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The Sultan had initially chuckled at Lorenzo whilst Hafiz was openly staring with disbelief, wearing a grimace on his face. “Ah, Duke Vikena. The disc-shaped bread is called naan, then those are chicken kebabs…” He pointed to the chicken kebabs. “Those sticks are called skewers… Then that is not peanut butter, it is made of chickpeas. We called it hummus. Please enjoy and feel free to question what anything is….”

His attention was stolen by the young lady serving drinks. He noticed that one of his favorites, Lord Leo Smithwood, had not been given a drink and he snapped his fingers to get her attention. “Young miss… Please make sure Lord Smithwood gets something to drink and feel free to help yourself to some as well.”

“Ahem! With everyone here and the food ready to be devoured, I think it is a good time as any to say grace over the food served this evening. I am not sure if the Alidasht practice something similar but it is an old Caesonian tradition of giving humble thanks for our meal. I can lead it if you'd like your highness.”

The Sultan smiled and graced the Duke with a nod, but Hafiz was quick to speak up. “Perhaps…Someone else should say grace, brother.”

“Nonsense. We are here to get to know Duke Vikena formally. Let him speak.” Raif disagreed firmly, his tone carrying no opening for argument.

Hafiz scoffed lightly and folded his arms. With an eye roll and smirk, he turned to glance at Duke Vikena. “Very well. Surely you can say grace without being offensive.”

It was then a sudden hiss filled the room. Hafiz glanced beside him to see Layla’s snake on Charlotte. After how irksome the Vikena woman had been earlier, he could barely hide his delight. He covered his mouth to conceal a \ smile.

Meanwhile, the Sultan rose to his feet and shot Layla an intense glare. “Layla. I have observed your behavior tonight. To be quite truthful, I am constantly watching all of your behavior.” His gaze shifted to Munir then back to his daughters. “I have comments for later, good …and bad. “

The Sultan looked upon his eldest daughter with disappointment. “Though there are many things to be proud of you for… This is not one of them. “ Layla’s behavioral changes had not gone unnoticed by him and neither had the increased time she had spent with his brother. “Please fill your plate and take it to your room. The servants will ensure any additional food is brought to you, but I can no longer ignore your behavior. You must go. “

“Brother, with all due respect, why should Layla leave for her pet’s actions when it has been-”

Raif held up his hand to silence Hafiz, who closed his mouth.

It hurt to cast his daughter out in such a public and shameful way, especially as the eldest of his offspring, but he knew it was necessary. With a heavy heart, he watched as Layla left the room, hoping that she would eventually understand.

Wulfric & Anastasia

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Anastasia's gaze shifted to Wulfric before nodding in agreement. Her eyes had been wandering over the beautifully decorated cakes while the servants inspected them. With a gentle sigh, she stepped back and leaned her head delicately on Wulfric's shoulder. At that, her brother wrapped her in a light half-hug, moving his arm to rest across her collarbones.

"Look at these cakes," she said softly, gesturing to the intricately decorated pastries. "Each one must have taken so much time and dedication. You can see the passion in the baker's work… His eyes were sparkling when he first came in here... This must be his dream." A tinge of sadness crept into her tone as she spoke in a low voice. "I imagine he thought being able to showcase his work to the king could have been his big break."

Wulfric’s gaze tracked the exquisite delicacies. They were beautiful, no doubt about it. Yet, that they came from Ezra coloured how he viewed them. Granted, he was generally wary of things brought to them by strangers. But with this man, he couldn’t help but think only of the avenues of attack he might pursue.

“His work is still here to be showcased, is it not?” Her brother seemed entirely unmoved by sympathy. “As you have heard, father is considering hiring him…If everything checks out, I suppose he will be attaining his dream.” By his cool tone, it was clear Wulfric disapproved of Ezra on principle alone. He thought that if the baker genuinely wished to work for royals out of the passion for his work, that would be acceptable. However, he did not believe it was just that.

Anastasia fell silent for a moment, lost in thought, before continuing. "I understand that being part of the royal family means we need to be careful and all that, but I can't help but wonder if we should be so quick to look for the evil in others… There is goodness to be found in people, Wulfric."

Unseeing to her, a frown formed upon his brow. “Have you ever felt-” he began, but cut himself off with a sharp exhale. “This…may be a more involved conversation,” he remarked. “Shall we relocate?”

He felt her nod against his shoulder. “Sure… We can go to my room.” She had then raised her head and looked toward King Edin. For whatever reason, she felt sorry to leave him on his lonesome. “...We’re finished with dinner. We’ll see you soon, father.” She added before turning to head upstairs. King Edin glanced their way and waved them off, finally standing up himself.

Wulfric was led upstairs to her bedroom, where they were greeted by a loud squawk. In the center of the round feminine bedroom perched a falcon, seated comfortably on her jewelry stand.

“That’s Thara.” Anastasia immediately explained as she closed the door. “Pretty girl, isn’t she?”

Wulfric was immediately distracted by the falcon. “A beauty…” he affirmed. There was a restrained, quiet marvel in his tone and expression. Though he kept several birds of prey in their royal mews, he did not interact with them on a daily basis. That, and he always enjoyed meeting a new one. Cautiously, he drew closer to the bird, observing its reaction.

“Thara,” he called out to it softly. It seemed content, preening its feathers. From the dishes that had been set out for it, he picked a piece of raw meat, offering a treat to the bird. For a moment, the falcon simply stared at him, but after fluffing its feathers, it obliged, and gently snapped it up.

Clicking his tongue, he extended a palm towards it slowly, though he was ready to withdraw it in case of an aggressive reaction. However, the creature was both tame and friendly, and allowed itself to be pet by a stranger even without its owner present. “Good girl,” he complimented with a tiny smile as he trailed his hand along its feathers.

“Whose is she?” he asked curiously as he stepped away, and found a seat for himself.

Anastasia had stepped forward behind him, her eyes on him. She smiled to herself upon seeing his. “Farim sent her to me for a visit. If you recall, he is visiting from the Alidasht.”

At her sister’s answer, he nodded, and returned to their previous line of conversation with a more serious expression. “Being kind and trusting are good traits Anastasia,” she could hear a ‘but’ coming. “Traits which certain individuals will happily take advantage of. People have all sorts of potential…both for ‘good’ and for ‘evil’. I believe it prudent to recognize both.” Though he was personally a proponent of the adage that it was better safe than sorry.

“Now, I do not know Ezra,” he admitted. “However…Have you ever felt about someone that they are simply off somehow?”

Anastasia shuffled her feet. She certainly had on many occasions, but she had also ignored the feeling. Sometimes it had been because she wanted to give people the benefit of the doubt, other times it had simply been because she didn’t care. “...I have.” She answered softly nonetheless, opting not to give further context.

Wulfric quirked up a brow. So she did have some sort of a danger sense. “And?” he prompted, urging her to elaborate.

She was hesitant to answer. “I guess I ignore it sometimes…I assume I don’t have the best judgment based on my track record… It doesn’t help that I’ve screwed up a lot today.” She admitted sheepishly. Anastasia had never been comfortable opening up. She paced in her spot for a moment before sitting down on the edge of her bed. “When you feel that way, do you end up right?”

“Ignore…?” Wulfric frowned. “Sister, there is a reason we have these instincts. Their function is to protect us.” This was a notion he hoped to imprint upon her. “As for mine, they are fairly well-honed. I am usually right,” he asserted. “Though, I have been wrong before. Both to trust, and to doubt.” He paused. “Being wrong about trusting someone tends to be more,” painful, “harmful.”

He tapped his fingers against his leg as he considered how to address her other remark. “I do not frankly know what your judgment of the present situation is. If you want to know mine, I would caution that this so-called friend of yours - Marek - is not to be trusted.

Anastasia knew his advice made sense. It was better safe than sorry when it came to such a matter. The problem was that the princess never quite lived her life with much regard for the consequences for herself.

As for Wulfric, it was different. He was so important to the kingdom and his people. Everything he did mattered. Though a heavy burden without a doubt, she wondered what it was like to feel as if one’s life truly mattered.

Her thoughts were cut through like a knife at the mention of Marek. She stiffened as she considered his words. “I don’t know about Marek.” Anastasia admitted both to herself and her brother.

“He’s been our friend for a long time and I’ve never seen him ever try to hurt anyone… When I saw what had happened to Zarai, I felt confused and angry. …But I didn’t want to send him to his death without knowing for sure.” She met Wulfric’s eyes, her tone etched with sadness. “I need to know for sure before our parents hurt him… If it wasn’t him, then it’s not fair to do this to him…”

At that, her brother’s expression hardened, his eyes narrowing. Know for sure? he repeated, quiet but aggravated. “It was at his party where you were all drugged, your memories taken. His party where each and every one of you could have died. Where you had nearly died. Do you have any idea what states you all returned in?” Anger blazed in his gaze, and tension had gripped his whole body. He had leaned forward, expression stern and intent, fingers digging into the upholstery of his seat. Upon becoming aware of his agitation, however, he visibly took a moment to calm down.

“Besides, just what do you think the investigation is for?” he questioned, traces of frustration still remaining. “To find out precisely the what, how, and who. Yet you, while claiming you would like to know are acting in his protection. Your silence hinders our attempts to explore the lead we do have, Anastasia,” he told her seriously. “Do you think that fair?” he couldn’t help but wonder.

Wulfric then sighed. “I don’t expect you’ll tell me more about him. But think on this carefully. How many of the times that you were with him do you even remember? How would you know if he had or hadn’t done something? If last night hadn’t been the first occurrence, then when and what else? And if it had been, do you think it a coincidence? Or insignificant? That so many people were put at risk?”

He gave her a look of grave significance. “You call him your friend, but just how well do you truly know Marek Delronzo?”

Anastasia’s brows slowly furrowed. “I know him enough… Can’t you at least try to understand how I feel?” She finally argued defensively once space was available in the conversation.

She got to her feet once more and approached him with her hands on her hips, visibly frustrated, “Don’t you have friends, Wulfric? If your friend was being accused of something, wouldn’t you want to at least talk to them yourself before just throwing them to the wolves? Yeah, it was his party but for all I know someone else did that to us! I don’t remember, remember! I don’t have any info for your investigation.”

“What I understand…” Wulfric tilted his head and gazed at her calmly, “is that you do not agree with some official procedures, nor trust that the ‘right’ thing will be done unless you do something by yourself.” Just what did she expect to find out from her position of blind faith, however?

“Moments ago, you said it yourself; you don’t actually know about Marek. Yet it seems to me that all you want is reassurance that it wasn’t him.” What was worrying was that he knew perfectly well she was ready to act on that, and approach Delronzo by herself.

“If it were me, I would want to know the facts.” He gazed up at her, not feeling it necessary to stand up as well. “And there are some available already. Someone put Fletcher up to bringing you all to that party. The party where you were harmed. Yet, none of you remember any of it. Your memories cut off precisely before arriving at that location. When you were retrieved, your states were critical, but there was nothing to see there anymore. Because the evidence had been disappeared,”he layed out the events.

“Don’t you see how convenient this all is for him? The very man responsible for the event?”

Her eyes had begun to brim with tears at the mention of Darryn. She felt as if everyone had spoken down to her like she was an imbecile today: Darryn, Wulfric, and even Callum, who usually was on her side. Anastasia could not help but wonder if her words would always fall empty on the ears of others.

“If the responsibility falls on me to give up a man’s name to our parents, people who had Darryn tortured this morning, then yes, I do want to find out the facts first. I want to know everything for certain… I care about these people, Wulfric…” Anastasia ran a hand through her hair stressfully and then looked upon her brother again after a shaky exhale.

Witnessing her distress, he took the time to think about this one. “So do I.” The assertion was solemn. Their ways of caring and their viewpoints were entirely different. But perhaps, if he offered her a concession he hadn’t to Callum, they could find common ground?

“I don’t want to fight with you too, Wulfric… I’ve fought with both Darryn, who’s lost his mind, and then Callum, and now Callum basically hates me because he thinks I gave you Marek’s name. I promised him I would talk to Marek tonight and now I am giving you a promise too.”

At the mention of Fletcher and Callum, Wulfric blinked in surprise. However, he focused on what his sister wanted to tell him presently.

Anastasia moved closer to him, her tone pleading and weary, “Please just give me tonight to see if I can find anything out...Then tomorrow I will give up everything I know about him. I promise.”

What if you can’t? What if she was silenced? But he knew that regardless of what he said or did, she would go.

A deeply conflicted expression set in. After a long moment of silence, he finally stood up. “Fine,” he gave in unhappily. Her brows lifted in surprise at his words.

He stepped closer, and settled his palms upon her shoulders. “But I will set some people on you - covertly - for your protection.” This was a condition he wouldn’t relent on. “Please do not attempt to seek them out, nor to avoid them.” If she was this set out on acting as the proverbial ‘bait’, then at least it would be better if she had a fallback.

In a rare show of vulnerability, he enveloped her in a full hug. “I need you back safe,” he told her quietly. This was paramount.

He released her, though his touch lingered. “Alright?” he asked as he met her gaze.

“Oh… Okay, that’s fine.” Anastasia replied with hesitation. She was surprised that Wulfric was compromising with her. She had been certain he’d have given her more of a pushback on that one. Then he hugged her and she found herself even more surprised, both by the embrace itself and by what he had told her.

Anastasia tensed up for a split second, unsure of how to react, but then his words registered. She gradually relaxed and wrapped her arms around him, returning the embrace. “I promise I will… You’ll always have me, Wulfric.”

I hope so. He reached out to gently brush back her hair, smoothing it down caringly. His expression was difficult to discern; besides the barely visible concern, there was very subtle melancholy there. With a heavy sigh, he sat back down. It appeared as if this all had taken much out of him.

She then asked after a pause, “…Who gave you and mother his name anyway?”

“The name…” he nodded slowly. He had a concern about revealing it right now, and he decided to be frank. “I fear Delronzo may have the means to make you tell him whatever he wants without you knowing.” He wouldn’t mention magic to her. Not…yet.

Anastasia was perplexed and did nothing to conceal so from her expression.

“So, once you’re back, I will tell you,” he promised. “Callum too,” he glanced at her. “I believe…I have an idea how he came to his unfortunate conclusion.”

He then leaned back into his seat, clearly in deep thought. His demeanour gradually shifted towards neutral, even businesslike, which was more usual for him. “I would also like for you to be openly escorted by one or two guards.” He paused to gauge her reaction. “They should remain by your side throughout the visit. If your friend is reasonable,” or if he wanted to act that way, “he will understand that we are concerned for your safety.”

He gave her the time to opine, but she merely nodded.

“While you are visiting, do your utmost to be careful. Don’t carelessly accept anything,” he warned. “Even if he regains your trust, do not agree to be alone with him, not even for a moment. Be cautious of any future potential meetings as well.”

He tapped a finger against his knee, and gave her a serious look. “If anything feels amiss, even slightly, listen to your instincts, and trust them.”

Anastasia had nodded to each and every statement, though her nods grew less enthusiastic and more weary as he had droned on.

Once they’ve discussed the safety procedures, Wulfric decided to address a somewhat related topic. “Mind telling me about Fletcher?”

“I found him outside and well, he was not happy.” Anastasia decided to make up for her lack of information to tell about Marek, she proceeded to recount her conversation with Darryn, giving him most of the details. She left out the little gift he had left with her, unsurprisingly. Her tone was guilt-ridden and the conversation was reiterated in a manner that revealed her view that he was a victim and she agreed with what he had said. “...Then he left me on my own…He’s never gotten angry like that. I felt so horrible about it.”

Wulfric’s expression had darkened as she had recounted their meeting.

That’s what I get for letting a traitor live.

In one brief instant, a strong murderous intent flared up. It was akin to the split second in which an ambush predator made their appearance, aiming for the kill. But then, Thara made a distressed sound, and had puffed up comically, so Wulfric reigned it in.

Easy. He took a deep and slow breath, exhaling just as carefully. Even if the utter scum did not deserve it, the prince had promised his life to Callum. Besides, even as a part of his mind whispered that they didn’t have to know, he realized his siblings would be upset for him to die. Unfortunately, Anastasia too was much too much sympathetic in regards to Fletcher.

“No doubt he has been fed strange substances too. Emotional instability like that is one of the signs of drug abuse,” he said cooly. He felt like ‘drugs’ might become his go-to euphemism for magic, but what he said was true too. Her eyes averted at that statement.

“Besides, he was the one using you, Anastasia, not the other way around. He knew perfectly well what he was doing when he drove you to that party.” At the very least, he would have known the dangers of bringing royalty anywhere dubious, even more so when it’d been on someone else’s orders.

“I know maybe he’s not the person I thought he was, but I feel guilty for my part… But I guess all I can do now is try to be a better person… I just hope he’ll be okay.” Anastasia replied to Wulfric and rubbed her arm with worry. After a moment, she gestured to the bird. “Well, I suppose I better go give Farim his bird back…He invited me to that dinner anyway… Don’t suppose you wanted to come crash it with me?”

Wulfric shook his head at that last question, though he smiled faintly. Anastasia did seem to be feeling a tad better. “Do you know where he might have gone?” he questioned in regards to the stableboy.

“He went south from Alibeth Avenue... I don’t know where he was going.”

He then confirmed when she intended to visit Delronzo. “I suppose you have some time then. I recommend keeping your dinner crashing short, so you can get some rest. It would be best if you were in top form for that meeting.” She had struck him as quite tired, after all.

Having concluded their chat, Wulfric stood up to leave. He approached Anastasia before departing, however, and laid an arm across her shoulders. “I shan’t oppose your determination to change for the better, as I find it admirable. But don’t believe someone’s malicious opinion about you so easily. You aren’t a bad person, sister.” He could have found countless reasons to refute each and every one of Fletcher’s statements she’d relayed as being bothered by, but he hoped his gaze told her all.

Anastasia smiled genuinely at his words.

“Well, why don’t you go show them all?” he smirked, clapped her back, then took his leave.

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Time: Morning
Location: Further off from Guavav Village than before - LOST
Interactions: @Helo Cyrus @13org Viola
Equipment: Staff with unbreaking and shift enchantment(shifts into dagger), Her bag, Water Purifier, Flask, some shiny pebbles
Attire:Dress, which she decorated with flowers and hung little charms off the ropes, A small antler headdress with flowers and jewels, amulet with Millinia Crest, wooden butterfly earrings, various bracelets

Phia pondered the idea of returning to her village, absentmindedly letting the vine swat her hand. She hesitated, unsure if Menzai would welcome visitors, but then realized that they would only make a brief visit to inquire about their family. "Perhaps we check at Riverbloom too. I am the only fairy at my village after all, but maybe some of our hunters have spotted your siblings, so we can go ask around at my village first." She suggested and gave Cyrus a friendly smile.

She then considered Viola's comment about the similar hair color and then added, "Okay so in the realms of reddish violets." She tapped her chin thoughtfully as she tried to consider the last time she even saw another fairy around here, but her mind wandered to a different subject as her gaze fell on the girl who had introduced herself as Viola in particular for a moment. After some consideration, Phia suddenly took a step back away from her and gave her an apologetic smile and a respectful nod.

"I traveled from the south, which is..." Phia spun around on her heels, pointed in a direction, and exclaimed softly, "That way, I believe!" She waved her staff for them to follow as she took a step in that direction. As they walked, Phia inquired further about their siblings. Despite her somewhat innocent demeanor, she remained acutely aware of her surroundings, scanning the forest ahead of them with the sharp focus of a vigilant feline on patrol. "Could you tell me more about your siblings? ...Where did you last see them?" Just as Phia finished speaking, a piercing screech echoed through the air above them.

Reacting swiftly, Phia held out her staff to signal for Viola and the other person to stop in their tracks. With a finger pressed to her lips, she gestured for them to remain silent as she craned her neck to look up at the source of the noise.

In Avalia 5 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

In Avalia 5 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: Morning
Location: Further off from Guavav Village than before - LOST
Interactions: @Helo Cyrus @13org Viola
Equipment: Staff with unbreaking and shift enchantment(shifts into dagger), Her bag, Water Purifier, Flask, some shiny pebbles
Attire:Dress, which she decorated with flowers and hung little charms off the ropes, A small antler headdress with flowers and jewels, amulet with Millinia Crest, wooden butterfly earrings, various bracelets

“You are not happy to see us?”

Phia frowned uncertainly, visibly displaying her inner conflict in her expression. Was I too mean? Have I disappointed this green guy? ...No. I must stay strong in the face of danger. I shall not let them break me down!

She pondered his words as he moved closer. Not wanting him to gain dominance over the situation, she closed the distance and met his gaze fiercely. "Lost family." She repeated a moment after he spoke, tightening her grip on her staff. Her eyes narrowed with suspicion. Likely story...

“And we are not trespassing, the forest belongs to everyone.” Her eyes flickered between his face and the hand. “Cyrus.” Some recognition sparkled in her eyes but she was not sure of the significance herself.

Phia continued to stare at his hand with mistrust until a reluctant smile formed on her features. "My name's Phia." She took his hand and shook it with sudden enthusiastic vigor. "I guess that makes sense about what you said about the forest..."

"I... I see..." Her gaze fell upon the girl next to him with hair color similar to her own. "Viola... My name, that is...I am Cyrus' sister."

Phia looked between them, her chin raising as she considered her options. For a moment, her vision of them transported her to sea of blurry images.

These two were familiar, yet she had only just met them.

It felt as though she had encountered them in a distant dream.

Phia felt a random bout of sadness wash over her. She stood silently staring at them as if her eyes might water, but they never did.

Well. I think it's okay now. I was on guard for at least five minutes.She finally thought to herself.

"Viola and Cyrus," Phia began softly, a smile finally tugging at her lips. Her tone grew warm and kind as she declared, "It's wonderful to meet you two."

She moved up to them and gave them each a brief hug before standing before them. "I am ..." Phia took a moment to glance around, confirming she indeed had no idea where she was. "I am not sure where I am regrettably, but I can try my best to help you find your family. I'm very sorry that you have lost them." She put a comforting hand on each of their shoulders. "Please tell me about their appearance so I can help you locate them."

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The Sultan's attention was drawn away as Munir abruptly barged into the room. He followed Munir's movements with his gaze as he made his way to his seat. Letting out a sigh, the Sultan poured some wine into another goblet and pushed it towards Prince Auguste with an apologetic look. He then turned his attention back to Munir, his tone low and warning, "Your tardiness is unbecoming of you, my son." The Sultan's gaze flickered between Munir and Lady Ariella. "I saw that little move of yours," he added, raising a brow at him. "Keep your hands to yourself." Though he loved his son, he wanted to see him rise to a higher standard - not just in this particular situation, but in all aspects of life, to be completely honest. There was so much more to Munir. Raif had seen intelligence, strength, and love from his precious son all before, but he had lost himself to worldly pleasures over the years. Still, he would not give up on Munir. He would keep trying.

Just as the Sultan was about to shift his focus back to his brother's entrance, he finally caught wind of the Duke, who was now in a state of agitation.

"...Why shouldn't I just leave? Actually… I don't feel very welcomed here. Charlotte."

... I suppose I'll listen to obtain some context.

“There is no need to act in such a way to the Sultan’s guests, especially in front of Prince Auguste and our other guests...Why should he not sit there, uncle? Duke Vikena is the reason why we are gathered here, to enjoy each other’s company and learn from one another– Duke, please take a seat. I beseech you to forget his rude words. The Grand Vizier may have skipped breakfast after all.”

The Sultan's smile widened as he gazed upon his stunning Nahir, his heart swelling with pride at the sight of her. Her knack for diplomacy and talent for words were truly remarkable, and he was delighted by how effortlessly she could sway the opinions of others in their favor. However, he could not help but feel a tinge of worry as he thought of his brother and the grudge he would hold against her for daring to speak out against him. Still, he knew that nothing could keep Nahir from speaking her truth.. Her intelligence and her heart of gold, which shone through in her every action, were a beacon of hope and wisdom to all who knew her. Even if she did not end up as the sultana, the Sultan knew that she would play an integral role in keeping good relations with other kingdoms and advising her siblings with grace and wisdom. As he looked upon her, a surge of affection filled his heart, and he could not help but call her his "amal." For that was what Nahir represented to him - the hope that their kingdom would thrive under the guidance of wise and compassionate leaders like herself.

”Leaving so soon? Like a dog running with its tail tucked between its legs? What kind of example is that for Charlotte? You have shown us that not only are you a bumbling fool, but a coward at that. What a pity. Heed my Uncle’s words and give him his chair. He has well earned his spot; meanwhile, you should earn our respect after what you have done. You are also holding up our dinner and we could use a taste of Alidasht after the disaster you have bestowed.”

Raif couldn't help but feel a tinge of concern regarding Layla's sharp tongue, which could sometimes be as venomous as the snakes she so admired. However, as the eldest, she possessed a cunning nature akin to that of a snake, and this trait would undoubtedly come in handy when navigating the political waters of the court. While it was true that the Grand Vizier deserved to sit in the seat out of respect, Duke Vikena's early departure could potentially cause a much bigger issue and would certainly insult him. Thus, in her own way, Layla had acted wisely in attempting to persuade him to stay. One thing was certain, Layla was strong, just as any eldest child should be. She was also a top contender for the throne, as Raif knew that if anyone could withstand the burden of the crown, it was Layla. Nothing could bring her down, not even the most tumultuous sandstorm, for she remained the epitome of beauty and strength, a true goddess in her own right. She was his "quwa".

"Duke Vikena, you should really be aware of your position and your surroundings. You are not the 'guest' of honor tonight, nor you are the dignified noble you seem to think you are...Nobility is more than just a title, Duke Vikena. Dignity, strength, competence, courage and above everything else, respect. Respect yourself, your ancestors, your lineage and those around you. No matter the situation...Remember why exactly you are here tonight. Recognize and accept your mistakes and face them with the respect and dignity of a noble of your position. If not for yourself, do it for your daughter. Lady Charlotte does not deserve to be punished for her father's words and actions any further than she already have...If you truly want to become the noble and the man you wish to be, the father your daughter deserves then you need to remember one thing... Change does not come without a great deal of effort and persistence."

The Sultan could not help but feel a sense of pride whenever Mayet spoke as well. Her wisdom and compassion far exceeded her young age, and her ability to speak the truth in a way that was both passionate and respectful was truly remarkable. As he listened to her words, he could see the same passion that burned within their late mother. Mayet's tough exterior may have been intimidating to some whenever she spoke, but he knew that beneath it all was a kind heart, one that always sought to uplift and guide those around her. He often found himself smiling at her, unable to contain the joy he felt in his heart whenever she spoke. Her words had a way of making him feel as if his heart might bloom like a flower, and it was why he sometimes called her his little "warada." She'd be an amazing sultana, someone who would rise without making sure those below her rose with her.

“And Duke Vikena, I have been looking forward to sharing a meal with you, may I offer you my seat? Right here in the exquisite company of Prince Auguste, with an unobstructed view of so many radiant smiles and, most importantly, next to Lady Vikena. I can think of no better seat at any table for a father than beside his child.”

"Well said, Lord Smithwood," He commented out loud with appreciation to the red-haired young man. The sultan was not all too certain why he was here, but he was glad he was. Lord Smithwood was clearly an excellent problem solver who took the time to create a compromise that suited both parties. He was peaceful in his approach and respectful of all parties. Raif even extended him a nod of approval. He leaned on the table to further let advise Leo, "You are very intelligent. I am impressed." His gaze flickered to his daughters as if to say. I like this one.

The Sultan took a sip of his wine. This dinner was already so much entertainment and it had only been maybe ten minutes in. His brows lifted as yet another chimed in, and to his pleasure, it was the Duke's daughter, jumping to his defense. She had presented as the trembly little mouse in a room of cats as she had done at the ball initially, but the confidence she obtained the more she spoke was palpable. That's one well-spoken māws. Very eloquent with her words. Smarter than I anticipated.

“Now...Perhaps we can start anew, Grand Vizier. Is there anything you require of Duke Lorenzo at the current moment?”

The Sultan hid behind his goblet to stifle a laugh. Munir and Mayet had most likely heard the sound regardless. His brother finally spoke up.

"My dear Lorenzo, it seems you have misunderstood the situation. I did not insult you; I merely addressed you with respect due to someone who has yet to earn his place at our table. What I said was not meant out of disrespect, but out of the certainty that you are, indeed, a fool. And a foolish man can be a very useful tool in the right hands...As for hospitality, you are correct. We do treat our guests with the utmost respect and care. However, hospitality is a two-way street. You have disrespected our customs and traditions since your arrival at the ball last night. You have insulted our people and our way of life. It is not for you to demand hospitality when you have shown none yourself."

So he did call him a fool and still is. I'll have to speak with him. Though you have some points, Hafiz, this was all inappropriate and unnecessary. Hafiz's voice had grown softer as he spoke. Raif leaned on the table, straining to try to hear his brother, but only was able to catch the tail end as he had spoken to Lady Vikena

"...As for you, my dear, I hope you will not take offense at our little disagreement. You are always welcome amongst our family, and I would be honored to show you the true beauty of our culture...Here, to show I did not mean offense, you keep the chair and I'll go sit over here.“

Very good, Hafiz. Much better.

Lorenzo then proceeded to speak to his brother with some understanding and compassion. The prince even voiced his agreement.

The Sultan's stomach rumbled and he decided that the show was over now. He suddenly loudly clapped and gave everyone a look that expressed his wish to end the quarrel. He rose up to his feet for extra measure and gave a slow glance around the room, making sure to meet everyone's eyes for at least a second. Raif then declared, "...I'm famished. Farim is famished. Let's begin the first course, shall we?"

As the sultan called for food, the air was filled with the aromatic scents of traditional Alidasht cuisine. Servants entered the room carrying an array of colorful dishes. On the plates were perfectly seasoned chicken skewers, grilled to perfection and adorned with expensive spices. Alongside them were bowls of creamy hummus, drizzled with olive oil. The fattoush, a refreshing salad of mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs, was dressed in a tangy pomegranate vinaigrette. Freshly stuffed vine leaves, filled with a savory mixture of saffron rice, herbs, and spices, were presented on a platter, their aroma enticing the senses. And finally, a basket of warm, fluffy naan bread was placed on the table.

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Time: Morning
Location: Further off from Guavav Village than before - LOST
Interactions: @Helo Cyrus @13org Viola
Equipment: Staff with unbreaking and shift enchantment(shifts into dagger), Her bag, Water Purifier, Flask, some shiny pebbles
Attire:Dress, which she decorated with flowers and hung little charms off the ropes, A small antler headdress with flowers and jewels, amulet with Millinia Crest, wooden butterfly earrings, various bracelets

Phia's head throbbed with pain as she sat at the base of the tree, her hand instinctively reaching up to touch the wound on her forehead. Her fingers came away sticky with blood, and she let out a soft curse. Tilting her head, she caught a glimpse of her reflection in a nearby puddle, her brow furrowing as she watched the crimson drops trickle down her face.


She raised her hand to her head delicately, smiling at the warm sensation of her healing magic. She felt pleasant as the pain slowly diminished. She was dimly aware of voices close to her position, but she wasn't startled by this. After a moment she stood up and swiftly took out her dagger. Spinning it in her fingers, she pressed her thumb against the symbol of a staff. The dagger she was twirling quickly become a long staff which she stabbed into the ground a bit theatrically.

She knew she was lucky to have such expensive enchantments on her staff as they were normally out of her budget. In fact, she had no recollection of even purchasing them. Apparently, she had been found by the Guarav villagers, with nothing but her necklace and enchanted dagger on her person. Phia ran a hand admirably along her staff. Though she loved her life with her dear Menzai, the wonder, and mystery of her forgotten childhood plagued her daily. It was a big factor in why she always longed to venture out; sometimes she felt as if the answers were just somewhere in reach.

Phia recalled the voices she had heard and scoped out her surroundings slowly with her eyes. There had been at least two, and they weren't so vocal anymore. One male. One female. Two friends? Or two foes?

She could just lay low and avoid the confrontation, but that was no fun. Phia's wings twitched with excitement as she took to the air, her lithe form darting up into the trees. It did not take long before she found her targets before they spotted her. She grinned to herself. So easy. Dunno what Menzai is always worried about... Two fairies. I can handle this.

With a mischievous grin, Phia swooped down from the tree, landing gracefully in front of the two strangers. She twirled her staff, relishing in the weight of the weapon in her hands. She cleared her throat, adopting a serious tone as she raised the staff in a commanding fashion.

"Halt!" she declared, her voice ringing out across the forest. "Hello! ...You are trespassing in dangerous territory. If you continue south, you'll find yourselves in the midst of a hostile village. And trust me, you don't want to mess with them. You must state your business." After an awkward pause, she jabbed her staff into the dirt again for extra oomph.


Time: 6pm
Location: Castle Dining Room
Interaction: @Silverpaw Wulfric
Mention:@Potter Ezra

Edin nonchalantly continued to pick at his meal, barely looking up as he responded to Wulfric's first concern. "All businessmen love to advertise. They need to in order to survive... They're not rich like us, Wulfric... I know, sometimes I forget too." He chuckled to himself and shrugged, "As for Lord Smithwood, he's from the Varian Kingdom. Who wouldn't be rude to him? ...Besides, we all know Duchess Smithwood had her husband killed so she could get with a woman. To make matters worse, he hangs around the Vikenas more than anyone sane should." He lifted his gaze and pointed a spoon of mashed potatoes at his heir, "The apple never falls far from the tree, Wulfric." He gave him a smirk, "Trust me."

He then sighed at the last reason. "Your sister's an attractive woman, Wulfric. He gestured toward Anastasia, who had moved over to the gifts and cakes. "Men stare at her all the time."

“Besides, he is entirely unknown. His background, his business…I merely advise for him to be comprehensively screened in the event you are considering hiring him,”

"I always conduct a comprehensive review before hiring anyone." King Edin suddenly rose his voice. his voice laced with frustration. "Obviously tonight is one of many steps. Do you think I would just hire anyone off the street without thoroughly vetting them first? I have been in the game for far longer than you've been alive, Wulfric. I know what I'm doing." His tone was filled with indignation, clearly taking offense at the implication that he had overlooked any potential issues.

Alibeth rolled her eyes out of Edin's view. She pushed herself away from the table, her chair scooting back. Unceremoniously, she rose to her feet. "I'm done eating, so I will be excusing myself. I'm going to arrange for Callum to be found and for someone to check on Auguste." On her way out of the room, she paused and added, "I highly suggest you all wait before you eat that cake."
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Time: Morning
Location: Near Guavav Village
Interactions: N/A
Mentions:@Samreaper Menzai @FunnyGuy Darius @Alivefalling Dante
Equipment: Staff with unbreaking and shift enchantment(shifts into dagger), Her bag, Water Purifier, Flask, some shiny pebbles
Attire:Dress, which she decorated with flowers and hung little charms off the ropes, A small antler headdress with flowers and jewels, amulet with Millinia Crest, wooden butterfly earrings, various bracelets

As the graceful fairy flitted through the lush trees, her wings shimmered in the dappled sunlight. With each step, she tapped her toes silently from branch to branch, effortlessly navigating the forest canopy. She couldn't help but smirk to herself as she followed Menzai, feeling almost mischievous in her stealthy pursuit.

Finally, she came to a stop, looping herself around the trunk of a towering tree. From this vantage point, she watched as Menzai approached the two humans and Ulyses. The shadows of the branches and leaves of the thick canopy seemed to dance over the fairy's face as the sun broke through the cracks. Her long hair, magenta like the brightest blooms of a spring garden, flowed down her back in loose waves as she leaned forward to get a better view. Her amber eyes locked on the blue-haired demihuman.

He has no idea I'm here... How fun.

Her light pink dress flowed in the breeze as she watched with curiosity. It was a rare occasion for her to wear a dress, but she knew Menzai didn't approve of her usual clothing choices. After spending a long week looking after the two boys, she figured she could make an effort to not add stress onto Menzai's plate. And besides, the dress was undeniably pretty, adorned with delicate flowers she had added on herself. She wanted to look her best while hanging out with the two handsome human men, after all. The light pink hue of the dress complemented her skin and gave her a soft, feminine appearance.

"Phia... " came a soft voice in her ear. "Why are you stalking the males? ...Mating time?"

"Hey Flint." Phia said softly as she turned her head slightly to see a small little bluebird on her shoulder. She gave him a smile and ran her finger over his soft little head. "Well. I wanna go over there, but Menzai doesn't want me to." She informed the bird.

"Why not?"

"Apparently I'm distracting." Phia said with a pout that was not all that serious.

"Distracting? You? Nooo, never!" The bird began sarcastically. After a smirk from Phia, he relented, "You like to talk and you have a lot of shiny stuff." The bird replied, its beady eyes rapidly moving from each piece of jewelry with fascination. After a pause, he then added, a gleam in the bird's eye as he beckoned for chaos, "Go anyway."

"....Hmm maybe I should." Phia initially agreed. But it was at that moment she noticed Menzai striking Ulyses, and her expression turned serious. "Oh no. I think something bad happened..." She said, concern etched on her face. "Maybe I should help him out."

Phia clutched the tree trunk a little tighter. There were many who always misunderstood Menzai, who wasn't the most emotional of individuals to meet. However, she knew he had a wonderful heart that others just needed to take the time out to see. "It must be a lot of pressure for him to protect those humans while always wanting to keep me safe too... Maybe..." As she considered what could help Menzai the most, a mischievous grin suddenly stretched across her face. Phia let go of the trunk. She subsequently held out her hands and the bluebird hopped into her palms.

"Maybe I can get out of his hair for the day. I'm very annoying and shiny like you said sooo... I think it's high time for an adventure!" It wasn't often that she got to venture off alone for an extended period without Menzai tracking her down, so maybe this would be a win-win for both of them.

"Oh yes. He definitely hates you...Run while you can. Before he sees you!"

Phia beamed with excitement and nodded fervently. "We flee, Flint, we flee!" She then took off into the dense forest, her wings flapping furiously as she weaved in and out of the trees. The freedom was exhilarating and she was completely caught up in the feeling.

After a few minutes, she felt she was enough out of range and began to slow down. However, in her enthusiasm, she had been going a little too fast and had gone just a little too far. As she turned to check on Flint, she noticed she had way outflew him. Suddenly, she crashed headfirst into a tree trunk and tumbled down through the dense foliage.

As Phia crashed into the tree trunk, her body jolted and her wings flapped wildly in an attempt to regain her balance. The impact sent a shockwave through her body, and she felt a sharp pain shoot up her spine. She let out a small cry of pain as she tumbled through the air, her hair and clothes getting caught on branches and twigs as she fell. She fluttered her wings in time to get enough air to not hit the ground too hard.

Phia crash-landed with a thud all the same, the wind knocked out of her. Her wings fluttered weakly as she tried to catch her breath and get back on her feet. She groaned as she slowly sat up, wincing at the pain in her back. She brushed off the dirt and leaves from her clothes and hair, trying to regain some composure. As she leaned against the trunk, she looked around at her surroundings, trying to get her bearings and figure out where she had landed. It was clear she had flown further than she had intended, and now she was lost in an unfamiliar part of the forest.

Phia was concerned about this ordeal for perhaps a minute at most before she began to giggle.

I wanna do that again.

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