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September 3rd, 2018 (12:05am)
61 / 55°F | Passing Clouds | Humidity: 67% | Barometer: 29.87 "Hg | N. Wind: 7 mph

  • It is the first day back and just less than an hour of getting back to the campus at the start of the year, all of the returning students were told to head immediately for the Ares Colleseeum for a mandatory assembly.
  • The Students find out a select 32 will be paired up in an Apartment Experiment.
  • Some are happy, some are confused, and some are intrigued.
  • After the students were let go, both Headmaster Hector and Headmistress Helena oversaw a disturbance regarding some strange signals that came up on The Watchful Eye. Nothing clear was brought to their attention, but those within the room will inform them if something did happen. There was also a mention of being on the look out for Dallas Relo's party.
  • Elsewhere, Dallas Relo hosts a secret, need-to-know party lakeside by Naiades Lake.

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High above the campus of Olympus Academy, the early-afternoon rays began to pour its brilliance on the concrete that made up most of the buildings. And crowding it was the hundreds of young demigods and demi-goddesses who were coming from wherever they spent their summer vacations. Most of them were well off enough to where they could handle most threats that came for them, so as long as they didn’t bring any attention to themselves, they were safe during the summer. And the stories they had to tell of the wild adventures they had, the trouble they and their friends, and the memories made. As much as the lot of them didn’t want to, they had to return to the place where they had a second home at.

While some weren’t happy to be back, there was a particular blonde Daughter of Apollo who couldn’t be happier. Vivian Lucasta was one of few who seemed to be happy all the time of every hour of every minute she spent alive. Though this girl wasn’t devoid of sadness, any moment in her life that seemed to be heading downhill, she always found some way to look at the positives.

This couldn’t be any truer for her when she had been walking with her bags in hand. Every person she saw either had a gloomy disposition or simply wasn’t ready for the summer to be over. Vivian, however, was ready to see all of her friends and everyone she had said goodbye to. She even missed her annoying older brother, Dallas. He got on her nerves more than anyone else did at Olympus Academy, yet she still missed that idiot. She wanted to get caught up with him and all of her friends, but before she could, there came the surprise of an announcement in the form of the Headmistress’ image popping up in the sky.

“Attention students of Olympus Academy! Report to the Ares Colosseum for a mandatory assembly at once!”

The message repeated itself as Vivian, as well as the others she could see, were walking away from the Hestia Housing Buildings (or at least the area near it) and had been making their way to the giant arena in the distance. Vivian wasn’t sure exactly was in store for her. She knew that the Headmistress was the sort of women who was usually serious, but the abrupt change of plans did have Vivian worrying just a little, but it could at least be interesting. She put on her best smile and went forward with a positive outlook.

Damien was never one for punctuality, but he was already near the Ares Coliseum moments before the grand projection of the Headmistress appeared in the sky and at the moment she told the students to get to the arena, the only thing he could think about was how there was going to be a delay in him being able to see his sister. It didn’t take a lot to get on his nerves, but this was one of the few things that did. And quite a lot. But, at the end of the day, Damien shrugged it off. If he wasn’t going to be able to see her before he settled into his apartment even though he didn’t know which one he was going to be placed in. He remembered something about an experiment or something like it happening.

As he made his way from the grass he had been laying on in the quad, he soon noticed grass had become stuck to his black shirt. Shaking it off, he followed the herd of students that were converging to the arena. And all of them were carrying their luggage. The only thing that came to Damien’s mind was how they were foolish enough to not expect something like this. Damien didn’t bother getting his own bags from his truck. He was too focused on enjoying the day.

Soon he took a seat up in the higher rows, away from most of everyone. As he did, the remaining seats started to fill up. It wasn’t any more than ten minutes that it took for every remaining seat was filled. And considering there was roughly around three-thousand students that attended Olympus Academy, that was saying something. And yet, surprisingly to Damien, they stayed far away from him. Apparently being the Son of Nyx granted him a certain fear. Or maybe it was how last year he nearly lost his shit because someone offended him by not complimenting Emma’s dress during the End of the Year ball.

As he looked ahead, doing the same thing everyone had been doing for five, long minutes, out came the entire staff of Olympus Academy. They each lined up next to each other and then the Power Couple of Hector Luis Guerrero and Helena Alexandra Hassan-Guerrero came out. As he remembered them to be, Helena was elegant in her choice of a silver dress and Hector was all smiles in his partial suit, yet Damien couldn’t help but notice something was up. No way the entire staff was out here to greet the demis. Why would they force a mandatory assembly before they even had a chance to settle in?

“Oh, this is going to be good,” Damien mused to himself, looking on with curious eyes like a lot of his fellow students were (or so he would think).

Stepping forward was the Headmaster. His smile greeted the curious, young eyes of the students. “Hello, hello, hello!” Hector’s rich Mexican-styled accent was noticeable, yet it didn’t hinder anyone from understanding him. “Welcome back, students of Olympus! And to those of you who are first years, I trust you’ll find this school is a fine place to live while you grow used to your new abilities. It is my hope you also start to understand who you really are. We, the Staff of Olympus Academy, will do our best to help make the transition easier for those of you still in the process of understanding what has happened.”

As Hector took a step back, his wife, Helena, took his place. “And to continue what my beloved has said, as well as to answer some unspoken questions, allow me to explain the best that I can. You see, the school you remember has changed. It is our hope that this is received well. The curriculum has been altered to challenge you, the students. To the older students, the expectations for you to thrive is even greater now than it has ever been. In addition, your living situation may be different than what you remember. As part of an experiment, we will be picking thirty-two students at random to partake in what we hope is the first of many living arrangements to come. For now, if I call your name, please step forward and join us down here.”

And before long, the names of the students were called. And soon it became clear that the names were people Damien and Vivian knew. Hell, their names were even called. At the end of it, the thirty-two who had been called were standing in front of the staff. Some probably confused and others just wanting to get it over with, but at the end of it, they were simply to wait until some further explanation was given.

“This concludes the assembly. If your name wasn’t called, please leave the arena. For those who did have their names called, stay here,” Helena said.

Those who didn’t hear their name being called did as they were told. Some of them seemed too eager to leave the surprisingly short assembly, but the same could not be said for the thirty still left with their bags next to them while the staff stayed. Akani Kahale, one of the Physical Training Instructors, stepped forward. He was a tall, muscular man with a shaven head and pecs for days.

“Don’t worry, you’re going to love this. Thanks to the Mystical Oracle, all of you have been selected to live on the second floor of the first housing building. And on these sheets of paper right here are the living arrangements. It’s going to be lit!” Akani said, hoping speaking the millennials’ lingo made him relatable. To his surprise and the unsurprised expressions of the other members of the OA staff, he got nothing, though Vivian Lucasta chuckled.

Akani handed the stack of papers to Hector, who then handed it every single one of them. On the paper, it had the following names paired up together:

Apartment 2A | Dallas Relo and Jonas Highwind
Apartment 2B | Rebekah Cross and Dana Harada
Apartment 2C | Aiden Weinmann and Emma Laurant
Apartment 2D | Damien Black and Persephone Neotera
Apartment 2E | Marcella Bonaparte and Rhea Psomas
Apartment 2F | Ian Rivers and Lyra Woods
Apartment 2G | Caleb Sharp and Derrick Bisset
Apartment 2H | Leo Sullivan and Vivian Lucasta
Apartment 2I | Dustyn Flint and Cicily Delamar
Apartment 2J | Wynter Smith and Taylor McLaughlin
Apartment 2K | Asher Alcott and Ariana Mossos
Apartment 2L | Avem Vogel and Kelsey Marston
Apartment 2M | Jaime Callahan and Riley Bowen

And it was at that moment the faces became more than bored, especially for Damien.

“Persephone?” He looked around and saw who. “Oh, her..”

Meanwhile, Vivian knew who she was paired up with and she was all smiles. “This is going to be fun!”

As they were left by themselves, the Gods only could speculate what was about to happen next.

“Oh, and one last thing,” Hector said, turning to face the thirty-two students. “Welcome back!”

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Location: Ares Colosseum
Mentions: Dustyn @MissCapnCrunch,
Leo @CaptainSully,
Avem @Rockette

Kelsey Marston was not in a stellar mood. Of course, that was normal on days like today. The first day back at Olympus Academy didn't hold the promise of a fresh new year, like it did for a lot of the Children of the Gods. For her, it was just a reminder of what she didn't have. She didn't have any kind of relationship with her famous mother. She didn't have the adoring fans that seemed destined to follow her through school. She didn't even have easy access to some Mother's Towheads to deal with the annoyance of the day. "Heh," she chuckled to herself. The irony of the name of that brewery didn't strike her until now. As if her mother would be giving her beers.

Kelsey's dad certainly made up it on his end. Especially given how his little girl was finally able to go into the Food Giant herself and grab whatever beverages she wanted. There were many nights spent at Dreamers celebrating the ability to watch the Blues blow another playoff series with drinks on supply. The summer was such a blur, now that she tried to think about it. All the dart games she ended up winning, the arguments on whether Jake Allen was a number one goalie. They all kinda mashed together.

The Missouri girl let out a long sigh as her self-pity party was interrupted by the callout from the Headmistress.

“Attention students of Olympus Academy! Report to the Ares Colosseum for a mandatory assembly at once!”

Now the sigh changed to one of annoyance. "Can't even let me get settled in 'n properly hate my roommate yet, huh?" She picked her duffel bag up off the floor of the HAB Delta lobby and trudged towards the colosseum.

The assembly seemed pretty run of the mill. All the teachers on parade in front of all the students to inspire whatever emotions they wanted. Kelsey could almost feel the steel eyes of Lucy Chen drilling into her from the stage. She responded by rolling her eyes and looking away, as if she preferred to be a million miles away. Which was accurate. The procession was proving tedious.

Until Helena Hassan-Guerrero's last announcement.

Kelsey almost laughed at the notion. Experimentin' on us? Great. Poor buggers dunno what'll hit 'em.

As the names were rattled off and unlucky students were chosen to come forward, Kelsey was already thinking about how quickly she was going to tick off another of her half-siblings for a solid two terms when she was jolted out of her thoughts.

"Kelsey Marston!"

"Y'all fuckin' serious?!?" The 21 year old didn't mean to say that out loud, but she was so caught off-guard it slipped out for everyone in the near vicinity to hear. She stood up and picked up her bag in a huff before joining the rest of the chosen.

As the other students departed the large stadium, Kelsey tried to think and appraise the situation. All right, so what's this 'bout again? Livin' arrangements? Stickin' us all in one house and expectin' us to get along? She then remembered at least one name she heard with whom that would not be possible. Fuck! I'mma be stuck with fuckin' Leo all fuckin' year?!? Oh, no. Ain't doing that. I'll shoot someone. I'll shoot me. Fuckin' Chen probably put me up for this. Fuck! Finally, the large physical trainer, Akani, came forward and made a bad attempt to be hip. Kelsey raised an eyebrow, but gave nothing more than that. Nothing about this in her mind was particularly lit.

As the living arrangements were explained to the thirty-two, for the first time in a while, Kelsey actually perked up a bit. Wait, there's a very strong chance I ain't gonna have ta room with another Moon kid! Leo's the only one here! Well, all right! This might work! Course that 1/31 shot would likely come up... She looked over and saw Dustyn standing in the group. There were many good nights drinking with Dustyn on campus that Kelsey could barely remember, even if it was frowned upon for the underagers. Shoot, I could do a year with Dust. That might actually be fun, not hatin' my roommate.

Finally she got her sheet from the large Polynesian demigod and stared at it befuddled. She wasn't with Dustyn, but she wasn't with Leo either. Instead, she had one question as she looked around, ponytail waving in confusion...

Who the fuck is Avem Vogel?

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Location: Ares Colosseum
Mentions: Jamie Flanagan @lopsided, Kelsey Marston @NeoAC

For most, summer was a time of joy, of lazy afternoons spent with family and friends. But for Riley, he’s just glad to be away from Swansea again. The air back home smelt like smoke and sea salt, a heady combination that made his head spin.

Here at Olympus Academy, things were overwhelming in a much different way. Throngs of students, both old and new, chatter amongst themselves about all the fun, exciting things they did during the summer, and Riley couldn’t help but think about what he’d done — which was not very much at all. A good part of his summer was spent cooped up in his room, tinkering away at an old Commodore 64 he’d found at a garage sale. It was a fascinating piece of machinery, and he’d just about gotten it to run on a 16-bit processor when his mother breezed into the room, smiling with red-painted lips.

Riley and Elain Bowen had an… unconventional relationship, to say the least. Rather than mother and son, the two were instead brought up as siblings to avoid scandal. After all, the Bowens have long been a pillar of Swansea’s Anglican community, and it simply wouldn’t do to have one black sheep sully the entire flock. Nevertheless, Elain preferred to act like Riley didn’t exist, only calling upon him when she found herself in need of help. That time, there had been something wrong with her phone, a memory error that he managed to fix in just fifteen minutes. Coincidentally, fifteen minutes was exactly how long Elain bothered to stick around, leaving behind nothing but the stench of menthols and cheap perfume in her wake. Riley probably should’ve been upset by her nonchalance, but it was difficult to miss what was never there in the first place.

The trip to Olympus was uneventful, something that he was eternally grateful for. By now, baggage checks and stone-faced security guards have become routine, but when Riley came to Olympus for the first time, he was so overwhelmed by all the noise and activity that he didn’t even think he would make it onto the plane. Fortunately, a kind-hearted stranger had offered their assistance, and Riley managed to catch his flight before it took off without him.

And thus began the long, agonising process of meeting new people and getting to know them. He likes to think he’s used to it by now, socialising. Back home, his grandparents were happy to let him hole himself up in his room all day; but here, avoiding conversation was a task easier said than done. People were friendlier, somehow — well, at least most of them were.

Compared to the dour, oppressive atmosphere of his old school, Olympus Academy was paradise. Here, he could do anything, talk to anyone, create machines that ran on circuits and magic. Most of all, he was looking forward to seeing Phaedra again. It goes without saying that a sentient, mechanical wolf would cause quite an uproar in working-class Swansea, so he had to leave her behind when he went home for the summer. He was still working on a feature that would allow him to compact Phaedra into a less inconspicuous form. It was, however, proving to be quite the conundrum. How do you reduce the mass of an object without affecting its inner functions? He was going to have to spend a lot more time thinking about it.

Just then, a familiar voice booms across the campus, jolting him out of his reverie. Paired with the massive, and frankly terrifying image of Olympus Academy’s Headmistress splashed across the clouds, the announcement brought to mind passages from the Old Testament, of a wrathful God raining fire down upon the earth to cleanse it of sinners — or in this case, latecomers. No doubt his grandfather would give him a lash across the palm for even thinking such blasphemy, but what he didn’t know couldn’t hurt him. Still, Riley quickens his footsteps, not wishing to attract the ire of the Headmistress on his first day back.

With all the stuff he’s carrying, it takes longer than he’d like to reach the arena. When he went back home for the summer, school policy dictated that he had to bring his tools with him. This, of course, resulted in two full-size luggages, and a backpack stuffed to bursting. Thankfully, Riley manages to make it to his destination without keeling over, though he’s more than a little out of breath by the time he settles into a chair near the back of the arena. Among the three-thousand-odd students present, only a few were familiar to him, his half-sister being one of them. Jamie’s bright, auburn hair stands out easily from the crowd, and Riley chances a smile at her, raising his hand in a sheepish wave.

The Headmaster’s speech seemed par for the course, at first, but as soon as the Headmistress took over, Riley sensed that something was amiss. Shifting slightly in his seat, he sits up straighter, and cranes his neck to look past the person in front of him. It wasn’t until the word experiment came up, however, that Riley understood the true ramifications of what was happening. He’s used to working in solitude, by himself, alone. The idea of a roommate was anathema to him, and from the exclamation of disbelief he heard immediately after, it was safe to assume that he wasn’t the only one who felt that way. But the Headmistress did say that out of the entire student body, only thirty-two of them would be picked, right? He couldn’t possibly be unlucky enough to be one of them. As name after name is listed off, Riley feels some of the tension melt from his shoulders — so far, so good.

And then, the instant the thought crosses his mind, he hears his name echo through the arena like the ringing of a funeral bell.

Oh. Now this was bad. Very, very bad.

Riley watches with an increasing sense of helplessness as the rest of the students file out of the arena, save for thirty-two of them, of course. Included among the “lucky winners” was Jamie, and the one who had readily expressed her indignation at the arrangement — Kasey, maybe? Whatever her name was, it definitely began with a K.

Probably. He wasn’t great with names, or faces, for that matter.

With his baggage in tow, Riley trudges reluctantly towards the front of the arena, where he is soon handed a piece of paper with the living arrangements printed on it. 2A, 2B, 2C… 2M! Upon seeing who he was paired with, Riley lets out a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding. It still wasn’t ideal, but it was better than having to room with someone he hated. Folding the paper into a neat rectangle, he tucks it into the inner pocket of his parka, and waits for someone else to speak so he doesn’t have to.

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Location: Ares Colosseum
Mentions: JoJo @HereComesTheSnow,
Dal @Plank Sinatra,
Dana @Plank Sinatra,
Beks @Krayzikk

Marcella Aveline Bonaparte20, Fifth Year
Ψ Rhea Franky Psomas Ψ 19, Fourth Year

"Another year of disappointment Rhea." Marcy casually glanced at her friend, sipping the chai tea latte that they had picked up just a few minutes earlier. Her sip was hasty and her face scrunched up as the still searing hot liquid scorched her tongue. But she gulped it down anyway.

"It's only a disappointment if you're counting the amount of times you got to fuck." Rhea said calmly, pushing her mane to the side as the girls walked back into Olympus Academy. For Marcy it was the start of the fifth year of her attendance, for Rhea the fourth.

"You're lucky you've wormed your way into my heart Re." Marcy said, gently bumping into the girl as they made their way towards the Ares Colosseum. "So how's your training been going anyway? You started with Jonas last year rigt?" Marcy's eyes peered over at Rhea while she scanned the crowd of demigods that also made their way to the colosseum. Keeping an eye out for any of her favourites.

"Yeah, that's right." Rhea nodded, doing the same, scanning over the crowd. "It's going well, learning combat skills from Jonas is strange. I've definitely improved, but my hand to hand is still leagues behind him."

"Come on bitch, Marcy said whipping around in front of Rhea, nary spilling a single succulent drop of her latte. "You've improved so much, own that shit."

Rhea stared the daughter of Hades down, she was almost half a foot taller than her but by most metrics was still fairly short. They both glared at one another, long enough for a few onlookers to notice it until they couldn't hold the tension any longer and burst out laughing.

"Gods I missed you Marcy." Rhea said through the laughter, giving her best friend a hug.

"Well you still got to text me, putting you on a very exclusive list of people I'll remind you." Marcy said as she was squeezed by the shorter girl. "Imagine how the rest of the school felt without my guidance on how to dress for dates, accessorize for the next big fight, etc."

Rhea giggled, "Did you just say etcetra?" The two girls continued into the crowded arena.

Anyone watching them would notice subtle differences in the girls. Both fairly confident in the routined return to their school and partial home. Marcella's scanning of the crowd was emblematic of her need for socialization and wanting to catch up with the notorious son of Apollo, his hulking best friend, and of course Ares' favourite daughter and Athena's golden child. The group had formed fairly quickly into the earlier years and the younger ones were adopted the year after. It was a good group of fools.

Rhea on the other hand seemed pretty calm and not quite as frantic as the other girl. Rather this one was focused and calm. Even as the entire staff of Olympus Academy took the stage.

That was odd.

"The fuck?"

"Language babe."

"Shit, right. Thanks."

Marcy opened her mouth once more, but she decided against it.

Hector and Helena took the forergound for themselves. Waxing poetic about their expectations of the students, and also saying something about how there would be 32 students taken for a super secret program.

"We get picked for this every time." Marcy whispered into Rhea's ear.

"How do you figure that?" Rhea asked back, barely moving her head to acknowledge her friend.

"Daughters of two of the big three." Marcy said, that bit of cocksure energy dripping back into her words. Rhea sighed, acknowledging there was some merit to the notion. Though she wasn't nearly as sure as Marcy seemed to be.

Helena began to call the names.

"Dallas Relo." Rhea heard, and watched as Marcy's ears perked up and mouth started to salivate just that little bit more. She glanced at Marcy with a smirk, which Marcy shoved away as Rhea continued to push into Marcy's slightly reddening face.

"Jonas Highwind." Rhea nodded, she was happy to see him selected.

Marcy's grin widened.

"Rebekah Cross."

Once more it widened.

"Danaye Harada."

"They wouldn't."

"Rhea Psomas."

The girls turned to one another.

"Marcella Bonaparte."

"The madwoman."

Rhea and Marcy took their spot in front of their peers, standing near their friends but making sure not to make the higher up's mistakes evident by acknowledging them. Instead both Marcy and Rhea smiled and nodded at their fellow trouble-makers while glancing out over the crowd of onlookers that were staring up at them.

Marcy offered her friends a sly wink before once more gazing out into the masses.

"I will rule you well my subjects." She whispered.

"Shut up." Rhea whispered back.

As the rest of the 32 took their place alongside the girls and the remaining students filed out. Living arrangements were given and the girls couldn't be more ecstatic.

"This is good, I was hoping for more time to cultivate your wardrobe. You still smell of the North." Marcy dictated to Rhea, pulling her along to go and find their friends in their own living arrangements.

"Of course Marcy, what would I do without your fashion guidance?" Rhea asked sarcastically as she was pulled through a small crowd of people.

"You'd bug Dana." Marcy quickly retorted pulling the other girl along.

After a short while of searching the imposing figure Jonas struck was clear as day. They approached the other four with massive smiles.

"Hey guys, miss us?"
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Speech speech speech speech speech. Same old speech.

Dana always felt insulted by these convocations, no matter the location or language. Headmasters were a subgenus that seemed to collectively enjoy wasting the time of students, the majority of whom had already weathered the first iteration of the 'welcome to school' speech. It was no different when she had gone to school at home. Teachers knew it was a waste. Students knew it was a waste. Why keep giving the speeches? It was time shaved off of everyone's lives. It was brutally boring. It made her want to stomp her feet and flare her nostrils. It made her want to...

“Don’t worry, you’re going to love this. Thanks to the Mystical Oracle, all of you have been selected to live on the second floor of the first housing building. And on these sheets of paper right here are the living arrangements. It’s going to be lit!”

I want to fight that man.

Akani had muscles muscles. He would make for a glorious trophy.

This year I will fight that man for sure. She had told herself that at each of the last two assemblies.

The idea of rooming together at the housing buildings was an interesting one, though, and one that made her tense up slightly, huddling against herself for warmth under the heavy bomber jacket that had belonged to her brother before it found a better home in the Far East. Dana knew she could get anxious around new people, and not all of them would tolerate her quirks like Jonas or Rhea. What if they weren't well dressed?

Kidnap them and take them to the Armani Exchange.

People always came back for more after one of Dana's shopping trips.

What if they were early sleepers? What if they got irritated by Dance Dance Revolution and asked Dana to turn the TV down?

Smash the pad over their head. Make them play with you. Fuck them up and make them humble.

Hmmph. The whole arrangement was more trouble than it was worth. Dana drew one hand out from the protective confines of her brother's the shared-ownership leather bomber ver. Ares.

Apartment 2A | Dallas Relo and Jonas Highwind

That seemed to be all that some people needed to hear. She heard a cheerful whoop! and turned her head to see that one of the papers had already been balled up and tossed in the direction that the academy's other students were departing in. She thought she saw someone turn around and rub the back of their head, wondering what had hit them, but then she turned back around again. It wasn't surprising. Dallas had been a baseball player growing up, and if he wanted to hit someone chances were good that someone would get hit. Who wound up getting irritated was irrelevant. The son of the sun probably just wanted to test his curveball.

Speaking of a curveball...

Apartment 2B | Rebekah Cross and Dana Harada

The elbow still wrapped inside the jacket moved to her left, prodding into the soft side of the girl standing beside her. Rebekah's eyes were heavy-lidded, lips pursed in thought while she was reading over her own list. She didn't know why she bothered after the fourth or fifth entry. In fact, Dana felt like throwing the paper herself. But she wouldn't.

She wasn't an animal.

"Help me move my clothes in. I'll help you with books."

She tugged on the sleeve of Rebekah's sweater, but she did so reluctantly, and it looked like she wanted to wash her hands afterwards. The thing looked like something Bekah had mined from another vein of Goodwill gold.

Gross. Who knew how many people had worn that thing before her?

"Fucking A, still got it. Did you see that? Whose kid do you think I hit?"

Jonas wasn't listening. He had decided to put a little more thought into who was sleeping where, not that it would matter in two weeks when people were throwing their roommates out for hookups. Jonas was used to that arrangement. Why give a shit now?

"Joey. Whose kid?"

Dallas' lips pursed in frustration. Marcy would have played the guessing game with him.

"That was a great throw! If we had an outfielder or a full bullpen like that then maybe we wouldn't keep losing the division to the fucking Astros!"

"Huh? Yeah. Khabib."

"Fine. I don't fucking need you."





Dallas frowned, a deep, brooding expression that came dangerously close to the surly pout of a brat who had earned his bona fides. Viv would never treat him this way. She couldn't ignore him if her life depended on it. That sounded exactly like what he needed, actually: some catch up time with his sister! After all, he'd taught her everything he knew with a PG-13 rating on it. Last year the two Apollo kids had even started doing personal training together. Dallas was perceptive enough - although Viv would say cynical with a cute lil frown - to notice that eventually someone would try to take advantage of someone whose atomic bonds were all held together by niceness and smiles. When that time came, he couldn't guarantee that he would be around to keep an eye out for her; when they'd parted earlier in the year, Dallas was actually impressed enough with how Viv's boxing and footwork had come along that he took her out for dinner and only spoke when spoken to for the whole night.

It was a rare treat.

Then the cloud over the bipolar son of the sun's face broke, and he turned his head to Jonas with a knowing grin.

"I'm gonna go look for Viv."

"Make it quick. Girls are coming."

Fuck. Once he and Marcy started stirring shit they were never gonna stop.

"Hey guys, miss us?"

"Sure as shit, babes. Gimme thirty seconds! Don't make any fucking plans without me!"

Using the big guy for cover, Dallas dipped back into the crowd of under-three dozen demigods in order to find his sister. Digging her out of the lineup was easy enough. He just had to find the one with the halo over her head. Dallas slid up to her with a wink and a fraternal hand on her head - to promptly fuck up her hair, giving it more than a passing resemblance to his own permanently-tousled looking blonde locks.

"Fucking there you are, Jesus, don't run off like that," came the warm greeting, as Dallas' eyes lit up and his conversational muscles visibly geared up to go full adrenal. "Iiiii'm thinking of throwing another party to kick shit off. Same thing we do every fucking year, right, Pinky? Don't tell anybody. But tell everybody. And make sure that anyone from your year actually fucking BYOBs this time. I nearly got busted for serving to kids last year and I'm not taking a bullet for anyone too young to buy their own weed. Oh yeah."

Dallas' bright grin grew into a sunny beam.

"Hiya. Missed you."

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The drive up from Austin, Texas to Interior of the Rockies, Colorado, could be described in a single word: Long.

「Nagai.」 chirped the gentle, feminine voice of recording, filling the interior of the sturdy pickup with the tongue of Rising Sun.

As such, anyone with half a brain would be wary of the very real dangers of falling asleep on the road. Long drives meant long stretches of monotony, and even the most exciting destinations found their call wilted by hundreds of miles of samey asphalt passing beneath four wheels. To compound the matter, the thing about a Texas-Colorado trip? That took you through the Great Plains.

"Nagai." echoed the baritone of the driver, low, smooth, and very pointedly mimicking the recorded pronunciation to the best of its American ability.

And those, after the first five or so minutes, were nothing much to look at at all.

I should have kept studying over break.

Such was the trial that Jonas Highwind endured each Fall for the past five years. A long march north, punctuated only by a mere handful of restroom stops and a Baconator with fries. To combat the lullaby of his droning engine, the hypnotic repetition of field after field of wide open land, the young avatar of violence had no choice but to fill his lonely world with stimuli. Engaging things like music, podcasts, an impromptu call with Dallas, his brother in all but half-divine blood that ended up in flames (just like Hanako)—



And a quick, basic vocabulary refresher. No matter how much or how little one would expect a large Son of Ares to worry about his grasp on another language enough to look at studying it as a viable way to pass time, the fact of the matter was that it was productive. Not only productive either, but downright crucial for his campus and family life.

It'll be fine, Dana's focused on her English anyway. She won't notice for a while. Just patch the hole until she does.

When your little sister hailed from somewhere, you made sure you could talk to her no matter what. Danaye Harada was doing her level best to learn his mother tongue, so it was his solemn duty to meet her on the same grounds. He'd be a failure on a brother if he didn't, honestly. But, since he'd gotten lazy over summer break (read: worked his ass off for three months either hitting things, choking things, lifting things, or serving things to people in a neocon-owned food truck), he had a summer break's worth of upkeep to catch up on during the span of this trek.

And he was taking it all the way up from elementary vocab, too. God knew how he was going to sharpen up on grammar, but at least he had plenty of time and plenty of space for rote word-for-word memorization...

"Man, what the hell am I in for?"

He drove on with hours yet ahead of him, staring out at the open fields, and finding within them no answer. If anything, the wind made things seem to shrug.

How typical.

"Attention students of Olympus Academy! Report to the Ares Colosseum for a mandatory assembly at once!"

Well, he certainly could have guessed he was in for that. Every year, they put on a nice big assembly in the stadium, for the purposes of pumping kids up about the school, introducing new policy and faculty, and generally familiarizing any newcomers with the community they had just entered. That was all well and good. Really, he got it. He paid less attention every year to the point of outright napping through the last one, but he understood the idea behind them.

That said,

"Couldn't even let me stretch my legs, huh?" he muttered, tossing his pickup's door shut.

The beleaguered young warrior was none too happy with how they seemed to get earlier every damn year. By the time he graduated they'd be holding these sordid affairs at his house.

He knew the route by heart at this point. Best to just make tracks there and get on with everything. If he was lucky, he'd snag a pal on the way— Dallas could chew his ear off about their earlier argument, or Rhea could give him an update on her training during break. Could run into Marcy and ask her if she had any luck yet. Talk strategy with Bekah. Ruffle his sister's hair. Any of that'd turn this franchise around.

Well, at least it was over now.

Jonas had once again zoned out for the bulk of Helena and Hector's speech. School's gonna be great, we're gonna make you achieve your full potential, you're gonna learn how to integrate into society while cloistered away from society, all of that good stuff. It was the same droll and played out material every year...

It's going to be lit!!

Except, as you might guess, for that. Coach Akani being a large, enthusiastic, and very "how do you do my fellow kids" mountain of a man was nothing new, but this randomized rooming selection certainly was. As was him and effectively all of his friends being amongst that chosen three dozen— The Oracle had to have done that one on purpose. Everyone here knew someone here fairly well as far as he could gather from idle chatter and shared glances.

Meant that they weren't stuck somewhere entirely unfamiliar with people entirely unfamiliar. No "stranger in a strange land", or anything of the sort.

Though he was expecting about a one-in-five chance of being matched with somebody he liked, he completely dispelled the randomization notion at roughly the same time Dallas had sent his note into the outfield. You didn't get him and Relo together by chance. Not if you knew them.

"Hey, kids."

But enough on that for now. Safest to say that they just all lucked out on the draw this time. More pressing matters than a harebrained experiment had presented themselves, and he towered over both of their slight frames.

"Course I did. How's summer been treating you both?" He asked, folding his corded arms with a small smile. "You look well to me, at least. Been keeping yourself busy?"

A pointed glance was thrown to Rhea. Over the past year, he had taken the tiny daughter of Poseidon under his wing for what was at first martial arts tutorials, but had then expanded into a full-blown apprenticeship. He was personally proud with the way she'd been progressing since they last met. Rhea had proven an eager student, and her naturally attentive personality meant that she followed his direction and correction fully. The girl would dot her is and cross her ts much more readily than many of the snot-nosed kids he used to work with, and no matter how much he loved the brats, it was a windfall to have someone who he didn't need to worry about not mentally showing up.

That said, a lazy summer was a lazy summer, and lazy summers were awful to have in the middle of trying to train yourself. If there was ever a time to not mentally show up, it was Summer.

Just like with him and Japanese.

Speaking of Japanese, actually:

And where oh where could my willowy little sister be?

Probably right behind me, huh?
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"Deal. Roomie."

The words slipped out from pursed lips, absent-minded if not for the singular intent behind every syllable. Nothing she said was ever absent. It was intentional, like the way she wrapped a sweater-clad arm around her companion's shoulders and squeezed for the briefest of instants. That, at least, was clearly intentional from the smile tugging at her lips and the way she made sure the garment lingered on her friend's shoulders just a liiittle longer than necessary.

Dana hated her secondhand sweaters. But it wasn't like Rebekah was made of money, now was she?

Well, Marcy was, though. Perhaps she could request a Venmo (pls) for her ride from the airport. Speaking of their other compatriots...

She stuffed the paper in her bag and peered around, to her side, over Dana's shoulder, and finally, with the crowds slightly parted, ahead and to the left. Rhea and Marcy were approaching Dallas and Jonas, the latter two caught in between the four girls. Bekah squeezed Dana's shoulder again and gestured with her chin, indicating where they needed to go. It was reassuring to know their motley crew would be in the same building. Even more so that her dearest friend would be her roommate. The idea of having to put up with someone else was almost enough to make her scowl right there.

But that had not come to pass, so she leisurely made her way over to the others. Jonas' pointed comment to Rhea made the smile tug at her lips once more, and while she decided not to challenge it overtly, she let a single knuckle bump between the Son of Ares' shoulderblades.


"Slipping, Highwind."
She greeted laconically, only now relinquishing her light grip on her roommate. A single sidestep took her out from Jonas' shadow and into view of the others, quickly enough to catch the least and most of them slipping away to greet his sister. She hoped he hadn't been assigned any summer work. It'd be a pain doing it in a night.

She'd greet Dallas later.

Marcella and Rhea, on the other hand, were already there. It was good to see them again. Even if she hadn't entirely figured them both out. Technically she'd seen Marcella only half an hour ago, briefly, but she'd been relegated to the backseat. Not much time for chit chat.

"Marcella," She greeted again, holding open an arm in rare invitation of an amicable hug. Dana had been telling her she should be more friendly to her friends. "It's good to see you. And you, Psomas."
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Location: Ares Colosseum
Mentions: JoJo @HereComesTheSnow,
Dal @Plank Sinatra,
Dana @Plank Sinatra,
Beks @Krayzikk

Marcella Aveline Bonaparte20, Fifth Year
Ψ Rhea Franky Psomas Ψ 19, Fourth Year

Marcy glanced at Bekah's invitation for a small hug and glanced back at Rhea. Her head pivoted into a double take glancing at Bekah once more in disbelief. Looking back at Rhea once more, the daughter of Poseidon simply smiled and urged her forward. Marcy took a small step towards Bekah and was pulled in to the hug. Marcy was sure not to overextend, however. "Nice to see you again Beks."

"Of course, I didn't want my training to go to nothing so I spent most of the summer going through with a daily regimen that I constructed from the things you were having me practice." Rhea began rolling her eyes as Marcy left the warm embrace of Bekah. "I wanted to come back for training the same if not better than you had left me." Her eyes glowed up to what would've been an imposing figure to anyone. Sure, if Rhea was under the impression that she had some reason to fear Jonas he would've been a colossus, but he was more of a beacon as it stood now.

"So," Marcy said, adjusting her hair and taking another big gulp of her latte, the steamed drink slightly searing the inside of her throat. "Dal ran off on his own, that can only mean trouble and booze, huh?"

Rhea's gaze swiveled to Marcy with a smirk and an 'oh you'd love that' kind of face she'd perfected by now. But she did relent. "Yeah, almost definitely." Rhea scanned the crowd for a moment. "Hey Marc, where's your shadow?"

Marcy perked up and looked around her. "Oh yeah, Ian was called wasn't he?" Marcy said, she was admittedly lost in the moment of seeing everyone again. "Well, knowing Dal this should be good. I'm always ready for a pre-semester kick off." Before long Marcy's wandering gaze was set on Dana and Bekah once more. [color=e03c131]"So, ladies, how were the summers?"[/color]

The more Rhea contimplated the idea of a party to open everything up, the more excited by the notion she became. "Jonas, how was your summer?" The much more composed and frequently less scattered Rhea was still gently scanning the room for either Ian, who had a habit of showing up in a corner or near Marcy when they were all in public places. Or Dal, because god knows when that man was on his own he was a wrecking ball through a doll house. Nothing would be left but the sense of general satisfaction and destruction.
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Knew it.

"You're right, Cross."
he succinctly agreed, tapping the girl's windpipe with the endpoint of an intercepting chop as she stepped out from behind his burly frame. "My hands have been slipping the worst."

Mutual kill.

He smiled, using that same horrifying speed to remove the offending appendage and lightly clap the daughter of Athena on the back. Normally stoic and taciturn as could be, he could tell that the girl was in high spirits today. Not often she'd play around unprompted. Hell, she was even going for a hug! To think of that!

"Good to see you too, Bekah."

Their unspoken greetings would normally be enough, but Jonas always like meeting Rebekah at her level. If she was gonna be a little more open today, he'd be remiss to not throw in an extra bone or two on his end.

"I've been basically the same as you to tell the truth, Ree." he shifted gears, returning his attention to the diminutive daughter of the raging seas below him. Her eyes aglow, she'd earnestly done everything he'd asked of her when they'd parted ways months before. Rhea Psomas did not come to him a year ago with anything resembling the rising confidence she had now. She was uncoordinated, scatterbrained, a worrywart. "Just training and working. Lotta Muay Thai, lotta Jiu Jitsu, and a lotta food truck."

When he reached out for her scalp, she'd have shied away in fear simply from the motion of him raising a hand in her direction. Now...

I normally save this for Dana... buuuut it's okay just this once.

"Proud of you, kid. Keep it up."

He ruffled her hair. It was little wonder Marcella always gave him grief for "adopting another little sister".

But if that was what it meant to give this girl a chance to overcome her past and build a future, well so be it.

One of them needed to find their path, at the very least. Giving her the best tools to walk it was the least he could do as a teacher.
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Location: Campus Grounds ↛ Ares Colloseum
Interactions: Ariana @Dirty Pretty Lies

You dreamt of being in my world
Don't forget it, don't forget it
Respect that, bow down bitches

( ♕ )  

"Bye, Daddy! Love you!" The sickly sweet tone that slipped out of none other than the ice queen of Olympus Academy's lips was one that she had made absolutely sure that no one else had heard. Just like how she was making absolutely sure that her father would leave the premises as fast as possible. It wasn't as if she was embarrassed to be seen with him - of course she wasn't - she just wasn't quite up to explaining every single non-mundane thing her father laid his eyes on for the next hour. And that would be a lot, considering the fact that she was being dropped off at a school for Demigods.

So hence was the reason why she was leaning into the window of her father's Aston Martin, dimpling and blowing kisses as she said her farewells. A tug of sadness threatened to show on her features, but she pushed it away. She hardly ever saw her father anymore. She still spent her summers with Hera, learning all there was to learn about being a 'princess of Olympus', and the majority of the rest of her time here, at the Academy. So the little time she had to spend with her Dad was precious, to say the least. That sadness was nothing compared to the relief she felt upon setting foot on the grounds of the Academy again, however. She was finally free to relax, and not have to worry about hiding her powers, or impressing her mother. Now she could just...be.

"Well, make sure you say hello to Ariana for me. Are you sure she isn't here yet?"

It was all Lyra could do not to roll her eyes. Of course her father loved Ariana, her best friend here, like any male would. However it was less so as an admirer and more of a father-daughter kind of love. She suspected it was because she and Ariana were so similar on that front - spoilt little daddy's girls that just had to flutter their eyelashes to get what they wanted. Truth be told, she had no idea if the daughter of Aphrodite was here yet, she had just twisted the truth a little to stop her father from making it his mission to find the girl and say hi. She made a mental note to herself to text Ariana as soon as her father was out of sight.

"Yes, I'm sure. Now you go now - you're holding up traffic." The blonde gestured to the growing line of cars that was beginning to form behind the Aston Martin - some with some very disgruntled-looking drivers.

Lyra allowed her father to say nothing else before she leaned in, gave him a brisk peck on the cheek, picked up her bags and walked away. She was never one for goodbyes, something she knew she had inherited from her mother. Their farewells were always a sight to behold indeed - a handshake, brief air kisses and a glimmer of a smile and then that was them for another year. It wasn't the warmest of exchanges, but it worked for them; much like the majority of their relationship.

To: Ariana 💋
I'm back, bish. Missed ur pretty face. Where u at?

Her thumbs darted over the screen of the phone in her hand as she tapped out a quick massage to Ariana, ignoring the protests of those whose paths she blocked as she stopped in the middle of the walkway. She merely had to glance up from the screen with her icy gaze to get them to shut up, realising exactly who she was and all of the trouble that would come with getting on her bad side. She only really moved once they had all been ordered to file into the Ares Colosseum for some assembly of sorts. Strange.

( ♕ )

Lyra recognised one or two faces once she reached the Colosseum, and continued to scan the crowd for anyone she recognised even as the camp staff addressed everyone. In fact, she only really started to listen once her name was called, to which she finally perked up a little straighter. Maybe she was finally getting some of the recognition she deserved around here. It was only when her eyes landed on who else she was left in the Colosseum with that her shoulders sagged in disappointment. Maybe not. She did not fail to notice that Ariana was also one of the chosen few, which provided her with some relief. At least she wouldn't be completely alone.

It took all she could not to just get up and walk out of the place when Akani Kahale began to talk. If there was one thing she hated about this place, it was the adults trying and failing to connect with the students. Her mother had always made it clear to her that children should never go around acting like adults, and even moreso vice versa. Instead of just leaving like she so wanted to do, however, Lyra merely curled her lip up in disgust and let out a exasperated sigh. As if this situation could get any worse.

Oh god. It just did. She had been paired with a child of Hades. And not just a child of Hades, no, it was a son of Hades. Ian Rivers. Glancing up from the sheet she had been given, it was quite clear to anyone who happened to be looking that Lyra was not happy with these arrangements. It wasn't just the fact that her roommate was a child of Hades, she thought to herself as her gaze landed on that of Marcella Bonaparte, who seemed to be at least a little fun; it was the fact that he seemed so dreadfully weird. Someone Lyra would not be caught dead with in any other situation.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me."

She cared very little, as per usual, for the feelings she might be hurting for being so against such a match, and allowed a scowl to deepen on her usually-angelic features with her lips pressed into a cold, hard line. This was so not the start of the year she had been hoping for. She needed to vent, and who else would be better to vent to than her own bitchy, self-obsessed best friend?

Promptly letting go of the room sheet and letting it fall to the ground without even casting a glance towards it, Lyra stomped over to the one person she knew would understand how bloody inconvenient this all was. She hardly even had to look to spot the ridiculously glossy hair of the one and only Ariana Mossos, and only had to brush past a few people to get to her. She would have probably paid more attention to the mention of a party if she wasn't so fixated on getting this off her chest. Of course Dallas Relo would be having a party. He always did. And she would most certainly be going - invited or not.

"Did you see who they've paired me with?!" Greetings were not on the table right now. Surely Ariana understood the dilemma she was in.

"Ian Rivers?! I've hardly even met the guy! He terrifies me, Ari! What if he possesses me? I'll tell you what, I am phoning my father right this instant! He wouldn't stand for this." Finally stopping to take a breath, the anger on Lyra's face melted away into one of amusement.

"Phew." She chuckled. To anyone watching, she most likely seemed to be some kind of a lunatic - but she now felt considerably better. Ian Rivers didn't seem too bad. A little quiet, maybe, but definitely not the worst.

"So, how was your summer without me? Dreadful?"
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Location: Strange man's room - Ares Colosseum.
Interactions: @NeoAC Kelsey via Text
[@Everyone] The rest of y'all via Her big ol' mouth

A loud guttural snore interrupted from the huge mass of flesh that had it's arm around Dustyn Taylor Flint. Her eyes slowly begin to open, practically glued shut with this morning's eye gunk and last night's mascara. A look of disgust spread across her face as she looked to the man to her right. "Fucking. Gross." she spoke loudly as she pushed his heavy arm off her chest. Sitting up she looked down and let out of a sigh of relief- her underpants were on so that probably didn't mean she had any type of action.

Seconds after Dusty sat up in the bed, the man awoke from his slumber. If it had been under different circumstances, it might have been romantic as the two intently locked eyes with one another. He parted his lips and in anticipation, Dustyn in turn raised her eyebrows in curiosity as to what the mystery man had to say about the situation. Vomit erupted from his lips instead of sweet nothings and rolled down his bare chest and onto the bed sheets.


Dustyn bounded off the bed with lightning speed, snatching her phone and daisy dukes off the floor and left- taking her leave from the bedroom. She darted down the hallway, she flew down the flight of the stairs hoping no one she knew would see her coming or leaving. Reaching the front door of one of the outer area frat house, she looked out to her car in the street. Dustyn's car was a mix of a few car parts in all honesty. It had started off as a ford focus or something like that, but after a few accidents it had been reconstructed into a barely working mess. The bright color of the ticket in her windshield, a simple reminder of why she hated hated the piece of shit. Taking the ticket off the car, she opened her car door and tossed the ticket in the passenger seat that held various shoes, trash, and other items of interest.

Reaching into the glove box, she pulled out the keys and shoved them into the ignition. "Come on frankie, work for Mama." she pleaded as she tried to turn the engine over. She had named the car in honor of the classic horror movie Frankenstein, as her car looked like the monster the doctor had produced. As she attempted to start the car with her one hand, in the other her cellphone buzzed signaling an alarm, she was going to be late for orientation.

A quick glance into the back of Dustyn's car she saw her various suitcases, backpacks, and piles of clothes taking up the backseat. She had forgotten that it was moving in day already once again. As the sound of the radio blasting hip hop music exploded from the car. Getting Dustyn's attention that the car was now in motion, she pulled out of the parking spot quick and began heading towards the academy. Like a good and responsible citizen she texted to Kelsey as she drove.

I am omw. Watched an exorcism 🤢 being performed this morning- made me hungry lol, jk but not really.
Cya soon at dumb old speech time. 💛

A small laugh escaped from the girl's lips as she pressed send. It was a good thing that she made herself laugh, because more often than not- her humor wasn't met with such approval by her peers. She tossed the phone over to the seat with the other treasures as she drove the few minutes to the academy. She wouldn't bother moving things in just yet, as she was often on the move and staying over at other's places anyways. She had no idea which dorm building she would be assigned to, or if this year she would finally settle in to a place.

Parking, she placed her keys in the glovebox as usual, and grabbed her phone. Getting out of the car she examined herself in the haphazardly hanging side view mirror. She was very informal for the first day of school, a white tank top and some jean shorts. Not showered, her hair a mess and her teeth un-brushed for at least a day. Any man's dream wife, she was sure of it. Reaching back into the car, she reached into the treasure pile and found a pack of gum. It would have to do until she could get some TLC. Slamming the door, she shoved her phone into the small pocket of her shorts and walked to the tune of the announcement:

“Attention students of Olympus Academy! Report to the Ares Colosseum for a mandatory assembly at once!”

Dustyn made her way over, and found a seat. The speech was one she had heard before, until the experiment was mentioned. "There is no way I am going to get picked for that.." she mentioned to her seat mate next to her. She did not know her, and neither did Dustyn but the girl shrugged to the intrusion of personal space anyways. When her name was actually called, Dustynn couldn't help but laugh out loud. What were the odds? She bound from her seat and went the front. There were a few familiar faces, but some were definitely new to her. She gave friendly smiles to all of them though, trying to make a good impression.

Apartment 2I | Dustyn Flint and Cicily Delamar

Dustyn's mouth gaped. They had paired her with a child of the big boy himself. "Fuck." she mouthed quietly, hoping that Cicily was not the typical offspring of the King of Olympus. She hadn't been formally introduced to Cicily before, but the fourth year was not a complete stranger to Dustyn- the two only being a year apart. Time would tell all tales, and worst case scenario her car would be home for the rest of the year. "Whats gooood guys?" she addressed the group, as people started to chatter between one another. This group would be an interesting experiment surely.
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Location: Ares Colloseum
Interactions: Lyra Woods @Filthy Mudblood,
Ariana Mossos@Dirty Pretty Lies
Mentions: Marcy @Write

Ian was one of the first people at the Ares Colosseum, not because he’d known beforehand that was where they were supposed to go, but because he had the advantage of being able to store his luggage in one of the shadows near the housing buildings – he directed a short but firm thought to Hades that his stuff better not get lost in the netherworld, as had once happened to the clothes on his back on an embarrassingly memorable occasion – and then zipped himself from shade to shade, the sensation not at all disorienting any longer though he technically lacked a three-dimensional form while doing so.

He re-emerged at one of the stone benches near the back with nary a wrinkle present, though his hair was rather windswept. He rummaged his travel jacket’s inner pockets for the comb that he stored there alongside other necessities, such as his wallet, a pen, pencil, sketchbook, hanky, his phone, and a pair of sunglasses, which were the retro round black-tinted kind. Yes, yes, incredibly pretentious, so sue him for enjoying nice things. At the very least he had been sensible enough to change the formal shirt he’d worn underneath for one of his mother’s concerts she’d managed to arrange as a farewell gift for a simple white T-shirt. His hair combed, the wind gleefully ruining his efforts, Ian promptly sat down on the bench and waited for whatever business they’d been called for to commence. His fingers itched oh-so-terribly for him to rake through his hair, but instead of giving into the urge or simply ripping his hair out and screaming for the world to hear that, sod it all to bloody damnation, he was shaving his head...instead, he steepled his fingertips calmly onto a leg he crossed over the other knee.

Instead of resolving his dilemma or acting out on his frustrations, Ian chose to spend the time by leafing through his sketchbook, and adding a detail here-or-there, and began a surprisingly floral concept on a new page. Much to his consternation, he also deepened the teeth-indents on his pencil. Ah, if mother saw this. Even Marcy might scold me. Oh, speaking of the devil. A truly pleased smile stretched his lips as Ian tracked his sister’s and her companion’s path, simply observing. He did not stand up, deciding then and there they could have their yearly sibling reunion after the Headmaster and Headmistress had completed whatever speech they had prepared. He twirled the pencil between the fingers of his right hand as he listened, making the occasional notation, which consisted solely of the words “new challenges” (?), and experiment.

He dutifully marked down the called names and even went so far as to add an extremely speedy sketch of each person called, not including himself, of course. The fact that he’d be practically next-doors from his sisters was, of course, the matter which excited him the most about this whole ordeal. He sent Marcy an exuberant grin, but she was already mid-conversation and surrounded by her usual company, so he was doubtful that she noticed at all. Nevertheless, things were as they should be. He was truly considering finally approaching to catch up with Marcy, but going by all the hugs, hair-ruffling, and the general commotion surrounding her group, there were no doubts in Ian’s mind that later was still the more prudent decision. Just the thought of potentially being on the receiving end of all that touchy-feeliness from unrelated persons was cause enough for a full-body shudder. Besides, they're sure to be in the mid of another party-planning session.

There was also the matter of his roommate, one Lyra Woods. He ripped his gaze away from the familiar figure of Marcy, and searched for the blonde whose name he’d memorized alongside the others. Ian straightened his shoulders, put away the sketchbook and pencil, smoothed away any and all wrinkles and swept off the imaginary lint, lifted his chin ever-so-slightly, and approached his new roommate, mostly disregarding the fact Woods had already engaged the black-haired Mossos female in conversation. Thus, he was opportune enough to catch all the blonde’s complaints to her friend. Oh, so she knows of me? He almost tutted at her misconceptions, but those could be corrected shortly. Apparently making a good impression on her will take at least double the effort I’d had initially considered. Hmm. So much for a peaceful year… That was not to say Ian was dissuaded, oh no, not at all. He strode to his target with purpose, his typical soft smile present as usual, his stare fixed on Lyra. “I believe we have not yet properly met, miss?” he drawled slightly, but not-at-all accusingly, feeling comfortable enough to stretch out his arm for a greeting. The miss was too much, a traitor thought rustled across his mind, but he decidedly did not wince. He gave a curt nod to Mossos, keeping his greeting and gaze on her for a polite 5 seconds, then returned to his greeting of Lyra. “My name is Ian Rivers, and I most certainly cannot possess people, rest assured,” it was probably prudent he didn’t mention he could make spirits possess him or potentially other people as well, however. He even ensured to glance back to Ariana to include her, oh, he was so on a roll right now!

That was when, his right arm still sticking out awaiting a handshake, Ian took a moment to look between the pair to get a look on what some of the others were doing. He was especially interested what the Hadmaster’s and Headmistress’s reactions might be. Were they already observing their experiment? Or were the students now under additional surveillance? Perhaps half-a-minute later, his gaze once again found Woods in front of him, and he locked his gaze with hers, raising both brows shortly in a Well, what now? prompt.
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Location: Ares Coliseum
Interacting With: Blonde Baby Lyra @Filthy Mudblood,B Daddy Asher via Text @HaleyTheRandom, That Strange Dude Ian @SilverPaw
Mentions: Wine Daddy Aiden @voltaic, the Daddy I really want Leo @CaptainSully

ση't ¢нα ωιѕн уσυя gιяƒяιєη ωαѕ нσt ιкє мє?
ση't ¢нα ωιѕн уσυя gιяƒяιєη ωαѕ α ƒяєαк ιкє мє?
ση't ¢нα?
ση't ¢нα ωιѕн уσυя gιяƒяιєη ωαѕ яαω ιкє мє?
ση't ¢нα ωιѕн уσυя gιяƒяιєη ωαѕ ƒυη ιкє мє?
ση't ¢нα?

After seventeen hours on the road, a black Range Rover with California licence plates came to a full stop in one of the empty parking spaces of Olympus Academy. The carpeted floor of the Rover’s passenger side was littered with take-out bags from Panera Bread and Chipotle, along with a fair share of empty Starbucks venti cups. Meanwhile, the slender figure of Ariana Mossos-Huntsberg currently occupied the driver’s side of the luxurious vehicle.

For someone who had driven through the night and half the day across three states, the young woman behind the wheel was looking pretty damn good. The eighteen year-old daughter of Aphrodite pulled down the overhead mirror to stare at her reflection for a few long minutes, studying every inch of her face to make sure she was looking as close to perfection as she could. Her tanned skin was looking as smooth as porcelain, cheeks still faintly glowing pink with the remnants of her last weekend under the Bali sun. The dark locks of sleek brown hair were as silky as ever, and any evidence of her lack of sleep was hidden away by a light layer of natural-looking makeup. With one hand, Ariana dug into the Prada bag that sat in the passenger’s seat of her car and fished out a tube of watermelon lip gloss, carefully twisting it open and applying a generous coat to her plump lips. And in case the makeup wasn't enough, the provocative outfit she was wearing would definitely draw the attention away from her bitchy-looking face and to the things that truly mattered.

Mesmerized as she was in her own beauty, Ariana failed to notice the message about the impromptu assembly until it had nearly vanished from the sky. Letting out a deep sigh, the girl shut off the Rover’s engine and exited the vehicle, making sure to lock it behind her and taking all the time in the world to walk to her destination. She barely managed to squeeze into the coliseum and occupy what was probably the last empty seat before the institutional greetings began.

While the rest of her peers were following the faculty’s every word, Ariana’s attention was elsewhere. Her hazel-colored eyes were fixated on her iPhone, rose gold nails making soft clicking noises against the screen while a satisfied smirk remained on her lips. During the summer, the young woman had met the B-list West Coast DJ The Lost Cross during a party held at The Peninsula hotel. The chemistry between them had been explosive, and all it had taken was the spark of a kiss to send the two of them up in flames.

From: 🍆 Cross Daddy 🍆
When will you be back in town, doll? I want to feel what that pretty little mouth of yours can do again.

The high-voltage response she was starting to type out to Benjamin was cut short by the sound of her name echoing across the coliseum. Ariana’s head immediately whipped up from her phone and down to the arena, where Headmistress Helena was shooting her the usual scathing glare as she motioned with her head for the young woman to come on down now.

The brunette rolled her eyes, visibly annoyed at how this whole thing was playing out. Helena and Ariana’s feud had started back in the Mossos teen’s first year at Olympus Academy, when she was caught in a compromising position with one of the headmistress’ sons. If it hadn’t been for Headmaster Hector interfering on the girl’s behalf, his wife would have had her way, and Ari would have probably been expelled. But although the episode had happened years ago, Helena had never since missed a chance to test the limited, short patience of the California girl. And Ariana was sure that her name being called to be a part of this little experiment was no coincidence.

As soon as she’d reached the bottom of the arena, Ariana looked around in search of any familiar faces that would provide any sort of comfort in this shitty situation. Her eyes stumbled upon classmates she knew, and later onto the people who really mattered: her Wine Daddy, her B Daddy, her Blonde Baby, and eventually lighting up when they fell on Leo Sullivan. She’d been after the guy for years now, with as much success as Scrat the squirrel from Ice Age. But the very real possibility of being paired off to live with him for one whole year definitely put Ariana in a significantly better mood. The wheels in her naughty little mind immediately began to turn, coming up with a whole selection of ideas to seduce her way into Leo’s pants. But sadly, it was simply not meant to be. When she received her paper and greedily read the names, she was heartbroken to find out the name next to Leo’s did not belong to her.

Fucking bummer.

But not everything was bad news for the daughter of Aphrodite. The second Ariana read the name of her roommate, there was no wiping away the triumphant grin on her face. Whoever had decided to let this so-called Mystic Oracle make the pairings must truly be asking for trouble, because which faculty member in their right mind would think that having her and Asher Alcott together could be a good thing for anyone? The two had been dancing around the line between friends and lovers for years now, having decided just last semester that they would put a firm stop to the madness come this school year. But now that they were forced to share the same roof for one year? Ariana knew that all bets were off the table.

“Guess we better start handing out earplugs to the neighbors, roomie, because u and me won’t know what sleep is for a while!”, she typed up, barely managing to send off the text to her new roommate when a familiar voice went off on a rant.

"Did you see who they've paired me with?! Ian Rivers?! I've hardly even met the guy! He terrifies me, Ari! What if he possesses me? I'll tell you what, I am phoning my father right this instant! He wouldn't stand for this."

Only after Lyra Woods’ venting was done and over with did Ariana look up from her phone, choosing to remain silent while she shot the other girl a judgmental look. “So are you done being a dramatic little bitch, or should I give you a few more minutes?” she said in a snarky tone, raising an arched eyebrow at Lyra.

The brunette’s brisk words had done the trick. The anger on Lyra's face melted away into one of amusement at the same time Ariana’s judgmental look did, and both girls joined in a chuckle.

"So, how was your summer without me? Dreadful?

“The absolute worst,” Ariana teased with a smile, wrapping her best friend up in a hug while their lips came together for a brief kiss. A few whispers and murmurs buzzed around from those in close proximity, presumably talking about the scene they had just witnessed. And, as always, the brunette chose to ignore them. Had they not seen two girls kissing before? Well, too bad. Lyra and her were just that close. They would get over it. “I have so many stories to tell you, Lyly, especially the one about this DJ I met at a party-”

“I believe we have not yet properly met, miss?”

The drawl of the person who’d interrupted Ariana and Lyra’s reunion was none other than the latter’s new roomate himself: Ian Rivers. Although he’d been speaking to Lyra, he was polite enough to address Ari with a curt nod, to which the girl responded with a raised eyebrow, unflinching stare that lasted until the young man broke it to address the blonde again. “My name is Ian Rivers, and I most certainly cannot possess people, rest assured.”

“Ooooookaaaaaaay, then! This is the part where I leave,” Ari exclaimed, shooting Lyra a meaningful look before turning her eyes towards Rivers again. In all honesty, Ariana wasn't in the mood for any introductions or conversations with people she barely knew. She was exhausted from the drive, and all her body was screaming for was a long shower and hours upon hours of uninterrupted sleep. “You guys have fun without me! Toodles!”

And with that, Ariana turned on her heel and walked away, long hair flowing behind her and her hips swaying from side to side at her every step.
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Location: Ares Colosseum
Interactions: Dustyn @MissCapnCrunch
Mentions: Rhea @Write
Marcella @Write
Ariana @Dirty Pretty Lies
Lyra @Filthy Mudblood

Didn't matter what the arrangements were. Everyone who was volunteered as tribute for the lottery seemed to be reattaching to whatever portions of their cliques remained. Rhea and Marcella were together, they pulled in their fighting buddies. Queen bee Lyra had her bitch session going on with Ariana. Names and relations Kelsey knew from the various parties around the campus. No doubt there would be another one tonight, likely on her own floor given some of the people there. However, since none of these people were good enough to be considered friends, and she still had no clue who her roommate was, it was time to catch up with her actual best friend in Colorado.

"What's gooood guys?"

It wouldn't be like Dustyn to not try and liven up what had devolved into a relatively quiet moment with the remaining students trying to figure things out. That's one of the things Kelsey liked about her. The fact that she wasn't like a lot of these stuck-up Cali kids or Greek kids was another.

"I'm guessin' Frankie's still good if you're here in one piece," Kelsey said, laughing as she approached the daughter of Dionysus. She knew about Frankie. She had helped patch Frankie up a couple times. The mechanic's daughter knew a few things about cars anyway. Even though Frankie had undergone quite a few replacements, the heart of a Ford still beat underneath, the same as Kelsey's own jet black 2005 F-150 that had made the long trek through Missouri and Kansas prior to arriving. "Sorry I didn't text ya back yet Dust, but it's prob'ly better off. Didn't know Sin City girls believed in exercisms. Gotta get me vid of the next one, huh?"

Kelsey looked over at Dustyn's bag and sighed slightly. Ya'll really couldn'a made this easy, huh? Maybe we can switch or somethin'.

She brushed her bangs back out of her face. "Anyway, I'd be askin' who ya got, but I don't give a fuck. More important thing is, what we doin' tonight? Gotta forget I'm back here another year proper, right?"
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Haluk Erdoğan was always an early riser, and with a new semester at Olympus Academy it was customary for him to start the day extra early.

The scenery of Colorado had grown tiring to others, but for Haluk the American climate and culture was still all so interesting and different. For him, normal was the shores of Istanbul, the shadow of the Hagia Sophia, and the hot Anatolian sun. Sometimes he did wonder if he would ever get honestly bored of it. He supposed if he did, he’d see what Singapore or some other place was like; it was either that or return to Turkey and pick up where he left off, and that just wasn’t something he wanted to do yet.

Haluk had been outside, shuffling through a deck of cards, when the announcement from the school staff rung out throughout the courtyard. Admittedly, it was something that had caught him off guard as there was a sense of urgency, almost like the teachers and administrators had something to announce to non-first years that was new. His instincts immediately thought to two situations: there was an announcements from the gods themselves, or that they were going to be changing something for the students by their own initiative. He immediately thought to what the most likely option was as he pocketed the cards and started making his way toward the colosseum. He may have inherited his mother’s wisdom, but practical intelligence was more of Rebekah’s pedigree instead of his.

“Günaydın!” He uttered as he walked past another student as he made his way toward the assembly.

By the time he reached the assembly, he had noticed a good amount of his classmates had made their way in before him. His eyes moved from person-to-person, trying to gauge their thoughts based on their facial expressions; an attempt that seemed to be mostly folly as more and more students began to pour in. He always forgot how many students were at Olympus Academy and how many children the Hellenic gods had sired in the last twenty years. If he didn’t think the best of his mother he would’ve presumed there was an agenda at play and on some days he thought about the idea that Olympus Academy’s true nature wasn’t filled with sunshine and rainbows. On some days it smelled of an enlistment of a gladiatorial nature.

For beings like Ares and Hades? It was probably the truth.

Eventually, his thoughts were cut short when the school’s faculty arrived and began speaking. Though what they spoke of and the implications of it did seem to interest him. Thirty-Two students in an experiment. Thirty-Two students that were composed of mostly the same class year as Haluk’s barring a few exceptions. The idea of living arrangements being divinely decided by the Oracle of Delphi made him even more curious, though a greater curiosity of who his sister was paired with as well as who he would be paired with piqued his curiosity far higher. As he received a piece of paper and heard the murmur of his classmates he came to one conclusion and one conclusion alone: it was going to be an interesting year.

Once the faculty was effectively done with the assembly and the students were left to their devices he decided to send off a text to his sister asking what she thought about the whole event. He always did enjoy hearing or reading her perspective on things; the wisdom she had been blessed with was distinctly different than his own, after all.

After doing that he pocketed his phone and looked over the paper a second time.
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𝚢 𝚘 𝚞 𝚠 𝚎 𝚛 𝚎 𝚝 𝚑 𝚎 𝚕 𝚒 𝚐 𝚑 𝚝 𝚝 𝚑 𝚊 𝚝 𝚜 𝚑 𝚘 𝚝 𝚝 𝚑 𝚛 𝚘 𝚞 𝚐 𝚑 𝚝 𝚑 𝚎 𝚍 𝚊 𝚛 𝚔 𝚗 𝚎 𝚜 𝚜


She had left the house just as he had: plywood against glass, velvet curtains whispering against old, Victorian wood a dull, chipped beige bruised with weather and time and eroded in places that wept with the rain. The records were stacked to the ceiling, instruments kept to the walls atop one another, tacked high above her crown where as a child she had gazed upon them with a strong, firm hand sweeping through her locks, teasing and playful and there a sad smile that never quite reached his eyes. A young Emma never touched their likeness, yet here in her farewell she caressed aged casings and strummed over taut strings that hummed beneath her graces. A solemn goodbye parted from her lips and eyes twinkling in the crisp hours of an early day, the night suspended in fog and a moist breeze that promised an early Autumn. Starlight shined bright upon unshed tears, a sorrow that eclipsed her bitterly in throes of malice, a shadow that haunted her steps even as she left the house once more upon the summons of her crippling birthright. In her grasp she clutched tarnished silver and uttered a prayer, one whispered in a mantra and murmured into her ear every night she dreamed or told desperately to her by the only man alive who could touch her without succumbing to the turmoil of power quaking 'neath her breast.

Upon his thought, the likeness she adored and loved bloomed within her mind; warmth and devotion, a bond of kinship and something more that simmered there in hearts of night and darkness. At her booted heels of scuffed leather and silver, her shadow shuddered and twined itself upon her shoulders in the mock embraces of her brother, and in the void upon her nape stars shone brightly within the suspension of a black hole.


The Academy's splendor never ceased with each semester, it hung prettily within a glow of mythic embellishment, where if she canted her head just so, the shimmering, kaleidoscope barrier maintained by the goddess who was wreathed in misconception as much as her own mother was seen in a myriad of pastel, rainbow hues. They maintained the presence of nightly wonders and Nyx whispered tales and stories where she spoke with her many moons upon the crossroads she guarded with torchlight and key. Emma slung worn, beaten leather over her shoulders and exhaled steadily, allowing the comfort to settle against the off colour sweater she wore, a shade suspended somewhere betwixt white and pale yellow that cupped to dainty shoulders with ebony lace peeking from the twist of coal tresses barely contained. Through the phases of introductions, this daughter of Nyx skirted the grounds with her luggage carted behind her, hands twisted through a black chain, matte black nails prickling against her sallow skin with every trudge of her boots towards the Hestia proper. Starlight eyes ticked critically, oblique observations as she watched the castings of shadows from the buildings and searched in vain for her brother -- they hadn't really spoken all summer, something desperate and raw that left their last year tasting much like soot and ash on her tongue from his widely known offense of power during a yearly soiree.

Emma had taken upon his rage with a gluttonous purpose, digesting the emote of tragedy and felt within her heart the might of his wildly bidden heart. It was a glimpse into his soul that still left her within disparity, for even with her spirit and hand woven to his, Damien was still lonely.

A breath of a sigh whistled from parted lips the same instance the heavens boomed and summoned her to the Ares Colosseum, the likeness of the Headmistress's bust glared down upon her, a stern reproach awaiting any and all. Emma cast her eyes upon her belongings with a pinched expression, her grace of touch over each carrier before others began to file in pursuit and thus she followed, barely noticing the man off to her right with hair spun of gold. The trinkets within his locks caught the sunlight purposely, thin rings woven onto thick braids and a whipping tail that brushed across broad shoulders and dipped between his blades. Emma's breath caught the moment their figures brushed, and she saw scarlet twine woven thrice around his neck and coiled within his clutch, she felt the configurations of chains upon his heart and panted around the brightness of his figure suddenly ablaze.


𝚜 𝚞 𝚏 𝚏 𝚎 𝚛 𝚜 𝚕 𝚘 𝚠 𝚕 𝚢 𝚖 𝚢 𝚍 𝚎 𝚊 𝚛 𝚜 𝚘 𝚝 𝚑 𝚊 𝚝 𝚠 𝚎 𝚖 𝚒 𝚐 𝚑 𝚝 𝚔 𝚗 𝚘 𝚠 𝚑 𝚘 𝚠 𝚕 𝚒 𝚏 𝚎 𝚎 𝚗 𝚍 𝚜


Avem Vogel had known the endeavors of his half-sister Helena's project weeks prior to her summons -- he refused on most days to acknowledge her mantle of Headmistress -- and already secured his area of the shared apartment. When one lived at the Academy their whole life, it was just a manner of shedding skin and living through the motions of his foreseen existence, Hera had once told him it was only fitting he change rooms every year, despite protests, and he had obeyed without question. Though, he had done a little investigating through the offices of his superiors, had glanced over the profile of his alleged roommate in advance and pondered on her mannerisms. Thin in the balletic grace of a bi-mortal child with a dour expression, she appeared almost eternally pensive, the sort of woman that hid beneath a stubborn glamour with enough bite to even break him into hesitation. Avem had taken in auburn locks and brown eyes set prettily within a square face that hinted towards a womanly beauty that she had not quite tapped into and uttered her name in silence; a child of Artemis. Irony coated his teeth, prompted a prod from his golden tongue and a press against his pouted lip, he wondered then if his mother knew of Helena's supposed experiment and would she find it just as paradoxical as he that he would be paired with a child of the hunt and moon.

Helena had known he would find out, she had bitterly foretold his scheming with her belittling twinge of voice, often greeting him with sardonic charms that were baited upon his eternal inquiry of: didn't she find it amusing to marry a son of Zeus? What would Hera say? He asks, bubbling laughter and nebula adorned eyes whipped with gold and sapphire, his stance open and wide for her scathing repertoire. She would never rejoin his derisive attempts and even now with her image emblazoned upon the sky, he could feel the iron adorned fist she would bring upon his head should he decline. He breathed, whistling breath through his pierced nose and brushed invisible dust from his broadly set shoulders clad in dark quarter sleeves, the threads of his blouse dyed a royal blue and pants black on black. It looks wonderful upon you, Hera once said, and Avem took to her praises with ease and eager grace. With his hair swept half up and down, decorated in gold, and wrists loosely adorned in brass, Avem plodded towards the Collesuem and hardly noticed the shadow wreathed figure coming upon his flank.

They touched, briefly, a singular breadth of contact that elicited a gasp from both, heavy threads of aphotic dread clung to her profile, sopping wet with shadows and the night sky, starlight blinding and then --

"Oh! I'm sorry - uhm." She flinched, those eyes of a night sky unmoving the moment Avem reached out, steadying her slight figure. He knew immediately who she was by the drape of leather and shadows over her grace and the uttered rumours of her rather unhinged brother, he wonders then, if he were here now, would he strike him down for righting her?

"No harm," he whispers, releasing her arm, unable to dispell that vision of a gaping sky and the thrum of powers quivering beneath her skin. His own flesh was aglow in golden light, subdued in relation to her expressive shadow cast at her heels in a wide, churning whorl. His brow quirked, slight, his lips poised in an inquiry to her state of sudden unease until the summons repeated once more, drawing a sigh from his chest that bespoke of his exasperation. Instead, he swept his gesture broadly and allowed her forward, he hardly noticed that she toed away from him, keeping a full three feet away from his tall, muscled figure.

"Shall we, Ms. Laurent?"


They were among the throng of shuffling demigods, those that had debated and pondered among the means of the assembly so early within the return of the semester and had hurried during the Headmistress' recycled summons. A queer pair, gold and black, a child of Hera and one of Nyx, goddesses that ruled opposite realms and with glaringly different agendas and approaches. Avem glanced down, among the twists of her ebony hair there were faint pings of light, glittering dust that disappeared as soon as he saw them, but then he noticed the way her eyes raked through the crowd; up, down, sweeping left to right until they suddenly became lightened with silver ribbons. He followed her hope-filled gaze to Damien seated above, however, the press of bodies prevented her from little else, but only a small, bell-like sound of happiness that bubbled in her chain adorned throat. No sooner than when she found him did the gathering begin, and there were admissions of surprise and some with disbelief, colourful words spilled from lips as Helena summoned them all forward. Her smile twisted around his name, slick and red, the same aplomb she used in her pretty speeches dropping an octave to something ill and sick.

Their eyes met and he rose to the challenge, his smile broad and bone white.

Emma was already standing at attention, hands folded primly afront and her shadow oozing, trickling in waves across her steps as it reached for Damien called immediately after her. Avem already found Kelsey among the students, his marbled eyes coming to rest upon his other sister next, one like him in many ways and alike their mother in more; she was beautiful in a harsh way, swift lines and words and a crown of lies upon her head just like his. His expression soured, briefly, lips twisted when he saw the usual company she kept and the way she greeted them, juvenile he thinks. Her preferences were what they were, he supposed, his posture waning until he stood, hands tucked and presence withdrawing as he simply watched.

His roommate -- Kelsey, he amends -- busied herself with planning a night of debauchery, if her conversating with Dustyn was any indication towards her endeavors and habits. Avem's simper lifted at that, for who did not know of the children of Dionysus and their particular delights of all things carnal. And so he slunk closer upon the fringes of those gathered, whispers of parties and dalliances abound, his eyes and ears never missing anything and the threads that bound everyone together within a plethora of blinding colours. He breathes, taking in the wealth of teachings from his mother, the rememberance harsh and bold, her tutelage pristine and said --

"Excuse me, ladies."

Somewhere behind him, a hopefull sister greeted her brother with tearful smiles and twinkling eyes.

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Location Ares Colosseum: Floor Level
Interactions The Big Doofus @Plank Sinatra

Vivian hadn’t really realized it, but at the moment the usual suspects broke off into their respective crowds: Ariana and Lyra clearly were off in their own, superior bubble. It always brightened her day to see that the Daughters of Aphrodite and Hera would get along so well. Some others stayed to their own devices, steering clear of the others while the Nyx children were by each other’s side. Vivian couldn’t recall there was ever a moment when Damien and Emma weren’t seen together. She appreciated the sort of closeness the two of them had.

As Vivian thought about how the other siblings she saw were close, specifically the Nyx siblings, it made her long for that sort of close relationship with her own brother, but instead, she had the one she had with him. It wasn't that Dallas was a bad brother; on the contrary, he was a great brother and she loved him dearly, but he liked to tease her and it sometimes got to her--no, don't do that, Vivian!

Always the one to never pout, Vivian shook off that brief moment of sorrow and put a bright smile on her face. It was, around the same time that she did that, another bright smile came her way. “Hey Dal,” she spoke with a smile.

He seemed to be in good spirits, which was good for her, of course. When he was pouting, she got a little more annoyed by him only because he sometimes brought the bad vibes. And when she was in the company of something less than cheerful, it affected Vivian in the worst of ways. That isn’t to say she got incredibly down in the dumps (as some would say) but there were always moments when she simply just got so discouraged about everything. Anyone who knew Vivian knew it was a big deal if the Demigoddess of Sunshine didn’t smile and spread her sunshine cheer almost immediately.

“I missed you too, brother.” Her words were followed by a typical Vivian hug. Though quick, it was also warm. “I’m glad to be back here. I’ve missed everyone.”

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Dallas Relo

@Altered Tundra

Dallas looked down at Viv with wide, reproachful eyes as though she were some bubbly alien contaminant, though the hug he gave her was full of more warmth and affection than he would ever cop to in front of people. He even tousled her hair back into place before they parted again; Dallas' faux-repulsed look gave way to his sunny grin again.

"Yeah, believe it or not, me too. I mean, for fuck's sake, this place has actually kind of ruined me, you know? Before I came here, I was perfectly happy to be an ephemeral waste of life. Flitting through my share of parties and drink, jail cells and hospital beds, men and women, until I finally burned out at an early age. But you know what?"

Dallas heard Vivian sigh and his smile grew wider. She liked to sigh when her brother started to talk, and like him, once she started she would never tone it down. The unspoken admission that she liked hearing him talk just as much as he liked to...well, talk, was never acknowledged between them. Dallas shutting up meant he was upset about something serious, and Viv wouldn't have to pretend to hate that mood swing. So he let her carry on with the illusion that he was under her skin as he chattered.

"What the."

Dana Harada, wide-eyed and stricken, watched as her older brother patted another person's head before her own. It was tantamount to a blade in her vulnerable heart, an offense that would have been worthy of four fingers if her brother had the mental strength to live by the honorable creeds of man. Instead, it seemed he preferred to dole out his affections like a savage, bestial and baseborn, instinctively touching anyone he saw as a form of greeting as if it was no big deal. He even touched Rebekah first; they were exchanging blows playfully.


What a fucker.

She decided to give him a pass on the grounds that he probably had no other friends to contact over the past few months. The same could probably be said for most of them, except maybe Dallas. But genuine friendship seemed to be something that the son of the sun had no real interest in. Talking to people, forging connections with them that were purely skin deep, was one of Dallas' many talents. Making friends was probably harder. She doubted that he had much experience with it. The same could be said for a lot of people here, honestly. Almost as an afterthought, her gaze drifted over to another group of demigods, where Ariana had drifted out as quickly as she'd made her entrance. She would probably have to say hi at some point or another.

She would also probably wait to say hi until Ariana invited her out shopping sometime. No point in going out of her way until then. Not when she would need every ounce of effort to get her big brother into side control and choke his useless life from his throat.

The next thing she knew, he would be left unattended long enough to start wrapping arms around people. It would not do. She drifted around from behind his back and bowed her head, awaiting twice the fraternal affections she would have demanded in the first place. It would--

"-blah blah blah blah blah blah fuck blah blah blah"

Oh shit. Hi Dal-kun.

Like a hurricane or a plane crash, Dallas Relo was a force of nature that was easy to hear, but hard to plan for. It was also impossible to bargain your way out of facing it. He had a pretty voice, but it would probably kill him to stop using it. It was just talk talk talk talk talk, nonstop, and he was already proving no exception as he walked back over to the group with his sister.

"--But you know what?" he was saying to Vivian, wrapping an arm around her own shoulders and directing his attention away from the group back down to her. "This place has kind of changed my life. Not in the 'here are your powers, adapt and prove yourself worthy of your godly mantles' kind of way. But I mean, I can't interact with people the same way anymore! I've spent four years bottled up with a bunch of shallow, pretty, useless people with superpowers. At the end of every year they make me go home for a few months, and everyone who I hang out with is shallow, pretty, useless...and not superpowered. It's like going from the Justice League to the fucking Daily Planet. Or, fuck, I dunno, Death Row to Aftermath. People outside are boring. I almost texted you to see if I could crash at your little pot smoker's day camp with you and your mom, but -- heyo, bitches!"

He had reached the rest of his friends, and once they were within his personal space bubble, each of his movements seemed to flow into the next. He glided between all of them; he squeezed Dana on the shoulder; Rebekah got a playful, loosely balled up fist to the stomach; Rhea was lifted up off of her feet in a hug even more spirited than the one Vivian had given him, with a low but cheerful "Heya, kid"; and for the first time since the thirty-two demigods were assembled together, he stopped moving. He was standing in front of Marcella Bonaparte.

He reached up and promptly fucked up her hair with his practiced fingers, the same way he had desolated his sister's.

"What's up, Marcy?"
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Location • Herald of Olympus Office, to Ares Colosseum
Interactions • Misspelled Winter @SouffleGirl123

The smooth, metallic surface of the newsroom's lock gave the daughter of Hermes a familiar, almost nostalgic feeling as she worked her literal magic and unlocked it. Apart from the fact that Taylor rather enjoyed opening up locks on her own will, the newsroom had been without a key for a few years now. She really didn’t have a choice. When she first had offered to join up in her second year at the academy, the few people that ran the Herald of Olympus--blatantly and shamelessly named after her father--had but a single key in their possession. The following year, when they’d all graduated and left, Taylor never received the key. Whether it was a purposeful attempt to close the office for good or simply a forgetful mind, she would never know.

Taylor pushed the door gently after turning the tarnished brass handle, letting it open inwards as she paced into the room slowly. She inhaled deeply and moved to the center of the room, running her hands over the rather plain looking printing press--lovingly named Bess for it’s temperamental operation--and stopped at the dull, golden emblem in the center of it. A caduceus, truly a machine of the messenger god himself. Taylor ran a finger down it’s dusty perimeter before she turned abruptly towards the main desk.

“I see you all have slacked off while I was gone.”

The room responded with silence.

“Nonetheless! Slack no longer, your mistress is here!" The small girl proudly announced into the otherwise lifeless room. “Maestro! Your finest record if you will!" Taylor demanded, before sliding the vinyl disc from the desk’s surface and into her grasp. She danced across the room to the bookshelf where a rather dated looking record player sat and gently placed the record onto its surface. Taylor carefully placed the needle down onto Elton John’s Diamonds album before turning the player on. The gentle sound of the singer’s voice filled the room as the piano began in the background, bringing a gentle smile to Taylor’s face. The tune of Rocket Man began. She was home once again.

And once the chorus began, the daughter of Hermes sang along with her soft, delicate voice. She knew the words perfectly and sang at the top of her lungs, knowing full well that the majority of the student body wouldn’t be anywhere near the room.

"And I think it's gonna be a long long time
'Till touchdown brings me round again to find
I'm not the man they think I am at home
Oh no no no I'm a rocket man
Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone!"

A few minutes later, when the song came to a close, Taylor stood in the center of the room and closed her eyes. With a swift movement, she took a bow to the nonexistent audience in front of her and stepped back. It was time to get to work now.

Taylor swooped around the room and grabbed her camera from its place in her bag, slinging the rather conveniently named piece of equipment around her neck. She grabbed a notebook, an assortment of pens and a specially marked manilla envelope from the desk and slid the bundle into her messenger bag. With her equipment packed and ready to go, she repeated her motions and slung the messenger bag over her shoulder.

The flats of her shoes slapped quietly against the tiled floors of the hallway as Taylor walked hastily towards the colosseum. With one earbud in--playing Queen’s Killer Queen of course--the brunette bopped her head along to the infectious beat as she rounded the final corner. A smirk spread across her face as she arrived just in time as the “special” announcement was being made. Taylor brought the camera to her face and snapped away at the power couple that was Hector and Helena.

“Cover page done.” She mumbled to herself, lowering the camera as names began to be called for the experiment. Oh how this would be interesting.

Taylor couldn’t help but feel a bit anxious as her name was called along with the rest. She’d never really had an official roommate before. Bunking with the Hermes kids was all she’d really wanted. This apartment thing was certainly not for her. The feeling was only amplified as the majority of the students left the colosseum, leaving only the selected few in a now very empty-feeling building.

Being at the back, Taylor missed the initial handout, but quickly retrieved a paper that had been carelessly crumpled up and tossed to the floor. Her eyes shot down the list as she searched for her own name. An unfamiliar name sat next to her own in Apartment 2J. A person she’d never

“Who the hell is Wynter? I think they misspelled your name!” The small girl called out blatantly, and probably a bit too loudly as well, having drawn the eyes of a few of the other students.
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Location Ares Colosseum: Floor Level
Interactions Observing the Madness

When Vivian had told Dallas she missed everyone, she meant that in a general sense, but he must’ve heard her and thought she meant it in the literal sense. She thought this because, without so much as a warning to her in any form, Dallas dragged her along as he returned to where his friends were. And boy did she then realize that they were vastly different than how Vivian’s own group of friends were.

Oh boy..

Vivian never was used to the kind of 'be taken by surprise' that Dallas was known for (even knowing him for as long as she did)and she had known her brother’s friends to be a...rowdy bunch, but seeing how he interacted with them right off the bat as if never missing a beat from bringing her into the fold (as it were), he went on a never-ending account of his summer. She wasn’t even sure if she remembered everything because it seemed to end just as soon as it began. Before she even realized, he was gone from her personal space and went from Dana to Rhea and finally to Marcella.

How her brother could have so much energy was beyond her and Vivian was...overwhelmed, which she knew if Dallas caught onto it, he’d tell her to relax. This has always been her problem. Big crowds she loved, but the more the foreign energy she was exposed to, the more she became aware that it was all new to her. And yes, this is despite how she knew he was, but he was like this with her. Vivian rarely got to see it from the outside. It was nerve-racking, to say the least.

No matter how out of place she felt at this moment, Vivian put on a smile. As weird and offbeat her brother was, he was at peace with Jonas and the others, so it brought joy to her heart to see him go off on a machine gun tangent, talking about everything that seemed to come to his mind. It even made her let out an involuntary giggle, which she immediately embraced. "He is quite something," she mused to herself, unknowingly not keeping it literally to herself.

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