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As the title suggests, I'd love to hear some of the oddest OC's you've encountered or made in any format: forums, tabletop, etc

I'll begin with one I've encountered and one that I made.

One was a bit of a head-scratcher for me...and proved why I have a hard time playing pregenerated characters ideas without A LOT of detail being explained first. Person had a whooooooole universe plotted out and our characters were on opposite sides of a war.

- Got into a space fight and both ships crashed to an alien planet. OP's character's ship protecting mine from burning up in atmospheric entry

- Person's character crash lands without taking any injury. When asked why, it was because Character is genetically modified.

- Character hikes 5 miles in unfamiliar territory in about an hour, taking time to observe dangerous fauna along the way.

- Character understands enough of MC's language to have basic interactions. Then proceeds to build a translator using MC's ship computer so now they can communicate. When questioned why, it's because Character is a military engineer

- Has our characters trek back to Character's campsite, cautioning MC to stay close and hide, needing to protect them because MC doesn't have the skills and experience necessary to survive an unknown land. When asked why, it's because Character was genetically engineered to survive on harsh worlds.

- Character has a very rare sword that is more special than other soldiers' swords.

- When attacked by a large creature native to the planet, Character kills it with a very precise strike with the special sword to sever the spinal column in it's back. When asked about how Character knew to make that precise strike on a creature never seen before, apparently Character figure that out on the hike over here.

I felt like I was just writing alongside someone's superhero fantasy. When asked what MC's purpose was for being there, what could MC do that Character couldn't, I got the response of "well...you said you were going to have them collect plants, right?" I asked for more specifics story-wise of my MC was supposed to be there and the person never answered, so I just left.

Oh...and all of what I described happened in the space of less than a day.

For MY cringey character:
Whe. I was much younger, I was a huge Jurassoc Park fan. I ran a message board about it and everything, and it had a roleplay section. I made a roleplay character whose parents crash-landed on one of the islands when she was a baby. She was then orphaned after her parents were killed by velociraptors and she was "adopted" by the raptors and grew up to be part of the pack. She could talk to all the dinosaurs on the island and could run as fast as the raptors and InGen wanted to capture her to find out why she survived among the dinosaurs for so long....

Oh my gosh.... It was so awful....
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I am either luckier than I thought or really good at forgetting things because my brain isn't allowing me to think of anything at the moment, though I know I've got a few cringey characters hiding somewhere in my brain. I shall have to get back to you, just wanted to post that pic because it's what your Jurassic Park character made me think of. :P
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Whe. I was much younger, I was a huge Jurassoc Park fan. I ran a message board about it and everything, and it had a roleplay section. I made a roleplay character whose parents crash-landed on one of the islands when she was a baby. She was then orphaned after her parents were killed by velociraptors and she was "adopted" by the raptors and grew up to be part of the pack. She could talk to all the dinosaurs on the island and could run as fast as the raptors and InGen wanted to capture her to find out why she survived among the dinosaurs for so long....

Nothing I've got will top this so what's the point LOL
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It's not a competition to see who has or knows the cringiest or most confusing. I just thought it would be funny to share experiences.
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I made plenty of OCs who were the stereotypical whiny and emo sort of characters in my youth. Just thinking of them makes my cringe.

Thankfully, I've since taken the lobotomy pick to most of them and revamped their personalities to be better characters. Gotta do the 3Rs in fiction too, I say. Saves a lot of trouble.
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I'll give most cringe-ass OCs a pass since chances are that they are probably made by children or teenagers basically so it's all fun and games. So I'll just go ahead and blanket-wave a lot of X-sonas off the board with that. You know, the usual stuff; sad back stories, edgy backstories, non-sensible ones. For a thread like this a lot of them just sort of turn into cannon fodder and don't really mean or do much of anything.

But for OCs in a position that suggest someone should have know better: I'd have to say Blackjack from Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons.

For context: Fallout Equestria is at this point a sub-genre of the broader brony fandom. It's centralized around the fan-fic Fallout Equestria, a cross over between Gen 4 My Little Pony and the Fallout series. By and large you can transpose a lot of Fallout's background and even some of the main story aspects of the original Fallout games on Fallout Equestria and you get the idea. America is Equestria, China is a Zebra Empire, The Master is a divine amalgam of three different characters known as the Goddess, The Enclave are the Pegasi, and the third major villain Red Eye is an amalgam of Caesar and Ashur. It's pretty decent as far as fan-fics go, or stories in general; could use some additional editing to just clean shit up. I enjoyed it, still do to a point. Helps that within the story's framework you can read the awkwardness less as mid-level writing and more as a product of the framing.

The result of Fallout Equestria and its success within the fandom though is a lot of side-fics were spun off as people wanted to partake in the same world and FoE's author Kkat embraced that. You get some more very good stories like Pink Eyes and Murky Number 7. And then there's... Project Horizons.

Project Horizons has garnered a lot of fame within the FoE fandom that I don't feel it's necessarily deserved especially having decided to go back to read the fucking thing again to get the complete story a little over a year ago. The break down of Project Horizons being:

Blackjack, is a slacker of a security guard of Stable 99 (Stables being this world's version of Vaults). Stable 99 is a primarily female run Stable where a small stock of stallions are kept for breeding purposes. The number of them never exceeds 20 of either the regular horse, or unicorn. Once a 21st earth pony or unicorn comes to age, the oldest of that race is killed and recycled in the Stable's system. On this premise the story could perhaps be either a femdom fetish fic and no one talks about it openly or Somber, the author makes a half-hearted and effort-star worthy gender role introspection sort of story. However he does not dwell on it for very long because Blackjack finds herself in the center of a 200 year old conspiracy which has been sleeping in 99 for the passed two hundred years and is forced to flee the stable with the oldest normal horse of the stable, P-21 with the mysterious program EC-1101 in her PipBuck (Pip Boy) in order to pull raiders away from her home who are making their way through killing and eating everyone in order to claim the program by command of a mega cyborg raider Deus, commanded by a ghoul named Sanguine.

And some weird fucking shit happens.

The story adapts every single anime and video game trope you can grab and the story can be easily read as Somber's anime-of-the-week watch list because he cribs so many disjointed themes from them, and adapts them so poorly with even a passing understanding of things you can pick out anything from Dragon Ball Z to Full Metal Alchemist and he understands them about as much as any mid-level video essay themes essayist's comment base. To try and fully summarize the entire story would be a chore itself. And I really have to focus on Blackjack here.

Blackjack takes on all the power qualities of a Shonen character, dying two or three times throughout the story only to be revived in steadily more powerful forms. Her first death is where many critics of the story say Somber really should have ended it, but by chapter 32 or whatever he's not even half way through the plot because he has some thirty more to go all of steadily increasing length until many are full novels in their own right. She is brought back to life through the magic of technology, and make into half a cyborg. But this isn't enough either because I swear she fucking dies again and comes back as even more of a cyborg and goes even further. Eventually she is killed for the third time and gets a biological body reset and at the end of the story is again killed and without the intervention of the preceding technology made up on the spot to fulfil the function of simply reviving her spontaneously comes back to life in the prior biological reset body that she before transferred herself out of to reclaim her old robot body.

An early character theme for Blackjack is that she's abusive or soft-abusive to all her friends, having had a history of raping P-21 back in the Stable and for the first twenty-ish chapters having to deal with and come to terms she's actually in the wrong and apologizes for it. This is supposed to be an episode of character development for her where she learns to overcome her past and patch things up redeem herself to P-21 particularly after her refusal to honestly admit to and express forgiveness leads to a suicide attempt by him. However the longer the story goes on the less it seems she ever really learned her lesson and keeps going being emotionally abusive to her friends which is simply hand waved away as being "oh you silly pony you lul" and becomes framed less as a tragic flaw but more as a funny character trait. This goes up to the point where she basically rapes P-21 for a second time by coercing him into bed/a three some when he was too drunk to consent and then gets knocked up for it.

Did I mention she also gets P-21's boyfriends killed? She does that. She's directly implicit in or culpable for the gay boy's only love interests being killed and it doesn't really become a problem between the characters.

Throughout the story, because of Blackjack's shonen level importance many of her supporting characters circle about her as mostly being appendages of Blackjack and never give resistance themselves and follow her along without protest, killing much the same as her, and offer complimentary back pats when Somber has to find the need for the tragic breakdown when Blackjack has to have a depressive episode over the lives she takes for flavor reasons, I guess. And even when they do protest, in the end they all go along with it totally fine.

In one such even P-21 says they should release all the slaves of one faction of the story's setting, and rightly so. But despite previous passes by Blackjack being anti-slave, she refuses to because the leader of the faction is technically a cousin several times removed and "a nice person" or something. This is a problem for all one scene in one chapter and never comes up again.

Despite repeated use of the line, "not a smart pony" in reference to Blackjack, she is able to somehow still cut through the thickest of conspiratorial mysteries and histories by sheer existence. She uncovers a 200 hundred year old deep state plot to overthrow the war-time government of Equestria, over lapped with cult shit and coercion between the two sides of the war, and Zebra prophecies and mysticism of the Lovecraftian occult variety. She never has to actively do anything to figure it out besides kill the pre-requesite one-hundred waste landers between each objectives, and neither do her companions despite several being objectively far more intelligent than she. They just stumble into each and every layer and stage of the conspiracy and give all the credit to Blackjack.

And despite attempts by the story to be philosophical over concepts such as ethics and responsibility, it never goes anywhere and Blackjack's response to all this is to become the dumber Socrates and scream "but y tho" while the more intelligent comrades make no comment or are actively as dumbfounded by such riddles and become functionally retarded and help no one in development. But this is less a fault of Blackjack per-say, and more Somber.

Taken at this face value though you might say, "well this seems fairly OK. Not good, perhaps. But not awful. Shonen leveling up aside"

Well a part of the frustration this character gives me and what has cursed my soul to my last day knowing I have wasted 1.8 million words of my time with is: no one says anything. Blackjack is the terminally qt pure waifu who never did anything wrong to the fandom and like in the story no one stops to ask: "is Blackjack really the role model we pretend she is for raping her friends and lusting after minors? No, she is the angelic one!" She's continually received as a pure character, with most everyone being as indifferent to her shenanigans as everyone else in the story was to her. Blackjack got to die a hero, and maintains her pure trad waifu status among Project Horizon's readership.

Where as in comparison: Little Pip, the hero of Fallout Equestria has not had her massacre of Arbu forgotten. Though she killing an entire village had weight in the story and punishment. Blackjack I swear was complicit in destroying several and no one cares because the story doesn't care; it went on as if she was innocent. And the one hard moral decision she makes in the first thirty chapters to shut down the stasis pods of thirty broken and dying two-hundred year old foals is forgotten pretty quickly.

So yeah, death to Blackjack and P-21 is the true messiah.

The truly forsaken one. Everything would have been 200% better in all ways had he been the central figure.

EDIT - To connect things to the OP: did I mention Blackjack has a sword? Yeah. She has a sword. A very special one. She's a sword and shotty character. Her shotgun typically shoots explosive rounds, and her sword I guess absorbs souls for ??? reasons because it's made of meteorite metal and basically can't be destroyed and cut through most anything. I think she takes on a tank with it. I can't fucking remember. I do remember she uses her cyber legs to yoink off the hatch of a tank though to get inside and yell at its horse-brain powdered computer.

A horse brain that is, to everyone's shock: from the brain pan of Deus the previously mentioned mega cyborg raider she earlier killed in the story by blowing up his head with a grenade or something in the first twenty-ish chapters.

She then uses the sword to - I assume - kill a eldritch nightmare god.

EDIT 2 - So every time I look at the OP I see something comparable Blackjack has done. In the course of the story she goes to the moon, twice. First to confront the Big Bad who wasn't really the Big Bad and get he body back which has the gestating fetuses she conceived with P-21 and also to save the world because the moon had a military base built on it centuries ago with the intent of delivering a world-ending payload by the rebel Equestrian faction for ??? reasons that are revealed to be tied with the eldritch god's influence. Several centuries later after the events of the story because Blackjack is cursed I guess with eternal life or just super slow aging per the conditions of the body she came back alive into she returns to the moon with Little Pip who also has prolonged life through contact with mutatgenic compounds because Somber really likes Blackjack x Little Pip shipping for some damn reason. But anyways, she goes back to the moon to retrieve a friend she abandoned there who is likewise cursed with immortality through being bound to a healing artifact so far corrupted beyond its abilities it can fix death, and so continually revives her from even annihilation; if as a filly. She also crash lands in this second trip and survived, Little Pip does too but as a thoroughly demeaned accessory to it all.

In the time-span of the story she essentially crosses enough territory to have hiked across the country of Equestria. The story in its 1.8 million words of mayhem is only two or three weeks long. Sometimes she manages to cross the entire core region in what is basically a day.

Blackjack throughout the story encounters and fights a variety of Extremely Anime Villains and Characters that range from "cyber pony Deus who is in many ways canonically a traumatized tank, figuratively AND literally", a mutated and colossal prison warden who has incorporated the full prison defense apparatus into his body like some Metal Gear abomination

Additional villains include gods and demigods, the pegasi enclave's military-industrial apparatus (alone, Little Pip had to fight them too but she also called upon and organized an army of her own through the various contacts she made and the reputation her story in-universe got her) and an epileptic bat orgy.

EDIT 3 - Did I also mention she catches one of her underaged companions doing the naughty bumps with an adult character? She does and then tells her she did a good job.
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There was one OC who was named Adam. His whole thing was that he was like- a weird human ripoff of Sonic. He was dubbed "The Strongest Man in the Multiverse" and had these insane feats. The guy playing him would always go on about how he can beat anyone and could just win any fight imaginable, but the second you questioned him on it he'd get really defensive and leave the conversation.

Dude was cringe.
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My first OC came in a pair. The first was just me, but I was a Heartless. Like, one of those ones like Ansem where I got to keep having a human body and I fought people entirely by blasting them with different types of beams. They were all named "Clash (something). "Clash Buster." "Clash Destroyer." "Clash Annihilator." That last one was actually a purely defensive move, a swirling barrier of energy. He lived on a space station orbiting the earth with a bunch of heartless and hung out with a moogle with a gun for a hand, a princess that could pull hammers out of nowhere, a guy that was essentially just a shapeshifting mass of worms in a coat, and a few other people I can't really recal its been so long.

The other one was my Nobody, who forwent special powers entirely and just got really really really good at kicking. Like halfway to Saitama level kicking, a complete physical beast. In contract I did the whole wandering vagrant thing with him, never stayed in one place for too long. Did a lot more fights with him, though, and ended up interacting with a lot more people than the Heartless version as a result even though I was playing him as the bad guy. Him and the Heartless were mortal enemies and every time they were in the same place they would make fools of themselves trying to kill one another.

I often think back to those days and get a little nostalgic smile on my face.

As for other peoples stuff, if I had a Nickle for every edgy Yoshi with a sword I've seen I'd have a whole quarter. Which doesn't sound like a lot, but it's weird that it happened five times.

Whe. I was much younger, I was a huge Jurassoc Park fan. I ran a message board about it and everything, and it had a roleplay section. I made a roleplay character whose parents crash-landed on one of the islands when she was a baby. She was then orphaned after her parents were killed by velociraptors and she was "adopted" by the raptors and grew up to be part of the pack. She could talk to all the dinosaurs on the island and could run as fast as the raptors and InGen wanted to capture her to find out why she survived among the dinosaurs for so long....

This is wholesome as hell.
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Ever time I see this thread again I wonder if I should make another contribution but have struggled so far to contribute. But then I remembered the Legend of Jaret Arnold.

One of the longest running RP's I've done is Precipice of War which you can find over in the Nation RP section right now under its newest iteration. But back in the good old days on its original forum - the Spore Forums, it's RP board where it was born - there was a dude who played as Canada. Its leader was Jaret or Jared Arnold. There's not a lot to say about him as a character per-say because this was a phase and era where not a lot of thought was put into characters most of the time. But under Jaret Arnold, Canada was a super-power far beyond its usual capabilities. It managed to go to war with the United States twice and win, occupying half the country and taking concessions. It established colonies in Antarctica and sought to build a line and electrical infrastructure from Canada to Antarctica in order to utilize the supposed electricity the colony was able to produce itself through wind turbines or something.

There was some other fun stuff from back then, such as a France ruled by someone simply known as "Monsieur Greene" who was a self-insert of the writer and teleporting Russians.
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I remember when I was pretty young (11?), I participated in vampire rps on the Neopets rp boards EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.
I saw that it was common to have your male vampires be described as tall and attractive, standing at AT LEAST 6'6".
Now, I was not a child who really g r a s p e d unit measurements. I figured, "Hey, if these guys are considered tall and attractive at 6'6", then I can be even TALLER and HOTTER."

So what did I do?

I made my character SEVEN. FOOT. TWO.

It was not long after using that character that I saw a user bashing him on a "cringey characters" board. I was so upset. Yes, I still remember the user's name. So I pm'ed them and LIED, saying I based that character off someone I knew IRL and they replied saying that heights of that extreme usually indicate thyroid issues. So I basically just said, "Oh. :/ I guess I should go check up on him."

I...oof, y'all.
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@yoyohayliThat wasn't cringe. That was asserting dominance. That they bashed your character means that they felt threatened by this Adonis of a vampire giant, quivering in the gargantuan shadow he must have cast.

hope your friend is alright though
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@DegenerateThree See, that's the thing though: I lied about the friend! lol I guess I wanted to make them feel bad, or something...but truly, the character was cringe.
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Like Dinh, I give most cringe characters a pass because they are often the product of inexperienced or young writers; people who don't have the life experiences or wherewithal to make good characters. So the generic stuff everyone does is of little interest to me. But I've been in the RP scene for a long time and I have a few worthy of being shared. Though I think I'll just share one for now.

This first character is one of my own creation. His name was Gail. As my very first RP character, he was a little bland. Just your average half demon/half angel hybrid that had his wife captured by an evil demon and taken to hell. Don't worry! He had every intention of rescuing her. I think in terms of first characters I did pretty well. He was likeable, cared about people, and wasn't edgy at all. His end goal was the retrieval of his wife rather than some dark quest for revenge.

Then why am I talking about him here? Well, I think where you drop your characters is pretty important. You see, I apped this guy for a Devil May Cry RP. Which is funny, because I never played Devil May Cry, even if I watched my brothers play it. I don't know how he got accepted, his lore doesn't work with the world at all. His backstory features time travel and alternate dimensions, and he works under a vampire guild master who is responsible for eliminating planner creatures like demons.

Man, old me had some unbridled creativity, but really needed to learn about how lore works.

Also, he fought with two scythes. He just kind of held them like they were giant hatchets and swung them around. I needed to learn how weapons worked too I guess.

I made my character SEVEN. FOOT. TWO.

While that does seem like it could make for a cringy, obnoxious character, I kind of feel like the RP creator was sort of asking for it.
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My Cringe:

Long long ago when I was but a quarterling, in my first RP with other folks (instead of just writing stories in Notepad or on an actual physical notebook) I RPed an Orc who wanted to be in the Morag Tong. This was on the old ass Bethesda Fan Fiction and Artwork Forum. Set in Morrowind, it was called something like "A Bar on the Road to Nowhere" and I joined in with this dude.

Dahnk Gro-Bisnuh. He was mostly cringe, or at least the writing was, because I didn't really know what I was doing. I had a funny idea, a big mean violent Orc who wanted to be a sneaky assassin but was too big, green, and angry to effectively sneak around, but I couldn't write action very well and I didn't really have an idea of who he was outside of Big Mad Green Want Be Sneaky. Thankfully, I guess, the story died pretty early on so I didn't really get exposed for having no idea what the f I was doing, but that was probably the origin of me writing goofy ass non-human characters.

Others Cringe:

CRINGE 1 : Absolute Kringe

This guy would always RP with the same character in the same setting. Setting was Fallout. His character always shared the same initials as his username, likely his initials. Didn't matter if it was set two months after the Great War or forty years after the last chronological game. Was always this Masked Prodigy Super Soldier guy. Character was about as Mary Sue as it got. Always the son of the most powerful man in the setting. Always leader of the Special Forces unit of the highest powered faction. Always universally loved by his men.

Pretty weak set up from the get go but the more cringe aspect was that there was never anything to balance that. That could be taken in a cool sort of Ender's Game direction. Like "Steve Rogers (this was not his character's name) is the ultimate soldier, but he keeps getting his men killed because they can't keep up with him" or "Roger Wilko is the ultimate soldier but he seems to take a little too much pleasure in killing the enemy." It was consistently a "this guy makes all the right decisions and is the best at all things" deal...until it wasn't.

When it wasn't that, the one time it wasn't that, dude captured and tortured a canon lesbian character, after rewriting her to be straight and desperately madly in love with his character. We're talking tied her to a chair, cut on her, beat her, told her he was never really in love with her and he was doing all this for the good of the faction, then set her on fire and shot her repeatedly. Then retconned all that when people had a hard time still taking that character as a hero or at all redeemable.

Much shorter stories.
One dude who was similar to that last dude, except he wasn't as good a writer and didn't blow up as magnificently. He was just an absolute one upper whose one character (which was literally just his username without the numbers that came after it) was basically just used to one up whoever had posted before him in the next post. Dude was a sniper, dude was super sneaky, dude was a brilliant leader, and none of that was backed up in the writing. Couldn't write it convincingly, didn't try to develop it along any particular line, just an amazing guy who would consistently show up every other character in a subsequent post.

Eventually he got a warning about it. You can't be a better Medic than the Medic character who is depressed from working with so many wounded and secretly dosing himself with painkillers, while also being a better Pilot than the Pilot character whose father was Air Force before the war and whose legacy she desperately wanted to live up to, while also being a better Big Dumb Ox (my character) than the Big Dumb Ox who knew he was a Big Dumb Ox and was trying to make sure he didn't get abandoned by the other survivors by working himself into the ground....you can't be better at all those things than the character's whose things those are and all at the same time.

The OP eventually posted a pretty ugly but very necessary post about exiling that guy from the group and luckily he took it pretty well considering.

In that same story, a while later on, we had another cringe character with a similar situation. Character's name was literally the User Name of the writer. Character just had a habit of solving things in the most simple way possible that was obviously not intended to be an option. Basically taking the power from everyone else by just going immediately solving each issue in one post.

This specific issue was a hospital the group needed to enter and explore. It was all locked up and there was a guy a few stories up looking out at them from a window shooing them away. Up on the rooftop there was a helicopter the group wanted to use to explore. Lots of interesting scenarios possible. There's a bit about the leader of the group talking with the doctor guy who is shooing them away from the window via an Intercom system.

Dude posts next and in this one post he "climbs up the building" and then "sneaks in through a window" and then "holds a knife against the Doctor's neck" taking him hostage and effectively ending the situation before anyone else gets a chance to post in about the most hostile way possible short of executing the doctor. Similar situation, group wasn't happy with him and he dipped out without another post.
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oh oh oh I can contribute to this! :D

Back when I was still constantly roleplaying on roblox, there have been multiple cringe characters I have encountered. However, the most cringiest of them all was named Luna, had the ‘half vampire/half angle/half werewolf/half demon’ description and had the ‘hits you NO DODGE!!’ attack thing.

That was back in 2019 though and I’m sure they were new to roleplaying.
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Similar Story to my other ones. Cringe RP that was a really cool idea that ended up developing very badly. Fallout New Vegas, using one of the endings from the Dead Money DLC. Hadn't thought of it in years.

Short background on the DLC and the ending...

So RP is basically Fallout Post Apocalypse, with a Second Apocalypse well under way. California is covered in a Red Fog that kills folks or drives them mad. Mostly kills them. We're all RPing characters from one of two factions. Either The NCR or The Brotherhood. They were/are adversaries who are now coming together, begrudgingly, to try to avert an absolute doomsday for both their factions and all of California, likely eventually the whole Pacific Northwest on down to Baja California.

So it's a big last ditch effort thing between these two groups. Time is of the essence. We gotta go.

Also there's a representative from Mr. House, in Las Vegas, and a single Enclave guy.

Enclave Guy got captured while attempting to murder some big shot. I forget who, but someone absolutely essential. Says a lot of shit that should get him just executed or left to his own devices, considering how absolutely Life and Death this mission is supposed to be. Instead we just don't. Folks not happy but whatever.

Later on he's no longer restrained, despite trying to kill leader guy, because reasons, and in one post he stands up from where he is, restrained by ropes, with a NCR trooper dudes hands on his shoulders, with everyone watching him (all this on account of the whole trying to kill one of us and threatening to kill all of us thing), pulls a pistol out, point it at someone, pulls the trigger on an empty barrel, and then makes some big ass speech.

Commotion. Writer admits to doing that all at once because no one would let him do it if he had asked. Makes a big scene about how cool his post was and how messed up it is that folks dont like it. Eventually deletes it.
Thread slows to a crawl after that. Eventually him, the OP, and I think one other guy continue on with the RP after everyone else either leaves, just stops posting, or kills their own characters off. Eventually it comes out that Enclave Guy Writer had an understanding with Mr. House Writer that nothing would happen to his character and the two of them would be allowed to survive until the end.

Part of the RP had been the idea that anyone might die and no one was safe and it was a dangerous world and all that good stuff. You know. Because the world is ending. Big Cringe.

So, In Short,

An RP that was predominantly based around these two warring factions getting together to put aside their differences in a last chance mad dash to prevent the destruction of both their groups, all their loved ones, and an entire coastline.

A setting that was pointedly very dangerous, a fight that was likely very much certain death for everyone, an understanding that no one was safe and writing out your characters death and witnessing your mates deaths was very likely and frankly a big part of the appeal.

A character who was not of either of those two warring groups. Was openly opposed to both of them. Was openly trying to interrupt their efforts. Had tried to kill one of them and threatened to kill the rest. Could not be killed or abandoned by the group. Had an understanding that he specifically would survive through the end of the RP while all others, save the OP, may or may not die.


The Opposite Real Quick....An Amazing Fan Fiction I Think I Saved Somewhere

Goris the Deathclaw.

Dude wrote a long fan-fiction about an Intelligent Deathclaw exploring the settings of Fallout 1/2 and New Vegas. Several great characters, Goris was my favorite, and this was before New Vegas actually came out so it was his own quite different idea for New Vegas. Much more development of the Roman idea. Circuses and Gladiators and all that. Also some weird interesting ideas like a part of the city that was basically floating barges and rich gaudy buttholes that oversaw it all.

Dude inspired a few other writers to create Deathclaw or Super Mutant characters, one of the writers he inspired created a character named I think Thunder which eventually and inspired me to try to create a Super Mutant character in the same setting. Great writer.

Actually another too.


Dude wrote a looooooooooong ass RP about a group of heroes. Some teens. Some adults. Some of those adults married. Some of them married with children. Set in Fallout 3. Lots of character development. Wrote it over the course of like 2-3 years. Universally beloved. Solid ass dude.
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I hate all my creations equally thanks to perfectionism.

So I can't really say what's the most cringe, both of my own work or that of others. Everything I've written could be improved, as could everything I've ever read to varying degrees. Or rewritten at the very least. As could my sleep schedule so I'm not constantly writing while sleep deprived.

I'm afraid I can't contribute much beyond that.
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Mysterious Stranger.

Very niiiiiice.
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Usually, I try to give the player the benefit of the doubt — kind of like @BrokenPromise. I enjoy people being creative, and sometimes, it’s in a less than reasonable manner, which is sometimes not okay. Such as, in one game, someone made a cannibal character that also enjoyed biting heads off of live rodents. The sheet talked more about killing things by eating them. It had little to do with the plot of the game. I am uncertain if the character was made by a troll or not, because it was so hard to understand how or why the character has been submitted. It was an interesting read, nonetheless.

When I was about 12 years old, I used to play this five or six year old boy in a medieval fantasy setting. His name was Trent, and he was always looking for his mother (played by a friend irl). He would carry around a dead crow in his pocket. When he had nothing better to do, he would pull it out and suck on its foot to comfort himself. I was really interested in the reactions of other players’ characters at the time, which were actually hardly very interesting once they happened. I had other cringey characters, but Trent came to my mind at first.

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Most of my RP experience was on ROBLOX, where the children outnumber the people who care about writing anywhere you look. They follow each others' bad examples and it turns into an uncontainable epidemic of embarrassing OCs. Someone beat me to this:

Back when I was still constantly roleplaying on roblox, there have been multiple cringe characters I have encountered. However, the most cringiest of them all was named Luna, had the ‘half vampire/half angle/half werewolf/half demon’ description and had the ‘hits you NO DODGE!!’ attack thing.

That was back in 2019 though and I’m sure they were new to roleplaying.

The fact that it's the majority of players means I can't exactly tell a story about an individual, and that's less fun. I'll do it anyway though. They'd put on their morph or their decal, input an RP nameplate, and the name reads like:

Alex/M/C:??/18/Bi/L:Killing/H:Stupid people/Hot/Tall/Shy/Demon/Dark past/Has powers/Blushes easily/MIRP
The standard was very slightly different for females.
Alice/F/C:Alex/19/Bi/L:Being alone/H:Stupid people/Cute/Kind/Shy/Demon/Dark past/Has powers/Blushes easily/MIRP

And you'd see that floating above their head all day, leaving you to always question: why do they never do what they like?
C for crush, L for likes, H for hates, MIRP for More In Role Play, though I'll bet many of the people who put those letters in didn't actually know what they meant. The name occupies a good portion of the screen when you look at them, and they tend to travel in herds, which means the words all overlap and you can't read a thing even if you want to (you don't).
This is especially funny when it's not an OC, but a canon character being assimilated roleplayed. Foxy/M/C:Chica/18 was a popular one in FNAF games, where I started. I suppose Chica had a harem of sorts.

Granted, most RP games didn't even have a (utilized) system for inputting a bio that isn't always-visible, but the rest of us took that as a reason to just not bother with a bio. You could assess who had some experience here by the fact that their nameplate literally just showed their name (Alex), a nickname (Dumbass Demon), a quote ("Don't touch my horns!"), a short physical description (A quiet demon boy, avoiding eye contact with you.), or didn't exist.

The infected herds played like children, spelled like children, and spent a lot of time xDing in OOC, especially happy to veer off into such behavior when I was in the middle of RPing with them (one must make do). You'd occasionally have strangers named Alex or Alice come up behind you and inexplicably stab you. Chaos and anarchy.

If I must talk about an individual, it'd have to be someone who wasn't part of the masses. That's rough. Let me think.
Oh, myself.

I was a contrarian and never picked up the usual name format and RP style. I'd say I took myself too seriously. I felt very quietly superior to the (fellow) children around me, especially when I stopped highlighting my actions in asterisks and instead narrated them like a real storybook. I had a few characters that I've kept and still like, but I developed simply too many and there were a lot of misses.
  • Elizabeth, young white-haired daytime security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Palace. She had a - blood condition? I guess it was a freak kind of anemia? Her limbs would fall asleep one after the other, in a circling clockwise pattern, all the time. This is not a real medical condition. Also, I don't think she had a personality. That condition might be real.
  • MMM, or Manage - Monitor - Maintain, a holographic AI manager at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. I'd join the server and head to Parts & Services and narrate MMM inventing hardlight and upgrading itself and not doing much else besides, alone. I think I did this in three sessions, starting from square one each time. No one ever so much as looked. Not even my friends. I don't think hardlight tech existed in 1991, to be fair.
  • Andrea, one of the dozen or so Pokemon OCs I invented consecutively for a short stretch in an effort to diversify personality types I used. She's the only one I remember, and it's not for any particular reason. She was a Sandslash. Her personality was: angry. Her backstory was: TBD. She got like an hour of playtime before I gave her up.

A good way to wrap this up might be talking about what I've learned from the failures of myself and others.

What I've learned is that characters' personalities need to be paid special attention if the character is going to be interesting, both to play with and to play as. Tall/Hot and Kind/Cute are not personalities (well, maybe - depends on your medium and audience). A made-up medical condition is not a personality. A power is not a personality (medium and audience, but it doesn't have to be alone). An emotion is not a personality.

It's pretty basic! But sometimes I worry that I still don't have it down.
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