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S P I D E R - M A N

P E T E R P A R K E R P H O T O G R A P H E R / S T U D E N T N E W Y O R K C I T Y D A I L Y B U G L E / H O R I Z O N L A B S
C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

""You say you don't want the responsibility? Guess what? People like us... we don't get a choice.""

Peter was eight years old when death and destruction descended from the stars. It wasn't long after, amidst the looting in the chaotic aftermath of the 44-Hour War, that he lost his Uncle Ben. A little more than six years later, an incident during a school tour of Oscorp Industries' research division resulted in Peter gaining spectacular powers. At 15, he entered the rapidly growing world of superheroes. As Spider-Man, he has spent the better part of nearly six years contending with the Maggia's substantial influence over New York City. Currently in his sophomore year at Empire State University, he must balance the growing responsibilities he's facing as both Peter Parker and Spider-Man.

The recent death of Silvio "Silvermane" Manfredi, the longtime head of the Maggia, sent a ripple throughout the New York underworld that is about to make that balance that much more difficult to maintain.

* * *

My version of Peter Parker isn't too different from the classic renditions we're used to. A little more modernized; a little less cloned. His rogues gallery isn't quite as expansive yet, but he's tangled with quite a few of the regular offenders over the years. There's not much about Spidey himself that is reimagined, but I will be taking some of Peter's supporting cast and some classic stories in a slightly different, more streamlined direction. Over the decades, Spider-comics have introduced a metric ton of characters and lore, and I have zero desire to touch upon them all. Instead, I want to take a handful that I think will either be fun to revisit or that could be reimagined in a less chaotic way and expand upon them in a steady, unrushed fashion. With just a few twists to make it my own.

The decline of the Maggia and the rise of new organized crime will be a particular arc I intend to cover.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

P O S T C A T A L O G:

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T O M Á S R A Y M O N D S T U D E N T W E S T C H E S T E R, N E W Y O R K X - M E N

C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

Toro is a young orphan currently in the care of the Xavier Institute. Born during the Chitauri Invasion, he is among the youngest of the so-called 'New Mutants.' Toro lost his parents a year ago in a house fire that leveled the family's Chula Vista home -- which triggered his mutation and enabled him to survive. While the official report of the incident indicated that the origin of the fire was indeterminate, suspicion over Toro's mutation has laid the blame on the child for their deaths.

In terms of powers and abilities, these are unchanged from the original. Toro is a pyrokinetic who generates low-level plasma, manipulates, and controls flames -- both those he creates and those created by other incendiary sources. His typical temperature range is 780° Fahrenheit, but he is capable of output equaling 2,500°F (the melting point of carbon steel). The flames that he produces exhaust a high amount of hydrogen, which makes him buoyant and, thus, able to "fly". He is immune to fire or high temperatures, even if his powers are not active. Finally, he is capable of absorbing fire or flames into his body, but this is more taxing or exhausting for him. Toro's flames can be extinguished by any ordinary means and he requires an adequate environment to generate plasma (oxygen, air pressure, etc).

In terms of story, it's a coming of age story that adds the ability to write sidekick to other mutant characters or superheroes, lending itself to collaboration where appropriate or otherwise leaving me to detail the adventures of some young X-Men. Rather than relying on a Rogue's Gallery, the antagonist of the story is likely to take a more slice-of-life approach, where the kids are overcoming challenges, fears, and awkwardness of puberty... while also bursting in flames and other assorted x-gene stories.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

Toro speaks English without an accent, but often intermingles his sentences with Caló or Mexican slang.

Toro's roommate in the boy's dormitory (and general partner-in-crime) is Desmond Ochoa-Diaz. Other notable members of the Middle School class include Carter Ghazikhanian, Victor Borkowski, Abigail, and Andrea Margulies. Their primary teacher is Anne Ghazikhanian.

"Llamas a mi" is a catchphrase Toro uses along with the standard "Flame on." This comes from the substitution used for "Flame on" in Spanish language translations of comics featuring Toro, Hammond, or Johnny Storm's respective catchphrases.
Interpreted literally, this phrase is "Flames to me."

In this reimagining, Toro is from Chula Vista, California. He is the son of a Caucasian businessman (Thomas Raymond) and a second-generation Latina immigrant, Mia. As with my previous reinvention of the character, this Toro is intended to be a Hispanic character as a means of explaining why the Spanish nickname.
In the original, Toro's parents are Fred and Nora Raymond.

While this is a reinvention, the concept of Toro being a mutant has existed in the Marvel canon since 1977 (Invaders #22), owing to being a youth when his powers first manifested.
This is as much of a retcon as his being an Inhuman in the modern canon -- as Toro's creation pre-dates the creation of the X-Men by 23 years (1940 vs 1963), and the Inhumans by 25 years (1965).

S A M P L E P O S T:

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R E E D R I C H A R D S / S U E S T O R M / J O H N N Y S T O R M / B E N G R I M M
S C I E N T I S T S / A D V E N T U R E R S

C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

”There’s a lot of things you need to get by in a universe as crazy as this one. Worhmole skippers, dimensional anchors, tachyon particle emitters, transluminal warp cores. But the one thing you need more than anything? Is family.”
”Didn’t Vin Diesel say that?”
”Johnny, I swear to God. We’re having a moment here.”
”Speakin’ a moments, how’s about we remind these jerks what time it is?”
”And what time would that be?”
”Aw, c’mon, Stretch, you know darn well. It’s about a quarter-past Clobberin’ Time!”


The brilliant scientist Dr. Reed Richards, his colleague and business partner Sue Storm, Sue’s celebrity idol younger brother Johnny, and ace fighter pilot Captain Ben Grimm launch an experimental spacecraft, intending to be the first humans to achieve interstellar travel. When they reach their destination, however, they find not an inhabitable planet lush with extraterrestrial life, but a maelstrom of debris and a raging storm of cosmic radiation. Upon returning to Earth, Richards and company discover this radiation has mutated their bodies in extraordinary ways.

Already beloved public figures, it takes little time for Reed, Sue, and Johnny to adapt to their new lives as metahuman adventurers, though Ben takes significantly longer to adjust. Operating out of the incredible spire they call the Baxter Building, the newly-christened Fantastic Four push the boundaries of possibility, exploring the far frontiers of reality, meeting strange new life forms, battling monsters and madmen, and saving mankind from apocalyptic disasters time and time again.

As they grow in fame and in influence, the Fantastic Four also attract powerful enemies. From the matter-warping Molecule Man to the brutish Blastaar of the Negative Zone, new evildoers continually menace the world that the Four vowed to protect. No threat, however, is as destructive, as dire, as diabolical, as Doctor Doom, dictator of the land of Latveria, and sworn enemy of Reed Richards. Time and time again, Doom’s obsessive vendetta against Richards and his friends put the world itself at stake, and time and time again the Fantastic Four just barely manage to defeat the mad monarch.

These adventures come to a bitter end, however, as does their entire world. A flash of silver in the sky heralds the end, and all of Reed’s brilliance, all of Sue’s spirit, all of Johnny’s fire, and all of Ben’s strength amount to nothing. Even the conniving machinations of Doctor Doom himself are little more than the buzzing of flies when the end comes. In a final move to save his own people, Doom encases the entire country of Latveria in a cosmic warp bubble, disappearing from the universe completely. Reed and the other members of the Four try valiantly, but they are helpless to stop their world from being devoured. Using the same ship that took them to space to begin with, Reed warps the gleaming tower of the Baxter Building out of their dying universe and into the unknown…

Our Earth. 2010.

The planet is besieged by an extraterrestrial invasion, the Chitauri Swarm. The military is helpless to stop the alien horde. As the Chitauri flood into the Earth through wormholes, the rifts in the spacetime continuum make the fabric of reality thin enough that something can enter from outside.

In the midst of the chaos and devastation, a gleaming white skyscraper capped with the number '4' seemingly appears out of thin air, taking the place of an office building that had just been destroyed by the Chitauri. Emerging from the building are four individuals-- a man with an elastic body, a woman who can turn completely invisible, a teenager who can become a living flame, and a giant made of unbreakable stone-- who quickly ascertain the situation and begin the business of saving lives and helping to end the alien threat. They introduce themselves as the Fantastic Four, and while they may not call this Earth their home, they make it explicitly clear that they are here to help.

In the twelve years since arriving in this universe, Reed and the Fantastic Four have attempted to ingratiate themselves with the inhabitants of this Earth as best as possible, using their incredible resources to help rebuild in the aftermath of the invasion and sharing the wonderous technology of their world with those Reed believes they can trust. The Baxter Building has become the home of the Future Foundation, a non-profit center for scientific advancements of all disciplines, offering everything from next-generation quantum mechanics to free lessons and tutoring for grade schoolers. Between trying to bring this comparatively primitive world to a higher level of scientific understanding and facing off against a whole new breed of monsters and lunatics, the Fantastic Four work tirelessly to bring about a bright new tomorrow.

All the while, Reed toils in his private moments, trying desperately to bring back the world he lost…and to prevent this world from suffering the same fate.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

S A M P L E P O S T:

P O S T C A T A L O G:

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N E E N A T H U R M A N P R I V A T E D E T E C T I V E / M E R C E N A R Y T H E B R O N X , N E W Y O R K C I T Y S E L F - E M P L O Y E D
C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

"What are the chances of that? Oh wait..."

Neena currently resides in The Bronx, fending for herself as she always has. With a steady flow of cases and jobs at her disposal due to the nature of her "100% Guarantee" on closing a case or getting the job done, she has made a small name for herself, especially as she ensures the safety of those in her neighborhood and those who are often overlooked when justice puts the blindfold back on.

The nature of Neena's powers is a mystery, even to herself most of the time. Neena has no control over her powers, which she refers to as her "good luck charm". Instead, Neena has to put herself into dangerous situations so that her powers can kick in, altering the odds in her favor. This can take the form of "good luck" for her or "bad luck" for her enemies. There is no guarantee that Neena will get out of a situation unharmed, especially if the risk is less.

Neena did not take up the name Domino when she first started working. At the age of 16, when the alien invasion happened and the people that made up The Avengers formed, Neena thought it was silly. Being a mutant, she kept her powers hidden, which was easy enough to do. Neena saw the Avengers as "glorified do-gooders", she promised herself she would not be a part of any team. Things around her continued to worsen as people in her neighborhood were attacked, especially fellow mutants like herself. When the life of a 12-year-old young mutant was taken, Neena decided then and there she would do all she could to help those who needed it, but often slipped through the cracks.

Working hard and accepting menial jobs at first, she got her way up to starting her own agency. She assumed the name Domino and began working on fighting injustice.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

S A M P L E P O S T:

P O S T C A T A L O G:

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C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

"I'm the best there is at what I do."

Logan Hudson is a man trying to escape a past he doesn't remember. Flashes of memory come to him in his dreams to tell him he is far older than most: the sound of nineteenth century shot and cannon soaring overhead, Logan sloshing through the water of the pacific ocean onto a beach assailed by machine gun fire, or a whip slashing long strips off his flesh in a prison camp deep in some hellish jungle. All those terrible memories his subconscious dregs up are of war, violence and death. His old life was not a pleasant one, Logan decided, and he's spent half a decade trying to leave it behind him.

No shortage of good people have helped him on his path: James and Heather Hudson of Alpha Flight gave him aid when he first awoke naked in the frozen Canadian wilderness, and Charles Xavier offered Logan a home at his institute whenever he was ready to return there. He spent some time there among Chuck and his pupils, yet the call of the road and the wood always seem to drag him away. Something in Logan's gut is calling to him, though why he couldn't possibly say. All he knows is that he'll never find it sitting around the mansion sipping martinis.

Wolverine as a character has an audaciously long history, both editorially and in-universe. There's such a well of material to draw from that its difficult to find a place to start. Part of me wanted to reinvent Logan in some way this go-around- give some new spin on an old character we've all seen a dozen times before. But as I revised and reworked the sheet I came to the conclusion that all my ideas were shit and there's a reason Wolverine is at his best in his classic gold-and-blues. So I'm returning Wolverine to his roots as an amnesiac on-and-off-again X-Man with a past he's afraid to confront. He's a violent bruiser trying to turn over a new leaf that continuously falls off the wagon, yet gets up to try again regardless.

My first arc with Logan will find him in the center of an assassination attempt on Congresswoman Valerie Cooper- a harsh opponent of the Mutant Control Act- by a Purifier-inspired terrorist group, the Mutant Response Division. Much as he's loathed to get involved in politics even Logan can't stand by and watch an innocent woman be murdered.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

The name 'Logan' was given to Wolverine by Charles Xavier. When asked about a surname he chose to adopt the name of the leaders of the Alpha Flight who had treated him with such warmth years ago. The Hudsons are unaware they've adopted a stray. Logan does not know his birth name.

As for the timeline: Logan lived as ‘James Howlett’ for nearly two centuries until he awoke without his prior memories in the wilderness in 2017. He spent three years in the care of Alpha Flight before coming to the states and meeting Charles Xavier. He was on an on-again-off-again associate, ally and member of the X-Men up til his departure ten months ago. He’s spent that time wandering around the northeastern United States without any particular goal or destination in mind, drinking himself into a stupor and finding a new shithole to sleep in every night.

I'm going to keep Logan's supporting cast small as we begin. It may grow larger as his story progresses, but I don't wish to claim too many mutant NPCs given how much interest there is in the X-Men and their many associates this game. I hope to work closely with those players and perhaps we may share a number of supporting characters in the future.

S A M P L E P O S T:

P O S T C A T A L O G:

A list linking to your IC posts as they're created. This can be used for a reference guide to your character or to summarize completed arcs and stories.
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C A R O L D A N V E R S / C A R - E L L A V E N G E R S P A C E

C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

Since awakening strange cosmic powers from a device called the Psyche-Magnetron, Carol Danvers has done her best to do right by the people of Earth–and anyone in the greater cosmos that doesn’t have someone to protect them. It’s been a tough job, but it has been her duty.

The years since the Chitauri Invasion of Earth have not been easy. After helping fend off the alien invasion, Carol found herself as one of the central members of a defensive initiative that would come to be known as the Avengers. However, as the years would come and go Carol would find herself struggling to deal with her own mental alacrity and her role as a protector of Earth when her Kree heritage dragged her several galaxies away at a time, dealing with crisis after crisis. Some of them inherent to the danger of Earth and some of them not. It begs the question as she gets older, a question that has been asked by her friends in the United States military. How can she be the protector of Earth when she’s three galaxies away solving an intergalactic crisis or fending off a cosmic horror?


The last time I played Carol Danvers she was mostly relegated to Earth stories and I’ve been in a particular science fiction sort of mood in recent weeks. As I’m getting back into a writing groove I’m hoping this won’t come across too clumsy as well. I’ve looked at some of the modern rewrites with Carol between the 616 and MCU as well as thought about how I’d interpret some of her rogues, their space empires, and everything inbetween. As it appears we are getting a few space-faring heroes this’ll also allow me to not be completely isolated going forward.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

I'm not particularly good most of the time at planning fifteen arcs in advance, so consider that most of the below will be constantly developing as ideas come-and-go and as they happen in my posts throughout the role-play.

S A M P L E P O S T:

The following is something I just decided to draw up, haha:

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I L L Y A N A R A S P U T I N A E X - D A U G H T E R O F B E L A S C O W A R D O F T H E S O R C E R O R S U P R E M E
C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

"For many years a man named Belasco tried to bury me. But I demanded to grow."

At the age of six Illyana Rasputina found herself taken from her comfy home at her family's farm in Russia, and transported to the fiery hellscape that is the realm of Limbo. There she found herself imprisoned by the man known as Belasco, who claimed her as his daughter. There she spent the next seven years of her life, with her tormentor turning Illyana into his cursed weapon. He trained her in the arcane arts, corrupting her soul and drawing her deeper into his clutches. His downfall came however when he attempted to teach her the art of creation magic. Illyana's own life force energy formed the Soulsword, a powerful weapon that gave Illyana enough power to use her sorcery to escape from Limbo and return to the mortal world.

As a teenager raised in the depths of purgatory, Illyana struggled to readjust to life, turning away from her family, as well as other mutant safe-havens, and venturing off on her own. During this time, she caught the attention of one Stephen Strange, this realm's Sorcerer Supreme for the last 15 years. Having traced her from the magical energy she had been exerting, he took her in, giving her a home at the Sanctum Sanctorum. There she became his ward, honing the magical abilities Belasco had so brutally engraved into her. She sheathed her Soulsword, no longer needing the blade, and instead formed a new extension of her soul; the Soulstaff.

She has been in Strange's care for a few months now, with the Sorcerer Supreme only recently deciding to begin to bring her along on some of his mystical cases.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

I'm aware I've done this before, but I do plan to take this concept in a slightly different direction this time. I want to focus a bit more on the dynamic of Magik and Strange, with the duo working on a series of magical cases, which can allow for some potentially fun collaborations with other players. Given Magik's status as a mutant, I also hope I can collaborate with some of the other X-Men players in the future.

Following are the key characters I intend to make use of:

Doctor Stephen Strange: The current Sorcerer Supreme, Strange became a surrogate father and teacher to Illyana after her time in Limbo, helping her hone her magical abilities. He has operated as the Sorceror Supreme for about 15 years, although initially, this was a secret to anyone not within the magical community. His first public appearance was during the Chituri invasion where he assisted in the fight within New York. Whilst he has assisted the Avengers on a few occasions, he kept to himself over the years, avoiding the public eye as best as he could.

Wong: Doctor Strange's loyal assistant, Wong runs and cares for the Sanctum Sanctorum. This loyalty extended to Illyana once she made the Sanctum her home, and in time a friendship between the two blossomed.

Belasco: A being of pure hate, Belasco is the ruler of Limbo and the being who trapped Illyana there for the majority of her childhood.

Following are characters who whilst I am planning on using/interacting with, I am by no means claiming as my own. If some of these are claimed, I would love to possibly collaborate in the future!

Piotr Rasputin AKA Colossus

Megan Gwynn AKA Pixie

Parker Robbins AKA The Hood

More to follow...

S A M P L E P O S T:

P O S T C A T A L O G:

This section is not necessary, but a procedural listing of your linked posts will make it much easier and more convenient for all involved.
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C L I N T B A R T O N R E T I R E D B R O O K L Y N E X - A V E N G E R
C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

"I got a killshot with a single arrow on an armored space whale from five city blocks away. You think the god of thunder could do that?"

The basic premise of this iteration of Clint Barton taking on the Ronin identity is to focus on the archer becoming more than just a goofy Avengers mascot. This version of Clint Barton served in the FBI briefly, working as a special agent to bring down the Circus of Crime. His undercover work was interrupted by the Chitauri invasion, and Hawkeye was part of the strike team that took down the Mother ship. He became a symbol within the Avengers, and did a lot of PR work for the superhero team. But as anti-mutant sentiment rose, and Clint nearly died in the fight against Gravitron, Hawkeye formally retired. He put away the bow, took a serious cash payout, and retired to Brooklyn.

Of course, that's not where Clint's story ends. Crime is rising in New York and the surrounding area, and a death in the Maggia has smaller gangs crawling out from hiding. When ninja bikers and carney assassins come knocking, Clint has to answer the call.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

  • Lucky the Pizza Dog - The best damn Golden Retriever in NYC, if not the world.
  • Bobbi Morse (Agent 19) - Shield Agent, total badass, and Clint Barton's emergency contact.
  • Barney Barton - Former circus carney and criminal, currently on parole and working various odd jobs.

  • The Claws - A small time biker gang operating around Brooklyn, led by a man called "Bobcat".
  • The Clown - A vicious mercenary, contracted to take out enemies of the Maggia. Seems to have a personal interest in the Bartons.
  • Crossfire - A mercenary working with the Maggia, but with connections to Cross Technologies
  • Dillon Zarro - Right hand man of the Claws with a rap sheet longer than a CVS receipt.
  • The Death Throws - The remnants of the Circus of Crime have fallen into an uneasy peace with the Maggia, but operate around Coney Island. They are now led by Jacques DuQuesne.
  • Jacques DuQuesne (Swordsman) - Former mentor to Barney and Clint Barton, and long time member of the Circus of Crime. Has always managed to just narrowly avoid getting implicated in any former crimes of the Circus.
  • Maynard Tidbolt (Ringmaster) - The imprisoned leader of the Circus of Crime. Known to be a mutant capable of hypnotizing others if they look into his eyes.

S A M P L E P O S T:

P O S T C A T A L O G:

This section is not necessary, but a procedural listing of your linked posts will make it much easier and more convenient for all involved.
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D U C H A M P : M A N T L E O F
T H E M O O N ' S K N I G H T

J E A N - P A U L D U C H A M P R E S T A U R A T E U R
N E W Y O R K U N A F F I L I A T E D / F O R M E R L Y L . E & D . G . S . E
C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

"Marc told me death was boring. The man had no taste, but in this case I'll trust his review."

Jean-Paul DuChamp joined the French Foreign Legion as part of the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment as a sniper, rising to the Section de Tireurs d'Elite (STE). He found himself having a whirlwind romance, first with a young pilot named Phillippe, actually on loan with the 62nd Air Force Escadre for Helicopters with no transport escadre pilots available to spare, and then with the nature of flight itself, where Duchamp discovered that his steady hands worked just as well behind the helm as they did behind a rifle and that he far preferred flying aircraft than jumping out of them.

Over the following months he was able to log enough hours to get his pilot's licenses both in standard fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, in addition to his other intense training. It was a labour of love.

Phillippe would be recalled back to active duty and Jean-Paul would never speak to him again. He would receive only a package with his Air Force pilot's cap, and a letter explaining that his family would never understand their love.

His unique set of combined skills saw him fall into the interest of the DGSE, who had been called upon to provide EXFILT for an allied mission in South America. In preperation he was taught a number of espionage and counter-espionage techniques.

The mission saw the extraction of one Raoul Bushman, a hyper-violent mercenary from the African nation of Burundi who was being used to foment dissent and train locals against a dictator against Western interests. The mission was written off when Bushman went AWOL, tiring of training villagers and assassinated and decapitated the dictator himself, his head found prominently mounted on a flagpole. Orders were to remove Bushman and sever all potential involvement. This could be done more easily with a bullet, but instead with the aid of a former U.S Marine with C.I.A ties by the name of Marc Spector, the pair was able to remove Bushman from the field with minimal bloodshed.

The pair would soon find the bullet would have been simpler and better all around.

Bushman had a line on a revenue-stream robbing, pillaging and "offering protection" to local archaeologists, Western journalists and aid workers out-of-their-depth in Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan. Wanting to pay the pair back, and always looking for able bodied warriors, he invited them to tag along and take a cut of this month's take.

This once again went FUBAR when Raoul Bushman once again showed his barely controlled violent streak. He murdered archaeologist Dr Peter Alraune which immediately soured the mood. Duchamp and Spector could not abide the unnecesary murder, Spector confronted Bushman only to get himself stabbed, Duchamp fled as did the daughter of Dr Alraune, Marlene.

What happened next is not entirely clear. Spector himself claimed that he died, and was restored by the Ancient Egyptian god Khonshu - claiming that he did so to make him the Moon's newest avatar of vengeance.

Marlene claimed she found him at the foot of the statue shrouded in a white cloth of some kind which seemed to have aided in clotting his most severe wound, and that he'd lost quite a lot of blood.

Regardless of what really happened then and there, Spector claimed he had found new purpose, the three returned back to his American home to find that the mercenary life had agreed with Marc. He had amassed great wealth, and requested that Jean-Paul fly for him. Like Noah, he spoke of his God asking him to create a great vessel which would carry the pair of them.

Maybe it was curiosity, maybe it was infatuation... but Jean-Paul did just that. And Marc Spector would indeed become the Moon's Knight. A violent force of nature, dispatching vengeance on behalf of a beaming god, to protect those who would travel by night.

Over time Jean-Paul would find himself deeper in the darkness and madness. With his own heritage and ancestry as the "Bloodline" of the Knight's Templar, and attached his own responsibility to beating back the types of darkness they would face.

And one by one... strange foes would descend upon them from that darkness and fall. The Black Spectre, Morpheus the demon of dream, even Raoul Bushman would come back into their lives.

And all would crumble, all would fall. For who could stand against a god and a true believer?

The answer would come six years later. Another god, another true believer.

A brutish figure wearing a goat-like war mask, representing his South American god Hachezma, brutalised and murdered Marc Spector with an axe.

And just like that, the edifice fell. Jean-Paul, Marlene, Crawley, would drift apart on the winds. Until the will reading of Steven Grant would once again bind them.

Another package from a loved one who he would never speak to again.

A mask, a handgun, a truncheon and the unblemished C.I.A file of Jean-Paul Duchamp. Unredacted meant Marc had done legwork and unearthed it himself, rather than requested it by regular channels.

With it, 'Frenchie' saw how their lives intertwined, their missions one. And Jean-Paul Duchamp would don the mask, the cowl, the vestments of Khonshu's Moon Knight, even if it were for his own reasons.

The Moon's Knight is back at work, once more.

At this point, the Moon Knight has been public knowledge for a half dozen years, even if they don't know who is behind the cowl.

Jean-Paul DuChamp is using the mantle for his own purposes, to target dark and demonic forces known as the Hellbent, monsters on earth that he's seen with increasing prevalance over the past two or three years. He also fights street level crime, as it appears, but it's not his primary purpose.

Jean-Paul DuChamp has never seen nor spoken to Khonshu, the god Marc Spector believed drove him to his calling and whose bidding he felt he was doing.

Marc Spector is dead... but he's died before.

Other backstory/origin details will be added here as revealed.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

Skills and powers:
* Expert Pilot
* Elite level marksman/sniper
* Trained in hand-to-hand combat
* Trained Paratrooper
* Trained in Espionage/Counter-espionage techniques
* Expert wine connoisseur
* Capable of seeing the Hellbent - Dark forces unleashed upon our world
* Is of "The Bloodline" from the Knights Templar. Once honed it would enable him to fully take the form of any of his ancestors in their ancient unending task of eliminating the Hellbent. Presently, it takes great focus for him to merely access their memories, knowledge and on very rare occasions, skills.

* Marlene Alraune - A friend. Former lover of Marc/Steven's.
* Bertrand Crawley - A friend of Marc's Jake Lockley persona. Somewhat mysterious homeless man of New York's streets. Keeps contact with Duchamp mainly out of connection to his friend and the legacy of the Moon Knight.
* Rob Silverman - Jean-Paul's lover. Physical therapist and business partner in their restaurant.
* Gina - Diner operator, who owns and works at the diner that Crawley frequents. Well aware of the exploits of the Moon Knight, and tries to keep her two kids out of that nonsense.

* Numerous villains who'll be added as revealed.

S A M P L E P O S T:

Heels clack up the stairs to the 215th Street Station.

Linda's friends had long been telling her they couldn't believe she still took the subway at nights. "It's out in the open. It's well lit." She would reply, about the least used station in Manhattan.

Tonight, as her fingers curled around the keys in her purse, she began to have second and third thoughts on the matter.

Lights flicker and she felt a harsh wind coursing northbound, but there was no train there yet.

She felt... a presence.

In no particular sequence, the lights flickered and failed. The station gave way to the night.

Linda's breath quickened, as she desperately tried to adjust her vision to what light there was. Light cast by the full moon, standing vigil overhead.

Then, a streak of movement. A flash of silver darted across in front of her and dove, tumbling down across the subway tracks, with a thud that suggested more weight than merely a person. With a small gasp, she edged slowly across the line to peek down at the commotion on the tracks below. A white figure was throwing repeated heavy blows with some kind of silver club, before raising its head, and firing a line from somewhere within the metal club device and quickly grappling away. The subway came barrelling through and she heard a blood curdling shriek, as if from something unhuman, and a splatter of viscous liquid across the front of the train, before she stepped back away from the tracks.

She looked the silver figure but it was gone. The open subway carriage standing in brightly lit mundanity to the scene that just took place in front of her.

She quickly got onto the carriage and found herself a quiet spot to sit and contemplate everything t
she'd just seen, or thought she'd seen.

P O S T C A T A L O G:


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C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

"Bullets? Really? Do you know who I am?"

One day, Victoria Helstrom was whisked into a whirlwind romance beyond her dreams, wooed and seduced by a charismatic, charming gentleman. Their affair was passionate, but inevitably short-lived, and soon Victoria was left alone with infant twins, brother and sister, Daimon and Ana. Life from then on would be difficult, but manageable, and while they had their differences as individuals, the three held firm as a family, taking care of each other and holding love between them.

Then Daimon and Ana turned eighteen, and everything changed. Dark, powerful magic awakened within them both, and their father suddenly reappeared, not having aged a day in the near two-decades since he'd abandoned them, and he returned with momentous news: his human form was a mere illusion, and in truth he was the King of Hell, Satan, The Devil Himself, and he had come to claim Daimon and Ana and grant them their birthright as heirs to the demonic throne. Victoria, for her part, was driven mad, and while Ana - who had dreamed of achieving greatness her entire life - was more than happy to welcome such incredible power, Daimon held nothing but contempt for this presumptuous creature who had invaded his mother's life so many years ago, just to abandon his family and only return to tear it asunder once again. Unlocking his powers of magic and hellfire, Daimon waged considerable battle against his father - eventually, the demon conceded, returning to Hell without Daimon, but with Ana by his side.

In the fallout, Daimon devoted himself to occult investigation, seeking how to strike back at his father and return his sister to Earth, and in the process discovered that his father wasn't Satan at all. Instead, the pool of demons who could have sired him was broad indeed, and whoever his father really was had merely impersonated Satan in a bid to falsely fulfil the prophecy of an Antichrist, who would overthrow the ruler of Hell. Daimon and Ana had merely been pawns in a foolish game of demonic politics, and Daimon cared very little for it.

Now, Daimon works as a freelance investigator, dealing in small personal matters and occult cases, while on the side he continues his research into his true father and the safe return of his sister. Uninterested in his 'birthright' and the machinations of devils, he has little patience for the denizens of Hell who continue to pester him, or indeed anyone in general.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

S A M P L E P O S T:

Daimon was certain, more than anything previously in his still-short life, that turning eighteen wasn't supposed to entail almost any of the things that his eyes currently beheld.

The room in front of him was aflame, the walls painted with an eerie orange glow from the fires that crawled along the floor and up the walls. The blaze was already spilling from the doorframe into the upper-story landing, and soon after the entire house would be alight in an inferno that would claim nearly everything Daimon held dear to his heart; the only thing left unscathed would be Victoria, his devoted mother, but even she would be warped into a shell of the strong, steadfast women he had felt protected by his entire childhood. Within the room - his sister's room, he recalled, distinctly remembering watching the various posters and photos curling up from the corners as the flames licked at the paper.

A dark circle appeared to be burned into the floorboards, and on it stood the twisted, hellish creature that had once masqueraded as Daimon's father, a rippling figure of red flesh and stained bone. Multiple eyes, mismatched and strewn across a misshapen face that was more of beast than of man, narrowed in seething rage against his erstwhile heir. In one clawed hand the fiend held Ana, Daimon's sister, clothes scorched and face stained with tears and smoke, hanging limp in the devil's clutches.

Daimon's chest burned bright with a newly-branded pentagram, and he moved his hand to scoop out another gout of fire and heft it in his hand; the weight felt good, and the heat was a pleasant warmth against his palm, despite the warped air he could see emanating around it. He looked at his once-father; he looked at Ana, unconscious and injured; he thought of his mother, catatonic on the street. The flame ignited a brilliant blue, and he hurled the blast at the demon full-force.

This was the last thing Daimon could remember of that fateful night - the fire, his mother, Ana, all struck low by the catastrophe wreaked by an infernal devil; a devil whom, mere hours previous, had posed as their father, attempting to woo them away from their home. He had promised power, wealth, longevity, but when Daimon and Ana had protested - had put to him his failure as a father - had decried his apathetic abandonment of them and their mother - he had determined that he would take by force what they would not submit to him willingly. In the end, his father's return only served to tear asunder completely what Daimon had managed to repair in the nearly two decades since his departure: his family.

Daimon worked freelance now, his mother institutionalized, his sister abducted, no structure or alliances left to depend on. He survived, many a dark night spent pondering why - but the answer was always the same: in search of his father. In search of his sister. In search of revenge.

P O S T C A T A L O G:

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