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Name : Sally Hendricks

Nicknames/Aliases : Sal, Ally

X-Men Code Name : Flux

Gender : Female

Age: 18

Physical Description:
*Height: 5'2"
*Weight: 120 lbs.
*Hair color: Natural Red
*Eye color: Sapphire Blue
*Complexion: Ivory
*Body type: Slim; Athletic
*Body shape: Hourglass
*Current Clothing: A pair of cut off denim shorts. Black and
red plaid, button shirt with the sleeves rolled up. A pair of knee high, square toe cowgirl boots. Heart shaped sunglasses.

Mutations: Telekinesis; ability to move objects and people with her mind. Though as of now, she can move things smaller than a chair. Anything larger, it gives her a headache and nose bleed.

Personality: One who loves to laugh and have fun, Sally will always be the one to laugh at the cheesey jokes. She is always high spirited, hates negativity, spunky, and sometimes flirty. Sally loves to let loose and dance and sing (though she's horrible at it). Also, the type of person that can eat like an elephant, and never gain weight. Despite those, she hates confrontation and bullies. When she sets her mind to something, you can be damn sure that whatever it is, will get done, one way or another. If someone comes at her the wrong way, she'll no doubt let you know that it's time to back off.

Background: Sally was born into a middle class family with a loving mother and father. She grew up happy and with lots of friends, always outside running amok with them. Her older brother however, used to pick on her all the time. Of course, that's what older brothers do. It was all out of love. Her mother was a seamstress, who worked in a shop in town,and her father worked with horses; training them.

Her ordinary life was turned upside down when she discovered she wasn't quite as normal as she had assumed. She was in her freshman year of high school, and it was hard as hell to keep hidden. Even harder not to tell anyone. Something like that just begs to b known. Her senior year, her parents sent her to Ashton's. Whether it was to help her, or to get rid of her, she wasn't quite sure. Either way, she went and only hoped that it was the real deal, and that they could help her

Recap of your mutations awakening: Her mother and father both know about it, as well as her brother.
They had all been at a grocery store, loading their groceries into the trunk of the car. Out of nowhere, a truck came barreling towards them. It looked like the person driving had lost control. He was honking his horn and waving his arm, telling them to move out of the way. It had happened so fast at such a close proximity, that no one really had time to react. Sally instinctively put her hands out in front of her as if it would stop the truck from killing them. Well, it had. The truck stopped several feet from the family, stunning them all. She suffered a headache for several days afterwards, and a bloody nose.
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| Name |
Syaoran Vividali

| Nicknames/Aliases |

| X-Men Code Name |
N/A (I'm open to the RP developing this over time)

| Gender |

| Age |
Equivalent to 10 Solar years

| Physical Description |
Syaoran is a Shi'ar hatchling who is comparable to a pre-teenage human child. He stood 140 centimeters tall, with a wiry, slender build. As Shi'ar bone structure is hollow, owing to their avian evolution, Syaoran weighed slightly less than a human boy of similar stature, clocking in at just 30 kilograms. In place of hair, he had a crown of raven black feathers atop his head. His eyes were a cerulean blue and framed by a series of tattoo-like lines that spread from the corners of his eyes to his brow and cheekbones. He tends to wear hand-me-downs supplied by the staff or other students.

| Mutations |
Shi'ar Physiology: Able to lift a half ton and possesses greater stamina than a human.

Flight: Syaoran demonstrates a form of psychokinesis that enables him to achieve levitation and flight at subsonic speeds.

| Personality |
Like a human child, Syaoran is comparable to a puppy for both his playfulness and his eagerness for attention. Precocious, excitable, and hyperactive, Syaoran can be a handful. His level of activity combined with his physical abilities result in Syaoran being something of a wrecking ball, even if not intentionally. His attention span is fickle, making him prone for becoming distracted. In all, he means well and that Shi'ar warrior ethos instills in him a desire to protect those he cares about.

| Background |
Syaoran is the off-spring of a Shi'ar Imperial Guardsman, representing the political faction of the current Shi'ar Majestrix, and a leading member of the opposition party. Owing to the Shi'ar belief in the marriage of Sharra and K'ythri, the Shi'ar believe that conflict can bring greater unity, and so an arranged marriage of this type was ordinary. Primarily, Syaoran is a clone of his mother, the Imperial Guardsman known as Seraph. DNA from his father, Folken Vividali, was grafted onto the genetic material and the genetic sequencing altered to arrive at the ideal off-spring for the pair. His gender was selected by a fair share algorithm governing the hatchery, which ensured that a balance of genders was maintained with each successive generation.

Because of his mother's duties to the Shi'ar Imperium, Syaoran was raised by his father. The demands of interstellar administration often required that Folken travel to various worlds in the Shi'ar Imperium, and so Syaoran's childhood was one of travel between worlds. Their ship was passing from out of a stargate when it was attacked. By who, Syaoran can't be certain. He awoke to find the vessel in distress, his father otherwise occupied, and the crew laboring to fight both the attackers and the fires breaking out on the ship. Their vessel voyaged into the Sol System in an effort to lose their attackers in the asteroid field there, but was unsuccessful.

The ship made its stand in orbit of the third planet in the Sol System. When the vessel was under threat of being boarded, Syaoran's father placed him into an escape pod and sent him down to the human planet. Discovered unconscious within the pod when its wreckage was discovered, Syaoran was sent to the Xavier Institute to be examined. As no evidence of a Shi'ar ship or its wreckage can be found in orbit of Earth, and contact with the Shi'ar is problematic, Syaoran was placed at the Ashford Institute until a better solution presents itself...

| Recap of your mutations awakening |
Because the Shi'ar are a genetically engineered race, Syaoran's genetic structure is the result of deliberate choices on the part of his parents. Additionally, as he is primarily a clone of his mother, Syaoran's variation from the baseline Shi'ar represents a genetic legacy that may have been intended so that Syaoran could serve on the Shi'ar Imperial Guard of the future. As a result, his powers manifested themselves in early childhood and his outlook on mutants is entirely different from that of humanity.
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Name: Drake Edwards
Nicknames/Aliases: "D"
X-Men Code Name: (Working on it)

Gender: Male
Age: 22
Physical Description:
Fit frame with broad shoulders
Two different colors eyes - one blue and one red, a mutation called heterochromia
Dark hair, beard
Various tattoos on his arms and back.
Dresses fairly casually. Usually in blue jeans, a dark t-shirt, leather jacket, boots and often sunglasses to hide his eyes.

Mutations: His mutation is going to be in stages. Right now, he knows he can't be burnt by flame. Eventually he's going to realize he has Pyrokinesis. Finally, I want the stages of the mutation to end with him transforming into a demon-looking creature (triggered by anger or stress similar to The Hulk) that can command fire.

His powers are primarily fire-based. He cannot burn, he can control fire, and he can project fire. Once he achieves full mutation, his second form just adds a bit of strength and resilience at the cost of willpower.

Personality: Often sarcastic, analytical and initially more comfortable solo than in a group. It takes some effort to earn Drake's trust, but once you do, you've got a friend for life. Very loyal, willing to go to great lengths to keep his friends and family safe.

Background: Drake grew up in a normal environment. He was born to fairly normal parents in Texas and has a twin brother, Shawn, who still lives there. Shawn was definitely the favorite in the family and an overachiever to boot. His twin brother is on the fast track to achieving his dream of getting a PhD while Drake has always felt more comfortable with a wrench in his hand. While there was no real hard feelings between the brothers, Drake was tired of his parents' constant reminders of his brother's successes while Drake barely graduated high school and didn't even bother applying to colleges. To get out from under his brother's shadow, Drake moved out of Texas and tried to start over elsewhere, becoming a bit of a nomad in search of a purpose.

Recap of your mutations awakening: Drake is not aware of the full potential he possesses. One day while working as a mechanic at a small mom and pop shop, Drake received a new welding tank from the shop owners' vendor. A client had come in requested that a new muffler be welded onto his truck. Drake ignited the torch and suddenly the tank exploded. The shop went up in flames and engulfed Drake's body. Initially in shock and screaming out of instinct, it wasn't long before Drake realized he wasn't actually hurting. In disbelief and panic, he ran through the flames and out to the street, slapping at the scorched remains of his clothes to pat out the fire. Firefighters were soon on the scene and emergency medical personnel pulled Drake toward their ambulance and tried to screen him for injuries. To the shock of everyone, there were none. Other than Drake's clothes, he suffered no burns at all despite being in the heart of the explosion. It was obvious to him and his onlookers that something wasn't right. Drake was not normal. With a look of fear and shame, Drake shoved passed EMS and took off running down the street toward the parking lot where he left his motorcycle. It was time to fill a backpack with what little he owned and move again...
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I made a mistake
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Jasper Rae Phoenix


Glitch; Jas; Phoenix

X-Men Code Name






Physical Description

Jasper stands at five-foot-three, and weighs in at a measly one-hundred-thirteen pounds. She sports a soft build, curvy and lacking in muscle. Her finger tips are calloused from hours of typing, and she has a plethora of scars she prefers to keep hidden.


manipulation of technology
remote network access
Minor electromancy
can 'charge' and sustain off of electricity for brief periods of time
manipulate electrical pulses, static, shocks (nothing stronger than a cattle-prod)


Glitch is sarcastic, snarky, and seems to lack remorse. Her moral compass is broken beyond repair, and she makes a point of having everyone thinking she doesn't care about anything. As far as she is concerned, the world can burn. But for those who manage to get passed the walls she's put up, she'll go to the end of the earth for. For them, she's different. Sarcastic still, but not as bitter and cruel. It's almost like she cares.


There's nothing special about her background. Abandoned as a child, foster care, shitty schools. Nothing too notable ever happened in her life. Apart from her love of computers and how often she managed to hack her way into something. Rarely more than some poor saps back account, but she wasn't evil, she never took more than she would need and never from the same person. Then she Awakened and woke up here.


Typical night surfing the net, typical storm going on outside evolved into a lightning storm. The warning on the radio in her ears. Jasper had been getting ready to shut down and ready for the night. A flash of light, the sting of a shock, and a string of code later, she woke up here.
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