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Sora "Shi" Yoshiyuki

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Zonbigōsuto "Wrecker" Kyūketsuki, Bisuto Ketsu, "Wrecker", "Needlepoint"

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Kristian “Void” Resnick

Alias: Void

Faction: Ghoul

Age: 16

He’s obviously not from around here. Except he won’t say where he came from, perhaps too afraid that someone would contact his parents. Though something’s might not entirely lineup anyway. How did he get here from somewhere else and aimlessly wander the Tokyo streets?

Still he is a fragile child who clearly came from somewhere rough. He doesn’t seem to hold any skills that say he was taught to adjust to a social life. He seems timid, shy around strangers. But he’s a genuine compassionate boy. Or so you believe, but the expression he holds sometimes is it sadness or madness? You’re not entirely sure.

He chooses to wear an assortment of clothes that make him look like a fragile Ghoul Prince, suit jackets and uniforms it give him a rather professional demeanor despite only being sixteen. His voice is a quiet gentle touch. It is appealing and meek, he rarely raises his voice to any other higher octave. Tender and sweet almost like petals brushing across your cheek. There is something rather comforting about the way he speaks.

He’s a rather short boy though at 5’4” and weighing a stark one hundred pounds he is thin as fragile as willow branches. His skin a porcelain white, the albino’s danger is the sun’s harsh beams. He also seems to have some photosensitive in his non ghoul eye. Blinded by sudden bright lights on that side.

Then there is the strange tattoo that is marked into his skin. The origins are unknown. He doesn’t say much about it. Says he has had it since he was a child.

The Mask - Enigma

Just as Kristian himself seems to be an Enigma to others, his mask is a spiraling design that leads to many to guess the individual behind it. The white mask says, I exist in nothingness as much as his own name does. The shy and timid young individual you often see, seems to fade away. He seems more confident and more confident in his own skills. Where he gained the skills he has is all, but a mystery hidden behind that spiraling, collapsing mask.

Kagune - Blooming Rinkaku

Before you is a beautiful Rinkaku like no other, maybe it isn’t a Rinkaku, could it possibly be a Koukaku? No you’re not sure. Behind him are the beautiful petals of a rose, that act like a shield to protect him. His Rinkaku doesn’t seem near as delicate as others, but it’s still more fragile than a Koukaku.

While the petals act like floral shields, the thorns are what strike an enemy a short distance away. It is beautiful. It doesn’t seem natural at all.

Who is he? Or maybe you’re just over thinking it all.


Despite his meek appearance, Kristian can and is capable of taking care of himself. As it seems to be something he was doing before he was picked up by those in Ward 8. Which speaks volumes for the intelligence Kristian is capable of expressing at times. It can be at times unnerving to some considering his age in comparison to his intellect.

Kristian comes at sometimes someone much older than what he appears and while this makes many people his age trust him. Some adult don’t trust him because how can someone at sixteen be this mature and this young at the same time. He’s generally a compassionate and genuine person. He doesn’t seem to go out and hurt other people. In fact he remains virtually loyal to them.

Which wouldn’t be a problem if he actually spoke about his history with some of the adults. Some take that quiet nature to mean he’s hiding something, when he’s just generally a quiet soul. He doesn’t like to start conflict or start arguments with other people.

He feels it’s not his place since he is not the one leading anyone and is more than willing to take a backseat in those situations. He sees he is in debt to Ward 8 and will do what he can for them. He’s not a dishonorable individual and respects others.

He seems to have difficulty controlling his urges, especially blood lust when killing, but looks to be seeking the older members for advice and help.


Counter Striker -

Kristian is an extremely agile mover, he is quick in battle and seems to employ a tactic of “taking someone else’s power and throwing it back at them”. Meaning he fights on the defensive and waits for the right moment to employ a counter strike. The counter strike is often at times lethal and exploits his enemies weaknesses the best. He is quick and efficient in scoping out these details in a small fraction of the time that it takes his enemies to figure him out.

Sword Fighter -

It seems to be only a weapon he implements against his human enemies? Why does he even have it? He implements the sword fighting skill in nearly the same way as his counter strike movement. It’s fluid, flowing and sweeping. Hard to read and is meant to assess where to exploit his enemy next.

Green Thumb -

An exceptional green thumb plants seem to thrive in his company. In his spare time he likes to water and take care of plants. It’s the one task that seems to ease any form of paranoia or anxiety he may experience. His dream would one day to start a garden.


How does one know they exist? How does one come into existence? Voices echo through nothingness as your ears are filled with your own heartbeat. The sound of your own lungs. And when you come into this world, when you finally Exist the world is loud, screeching, and bright.

Life dares you to exist, to accept the challenge of Existing. Then a man whose voice you only recognized in the void of your own existence, snatches you up and thrust you into the hardships of life. Life dares you to Live and Exist. But how does one exist? How does one come into existence?

When you’re weak and vulnerable. Cold. And blinded. All you have are the basics of your existence. Hunger. Weaknesses. And a drive to exist when you don’t even know what that existence is. You don’t know why you want to live, but it is a biological drive that is embedded somewhere deep in your DNA.


Just his sword for now. Who he calls The Thorn.
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Name: Yoko Rokkaku
Alias: Kit
Faction: Human
Age: 15
Personality: Kit is shy and paranoid 24/7. They don't trust anyone and prefers to lurk in the shadows when they do leave the house. When they do go to work with a family friend, Yamada, who runs a hair salon they always seem so happy and carefree
Appearance: Kit is about 5'6 and is able to rock a skirt and baggy shorts since they or genderfluid but goes by male pronouns. They normally wear whatever they grab and style around it so really even he doesn't know what he'll be that day.

History: Her father was a Special Class Investigator according to Yamada and "One hell of a man" if that meant anything but it explains why she has always been different. Her mother raised Kit by herself after her father went out and never came home. Her mother made sure that Kit was feed and homeschooled so that no one would become concerned about Kit since he doesn't eat. Her mother introduced her to Yamada when she was ten after he started to be more feminine think that a male influence in their life would help them to find who they are easier and said that if anything ever happens to go to him. Currently, he is dating an Investigator so Kit's always trying to learn stuff about her father through him.

  • Graffiti art
  • Sneak attacking
  • Staying quite
  • Braiding hair

Equipment: A hand full of bobby pins, a lollipop she buys from the corner store every Wednesday just in case, his favorite pair of hair scissors, and a random stress toy that's shaped like a Pac-man ghost.
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Mei Cheng

Name: Mei Cheng
Alias: Fenghuang
Faction: Ghoul
Age: 32
Personality: Cynical, jaded and world-weary, Mei delights in small doses of daily poison and barbs towards young people and ghouls, expressing delight in using words to get a rise out of people. She seldom does it with utmost vile intentions, as indeed beneath her acidic words there is hard earned wisdom. Mei has always been a person with insight and thought, and unlike many ghouls, with enough self-control to not succumb to the base appetites of her kind. Past her thorny exterior lies however a heartbroken woman, who once tried to make rights out of wrongs and set herself free of the destructive spiral that was Ghouls versus the CCG, and instead tried to easen the faults of the world little by little. One too many disappointments, however, have soured her mood, and while she still is to a degree, selfless and compassionate, she is however no fool and does not put faith in people easily. Mei considers combat the last option, and as such, she is equally fierce and throughout when it comes to it, preferring to employ all kinds of tactics, no matter how un-ghoul-like they might seem to win the upper hand.

If there is a way to make Mei go absolutely nuclear, it is mentioning her actual age.

Appearance: Mei looks like a comely, yet modestly endowed youthful woman of average stature, dark hair and hazel eyes. Looking no older than 20 something, she has a lithe but firm body, a hallmark of a frugal lifestyle. While most of the time she dresses in comfortable scrubs and white coat, she is known to be fairly fashion conscious and wears form-fitting chinese clothes when socializing.

As Fenghuang, she wears a richly decorated beaked mask made in brass and that somehow bears a resemblance to a plague doctor's mask. She also wears the same kind of elegant dresses, complementing the two wings of her Ukaku Kagune, which resembles a couple of iridiscent, wings that fan out considerably, with sharp feather-like crystaline tips, very much like the bird of legend. These feather-daggers can be shot or be plucked for impromptu weapons.

History: Mei was born in Henan province, China to a couple of semi-wandering chinese ghouls. Far off from rather big people gatherings, the couple had a frugal and strictly survival attitude to life, content with scavenging a corpse here and there, and emphasizing living a life of self-control and stoicism. The proximity of Mount Song, home to the fabled Shaolin Monastery not only influenced Mei's philosophy. Before long, her own parents also taught her martial arts, a must for a wandering ghoul to fend off hostilities. But Mei felt it was not enough, and she was afflicted deeply with wanderlust. The routine her parents followed did not suit her youthful vigor, and in an alarming lack of wisdom, she let herself be recruited in the Chi She Lian.

Having quite the punch and the training, as well as serving as delightful eye-candy for the more senior members, Mei however had an epiphany among the sea of violence and bloodlust that the organization entailed. Eyeing at her peers, whose self control was sometimes practically nil, she started little by little to feel disgusted by her actions and that of her peers. She narrowly dodged a bullet, as she left the organization before it could be wiped out by a combined effort by the Chinese Government and the CCG. Aimlessly, she sought a way to redeem her self and find a new calling.

She found it in the most unlikely circumstances. Mei realized that her insight was not ordinary, and her mind was not either, and she tried to have a shot at academics. The hurdles for a barely literate ghoul were great, but with her discipline and capabilities, she knocked them one by one. She chose to branch out in medicine as a calling, both to heal instead of harming, and to understand the relations of ghouls and humans from a biological point of view even better. After graduating top of her class in a rather modest Chinese university (to avoid being discovered as a ghoul by the authorities), she quickly joined the organization of Doctors without Borders, in order to test her skills at making the world better (all while visiting countries where the government was weaker and thus no pressure over ghouls could be exerted, plus lots of dead bodies to scavenge for food). She kept this tenure for years, and Fenghuang, the fierce Ukaku ghoul seemed to disappear into the realm of unknowns, with sporadic sightings on third world countries and war zones, with no clear connection. What is more, her appearances seemed to indicate she was, for the lack of a better term, "protecting" human charges and ghoul alike. A year ago or so, while Mei was pondering how she was aging all alone, she met her soulmate during a certain Hurricane disaster relief.

A fellow smartass japanese ghoul named Takao, who usually worked as a sailor but saw the chances for a quick snack among the piles of dead bodies, was the one who smote Mei's heart. Both of them quickly grew attached to eachother, Mei's level headedness with Takao's rogue antics and easygoing attitude, and both decided they would start a new life together in his home, Tokyo. Things did not go as planned, however, as by the time Mei had reached the city, Takao had been killed by the CCG. Heartbroken and without a plan, she now drags her feet around Ward 8, trying to puzzle out what to do with her life after such a sudden loss.

  • Gifted Physician: Mei has an outstanding intellect as a ghoul, and she has put it to good use learning the human body and its ailments, as well as the ghoul body. Her hands can give life anew...or they can it with a single, well place cut or swipe. Ghouls need not to abide by the Hyppocratic Oath.
  • Kagune Control: Mei has a good grasp at using her Ukaku kagune, and is able to produce shards of projectiles which can be used as improptu knives instead of being thrown, with the aided bonus of eliminating the taxing stamina drain that projectile shots cause. Her surgery-tested pulse also guarantees accuracy when cutting and throwing.
  • Wing-Chun: She does not even need a Kagune to kick asses and take names. Her sharp knowledge of the chinese martial arts couple with her ghoul speed and strength makes an effective combo.
  • Salvager: Due to her past and her knowledge of anatomy, Mei is good at handling corpses and finding edible parts in them.
  • Polygloth: She speaks Mandarin and English in addition to Japanese
  • Pole Dancing: Don't even ask about this one.

Equipment: A cellphone, wallet, sometimes a doctor's bag if she feels inclined to heal someone. Her mask if need be.
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Sasaki Mika

“The Beautiful Blossom”

Idol Name: Himehana

Faction: Human - Ghoul Sympathizer

Age: 19

“Ara iyada! There’s so many people outside of my apartment. Eeee.”


While her appearances changes over the course of her photoshoots and the covers of her albums or the concerts she’ll be performing in. Somethings don’t change for the 5’3, 160cm, young female. She’s beautiful with red near auburn hair, and golden irises.

Most already say she smells beautiful and sweet, though they may be simply a creepy fanbase. Her wardrobe mostly consist of many different outfits that paint an illustration of how her day is going to go.

Her weight will be known by no one and she refuses to give it. So this information has been lost to anyone wanting to know. Instead she will distract you with her clothesline, that were also designed for her different albums.

Sometimes a girl has to put on an outfit that makes her feel like a badass. This outfit is one of those outfits. With a cute button down white shirt, she pairs with a purple vest that is connected by a chain. She wears a black skirt with a plaid purple pattern, black stockings, and cute black buckle shoes. She wore this outfit when performing with the Star Prince in the See Lights Music video.

Taking inspirations from the west, but adding her own interpretations of her outfit this outfit is considered her most prized and most beautiful. At least according to the magazines. It paired well with her songs with an eastern flair.

Just a Girl at the End of the Day

When she’s not getting dressed up for a shoot, or a music video. She is just an ordinary girl. Who prefers frilly dresses with some Western influences.


Mika is not a mean girl, in fact she’s generally a nice girl. A rarity these days when it comes to the idol business. She’s often busy helping other people to improve their lives. She is often very genuine which makes others hate her because that sweet temperament that shows up on cameras is not a dishonest lie they can manipulate.

She sticks up for others when she feels she has to. And doesn’t care too much for fighting with others. She has an extremely nurturing and maternal side to her that makes others feel comfortable with her. The only negative thing most people will complain about is her obsessive nature and taking people as her new dolls. Well some say they feel like dolls.

She doesn’t do it out of any malice, being a naturally creative and inspired young woman she tends to let her passion get the best of her. She has a habit of making people who might not want it outfits and then taking photos of them. Which makes her seem a bit voyeuristic. Honestly if she does it is a compliment about you. But most view it with negativity and shun her for such an attitude.

She can also sometimes be a hopeless romantic at times. Turning down many men who have tried to court her, in hopes she will instead find her prince charming. She seeks and hopes for a fairy tale ending. And day dreams about finding herself the prince that she feels wholeheartedly connected to body and soul.

She has a horrible habit of spending money on others. She isn’t trying to buy them with money, though again some people might interpret her behaviors that way. Honestly she hates seeing people who she loves and cares for hurt, so she tries ways, sometimes extravagant ways, to cheer them up anyway she can.

She loves strawberry flavored anything and loves the color pink.


Her Purse - which contains;

A tube of shiny pink lipstick

A wallet

A cellphone

And emergency thread and needles. You never know when you’ll need to sew something back up.


Dancing - She is an exceptional choreographed dancer. Who knows several styles from hip hop to more contemporary styles of dancing

Music Composition - She is exceptional at musical production. This includes creating the sounds for the music, writing the lyrics, and editing it all together.
Fashion Designer - She is good with a sewing needle and even a sewing machine. All her outfits she has designed herself and she takes commissions to make other people outfits. Her outfits are one of a kind. Sometimes she makes outfits for people she truly adores.


People will always talk, now that she’s in the spotlight it will always seem like they want to talk negatively to put her down someway or another. The story goes that she was born in Gaienmea in May to a model Sasaki Natsumi, while her father was a businessman in another industry. They use to call her their spring child and she commuted to a nice school.

It is why it was such a shock when the famous Sasaki Natsumi and her wealthy husband Sasaki Jin were found murdered in their own home. The family lived happily together in a rather expensive penthouse and at the time Natsumi and her husband were criticized for their exceptional wealth by disgruntled individuals stuck in the poverty bubble.

Natsumi did what she could help, but she had a fashion career to chase. Plus two children, her younger brother Masato and herself. Both went to different private schools, one for girls, and the other for boys. Both parents believing it would keep their children on the straight and narrow.

When Mika was ten her family home was invaded. The reports never got it straight the motivations of the invaders. Some say it was a robbery that had gone wrong. While other reports said it was political activist fed up with the wealthy living it large. Whatever it may be the young Mika was witnessed to the massacre of her family slaughtered by angry men. Human men.

She would have bit the dust if not for a Ghoul coming to her rescue at the time. That Ghoul she would later find out to be Alice. Devoured and ripped the men apart in front of her eyes. Mika too terrified or paralyzed to move from the scenes of butchery she had witnessed.

The Ghoul offered to take her with her. Mika hadn’t really anything to fear about them. Since she was a kid no Ghoul had ever really bothered her, though she was never certain whether or not she had ever met a Ghoul.

There was something about Mika that made her smell impossibly wonderful, but taste exceptionally like garbage. Something about her sense seemed to put Ghouls at ease. Most of them in her presence have always appeared awfully quite tame.

The past isn’t something Mika likes to recall. It’s not that she doesn’t have any mercy nor is that she is lacking grief. But she chose to move on because the world is bloody and is going to get bloodier. But people like to bring up her past to put her effort and hardwork down.

She used the name given to her Sasaki to rise from her bloody fall and rise to fame by her own merits. She wishes to show the same kindness to Ghouls and Ghouls have shown to her. She wishes people couldn’t see what made Monsters were not if they were Ghouls or Humans, but whether or not they were good or bad people who made good or bad decisions.

Knowing Alice for as long as she has Mika has been given special task to design the mask for the Ghouls. She spends time visiting them in the coffee shop and even making them outfits they might like or boad them some kind of confidence..
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Oda Natsuya

Alias: Kyubi

Age: 25

There is grace and poise about Natsuya more so than others, he walks with elegance, his steps are light and are often unheard. He steps out of the shadows as if he commands them and entertains his admirers and enemies alike that he might be entirely the monster many think they are. Often given odd looks as he chooses to wear traditional Japanese clothing.

Traditionally when he’s not on a job, when is he never on a job, his casual clothing consist of many wafuku clothing. Hakamas with kimonos, hanten or other styles of coats depending on the weather. With geta often when he is not fighting.

When he is fighting or on duty he often wears karusan-bakama, with waraji, shinguards, and an armored kimono top with tekkou.

His mask is less a traditional fox mask than others, choosing for it to appear just like the dog’s head, with wide ears, one of them has been clearing missing, and a veil.

His hair is black and often decorated with different types of hair decorations when he isn’t on the job. He stands about 5’7”, 170 cm, and weighs around 120 pounds, 54 kg. He tends to have one side of his hair longer than the other, and his irises are blue with a limbal ring of yellow.

His Bikaku is that of Nine tails like that of the Kyubi beast of myth. While Natsuya might not be as fast as a Rinkaku, or Ukaku, he has some benefits of tails. Such as constricting and holding down his prey. He also isn’t as restricted with movement as other Bikaku might be considering he has nine appendages to chose from.

When bodyguarding Mika out in public during her tours and concerts, Honda Ayumi her manager has asked Natsuya to wear modern clothing.


Natsuya is a quiet a soul, he doesn’t say much, doesn’t speak out of turn. Actually most of the time he’s a quiet old soul. Which creeps some people out because while he’s not near as hot blooded as many of these young people are these days. In fact most might joke that he might as well be an old man stuck in a young man’s body. All that handsome youth he has in his face is often betrayed by his my pace attitude.

Not to say he isn’t efficient at his job, in fact he is quite efficient at what he does. Reliable and resourceful he is often best used as a spymaster ironically considering his kagune of birth. When Natsuya is working he can become quite ice cold to others, but that’s mainly because he’s focusing on the task at hand.

Though he doesn’t say much even when he isn’t working. He often likes to converse through task. Some of his favorite past times when he’s not on the prowl, are flower arrangements. A task he was taught by a pseudo mother figure. Despite have no use for silverware, he likes to set the tables and likes to fold the napkins on the table for the Birdcage if Alice allows him.

Meanwhile, he also likes to play shogi and often when he gets the time he plays at local shops. He finds it peculiar, but something familiar.

Though not everything you see is what you get with Natsuya. Being raised in the strict environment he grew up and picking up on the things he has picked up. Strict schedules and holding people to their promises is a must and an expectation. Anyone who doesn’t uphold their promises loses his respect.

He also has a distaste for the noisy music of the current century and he also doesn’t like the way the youth conducts themselves. While most people try to laugh this off as his elderly tendencies coming in, there is a slight antagonistic viewpoint Natsuya has about it. Though his current job protecting Mika has made him ease up a little on the animosity towards “rebel youth culture”.


Cellphone - Case provided by Mika as a thank you gift

Folding Fan - as seen in his appearance

Shogi Pieces - it’s clear in the felt bag where he carries his pieces, that someone had carved the symbols of the pieces into them. They hold significant meaning because they were gifts.

Satchel - with pens, notebooks, and textbooks. He has decided that on his spare time he would like to educate himself.


Ninetail Judo -

Natsuya grew up wrestling with his brothers and sisters, mainly his brothers. The techniques he would learn would be attached to the martial arts known as judo. Being a rather slow medium pace Kagune he learned in time to extend his Judo practice of takedowns, pins, and powerful chokeholds to extend to his kagune as well. Using some tails to subdue with pins, takedowns, even chokeholds if he so wishes, and other tails to cut if survivability is not a concern. Natsuya is deadly in battle, but he is also known to show restraint when need be with his arrange of non lethal takedowns if ordered.

Cold reading -

Natsuya is very good at picking up people, he’s learned to read their body language and make general guesses about them based on the way they dress, or the way they present themselves. In this manner he tends to use the technique of scammers and mentalist, in order to make estimate assumptions of a person to direct them towards the answer he is looking for.

Florisity -

While Shogi might be a hobby of his, Natsuya tends to do better at floral arrangements. Something he spent hours sitting with his mother figure doing. He would spend hours with the right color coordination and the volume of flowers. Sometimes Natusya extends this to the vases of flowers in the Birdcage or working part time at the floral shop whenever they need help. Natsuya has an eye or a gift, or so believes the floral lady at the flower shop that he tends to help out.


The Oda family is an old name and an even older bloodline. Mostly of Humans, though old stories tell tales of Ghouls who lived among them. The Oda family were a prevalent name in not only the Edo period, but extended well into the Meiji period.

Though mainly only to be talked about as a family of darkness, satan worshipers, and monster tales of strangers in the night. All though very much true. The Oda family viewed the Ghouls as something to be worshiped or revered, not feared. They saw the Ghouls as being sent to Humans to wipe away the impure.

The Oda family watching decades and eras change a way of life ingrained in their bloodline as a spiritual family for a long time living in a secluded shrine visited by only the truly faithful. They retreated and began different religious practices in hopes to gain a better future in the afterlife.

Ghouls were often protected by the Oda family, said to come to the family estate and shrine for protection and well treatment. Sacrificial rites were made in their name, as a way to clean the impure and uncleaned.

The ones who abandoned tradition for a more “modern” life. Girls mainly would go missing, ones seen as as impure. Eventually the village the family watched over was fedup enough with the Oda family, that they were attacked. In hopes to rid the family and the ghouls.

But the family legacy lived on for countless of decades. Hidden away in the mountains. No one dared venture to the shrine or the estate. Till they became more than an old wives tale or some kind of myth or legend. They were attacked several times by angry villagers, upset mothers and fathers. And saw great losses in their family members in that time.

Then during the World Wars the family saw a few years of peace as Japan rebuilt itself turning more and more modern before their eyes. Destroy every tradition they valued.

Natsuya was born in the modern era, as the family called it, in May just as spring was beginning to touch the Japanese countryside. He was born in an estate with no modern lighting, or modern accessories. Everything was done the way it had been done for countless years. Him and his brothers and sisters, some human, other ghouls, but all considered family under one name despite being more like cousins, brothers, sisters, uncles, and aunts.

The family was relying on their Recruiters, brave souls willing to go the city that disgusted them so much in order to bring gullible youthful individuals to the estate under the guise. Some promise that they would never actually keep. These individuals were considered impure, young men or woman who acted in rebellious anarchy ways that the family had so much disdain for.

As more young men and woman went missing, the more an investigation was set out to track where these individuals went.

In the meantime Natsuya was raised by the woman of the house. Not everyone had a singular individual mother, but instead they were ladies of the houses. Which seemed to rather betray their traditional way of life.

The house is where he was taught many things. From the martial arts his fathers taught him, practiced with his brothers and sisters. To spending quiet evenings relaxing with his aunt to set the floral arrangements for the house dinners.

Life then was strict, routine, there was an expectation that you were some kind of precious treasured individual when you were a Ghoul. Expected festivals. Expected celebrations no one else in the world had. All which would be shattered when the family was finally hit by the one power that could outright destroy them, the Government.

More specifically the CCG who ran investigations of the missing modern men and woman. The family finally may have met their match. At first fighting back the CCG. The lack of modern equipment or modern toolery was probably their downfall as the CCG had tools and utility clearly updated whenever there was a new breakthrough.

Few escaped. Some were arrested. Others killed for their resistance. And Natsuya was one of the escaped. One of the family Recruiters at that time had loose, loose connections or ties with someone who might know how to contact an Alice.

That contact did contact Alice and Natsuya was brought to her fold. That was only six years ago. Natsuya current main task has been to keep Mika safe.

For the last few years Alice and Natsuya have had a romantic passion, they aren't quite together because it's been far more informal than that. But he takes orders from Alice because he respects her. A lot of those who have allied with the Ghouls watch the unofficial couple unfold with a will they won't they, it be great if they did attitude.
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光秀 信

Mitsuhide Nobu

Alias: 赤色 幻 - Akairo Maboroshi - Red Phantom

Faction: Investigator - Dove if you like

Age: 29

Rank: First Class Investigator

“I assure you I am not just your average cute boy you can push around. If you’re not careful, I can really surprise you with a few tricks up my sleeve.”

If looks could kill, then Nobu’s beauty would be a deadly weapon. His family probably thought he should go in the catalogues. Pose for the magazines, though Nobu’s personality and personal drive probably would not have ever allowed him such a future. At 5’7” he comes just shy of the height of a traditional model and he has always been an energetic individual, despite that slender, androgynous frame.

He tends to wear messy suits, never tucking in his button shirts and always rolling up his sleeves. Jeans and shoes he can easily run with, he doesn’t really exude the professionalism that some people in the office do.

Instead he prefers easy, comfortable clothing that give him a range of movement, his small frame can come in handy shimming his way in a many air vents in his time. Or being able to climb a gate with relative ease.

What he lacks in physical strength, he makes up with it with gymnastic grace that few can really match. He can also be quite stealthy, and quite sheer footed. Quick turns, fluid movements, and peak speed is what is given in his lithe frame.

When he’s working in the field he exchanges his glasses for contacts.

His voice is airy, with a bit of vocal fry. It has a bit of the same as androgyny that his own appearance yields.

Quinque - 赫幻 外套 - Kamaboroshi Kaito - Red Phantom Cloak

Somethings are not what they appear to be. The Investigator unlike others doesn’t seem to have a visible weapon on him. He’s just wearing a black coat, with a faint red aura to it. Sometimes the biggest punch comes in unsurprisingly hidden things. Lined in the inside of the coat is faint red threads, when he unravels them they become small weapons he can throw like throwing knives and throwing needles.


Despite his energetic personality doesn’t mean Nobu lacks maturity. He seems well adjusted for an investigator for the most part, providing mentorship for younger members when they ask. Like his namesake you know you can fall back on Nobu to being there for you. He’s trustworthy and loyal, and anyone who knows him he doesn’t seemed phase by his occupation.

His hardy mental stability is what’s been attributed to his success. Remaining calm in the most nerving of situations, and not breaking a sweat, he’s the one someone relies on to be there for you in the most extreme and stressful situation.

With that said Nobu is not a delicate, shy wallflower either. He says what is on his mind and can be kind of sassy. He will tease those he likes mercilessly. To the point some people think he’s doing it maliciously or that he is doing it because he is bully. Though Nobu can be sarcastically passive aggressive sometimes and that’s hard to read.

He dislikes anyone who is going to underestimate him and has a habit of going harder on those that think because of just his looks he doesn’t have any strength. He’s not some bookish scholar who likes to hide behind a desk and read books. He expects professionalism and expects people to respect the position that he has been placed in, because he earned it and worked to get where he is through hard work.

He likes sweet and sour foods, coffee art, and has a fascination with cactus owning several different forms of cactus in his apartment.


Sheer Footed -

Nobu is sheer footed. He can land ridiculous landings that another person might surely lose their balance on. He is exceptionally balanced like a cat burglar on beams and narrow spaces. He’s also not likely to fall or lose balance when in combat either.

Evidence Gathering -

While Grant may focus on picking people’s brains, Nobu is very good at picking out evidence and putting the physical pieces together like putting back together as a puzzle. As a security guard for the prime minister you have to assern threats from physical appearance alone sometimes. Thus Nobu is able to put together irrelevant information physically to relevant physical information. Like Grant he focuses on the tiny details, unlike Grant he has no desire to know how the killer thinks. That’s just weird and disturbing.

Parkour -

Everything is an obstacle in his world. Jumping from one place to another that no one else would consider a pathway. Nobu’s the type of person to take full advantage of his environment.

Acting -

Remember as a kid his parents thought he should be a model. Being a very beautiful and handsome boy his parents expected him to use it when he was younger. They tended to get upset with him if he tried to go for any sporty club. H use to do theater and drama in class. And if the mission calls for it he won’t mind a dress, but only for spying.


All the natural stuff you’d think an investigator should carry with them. His quinque, that looks like a nifty coat when not activated, his IDs, etc.

He does have a carton of cigarettes as well



Somewhere out there in another time and another universe Nobu’s probably some famous actor, in the movies, on the cover of magazines as the most beautiful man in Tokyo or all of Japan. But in this universe and in this time Nobu is still a beautiful man, just not on any covers of any magazines. At least he hopes to god not.

He grew up in a rather strict household compared to most Japanese families. His parents had set expectations of their children. Mostly to see them grow up in a career that was successful and made enough so that his eldest brother Kohei could take care of the parents when they were old. The only reason his traditional and strict family were less strict on what career path he took was because of his looks.

He was their trophy son. Near as beautiful as his youngest sister and his eldest sister, they encouraged him to take theater club, they encouraged him to join in community theaters. While Nobu was good at it, he was an athletic and sporty individual. Something his parents were not too proud of. While Nobu snuck soccer games behind their back or running for track, when they found out they naturally got upset that their trophy might get scratched.

When it was time to make his own decision for his future, he took to a physical job instead of the rich and famous lifestyle his parents saw for him. Going into a basic military boot camp program and being deferred to a security team, Nobu spent his life training as an armed serviceman.

While physically weaker than some of the men, he made it up with nimble footwork, an ability to pay attention to details and assess threats quickly, and his acrobatic skill set allowed him to succeed through most of his bootcamp. He passed his intelligence exams with flying colors, though Nobu never bragged about that or at least plays it off as if he got standard average grades.

Nobu’s first job in his late teens and twenties, was to be an armed guard for a few notable persons. Mainly celebrities on tour or other individuals. Even working alongside a team hired for the one and only HimeHana. He moved on from notable clients with money to his biggest job yet, two years prior to working in the CCG he was the bodyguard of the former Tokyo Prime Minister.

When that Prime Minister Hideki Shoujo retired, he put Nobu’s name in with the CCG. Referring the young man over to them. Told him he had a lot more potential there, than he did guarding individuals.

Nobu used that leverage to join the Investigators. As a bodyguard he did have some experiences with Ghouls. He started off in the lower ranks, to be taught procedures, but it was clear he was an exceptional individual. Quick learner. And easily climbed the ranks to his current First Class Position.

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