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Roy Kusayanagi

It would be a lie to say Roy wasn't a little bit nervous as he turned the corner into the lounge of the dorm, it was almost as if a huge stone wall dropped behind him effectively trapping the boy inside the lions den. Quickly scanned the room taking notice of the ladies that were present, Kaida seemed to be the first to notice his arrival as she quickly dove into her cloak and turned towards Mina. Welp if she wasn't willing to face him now, just wait until she hears what he has to say. As he turned to see who else was in the room, his face went dead pan once their eyes met.

Oh boy

The irony truly set in and the blonde boy wasn't really feeling it all too much, Mia being here along with her two sisters visiting shortly after he had gotten into a fight with Jett was a really funny joke that the universe was playing on the kid. Not only that but she seemed to have all of their attention aside from Dulga who was glued to the TV. Roy rolled his eyes as he knew that this girl wasn't going to make anything easy, especially since the situation pertained around her family.

But to be honest he knew it wouldn't be a simple task from the jump. Roy knocked on the wall alerting his presence to the girls in the room, preparing himself for whatever would happen next.

Amane Kishimoto

Amane smirked as he took notice of the boys temper, he was actually beginning to have a bit of fun with the guy as he waited patiently. "You make it seem like something bad will happen if I don't do so", it was true that Kenichi was gone during the time but it made Amane wonder if things might've been different if he was present during that exercise, so much so that he even got a bit disappointed that they didn't have a go at each other. The boy then turned to the pinkett, his smile fading away, "What a shame, your class fought rather valiantly, perhaps if you two were present perhaps things would have taken a different course of action." Amane then faced the blue haired boy with an excited expression, he could sense the boys tension. It was easy to see that Kenichi carried the will of a fighter. "I can see your itching to go toe to toe with me but that'll have to wait" the boy said pulling up his sleeves revealing his heavily bandaged arms. "We'll dance at the Komei Olympics, until then remember the name Kishimoto Amane." he then turned back towards the little girl,

"But of course."

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Mia almost instantaneously noticed the looks between Kaida and Mina. Oh boy. She thought with a smile. She stayed silent as she listened to Yukari who was asking Mina what her type of boy was. It was kinda surprising she liked stubborn guys, with what she gathered she was pretty stubborn herself. But she almost described Jett to a T. She looekd at Kaida and could see she knew who she was talking about too...her eyes narrowed. OOOk they both have a thing for Jett and hate each other. Lovely.

Yukari could sense the tension easily as well even with out her eyes, trying to change the subject. She fround slightly, she just thought it was going to to get good. However she heard laughter from the doorway and looked up to see her little sisters walk in, with a boy. She perked up and her eyes met roys. His deadpan face brought up a giddy smile on her face.

“So you try and feel me up and now you’re moving onto my little sisters!? You little player!” She said with a straight face, sounding angry.

Emma and Eva ignored their older sister as they moved from Roy “Yukari! How are you doing!?” They said in unison. Emma making her way and hugging yukari where she sat. Eva looked at the other three girls and smiled. “Hello, I’m Eva, and this is Emma, we are Jett and Mia’s little sisters. Its nice to meet you.”

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Dulga Tarata

Dulga was getting rather bored of the episode she was watching when she heard those girls from before get louder. Looking over Dulga saw that Roy had arrived with a some more girls. "Oh great. More noise." It was getting harder to ignore them so Dulga got up and went to go put her shoes on. She needed to go do something; her body was just screaming at her to get some work done. Sitting around doing nothing was making Dulga go crazy, and she'd rather not shoot up the place. Hopefully all the idiots cleared out from the training room, she was going to go do some weight lifting.

Yawning underneath her mask Dulga walked over to put her shoes on. As she looked back to the ground Dulga scanned their faces. Kaida and Mina were sitting near each other and Dulga knew that's going to cause drama. The Haven Sisters were here and Dulga would rather much not deal with them at all. Yukari seemed to be stuck with them too. Roy was here, Dulga still wasn't too interested in chatting with him alone. That left one person left. "Hey Mamoru." Dulga walked over to the table and stood near the cat girl. She was the "other Mamoru" though she generally refers to everyone by their last names anyways if she bothered to remember their names at all. "You look bored. Workout with me."

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Cafeteria >> Infirmary >> Dorms

@liferusher"You make it seem like something bad will happen if I don't do so." Clink, clink, clink. Rumble rumble.

"Bruh you are literally already cleaning the school on probation. Do you look for bait?" Kenichi pointed out without looking at the other youth. Seriously? First Roy and Jett and now this guy? Y'all know we're all in school to be "heroes" right? In HIGH school? He removed Tomoe's coffee, passing it to her while the next set of coins clinked their way down.

"What a shame, your class fought rather valiantly, perhaps if you two were present perhaps things would have taken a different course of action."

"Yep." Kenichi retrieved the second drink, he figured Acion's own over-the-top attitude would go well with something "elegant" so he picked something expensive (at least for a soft drink) and pompous. The sheep girl seemed like the type to enjoy sweets, so...

"I can see your itching to go toe to toe with me but that'll have to wait..."

"I mean I'm not the one still talking about it but okay." And finally, Kenichi had decided on a low-calorie sport-aid drink for himself. He helped Tomoe fit the drinks for her trio into her tiny arms.

The boy pulled up his sleeves to reveal heavily bandaged arms. "We'll dance at the Komei Olympics, until then remember the name Kishimoto Amane."

"Sure thing man. We're gonna go now. Later."

Ushering Tomoe out of the cafeteria and heading back towards the infirmary, Kenichi took a swig from his drink and scratched his head.

"Man when Motome-chan does the posing and dramatic voices it's cute, but I think I'm legit kinda worried about that guy." he said to the pinkette before he dropped her off outside where they'd last seen Acion and Hitomi. "It's like, if I made my main character joke that'd normally be hilarious, but I feel that he'd come in with a final boss routine and make it cringy, you know?" Glancing at his phone to see what time it was, he decided he would go ahead and head back to the dorms. No training with Arsenal on a Friday and not enough time in the afternoon left for a heavy duty weight session. He could do some pushups or situps or something instead.

"Anyway, Tomoe-chan, have fun with the birds and the sheep! I'm headin' out, see ya later!" He smiled and waved before nonchalantly heading towards the main building's nearest exit...

Moments later he entered the first-floor lobby, and immediately noticed several of the girls had gathered up in the common area. And...there were more new ones? Was it him or was Komei (A)getting new people literally every day, and (B)starting to turn into eye-candy central? The only guy he noticed was Roy--at least he didn't look like he'd been worked over too bad after that fiasco in the gym.

@pkken"Yo, Roy-kun." He finished off his drink, crumpling the plastic easily in his grip and three-point'ing it into the nearest waste bin. "Everything all right now, man?"
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@Lucius Cypher@pkken@Silver Carrot

Lysander was quick to look at each girl's face in a sudden panic. He did not see Persia suddenly breaking from the usual harem anime script he had subscribed to and couldn't imagine a worse turn of events. Here he was, minutes away from a super power three way and suddenly he was being called out for being weird. He blushed. His whole body was blushing it seemed as he stared at Fujino in particular now. His threesome was shot down. His shot at the spotlight was being called into question. He had to do something. He had to regain his ability to be cool.

Step one was Lysander standing up. He dusted himself off and took a step back from Persia, his hands in the air. "I-I uh, you were just so, was that not on purpose??? I'm sorry just! I! Wait who? Fujino what are you talking about how can someone be ahead of me? Can we trial by combat this? I would take out that nerd Hector any day!"

It was clear that Lysander had no idea who Alexander was. He was focused on three things. Girls, boys who looked like girls, and himself. Alexander fell into none of those categories. Amane didn't either, but there was a secret fourth category of "People to use for fame" and Alexander was seeming like an excellent candidate for stepping up into fame. Imagine skipping line to get into the best class! Shutting down the other student would look great!

Lysander's face went from fear to a determined smile. He thought he looked so cool, but the lighting and his previous actions painted an almost creepy image. His Obsession with fame more visible than his determination to succeed.
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Maeda Hitomi


Sitting in silence and just basking in each other's company now that they were officially a couple felt great. Who knew silence and inactivity could be so fun and meaningful? Action eventually broke the silence by bringing up Tomoe. It was certainly true that Tomoe seemed in a bad mood earlier, and Hitomi probably hadn't helped. Her ears drooped, and she cringed.

"I completely forgot about Tomoe! God, I'm such a terrible friend! I've got to go find her!" She exclaimed, getting up and heading to the door. She stopped and turned back with a small smile. "Do you want to go together?"

Mako Akane


Mako was happy to change the subject from her past. Despite her smiling, gleeful demeanour, she was keeping a lot of darkness buried very deep, and she'd like it to stay there. She did think he was wrong about her, but it was sweet of him to say the things he'd said. It was true that Mako had a code of honor, never killed, and never stole from people who couldn't afford it, but she had hurt plenty of people, most of them heroes or law enforcement, and she'd enjoyed every second of it. She'd never go as far as to say she regrets a thing, or is repentful, but thinking about those days always brought a cringe or two out of her. Still, Jean's new question was also something to think about.

"To be honest, I'm not really much of a planner. I don't have goals. I prefer to live in the moment. I only started studying in the secretarial field because I was just thinking about how amusing the headlines would be. 'Former most wanted criminal in all Japan becomes secretary.' It's only once I started did I realise how fulfilling such a simple task could be. Little work for immediate rewards. That's also why I applied here of all places. Madame Obsidian working at a Hero School? I mean, what's not to love about that?"

Kasuke Mina

Girl's Common Room

If Mina was the hugging type, she would have hugged Yukari for changing the subject. Then again, it was partly her fault they were all here trying to talk to each other in the first place, so maybe not. She did bring up a good point. All Mina had done since she got here was training and class, training and class. Her life used to be more than that. Then again, shopping wasn't going to make you stronger or a better hero. Before Mina could answer, Roy, was standing at the doorway, knocking on the wall. Mina gave him a curt nod of acknowledgement.
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Ruby Mamoru

Truth be told, Ruby wasn't that interested in the conversation and situation at hand. Maybe if she had been involved from the start it would be different, but as of now she was just sitting there, not part of the conversation and just kind of staring into nothingness. It was tough for her to create a connection with the other girls, which she wanted to, but she couldn't get over herself to initiate something on her own. Secretly the neko had hoped someone would talk to her first, but as always that seemed to be ocurring anytime soon. She couldn't blame them though; Ruby wasn't the most inviting personality at first glance, that much she already knew, and sitting there quietly didn't help her case very much either.

However, eventually, while sitting there and just quietly absorbing the surrounding happenings, someone did decide to approach her. Someone rather unexpected.
Ruby lifted her head up to face the person who had just mentioned her last name, which was a rather unusual way to greet a fellow classmate. It made sense though, considering the one it originated from wasn't the most usual of people anyways.
Both of Ruby's feline ears twitched once when her eyes met with Dulga's gaze. They had already twitched before when Roy knocked on the wall, though that was just a natural reaction to the sound. Up until now, Ruby was sure she maybe only ever spoke to Dulga once or twice so this training invitation came somewhat out of the blue. In that sense however, it was exactly what Ruby was looking for! Someone else initiating interaction.
After around 3 seconds of awkward silence Ruby finally replied and lifted up her bandaged hands which were fully covered in the white bandages. "As long as these injuries from my last training session won't hinder, then I wouldn't mind."

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? ? ? ? ? ?

While the conversations between the friends, classmates and acquiantances kept up their natural pace in this more than familiar environment of the dorm's main room, a presence decided to sneak its way into the room. The presence was not visible, not audible and left no other traces whatsoever. Even someone with the refined and enhanced senses like Ruby, or the intense training of Dulga would not be able to notice it entering the room. They were being infiltrated without anyone noticing, it was as if there was the sudden presence of a ghost.

But what was it really? While they were having their casual conversation, a friendly dynamic between most people that were there, it stayed hidden in its domain, listening in silently. The whole time there was a wide grin on its lips. How long had it been there? That was something only it could know, but after the appearance of the boy with the blond hair, it finally decided to make an appearance; To be revealed.

After all, where is the fun in staying hidden all the time? She wanted to play.

The table in the middle of everyone suddenly started moving. However, it didn't move forward nor backward, it did not shift to the right and neither did it shift to the left. The table, without any explanation, with no noise, no visual indicator of any change of reality, suddenly began... floating. Slowly it ascended, floating above the heads of the sitting students at a height of around 2 meters. The state of affairs would remain for another 20-ish seconds before suddenly, a hand appeared from... within the table. It was a light-skinned hand, fully visible and non-transparent and a female one too. The hand followed and arm and this continued until the whole upper body of a girl who looked to be roughly the same age as everyone else in the room appeared, her lower body was still nowhere to be seen as her upperbody had fully emerged from the table.

The white-haired girl opened her eyes to reveal a bloody red color as she stretched herself and lifted both of her arms above her head, her hands pointing to the ceiling. She took a deeeeep breath before suddenly letting out a loud

"Kiiiiiiiiiyoko is heeeeeeeeere!"

The girl looked on the faces of everyone present in the room with a wide signature grin. However, immediately afterward, the table suddenly stopped floating and crashed to the floor where it was standing before with hopefully noone in the way. The loud BANG! which it made hopefully breaking the tense athmosphere, if it wasn't already broken by the shout.
What remained was a girl fully dressed in white with white hair, a pure color which rivaled that of actual snow, red eyes and matching earrings which looked like crystals. The only thing not white about her were her black pants and matching shoes. The girl's skin was equally pale!

Unlike the table, Kiyoko did not came crashing down. She was floating in the air, above the heads of everyone and she assumed the position of someone laying on their stomache on their bed (Only she was still floating of course and seemingly laying on air), her head resting on her arms and her feet were pointing to the ceiling as she wiggled them slightly, observing the people beneath.

"What's up 1-A!"

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Tomoe Kishitmoto

nurse office
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Tomoe couldn't listen to this person any longer without getting even more angry and decided to walk by Kenichi his side instead out of sight of Amane. They had gotten their drinks and left the cafeteria. The drinks clicked against each other in Tomoe her arms in her attempt to tightly press them against her chest. Tomoe gave a heavy sigh and a slight annoyed frown before turning back to Kenichi again with a more smile full manner.

"Figures nihi. He really didn't have any glamour or cuteness about him hehe."

Tomoe let out a slight chuckle as she gazed towards the front of her with the same usual smile. It was like her mood had changed from night to day. She was glad she could make a friend like Kenichi today. He had been there for her when no one else was. It helped enormously and now they were out for a retribution as well.

They arrived in front of the door they had met at and stopped for a moment as Kenichi finished his talk about the guy they had just met. Tomoe briskly turned towards him gazing up at him in kindness.

"He wasn't any fun at all when I tried to make a light joke! He honestly was the serious type. Oh, well."

Kenichi said his goodbyes and wished her the best, Tomoe closed her eyes and gave him a pleased smile. She bowed softly towards him and moved all the drinks under one arm so she could wave him off.

"Thank you very much Kenichi-chan! I will do my best from now on and see you later~! Hehe~ Bai bai."

Tomoe stood on her tip toes as she waved Kenichi off enthusiasticly and turned herself to face the door again. The girl gave a quick gulp as her smile faded. The situation had become way more tense and serious right now. She didn't know if she could put her words in the right place.

Just as she was thinking of what to say the door swiftly opened in front of her leaving her in a daze of surprise and panic. Tomoe shrieked just a little as her back stiffened. Like a robot she looked up at Hitomi and smiled briefly.

"H-hello H-hi-chan..."

Her face turned downcast soon after as she clutched the drinks in her arms tighter. Her chest was throbbing as her mind was spinning. She numbered for a bit before attempting to say the words she had been planning in her mind. They felt jumbled and hard to say for some reason.

"H-hi-chan... I feel terrible for having done those things to you. I shouldn't meddle with any of your business. If you're okay with it I just want to be friends and nothing bad meant with sleeping on somebody or around somebody okay... my jokes can be somewhat out of the hand sometimes... I got you a drink... It is something really sweet I think, Kenichi chose it soo.."

Tomoe stepped to the side of Hitomi to face Action now, she gave yet another gulp.

"I didn't mean to involve you into all of this. I shouldn't just drop down onto someone without asking first. This time I exploited it too much. I won't do it again. Here is a drink as well... Um it is... Pompous... I don't know, probably not drinkable but enjoy..."

Tomoe stood staring towards the wall for some time not really knowing what to do afterwards. The hot coffee can was starting to feel in her hand lightly and it was rather awkward. She opened her drink and took a soft sip as she folded both her hands around the can.

"U-um. S-should I just leave..."
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Roy Kusayanagi

Roy's eyes stayed deadpan after hearing the lies that were being spurted by Mia, if it wasn't for the week that he had had perhaps she would have gotten the reaction she wanted from him. "Be honest was that truthfully what had happened between us when we met?" Roy dramatically cleared his throat, You were the one whispering in my ear things you probably wouldn't say right now in front of everyone

The blonde then turned to Kenichi who was just walking in, a calm smile appeared on his face as he asked if he was okay. It was pretty nice to know that a few people took his side and sympathized with him, Kenichi being one of them. "Yeah" Roy nodded to the boy, "I appreciate what you said back there in the gym, i'm sorry you had to see that" he said bowing his head towards Kenichi apologetically, he then raised his head and bowed toward everyone in the room. "I'm sorry that you all had to see that."

Roy then raised his head as he saw the coffee table centered in the living room begin to rise up followed by the arrival of a girl who's name was Kiyoko, shortly after the coffee that had rose into the air feel down to the floor with a large bang. Kiyoko was dressed in all white and her presence felt somewhat supernatural, he felt a strange vibe from her that caused the hairs on his arms to stand up as she said whats up to them. Roy slowly raised his hand to wave at the spirit before speaking up, "Whats up...Kiyoko? I uh don't mean to be rude but who exactly are you and what are you doing in our dorm?"


Very shortly after Kiyokos arrival, another newcomer joined in on the fun though with a rather annoyed expression. "Jesus Kiyoko, I know that you're excited to meet the underclassman but remember. We are supposed to be role models to those under us." The girl that had entered was sporting a black leather jacket that was quite worn and slightly too big on her, she had red fiery hair along with equally fiery crimson eyes. A certain air around was circling around her that gave off the impression that she played no games whatsoever. Her eyes darted from the left to right scanning everyone in the room before landing on Dulga, the red haired girl sized her up begin walking straight to her.

"I must say Tatara-san, you are much more captivating in person" of all the freshman this year, Dulga was the one who had caught this crimson eyed girls attention immediately. Despite having to look nearly straight up just to converse with the lovely lady in front of her, the girl was not at all nervous to converse with her. She extended her hand forward introducing herself,"Class 3-A, Yamada Shihone." she had took notice of Dulga's body language as it seemed that she was not going to stay around for much longer. "Were you about to take off, I was hoping that I would get the chance to talk with you but it seems like that won't be happening. she said with a slight bit of dejection in her voice.

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Dulga Tarata

"Should be fine. I mostly just need someone to spot for me. I'll be using heavy weights, so I just need you there to make sure I have help if I over exert myself." Dulga was going to leave soon, more so once Kenichi came in. She didn't care to listen to about the gym fiasco again and was quick to start walking when two new faces showed up. She was both bothered and concerned; bothered that more people were just showing up and getting in her way, but also concerned how these two people managed to slip in without Dulga noticing. She was getting careless.

Some ghost girl and a mysterious red head. Having felt that her quota of stupid people has been sufficiently fulfilled, Dulga turned to leave, only to end up face-to-face with the redhead. Her name was Yamada Shihone. Dulga vaguely remembers hearing this name among the upperclassmen, but considering that Dulga was a freshman she didn't concern herself about the seniors. She had her business and they had theirs. She assumed this one must've seen her in action before or perhaps she just assumes Dulga is one of the more imposing and skilled students, it didn't matter. Dulga brushed aside her hand as she walked towards the door. "I am going to train. I'll see you at the gym, Mamoru." There were too many people here for her liking, too much noise, and nothing for Dulga to distract herself with. Had she been in a better mood she might tolerate inviting a Shihone to train, but Dulga didn't want to risk inadvertently inviting everyone else either. Mamoru was more than enough for Dulga.

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When Roy apologized, Kenichi crossed his arms behind his head and grinned, closing his eyes as he did so.

"Hey man, don't sweat it! Sometimes, we bros just gotta talk it out the only way we know how, right?"

With his eyes closed, he didn't see the table floating. When Kiyoko suddenly screamed, Kenichi gave a start and grimaced, covering both his ears as the table crashed. He started to turn around slowly--after all, it wasn't a big deal that a lot of noise happened. 1-A was the wild child class, right? He sighed as he scratched the inside of one ear with his pinky, hoping that shout hadn't given him hearing damage. He still hadn't opened his eyes yet.

"Whats up...Kiyoko? I uh don't mean to be rude but who exactly are you and what are you doing in our dorm?" He heard Roy saying.

"Oh, we get another one? Sheesh, at this point Komei might as well have not bothered with an entrance exam..." Kenichi opened his eyes. And then opened them wider. Wider. Wider--too wide. Okay yeah that wide.

A girl fully dressed in white with white hair, a pure color which rivaled that of actual snow, red eyes and matching earrings which looked like crystals. The only thing not white about her were her black pants and matching shoes. The girl's skin was equally pale! She was floating in the air.

"What's up 1-A!"

"EVIL SPIRITS BEGONE FROM THIS PLACE!" Kenichi roared, suddenly looking panicked as he grabbed Roy by the waist and, with a quick inhalation, lifting the blonde literally off the ground and holding him above his own head. "QUICK ROY-KUN, UNDEAD ARE WEAK TO HOLY LIGHT!" He then threw Roy at Kiyoko at, quite frankly, an unsafe velocity. "USE SMITE!!"

The bluette then leaped to the nearest wall mounted phone, snatching it up before his finger paused. He hovered over the keypad for a moment before turning to the rest of the room. Was he supposed to...get a teacher? A pro Hero? ...An exorcist?

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Acion Nakamiji

"Yes, why not? I want to know what happened too."

After that whole...'episode' at the gym, and the whole sleeping on his thigh a little while ago, he felt the inner compel to make sure if she's alright. She had always looked like a really nice girl, at least her active conscious version of herself, not that alter ego that Acion faced a while ago. Always cared for her friends and a little sensitive perhaps, but that downside was still had its ups way higher than so many people these days. It just felt like a natural thing to be considered.

With that said, Acion slowly slipped his feet into his normal sandals down right next to the bed. A slight itch feathered over the thigh of one of his legs, as he swayed it a little back and forth to get his feet inside his shoes. It was the sign of healing flesh. Strangely fast though. It had gotten down like that now. Like an hour or two ago, it would be like someone trying to needle him drugs. But now it was just itching. Sometimes he was surprised at his own recovery ability. Well, he did have the ability to regenerate feathers absurdly fast, so it wasn't something out of a fourth dimension.

A push of his legs confirmed it. The pain had all but dulled, and he could walk around normally too. He wasn't sure if he'd recover like this with more serious injuries, but now he had some reasons to put a bit of trust in his own system, to push a little more with trainings. After all, he needed to get stronger. That beatings from Dulga did teach him quite a good lesson, and if he recalled it, he had little shame to lose to her that way.

"Ah, my injuries aren't so bad after all." Acion noted. "And I thought it would screw me up for days."

Just as he was thinking about where to find Tomoe for Hitomi right now, the slight opening of the door already gave him the answer.

'Oh there she is'

Immediately, she seemed to know what to say. At least to Hitomi, considering the promise, whatever that is, that they had mutually. When it concerned him though, the winged man just smiled kindly to the apology

"Well, sometimes you are in that state where you just look for anyone you know in sight. You need not worry about such insignificance to me. And thanks for it, I'm in dire need for a drink"

Perhaps he was craving for it, or that his hidden rich-boy syndrome was acting up subtly, Tomoe's description didn't fit the taste at all. He took quite a gulp to compensate the dehydration from all that workout he did.

When the pink-haired girl were unsure of leaving, Acion shrugged his shoulders.

"We enjoy the silence, so nothing's wrong. You don't need to leave." He said. "Or is there something you want to say?"

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Kasuke Mina

Girl's Common Room

Mina's attention was caught by Roy mentioning something that happened in the gym, adding 'sorry you all had to see that.' Now Mina was curious. Exactly what had happened in the gym after she left? She was about to chase this up, but her attention was pulled in another direction. The table started to float. Nobody in this room had a quirk that could do this.

A girl appeared underneath the table. Invisibility? No, that wouldn't explain everything. Just what was this girl's quirk? Intangibility? She loudly announced her prescene, droped the table with a loud band, and tried to start a conversation with them. Urgh. Mina's utter disdain and contempt for this new girl was so icy it could probably freeze breath. This newcomer was almost as obnoxious as the blue haired boy. Aaand as if on cue, he started proving that he could not be outdone in the 'loud and obnoxious' olympics, yelling about ghosts and spirits. She'd been right to avoid him since day one, when he had proclaimed himself 'the main character'. He was Don Quixote levels of deluded.

Another girl entered, and this one, Mina did recognize. She was one of the upperclassmen. Mina didn't remember her name but she had always seemed like she was an authority figure worthy of respect. It made sense, as it one year's time, she would likely be in the Hero industry itself. She mentioned to Dulga that she wanted to talk to all of them. Interesting...

Maeda Hitomi


"Tomoe-Chan! Thank god! I was about to look for you!" Hitomi started, before seeing that she was frowning, and frowned too. She waited for Tomoe to tell her what was wrong. As she listened, she was both relieved and saddened. Nothing was seriously wrong, but what was wrong was all her fault. At least she knew what she did wrong, but she was beating herself up about it way too much, and it was painful to see. When she asked if she should leave, Hitomi, sighed and hugged her.

"Oh, Tomoe-chan, don't be so silly! Of course you shouldn't leave!" she reassured her before breaking the hug so she could talk eye to eye. "I may have...overreacted a little bit before, because Acion and I...well, you probably already knew. By the way, we're officially dating now! Since about three minutes ago, but still!"
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Reina Mori

Reina nodded along with a smile at Mamoru’s suggestions, thinking it’d be fun to study villains with her and hear her take on how to potentially defeat them. Reina thanked the girl for visiting her, making sure to enter her phone number into her phone as soon as she could. Halfway through the creation of the new contact, Mamoru dropped her parting line.

“Don’t do anything naughty now!”

The purple-haired girl froze up for a moment and blushed. After what felt like a very long second of silence, Reina saw an opportunity to tease Takeshi—something she was growing quickly fond of doing. She tossed a sideways glance towards the boy.

“M-Maybe when I’m recovered...” she said, botching the self-confident delivery she had been going for, causing her to give a sheepish giggle at the whole situation.

The girl allowed herself to monopolize Takeshi’s time for a while longer, but eventually the time to part came. She watched as he made his way to the door, deciding after a second to follow after him.

“Visit me again if you have the time,” she said as she caught up to him, gripping his sleeve to stop him for a second so she could reach up to kiss his cheek. She smiled sweetly as she gently pushed him onwards and gave a small wave.

Reina laid in her hospital bed, the room dark save for a slice of moonlight cutting through the curtains that covered the window and the dim lights from the hallway creeping underneath the door frame.

The girl was mostly still, though her fingers and toes flexed slowly and rhythmically. It almost felt like it was against her will—she knew she could stop, but she didn’t, even though it kind of hurt, especially when she moved her right hand. The pain reverberated up her arm and across her chest that rose and fell in time with each wave of discomfort.

She simply stared at the ceiling. Like her moving fingers and toes, her eyes refused to close. Her gaze inspected the random tiny black spots spattered across the off-white tiles, finding various images by connecting the dots in her mind. Her mind went through the events that had occurred, and the girl noted what points she seemed to get hung up on.

The collateral damage.

She’d brought down two buildings by pushing her quirk. It was a mercy that she hadn’t injured any innocents. The girl knew if she had, she’d never be able to forgive herself. The property damage was bad, but more justifiable in her mind. Her classmates live had been in danger. Michiko and Takeshi were more important than all the buildings in the world. Still, though she was making progress, it was still proof that she didn’t have as much control over her quirk as she should. It was too destructive to not have fully under her thumb.

Takeshi’s arm.

It wasn’t something she could have done anything about. Reina knew that. She knew that. Yet still… she couldn’t stand that she felt like there was nothing she could have done. She should’ve been stronger to prevent it from happening in the first place. Thankful though she was that she had been able to help keep him and Michiko safe, it wasn’t enough. Reina had been watching Takeshi a lot when he had visited her, of course—it was hard not too, considering how their relationship had changed, and her general infatuation with the boy. Even with that, it didn’t take a huge leap in logic to realize the implications of his injury, and how they might be affecting his mental negatively. She needed... to do somewhat she could to help, and she needed to make sure neither he or any of her friends would ever be hurt like that again.

Rakshasa’s death, and the rest of the villains she had fought.

It was a strange feeling to begin to understand she had played a large part in the loss of a life. Her instinct was that the destructive man didn’t particularly deserve to live, but realizing that was her stance on the matter was troubling in a way. It was troubling that she thought on his death with some level of satisfaction. He’d been a threat to her life, though. Her or him. He’d been a threat to Takeshi’s life, and had tried to take Michiko away. Them or him. When she thought back to that, the anger in her chest flared again, and she understood that that was the reason for her positive feelings surrounding the man’s passing. It was the danger he had posed to Takeshi and Michiko—of course, she already knew that that had been what truly angered her, but realizing it was also the reason for her being okay with the loss of a life brought her some peace.

And anyway, she was a monster. She’d be the most just monster of all. She’d be a monster that protected those she loved, but she’d always be a monster all the same. Being satisfied with the death of a mass murderer was hardly the worst thing she’d done in her life.

Reina awoke. She realized she had fallen asleep at some point only because of the images of dreams she had been having fading from her mind—a jumble she could hardly make out anymore. Takeshi had been there, and had made her feel warm. The members of his family who were after him and Michiko. Rakshasa was gone, but the rest weren’t. They wouldn’t so much as breath in Takeshi or Michiko’s general direction as long as Reina was alive.

The now familiar flare of anger prompted Reina to sit up in her bed. She reached over to the bedside table to check the time on her phone—not even 3am yet. The girl sighed. It was another long night with her thoughts. At least tonight her thoughts were a little different than they had been for her first days in the hospital. They were also a bit more pleasant overall—especially when they drifted to Takeshi, which is where her mind seemed to be dwelling most often.

With a faint blush on her cheeks for no one to see in the darkness, and some butterflies in her stomach fighting with the flare of anger in her chest, Reina placed her earbuds in her ear one at a time with her good hand and hopped off the bed lightly. She began to pace around, in an attempt to burn off the restless energy that had made its permanent home within her especially since the incident.
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A lot happened, Roy walking in, kenichi after, Dulga talking to ruby and wanting to train more. But the biggest thing that happened…. was the ghost that appeared. Kaida froze. A ghost. A real ghost. She didn’t hear what the girl said. Her brain shut off. She was told hundreds of ghost stories by her uncle, her head butler. Each and everyone scared her senseless.

It was the one thing her strength or her scales couldn’t protect her from. She pulled the hood more over her head and her Cloak more tightly around her as she launched herself over the couch into a fetal position. Holding her head as she started shivering.

She didn’t even see kenichi throw Roy… even that would have been comical watch. But not right now.
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