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Ferrin Astra

Tenrou Team -
A Day to Remember

That spell might have had been a big bigger then Ferrin had intended. Aether was great and all, but it's compounding power made it difficult to control destructive energies. Even ice, which was pretty tame as they go. Nothing like the wild, untamed energy of fire or lightning. Despite the fair warning, Time Lord was slow to get away.

Normally, Ferrin might have felt bad for accidentally injuring a comrade. But in this state, any remorse barely cause a ripple on the void of his mind.

"Get out of the way next time." He stated calmly as he dashed passed him.

He pulled in a wide arc, keeping what he hoped was a safe distance, between him and the now-pissed dragon, while he could also keep track of the chaos of the battle, keeping track of events with all the calm ease of writing a grocery list.

Karn, the two-souled chimera slayer, had turned into a copy of the dragon and went on the offensive. If he had to guess, the slayer would not be able to sustain that form long, and the drain on his magic was probably incredible. He would tire himself out too fast. They? Themselves? Whatever.

He made mental note to also stay out of the way of those poison attacks from the other two-souled Slayer. Zero and Zenoram, in no particular order. Truth be told, Ferrin's magical defenses did not extend to poison, something he had spend long and fruitless hours trying to fix. He had to be extra cautious around them.

A great number of their group were milling in confusion, fear, or simple indecision, not sure what to do. A momentary feeling of frustration flashed, before being consumed. He would just have to work twice as hard to see them all through.

It wasn't their fault, not all of them had the level of experience Ferrin had gained. In fact, had he not been deep in the Heart of Steel, he might have envied them. He wouldn't wish the things he had experienced on another, not even his worst enemy. But, those experiences had forged the man he was today, whether he was proud of them or not.

He felt the sudden rush of fire magic from Ariel, even over all the other conflicting energies from the nearly two-baker's-dozen other wizards. He blinked, surprise flicking across his state of mind, as he quickly placed the magic. Phoenix Slayer. She must have picked it up from Penny. First his Aether, and now Slayer? Just how many powerful magics had the poor girl's body sustained? He felt, again, that unexplained surge of protectiveness which, too, was quickly was swallowed by the void. He set it aside. Now wasn't the time to puzzle that particular connection out.

Karns! Move back! A faint mental command from Ferrin via a short range telepathy was all the warning they would get. He paused a beat to give them that moment, and if they did, he snapped his fingers again. This time, activating the second part of the Frost Nova spell. "Tremble!" He shouted. Responding to his magic, the shattered and melted shards of ice each detonated in a heatless blast of silvery energy, like a series of firecrackers. Each individual blast was relatively small, but the collective force was considerable. A shockwave flew out, inevitably throwing up sand and dust.

"I think all I did was piss it off." He muttered.

But things were going well, by the veteran's opinion. With the assembled might of all the wizards present, they might actually stand a chance of ending this before--

More roars shook the sky and the earth and the water.

The Aether wizard skidded to a stop, his heart sinking. No.

More dragons dropped in.

A jet black dragon that materialized out of shadows.
A bird-like dragon, swooping in out of the sky.
A poisonous purple and evil looking dragon that slurped up the poison slayer's magic.
And a lethal, powerful, shining white dragon that landed not far from Ferrin and fixed it's golden gaze on him.
Gulp. Four.

Five total. Five dragons. He was giving orders before he realized it. "Group up! Group up! Don't take a dragon on alone! He gestured with his sword. "Support the Dragonslayers, they are our best chance of survival! Anyone with flight or decent anti-aero magic, engage that Sky Dragon! Don't let it pick us off from above! Amaya, help the Karns and the Fire Slayer with that Fire drake! Light magic on that Shadow Dragon! Zero! Zenoram! You need to play defense with that Poison dragon or this will be a short fight! Clean up it's poison! And- Whatever else he was going to say was interrupted as the white dragon opened it's maw and took a deep breath.

Ferrin didn't even have time to curse, though one leapt to his lips. His heels dug into the sand as he threw himself to the side, just as a brilliant beam of light shot past him, faster then he could blink. His eyes watered with pain from it's brightness, forcing him to look away. It wasn't a full-power breath attack, otherwise, he would have been dead for sure. But it was awfully close. The wards on his coat lite up, detecting the harmful magic, and powering up to meet it. Fortunately, unlike other breaths, the white dragon's didn't expand: instead it simply and indiscriminately bored through anything and everything in it's path, carving a perfectly round funnel across the landscape and out of sight. Had it expanded, Ferrin knew for a fact he would be dead. He didn't think his magical defenses could withstand even a glancing blow from a moderate breath attack. His coat would disintegrate, and his body right after. At least he wouldn't even feel it. Cheery thought. ”Hey!” He shouted at the dragon. ”Talking is a free action!”

Speed, then, was his friend in this fight. He quickly regained his footing and martialed his thoughts for a spell. "Aether-enhanced: High Speed!" His misty silver aura redoubled as he cast the buff upon himself. The dragon was now between him and the rest of the group, just about cutting him off. Don't take a Dragon on alone! His words from seconds ago came back to him as an ironic echo. No help for that. He had to stay alive until the others could come to his aid.
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There were many things that Gabriel was unsure of. He was more than unsure that he shouldn't be here, fighting Dragons... and who knew what else. But Leo had asked... and now here he was, in the middle of a Dragon fight. As Zev and Enma engaged the Dragon, Gabriel grimaced but stepped up as well. Leo had disappeared, but he still had other spirits. He took the time to summon both Dog and Rat, before swallowing. He wouldn't ask his spirits to fight if he himself wasn't ready to too.

Stepping up beside's Enma, Gabriel stared at the Dragon, trying not to shake.

Dog and Rat charged the Dragon, and Gabriel knew that they would only be a distraction- but hopefully enough of a distraction that the others could take the dragon down. "This is the last time I listen to that damn lion." he muttered, keeping his gaze on the dragon. He was oddly terrified that if he looked away, the dragon would attack.

Michael shook his head, it never ceased to amaze him just how Prince could be so... calm in the face of a storm. Still, Michael gave his companion a smile, even if it was somewhat nervous and crooked. He knew why he was here... but it still didn't mean he wasn't terrified out of his own skin. "Shouldn't we help?"

Patrick looked up as someone lifted him, staring at the small girl mildly amused. "I just need- " But it was too late, she was taking them into the air. "... to catch my breath... " He finished, a little lamely. He knew he needed more than a few moments, but he didn't have more than a few moments recover. Sighing softly, he said "thank you. But I can't sit on the side lines." Unafraid, knowing that this moment wasn't the moment of his death, Patrick freed himself from Ariel's hold and found himself falling to the ground.

It was a simple matter to slow his fall, slowing time around him and landing safelty. He swayed a moment, closing his eyes a few seconds before drawing in a deep breath and started towards Ferrin taking on the white dragon.

"Don't take a Dragon on alone." Patrick said, mild amusement in his voice, "It seems I've been hearing that since I was a young boy. I believe they were the last words I heard before coming back in time." He shifted, raising his arms, using the action to draw in more magic, more strength before he grinned, "I don't just slow down time, Old Man. You want fast? I can make you fast."

Sasha had no qualms about stepping back and allowing the Dragon Fang Master to take over. "You don't need to call me Lady... I can assure you I'm no lady." She said softly, "Also... we don't have enough slayers... You'll have to use some of us as well. Not that any of us would be side lined, anyway." Still, she had promised Lazurus that she would be careful. For their child.

She didn't know if she could stand back and watch, though. Not after everything.

She had no issues with Ferrin shouting orders to the others- while she had taken leadership, even the best had their officers, to help. And Ferrin knew what he was doing. Turning her gaze around to the others, she survayed the scene to see where she could best help. Throwing out attacks towards the other dragons, she threw what spells that she had at her disposal. Ice queens Dragon rock slide, Ice Queen's Tiger impact, Ice Queen's hawk arrow. The way this form was... her normal attacks, they were stronger than ever and it shocked her, rocking her back on her heels slightly as her gaze flickered between fights.

Penny took advantage of having both hands free to continue attacking the dragon, now with full force, adding her power to Jasmine's attacks. She didn't know if the girl knew what she was doing, but she was at least doing something. Penny was still determined to protect the girl, however, and she made sure to keep herself in front of Jasmine so she could be ready to block any of the dragon's attacks.

As they dragon returned fire, iron shooting towards both of them, and the dragon drawing nearer, Penny shifted once more. The sheer size of the dragon... she was sure that simply being stepped on would crush either of them. Let alone the teeth. And the tail. And claws.

"Phoenix song: slo- Argh!" As the dragon turned its gaze on her, Penny saw her mistake. Relying on her Phoenix songs, which took too long to use in a situation like this... the iron came towards her and she could do nothing to stop it- if she dodged, it would strike Jasmine. If she took the time to incinerate it, she wouldn't be able to defend herself.

Up above, Ignatius merely chuckled at Rajah's words, but his mirth soon faded and his shout filled the scene. "NOOOO!" But it was too late, he couldn't do anything but what as the metal impaled Penny.

Raising a hand, Penny felt herself falling to the ground, blackness already creeping at the edge of her vision. "Jasmine.... " She struggled to breath, coughing painfully- coughing up blood. She had failed her. "Sasha... " She'd never get to see her niece or nephew grow up. "Ariel... " She still hadn't fixed things there... "Damien... " The last words she'd said to him had been in anger. What she wouldn't give to be able to take them back, or to have another few moments... just another few moments, to tell him just how she felt.

Her hand pulled the metal out her chest, but she knew it was a lost cause. She was dying.

As the blackness continued to consume her sight, she closed her eyes. she struggled to breath for a moment or two, before.... she stopped. Opening her eyes, frowning- shouldn't death be nothingness?- to a white room. "Oh... no no no.... " the realisation of where she was... the choice she had never wanted to make... it squeezed her heart painfully.

Closing her eyes tightly, tears didn't come. Damien. Sasha. Jasmine. Ariel. Her family, however small and mismatch that it was, it was hers. And Jasmine was in danger. She couldn't leave her... she couldn't leave any of them. Not yet. "Take me back. I have to save her." Shaking, she wrapped her arms around herself. "I want to live." Music filled her ears, warming her body, filling it... This was not a choice she could regret, not right then at least.

Opening her eyes, Penny found herself once more facing the dragon. Glancing to her chest, she could see that there was no longer a wound there, despite the blood. She rose, and as she did flames covered her body, not her usual phoenix form, but more refined- it seemed more that the flames had taken over her features.

"Jasmine." She looked towards the girl, to make sure that she was still alright, before she turned to face the dragon once more. "Together." When she was sure that Jasmine was ready, Penny took the other girls hand. As they both attacked, Penny knew that it would be stronger- that it would be an attack together. "Firestorm!" The powerful attack, a perfect combination of fire and water, hit the dragon head on, sending it stumbling. Penny didn't let up the attack.

Ignatius flew down, landing on Penny's shoulder, unafraid it seemed of the flames. He curled his tail around Penny's neck, holding his balance. The exceed was shaking slightly, appearing more than a little shaken by what had happened.

Taking in the scene, Jamie looked about at her members, and the members of Dragon Fang and Frenzy plant. There was not much that she could do, not here on this island where she suspected that her powers wouldn't change the environment. And not without hurting the others. Still, between her and Jarvis they had experience. And Jarvis had his lacarmia. Glancing to Amelia, Jamie knew that Jarvis- and herself- wouldn't let anything happen to her.

"Thank you." She said softly, accepting the lacrima that Jarvis passed her, some of his large stock that he had prepared over time.

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@MarshiestMallow @Zarkun

Lazarus - Tenrou Team

The magical pressure created by the dragons was almost unbearable and his legs felt as though they could buckle at any moment. Everyone was fighting for their lives, for each other. Lazarus had been in a daze from the moment that the first dragon had broken free from the time lord's spell, but the bravery of his comrades has snapped him out of it. Jack, and Hunter were fighting the fire and shadow dragons, Sasha supporting them.

White. A white dragon. A flash of light and a bellowing roar sounded, as the white dragon lasered its breath towards the 2 slayers and Sasha. Lazarus' body moved on its own, in front of Sasha, protecting her and their unborn child. As the laser got brighter and brighter as it rapidly moved closer he grinned. "I hope this tastes better than it looks." He tossed his jacket to the ground, arms out and sucked in as hard as he could. The light drained from the dragon's roar, as Lazarus feasted upon the attack. He wiped his mouth. "Not bad." This was the most powerful he had ever felt. He had consumed the white light of a dragon. "Master Jack, Hunter. Let me take this one." He looked back at Sasha. "Sasha! We're all going home together! The three of us!" He looked down at her belly, before fixing his gaze on the white dragon. "Revere me dragon. Let's see how you fair against the power of a light god slayer! RAGING BELLOW OF LIGHT GOD!" He sent a breath attack of his own straight back towards the white dragon. "Sasha! I need your support! Let's slow this one down!" He grinned. His attacks probably wouldn't leave a scratch on the dragon. But as long as he could keep consuming it's light, he could fight for his friends.
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Tenrou Island

@MarshiestMallow@Crimson Raven@Hatakekuro@t2wave@Burthstone@Demon Shinobi@LightningMaiden@Joshua Tamashii@Oblivion666@Lunarlord34@YipeeXD

Mayt did his best, practically dancing around the red dragon trying to keep up with the people attacking it and its attacks, but he was only one man. Even so, he kept a few of the dragon's incidental attacks- his tail swinging around when he turned to face Karn for example, from connecting with anyone with a Energy Redirect. He had watched Jack suck up the dragon's fire while sitting up from being blown back, having just come from stopping the fire breath that had incinerated the mercury spears from doing too much damage with a Reduce: heat, and learning the hard way that there was more to that than just temperature. Brushing himself off, Mayt got to his feet as more dragons descended and joined the fray. He scrambled to his feet and glanced around for where he could help, just in time to avoid some of the backlash from Hunter blocking the shadow dragon's roar from hitting Sasha and Jack.

No time to dwell on that though, he flinched at the beam of light catching the edge of his vision, and turned to look as Lazlo finished consuming the last of it, and Ferrin began engaging. He glanced between the light dragon and the shadow dragon, and an idea pinged in his head. Cupping his hands over his mouth he shouted. "Lazlo, Ferrin, get that light dragon to roar at me!" Turning towards the light dragon he shouted again. "Hey! You! No not you rusty! The lame white one over there! Who wears white after the start of fall? You look like an ignoramus!" He started quickly backpedaling away from the dragon, trying to draws it attention. "You should just crawl back to wherever you spawned from you big ugly newt!" He looked away to where the shadow dragon was being engaged, then up towards the sky dragon. With any luck, the light dragon would breath at him, and he would be able to redirect it into the shadow dragon. "Full redirect." he said under his breath, finding the right angle to stand to redirect the full blast of light dragon magic at the shadow dragon. He hoped. For all he knew it'd just break his magic in a heartbeat and incinerate him, but it was worth a shot.
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Jasmine Lockwood and Rajah

Her attack was a solid hit...yet the dragon seemed rather unfazed by both her and Penny's barrage. Jasmine felt her heart sink, was she really so weak that even with slayer magic she couldn't hurt this monstrosity? It was her magic's sole purpose; to defeat dragons. If she couldn't even hurt a dragon...then how weak could she be? Were they really that outclassed? Maybe they would just be better off to be defeated and killed here...

"Pay attention girl! It's coming!" Ryujin's words snapped the blonde out of her bubble, quickly shaking her head. No. She couldn't think like that, if they gave up now then it was all for nothing. They still had their guildmates-their family out there, fighting these monsters. God knew how many they were up against as they spoke. And they just needed to defeat one to reach them. Though now, in the face of the dragon launching it's breath attack, Jasmine froze.

What should she do? Dodge? Block? Counter? Her inexperience in fighting came to the fore at the worst possible time, her panic-stricken mind unable to hear the words that Ryujin almost screamed in her mind. Then as the attack neared, her body seemed to move on it's own to erect a make-shift barrier around herself with water. If it wasn't for Penny taking the brunt of the attack, Jasmine would've fared worse than her bubble being broken and being slammed back into a tree by the impact of the dragon's counter.

With a piece of iron embedded in her shoulder the only real injury she sustained, Jasmine gasped for air as pain coursed through her. Her hand slowly went to her shoulder, feeling the warm and wet liquid that was beginning to stain her clothes. Blood. She was bleeding. Though it wasn't fatal, it doesn't mean that it didn't hurt like all buggery. Slowly and shakily she got up, clutching her shoulder as she looked around for Penny. If this was how she ended up from just taking a fraction of the dragon's attack then Penny-

Her voice caught in her throat as she went to call out for the older girl, seeing her collapse on the ground not that far in front of her. She wasn't sure how she got to the red head's side so fast, but soon she was kneeling in the pool of blood that had formed. Her trembling hands reached down towards Penny's motionless form, soon blurred out by the tears that began to form and fall.

Magic flowed through her as she fruitlessly attempted to revive the Phoenix Slayer, knowing it was useless. Healing magic didn't work on the dead. Slowly she looked at her trembling, blood-soaked hands. Not again. Her weakness had cost yet another person their life. Images, memories flashed through her mind. The other experiments, her parents...and now Penny. She felt something inside her....snap. Rage boiled up inside her. In an instant water coated her entire body and she shot towards the iron dragon at a startling speed. Catching the dragon by surprise, the impact flinched the dragon even as Jasmine seemed to bounce off of it's steel exterior. But she wasn't done yet. She was going to make this monster pay.

"Water Dragon's Crashing Waterfall!" Ultising the water around her to turn sharply, she bought her leg up and slammed her heel into the side of the dragons neck. The impact caused the scales around it to crack slightly, but otherwise pain shot up through the girl's leg before she was swatted rather easily out of the air by the dragon and crashed back down into the forest below. Covered in smalls cuts and abrasions, she was quick to get back to her feet but stumbled slightly.

She was going to get up to launch another attack on the dragon but instead was shocked by the sudden appearance of Penny. Unsure if what she was seeing was real or not, she took the outstretched hand and blankly stared at the flaming girl. Nodding absently, Jasmine began to channel magic together with Penny. She wasn't sure what the plan here was, or what the hell was actually going on, but either she had finally gone mad, had died....or something else had happened which she didn't understand.

Rajah watched the events unfold much in the same way that Iggy did, disbelief and shock that Penny was struck down. It only took the one attack from the dragon as well! Not only that, but while their attacks seemed effective the dragon still seemed rather fine! Even as Jasmine launched attacks on it by herself, it seemed like a lost cause. She followed Iggy down as it seemed Penny had come back from the dead, hmph and so she should. Rajah herself hadn't given her permission to die, she might've been a heretical upstart but her disciple seemed fond of her. Landing atop of Jasmine's head, she took a rather spectular pose and began to pre-empitively laugh in truimph.
"Hahaha! That's right, let's teach this scum a lesson!"
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Trinity Stratos
Tenrou Island

@Lunarlord34@MarshiestMallow@Crimson Raven@Hatakekuro@t2wave@Burthstone@Silver Fox@CitrusArms
@Demon Shinobi@LightningMaiden@Joshua Tamashii@Oblivion666@YipeeXD

"You're just gonna go toe-to-toe?" That didn't seem like a good idea. She couldn't leave the Karns at a time like this, though, so she climbed into his back properly. "This is incredibly reckless, just so you know." Like she really had to tell him.
Karn charged the dragon while Trinity scoured her mind for anything she knew about dragons. It was mostly from old folk songs. It was said only Dragon Slayer magic could win this fight. If Karn could transform into a dragon, was that good enough? They'd find out, she supposed.
Karn's assault was vicious, but not enough. He was knocked off his feet and Trinity leapt from his back to avoid being crushed. With the others pitching in, their assault against the dragon was going... well?
She felt her strength surge, just the boost she needed to defend Karn against any further retaliation from this dragon. "Energy Make: Spiked Mallet; Boost Pad." A long-handled mallet formed in her hand and she crouched, putting a hand to the ground to make a pad. But she was forgetting herself.
She jumped off the pad at high speed and spun, bringing the hammer for an overhead smash. The mallet head exploded in impact, and she let her momentum change upward, the change in weight and the force carrying her into the air. She went to reform her mallet head, but... The jump pad had taken too much. Her make dissintigrated in her hand, and just in time for her to see the dragons arrive.
She was dead if she didn't do something. Where she was, without magic to defend herself...
But there was something there. She could feel... Energy, in her palm. Not her own. As she closed her hand around it, it condensed into a single, white shaft. Not the usual gold. But there were no time for questions. The minstrel grabbed her spear? and poised herself for a plunging strike onto the dragon below her. She could only hope to stun it and make an opening for Karn or a Dragon Slayer.
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Zev and Enma

He was going to die. Zev just stood there as he watched those mercury spears melted in the ball of fire that hurtled its way towards him, searing everything that was caught in its path. There was no way to escape it; the fire's range was simply to great and it was moving too fast. The only thing he could do was just stand there and accept the fact that this was completely out of his hands, embracing his body for absolute immolation in a matter of seconds as the heat of the flames grew closer.

Then he heard the sound of the air being sucked in and... the heat grew weaker? Zev opened his eyes and saw that Jack had intercepted the flames and devoured it all. Never before was he as glad to have his guildmaster with him at this exact moment. When he told the duo to go off to help the others so he could fight this scaly abomination he certainly wasn't going to argue with him. "Yes sir, good luck!" Zev ran off and really, he what he wanted to do was just absolutely fuck off and head back to the ship though he knew he could not do that; he wouldn't live it down and he doubted that any of his guild mates would certainly hold it over his head.

"Dammit Hunter, use your head!" He yelled out at the jade slayer and by his will, he summoned multiple of his familiars, their inky black form sunk into the ground and then reappeared underneath the dragon and grabbed onto the dragon to force it to stay on the ground for as long as they possibly could so that Hunter could get a clean hit.

Meanwhile, Enma was pissed. He was going to die and it would have been him being completely powerless to some overgrown fire lizard? No, oh hell no. There was no way that he was going to take it lying down, not a chance in hell...But he knew that in this situation he would probably hold him back and he should assist someone else and then another leathery scaled dragon got in his way and it seemed to be quite immune to poison and that other slayer, the poison kid, had to fight it. "Hey ugly! Eat this!" Enma yelled out as he swung his club, generating a roaring concentrated force of vibrations that, while would not cut through its scales, would serve to act as more like a bomb on impact and hopefully the vibrations would cause more internal damage than external. Chances are it would probably piss it off even more.

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Penny knew that she would have caused Jasmine grief. Her dying... But she had not expected Jasmine to have actually fought the creature while she was otherwise indisposed. She was relieved that the girl was okay and seemed more than prepared to help her in this attack. Focusing the her magic into the attack, she watched as the dragon stumbled, once, twice, three times- and finally fell to the ground.

She had to force herself to stop, wanting to end it here and now. She wasn't going to kill... not again. She hesitated, watching the dragon to see if it would recover, before she finally turned back towards Jasmine.

"I... I'm sorry, Jasmine. I... I didn't know that was going to happen. I... wasn't fast enough." She bowed her head, letting out her breath slowly before taking another deep breath. "What I am... I had the choice to come back, because of being a Phoenix Slayer... I am a Phoenix." Saying those words aloud, it shook her to her very core. But what other choice had she had?

"Are you okay?" She asked Jasmine, absently reaching up to give Ignatius a pat, not seeming to be phased by the fact the exceed was perched on her shoulder like a strange bird. "I don't think the rest of the dragons will be that easy... it was injured... that attack... a unison raid, I didn't know we could do that." They'd been through a lot together, in the short time they'd known each other... she still never would have imagined that they could pull off such a powerful attack together.


Shifting at once to move out the way, Sasha was stopped by Lazarus leaping in front of her. She could almost be angry at him- she had told him to be careful too, hadn't she? She didn't want to lose him, but the sheer... protectiveness of the action had her softening. No matter what anyone else thought about Lazarus, he was a good man- and would be a good father. She hadn't planned on falling in love with him... it had just happened and now... Sometimes she still couldn't believe they were going to have a child.

She lay one ice covered hand on her stomach when he looked to it, gave him a smile. She'd make sure they'd all get home. There was simply no other result that she'd tolerate. As he called to her, Sasha stepped up, her gaze going to the dragon. It really was a magnificent creature, even as it was terrifying. She had fought demons, but compared to this... the Dragon's seemed to radiate power, radiate magic in a way that let you know they were powerful and deadly. Demon's just sought to overwhelm and control. Dragons... There was no question that they were the kings and queens of this world.

Her gripped tightened on the ice lance she held and she drew in a deep breath, before she shouted out "Ice Queen: Lance of the Narwhal!" And threw it directly towards the dragon, aiming for an eye, or something else vulnerable- she just knew if it hit the scales, it wouldn't do anything but minor damage to it.

There was so many attacks going on... as Mayt tried to draw the Dragon's attention, Sasha could only hope that everything would work together... the quicker they took out even one dragon, the quicker that they could help the others.

The dark haired young appearing man wearing black robes and a white toga draped over one shoulder, seemed to appear out of no where. His high collar framed a serious face, as he surveyed the scene of destruction, the dragons looming over the mages that ran rampet over the island. Some must have the blood of Fairy Tail in them, the long dead guild still causing him headaches even this far into his plans. Briefly, he wondered how many years had truly passed before deciding that it didn't matter.

The previous Dragon Slayers, six children hurtled through time 400 years into the future to fulfil his plans, to end his long years of solitude and waiting... they had succumbed, becoming the dragons they were meant to slay. Watching the scene a few moments, the Black Mage known of Zeref, perhaps the most powerful mage in the world, began to walk.

He began to once more gain control of the situation. He wasn't entirely sure what had happened, but he had no doubt that Mavis was involved in some way, and Fairy Law. He vaguely remembered that fool Makarov doing something... No doubt the old man had died using Fairy Law, with limited years left... it would have taken his whole strength. Of course, Mavis could have interfered in some way, she had been, even then, powerful.

Absently, Zeref directed magic towards the dragons, halting their attacks and bringing them under his control in one fell sweep. With disgust he noted that one had been, if not defeated, certainly put out of the game for the time being.

His gaze swept over the guild mages, and then stopped abruptly, moving back to the small, somewhat child like figure.

"Mavis... "

Somewhere on the island, the first guild master of Fairy Tail sat, watching the scene unfold before her. The ever young mage hummed as she thought of numerous ways things might go and just how she could effect the outcome. The small amount of magic she was using to create the illusion of herself where the others were was of no consequence to her.

She hummed to herself, her eyes fluttering from one thing to the next, only pausing as the sound of footsteps reached her ears. "Hello, Loki." She said without looking up from what she was studying. "It's been a long time. i trust you are doing well?"

"Guild Master... " The spirit, known as Loki to the Fairy Tail members, spoke respectfully. "Is... is she here?"

At the hitch in Leo's voice, Mavis looked up, her child like features falling into grief. "No... I'm sorry, Loki. She died... but perhaps it would be of comfort to know, that she does live on in a way... a form of immortality is children... and you serve one of her... hm... great grandchildren, I believe. You didn't know?"

"She... "

"Yes. She died, and I guided the child to Fiore. With your key. I could have sent Lucy home as well, but she didn't want to go... she refused to leave... I wish I had made her."

Leo was silent for a few moments, composing himself. "Did she... Did she leave anything?"

"You mean the keys. Her spirits." Mavis said, reaching for a rather old, battered bag. "Yes. Her journal is there too. Answers, I imagine, for the others." Leo reached out, taking the bag and closing his eyes. The keys were there... his companions could finally be free, after 100 years trapped... that at least was some consolation.

"Well, come on. Time to return." Mavis said, but even as she rose, she reached over and gave Leo's hand a squeeze. "She named her son Leo. Leo Dragneel." She started towards the battle, her thoughts once more turning towards various strategies. As they neared the scene, she let her illusion fade. None seemed to notice her, a young woman appearing on the scene. Of course, everyone was distracted by the dragons.

Which was reasonable. But still. "Go to your boy." Mavis said to Leo, "He's doing well... he definitely needed you." She urged the spirit onward, towards Gabriel, amidst the dragons and his guild mates, his allies. Her gaze moved onward, right to the spot where Zeref appeared moments later.

"Zeref, you will do no more harm here!" Mavis shouted over the noise, her voice seemed to reach even the far side of the island, as she kept her gaze on the dark haired man. "You will never harm anyone again!"

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Damian Gerard-Air Ticket to Where?

Damian hadn't even had time to react before the Wind Meta's gift hit him and whisked him away to gods know where, the sensation of weightless, breathless, darkness returning to full effect as soon as the orb hit his guy. You dirty sonovabitch! He had no clue where he was going or what was going on around him, or what extended time trapped as a breeze would do to him. Likely insanity eventually, given he only had his mind to keep him company, potentially suffocation, though he did note that while breathing wasn't happening, he didn't feel like he was suffocating by any extent.

And yet, as he hurtled along as the wind itself, he had a sneaking suspicion that none of that was that Meta's goal, otherwise he wouldn't have bothered challenging the Blade of Phoenix Wing to any kind of duel in the first place. Still uncertain, but certainly reassured, he relaxed knowing that at least the girls and women had been safely returned to their families with the Meta's death. And yet...I didn't try to spare him when it came to it. I simply swung and let fate do it's thing, be that wound or kill. What is wrong with me...

Time and again, he was faced with the moral dilemma his past would bring upon him and time and again, he had no answer. Phoenix Wing was a light guild, they weren't supposed to take lives, of any kind. Though that was, perhaps, the only redeeming quality about the people Damian had taken the lives of since joining the guild, was that they had all been a Dark Mage with dark intentions. Of course, in the middle of this train of thought, Damian suddenly found himself both able to see and breathe, which meant he'd arrived wherever the Meta had sent him; except there was no solid ground under his feet. "Oh boy..."

And then he plummeted with a yelp that sounded most certainly not befitting a hero of Fiore's most famous magic guild. It took him a moment to get turned around and at least see what he was falling towards, which turned out to be an island where flashes of magic lit up one side, along with explosions and other effects. He himself was still really high up, and he made a Striker Blade to try and arrest his momentum some so he could at least avoid ending up like he was at the end of the Games. Slowly but surely, he was able to adjust the angle he fell at, though he couldn't level out like he wanted, and by the time he reached the ground, he was till positive he broke two ribs and cracked six more. Still, as he stood up, dazed and confused about where he was as the world spun from his tumbling landing, he was alive.

Of course, he was still trying to figure out where he was before a mighty roar echoed around him, snapping him out of his daze. "Dragon?! But...how?" Looking around, he realized now that the Wind Meta had sent him to Tenrou Island, likely unaware that he had friends there, but most likely to be eaten by a hungry, element breathing lizard. "If he hadn't been such a dick, that would actually have been a good way to get rid of me..." He knew they needed help, but as he moved to aid with the White Dragon, a dark magic washed over the battle field, forcing the Dragons to cease their attack.

He looked around in confusion before zeroing in on a face that the history books always portrayed and never got wrong, a face that everyone knew to be responsible for the fall of magic, over a hundred years ago; Zeref, the Black Mage. "OK, what the actual fuck is going on?"
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Amaya watched the choas break among them. Ferris asking Cecilia to go get patrick. Patrick telling Cecilia to stay. The appereance of the literal dragons. This set amaya's heart to flutter of excitement of seeing other dragons maybe find hers along with the fear of their might and her pacfist way of fighting. Fire, shadow, Sky and poison...No Ice dragon. It hurt seeing no ice dragon but it also brought hope. That she would still be able to find Aurora again.

Amaya lookes around taking in the sights sound and smells "Sorry Sasha but these dragons will not go down if me and the boys sit Idly...forgive me."She said allowing Cecilia to take flight seeing their target to be the sky dragon "Wendy was the sky dragonslayer. Abilities of buffs, Healing and control of wind currents."she said reciting her knowledge of the dragon from her own tome from her mentor ages ago.

She halted in mid flight feeling a wave of darkness take over putting the dragons to sleep causing the silence to fall. She looked around confused but found the source as her heart skipped a beat. "It's him....Really him...Zeref."She said to herself feeling fear for the very man that put the dragonslayer nane to disgrace the very man that caused her and zero to hide their magic. She also felt a primal rage awakening inside her. If he didn't exist, Aurors would have never needed to hide...Amaya would have never lost her family, her home! It was all his fault. Amaya floated down to near thw front watching Zeref as she felt like encasing him in ice then shattering his existence but even she knew that wasn't going to happen. For now she was going to keep watch of hunter zero and the others closely as well as Zeref..
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@MarshiestMallow @Crimson Raven @T2wave @Hatakekuro @Lunarlord34 @Burthstone @Silver Fox @CitrusArms @Demon Shinobi @Joshua Tamashii @Oblivion666 @Zarkun @LightningMaiden

Lazarus - Tenrou Team

His attack didn't even leave much of a scratch on the white dragon. "Damn." He composed himself before readying the next attack. "Mayt is right Sasha, if we can't cause fatal damage to the dragons, then they can fight eachother!" He rushed in towards the white dragon. "Holy ray!" He fired a beam of god slayer magic at the dragon's face to get its attention. Once it's eyes met him, he charged and lept into the air. "Slash of the light god!" ... "fist of the light god!" He performed the heavy double attack, before landing in front of the dragon, so that it would face towards Mayt and the shadow dragon. "Go Mayt! Do it!". He expected the dragon to attack Mayt, only he felt an impact from behind harder than he had never experienced as the dragon landed a full swipe. "Eurgk!" Blood spewed from his mouth as he was sent a few meters towards Mayt, landing in a heap on his back, gashing his head in the process. The dragon took a step forward, slamming its foot on top of him, digging it's talons in. He struggled, momentarily, charging his god slayer magic to move the dragon's foot. He didn't have enough strength. Lazarus closed his eyes and waited for the end, with that last hit taking away his energy to fight.

He felt a sudden magical pressure. The dragon's talons eased up, and its weighted lifted from him. The dragon hadn't killed him, but he was shivering in fear, skin pale as a ghost, sweat gushing down his face, mixing with the blood from his head wound. This magic was far more dangerous than the dragons. He looked up, almost in slow motion. "Zeref." His eye twitched, as he experienced mini flashbacks of his former self and his journey to finding Zeref, before he had found Phoenix Wing's warmth. A few tears trickled from his eyes. He repeated himself. "...Zeref." He couldn't move, for fear. He looked towards Sasha. If anyone could snap him from this frozen state of fear, it was her.
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Too much was happening too fast for Joshua to really keep up. Dragons, spirits, and the Black Mage who even he, who was was normally ignorant of many a historical figure in this country, had some knowledge of, however little it might be. From what he had heard, this man was among one of the most powerful mages in the world and that was quickly proven when his sudden appearance seemed to cause all the dragons to just simply... stop. Joshua felt something he hadn't really felt in a long time, that being the emotion of fear. This was not an opponent they could beat, that much he knew. He glanced around and it seemed as if the general consensus of his guild was either shock or fear. However, when he spotted Amaya, he noted her expression was... different. It was one he had never seen on her face before, one of anger. He moved over to her side and gently pulled her down, assuming Cecilia didn't resist, and gently placed a hand on her shoulder.
"Calm yourself. Don't act recklessly." He said to her quietly and soothingly.

By her parents' side, Amelia was definitely one of the worse off by everything going on. She was absolutely terrified, but then again, she was only a child and was probably the least battle hardened of the rather large group that was currently on the island. Between the dragons, the appearance of a force strong enough to stop them, and well... it was a lot for her to take in and register and more then a little overwhelming for her. She held into Jarvis, staying close to him for comfort as Phlegethon made his presence known, standing in front of the family, sword at the ready. If there was one person immune to death magic, which Phlegethon could sense a mile away, it was probably the Horseman. Just in case though, Lethe stayed in Amelia's locket so as to avoid taxing her magic and as a back up Horseman incase Phlegethon fell.
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Ashlyn Johnson

Ashlyn clicked her tongue in annoyance as her fireballs went completely unnoticed by the drake, shaking her fist as she cursed loudly. Fuck. Punching this was like trying to punch a safe door-no, harder. Thicker. What the hell were these scales made out of? Her cursing got louder and longer as she was soon high tailing it away from the scaley beast moments before what was effectively a fucking iceberg crashed down on the dragon.

Shooting a dirty look towards Ferrin, whether it be for interfering or just dropping it without warning one couldn’t tell, she quickly took a few more backwards steps as she watched almost every mage seemed to turn back as one and began to assault the beast. Even she seemed to briefly think for a moment they had this handled.

Then, came a series of roars. Not one. Not two. Not even three. But four more dragons dropped in on their locations and began to engage with the group, splitting them off from one another as one stayed airborne. That one, in particular, seemed to draw the pyromancer’s ire.

“You goddamned oversized chicken, get down here!” Ash yelled out, flames gathering in her fist before sending up a column of fire up towards the dragon. It just seemed to shoot past it, the dragon unfazed which just made the fiery mage even angrier. She was just about to launch herself up towards the dragon when things somehow managed to get even stranger.

Like fighting five supposedly extinct creatures of world ending destructive power wasn’t weird enough eh?

But what’s his name….uh the blade of Phoenix Wing? Ashlyn remembered him from some of the events she had watched at the games. He was some hotshot in Phoenix Wing. Dave? Demetrie? Eh, his name didn’t matter all that much at this point, it would come to her. He was high on the ‘must fight at some point’ list, but so were a few mages on this island. Now wasn’t the time to start one. But yeah, he just seemed to drop in out of the nowhere riding...a sword? The sight made the pyromancer blink blankly a few times before her attention was stolen by a...ominous sensation.

Something evil and murderous had shown up. Just from the shiver that the disgusting and vile magic power that washed over her caused she knew that whoever, whatever was behind these dragons had decided to make itself known. It was like nothing she had experienced before, and trust me she knew some dark and dangerous magic powers. But they were all dwarfed by this...monster.

It was the only word suited for this. Monster.

Just the sensation alone was enough to cause her goosebumps, and a quick cursory glance around showed many mages simply frozen in fear. Even more so since just that casual use of magic seemed to calm down the dragon's for the moment. Just what kind of monster was this?

Turning her gaze towards the source, her face darkened as she locked on. Even someone who didn’t fancy reading too much like herself knew the face of evil itself; Zeref. The dark mage. A monster in every sense of the word, the one behind the downfall of magic from 100 years ago. He had lived for centuries, the amount he had killed far outnumbering that. But more importantly….

“So, you’re Zeref huh?” With a click of her tongue, Ash reached up and began to slide her white cloak off while taking a few steps forward. COME DOWN HERE AND FIGHT ME YOU GUTLESS LITTLE TWAT!! Throwing the garment to the side, she pointed up towards the dark mage in a dramatic display.

This was her chance to fight a netorious villain, the one rumoured to be more powerful than any other mage before and after him. She wasn’t about to let this rare chance slip away, the dragons be damned.
“If ya don’t come down….I’ll come to you.” A fireball screamed past his head, the remaining embers dying on her fingertips as sparks began to fly off her glove.

Jasmine Lockwood and Rajah


With the dragon defeated, at least for now, the moment the older girl turned around was the moment Jasmine launched herself at the red head. Embracing her tightly, perhaps a little too tightly, the younger girl buried her face into the taller girls chest.

Of course since Rajah was standing on her head it now meant that she was launched off and took Iggy clean off Penny’s shoulder. A series of loud and over the top cursing could be heard as the exceed seemed to appreciate being sent flying.

“I..I…” With trembling shoulders, the girl spoke quietly. “I...didn’t know what to do...it’s my fault you...you’re now….” A small trickle of blood ran down her clenched pale fist as she held back the tears that threatened to break free. Whether it be from her somewhat unneeded grief, joy, or whatever. Now wasn’t exactly the time to break into tears and the blonde knew it. They might’ve taken down the one dragon, but as Penny said this one was wounded. Weaker than it should’ve been. The others wouldn’t nearly be so easy, which frightened the girl….

“Un..ison raid?” Jasmine echoed absently. She had heard of the phrase before, from stories. A powerful union of magic between two or more mages. Usually they needed to share an affinity at the least and a powerful bond to boot. Jasmine wasn’t sure if the two had either, especially not the first one. Unless….


He had been quiet for the most part since they had arrived on the island, dormant. Only speaking when Jasmine faltered. He hadn’t said anything about the unison raid, but perhaps he and Solaris’s, Penny’s father’s, shared history held a clue?

“Hmm, yes and no child.” His voice finally spoke, a slight chuckle echoing throughout her mind. “One could say it was fate that both our ‘children’ met once more, and I would be lying to say it didn’t play some part. My magic is well accustomed to his and vice versa. However, the bond you two have managed to forge played a far more significant role. Trust in one another is key to a strong rapport. Having a common goal, or goals, doesn’t hurt either.”

His words were a bit to take in, that would mean that Penny had some level of trust in her. She couldn’t quite believe that at this moment, what had she done to earn that trust after-all, but the general message got across.

“Now, I believe your friends need your help now? There are more dragons on the island, and I would bet a small fortune most if not all are engaged with your friends right now.”

Jasmine jolted upright at those words, quickly and violently shaking her head before slapping both palms into her cheeks. The dragon was right, Jasmine needed to stop clinging to Penny and allowed the S-Class wizard to get to work. She also needed to get moving, who knew what danger the others were in. And if she could help, even just a little….

“Water Dragon’s Healing Shell.” A soft glow washed over Jasmine. Soon all the little cuts and abrasions she had received from fighting the dragon vanished, her shoulder wound healed up in mere moments. Though her dress was still torn where the metal had impaled itself, she could heal not stitch up clothing. Well not with magic anyway.

All of Penny’s wounds seemed healed as well, so no need to waste any magic there. Both of them needed to conserve what they had to help the others. So once the pain in her leg had faded she cut off the spell.

“I’m fine now that you’re back…” Jasmine smiled softly towards Penny for a moment before quickly turning serious once more. “But we need to hurry. Ryujin is certain that a large mass of magic like the others would’ve drawn the other dragons out by now. If this was just singular, weakened dragon…” she gulped loudly “...then imagine what the others are fighting.”
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Only about half realizing what was going on, things around her went from confusing to bad to worse. While still mid flight the man she'd picked up jumped out of her arms and somehow floated back down to the ground. Alright... the woman supposed that made sense. There hadn't been much time to think about what to do next as the island came to life with dragons. Ariel hadn't really had much of a chance to sort anything out though as the Sky Dragon's entrance came far too close. Even in passing Ariel was tossed in the air like a leaf before spiraling into the trees below.

Way too much was going on for Ariel's current simple mindedness. Unwinding herself from branches she could hear chaos breaking loose around her. Bursting back to the sky she went after the Sky Dragon. Even with the magic of a mythical creature though the dragon outmatched her easily, flames being dissipated without much effort. She was just too new and inexperienced to utilize magic effectively. At least others seemed to be having more luck in that regard.

While the mages seemed to be holding their own everything on the island stopped when a wave of dark magic washed over everything. Even when literally on fire it sent an icy chill through the Phoenix woman's body. And if that wasn't clear enough of how powerful the magic was it even caused the dragons to stop their attack. Watching from above Ariel wasn't even sure what to make of the man that showed up. She also felt slightly stupid that she didn't really know who it was. Was a little hard to tell if the reason was that she didn't know or had simply forgotten. Either way the dark aura was overwhelming.

The only thing that was clear from the lofty vantage was that most of her friends were stunned or afraid, and that was enough of a reason for her to act. Warmth began to return as Ariel began summoning all the magic she could muster. There was really only one way she knew how to deliver a strong attack with this magic, and that was to get up close and essentially explode. A great idea? Not in the slightest. But it was about the only option she could think of. With all the power she could manage she dive bombed Zeref to try and blast him into next week.
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Ferrin Astra

Tenrou Team -
A Day to Remember

As the magic from the spell took effect, Ferrin felt Time Lord pop up, good as new, next to him. "Won't work." He managed in reply through gritted teeth, almost losing focus on the spell. He didn't have the time to explain that the wards on his coat don't discriminate between malefic or beneficial magic, blocking both. It was a shield, not a checkpoint. Only Ferrin's own magic, as the original weaver of the spells, would bypass it. That was an aspect he was working on changing, but at the time, and even now, he didn't have the magical know-how to make the enchantments function like that.

A new player joined, a light Godslayer. He consumed the remainder of the roar that had gone wide, and launched his own roar, powered up by the dragon's. It didn't do much, but it drew the dragon's attention.

Ferrin's breathing slowed. His vision narrowed. He was only marginally aware of the rest of the battle, mostly on the lookout for a surprise attack or stray spell. Voices and explosions blurred together into a meaningless quiet background, analyzed and dismissed. He plotted quickly and placed his plan firmly in his mind, along with every variation he could come up with. And with that, he shifted his stance, just slightly, then: vanished.

There was a rush of displaced air, and a cloud of sand was kicked up. He was moving in a blur, crossing several hundred meters in just a fraction of a second. He would come more into view a few meters to the side, blur again, and then reappear further to one side or the other, zig-zagging in an attempt to disguise the direction of his approach. However, dragon followed him with keen eyes. It bunched up in preparation, then lashed out with a heavy claw at surprising speed at seemingly empty air.

Ferrin appeared once again. This time in an acrobatic jump in the air above the dragon's claw. He kicked off the passing foreleg, spring boarding himself higher into the air, rising level with the white dragon's head. With a cry he swung his sword, erupting into a storm of slashes, striking sparks like lightning from the dragon's scales. His sword paused just long enough for him to raise his gauntlet, curling into a fist and propel himself forward with a magical explosion into the side of the dragon's head.

But the combat wizard wasn't done yet. He used the impact to rebound clear, landing in a feral crouch, sword outstretched. From the feel through his sword, he knew that none of those slashes even left a mark. The impact has done better, but leaving nothing more then a bruise.

That was expected, but he had to try to get the feel of how strong it's scales were, and lucky hit to the eye could turn the battle in his favor. Plan B.

He fell back, supporting the Godslayer by irritating the beast with lighting quick sword dashes moving back and forth with his sword outstretched. He and another wizard tried for a team up, but the slayer wasn't fast enough. He was hit hard and pinned.
Ferrin let out a shout and thrust out a metal hand. In it, a ball of silver energy gathered, trailing a tail of energy. It pulsed with mystic light as the air around it shivered. Raw Aether. Wild Magic. "Aether Comet!". Then, with a step and a quick wind up, he threw the spell like a fastball special.

The magic missile flashed through the air, detonating off the side of the dragon's head, with a deafening explosion, engulfing it's entire head in the explosion. The dragon shook the air with another roar, but this one was full of pain. Hot, crimson blood, steaming even in the hot air trickled down the side of it's head in slow drops, marring it's pristine white scales. It had been wounded. It swung it's gaze, full of rage toward the punny human who had somehow injured it, opened it's jaw, and reared back as it inhaled once again. This time, there would be no escape.

Ferrin desperately threw up a shield, mentally cursing the clumsy slayer, knowing that he couldn't block or avoid this roar. He planted his feet as a semi-circular shimmering barrier appeared between him and the dragon. He brought himself up, hand outstretched. If he was going to die, he was going to face his death head-on.

But the blast never came. The dragon had frozen.

Instead, a wave of dark energy crashed over Ferrin. He immediately placed it as the uneasy energy that he had been feeling on the island the entire time. And now he had a name for it. Zeref.



He let his shield and other spells drop, also coming out of Heart of Steel like a swimmer breaching the surface, noting as he did that his breathing was ragged in a way that had less to do with adrenaline, and more to do with his magic reserves: he was running out. His magic, he estimated, was nearly half gone. He had been tossing aether out in a way that he rarely did, and shouldn't be doing. He slumped as exhaustion began to set in. This lull in the battle, while not boding well, was a welcome breather for the Aether Wizard.

Zeref. He knew, of course, of the present day legends around this dark wizard. But the Zeref Ferrin knew was a very different one. Truth be told, he didn't actually know much, but Mavis had told them a little about the mysterious figure who taught the Founders magic. And...more if one read between the lines.

And that was a very different man from the legends. Given, that was nearly two centuries ago.

So which was the truth? Was this really the same man? And if so...

How was he still alive?

But wait. Deep questions be damned: there was a wisecrack to be had.

"What's," huff huff "Wrong, Guildmaster? He called out, his jocular tone cutting through the tension. "You and your old flame have a falling out?"
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Tenrou Island

@MarshiestMallow@Crimson Raven@Hatakekuro@t2wave@Burthstone@Demon Shinobi@LightningMaiden@Joshua Tamashii@Oblivion666@Lunarlord34@YipeeXD

Mayt's plan didn't work. Of course it didn't work, and Lazarus payed for it. He watched the light-slayer get slammed in the back and stepped on before he could get close enough to deflect the attack with the spell he had prepared. Cursing, Mayt drew his shortsword from his side and readied himself to try something stupid. "Shape Origin: Reinforce Inanimate," the weapon he now held in his hand now turned black with his magic, becoming effectively another way to extend his magic. Maybe, just maybe, if he could get enough amplified motion on it it could cut the dragon...

Then all the sudden the fighting stopped, the dragon pulled its foot off Lazarus. Mayt looked around, trying to find the source of the disturbance, and realized everyone was looking at a strange-looking dark haired wizard. Having failed every history class he ever took, and having not been too entwined with the fear of magic until his adulthood, he didn't recognize the man until several other people had said his name. Zeref. That sounds familiar. Was he the guy that made all those demons and made everyone terrified of magic? Was that it? The power level matches up, if nothing else, being able to control dragons like that, but shouldn't someone like that be dead? Maybe he's just that guys descendant. Yeah, that makes more sense Mayt lowered his sword and waved to the man. "Hey, thanks for stopping the dragons, they were giving some of us a run for our money," Mayt finished saying this just as he noticed Ariel dive bombing 'Zeref' like a meteor. Without realizing it, he started taking quick steps forward towards the two. He would never get there before Ariel did, but perhaps he could catch her if she was knocked away, or stop her blast from hitting other people, or just do something to improve the situation.

Tenrou Island

@Silver Fox@CitrusArms

Mithera clutched Karn's chimera form tightly when the red dragon first appeared, fear and excitement overcoming her and causing her to practically freeze on his back. When Karn turned into a dragon, Mithera began to feel a scream of fear rise in her throat, but it was knocked out of her before it could start as Karn slammed into the fire dragon. By the time Trinity had taken her magical jump off of dragon-Karn, Mithera was gripping him so tightly that his scales she was cutting her arms and legs, holding herself in place while the two gargantuan beasts fought. It wasn't until her friend was thrown off the dragon that the shape shifter was dislodged, leaving bloodstains on Karn's back. Mithera's battered form hit the ground and knocked the air out of her and sending her rolling across the rocky soil.

The white haired sorceress just laid in among the rocks where she had stopped, shaking from the effort of holding onto Karn so tightly. Her long-time practice with her magic kicked in and began forcing her lacerations closed so that she would stop bleeding, allowing her to use a large boulder to help herself stand up. With due effort, Mithera was able to stand up in time to see everyone fighting what was now five- five- dragons. She let out a gasp of fear and desperation, knowing there was nothing right now she could do to help. Her magic was too slow to act, and even if it was instant like Karn's, none of her forms could even do enough to be a nuisance in damage. Following her instinct to flee, and her feeling of uselessness, the transformation mage turned and began quickly making her way away from the fight. A little unsteady from the stress and bruising of her fall, she occasionally had to balance herself on various rocks and debris, before sitting down behind a boulder. She was out of view of the dragons, and hopefully far enough away that any collateral damage wouldn't reach her.

Then the sounds of fighting stopped. Still shaking, and now crying as she came down off the hormonal high, Mithera stood up and looked around the rock to see what was happening. The dragons had stopped attacking, and there seemed to be a man. From where she was she couldn't make out who it was, other than the black hair. She could, however, see that some of her friends had been battered somewhat. Lazarus was on the ground, others were visibly panting. Mithera took a sobbing breath and sat down behind the rock again, gripping herself and wishing she had more offensive magic, and vowing to learn how to use a weapon of some kind.
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Zero didn’t take kindly to taking orders from that long coated bastard, but it wasn’t like he had much of a choice. In this instance, the guy was right. He had to take care of as much of the poison as he possibly could to keep it from getting to anyone else. He wasn’t a fan of being delegated to a more defensive role, but it was the best case and he wasn’t about to let his own pride stop him from helping keep everyone safe. Still, as the call to arms had been made, he charged the dragon.

Zero swiped his arm in the creature’s direction, sending a wave of his own poison that he was sure the dragon would be quick to try and gobble it up. Thus, much to Zero’s satisfaction, as the dragon moved his head to suck up the poison, the Poison Dragon Slayer was able to lunge toward the beast shouting, "Poison Dragon's Destructive Fist," as he slammed a poison coated fist into the top of its head. The poison wouldn’t hurt the dragon, but with his power and strength from training for years with Hemlock and then with Damian after his father’s death. Simply put, his musculature had been developed much better than the average human’s or mage’s.

The Dragon was clearly thrown off for a second, maybe less than. In fact, almost immediately Zero felt the powerful tail of the Poison dragon pushing into his gut and was sent flying quickly into the ground. The dragon slayer groaned, but had no time to rest if he wanted to help keep himself and others alive. He rolled a few feet over before pushing himself up to his feet as fast as he could when he saw the dragon’s massive claw coming towards him. “Fuck…” he said speaking in a low growl as he shook his head. The battle was intense, but it was clear he couldn’t do any real damage to a poison dragon on his own. Man, if there truly were gods pulling the strings, they sure as hell hadn’t planned this part properly.

Once he’d come to his realization he had only one option. He took every chance he got to neutralize or consume the dragon’s poisonous attacks. “This is a bitch and I hate everyone for not training to build up a natural immunity to poison!” He shouted angrily at nobody in particular. “That’s goin in the suggestion box! And I’m gonna train you fucks!” He paused for a moment as he leaped over one of the dragon’s claws as he swiped at the mage. It was a narrow dodge, but at this point, it was all about staying alive.

Just like that though, the dragons stopped. “And if there ain’t a suggestion box,” Zero huffed looking around to find that everyone had stopped in fact before continuing, “I’m gonna make one.” He said totally ignoring the tension that had fallen over the battlefield before he saw Zeref. The mage sent a shiver down the dragon slayer’s spine. He glanced around at his allies. Somebody was missing. Karn? No… Mithera had been here at one point. He shot a look in her general direction. He hadn’t quite seen her, but he at least knew she wasn’t dead. He could still feel her magic. It wasn’t like he could leave right about now to check on her.

That’s when others began to FUCKING ANTAGONIZE ZEREF. He was in disbelief. Even as reckless as he was, he knew that wasn’t a good idea. The guy was one of the most evil mages, if not the most evil mage, in all of history. Not only that, he was considered to be one of the most powerful. And some of these dumbfucks wanted to run the ones? If the gods in charge really were in charge, it was hard to believe they didn’t want these guys to die. “What the fuck are we gonna do now?” He mumbled under his breath. He was waiting for one of the powers at be to make a decision. Sasha, maybe? Even the long coat bastard would be alright. But he wasn’t about to rush in without a plan. Something inside him was just screaming that it couldn’t end well.
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Sasha's shout tore out her throught as she watched him get thrown through the air. She would not let him die... she couldn't let him die. She leaped towards him, not seeming to realise anything else was going on as she hurried to save him, protect him. As the Dragon didn't come down on him, Sasha was sure that she could hear her own heart beating as she slowed near him.

At his words, Sasha looked up, fear and horror filling her as her gaze landed on the black mage before returning back to Lazarus. "Lazarus... " she whispered, reaching out to him, knowing just how challenging this would be for him. "Lazarus. I'm here." She said, louder as she held his gaze. "I love you." She didn't know how to snap him out of it, how to bring hm back to her.

She wrapped her arms around him, curling in against his body, her ice armour slipping away. "Lazarus, I'm not going to let him hurt you. He won't take you away from me. I promise." What ever happened, she was not going to let Lazarus be swept up in Zeref's mischief.

Jarvis held Amelia close against him, his gaze looking around him for any sign of danger. He would not let anything harm Amelia. Doing what he could to aid the guild, he lowered his gaze to Amelia, knowing that he would do anything to ensure she left this island unhurt.

"Amelia... " He could only be content with Sam being back at the guild. His gaze moved to Jamie, and he knew he would do anything to protect them, and save them from harm. When Zeref appeared, Jarvis shifted, moving more in front of Amelia and towards Jamie.

"Jamie... if things go south, use the teleportation lacrima."

As Jasmine launched herself at Penny, she stumbled back slightly, but didn't fall. Wrapping her arms around the younger girl, Penny closed her eyes and let out a slow breath. Jasmine was shaking... she had really scared the girl... "I'm sorry, Jaz." She said softly, hugging her close. "No, its not your fault." she said, brushing back Jasmine's hair, wiping at the blood. "It's not your fault. I would have made this choice... I can't leave you, or Sasha, Ariel, Damien." She said softly, trying to reassure Jasmine. "It isn't your fault, okay Jasmine? It's mine."


Soothing Jasmine, or trying to soothe her, Penny gave her a gentle squeeze and for a moment she didn't know whether or not she was giving Jasmine comfort or taking comfort from her. "Yes... it's an attack... based on bond, trust." She explained, "Jaz... I've told you before, you're family. Mine. i wanted to protect you, keep you safe. But.... You're strong... you're brave. Even if you don't know it."

she didn't want to let her go, but she did so as Jasmine healed her remaining injuries. She didn't care that she was wearing clothes torn by the metal, covered in her own blood. she nodded at Jasmine's words, "I'll always come back." She promised. "You're right. We need to get going." Still, she lingered a moment more, her gaze on Jasmine. "Everything will be okay. We will come out of this."

She drew in a breath, glancing to the exceed before she started in the direction of the others. She shuddered at the scene of something dark, something evil nearby and swallowed as she came upon the scene. A handful of dragons... even one was one too many. Her gaze swept over the rest of the scene, resting on Damien for a moment before moving onto the source of the dark magic, Zeref.


Just perfect. As if they hadn't been though enough already. Wearily, she ran a hand through her hair, dislodging dirt and leaves. The general feel of everyone else... it wasn't good. Drawing a breath, Penny began another song, hoping to fill her comrades with hope and energy once more.

Mavis, Ferrin

Marvis drew her gaze to Ferrin, her expression oddly dark as she studied him, clearly not pleased with his words. She waited a beat, as if to see whether Ferrin would say anything else. "Sometimes, Ferrin dear, I wonder if you will ever think before you speak." She brought her gaze back to Zeref, contemplating him. He did not seem phased by those that were charging towards him.

"You will leave those dragons alone- they aren't yours, Zeref! You have no claim to them." She said, her voice loud once more. Something seemed to happen, the figures charging towards Zeref freezing in the air. Curious, Mavis watched them for a moment, before returning her gaze to Zeref.

"It ends... "

Patrick moved fast as Ariel and Ash sought to attack Zeref, reaching up with one hand, he froze them in time. "Don't be foolish!"

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Ashlyn Johnson, Jasmine Lockwood and Rajah

With Zeref ignoring the fireball that rushed past his head, courtesy of Ash, the pyromancer tsked. She was completely ignored huh? Then she'll just have to go up and show that bastard just-

In that same line of thought, Ash found herself unable to move. She couldn't breathe, couldn't blink, let alone move her hand or legs. She was just completely frozen on the spot. Despite the fact she couldn't breathe, she didn't feel like she was suffocating either as she took a few moments to process what had happened. If she could move right now, she would be giving Patrick a smouldering glare that could melt on contact, such was the hostility she felt towards the time mage right now. She had been frozen just like that damned dragon, and Patrick would be wise not to release her anytime soon as her anger continued to build.

Penny's words did little to relieve that guilt that Jasmine felt, but with a nod, the dragon slayer was ready to move on. There was no time to dwell on what happened, their guild was in danger. It didn't take long to come upon the others. Jasmine froze for a moment, at first at the sight of not just one dragon, but multiple littered about the battlefield. Though she took solace from the fact that they didn't seem to be fighting with the mages, which also raised a few concerns of their own. Of which was explained when she followed everyone else gazes up towards....uh who was that exactly? It seemed a few of them seemed to know who he was at first, but she decided to put that to the back of her mind for now as her gaze fell upon Lazarus.

Breaking off from Penny as the Phoenix Slayer began to sing, she came to a stop beside Lazarus and Sasha before she knelt down beside the duo. "I-it's ok, I'm a friend." With a shaky tone, she brought her hand up to show the golden guild mark on the back. Just in case they might be a little hostile towards some stranger running up to them.

With a bit of uncertainty, she looked down at Lazarus and placed her hands atop his shoulder. "Water Dragon's Healing Shell." Magic flowed like water through Jasmine's hands and covered Lazarus in a protective layer, quickly going about its business at healing his wounds. She used a bit more magic than perhaps necessary as she looked to heal the god slayer as quickly as possible.

All the while Rajah finally got untangled from Iggy and flew after the two slayers, with Iggy no doubt in pursuit. She followed after Jasmine as she went over to heal Lazarus and sat atop the blonde's head with a soft plop, looking down smugly at the two wizards. "Can't even handle some little newts, I expected more from my disciples kin."
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James Hunt|A Test of Honor

A plan to move forward...well, James would admit that until they found these gangs, the plan was just to follow their trail, not that it wasn't hard anymore as it would seem they were coming to a more trafficked area. "Moving forwards is still tracking these people to their base here in the woods. I imagine if you two had waited long enough, you would have run into one of them instead of us." James loosened his sword in it's sheath as he moved forwards, spotting more of the trail ahead.

"I would also recommend drawing your weapons if it's practical to do now. I doubt we'll receive a friendly reception."
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