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1 yr ago
Imagine using the status bar to post about your personal life, instead of using it to drop bad memes on people. Couldn't be me.
2 yrs ago
Ya'll fuckers ain't even ready for the lore and depth behind my name - the intricate threads of nuance would destroy your puny, mortal minds. I like writing.
2 yrs ago
Gonna dress as the whole Conservative Party. If that thing doesn't fucking count as "undead" at this point, I don't know what does.
3 yrs ago
Somebody, please, kill me before I have to see the RPG Status Bar turn into an argument over Feminism. I don't think the Guild can handle anymore issues at present, let alone Feminism.
4 yrs ago
Playing Alien Isolation for the first time. NOW I REMEMBER WHY I HATE HORROR GAMES!


I resonate with this sexual icon.

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@Rithas Accepted, feel free to move em over.

@Guy0fV4lor@Ithradine@Frettzo@KoL@vancexentan@TheMushroomLord@addamas@Not Fungus For your leisure:
Feel free to join, feel free to not if you don't want to or don't like Discord. Anything or major importance put within will be clarified or added somewhere in the OOC after the fact, so if Discord isn't your cup of tea, don't feel obligated to join so as to remain within the loop.
@Ithradine@KoL@Vancexentan@Not Fungus@TheMushroomLord@addamas@Frettzo@Guy0fV4lor So everyone is aware, I intend to start the IC come next week, giving time for the remaining individuals to complete their sheets before applications are closed and we get moving.

Addamas brought this up a while earlier, but for the sake of receiving everyone's input, how would each of you feel about the creation of a Discord? Obviously one isn't exactly necessary, but if people think it would be useful, especially while we wait for the remaining sheets to be created in order to maintain a sense of activity, then I can get right on that.
@Frettzo All the Return By Death users are humans, hailing from our Earth in the modern day. Outside of the rules of the world, this is probably the thing I am most firm on in the whole Roleplay. The why for that will be explained later down the line, but for now we'll say that it is due to the circumstances behind the group being summoned.
@TheMushroomLord Clear for take off, send her over.

@Frettzo No waiting list or anything; with the number of people we have accepted versus the number of people who have expressed interest, an additional player is both welcomed and encouraged. Let me know if you have any questions.
@KoL Apologies for the delay, you're good to go. Though expect some trouble down the line, that much raw potential doesn't come without its costs.

@Not Fungus Seems like a nice kid, I'm excited to ruin him. You're good to go too.

@Icy Hot Giving you a boop in case you didn't see that the OOC was live.
@Ithradine If you want to do that, then I won't stop you; having multiple Affinities is possible, just very rare. That said, at worst he will be unable to use magic, and at best he'll be able to cast a single, incredibly weak spell, and then be completely out of mana for hours if not days. Due to the unique circumstances of the Return By Death group, it is possible to increase letter grading through training, but with such low stats, it'll be difficult to even find someone willing to train him, and in the scenario he does, the training required to improve such a weak Gate will inflict a heavy strain on both his body and soul.

Like I said above, you're free to go with that concept if you please, but there are and will be consequences in the grand scheme of the roleplay, in a similar way to those that can be incurred through starting with incredibly high stats.
@addamas You're solid, get em over.

@Ithradine Magical Affinities are determined essentially at birth. They are a fundamental aspect of the Soul, which the Gate is apart of, so it's not really possible to change an Affinity, nor is it possible for an Affinity to be "hidden" - a person with the ability to check your Affinity will see all the ones you possess, pretty much no matter what. In the same vein, you don't exactly "unlock" your Affinity, since it's with you from birth, you just learn how to use your Gate and cast magic. What you're born with is what you get, and there's no way to change that, outside of some exceptional methods that I won't mention yet.
I realised that I didn't give a proper explanation as to what each of the six magical elements cover overall in their specialisation. It'd still be worth ya'll knowing what specifically the various magics govern, even though the nuance and spells therein will be elaborated upon further by whatever teacher you acquire. That's been added now, in the first paragraph of the Magic section.
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