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There she was.

As if heralded by her longtime friend, Jonas's little sister too emerged from behind his back, forgoing the simulated deathstrokes instead for a quiet huff and an inclined head. Her carefully cultivated air of stoic professionalism was ever-present, and would have most never even second-guessing her affability, but Danaye Harada couldn't hide from him when she was at least a little upset. It seemed he'd pushed it with the headpat after all.

"Hey." he greeted, favoring the slender girl with a knowing grin as he reached for her head. "Thought you'd never show."

But she would doubtlessly live.

Instead of attacking her perfectly arranged locks of black hair, he reached further, down to the furred collar of her bomber jacket (his bomber jacket, the cheeky little thing), and pulled her into a close, tight hug that lifted her off her feet. Dana could be upset all she wanted that she didn't get the privilege of first hair-ruffle, but she knew better than to for a second believe she was being ignored or passed over. That wasn't how her brother operated.

They were two of a preciously small kind, you know? Even in the face of the oncoming social storm that was his returning best friend, his own sister in tow and merrily extending his reunion to anyone that entered his field of view, Jonas wasn't gonna just abandon his imouto. To do so would have been truly heartless, let alone a surefire death-sentence by way of a five-finger retribution strike. If you knew Dana, you knew that she made up for being half her brother's weight with the ability to hit probably twice as hard when she wanted. What a messy scrap to get into, never worth it. She embodied her father's raw aggression and capacity for violence better than he ever could.

Then again, even for him, some worthless battles stood on the virtues of fun alone. How often did he really go as far as he could, anyway?

His time back home had been controlled in excess. Every waking moment, he would choke his strength, brake his speed, limit his entire athletic profile so as to remain within the understood bounds of humanity. He suspected it a bit easier for most of his peers than himself— even those of them that were sportsmen rarely had to pass the test of others feeling your exertion. It was one thing to simply stop lifting at a certain weight or change directions a little lazily on your feet, but it was altogether different to convincingly fail to muscle your way out of a collar tie or a keylock. Very annoying.

But there was certainly no need for either child of Ares to lie about their capabilities to one another. That alone changed the game quite a bit, and while he had long established his technique-first mindset to his peers as a large college-age everyman, in Olympus was where it could shine to its fullest extent, and potentially no brighter than against his dear sister.

And all that nonsense aside, he hated not having her around. Who else could critique his clothes long enough to convince him to take her to at least an H.M. and play pack mule?

"Y'know, I shoulda guessed you were the one who'd pilfered that damn thing." he spoke again, this time through wry laughter, after setting her down. Slipping in a friendly, acknowledging "yo, viv" to his adopted brother's half-sister, he then continued to pester his own. "Thought you hated my wardrobe. What gives? You go climb a mountain back in Japan?"

Translator's Note: What have you been up to lately?
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Being approached by Kelsey, Dusty couldn't help but smile. She was thankful to see a friendly face. Her opening comment made Dustyn's mouth gape, "Don't say that! Knock on wood!" she knocked on her head playfully, knowing that her precious car didn't have much time left- no matter how often Kelsey had brought it back to life. "He works good though, I have to clean him out sometime this week- I spent pretty much the entire summer living there and it shows." she shook her head slightly embarrassed to admitting her situation. She didn't want to go home to her mother quite yet, knowing that if she got stuck in the trailer park she would stay in the trailer park.

The two chatted back and forth for a minute, Dustyn shaking her head, "It's fine! I figured I would just let you know I was on the way, in case you we're nervous or something. You should have seen the guy, his head was spinning around a hundred miles per hour, and he was spewing all over this place. Might as well had a bathing suit on, cause it felt like a water park in there. Couldn't even take a video in time, before I was carried away by the chunks." she overly exaggerated laughing, her hands moving along with the story to illustrate the important parts.

"Well, I got Cicily D anyways. She might be fun. I don't know her well enough. And you're right WE need to get fucked up tonight, make these new kids realize who they are dealing with." Dusty gleamed, she knew she enjoyed Kelsey's company for a reason. The girl knew how to have a good time, and she didn't complain about it along the way. Soon another joined them, a face she didn't recall but seemed familiar in a very odd way. He excused himself, charmingly. Dustyn without hesitation retorted, "Why? Did you fart or something?" she giggled, her eyes closing slightly in her own childish amusement. She really was immaturity at it's finest. Why did they pick her for this experiment again?

"I'm just fucking with ya buddy. What's up? I'm Dustyn and this hot piece of ass is Kelsey. Who did you get paired with?" she questioned, her eyes wide in endearment and content.
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Great, day one of the year and Wynter was already late. Not that this wasn't to be expected, Wynter's tardiness has gotten her into a bit of trouble the past years but what the young lost to time she got back through hard work and, admittedly, a bit of sucking up to the teachers by helping them. Not that sucking up was the main motive, she liked helping alongside a reason not to mix with the stuck-ups of her year, not that all of them were so, some were quite lovely but the young woman was really one to reach out first. Nonetheless, she wanted to work on her tardiness this year and this was a foul start to it. "Should have taken a flight last night and stayed in a motel nearby, stupid, stupid," she mumbled to herself, keeping her voice low enough the cab driver in the front wouldn't decipher the mumbles. This wasn't entirely her fault, right? It's not that she knew the flight would be delayed 20mins or that waiting for a cab would take forever but, then again, her dad had. She sighed, looking down at her phone. Timing didn't matter too much today but the faculty made a big deal about actually turning up by noon, Wynter wondered why.

By the time the cab pulled up the last of waves and waves of students were wandering into the Ares colosseum. As soon as the driver gave the price Wynter practically flung the notes at him, telling him to keep the change and jumped out of the car to grab her stuff. She slung the large duffel bag over her shoulder and yanked the case from the car before running for the colosseum in an awkward fashion. She reached there panting just after the headmaster's speech had begun. Looking around her she saw people in various states from bored to eager. Wynter wasn't sure how she felt about going back yet. She didn't like the idea of leaving her father alone back in Ireland but she was looking forward to catching up with her peers here and even learning more about her power. She was too lost in her thoughts, weighing the pros and cons and trying figure out how she felt coming back that she barely took notice of the speeches out front... that was until she heard her name. Snapped out of her trance she blinked the dreamy from her eyes and noted the next person who's name was called out when to join the small crowd and front and she followed suit.

Ariana, Marcy, Dallas... her eyes first gravitated toward the 'in' crowd, great, was she being punished for something? Had her tardiness gotten the better of her before the school year actually started? But looking around she noticed people like Vivian, maybe this wasn't all bad. As soon as she got the paper she glanced at it. Apartment? And there were 2 names by each room. Wynter sighed as she realised what was happening but had no chance to find her name before a yell came from 2 a couple of people to her left. “Who the hell is Wynter? I think they misspelled your name!” It didn't take long for Wynter to identify the voice as Taylor McLaughlin's. If she thought back hard enough it was likely the 2 shared a class at some point but Wynter knew her better for her reputation as one of the editors for the school paper, better than the in crowd.

After checking for her name, Wynter treaded behind Taylor and tapped her shoulder. "That'll be me," she replies softly in her strong Irish accent."'Nd you'd be mistaken there, they spelt it right,"
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Marcella Aveline Bonaparte20, Fifth Year
Ψ Rhea Franky Psomas Ψ 19, Fourth Year

Rhea’s hair was ruffled by the much taller man, inciting a small laugh from the diminutive earth-shaker. She roller her eyes a little, but nodded along with Jonas’ story. But before much more time could go by their glorious ray of sunshine himself returned and picked Rhea up, spinning her around before dropping her back down in front of him. His eyes shifted to Marcy and her shade changed just one nigh-unnoticeable hue.

“Not much babe.” Marcy shot back, the game had already begun. His hand played around with her hair as if he could even frazzle her general appearance, but even with some loose strands falling on either side of her face she looked great. “What did you manage to get up to with all that free time?” The question was rhetorical, judging by the look in Marcy's eyes.

Rhea laughed a little, his immediate return was felt. Glancing across the way she noticed Wynter eyeing the group of them with a bit of misplaced callousness, but that was fine – she was okay with people disliking them. They were loud, could be obnoxious, and Rhea was sure it would be difficult watching people as happy as them. She hadn’t always been this happy, but since running with the group she had been with, it was all peachy keen.

“Viv, so good to see you too.” Marcy said, her eyes scanning the daughter of Apollo in a quick microsecond glance. She was about how Marcy remembered her, a little tired perhaps. But Marcy was quick to move on. She glanced over at Dana, now being rustled up by Jonas, the two struck imposing figures for completely different yet altogether similar reasons. Jonas loved fighting, it wasn’t too long ago now that Marcy and him had spent an evening together watching some UFC. It wasn’t at all what Marcy was expecting, much more technical and artful. Jonas was enthralled by every strong performance and for every weak one knew exactly what had gone wrong.

Dana on the other hand was a walking fashion icon that could kick your ass from Sunday through to next week in Louboutin heels. Marcy approached her. She made sure to walk closely past Dal, brushing past him and messing his own hair up. When she got to Dana she gave her a small squeeze on the wrist. “Hey you little spitfire,” she said, her eyes practically aglow. “How are you?” Her sincerity a bit of a departure from her regular demeanor.

Rhea nodded at Dal as Marcy fluttered over to the daughter of Ares. “That drive up was fucking killer, I really appreciate you driving me out again.” Rhea said, a cheerful dancing across her lips. She continued to look around, she saw some familiar faces. Among them, Ariana. Her mind briefly flashed back to a party from first year and foggy, drunken memory but she attempted to look away before making eye contact. Glancing back at Dal she could tell from his general demeanor and energy that his excitement from the year had just hit him or he was planning something. On the drive up Dal was as calm as ever. He had picked Rhea up as they both lived part time in the West Coast. She glanced over at him and now at Marcy who had moved to the Ares kids. She couldn't help but laugh to herself with a bit of nervous energy.

She was rooming with Marcy now. Frankly speaking, every day she entered that room there was a 10% chance Marcy and Dal would be using it. She shuddered and stuffed that thought to the back of her mind. Noting to herself to make an investment in sound-cancelling headphones.

“So, fourth verse same as the first?” Rhea asked. “Should I expect a ‘study-session’ tonight?”
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𝚒 𝚠 𝚒 𝚕 𝚕 𝚏 𝚕 𝚢 𝚏 𝚘 𝚛 𝚝 𝚑 𝚎 𝚗 𝚒 𝚐 𝚑 𝚝 𝚏 𝚘 𝚛 𝚢 𝚘 𝚞


While everyone around seemed fixated on either finding their friends they haven’t seen in the three months since the end of the last semester or figuring out exactly who their new roommates were, Damien was stuck. He was stuck because he knew who his roommate was, or at least he knew who she was by reputation. Her name wasn’t a common one: Persephone, the name that was shared with only one other person and that person currently lived in the Underworld. How vain was Demeter?

Honesty to the Gods, as he stood as far away from the crowd of overexcitable neanderthals, especially the Sons of Sun and Bloodthirst, Damien found himself in deep thought that he had not yet noticed his sister making her way towards him. Even worse on his part, he had not yet realized that she was full of silver tears. To him, seeing her shed those drops from her eyes wasn’t something he could bear. But he knew what those were tears of. He knew to see him after so long was like the wave of joy she couldn’t handle, so the overwhelming feeling came bursting through the surface.

He waited for her to finally get close enough so that he could hug her. His embrace was always the trick he knew to get her to calm down. Once he was confident she was no longer in a place where she was a soaking mess, he let her go. When he saw her pale face again, he had hoped no more droplets were present and she would return him a smile with one of her own.

“Now, stop that mess. It didn’t take you that long to find me, but aren’t you curious about your new roommate?” He asked her. There was both a slightly teasing tone in his voice as well as a trace of genuine curiosity. She couldn’t have gotten the short end of the stick. That right was reserved for Damien.

Her relief was instantaneous; a smattering of glimmering stars bursting with an abundance of silver radiance pinged with glittering dust that feathered soot lashes and dotted pale cheeks lifted upon her grin. Emma's gaze was a ritual of warmth and a night sky in unison, simultaneously aglow in adoration and alight in the loyalty of the moon suspended above her crown, for he was her centre of gravity. And here, with her grasp scooped against his spine, clinging on just a little tighter, for just a little longer, her shadow pooled upon their heels, conjoined to his own to form a singular eclipse of a reflection of the bond these children of night personified shared. Emma's lilting rejoinder was sounded upon the bell crest of her laughter, sharp and appealing, a chime of cheer that lifted those literal shadows suspended upon her like till they fell, twirling absently upon an unseen wind as feathers of the void.

"I've missed you." And it was genuine in her praise, the way she clutched upon his gestures, fingers twined, endearment colouring her delicate voice something bright, honest, and yet fleeting. However his following inquiry bid her pause, and anything else to be shared suddenly dismissed. Slowly, her head canted, dropping loose strands across her brow as it twisted and then fell. Had she even glanced at the sheaf of paper that told her of her place, and then, her eyes lifted wide; alarmed, almost panicked and pinched on the border of her lashes still adorned in silver.

"Would they not room us together?" She breathed, for sheer madness would be told otherwise. With a flourish of leather and black, Emma dropped Damien's hold and panned her gaze low, landing upon her name and another that was not his. "Aiden Weinmann?" The solid pronunciation of his moniker snapped her teeth together beyond pale lips, bone upon flesh in contortion, her posture gone taut and wound with a whimper slipping jaggedly from her throat.

"I don't -- I don't. Why?"

“That’s what I would like to know,” he muttered to what he thought was quietly, but clearly, it wasn’t.

He couldn’t help but notice just how displeased Emma was with the roommate arrangements. Damien felt similarly, though in his case, his roommate, Persephone Neotera, was completely unknown to him. The only thing he knew about her was she was the Daughter of Demeter and she was a pale blonde. Maybe that was for the better. In the case of Aiden, Damien didn’t really have any feelings about him one way or the other. He was an idiot who lived too much like his father. He didn’t like that his sister was going to be forced into a living situation with him. As he let out a heavy sigh, Damien pressed his hand between his temples in an attempt to distract himself from his shared disappointment with his sister.

“I guess they wanted to be unique and creative. This experiment will fail. But hey, at least your roommate isn’t completely unknown. You know what you’re going to get with Aiden. Meanwhile, mine is a blank canvas. I envy you, sister.”

Did she know him? Did she --
Wait. Did he know of her?

There was a chasm of doubt that splintered across her veneer as a supernova, glittering specks of silver that bled ebony shadows within her eyes, fracturing into worry and intensity as paper crinkled and shredded within her grasp, her nails slicing through her own name; impaled upon her epitaph. She didn't even bother to make note of her apartment number.

"I don't want to be an experiment," she spat, her voice seethes, her shadow writhes and blooms far and wide, coiling upon a frenzy as she despairs over their circumstance. Her head shakes, dispelling a boiling void that's threatening to clamour upon her soul, twisted silver charms twinkling upon her distress.

"But - who is yours?" Emma utters, her lips twined into a frown, letting shreds of paper descend upon scuffed leather, her head bowed then.

“Persephone Neotera,” he recited. The name was embedded into his memory. He must have read it a few times just so he could know who she was. It was annoying for him. Anyone else would have been just fine. The lack of knowing anything about her was honestly driving Damien up a wall (so to speak). “It’s clear as day she’s Demeter’s daughter. That name isn’t exactly common.”

"I -" she glanced away, animated eyes of woeful starlight flickering among the students, searching, probing, landing upon each for milliseconds before flashing away on pings of silver. "- see..."

"Should we - can't we change it?" Emma inquired, knowing the answer long before such parted from her lips in hushed murmurs. Instead, she knotted her fingers upon the thin chain draped over her nape, thumb caressing over tarnished heirlooms and refused to meet Damien's eyes should he see the wake of turmoil in her own stare. She sighed, dejected for that moment and said:

"I guess I should go find him -- Aiden," she reminds herself on a whisper, though her body does not move and she makes no effort to glance once more upon the crowd.

Damien had known her to be quite reserved in a lot of instances, but something was up. At first, he thought she just missed him so much and perhaps that's why she has been acting weirdly, but now it seemed like she was downright avoiding any direct eye contact. Had it been out of her control, then maybe he wouldn't have an essential eyebrow arched in suspicion, but Damien knew his sister and something was up.

"Oh, no you don't, not yet." Damien stopped her from leaving as a hand landed on her slender shoulder. "Talk to me. What's going on?" He politely demanded to know.

"Nothing," she immediately distresses, vocals taut and voice strained, eyes finally meeting blue-blue eyes mysteriously aglow. Emma recoils, briefly, shoulder flinching under the press of his palm as if burned. Though she twines her fingers there, looping their gestures and squeezes just so, trying to reassure him. To reassure herself. She doesn't know if it works.

"I just don't like this. Being housed apart. Curious experiments or no." She admits on a soft voice.

"You're not alone there, Emma," Damien found himself admitting.

The exchange of a mutually-displeased gaze met Emma's. Even after it was all said and done, Damien didn't like it. If nothing else, he was worried about his sister. Knowing full and well what could potentially happen if he wasn't around drove gut-wrenching distress through his body. It wasn't so much that he was worried about Aiden whatshisface was going to hurt her, it was more about how he knew his sister well enough to know that being away from him was the worst thing. Maybe it was Damien just feeling protective over her.

"This may suck, but there's a silver lining," he said, smiling assuringly at her. Damien pulled out the paper and looked over the information for a brief moment. "The layouts of the buildings has us directly across from each other. So if Aiden gives you any problems, I won't be far. And if he has any problem with that, I'll just kick his ass." A laugh followed that comment.

Tucking a lock of black behind her pierced ear, Emma too glanced over the paper, forgetting at that moment that she had shredded her own which was drifting around her feet in the catches of her twirling shadow. He was right, these assignments at least had them near one another, yet so very far apart, and though it did little to ease the stress of anxiety fisting around her heart and choking her lungs in a vice, she could at least be assuaged by knowing he'd be there. Close. Exactly where she needed him.

And so, she laughs. Bells matching baritone laughter, merry spurts of happiness that paints her eyes alive in twinkling light. It's a threat he has brandished many times, to countless men who have approached her, and it does something to her spirits now lifted.

"Thank you, Damien." And she means it, with every bit of her glimmering smile.
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𝚜 𝚞 𝚏 𝚏 𝚎 𝚛 𝚜 𝚕 𝚘 𝚠 𝚕 𝚢 𝚖 𝚢 𝚍 𝚎 𝚊 𝚛 𝚜 𝚘 𝚝 𝚑 𝚊 𝚝 𝚠 𝚎 𝚖 𝚒 𝚐 𝚑 𝚝 𝚔 𝚗 𝚘 𝚠 𝚑 𝚘 𝚠 𝚕 𝚒 𝚏 𝚎 𝚎 𝚗 𝚍 𝚜


Had he been a lesser man, Avem might've blanched, losing colour upon his usual golden parlour in being caught completely off guard by some left field comment that'd invoke laughter or disfavour, or both. Had he been any other child of the Gods, he might've appreciated her candor and responded in kind: cheeky head tilts, lopsided grins flashing teeth and tongues waggling in mirth and lewd promises upon the silken pout of his wicked mouth gaped wide and coloured red in wine and cherries. Avem could be all of these and more, a shimmering, perpetual sin twined in threads of fate that corded him to Dustyn and Kelsey respectively in hues of mauve and vermillion. Instead, he laughed, a charming chortle of deep appreciation to her attempt in shattering that proverbial shell of ice that could've ruined their potential impressions. Though, Avem knew well enough of his roommate now from his own discerning glance over her school files, if she knew, what would she think? Would he be painted as resourceful as his mother quoted often in honeyed words filled with falsity, or would she pale in colour and label him something -- as Lyra would utter -- creepy. Marbled blue dashed from one and onto the other and his arms wove across his chest, brass adornments clinking together, vein laced forearms dusted in a hue of gold and lips donned in a smirk.

If these two were as closely knitted as he perceived, then Avem felt the premonition of having to keep on his toes at a near constant whilst they were around one another. They were dabblers in all things carnal and provocative in drink and song, loose morals and harpy wit, the kind of jovial experiences Avem could relate to, but only upon the fringes of his eternal sense of self-control. In small doses, he envied them. Dustyn was the kind of woman with lipstick upon her teeth all red and smudged in kisses, swollen lips and wild eyes painted in wings of black with scars that mapped an unhinged tale. She was attractive in abandonment and he speculated on her influence over Kelsey then -- did she allow herself that same wilderness? What am I getting into.

"Well, Ms. Fart Joke," he teased, bequeathing Dustyn with a cheerful quip, all humour, and inclinations towards her breed of comedy. "I'm here to actually meet her," Avem provided, his glance panning high and low at a leisurely scan of her profile. The way Dustyn introduced her had his male appreciation scrolling her over in a double take before he grinned, hand proffered.

"Avem Vogel." He greeted in cooling tones. "I've already moved into the apartment, perks of living here pretty much." His simper tweaked at that, a miniscule forge of bitterness at the reality that Avem had never been off Academy grounds, had never graced the world beyond the barrier shimmering abroad like a cage; beautiful and embellished, but confining. His breath whistled in a sigh, hands and posture lax to shake her hand.

"But, if you want, I can help you move your things in too." Hera had raised a gentleman, afterall, and thus he pointedly gestured to her duffel bag.

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A right hand to the mouth wasn't doing much to stifle the laughter from Dustyn's story of her experience on the other side of an exorcism, but Kelsey was trying her best not to just break out in guffaws. She swore sometimes that the Las Vegas native got the power of storytelling from the gods, because there were few people on campus who could spin yarns like Dustyn. It brought her back to days at home, listening to all her dad's huntin' boys try to one-up each other with tales of cougar attacks and 12-point bucks that got away.

Dustyn confirmed that sadly they would not be rooming together and instead she had a "Cecily D." The name sounded vaguely familiar to Kelsey, possibly another fixture at the parties, but she couldn't be sure without a face. She still had no idea who this Avem person she was supposed to be rooming with was, and there wasn't even an inkling until a voice from behind them chimed in,

"Excuse me, ladies."

A taller, older, far more hipster-y man that kind of reminded Kelsey of some of those guys who were definitely too old for high school but hung around the Bulldogs' gym anyway came up to the two women. He looked like if Orlando Bloom suddenly went for the Matthew McConaghey aesthetic. But he talked like a Dracula. Or a mobster. Or someone else who definitely wasn't American.

Dustyn didn't seem put off by the man, but then it was very hard to put Dustyn off her game at any time. Kelsey giggled at Dustyn's initial remark.

"I'm Dustyn and this hot piece of ass is Kelsey. Who did you get paired with?"

Kelsey used that hot piece of ass to subtly bump Dustyn for the advertisement. Dustyn had the right to say that, but the stranger didn't have the right to know just what a hot piece of ass she was.

She retook her position standing beside Dustyn, skeptical look on her face. "Whelp, if he's comin' up to us, and I'm guessin' his name ain't Cecily, fuckin' three to one odds says he's gonna be.... Ah-vem? Eh-vam? A...the guy who I'm prob'ly fuckin' stuck roomin' with durin' this experiment?"

Kelsey's thoughts were confirmed when the man opened his mouth. "I'm here to actually meet her," She could see the man casually give her a look up and down, as if appraising her. "Dang it, Dust. Told ya not ta be sellin' my ass up like that."

"Avem Vogel." "That's how he pronounces it? Wouldn'a got that." "I've already moved into the apartment, perks of living here pretty much. But, if you want, I can help you move your things in too."

Kelsey looked to Dustyn and then back to the man offering free busboy service. "I mean, I ain't gonna say no to someone doin' shit for me. I gotta get some of my other shit out of the truck anyway. Didn't feel right takin' it out yet. So I guess I can get that, if you got this. And I know ya ain't gonna run off with it, cause if ya do, I will hunt ya down like a fuckin' cougar on a two-legged rabbit, ya hear?"

Posturing was important in the Marston family, and Kelsey wasn't about to lose face with her first impression. This guy may not be an Artemis kid, but she was determined to show she wouldn't be some hoidy-toidy damsel in need of chivalry. Much as it was appreciated.
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Ms. Fart Joke?

Who this man think he was!? Dustyn's mouth curved into a devious smile, she liked this Avem already. He was unique in a mysterious way. He could take a jab, and deal them back just as quickly. Learning that this was Kelsey's room mate- Dustyn could not help but feel a tinge of excitement for her friend- the troubles she- THEY could get him into... Hopefully he knew what he was getting into. Hopefully he could keep up.

A friendly hip check from Kelsey meant to turn down the antics slightly as they figured the boy out, she nodded and smiled as he offered the helping hand to move in his room mates items. Dusty laughed, "She's right you know, I had to bury the last person who took her shit." she leaned in closer and made her voice close to a whisper, "I might show you where that is, if you can show that you hang with us." she winked pulling back to line up her body with Kelsey's, slightly nudging her with her elbow. Kelsey had several inches Dustyn, as she rest her head on her arm for a moment, her eyes looking up with a slight tilt of her chin. "That's if K doesn't kill me too." she puckered her lips and making a playful kissing noise towards Kelsey.

Straightening up for a moment, Dusty made another comment, "Plus once you help her, then both of you will be free to help me move MY things in." she joked, she would not most likely be bringing anything in to her room, unless her room mate turned out to be good pick. She might even like to be in her dorm room now and again if that was the case. Speaking of which, which one of these characters were meant to be hers? She looked in front of her, from face to face- as people matched to their new friends and caught up with old friends alike.
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A lot happened at once It wasn't that hard to process for her.

"Good to see you too, Bonaparte."Marcy went in for the hug after a moment of hesitation, both things that amused the daughter of Athena. She let her go after a moment, and acknowledged Jonas' followup to her tap with a wry quirk of the mouth. "And you, Highwind."

She greeted, after a fashion. The human whirlwind had arrived, his sister in tow, and at this juncture didn't warrant more than a cursory hello. If she stayed out of his way, she could keep her peace. A little longer. Maybe. Potentially. ... Probably not. This was normal, now, until summer came again. But if she were truthful, something she would never admit out loud... She preferred this. She missed it when she was home. This mismatched, incongruous, baffling, bickering handful of people that she had come to enjoy. Or had come to enjoy her, in rare cases. Even more baffling. But welcome. "Any summer work you failed to do has to be in my mailbox by nine. Otherwise I start getting you Bs again."

That was a good enough greeting.

To her left, however, she could sense discontent. Quelled in large part by her brother, but present nevertheless. Rebekah absently bumped Dana's shoulder with her own and leaned a little, a light constant pressure. Anything else was delayed for a moment by the vibration of her phone. Her brother, by the faint tone that accompanied it. The only person on campus that could genuinely be called family by genetics, rather than choice. In a way? Genetics was a somewhat ambiguous area when it came to godly parents. But he was family regardless, even if it wasn't a clear cut matter. It would be good to visit a little, now that they were both back on campus.

<I think that half of these people will kill each other within a month, if they think they can get away with it. Or if they can't. Whoever designed these pairings picked names out of a hat. The other half will be sleeping with their roommate in the same span. This experiment is destined to implode.>

After a brief pause, thumb actually rising off of the screen, she sent a second message.

<I was fortunate. My best friend is my roommate. I hope you've been well over the summer, brother.>

Then she slipped the phone back into her pocket. Gray eyes flicked to her left, head cocked slightly in inquiry, though she actually directed her comments to the others.

"I could probably use a small loan from the Bank of Bonaparte at some point, Marcella. If it's not inconvenient. I'm sure Relo plans for us all to be busy tonight, though."
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Kelsey returned the kissing noise to Dustyn as the Dionysus child continued to work on her new roommate and solicit busboy services for herself. "You mean Frankie was able to carry more than just you over the Rockies? Gotta say, I might hafta start chargin' for my services, cause 'parently I work miracles." She wasn't sure if Dustyn heard that, since the Utah resident was scanning the crowd, likely looking for her own roommate. "Mormon Jesus can eat his fuckin' heart out."

She turned back to Avem, trying to get a read on him. He seemed bemused by the interactions he was getting from the two of them, but at least he didn't look like he just smelled a dead skunk. So if there was a stick up his ass, he wasn't showing it immediately. "Anywho, if you wanna get movin' this, I'm all for it. Sooner we get this shit inta the place, sooner we can start gettin' ready for tonight. Based on some of the names I do know on this roster, there's gonna be some partyin' goin' on. Guaran-damn-teed."

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Leo looked down at his watch and rolled his eyes realising just how late he was. The fuel pump in front of him chugged along slowly as it dribbled fuel at a snails pace into his motorcycle. A childs water pistol would do a better job that the rust covered pump before him. He could see the station owner peering out of the window at him, one hundred percent expecting Leo to fill up and run away. Leo tipped an imaginary cap in the mans direction to try and put him at ease, but in return the young lad received a look of anger.

What's this guys problem?

The thought in Leo's head lingered as he turned from the unwelcoming station owner. He had mostly found welcoming faces and smiles as he had travelled back to the Academy. No matter, he was almost there even if he was considerably late. With a forceful click the pump stopped and Leo closed his fuel tank. He headed towards the window to pay while struggling to understand how the building hadn't been condemned. The roof looked like it was going to collapse at any moment, the front of the building was caked in dirt and the colour of choice for all the metal on show as rust orange.

"Here you go mate...keep the change."

Leo handed the man several banknotes to cover the cost of the fuel before turning to walk away. He could hear the man exhale frustratingly as he walked back to his bike.

Don't say anything, just get on your bike. You're late enough already.

Leo donned his motorcycle helmet and jumped onto the bike to continue onto the academy. He had overslept in the morning and then frustratingly ran out of fuel a few miles away. Tardiness wasn't something he was known for but he fully expected to get some stick from those who knew him.

Within half an hour Leo was entering the grounds to find them pretty much deserted. Usually there would be the occassional group of demigods hanging out but this time there was barely a soul in sight. That only ever meant that everyone was either in class or at the Colosseum. Given it was the first day back it could only be the latter option so he accelerated towards the large arena.

Almost leaping from the bike as it was still moving Leo launched his helmet from his head and began to run towards the doors. He had parked much further away that he needed to but was in such a rush he took the wrong turning. Charging towards the doors he barreled through them shoulder first causing them to fling open with force. He carried on through as fast as his legs could carry him. He almost lost his footing several times on the smooth floor as his footwear lost grip. He finally rounded the corner to the main assembly area to catch sight of those he had best known in his time at the arena. Coming to a stop he arched over gasping for air as he rested his hands on his knees. He took in one final deep breath before straightening out his back. He forced a smile and did his best to hide his clear exhaustion. Not talking to anyone specifically he simply called out.

"Hey guys. What's up?"
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