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Map and key in hider below

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IC will be opening in a few days.

Please wait for main post to begin.
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Saturday Lunch

Saturday Lunch to Early Afternoon - FREE SKIP - Warmer with light clouds - No rain - Light breeze - Spring Approaching.

No Planned GM Events

Please note - If you were with us for Chapter 2 - This RP takes place 3-4 weeks post the Epilogue - Please consider this in your posts and what your characters may have been up to in the interim. If you are new- Welcome to Sol City!

Welcome to Sol City

The end of Winter is finally within sight for the citizens of Sol City. Signs of Spring are all around after a frigid Winter. Citizens are rejoicing with the City in its seasonal rebirth.

After the events of the past few weeks a hopeful calm has settled and the mood is generally pleasant with the rise in temperatures and early blooms of flora around the city parks and byways. Businesses are seeing an upswing in foot traffic as more people, tourists and locals alike, come out to enjoy the start of the new season.

The New River flows gently with the occasional boat or seaplane traffic and the downtown streets are shadowed by polished skyscrapers overlooking the urban core below. It is an excellent time to be in Sol City.

What you make of the city is up to you.

The adventure awaits. Go out and find it.


SOL source of News since 1895

Sol City "Kraken" strikes again. One wet.

The "Kraken", who escaped Sol City Aquarium last week, other wise known as "Sir Ink-A-Lot" has struck a decisive blow to the egos of a number of fishermen!

The Sol City Acute Angling Club competition meet was interrupted when the Kraken struck, overturning one boat, a very wet fishermen's ego was the first casualty, and several others had their prize catches stolen. "It was like a horror movie. My boat shook and before I knew it, I was in the water. It was there one second, and gone the next." In a short interview we met a rather wet, and sheepish or rather squidish James Protractus Salmon the 9th.

Several others had prize fish stolen, including a missing iPod which has confused even the local experts. All attempts to recapture "The Kraken" have failed, however a small boat was seen manned by several local sushi chefs with a harpoon, cleaver and a supply of pineapples for some reason that they refused to tell us with the exception that, Calamari Tuesday delivery was late.

Local Coast Guard officials have said, "The Kraken", or simply Inky to many kids tours in recent years is no threat. "It's just a lost squid, not a monster. I just feel sorry for Inky. We are told the iPod was his daughters and loaded mostly with Justin Bieber."

There were several reported sightings in the South Bay area near the Marina at Old Harbour. But are they just Red Herrings?

Dory Donogan
Junior Journalist
Star Messenger


After an unprecedented podium finish in Jamaica in his debut Rally with Rebellion Racing VW Group, Joel Nicolosi became the first man ever to win the Sol City Grand Prix and score a podium in the white-knuckle World Rally Series. This feat also makes Nicolosi the first American driver to place third or better in the distinctly European series in over two decades. So what's next for the former mechanic from Southside? After the Jamaica series opener, the WRS moves on to the demanding- and supremely treacherous, mountains of Argentina continuing it's two-part stint south of North America before heading for the longer, European leg of the season. However, rumor has it, that in the interim, the team plans to enter one of its demo cars into the open-class of the Vineyard Rally to be held in just two weeks time. Will Nicolosi fly high again? The answer is truly up in the air, both figuratively and literally. Some of our sources have also indicated interest in a crack at the Isle of Man TT record for production cars in a joint effort with his old sponsor, Olympus Heavy Industries, to coincide with the Wales Rally of Great Britain to be held later this year. Time will tell, but for the moment, many eyes in the motorsports world will be focused on a small shop in southern Sol City.

LT Pruett
Senior Sports Columnist
Star Messenger


An unseasonably warm day as Spring rapidly approaches Sol City. Expect above average temps through the the day with light clouds and evening cooling down though still remaining comfortable before sundown. Keep a light jacket on hand though no rain is expected for the day, and only a light breeze.

For a more detailed and up to date report on the go, download our app, SOL CITY WEATHER 24/7 on most popular app stores.
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» Time: « Early Afternoon
» Place: « Apartment
» Interactions: « None

If it weren't for the knock at the door, Ty probably would've spent the rest of the day painting. Several empty cans of Roaring Twenties were discarded haphazardly around his feet and the wooden stool he sat on. It seemed all rational thought had abandoned his mind for what... the past seven hours? Had it really been that long since he'd set a fresh canvas on his easel? He hadn't thought he'd been painting for that long. With a sigh, Ty peeled himself away from his still unfinished painting, stretching his limbs with various protesting cracks from his joints.

He'd finally finished moving in only two days ago, and exhausted as he was, the skyline of Sol City was just too tempting not to paint. But, he really hadn't expected he'd have gotten so lost in his paints for so long. It was a good thing whatever visitor had dropped by had distracted him just long enough to come out of his mental state of hermitage. Ty wasn't sure he was expecting visitors, though, last time he checked.

The person on the other side of his door was not, in fact, a visitor. It was a rather confused delivery man, holding what seemed to be five crates of Rebellion Energy Drinks.

"Are you uh..." The man peered at the label on one of the packages. "Tiberius Devine?" His words were skeptical, as if he thought he didn't actually exist.

"In the flesh!" Ty aimed a goofy, bashful grin at the postman, looking down at the crates at his feet."Oh sweet! My reds!"

"I'm gonna need a signature for these. The order amount was indicative of a business, but the address was to a residence. Boss man wasn't sure whether it was a commercial delivery or not, so we're just playing it safe. Either way, would hate to leave this much money on an unattended doorstep, in the form of energy drinks or not." He peered around Ty subtly, as if expecting a horde of college students trying to extend their cramming sessions with the help of energy drinks. But no, it was just Ty and his insatiable taste for caffeine and corn syrup. The postman eyed Ty suspiciously, like he expected him to have a secret nutcase side.

"Nah man, no business here. Just figured with the sheer amount of these I drink it's worth buying in bulk. Cheaper that way, y'know?" Ty took the pen from the man's hand and scribbled a signature, before grabbing a couple of crates in his arm and pushing the rest of them through the doorway with his foot. "Thanks for dropping by."

Ty's stomach growled, suddenly hungry despite not making a sound in the past twelve hours. When was the last time Ty had had a meal? For the past couple of days he'd indulged the 'screw it' mentality and had nothing but granola bars and energy drinks to keep him going. He could probably keep it up for another day, but at some point he'd have to go out. Better now than later, he supposed.

» Time: « Early Afternoon
» Place: « The Coffee Pot
» Interactions: « @MsMorningstar

It was warmer than expected, especially in winter. With any luck, Ty hoped, warmer weather would come soon. No matter what he did, he was always cold. Even in summer, in a long sleeved dress shirt and slacks he didn't feel too uncomfortably warm. Inside The Coffee Pot was even warmer, and paired with the smell of coffee and pastries it was heavenly. The line was considerable, seeing as it was peak brunch hours.

Ty glanced at the menu, trying to peer around the shoulder of the annoyingly tall man situated directly in front of him. He didn't often wish he were taller, but he'd rather not flounder to figure out what he wanted to order right at the register. He couldn't see the menu without stepping out of line, and even though he was near the tail end, he didn't want to lose his spot.

By the time he got to the register, he'd only had a couple of seconds to look at the menu, the man in front of him finally out of his way. Shoot. This was exactly what he hadn't wanted to happen. Trying to buy some time he did a once over of the cashier, trying to see what he was working with. She had dark curly hair, and black rimmed glasses. He opened his mouth to speak, but he was interrupted by another cashier apparently coming to take over her shift while she took lunch break. Was this perfect timing or what? In Ty's book, it was never too early to make friends, and it seemed like The Coffee Pot would become one of his frequent haunts, seeing as it was only a short walk from his complex. It'd be nice to see a familiar face in the morning.

"How do you feel about bets?" His punctuating grin was childish, almost hopeful. "If I can guess you favorite drink on the menu, how about you take your lunch break with me? If not, you get a ten dollar tip?" He eyed the menu, glad he had some time to figure out what he wanted, instead of looking like a moron. Honestly, he had no clue what kind of drink she'd like. Maybe the one that sounded the most popular? When he figured out what he wanted to order he directed his gaze back to the cashier.

"I'm thinking caramel frappe. If I'm right, I'll have a caffeinated black assam tea with half and half and brown sugar, a bagel breakfast sandwich, and a caramel frappe. And if I'm wrong, I accept my defeat and I'll have the same order, except replace the frappe with a ten dollar tip on the charge. Am I right, or am I right?" He laughed at nothing in particular, clearly not taking himself too seriously.
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Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali"

Chapter 3 opening day, Saturday., Hephaestus Manor. Atlas mountains. Old starboard pub

Sol City return and changed times

Marinalia,s return from Jamaica, a detour via the US coast and a few changes, especially in her mind set and the news Paige gave of the end of Bob, had freed a few weights. Xia had changed a few things though it seemed FBI grade interrogation was a family maternal trait there!

A few of those changes where a little different when she woke up at the Manor that morning became obvious when reached out half asleep finding an empty pillow having got used to a warm, curvy and spicy presence over the two ish weeks they spent in Jamaica. It was... Comforting? The descriptive word would not just fit and she had consulted a thesaurus! Though a short time together some things were easy to enjoy. Small intimacies, cuddles, a kiss good morning. It did not need to be big, crazy or fancy meals out.

The week or so was normal... Ish. Her 100J training was going well, and the tome like flight manual was sat finished on the side, least for her first reading. Getting back to her old self, a trip to the pool, 5km later helped work off of anything she put on thanks to the rich food on holiday. Her pilots uniform, tailored jacket and skirt making the most of her athletic yet curvy figure was not very forgiving when it came to overzealous indulgences.

A quick message to Xia made her thoughts clear how she felt about colder mornings, yes they by most people reckoning, well barely knew each other, a whim or Marlin flip flopping. But somehow it worked... Who knew how the heart worked. It was easier to follow it though. Her girlfriend made her happy, at this point those against could stick the heads in front of her propellers at take off power. Would it last? Who knew. Might as well just have fun, be happy and enjoy the good things in life while you had them.


Jumping clear of the stream and bringing her horse to a tight turn and avoiding a tree bringing the mount to a more gentle trot as she watched out from a clearing. The views of the city where impressive up in the Atlas mountains, glittering lakes and mountains towering above, forests and logging trails that wound their way up through the mountains towards the mountains proper where things got more wild and untamed. Light streamed into the clearing and the woods thinned offering a panoramic view of the city below, it definitely was not on the normal riding trail but worth the effort to get there, unhindered, and entirely hers for a short time among the older unlogged woods.

Horse riding was similar to flying in its own way, she was free, it had come easily back to her as she made a slight pull on the reigns turning back to follow the stream edge back. Once the route cleared Marinalia pulled a little harder picking up speed and jumping a fallen tree, hooves kicking up dirt and her tied back hair flying in the morning breeze, gleaming back riding boots polished to a shine and her flight jacket keeping her warm. Spring had started, but still was not what you would call warm.

Smiling as she passed a photographer out enjoying the morning too, if they caught jump it probably would have been a good shot. Still all good things reached an end as she rode into the stables, dismounted and began to clean off what left of there little morning adventure.


Swapping out her slightly muddy trousers into an above the knee skirt, shiny black riding boots after a quick wipe down and a cute T shirt with a sea gull design from Jamaica under her warm and rather comfortable flight jacket, brown leather a tad faded and aged in places but well cared for, gold wings glitterin, numerous patches and a UK flag proudly just below her shoulders. OK a tad showing off, but it looked good, a small tease of well toned knee and upper leg visible, and her closely fit boots emphasising her hard earned figure and legs. Undoing a hair tie and shaking her long blonde hair free back into some sort of an order with a quick brush and a small mirror in the stable changing rooms.

Feeling a pang from her stomach that was a sign breakfast was a while ago and she had a fairly active morning. Lunch definitely was high on the to do list. The Old Starboard always had a fairly decent meal. no real fuss or fancy bit then. Food was filling and tastes good. Just like a prior time, though her skirt and jacket where not a slightly girly pink this time and a fair bit more elegant and grown up. Thoughts of a passing aquitience, well he was a nice guy, hope he was going alright. Probably drowning in exams or so, Ren? Yeah Ren. Abit... Odd at times but nice in own way.

Finding her white Land Rover Discovery sat in the carpark, though a little more dirty thanks to her trip up to the Atlas mountains, a turn of the key, the engine started with a throaty roar as ever. Her bag with helmet and dirty clothes tossed casually into the passenger footwell next to her handbag. Next stop Lunch.

Arriving at the pub and parking up on the rough gravel car park behind the pub, finding a safeish corner spot to protect her 4x4. Traffic was not too bad for a Saturday. Well sol Traffic wise anyway. Finding a comfortable booth inside to relax slightly and rest her legs. Horse riding certainly was an exercise she was not fully used to. Placing an order for a light but filling lunch and a pot of lady grey, it brought back a few memories, though if they were good. Bad or in between was rather debatable.
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Newly sharpened, and recently added, Layne's knives were exchanged once every week, to maintain peerless perfection. Layne knew the man as Kyle Smith, quite the commodity on American soil. As routines dictated, he would hand the young chef a case of newly treated blades, each one eager to find itself used in the preparation of a hearty meal. Of course, it is worthy to note, that if this was a weekday, Layne would not have been present for the exchange, as school demanded his presence if he aimed to reach new heights in the art of culinary success. It was, after all, not a game.

If one was to look over the counter, it was quite easy to tell that the young chef wore a pair of black, elastic gloves, his slender fingers moving in motion with each new technique performed upon the salmon, which extended its shape across a white cutting board. Indeed, a colored system of import was what he had been taught from a very early age. White for fish, green for vegetables, yellow for chicken, and of course, red for meat. Being a perfectionist, Layne would never dream of smudging the paint of this most functional system. "Did you hear about that octopus?" Came a voice, young and female. She was a regular, if there ever was one, and her tone was somewhat worried. Claire Spriggan, which one could admit carried with it an odd twang, was a sweet woman, indeed. Frequenting Shinagi Sushi was an easy choice, in consideration of her office location. Nearly neighbors.

"I was asked if I had served it to someone," Layne offered with a quiet, androgynous voice. Was the music louder, his words would undoubtedly have been drowned out by a surrounding aura of sound. However, in response to the calm, soft, and by all intents harmonic tune of Japanese instruments, the Shinagi chef was clearly heard and noted. Of course, only a fool would consider the statement one of serious intent, and Claire managed to laugh at the young man's choice of words. Even so, Layne continued, "mom would have killed me." Revealing a small, endearing grin upon his features, Layne let a stream of cold water wash his knife clean, before resting its sharp edge against the cutting board, and rowed a box with the appropriate sushi ordered by Miss. Claire Spriggan. She tended towards salmon rolls, and would often enjoy a few tofu options on the side, for variation. Following a reflexive motion of removing his gloves, Layne closed the meal-box with a lid and added yet another, with warm miso soup slowly swaying from one end to the other, within its carefully sealed container. Like any prepared chef, the young man placed the boxes on a bag which he proceeded to slide up across its contents.

Those who had eaten at Shinagi Sushi as a past experience could calculate following events. Layne raised the bag and soon felt a weight upon his shoulder. It was a Lemur making itself known within this most endearing scene. Wrapping its small fingers around the plastic, this primate leaped onto the counter, where it continued to hand Claire her meal. "Aw, thank you, Bonbon!" The woman exclaimed, graciously accepting her food, before offering Bonbon a loving scratch behind the ears. "How did you teach him this!?"

"Bonbon was owned by a circus," Layne explained, with a hint of melancholy spotted within his choice of words. Indeed, the lemur was kept, illegally, by a circus. Treatment of his wellbeing could be summoned up by harsh critique. However, it was difficult to claim that the process had not, in any way, taught Bonbon how to conduct himself in an impressive manner, for that, he did. "Teaching him stuff isn't really that hard."

"Oh no, I hear those places are horrible to animals," Claire added, her eyes widening in response to Layne's statement. It was, generally speaking, quite true. However, in Bonbon's case, he had been freed from the shackles of what circus performances entailed. It was a conversation which managed to carry on for another brief series of sentences before obligation eventually swung into the exchange. More customers graced the restaurant, and Claire herself had duties she was to attend. "Say hello to your dad, Layne!" Claire finished, offering the chef a pleasant wave before making herself scarce. Just another customer whose face was well known, and whose presence could be considered every other day. Such was the business, indeed.

"Hello!" An unfamiliar voice would proceed to add variation to the customer base, pushing along the row of hungry patrons, each one willing to try this oriental delicacy known throughout the world. It was as Ken, Layne's father, so often said. 'Sushi draws people together', followed by a hearty laugh, which tended towards a playful slap to his son's shoulder. A humble life, without question, but one Layne would not trade for the world.

"Welcome," a soft response trickled its way past the chef's lips, as Layne prepared another set of black, latex gloves.
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Time ✿ Afternoon
Location ✿ Apartment In Riverside/The Coffee Pot
Mentions@sempis and @Msmorningstar

"Manami, your father and I think you should really come home. You barely just turned 20, your much too young to be living on your own! What if some crazy fan finds out where you live and stalks you. Even worse, what if they break into your home and kill you!"

A girl with dark hair stood by a large ceiling-to-floor window, the latest phone held up to her ear as the ramblings of a "concerned" mother assaulted her hearing. An exasperated sigh slipped past the girls lips as she leaned up against the window pane, "Mama I'm an adult now and I need some space. You know I'm careful with not revealing where I live, you really need to stop worrying." The girl said, her violet eyes staring out the window, watching as cars passed by her apartment building. "But Mimi, some people are smarter than you think! Just last week I watched story on the news of a girl who was killed after getting a rude from an Uber, what if that happens to you! Of your father and I wouldn't be able to handle it" While Manami knew her mother meant well and was probably concerned about her daughter, she also knew that she was also worrying about their money - or rather Manami's money.

For a long time now Manami's blooming career in modelling had been keeping her parents afloat, it allowed them to live upper-class lives. On one hand she could understand why this was so important to them, back when they lived in Japan the life they lived was sad. The house had been falling apart and they could barely worked enough to keep the bills paid, such was the life of not getting ahead in Japan. So suddenly being able to not only pay those bills and have extra to buy luxury items was a godsend to them. However because of the money they both had grown greedy, calling Manami at least twice a week to get some amount of money from her...and she always obliged. They were her parents, they were the ones who had raised her, fed her, gave her a life that wasn't filled with poverty. But sometimes she wondered if this life was actually worth it.

"Mama I understand your concern, I really do...but I really will be fine. If I feel like I'm in danger I'll call the police. Though I can't talk anymore, I have somewhere to be. Bye bye, mama!" Before the woman could say anything more Manami ended the call, another sigh escaping her. She stood at the large window for a few more moments before meandering through her quiet home to her bedroom. It was littered with clothes that were scattered on the floor, posters of movies and video games hung on the walls, figurines were neatly placed on shelves. Most people would think that the girl was some kind of geek with all the stuff she collected, how surprised they would be to learn that she was a model who influenced hundreds of people, who acted nothing like she was in real life.

"What would happen if I just stopped?" She mumbled as she began to rummage through the clothes, throwing them here and there as she figured out what she wanted to wear. Another thought was where would she go today, perhaps the Coffee Pot? No she had been there yesterday, but god the thought of getting a Coco Cloud Macchiato sounded amazing and practically made her mouth water. Lord knows she needed one after the conversation with her mother.

Knowing she would end up taking picture Manami dressed in a stylish outfit, one that might have even been a bit too nice. She did her hair, bunching it up into a bun atop her head and allowing small tendrils of hair to frame her face. Then she carefully did her make-up, applying it in a way that almost looked natural and not caked on. An hour later the girl was staring at a completely different person, her violet eyes shining with the contacts she had put in. "I don't think I can ever get used to this face..." It was a thought that she often had.

Manami walked into the quaint coffee shop, gazing around at all the people ready to receive their liquid caffeine. Just like everyone else Manami waited in line, absently gazing at the many social media accounts on her phone as the line slowly moved. Once she got up to the register she looked at the waitress with a large smile, there was no need for her to look at the menu since she already knew what she wanted. "One Coco Cloud Macchiato please, extra whip cream on top." At the next register over a boy was flirting with a very pretty girl, he wasn't doing a very good job in her opinion. Deciding to mind her own business Manami took her drink once it was ready and quickly left the coffee shop, she had another place to be.

Thankfully Shinagi Sushi wasn't far from the coffee shop and a quick cab ride had her standing in front of her favorite place to eat, she was a regular here and ate there at least once a week. She had probably tried almost everything on their menu, her favorite being any of the fried rolls and a healthy dose of Tobiko eggs as a topping, she could imagine their salty taste and satisfying crunch already.

With a shiver of excitement the girl walked into the shop, taking in the different scents. God she loved this place so much, it made her feel somewhat sane in the whirlwind that was her life. Without hesitation Manami walked up to the counter, her eyes glittering as she stared at all the yummy options. She was feeling salmon today, it always seemed so good and buttery from this place. From over the counter Manami could see one of the adorable workers, Layne. "Good afternoon, Layne." She greeted the boy with a large smile. "Got any of that delicious salmon for a salmon roll?" She asked curiously.
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Paige Kennedy

Sol City continued to be as quiet as it had ever been. Traffic flowed peacefully with its steady hum, aircraft entered the pattern in the bright blue overhead descending in a steady parade toward Sol International and people on the street generally seemed at ease.From her platform on the driving range next to Luna Sports Facility, Paige could easily take in all of it. A ball came up on the automatic tee and she briefly squared her shoulders before sending it away with a crisp thwack! and a glint of sunlight off the club. She didn’t need to watch it sail down the range into the far net, she knew by the sound how far it went and that her technique was off, too much power. The ball just shot away like a laser beam. Another one came up and she did the same thing.

The weeks that followed what happened on Catalina Island, were much like the scenery in front of her, perfectly normal, almost surreal. Though she’d had to spend a considerable amount of time in the downtown office, she’d still managed to keep Milo out of it. No one had even known he was there other than Marlin and she had no idea what happened after her helicopter left them there on that rock just off the coast. No, she had lied: Lied on the paperwork. Lied to her fellow Marshals and lied to her superiors. She knew the game and she knew exactly what to say. Even if they could tell she wasn’t giving the whole story. Just as the old maxim went: it wasn’t about what you knew, it was what you could prove. Lying was easier than telling the truth. They had trained her for it.

It was the normalcy that followed. Like nothing had happened. She’d never seen anything like it. Nikki and his clan had gone silent where she had been fulling expecting the next big showdown. Not even Agent Barrett had shown his face back at the office though she still had his Luna Sports keycard tucked in her back pocket and kept it on her at all times. Whatever they were after was inside LSF, but she’d tried it all over the facility and found nothing. Again, the trail was cold. It was the Giancana calling card: play big, then lay low. The lack of helpful leads was infuriating and everyone around her could feel it in her aura, namely Siobhan and Milo. However, as frustrated as she was, she couldn’t help the strange feeling that they were made for her and a part of her enjoyed that she hadn’t put them all in the ground... yet. It was a feeling she couldn’t really describe and didn’t talk about, like a game that she wasn’t sure she was going to win, but there was no way she’d quit.

She sighed and tapped the keypad for another round to start, glancing at her phone with her regularly stoic gaze and rolling the driver through her fingers. There was actually some warmth in the air for a change and it was almost pleasant, though she still missed Florida and thought about it every day. A slight breeze lifted the flags out over the range as it made its way through her loosely braided blonde locks. A ball came up and she cracked it away again, but instead watched it sail, the better shot curving gracefully against the wind. She was loosely holding her form with the club behind her, thinking. CT had given her the name of some kid he claimed could backtrace Agent Barrett’s keycard and see what doors in LSF it had previously opened, but she hadn’t tried to track him down. Kid stuff he called it and when she looked into it, the contact was indeed a kid. She was skeptical, but it was essentially the last lead she had without waiting for them to make another move, which was not an option. She pursed her lips slightly at the thought and blasted another laser shot away.
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Br. Clifford 'Cliff' Laranja

Time: Early Morning, just as Cliff arrived at Sol City

Location: FSC Retreat House, Parkview

"You know," the young man adjusted his glasses as he gazed at the luxurious pearl-white walls built upon rugged lyons sandstone whilst supporting a large oriental-styled onyx roof. A few paces from the large house which sprawled over a wide expanse of land was a serene garden of cherry blossoms and towering acacias which housed a large grotto devoted to the Blessed Virgin whose hands were clasped in prayer as her lifeless eyes turned to the skies in a silent conversation with God. Just beside the grotto flowed a lithe pond with lilypads floating about its surface with a small turtle using the pads as a makeshift boat as it ruled its damp domain. "For a religious order with a vow of poverty, we seem to be getting the more luxurious end of things, brother Victor."

Cliff titled his head in inquiry at the elder brother as Victor chuckled before placing a reassuring hand on the lad's shoulder.

"We're only able to live in this beautiful place because of our benefactors who were generous enough to let the brothers reside here." Victor offered a toothy grin to Cliff. In response, Cliff shook his head before surrendering to a system he had little experience traversing through. The Christian Brothers had always focused on education as their goal, obtaining sponsors or benefactors along the way which greatly helped with their mission to improve the quality of education in different places around the globe. While the more experienced of brothers were sent to more challenging and more poverty-infested areas, novices such as Cliff were allowed to dip their feet in better conditions.

The young brother looked at his colleagues, walking about with their black habits alongside the white rabat which hung from their collars. It was the trademark of a Lasallian community, and even though there were only about seven or eight of them, it was still a place Cliff would call home. Cliff knew he had sacrificed a lot to pursue this kind of life devoted to both God and education. His parents who had sorely wanted him to become a medical doctor, his relatives who had looked up to him to continue his bloodline, and even his feelings for a certain girl back home-- he had turned his back on all of it because he believed that life was more than just money and a quick tumble in the sheets. He couldn't wait to start his journey, a choice he had made on his own against all odds.

"So, where's my room, brother Vic?" Cliff beamed at the elder brother who laughed.

"Oh, dear," Victor tried to catch his breath. "Only the older brothers get to live here as of the moment, Cliff. But, don't worry. You've been allotted an apartment closer to the university."

Br. Clifford 'Cliff' Laranja

Time: Noon

Location: Goodhomes Affordable Apartments, near Light Lane

Vow of poverty.

Maybe, he understood it a little more now.

Staring at the dilapidated paint off the walls of the designated apartment in Light Lane, Cliff swallowed down the ball of spit which had formed in his agape mouth. While this was definitely nearer to the University as compared to the brothers' abode at Parkview, Cliff began to regret voicing his opinion, and would have settled gladly to stay at Parkview instead of this... box. However, he had his task and the expectations of the Christian Brothers on his shoulders. His role was not to lounge about in comfortable cushions or airconditioned halls. He was to use his six months of probation to see if the education profession was indeed for him and to see if he was ready to fully commit to his onyx habit which fluttered in the winds.

There was another problem echoing in his mind. It was a matter of simple mathematics really, but the gist of it was that three flights of rickety stairs plus three pieces of heavy luggage would either result in Cliff ending up in a hospital or even a morgue. Two places he never really intended to visit just yet.

He could just carry them all up one by one, but as much as he wanted to trust everyone, the temptation to steal would definitely heighten should he leave his luggage unattended.

"Ask, and you shall receive," Cliff groaned as he conceded to a fate of gambling against the tapestries of the universe to lift all of his luggage together. The presence of a decrepit elevator with an ominous warning sign should have been the red flag. With a huff, Cliff heaved his luggage one step at a time, beads of sweat trickling down his brows as it stained his white rabat in grey streaks. Each agonizing lift of the luggage knocked on the old wood, the foundation creaking with age as Cliff had to start allaying the fear of him being buried alive beneath a barrage of maggot-infested wooden beams.

Years of pouring over books, earning degree after degree had left his mind at the apex of knowledge and yet his body ached at the slightest labor, like the filthy capitalist that he was. Well, it did go to show that a Ph.D. could also mean a pretty huge deadweight. At this point, Cliff fully accepted the fact that gravity continued to be a cruel mistress who paid no heed to how many letters came after a person's name.

Well, he could definitely use the workout, anyway.
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Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Saturday Morning. Chapter 3 day one. Sol City, Hephaestus Manor, Sol Museum, Sushi Restaurant. Free skip

It definitely was a crazy few weeks for Victoria as she sat down at her desk overlooking the garden of the Manor. The large trees that made it so private where blowing gently and her return to Sol City had least gone with little fanfare. Wanting to be certain a medical letter with NHS paper for a test taken back in England confirmed what was found in Sol, Pregnant. Yep. No false reading or so, definitely got a passenger. That had made her rehab more complicated but long as she was careful, it would be fine for the next few months at least. She was really going to need any help it could give her.

Her time was fairly busy and forgot about some of her worries, the homes security system had been fully reset with a upgraded digital security system now making it a system of concentric rings and most important in there own keeps. A pain to code but worth it, hackers would least meet more barriers and defences this time round and hopefully they would hold.

"Miss Romus, ve need to be leaving soon for vour 12.30 at the Consulate" came a Russain accented man, Isofef had worked with the family before and she trusted him ever since she was a teanager. After the present drama, the fan girls with bottles and hacking her father and rest of the family decided to be safer than sorry in the short term and review things in a few weeks to a month if it was required or not. Though not the hulks that the posse employed the Russain veteran of the Naval Infantry, and a few other less known jobs where was a solid dark haired man in his 40's now but still physically capable and experience was always dangerous and has guarded her family in Africa, the Middle East and helped teach both sisters how to shoot. "vankyou, please get the car ready, il ve right down in about 2 minutes." Thanks to her lost job at blackshield, Victoria was now freelance but the new batch of maritime security codes for the software would not hurt her fiances once delivered. Leaning on the ornate royal blue cane, it's snowflake design glittering in the light, she had a small pang of... Something.. Shaking her head as now was not the time. "Told vou, I'm not quite as bad when vi was 13". Pregnant had a few odd quirks like her Russian accent, well it was harder to mask so she just gave up, her hybrid English and Russian accent did have a certain charm though.

several days later Victoria was laying out on the patio, well trying to get a tan anyway, it was mostly warm and though she was unhealthily thin, she had least gained a little muscle, and her complexion has not regressed back to fresh snow, that would not of worked very well against her Raven black hair or its purple to pink vertical highlights. Least she could deny some things for 1-2 months or so if she wanted. Autumn to winter would be easier, spring to summer was not going yo be easy to hide. Her sister was busy so she had house to self on a rare warm day, Isosef was off doing some job he needed to do. Lieing on her front with a book, given it was so lined with tall trees and high walls the bikini top was lying on the side table with a jug of iced lemonade. A habit from Marinaloa, that and a sweet tooth ag times. A small ache from her chest made her change position abit and curse slightly. Being pregnant was not as fun as the magazine "glow" claimed. Being confused for a team mum as 4'9 never helped, though her diamond ring, ornate cane and general more expensive or tailored clothing had made for an embarrassed receptionist when she joined the dots.

Work worries where gone for now but she still needed to talk to Ethan at some point. That would be a difficult conversation and had already sent him a picture of letter confirming. Well they had to come to some understanding. With her trip back to UK, travel and work they had not managed to talk things out properly.

At least Marlin was happy, Xia and her where plain cute, however much they denied it at times. Gossip was fun too, Shensaw the article about the Rally, Joel, wait same Joel... Skim reading mostly, the other article about the escaped Sea monster was funny though. Squid kraken? What next a loose cat becomes a lion?

Looking over and answering the phone without feeling the need to cover self, it was private and the sensors trip banshee like alarms if anyone did try to trespass. closing the call and going back to her book. More work, least no one contacted her direct. " just got comfy too" Complaining to no one Victoria just shuffled and got comfy again.

Victoria was wandering through the large corridors of the Sol Museum to the classics section, her Royal blue cane tapping on the hard floors and carefully navigating her way to Dino Sol. Not sure entirely why, Victoria needed time to think and some fresh air. Isosef least knew she needed space keeping an eye from further back, not that expected trouble here but this was Victoria but trouble seemed to have a special relationship with her.

Passing the towering form of dippys sibling after an hour or so wandering, and losing self in the place with its long neck stretching out over the passing visitors. It reminded her of London in a good way, and a bad one. Her experiences of the city held a mix of emotions. Russia held a few better memories but even they had their roots in London. "Isosef, I'm veady to leave. Lunch? VI do not have an appointment at ze hospital till later." Her temporary bodyguard falling in closer, the Russain was not a giant but had a look of a man who seen worst places and survived, at detriment to others. "Vi parked down nearby. Ve have time for food. And vour Dr might agree."

Now all Victoria had to find somewhere for lunch, Saturday or no Dr,s seemed to love appointments and check ups. Fish and chips? Pub meal or bar. She definitely was hungry regardless. Heck even take mc Donald's.

Reaching the restaurant Victoria kept her lighter wool coat hanging loose, Navy blue snugly tailored for her smaller 4'9 frame with a smartish yet comfrey top under and jeans paired with a well broken pair of darker boots that had been resoled more times than they probbly should. Letting Isosef lock the car she headed in giving the door a push and leaning slightly on her cane, slightly alarmed by a monkey in a restaurant. "vou sure this was ze place. Long as pokey iz not serving. Who even thinks ov naming a Rhino Horny?" Who knew getting knocked up messed with your accent as well as everything else? "Da, left at ze lights, past ze Sol Bucks. Zey have cooked too, It good, I already checked that von." Trusting her larger Russain compatirate who had a few orders to keep her out of trouble, less likely to be bothered in the smaller family run restaurants. "got a free table? Long as no one hurt Inky to make my lunch."

Glancing round, the place was a tad smaller but also had a good vibe about it really, there's was a woman stood about who definitely was pretty, maybe familiar? Somehow?, a few staff and customers but seems she managed to beat the worst of the lunch rush. Tidying her hair a little in the reflective surface of the glass, purple and pink highlights blending into the Raven black now a alittle more tidily, slate grey eyes displaying a small fraction of caution giving whoever had betrayed her private moments weeks ago. It still hurt, the suspect list was narrowing down though, but she did not quite want to belive whom the dots where adding up for.


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Time ✒ Afternoon
Location ✒ Home in Park view/The Old Starboard
Mentions ✒
Interactions ✒

"Do you know if mom left any money for me?" A girl with platinum blonde hair was rummaging around a lavish kitchen, looking under stacks of mail and opening various drawers. Sitting in the same room at the table was a boy who looked quite young, his dark hair hung just above his eyes. He was staring at a very expensive looking laptop, occasionally clicking on something. "Tao can you stop looking at that dumb screen and answer me? Honestly, your so annoying." The boy, Tao, rolled his eyes as she looked over at the girl a look of boredom plastered all over his face. "Yebin they didn't say anything to me so if they left you money then you find it, not my problem. Besides if they left money why would they leave it here, you don't live at home anymore. If anything they would have sent it to your account like they always do. Oh wait...did they not do that this time? Shit....looks like your broke cause mommy and daddy aren't supplying you anymore." Tao had just enough time to duck as a hardcover book went soaring over his head, the object hitting the wall with a loud thump and dropping to the ground. A fresh hole now sat where the book had landed.

"Seriously, can you be anymore childish?" He asked, whipping his head around to glare at his stupid sister. She had a look of anger on her face as she huffed and puffed, honestly she wasn't intimidating at all. "Freak!" She cried out before stomping out of the room, probably to try and find whatever money stash she thought their parents had. The boy sighed as she shut his laptop carefully and shoved it into the bag that hung on his chair, taking it off and slinging it over his shoulder. It was better to leave now before his maniac of a sister tried to throw more things at him, besides he was feeling hungry and he did not have the motivation to cook.

Sometime later Tao walked into his favorite place to be, The Old Starboard. While it wasn't exactly close to home he did enjoy the atmosphere that it provided...plus he liked the food. While it could get a bit rowdy with idiots who drank too much he found that stay near the back kept him out of the way and in somewhat quiet spot, thankfully afternoon meant that people weren't getting super hammered yet. Tao choose a booth that was near the back and away from the bar. He took his laptop out of the bag he carefully carried and set it on the table.

A waitress who was familiar with him came up to the table with a smile, "Some thing today Tao, or are you feeling frisky?" She asked, pad in hand as she waited for the boy to answer. "Same thing" was all the boy said as she lifted the lid on his laptop and booted it up. The waitress stood there for a moment as if waiting for something but once she realized nothing else would be said she walked away. Tao settled into the leather booth and began to type away on his computer. If one were to look at the screen they would simply see a jumbled mess of stuff. Various programs, browsers with multiple tabs and plenty of other things, it would take a genius to understand everything he was messing with.
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𝓡𝔂𝓪𝓷 𝓦𝓸𝓸𝓭𝓼/ 𝓚𝓸𝓫𝓪𝔂𝓪𝓼𝓱𝓲 𝓢𝓪𝓽𝓸𝓼𝓱𝓲 小林 慧

>>In the dawning moments of Saturday, in the aptly named St. Alexus Market.<<
>>Not currently interacting with anyone<<

Letting out a lazy yawn, Ryan sipped on his warm Americano as he patrolled the market isles. The St. Alexus Market, named after a nearby bridge which was named after St. Alexus, is a local hub of farmer's market-esque produce, butcher, fishmonger, and other spice trades. Not only that, it is also quite popular with tourists. Though, at this hour, the only people around were the vendors and other local chefs that wanted to source locally.

Ryan, riding a hip electric scooter outfitted with a shopping basket, would occasionally stop and browse the day's freshest offerings. He saw some gorgeous fiddlehead fern, spring onions, radicchio and endives. "Hm. I think I can make a spring salad out of this, simple balsamic... Hi, sir, can I have maybe two pounds of each of those vegetables?" The vendor happily bagged up the produce and Ryan paid him. The price was not exorbitant but it definitely was not wholesale. Two pounds each will suffice since his restaurant is only open for dinner...

Continuing his round through the market, he stopped at a butcher stand. Yes, he owns a sushi restaurant, but he simply cannot pass up ingredients so fresh it speaks. Browsing the selections, he notices a center-cut loin of beef. "Maybe I can... hm. I'll buy some, age it, and try it. If it doesn't fit, I'll have some bomb ass aged beef for myself..." He chuckled to himself, then turned to the vendor "Sir, hi, can I get a pound of that center-cut loin there? Yes, that one. Thank you!" The butcher heard his selection, smiled as if he knows that Ryan knows exactly what he is buying and he is glad that Ryan is the one that chose that product. He wrapped the beef up in butcher paper, handed it to Ryan and Ryan handed over the agreed-upon payment and went on his way.

"Bro, that beef looked fire..." He mumbled to himself as he made his way to the seafood section of the market.

The air around him, as if this was Shokugeki no Soma, changed.

Taking his time to browse the catches of the day, a few species catches his attention. "Sawara...and sayori... Nice. Ok." Turning to the fishmonger, he says "Hi, sir, good morning. Yes. Can I take perhaps 20 of the sayor-I mean halfbeak and 15 of the Spanish mackerel? Thank you." The fishmonger smiled and said to him while bagging up the fish "Why so serious chef Woods? Is today the first day you're reopening your restaurant? How was your trip?" Ryan chuckled "Ah. I mean, I'm always like that. I'm not even trying to be serious. Yeah, I've just got back a few days ago, took a few days to get things in order again for the restaurant and we're reopening tonight. The guys might even be there now getting things ready. You and yours should come by tonight, to make sure I'm doing your products justice~" "Ah I just might. Here you go, all ready to go!" "It would be our honor to serve you, should you choose us tonight." Ryan offered a small bow, handing over his form of payment and taking the fish before heading his way.

Placing the fish in his shopping basket among the other things he bought, he gently pushed off his scooter and headed back to the restaurant, to make some more phone calls to his other vendors to ensure deliveries would arrive on time in order for him and his crew to prepare for dinner service.

Sipping on some tea he made at the restaurant, he takes a seat in the kitchen with all the ingredients he had just acquired laid out in front of him in an orderly fashion. "Ok, so... with the produce... I need to clean, pick, and set aside, then make the balsamic. The beef goes into the aging cooler.. Maybe I'll even cover it in suet.. The fish... sayori goes into the light salt and vinegar bath and sawara..half torched? Or just...as is... Hm......"

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Time: Afternoon
Location: Central Point - Entre Dos Islas
Interaction: Open for anyone to join in.
Link to Yoji’s character bio.

Current music playing at food truck:

Look at Central Point! So beautiful, so clean, and so well-maintained! Tourists flock toward its architectural beauty, gazing upon the cityscape that is modern art personified. Amidst its palette of complementary hues, stands a guacamole-colored… armored bank truck.

It parks itself amongst the contours of the city’s beautiful face like a stale booger, but it is anything but! No my friend, look a little closer! Do you hear the upbeat Cuban percussions flowing from its loud speakers? The sweet sizzle of the grill? The cacophony of laughter and lively conversation? The crazy man dancing with his plastic spoons, singing a made up song, using a made up language? No wait, ignore that guy, he may or may not have escaped from SMMC.

What I’m trying to tell you is that this is no ordinary bank truck, carnal! It does not hold money, it holds something else entirely. Something more meaningful. This is Entre Dos Islas, the food truck Between Two Islands!

The kitchen was being run like a well-oiled machine. Two of the cooks, Ernesto and James, prepared orders like mystical wizards throwing spells into a cauldron. They said nothing to each other. At this point into their careers, they were telepathically in sync, teaming up in such a way that defines culinary symbiosis. They were a marvel to look at, like an ice skating couple performing a beautiful dance routine. Ernesto finished preparing the last bits of the order, then glided the plates over to Yoji.

“Two orders of Domo Arigato, Mr. Cubano, with a side of chicken empanadas.” Yoji said in a sing-song manner, scooping up the dishes and gracefully placing them in front of the two patrons sitting on the diner side of the truck.

“Enjoy your meals my friends!” He smiled, twirled, then pivoted over to the to-go orders’ side. A small line was forming.

“Alright, alright!” Yoji pumped his fist with a smile. “Look at all of these beautiful people ready to stuff their faces!”

The hour came and went as the trio swayed too and fro, cooking and serving to all who frequented. The energetic atmosphere never seized, in fact, the three became even more energized as it got busier. When the rush eventually died down, only three customers remained.

“I swear to you on my life!” Yoji playfully gestured, pleading to the three customers who each expressed a look of shock and disbelief on their faces. “The reason the Kraken wasn’t at the Aquarium is because it made a Prison Break! I’m not kidding! A bunch of sushi chefs got on a boat and chased after it with a harpoon! So, if you want to go see Mr. Inkling… you might want to call up the Japanese Restaurants around the area!”

Laughter broke out. Even Ernesto and James chuckled as they sat in the back of the truck, embracing the cool air from the portable fans.
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"The usual unusual."

Location: The Coffee Pot, The Old Starboard


The breeze whistled pass the building, ever so silently yet present. A small cloud of smoke with the smell of morning nicotine followed along with the wind and there sat the usual sight of Aria Hyoon sat by the balcony with her back against the wall, her foot dangling off the side, smoking a cigarette to get through the day. Usually she would smoke inside with some sad music playing inside but she would not want to feel sad on a saturday; especially this early. The right on cue, her alarm blared from inside the apartment. She let out a sigh and tapped the cigarette on the ash tray that rested on her stomach. She slid herself off the railing and onto her balcony chair then down on the ground. She then walked back in and placed the the ashtray on the dresser next to the door. Her alarm was overpowering the buzzing of her phone from the multiple messages that kept notifying her that someone is in need of her attention. Her footsteps made a light thud against the wooden flooring as she walked towards the alarm clock to turn it off; it was rare for Aria to be up before her alarm but she wastes it smoking on the balcony anyway. She brushed her hair and turned to the mirror on her dresser, she brushed her hair back and dusted off the bits of cigarette on her white shirt and gray shorts. She adjusted the black open hoodie she had on as she turned to her phone. She picked up her phone just to see it flooded with messages from her mother and head-chef of The Old Starboard. As usual though, she wouldn't reply to her mum until somewhere around late afternoon but the messages from the head-chef seem important; and along those messages there was some spam text message about possibly winning her own kangaroo.

To: Hoon
From: "Head-Chef Boss Man"

Hey, IF you're coming to work today, can you pick up the package at the coffee pot? They delivered it there instead of here by accident.

To: "Head-Chef Boss Man"
From: Hoon

Okay, I'm just going to stop by for some coffee first.

And with that, Aria started her getting ready routine. She moved on index finger to a button on the alarm clock and with a quick click! Bluetooth was on, and it immediately went "Device connected." She then scrolled through her spotify playlist, and immediately picked her favourite song since it is a good way to start the day. As the soft guitar started, she immediately walked in the bathroom to have a shower. One warm shower later, she came out the bathroom with a towel on and walked over to her closet. She looked at the clothes up and down before settling on a white shirt with very simplistic print, black pants, topped off a classic red flannel hoodie. Her playlist continued as she got dressed which continued to move through her slow acoustic songs. She grabbed her wallet, her phone, her packed of cigarettes, her lighter, her pair of earphones, before turning off the bluetooth speaker on her alarmclock. She put her wallet in her back pocket, the pack of ciggies and her lighter in her jacket pocket, and walked over to the door of her apartment. She looked at all the footwear she could choose from there by the door. She ended up choosing the pair of black vans, and with that she was ready to leave the apartment. She plugged in her earphones, and put them in her ear; she grabbed the keys that was by the door and left the apartment.

She walked towards the Coffee Pot, she hummed and mouthed the song that was playing her ear, which was Goodbyes by Post Malone (Acoustic cover by Lunity). She then thought something would happen today that would be different that she won't need another cigarette to get through the day. Speaking of cigarettes, the walk towards the coffee pot seemed like a nice time to smoke one, so she did. When she arrived at the coffee pot, the cigarette was done and she threw in the bin outside the cafe. She walked in the cafe smelling like cigarettes and lined up for her order and the package. When it was her turn, the barista then asked "Hi, yes, may I take your order?" Hoon looked up at the menu, but that as just for making herself look normal, she had already memorised the exact sentence she was going to say in her head like twelve times. "Yeah a latte and the package that was supposed to be for the starboard." The barista then nodded and spoke "Oh you're the one who's picking up the package, I'll have it with your drink, that'll be $2.50." Aria then pulled out her wallet and placed a five dollar bill on the counter, with a few clicks of the register, she got her change back and stood by the side to wait for her drink. Once she got her drink, it came with a small box, the size of a melon, so it was not the size she was expecting. "This is it?" She asked as she pointed at the package, the barista nodded. Aria then just shrugged and walked out the cafe and towards the The Old Starboard.

Aria walked in The Old Starboard, through the front door, there were already a few people in the Starboard. She then looked around just to see how many people were there, but then she was surprised by the head-chef man calling her name "Aria! Do you have my package?!" The man stood by the register and had his arms crossed like Aria did something wrong. Aria walked over towards the other side of the register and paused, followed by a long sip of coffee for comedic effect, "Yeah, right here." She said raising up the small box up to his face. The man then took the box from her and opened it, inside it were multiple pepper shakers. "Pepper?" Aria asked, "Not just any pepper, this shit was imported all the way from mexico, I've been waiting to add something to the menu with these!" After that sentence he just walked off to the kitchen. Aria then just stood there confused, with the most confused face until a waitress handed her a piece of paper which snapped Aria out of her confused state "Tao's usual, you know how he likes it, right hoon?" asked the waitress, Aria just nodded and replied "Yeah, I'm on it." Aria then walked in the kitchen and hung her jacket by the door, she grabbed her apron and put it before getting to work on the order.

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Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali"

Chapter 3 opening day, Saturday. Old starboard pub

Sol City return and changed times

Marinalia was enjoying people watching, one leg lazily draped over the other showing a glimpse of toned and healthily tanned thigh. Well she was as a now famed racing driver said devestingly pretty. Much as things there had gone rather south, and she was dating the opposite orientation that comment gave her a smile. Xia, well she was not sure her plans, the two women had busy lives and made most of what they could get. "Feeling cute, been riding in mountains, best views of the city. Have a good day spicey egg, mali x x." sending a mostly silly text, Xia had tried to encourage her to... Well not sure exactly what but it was good change not bad.

The man. Was he male, he almost looked too pretty to be a guy as she moved a long blonde hair out her vision. Rather abrupt to a waitress and nothing else. She seemed to take it in her stride and just process the order. The waitress, very Asian, a alittle Taller than her but she was on the shorter female side of the line. Nowhere near Victoria but the riding heal did add a extra inch or so. And they made her legs look good.

With a crisp British accent and pulling her flight jacket a alittle more snug as the door opened and closed. "Miss, can i get a drink while your over here. A White Choclate mocha, extra shot, vanilla syrup, cream and mini marshemmlows topped with some Choclate sprinkles if possible, though il take a refill on my lady grey if not.

Only got a small sweet tooth."
This place always made her curious what happened to Ren, the student with way too many books and a clear bit of family issues. Not that she was any less guilty of that one. Glancing at the guy with a laptop, seriously was that a guy though? Mostly, but he really looked a tad pretty from the right angle, or wrong based on perspective. "Sorry for borrowing your order, girls gotta get her pick me up after all"

The quieter hours where making her a abit more relaxed, Saturday lunch time ish too, nice, a alittle strange but there was no shortage of places to grab lunch. Checking her phone, the silly story was still about. Rougue squid, kraken, no one claimed to have caught it yet bad a old man shouting at birds... The other story. That hit a alittle closer, Joel, 3rd place. Well that was a solid performance. She really had not been in the Rally loop in Jamaica and mostly just enjoyed the company and culture of the islands. That and Xia's line in bikinis where rather captivating. Closing her phone, a picture taken on the beach, simple but it told everything. The Olympus family had its faults but they where loyal to those they cared about.

Who would of thought everything would end up here, drama, girlfriends, flying marshals to islands. She still did not know any much why about that one, even the paper work on Marlins side was pretty basic. Flight reason, it was just logged as a run of the mill passenger transit. People had there reasons though, Marlin did not want in on more trouble and dangers that she could avoid, one brush with death was ernough and a small mental pang reinforced that point. She already had one scar to prove it.

Active mwntions
Passing mentions
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Yet another familiar face, Layne finished his previous order, and saw the customer making her way out of the restaurant. This most recent arrival was Manami, a celebrity of sorts. Layne recalled how his younger brother had a massive crush on the woman, and the thought would bring a chuckle to his lips. Indeed, she was a beautiful sight, without fault. If perfection presented its visage for all to see, Manami was surely it. However, it was reasonable to assume that glamour and such unsurpassed splendor sheltered a darker truth. It was so often the case, which was a sad development, surely. "Miss. Takahashi," came a rehearsed response from the young chef, his dark eyes meeting her as she stepped through the front door. "Heh, variating your diet, today?" Layne asked with playful intent, that tender and small smirk on his lips lingering for but a moment, before he slipped on a new pair of gloves. "Of course, Miss. Takahashi, you can't go wrong with salmon rolls," the chef explained, reaching for another fileted fish which he had previously prepared. Layne had long since lost count of these meals, where a seemingly endless supply of salmon was deboned and prepared for later use. A repeated routine, if there ever was one, which the young chef had mastered to the point of preforming the task with eyes closed.

Removing the lid from a rice container, Layne gathered a mass of cooked grains into his palm and formed a row of balls which would later be used in the process of finishing Miss. Takahashi's meal. This was, of course, continued by expertly sliced salmon, which was strewn onto the rice balls, with just a touch of wasabi added for a more spicy bite. Coating a rectangular plate in aquatic delicacies, Layne placed the porcelain atop the bar counter for Miss. Takahashi to indulge. She had free access to miso soup, of course, considering her choice to dine at the restaurant, and a pleasant cup of oriental tea was waiting for her to finish a hearty meal. "Himura has been asking about you for the longest time," Layne expressed with a soft sigh, accompanied by an awkward smile. "His crush doesn't seem to fade," the young chef continued with a chuckle, before those large, dark eyes shifted towards a new arrival, entering the restaurant.

She seemed regal, indeed, this new customer. An aura of authority surrounding her, for sure. At her side, there was another, a man who appeared somewhat daunting, but perhaps it was Layne's small stature which painted the man a factor of intimidation. Indeed, the chef was a tiny soul, small in both presence and shape, making most at his side appear larger, and more prevalent. "Welcome," the boy eventually uttered, shaking a myriad of thoughts from circling his mind. This customer appeared far more high reaching than most who visited Shinagi Sushi. Hopefully, she would enjoy the meal. She, of course, and her company. "How may I be of service today, Miss?"
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~ TIME: Afternoon ~
~ PLACE: Central Point ~
~ INTERACTIONS: @Headhunter ~

"'We laugh under the pouring rain-' No scratch that.

'We ran around the pour-' Wait, what? Who runs around a rain?

'We walk under the...'
, Alison paused before speaking out incomprehensible noises out of frustration and planted her face on her notebook. Meanwhile, a mother and her young son looked at her like she was crazy, and the mother carefully pulled her son away from the crazy red-head.

She has been sitting on a bench at Central Point, writing songs all day much to no avail. Thankfully, today was her day off and she could use the time to come up with new words so she could finish this wretched piece of song she's been trying to do ever since she first came here to Sol City, which was not that far go either. So far, her notes composed of words that made no sense, doodles of cute fantasy creatures she made up in her head, and lots of scribbles to erase some of the lyrics that she didn't want. She was so frustrated she forgot she was using a pencil and she could've used an eraser to make her life easier.

She hoped that she could draw inspiration from letting the noises of the city play around her. One may think that the city noise will compose of tons of car horns and angry people shouting at each other, but Sol City wasn't like that at all. Sure there were a few honks here and there, but its the chatter and laughter of the people that dominated in this beautiful city. She saw happy couples and families, and she noticed how even the lone stranger would pass by with a spring on his or her step. She smiled. Despite far from home, living here made her feel a little less homesick than usual.

When she focused on the sounds surrounding her, Alison also heard some lofi music playing elsewhere. She looked at the direction where the music came from, which was a food truck called 'Entre Dos Islas.' That was when her stomach grumbled, and she grimaced. She was so focused on hurrying over to Central Point that she didn't eat any breakfast. Her stomach grumbled again from the thought of food and she sighed, wearing her long cream-colored cardigan again over her white tank top, light denim jeans, and sneakers. She put her notebook and pencil back on her brown leather handbag, carrying it as she made her way to the food truck.

The nearer Alison went to it, the more she could hear the relaxing and upbeat music as well as the smell of the delicious food. She saw three customers eating and laughing with what seemed to be the owners and chefs of the food truck. She was a bit afraid to approach them at first due to nervousness, but she decided that nothing can stop her from having food. She nodded at the two chefs in greeting and sat on the fourth seat, then she took a look at the menu.

"Bonjour! Oh, uh... I meant, hello!", Alison said as her cheeks began to get pink from embarrassment. She kept forgetting that she wasn't in France anymore, but it was hard because Sol City gave the same happy vibe and peaceful ambiance like in the city that she grew up in. "Can I get a... Hm... Teofilo Tonkatsu please?".
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Time: Early Morning
Location: The Coffee Pot
Interactions: @sempis

Lizette's day had been rather...dull, so far. It was all routine at this point. It had been since the moment she turned sixteen, and acquired a job. She woke up at five o'clock in the morning, every morning, whether it was for school or work. Blasted music, took a shower, and got prepared for the day. The daily commute was perhaps the most invigorating moment of her day. She was able to sing to high heaven in her beater, which got her nerves calmed for the long, boring busywork that was the Coffee Pot. When she had arrived at six, she put on her apron without a hint of irritation, and went through the motions. She cleaned the coffee pots, exchanged the filters, filled the caramel without sneaking any, got the pastries in the oven, and took up her spot at the cash register.

Of course, through it all, she kept up a gentle smile. What kind of server would she be, otherwise? Shooting people down with harsh looks in the early morning was the absolute worst idea. It lead to sour days, and sour days lead to a lack of customers. At least, that was what had been instilled in her mind when she worked at the cafe back in Reno.

She recalled those days clearly. Without any prior experience, she had snagged a job as a waitress. It was seven dollars an hour, which she felt was extraordinary. Every weekend, and each weekday after school, she worked until ten o'clock in the evening. Ten to twelve was her time to do homework and study, then she collapsed after double checking that her alarm was on. Sometimes, it would be her mother who'd wake her, twenty minutes before her alarm did the job. Those were her favorite days, because she had precisely fifteen minutes after she inevitably woke up to chat with her mother before they both went their separate ways. Her mom would tell her she was proud, happy to see her baby doing so well...it was, endearing. It made it all worth it, in her opinion. Even when she went to school the same day and got into an argument with one of the other girls over something stupid, and her brother would join in, and they'd all end up sat outside the principal's office.

Now, though, she didn't have that kind of tension. No one in college picked on her. They were all too busy with their own lives to do so, and she acted a lot more friendly than she did in high school. Seeing as her scholarship was renewed every year based on her actions at Solaris, she had to keep up the good work. Although she was glad about the lack of fighting, she missed the other aspects of her home life. Her brother, most of all. He had joined the military, and was traveling all the time. So much so, that she sometimes wasn't even able to call him. They had certainly gone their separate ways...and at times, that could hurt. She found herself frowning, and quickly schooled her features into something more neutral, bordering on happy.

It was with this expression that she met one of her last customers of the day. She got off at two o'clock, despite always petitioning for overtime. Unfortunately, the person who was taking over her shift had arrived, which meant she couldn't get those extra hours she desired. Asking the tall man before her what he wanted, she grinned as he said a large black coffee and a plain bagel. Wow, she wished everyone was that simple. Fulfilling his request, she charged him and sent him off in just around two minutes. Returning to the register, she gave the next man a smile. There were still about seven minutes left to her shift, and she was going to get the most out of them.

When he began talking to her rapidly, Lizette's brow nearly quirked in amusement, but instead, she kept that same small grin on her face. A talkative one...alright. This was fine. She nodded slightly at the proposition of a bet. Her favorite drink wasn't too hard to guess, but she couldn't help wanting a ten dollar tip on this order. Honestly, he could probably pick it out just by looking at the menu. It was a caramel frappe, and she always recommended it to people who were unsure about their orders. "Okay, go ahead." She said, even though this wasn't her lunch break. If he turned out to be weird, she could just get out of the bet with that simple loophole.

As soon as he guessed it, her face fell. She could've lied. She probably should've, with how excited he was to hang out with her. But, she didn't. Instead, she shrugged her shoulders in defeat and chuckled. "You got it, on the dot." She said, feigning sadness. After charging him for both of their drinks and his sandwich, she turned to make his order while the other cashier took her place. After their drinks were done, and his bagel breakfast sandwich was perfectly toasted, she took off her apron and exited from behind the workstation.

Approaching him with his order, she lifted it up and gestured toward a table. Even though she was off, she guessed it couldn't hurt to spend ten minutes with the guy. Taking a seat, she began sipping at her caramel frappe. She had put extra caramel in it, which made her very happy. "I'm Lizette." She said politely, nearly pointing at her name badge before remembering it wasn't on. "Nice to meet you." She cleared her throat slightly, unsure of what to talk to him about. They were complete strangers, but it wasn't like he was a tinder date or something. She didn't know his interests, or anything that she could use to make this conversation easier.

Pushing her glasses up higher on her face, she smiled. "Any particular reason why you wanted to hang out with me?" She asked, sucking in her cheek just enough to nibble on it. Releasing the tissue, she continued. "Or do you just make bets with all your servers?" He honestly seemed like the type to do something along those lines.
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Xia Alexander

Saturday Afternoon - various residential locations

Interactions (Via Text): @PrinceAlexus

Back to good ol Sol! Refreshed and still quite chipper from a few weeks back being in Jamaica seeing friends and family and introducing her English biscuit to her family. of course, the interrogation was not really what Xia was wanting from them but she had to remind herself and Marin that this was her family's way of getting to know her. of course the much older generation was not too fond of the girl on girl action, accept for her perverted ass great uncle but her parents was being understanding for her but the question that was constantly asked was: "Why a white girl?"

Either being pulled to the side to ask the reasons or some assuming, most felt that it was because she must've been rich. Her mannerisms showed it but despite the fact that it was true her family is rich or wealthy, that was besides the point as the reason she's in love with her. They just seemed to click and that's all that mattered to her. Xia damn sure defended her snow bunny as she promised she would after that latest fancy gathering they went to where she saw her ex. Even after the "family initiation", everyone took Marin in as their own. She was family now.


After getting back home, there was no time of separation. Shopping, going to the movies, having a few sleepovers, cuddles and so on, they seemed to enjoy the finer things in life. That was before they'd get back to their busy lives. The last two weeks seemed to have passed quickly for them as this week, as much as Xia wanted to have lunch with her girlfriend, she was slammed with new clients in regards to her side massaging business.

Using her cousin's Caddy, which she really was not fond of driving, She was at her latest client's house in their office area. She had an earphone in one of her ears listening to her jams while performing her 2 hour session that she charged $60 per hour to do. With the oils she coated her hands with, she went to work on the back and the neck along with the thighs and calves while listening to one of her favorite songs that popped up in her mix.

About an hour during the session, Xia was taking a slight break when her phone dinged and noticed the picture of her girlfriend and read the text. She smirked from her text and knowing Xia...she was going to respond 100% her style. "Oh really? So you'd rather ride a mountain instead of me? I'm sure you'd still get quite a view, love <3. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day too. I'll call you when I get free, babe. Luv ya, Snow bunny lol mwuah!" She smirked and sent the text before getting back to finishing with her client.

After getting done, she was free until tomorrow and decided that she'd think of what she would want to eat at for the time being. She was suppose to meet back up with her cousin Carlo to bring him back his car. She really needed to invest in her own transportation. She was walking back to the car wearing her professional uniform for when she was doing her massage therapy. Khakis with a sky blue polo shirt, carrying her bag with all her oils and equipment while getting in and placing them in the passenger seat. She got another ding from someone and saw it was Carlo asking just where the fuck she was? She responded by text: STFU I'm coming n*gga! She said.
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Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Saturday Morning. Chapter 3 day one. Sushi Restaurant. Free skip

Waiting her turn, Victoria was talking quietly with the man who stood around a foot taller than her about the options, she had a few land mines to avoid and Isoaef having spent a while on the Russain pacific edge was proving more helpful than she expected. That woman though, really somthing familiar like she had seen her before, though Victoria kept that to herself for now knowing how it was to not want to be bothered. Still, if she was not a model, damn they would missing out. That woman just had a face that defenitely could sell.

Lulled out her thoughts and leaning on her cane, hand bag hanging off crook of one arm checking twitter for the city news. It had rather gone quiet since the phase of drama, car crashes, exploding night clubs, fires and various ever more. Lurid and dramatic claims to explain it all. "oh. Hi. Umm, von cooked option, extra rice, vith a oolong tea. Vi think. I Don,t normally do Asian. " a quick mental check, it was all safe bar the tea, and that was fine in low amounts. Marla had been direct but it really helped not having to Google everything."Da, no issues miss Romus. One salmon ov the day, Rice, green tea, and some hot prawns with sauce. If you hav, swap the green vor Jamin tea." keeping a careful eye out. Much as this place was quiet Isosef was not taking chances, especially with how he had grown to like Victoria over the years he had been looking after her when required. "Vi forget you spent years on Eastern Coast. Bills on vy tab please. I mostly vent to ze swaharma Palace, did not know places zis far up."

Waiting, Victoria was just trying to makw a alittle light chat and so, Victoria could not hide the slightly colder look in her eye and... Potential betrayal after going down her list comparing what people knew, how she was caught out etc. No answer yet but someone had to be close ernough to know a few details to catch her and Ethan at those activities before she left for England. "Know who the rogue sushu chefs vhere. Reminds me ov monty python. Proctus salmon at a angling event. Vou cannot make it up of you tried."

Her curiosity was getting the better of her. That woman was familiar in some way and it kept niggling at her anylynical side of brain trying to join the dots. Somewhat more quietly, she was a little more discreet at least. Zorry, you just looked familiar like vi should recognise you, though I know the price of accidental fame. Ze media are vampires out there last drop of ink. I'm Victoria, though hopefully I Don't end up known again!" Victoria hoped she did not mind too much, she was now least in short term Ethans pregnant girlfriend, and the video only made things worse. Well maybe girlfriend.. They had fair bit to talk about at some point and she had no idea how it go, how he react, how she react to it, and more. Between holidays, and more it has been a busy few weeks. Add work, losing one job, other work and sales of the maratime encription system, Victoria had been a busy woman.

Leaning a alittle more on her cane, she felt a small, a little wobble and gave a small glance to Isosef who placed a hand on her shoulder to steady her slightly concerned. He knew exactly why, and exactly what to expect. Giving a protective glance round. Not a simple job, but he was hardly paid a simple wage for it.

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4 am on a Saturday, an alarm goes off in a nondescript suburban bachelor home. A man slowly wakes up and shuts the alarm off, yawning very loudly and standing up to get dressed. The man sporting light stubble and a decent case of bedhead. His body soft around the midsection but fairly large arms. This man is Charles Rainer, a 29 year old chef and owner of the hole in the wall restaurant named Lovable Loser's Rainy Day Tavern, a small 32 seat bar and grill that opens at 11am. As he prepares for the day he gets casual clothing on and heads out after eating, heading a mile up the road to a small inner city farm before anybody else was there, setting out to pick the freshest ingredients for the day.

Charles Rainer was a midwest born country boy who grew up loving food, his belly showing the fact but also his passion for cooking. His passion turning into his life, after 3 years of cooking he found Sol City is the place to be for fresh fish and agriculture within the city, having not been disappointed he moved out permanently and opened his restaurant. Setting up down a back alley in a central location.

Making his way to the tavern at 10, Charles carries a box through the back of the place and into the small 4 person kitchen. He sets about preparing the dishes for the day which included the sauces for a dozen different hot wings which had become quite popular during the end of the day rush, meats for nachos and burritos which incorporated beans he had grown in the farm and fresh harvested fish from the waters around the city for fish tacos and sandwiches. The menu filled with standard fair for a coastal bar and grill but if one was in the know was full of off the menu items.

Opening the doors at 11am he is underwhelmed and manages to bring customers in singlehandedly and get their food taken care of and them seated. He accepts that the day was going to be slow for the day only to be overwhelmed 45 minutes later at the 12 o'clock rush. Calling on his staff to come to his aide, they start serving people in waves, quickly filling up the bar area as well as the seating area around it. He settles in, knowing it was going to be a long day after all.
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