intimate knowledge of the Gauntlet’s design and applied amounts of metal and force magic, along with unsealing magic, he mentally loosened screws, detached hooks, pushed levers, separated joints, pressed weights, taking it apart piece by piece from the inside. No seam or screw could be found from the outside so it would not fail him in battle, nor could it be taken apart without being destroyed. There was another layer to it too, powerful and complex magic bindings that held everything in place. Those were considerably tricky to undo without outright dispelling the magic, but Ferrin had long hours of practice, in addition to knowing the magic inside and out, due to the fact that he help cast it.

The whole process took ten long minutes of concentration. He could have done it faster, but he was trading time for care. With an audible click, Ferrin grunted as he felt something give. He grasped the loosened joint with his other hand as he undid the last series of magical and physical locks, the toughest and strongest ones that gave it its considerable strength. He had the excruciatingly weird sensation of his arm loosening and sliding off. And finally it did. Ferrin gingerly placed his detached limb on the table. Groaning, he dropped into the chair and wiped sweat off his sucked in a deep breath and let it go ith a groan. He wiped the sweat from his brow with a rag. His throat felt like he had attepted to gargle sandpaper. He left the detached prosthetic where it lay to get a cup of water. He filled it and drank it down. He filled it again and brought it out with him.

“You see, class,” Ferrin rasped. “A task like this needs at least two hands to do properly. However, as I am a supremely awesome, card-carrying wizard, I have a trick up my sleeve.” Ferrin posed and spoke as if he was lecturing a class. He brought his left hand to his right shoulder and, once again, summoned his magic. “You see, where the body fails…Magic must venture.” He said softly. He then closed his eyes, steadied his breathing, and composed his thought. This was a powerful working he was going to undertake, one he had been working on for years. The theory was sound, and the spell was merely an alternate of one he already knew, just…applied differently. Strange, ethereal silver mist, an interesting by product of his magic, began to rise from his body. The air around him shimmered like the air over a fire. When he exhaled a puff of Mist streamed out and evaporated, like breath on a cold day.

“Aether Construct Magic:” He intoned, his voice sounding strangely modulated.

“Titan’s Arm”

The magic poured out in a rush. The effect was immediate, starting from his shoulder, a silver outline took shape. Like a sketch being drawn in the air, the lines lengthened and changed. They twisted and turned in the air, connecting, growing. The air between the lines became opaque turning a glowing silver color. An arm, an elbow, a wrist, and a hand complete with fingers quickly formed…and clenched into a fist.

His right arm, where there was once was nothing, and before that, metal, there was now a softly luminescent, ghostly arm.

Ferrin held up his new, silver appendage and examined it with a critical eye.

It seems some congratulations are in order. The spell worked. A powerful voice echoed out from deep within Ferrin’s mind.

And It wasn’t his.

Ferrin nodded absently. “It will do for now. The magic formula isn’t perfect yet. Just sustaining this is taking too much magic energy and concentration.”

You have progressed well and quickly for a mortal. At this rate you may achieve adequacy in a few centuries.

Ferrin arched an eyebrow at his arm. “A complement? From you?”


“Typical.” Ferrin grunted.


For the next half-hour, he used a combination of the disassembly magic and tools to take apart most of his arm. Everything seemed to be in working order. Progress was slow, as maintaining his magic arm and performing disassembly magic at the same time was taxing to the very limit of the aether wizard’s capabilities. Nevertheless, he soldiered on, pausing only to recast the spell when his concentration lapsed and the arm vanished. About halfway through the process, he abruptly let out an acidic curse and his magic arm vanished. In the core of his Gauntlet, now exposed was the vitally important focusing lacrima that powered it and controlled the lesser lacrimae embedded throughout the prosthetic arm. It was small, about the size of a large marble, and spherical in shape. Despite its size, it could manage enough magic energy to power a city. Such a thing was very rare and exorbitant expansive, due to the quality of the crystal required and the expertise needed to craft it.

And it had a crack in it.

It was a small one, fortunately. However, even a small crack would notably impair its performance. But the biggest problem was that the crack created a fault, and that fault could buckle under stress. Best case scenario, the lacrima would shatter, rendering his arm limp. That would be inconvenient, but manageable with a bit of golem magic that could animate it for everyday tasks. Worst case scenario, it could explode, releasing all the magic energy it contained in one massive boom. Either way, his combat power would be massively hindered.
“Dammit, dammit, dammit.” Ferrin cursed, repeatedly, following them with several more, much more vile, ones.
The focusing lacrima was the same one that had been first built into it, and it had been through a lot, including a full-scale war. Ferrin realized, feeling like an idiot. Of course it wore out. It could be replaced, but ordering a new one would take time and money and lots of both. Neither of which he had.

“I am just going to have to make do with it.” Ferrin said with a sigh, remaking the temporary arm. “I hope Tenrou is not going to be as exciting as I fear it will be.”
Fifteen minutes later, he finally leaned back with a groan, finished with the disassembly. Besides the core, nothing else was amiss. Now he had to clean out the mud, grime, grease, rust, ash, and blood.
Yes. Blood. His last job had been a messy one.
The cleaning process took fifteen more back-aching, eye straining, curse-filled minutes. Finally, he oiled the parts up and let it sit.

Finally done, Ferrin let his magic arm vanish and leaned back in the chair. He closed his eyes and stayed like that for a minute. His eyes were watering from the fumes let off by the cleaning solution. His hand was covered to the wrist in machine oil, on top of the travel grime he still bore.
With the creaking and popping of joints, Ferrin got up and staggered through the bedroom and into the bathroom. He tore off his ragged clothing, which was too far gone to save, and soon was under the water in the shower as hot as he could stand it. In total bliss.
He lingered there, letting the running hot water sooth his weary, aching body and refresh his mind.

A good while later, a cloud of steam billowed out with the wizard as Ferrin emerged from the shower dripping wet. One-handed, he dried himself off and wrapped a towel around his waist. He opened pulled out another outfit, similar to the one he had been wearing. He dressed his the lower half, but left his upper body bare for the moment; a shirt could get in the way of reattaching his Gauntlet.

“Break’s over, dæmonion. Time to earn your keep.” He said, issuing a mental summons.

And suddenly, it was there, a mental presence, more like a force, doing the mental equivalent of hovering behind him, peering over his shoulder.

You have become more creative with your names. It noted.

Ferrin snorted. “You like it? Dæmon is the Latin word for the Ancient Greek, daimōn, which could mean god, godlike, power, or fate.”

It rippled. I am no god.

“That is not the end of it. Daimōn is derived from an even older language, so old it does not have a proper name, the word meant ‘provider, divider or divider of fortunes or destinies’. In ancient times, some humes believed that dæmons were benign spirits, beings of the same nature as both mortals and deities. Sometimes, however they were liked as to evil spirits, like demons.” Ferrin continued, with cheerful blithe. “But it is generally agreed on that they were not the same as deities or gods.”

The being eyed him. And the ion?

Ferrin’s smile grew. “As in small, or servant. A portmanteau of minion that is technically a word. So, you are my little dæmon.”

Amusing. It rumbled, conveying the exact opposite. Get on with it. You want information.
Ferrin rolled his eyes and nodded. “You can see my intentions here. I need everything you know about dragons, and your take on the girl, Sasha’s, journal.”

Very well.

For the next roughly fifteen minutes, the two talked back and forth. It knew little more about dragons then what Ferrin knew, all it could say is that they were magical-physical beings of incredible power, not unlike itself, which was a magical-spiritual being. Humans being spiritual-physical beings and human wizards being magical-physical-spiritual beings.
They concluded with the mutual renewed interest in studying one of the creatures up close. But then…

About the hume who called himself Time Lord.

Ferrin stiffed. No.

Magus, It warned.

Shut up. Not another word.

…as you wish. And it withdrew.

“Tsk.” Ferrin tsked. His mood had immediately soured at the mention of Patrick. He buried the thoughts deep and began the painstaking process of reassembling and reattaching his Gauntlet. This required his whole attention, and helped him avoid dwelling on unwelcome thoughts.

Soon, his Gauntlet was reattached. He briefly went through a serious of movements that tested its range of motion. Everything was in order; he felt no hesitation. Perhaps the crack in the lacrima was merely superficial? He hoped so.

He finished dressing and pulled out more food. All that magic usage made him hungry again. He idly snacked as he laid out his coat and started to do an inventory check. He found he needed a few things but they could be easily bought at the market. Next, he requiped Shiden, his long, curved blade. He used more oil and a rag to thoroughly clean the blade and hilt, after unwrapping it. He checked the grip wrap, which was still in good condition, before rewinding it around the hilt. Finally, he ran a whetstone over the edge, grinding the magic sword to razor-keen sharpness. Next, he requiped his surprise weapon, a length of weighted chain about 142 cm long, made of a series of nine sections of rods, connected by loops, terminating in a sharp bullet-shaped piece. It was a chain whip, at once a beautiful and dangerous weapon. Ferrin had spent some time learning to use one, at first because it was cool, then in earnest as he found how dangerous a weapon it could be. He was by no means an expert, but he could rely on the surprise and unfamiliarity factors to finish a fight. His third and final weapon was a simple length of ashwood, a staff carved from a lightning-struck tree. A wizard’s staff. Eventually. He still hadn’t finished laying down the enchantments yet, so it was currently just a slightly magical stick.

All three weapons were in good repair. He dismissed them. He pulled on his coat, it’s familiar weight settled on his shoulders.

Everything was set. He extinguished the fire and left his apartment. His first stop was by his landlord’s place. At first, he seemed irritated at the disturbance, but when Ferrin explained he was paying this month’s rent and next month’s in advanced the irritation vanished. A brief walk through town brought him to Magnolia’s market, where he purchased the supplies he needed.
He had no intention of returning to the guildhall, instead he sent a message via a runner to Jamie, informing her that he was going to go ahead of them and catch the next train leaving to Hargeon, and meet them at the docks there.

Onward to Tenrou

Ferrin slept the whole ride there. He hit the seat and went out like a light. He hadn’t realized the extent of how tired he was until the caffeine gave out. At least the nap was restful.

From the train station, Ferrin headed straight to the port. Locating the ship that was hired by Phoenix Wing was a simple matter of asking a few questions and a glint of coin. Once he found the right ship, he spoke with the crew, informing them who he was and why he was there. That done, he found a spot on the railing where he could lay and watch for the arrival of the rest of the wizards. He drank in the salt air and hummed as he listened to the gull’s cries. Ferrin loved the sea. He sea was like magic. It was vast and deep and mysterious. It was beautiful and dangerous, awe-inspiring and grand. Poets have written songs and poet about it. Stories were told about it. And yet it was utilitarian. It provided food, transport, livelihood. It sustained life and it took life.

Ferrin closed his eyes and waited with a contented smile on his face.

It wasn’t long before everyone else arrived. As they approached the ship, Ferrin leapt off the rail, down to the docks with an easy grace. He addressed them all with a flamboyant bow and a matching smile, gesturing widely as he spoke. “Ladies, Gentlemen, Friends, Guildmates, Others…and Patrick. Goodday. I am Ferrin Astra, of a certain guild,” Here his grin stretched wider. After a significant pause, he brushed up he sleeve, revealing his Phoenix Wing tatoo. Of course, that was the obvious conclusion and only half the truth. “Right this way.” He said, indicating the gangplank that lead up to the ship. Still wearing his grin, and feeling rather pleased with himself, he followed them aboard.
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Phoenix Wing Guild Hall -> Magnolia -> Boat

Mayt sighed inwardly as he heard the call that it was time to get going to Tenrou Island. Rolling his shoulders back, he stepped out of the guild hall and began walking quickly towards his apartment. Magnolia wasn't exactly huge, so it wasn't too far, but he hadn't thought it through when he leased the place and it was in the exact opposite direction of the train station as the guild hall. He stepped in, packed up what he thought he would need for a few days of being out of town, and began the walk towards the train station. He wasn't really looking forward to spending the next few days with a number of other guild members, fearing the looks he might get from the members who didn't know who he was even though he was S-Class. He hadn't become nearly as famous as Penny 'The Phoenix' or Damian 'The Blade of Phoenix Wing.' Maybe that was because he didn't have some kind of gimmick that people could latch on to. More likely it was because he didn't really announce it anymore.

Mayt stopped at a food stall about four blocks away from his home and ordered some food to go. Maybe I should just leave Phoenix Wing, he thought. Phoenix Wing had become more of a hiring agency to him rather than the family it was for everyone else anyway. He certainly wouldn't be the first wizard to work solo, or as part of a mercurial group. At the very least, he'd no longer have to keep phoning it in as an officer of the guild. The stall owner produced the food Mayt had asked for, and he took it with a polite smile and returned to walking towards the train station. If was going to quit, it at least wouldn't be today.

On his way to the part of town with the train station, Mayt took a small detour to another set of apartments. He went inside the building and up to the stairs to the room, and knocked gently. After a few moments he knocked again, a little louder. He stood there for an awkward amount of time before the door opened to reveal a middle-aged woman, who looked up at him. She had brown hair that flowed down to her shoulders, and dark green eyes that matched Mayt's almost exactly. "Hey mom, how's it going?" The woman just smiled and gave her son a hug before answering.

"Pretty good overall. I've got a regular job now so I can pay my own rent, and I'm getting to see my son more often than I used to," she said, giving Mayt a smile and stepping out of the doorway so that he could come in.

"Yeah, uh, sorry, but I'm actually about to head out again. I just wanted to stop by so you wouldn't worry about me. I'm apparently going on this expedition to this place called Tenrou Island. I'm not sure how long I'll be gone, but I wanted to let you know before I left."

"Alright," Mayt's mother said quietly, thinking and resting her hand on the inside wall next to the door. Her hand glowed slightly with a magic circle and a small window of archive magic appeared above it. She read over it quickly, before standing back up straight and giving her son another hug. "Be safe, and be careful, okay? Keep with a buddy." Mayt raised an eyebrow. "What? If you're going it means they think it's going to be dangerous enough to bring at least one S-class, and I know you're in the awful habit of doing things by yourself," his mother said, putting her hands on her hips and staring him in the eye. Mayt chuckled.

"Alright mom. I promise I'll stick with someone once we get to the island. I'll see you when I get back," Mayt began to turn away to head back towards the train station. He wanted to stay longer, but he knew the train wasn't exactly going to wait for him, and neither Damian nor Penny seemed like the kind of person to cross right now.

"I await the story when you get back. Seriously though, do be careful," she said before finally closing the door and resuming her day. Mayt just nodded to himself as he took the stairs down and out of the building, and began the walk towards the train station. His mother's words in his head and a lunch bag in his hand. He tried to make a short list of potential buddies to keep- for the sake of his mother- but it ended up being pointless as he realized he wasn't even sure who was going.

When Mayt reached the station he boarded the train with the other Phoenix Wingers without much more than waving or saying 'hey' to anyone. He sat on his own for the trip, entertaining himself with a combination of staring out the window, staring confused at Mithera and Karn, and telling himself to stop thinking about his position in the guild. The train trip went without incident, as did boarding the boat (mostly). Once on board Mayt put his stuff away in what seemed like a convenient space for it to be in before heading up to the deck and finding a place to sit and watch the waves. He was content to let everyone else mingle and have fun while he watched the ocean roll by.
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Joshua Tamashii


Joshua spent the rest of the evening before the trip to Tenrou island pretty much relaxing with Amaya, making sure she wasn't getting to nervous and getting cold feet. After he was sure she would be fine, he returned to his room, going over his equipment to evaluate which swords he had that might be more useful then others. But, he gave up after a while, realizing the pointlessness of it all since he could just store them all away with requip magic and call upon the one he needed when he needed it.

After the relatively uneventful train ride to Hargeon and boarding the ship, he walked around below deck to get a lay out of the ship before eventually returning to the top and quickly spotted Amaya, looking sick as she could be. Without a second thought, he moved over to her.
"You're looking a little green. Best grab a spot at the edge of the ship incase you get sick, cause it's looking like it'll get crowded on board pretty quickly." He said, placing a comforting hand on top of her head like he always did when it seemed

Amelia Averyonna


Amelia was feeling a bit better now that some time had passed. Her temperature had gone down but it was still present. She had taken a nap on the train ride over to Hargeon and was currently standing on the dock, a hand nervously gripping Jarvis's shirt as she stared at the boat. She had never been on one before and was equal parts nervous and excited. She was eager to get on the boat and see what it felt like, but she also knew some people on sick on them, which made her really nervous.
"Papa, Mama... what will we be doing aboard the ship?" She asked her parents, her tone telling them how nervous she felt.

Pyrrha Arvanitas


Pyrrha sighed as she finally boarded the ship. Master Fraquar had sent her, Delsin, and Krystal to help out with Phoenix Wing's little adventure. She didn't understand why they needed to send half the guild, especially her. Lucus was still with his family, which only left Fraquar and Siegard to watch over the town. She half expected Fraquar's reasoning to be simply so she could spend more time with Jake if he was even here.

Sighing to herself, she walked to the front of the ship and stared out at the ocean. It was her first time seeing it despite all the traveling she had done and she had to admit, it was a beautiful as everyone said. The gently rolling wave, the way the sun sparkled off them, and the smell of the salt in the air. She laughed at herself when she realized how caught up she was getting in such a simple thing. Maybe she was getting soft and sentimental. She didn't know or care to think about it too long, deciding to just enjoy herself.
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