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  • Name: Chiba Chinatsu
  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: "Of course you are." Chinatsu is short, at under five feet in height.
  • Personality: Chinatsu is a serious-seeming girl who is also rather down to earth and practical. However, in spite of this attitude, she also has quite an aggressive temper and a deeply sarcastic side she is liable to unleash rather freely. However, Chinatsu is also very focused on her goals, and frequently channels her temper into combat. At the same time, when she becomes angry enough she may begin to misjudge what she is doing and make mistakes. Regardless, she is a rather snarky girl even when not in a bad mood, deadpan sarcasm or biting insults being her preferred way to display mild irritation. Chinatsu dislikes stupidity, and she will loudly voice her discontent with anyone behaving stupid. Chinatsu is confident in her abilities as a fighter, but lacks self-confidence in a number of other areas, such as her lack of physical maturity, or her height. She is also very easy to make flustered or embarrassed, in spite of her serious and confident behavior. At the moment, her aggression is largely directed towards ascending the ranks and taking on the Student Council President herself.
  • Backstory: Chinatsu is hardly very forthcoming about her history, but it seems she was raised by a relatively average family until her father died in a sudden accident. It wasn't long after that her mother, too, fell ill and died. Without parents, raised by a family friend, Chinatsu ended up focusing on the use of AE Devices, particularly Ryu, the sword owned by her family. This singlemindedness lead to her being referred to as the Bloody Assassin during Junior High. After spending only a short time at a different High School, she suddenly left and transferred to Shiroyama. On her first day, she declared her intent to defeat the Unbreakable Student Council president, something no student has ever achieved. Her fellow students thought this was ridiculous, as she was a Rank 0 regardless of her reputation in the past. Shiroyama's standards are quite high, after all. After being harassed by a Rank 10 student during lunch, Chinatsu defeated him almost effortlessly, sending her immediately up to Rank 5.
  • Inherent Engine Skill: Flash Step - Chinatsu can perform what is seemingly teleportation, but is in fact a sudden acceleration to ridiculous speed, for a split second. This causes her to seemingly disappear and reappear to avoid attacks or suddenly close a small gap between herself and a target.
  • Active Engine Device: Ryumaru - A glowing, red, straight-bladed katana referred to as "Ryumaru" by Chinatsu, this AE Device crackles with red energy when unsheathed. Naturally, it is capable of a basic, straightforward function. That is, cutting things. It's rather effective at doing so, slicing through mundane materials easily. It is normally carried sheathed on Chinatsu's lower back. It has a few different functions.
    • Shoheki Taberu: An attack designed to destroy mana core-based defenses, Shoheki Taberu surrounds Ryu with energy and forces itself into the outer layer of shielding. Then, it releases this energy, in a move designed to dissolve the barrier from the inside out be directing its own energy through the barrier's structure. However, Shoheki Taberu has no use against physical barriers, or any IE skill that directly hardens the body. In addition, the attack must hit point first.
    • Fukusū no hōkō Jikkō Kōgeki: An attack that causes Ryumaru's blade to alter its course in an impossible way, striking at two different angles on a single target simultaneously. This ability is not impossible to block, but it does certainly offer a difficult attack for an opponent to deal with.
    • Ansatsu Mode: A "kill or be killed" last ditch effort attack, Ansatsu Mode transforms Ryumaru into a large, even sharper form, the blade splitting and producing red energy to length and enhance its cutting capabilities. This form begins to draw off of Chinatsu's vitality, quickly draining her of all her remaining ability remain on her feet, but is incredibly dangerous to her opponent and very capable of winning a battle in a single blow, if she can land it before collapsing.
  • Skills: Chinatsu is an awful, awful cook, to the point of her cooking being considered an "alternate weapon". Aside from that, she is extremely fast and light on her feet, a capable and speedy girl who can even briefly run along walls.
  • Rank: 5th
  • Club: Chinatsu has no allegiance to any clubs for now.
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  • Name: Suzume "Suzie" Tsukasa
  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: "Like, you'll totally never be this popular, girlfriend~" Due to being half-American, Suzie is somewhat tall for a Japanese girl and stands at about 5'6". She's also a natural blonde.
  • Personality: On first impression, Suzie comes off as little more than the stereotypical gal; an airheaded, materialistic bimbo who only cares about being fashionable, having all the latest toys and flirting with anything that moves. She knows she's considered one of the most popular and desirable girls in school, and is more than willing to flaunt this status to get what she wants. Which... Brings us to a certain very important point: she is nowhere near as dumb and airheaded as she initially comes off as. Shrewd, conniving and devious, she uses a combination of her natural charisma, her good looks and her daddy's money to ensure her place at the top of the school's social ladder, and is not above using her connections and the information they provide to blackmail potential rivals into standing down. She worked hard to become the most popular gal in Shiroyama High and will not only refuse to give up this position but she'll use every dirty trick at her disposal to ensure things stay the way they are.
  • Backstory: When you think of the elite of Shiroyama High, you immediately think of the student council president. Soon afterwards, however, your thoughts turn to one Suzume "Suzie" Tsukasa, a girl perfectly willing to flaunt her status as The Most Popular Girl in School. Born to a rich Japanese businessman and an American supermodel, Suzie has always been blessed with affluence and beauty, two things she has maliciously abused to crawl her way up to the top of the social ladder. Whilst most of the school sees her as some sort of idol, wishing they could be like her or even with her, only those who are truly close to her know that deep down she refuses to share the limelight with anyone and will use everything in her power to crush anyone who seems like they might threaten her position. She's been able to make her way to the student council, and whilst she works alongside the president and tries to act like her friend, well... There's only room at the top for one.
  • Inherent Engine Skill: Absolute Territory Field - A defensive ability Suzie uses to protect herself whilst her summons fight for her. By using it, she calls up a 6x3' glowing red rectangle that withstands any three attacks aimed at it before crumbling into nothing. Suzie can call up a maximum of three of these fields at a time, and usually just uses them to hide behind whilst she lets her summons take care of her opponents for her.
  • Active Engine Device: The mystical smartphone app iDolon! Using this wondrous app, Suzie is able to call cutesy critters to do her bidding! The most basic summons are the three that come free with the app, although since it's a freemium app if Suzie is really pushed into a corner she could potentially purchase some premium summons... As it stands now, though, the three summons (all of which stand at about three feet in height) are as follows:
    • Kumachi: Taking the form of plush teddy bear that glows blue, Kumachi is the "Power" summon; his physical prowess is the greatest of the three, but he sacrifices speed as a tradeoff.
    • Usako: A glowing pink bunny plush, Usako is the "Speed" summon; naturally, she moves the fastest and can jump the highest, although her strength and durability are somewhat lacking.
    • Inarin: A plush fennec fox that glows neon red, Inarin is the "Magic" summon; whilst her strength, speed and durability aren't very good, she can toss magical fireballs, and the flapping of her overly large ears allows her to fly.
  • Skills: Daddy's money ensures that if it has a price, Suzie can probably obtain it if she so desires. But her real power is her connections; due to being at the center of the social web of Shiroyama High, very little happens in the school without her quickly knowing of it. Her ability to quickly obtain news, information, gossip and rumours are the main reason Atsuko puts up with her. Due to being half-American, she's perfectly fluent in English.
  • Rank: 49
  • Club: Suzie is the president of the Fashion Club; it's possible that the high status it has achieved due to her is the reason why all the students of Shiroyama High wear personalized, custom uniforms.
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Name: Relka Masers
Age: 17
Gender: Transfemale
Personality: Relka is very laid back, she remains cool and collected and prefers to use cunning and wits vs brute strength to win any battle she finds herself in. She is a bit of a smooth talker and will use deception and trickery to her full advantage.

As one of the smartest students in the school, and the only out transmember, she usually isn't very sociable. Although get past her smart mouthed nonchalant demeaner and you will find no friend more loyal. And adventure around many corners with her constant planning to quietly take that number 50 slot.

Backstory: Relka always knew she was different growing up, as a young boy she felt completely out of place in the world. Her family tried to get her to join sports with the other boys, but Relka had no taste for sweat or rough housing. Instead she had found passion in learning, usually taking one of the top spots in class. But her awkwardness to participate in what was viewed as boys hobbies made her a socal pariah, which was fine with Relka, it gave her more time to study and grow in knowledge.

By Middle School Relka had come out as transgendered, which had alienated her from all the other students. Some even targeted her for being so different, after a particularly hellish year, her parents had her transfer to a new middle school were she finally began living as Relka full time.

Now in High School Relkas transition is complete and she is fully out and proud. Though going to Shiroyama with its battle philosophy has left a bit of a sour taste in her mouth. Relka plans to rise to the top to end this foolish farce and bring the school back to its core fundamentals of learning rather than fighting. But to do that she has to partake in the battles themselves. So she has been devouring every piece of information she can on the other students. And strategizing the fatest way to reach her goal, knowing who is best to take on and when.

Inherent Engine Skill: Mimicry Relkas mana core allows her to rapidly study an opponents mana core ability and use it for herself. The downside is that the copied power is only 75% the power of the original owner and lasts only for 2 hours at a time with a 4 hour recharge rate.

Active Engine Device: Loki Bangle Relka wears a green bracelett on her left arm that allows her to access a limited illusionary abilities.

Einherjar: One of the functions of her bangle allow her to split herself up to three different clones. Of course the drawback being that the new clones take up to 25% of her base strength each, giving her more numbers at a weaker state.

Prankster: Relkas Bangle is able to refract light around her making her virtually invisble. Although this does not make her intangible, a well trained individual would be able to see foot prints in dirt, or hear her breathing.

Ragnarok: Lokis Bangle has the power to transmutate small objects it whatever Relka can think of. The item cannot change its inherent propetry so sorry no gold from lead. It cannot gain mass unless multiple objects are combined at one. And Relka must have some understanding of how the object she is making is constructed.

Skills: As one of the top 5 smartest students in the school, Relka relies more on her brain than her brawn. She is a sound tactician and strategist, using deception ans misdirection to win her battles. Able to read opponents in midbattle Relka can spot weaknesses and exploit them. She is an average fighter, but isntrying to learn mixed martial arts.

Rank: 28

Club: Clubless
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  • Name: Sakuraba Yasu
  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Standing at 5'9" with a slender build, Yasu appears as a bit boyish. Even though she has naturally slate eyes, she chooses to dye her hair a similar grey.
  • Personality: Yasu is a bit of a subdued person. She doesn't have much of a drive to do anything. This includes getting a high rank. At times, she is more interested in the crappy manga that she reads than battles. This has lead to her constantly sandbagging most fights. Even though she's subdued, she's pretty poisonous and rude to most people. Filled with sarcasm and genuine insults at others, she's more seen as a mild bully to most people. In regards to insults, her skin is pretty thick. She literally doesn't give a single hoot about what other people say about her.
  • Backstory: For Yasu, school was always a chore. Learn, sleep, repeat. That's all it was. Her family was rather militant; she would learn beyond her abilities, train beyond her body, and become the perfect society member. It was pretty miserable for the lazy Yasu. All she wanted to do was relax in life. Why did she have to put up with studying for 6 hours a day? Well, she found a way out of her grind. Battle schools, as they were called. She could practically emancipate herself and live on her own.

    So she did just that. She found a nice, cheap apartment and a nice job and began to take control of her own life back. Battling was just a nice place to break up the monotony of constant studying. Really, she just wanted to get away from her parents. With an old, since retired AED that she had taken from her father, she battled and studied in no particular order. She was good at it, too. She quickly climbed the ranks and became a bit of a notable figure in the school. That's when she realized something; being high on the ranks sucked. Sure, it was good to get the benefits, but having to deal with the notoriety, constant challenges, and actually having to deal with club politics?

    That was hot garbage.

    Wanting out of the grind once more, Yasu began to sandbag every single fight. Her rank plummeted and she was back to a healthy rank 3. Leaving her previous club, she joined a similar club of low-rankers: the manga club. Though, she really just chose the club because she could be left alone. Actually reading manga was just a nice bonus.
  • Inherent Engine Skill: Yasu can inherently perceive mana as a 6th sense. The range of this is technically indefinite, but it reaches 0% accuracy at about 20 meters. Beyond that, Yasu typically says that it's like a wall of fog and fuzz since she can't parse such a complex feeling. The specifics of what she can read are a bit confusing to outsiders; while she can reliably sense humans and the activation of most AED, things that are unique or nonstandard have to be carefully learned by her.
  • Active Engine Device: Taking the form of an ivory six-shot revolver, Highwayman is an Active Engine Device designed for ranged combat. Rather than simply damaging the physical aspect of those struck by the bullets, Highwayman also absorbs mana and redirects it back to the user. Because of this, Highwayman is a considerable threat to those who attempt to block it by most means. People who block with their AED soon find their weapons deactivated from repeated blows. A well placed shot on an AED could even temporarily disrupt the usage of it. If someone has the durability to eat the shots, they might find themselves slowly being sapped of their defense.

    The bullets that Highwayman fires aren't ordinary shots. Based on how the user pulls the trigger, the bullet can either be fired as though it were a real round or it could be fired and, after a short distance, float in mid air. Because of this, the user can ricochet bullets off of their floating bullets, creating a miniature game of billiards. Except, you know, with guns and bullets. In order to reload Highwayman, the user simply pops out the barrel, gives it a spin, then swings it back in. If a bullet collides with a hard surface, it embeds itself on it, acting as a perfect point to ricochet bullets off of.
  • Skills: Yasu is insane at math. She's probably the smartest person at the school in regards to numbers. Besides that, she's incredibly good at seeing things that are far away. Less so when she has to look at things up close. She's also rather athletic, which is surprising. She also has a part time job, which is a skill of it's own when it comes to high schoolers.
  • Rank: 3
  • Club: Manga club
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