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Day 1. Moving Day and Quirk Demonstrations

Shock and Awe

The spring sun peeked over the horizon and shed its light over the city of Musutafu. It was the dawn of the second year of UA's history, and with it came the second round of young men and women seeking to become part of the very first generation of legally operating Heroes. For our Heroes-in-training, it was the start of perhaps the most challenging experience of their life. A seemingly impossible task stood before them; to change the hearts and minds of a society that shunned them, to stop the seemingly inevitable surging crime wave, to find their own image of a Hero.

Any hopes of the first day turning out peacefully were extinguished by the shouting at the front gates. The protest this year was smaller than the last, but it was steadily increasing in volume and intensity. They threw things, screamed things, horrible things, but they were mostly impotent thanks to the diligent assistance of the riot police and a few ex-vigilantes turned teachers. The entire Quirkless student body of the school's former incarnation was able to enter via the front gates, completely unharassed- an angry mob in their own right. Although they exuded more of an air of malcontent than the frothing hatred of the vocal majority outside. The entrance of the former students through the front gate was a small ruse- a distraction to the new Hero students making their ingress via the side entrance. UA security and a few teachers had their hands full dealing with the crowd control, but thanks to the planning of their principal and teachers the students would be able to move safely onto campus where they would stay for the majority of the next three years.

The acceptance letters they had all received gave them specific instructions to send their belongings ahead of them to be left in their future dormitories, and to report to the side entrance with a student pass where they would be greeted by staff members and carted off to their orientation as a group. All the students had to do was make it there alive.

A chill filled the air that morning. As they made their way to campus the sounds of the protest became more and more clear. Men and women from all walks of life, angry at the percieved preferential treatment of the Quirked and the in-progress takeover of the school. But while their words were filled with hatred, there was certainly an underlying tone of fear in their voices. Quirks, to them, were associated with violent crime, destroyed dreams, lost loved ones, villains. The image of a hero was not yet present in their hearts and minds, it was only a pipe dream perpetuated by old comic books.

“Freaks go home! Freaks go home!”
“Quirks don’t belong here!”
“Leave policing to the humans!”

The strange sight of a man in a space suit waited to greet his class at the agreed entrance. Clicks and whirring could be heard with every slight movement he made. While his helmet hid away his face an led display on the visor expressed emotion through various simple images. While quite an underground vigilante with no real following, students that followed the news about such characters may have recognized his iconic suit, out of which he had never been seen. This was Spacenaut, known by no other name.


Spacenaut was joined by a uniquely dressed man, a pair of glasses reflecting the sunlight and hiding his eyes. His hand was at his ear, and he seemed to be directing those who were holding the barricade. This man was a vigilante in his own right, though far less underground; he was old school to say the slightest. Death Glare was his alias, and he was the type of vigilante that the cops really hated. Leaving criminals with broken bones, taking lethal force if necessary, even evading arrest. As a result, it took a lot of convincing to get him pardoned. Death Glare, also known as Shigeki Higashi, had proven too useful for the new hero school scheme to just be tossed in prison, and now he was seemingly taking charge of this operation.

A man in a black suit with a red undershirt and white-trimmed black tie approached the other two men, polishing his glasses and placing them on his face once again. An identification tag hung from his breast pocket. Though obscure in its detailing, it indicated that he was an employee of a rather potent government agency.
"Well gentlemen, I'm not going to lie. It's quite an ugly scene out front," spake the man with neatly cut hair, "I called the boys-in-blue as soon as I could, but they took some time to get here. Have either of you seen Sensei recently?"

Death Glare tilted up his chin with a snicker, apparently finding the man's understatement amusing. Ugly was a word for it, but so was "uncomfortable" and that just didn't have the impact necessary.
"Nope, I've been busy handling this the best I can. Hopefully, the cops give me a hand, but I've had a bad history when it comes to the police."
Spacenaut didn't audibly respond, instead he seemed to be ignoring the topic entirely and focusing on watching the path for students. He didn't want to think about the protest.
The man in glasses took the silence from the armored figure as a response all its own, "Right. Sorry. I should have known better. So let's, oh, what was the phrase, mold some minds? Yes?"
Death Glare adjusted his glasses with a gloved hand. "Molding young minds huh? Not in my job description but I'll help us get to that point."
"A bit of rhetoric, Shigeki," the suited man replied, his tone a bit more rigid and cold, where once it had at least a touch of excitement.
Coming up from the grounds proper, dressed in clean and respectable dress clothing and looking irate at that fact, the mustached face of McCoy expressed in full what he did not or could not say. The protesters were an eyesore and McCoy wanted to take care of them personally, but he had been told not to cause a scene. Arms across his chest, he spat into the dirt.
"All I's sayun wus dat a phew brokun bones'd clear em out."
"Yes, Mister McCoy," the suited man replied, but in flat-toned English this time, "But we can't afford the law-suits and criminal charges to be brought against you or the school. These resources are far too valuable, as my colleague keeps reminding me," the man added rather uncomfortably as he adjusted his tie and neckline.
"Ah but das a load a piss. Wuts we teechin dese kids by nots dealin wiff our own problums." McCoy grumbled, scowling further but thankfully heeding the words. If it weren't for his promise to behave this would have been a different scene.
Stoically silent, Spacenaut remained vigilant in his watch for the encroaching class of students. 1-A, for the next year, would be his responsibility. A careful eye might have spotted one of his armored hands forming into a fist during their chat, but it had passed. His duty was here, the protest was being handled.

There the odd trio would await them. A supposedly content astronaut with a friendly outward demeanor, a government suit, and possibly the largest and most brutish foreigner anyone had ever laid their eyes upon.

"Welcome to UA, young Heroes."
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Katsuro woke up in his hotel room early that morning. The room was cheap, small, and filthy. Every lightbulb flickered periodically in an agonizingly subtle way. He could swear he had spotted things crawling on the walls throughout the night, but he didn’t let a few bugs bother him. All he needed was a place to rest his head while he waited for the morning to come, and his uncle had sought to that for him. From there it was only a brief walk to campus where he would be staying.

From the old bed, he sent a text message to his uncle, then his dad, then his mom, and each of his siblings. Only one reply would come back.

> First day at UA. I’ll make you proud.

I’m already proud of you, nephew. Show them what you’re made of. Those villains will be shaking in their boots by years end.<

After a quick shower and a change into his new uniform, he brushed his teeth and fixed his hair. He proudly wore his student pass around his neck on a lanyard, a bold move that would almost invite harassment on his way to campus.

1-A 01. Ryuujin Katsuro
Hero Class

Of course his ID number was 01. Always number 1.

He checked out of his hotel and took what meager belongings he brought with him in a bookbag, it was only the change of clothes and a few more firestarters that he couldn’t fit on his person. With his thumbs tucked into his pockets, he started his trek to campus. The closer he got the more apparent that there were a bunch of losers with nothing better to do protesting their arrival, it occurred to him that the side entrance that the entrance letter told him to take was specifically because they had anticipated this. He spat. What a disgrace.

Katsuro fully intended to follow instructions and avoid trouble by using the side entrance, but trouble had found him. Three male students, seniors from the general studies class, were loitering in his path. They caught eyes with him, and his hero class ID around his neck. The largest of the kids nudged the other two and pointed at him, speaking incoherently from the distance. They started speaking up as they moved to surround him and block his way.

“Hey, freak! You’re in the ‘hero’ class? You think you can just walk by us with that ID so brazenly? You villains just take take take, don’t you? You couldn’t even let us have our school?”

Katsuro had one hand in his pocket, the other was tightly held in a fist. He carefully sized up each of the three delinquents. The big one looked confident at first glance, but he was shaking. As the supposed ringleader of the trio, an unsure demeanor meant they were all weak. A bunch of frightened little girls. He smirked devilishly at them and tucked his pass into his shirt. Not to hide it, to protect it.

“Out of my way, losers. Aren’t you supposed to be in the lesser abled class?” he mocked before taking another step forward. The smaller of them moved back in reaction, but the largest stood his ground. They were practically chest to chest now.

“What did you just say to us, freak?”

“I told you to fuck off back to your class of bitter genetic failures before you get yourself hurt.”

“That’s it, kill him!”

The moment they took the slightest action against him he took off his backpack and swung it against the big guy’s head before letting go of the straps. The spark of a lighter was heard. The world darkened around them in comparison to the bright whirlwind of fire that thankfully was blown downwind and away from the attackers. Katsuro saw them running faster from his oppressive heat than he had seen some people moving in track. They were unharmed, but they might have needed a change of pants.

“HEY! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! I WASN’T DONE YET!” Katsuro yelled after him, but it was a lie. Seeing them turn heel and run away was enough satisfaction for him to extinguish. His skin was steaming in the chilly environment now, but him and his clothes were untouched by the flame. UA had taken huge measures to ensure a comfortable environment for the hero class, and a uniform befitting of each person’s individual needs was among them. For Katsuro, it was fireproof clothes.

He reached down and reclaimed his bookbag to place it back on his shoulders. The rest of the way there would be uneventful, and though he hadn’t thought about it that way he had rid that path to the side entrance of any harassers for any students following behind him.

Katsuro was first through the gate in his class, just as he had planned. The teacher that greeted him, Spacenaut, ‘smiled’ at him as he produced his pass. He didn’t recognize the man, but found it wildly odd that he was wearing a full space capable suit. Still, he didn’t give him any trouble and entered the safety of the campus. Just by the looks of the staff here, he could tell that the next semester was going to be interesting.
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Emiko and Jun-Tao Zhao

A tall Chinese man dressed in a neatly maintained business suit looked upon the gathering crowds of protesters from afar with utter disdain. "They never cease." He spoke to the girl next to him. "So much hot air, all so they might object to a public program meant to improve their own lives as much as any other. All because they cannot stomach the existence of people like us. It's enough for me to yearn for how we handled these things back home."

"Um, they're not going to see us, are they?" The girl asked him.

"No. They're foolish animals, with their eyes fixed on the front gate. I doubt they've even considered the possibility we might have pulled a fast one on them." He gestured for the girl to follow him. "Come, Emiko. The side entrance awaits."

They continued on their way to the side entrance, mercifully free of any interruptions. Emiko would have raced on into the entrance without a second thought, if not for a hand on her shoulder just before she wen't in.

"You remember what I told you, right?" He asked sternly.

"Daddy, do we have to go over this so much?" Emiko whined.

"Yes, we do. And the fact you just called me that demonstrates why." Her father looked around quickly to make sure there was nobody to overhear them. The coast was clear. He then straightened his back and prepared to lecture his daughter once more.

"Once we go through that gate, I am not "daddy", "dad", or "father". We cease to be father and daughter. You become student Emiko Zhao. I become one of a few things..." He held up his fingers to count as he spoke. "Sensei, Zhao-sensei, Sergeant, or Sergeant First Class. This is for your sake as much as mine. Understood?"

"Yes, d-Zhao-sensei." Emiko replied petulantly.

"Good. But fix that attitude, and be ready to great your teachers with enthusiasm. Now, I will go in first. You will follow shortly after. Then we become student and teacher." With that, Zhao-sensei turned on his heel and headed through the side entrance ahead of her.

His fellow teachers would see him appear first. "Tongzhi." He spoke to them in greeting. "Tongzhi" effectively meant "Comrade". It was the word Zhao-sensei used to refer to his equals in the army, and so he felt it was the most appropriate word he could think of here, and could not fathom an appropriate Japanese equivalent. Those that knew him from the previous year would know what it meant and be used to him referring to them by it, while the others would just have to get used to it.

He joined the teachers in their line up. Now those entering would see a supposedly content astronaut with a friendly outward demeanor, a government suit, possibly the largest and most brutish foreigner anyone had ever laid their eyes upon, and a stern and austere looking Chinese man in a neat business suit.

A while after Zhao-sensei joined them, Emiko would slip inside with her ID at the ready. She was number 4. A very unlucky number. But she wasn't about to let that get her spirits down. "Thank you, Senseis." She said to them as they welcomed her into the school, and bowed deeply. She made a conscious effort not to look at her daddy. Once waved through, Emiko would carry on into the campus like anyone else. It seemed she was the second one to arrive.
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"That was a big one! I think I'm done yawning for the day!" Haruki yelled to nobody in particular as he jogged in place, watching the protesting crowds through a thick pair of sunglasses.

"That's great kid," said a clandestinely dressed police escort, who had already gotten quite annoyed by Haruki's high energy antics.

"I can't wait! I'm so excited! This is gonna be great!" Haruki shifted from jogging in place to pretty much sprinting in place, intensity written all over his smiling face.

Quirk: Symbiotic Specter

Haruki was tired of waiting. He wanted to get in the building already. He made this desire clear by suddenly sprinting off towards the doors, laughing loudly as he did. To hell with this cautious nonsense, he wanted to get in there! Meet his classmates! What was everyone so worried about anyway? It wasn't like anyone could catch him! He was just too fast, too skilled.

He sprinted his way towards the building, sunglasses falling off and getting trampled under his feet as he did.

This is it! My future! My heroic legend starting now! All the friends I'll meet! All the people I'll save! All the teachers I'll impress! This is all I've been waiting for! This will be a memory I'll cherish forever!

At that moment he crashed into the door, which he wasn't looking out for. He slammed through it and rolled across the ground, sliding on every part of his body in a sequence, finally he slid to a stop against a wall with a thud. His legs hung down towards his head, and the whole word seemed to have flipped on him.

"Woo! I'm here! UA!"

It was certainly a first impression, debuting himself to his new school ass-first, but Haruki was too excited to even realize that. He put his feet on the ground and dragged his head back up the wall in a slow and awkward display, then pulled out his ID and prepared to present it.

Number three! Wow! It was official! He was so happy to see that, even if there was really no reason to be as excited as he was. He already knew he had gotten in, but just seeing that, being here... it was something great that he just couldn't explain. He actually began to tear up just a bit. He covered his eyes with his knuckles, sniffing a few times to keep himself from sobbing.

"I'm... actually here..." he said in what seemed like disbelief. He continued, saying "I'll... give all I can give. I promise."
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Mitsuo exited the train station in Mustafar Musutafu lethargically, blinking away sleepiness. His home wasn't too far away; the train ride had been just long enough for him to fall asleep but not long enough for it to be a fulfilling nap. He'd been optimistic about attending UA when he applied, even though it had mostly been at his father's insistence, but the acceptance letter itself had been a bit disheartening, and the gravity of it still had him feeling unenthusiastic as he approached the school.

Adapting to an entirely different manner of living at a boarding school was stressful enough, but did they really have to usher the students in through the back door? Mitsuo assumed there had to be a purpose as to why they weren't instructed to meet at the main gates. UA was a pre-existing institution from what he'd heard, so was the side door just the easiest way to access the hero wing, or was there deliberate segregation in effect? He'd been treated like a second class citizen before, but having to actually live on campus made a mere unwelcoming environment potentially threatening.

This fear was assuaged when Mitsuo came within earshot of the protest at the front gates, although it was replaced with a different slew of potential complications to worry over. Seems like the staff had told them to use the side door in preparation for this exact event. The size of the mob made him a bit nervous, though they weren't shouting any sentiments he hadn't heard before. Didn't these people have jobs?

No, the crowd didn't matter. The police had the protest contained and cursory overview of the school made the security look pretty tight. If he kept his head down, he'd be indistinguishable from the general student body. Although he hoped there weren't enough stragglers from the crowd around that he'd even have to make that excuse. People picking a fight with him was troublesome.

Mitsuo crept around the school to the side gate, posture sunken and tense but not outright furtive. Still, it'd be enough to consider him acting suspicious to any onlookers. He fumbled around for his ID as he approached, not quite making eye contact with any of the waiting staff. Mitsuo naturally assumed every one of these people had a quirk, which made them leagues more dangerous than the people shouting at the gates right now. The masses had strength in numbers, but these guys could easily be a veritable one man army each. The guy in the space suit was most frightening. Sure, he had a cute face on his visor, but Mitsuo couldn't help but imagine what kind of horrifying monster he must look like underneath to warrant such an outfit.

"Uh... I'm, uh, Himaru Mitsuo. For the h-hero program." He stammered out once he finally produced his ID card, holding it up so the staff could see. Mitsuo felt embarrassed just saying that. He was going to school. To be a superhero. And fight criminals. In spandex. This was like a bad cartoon plot.

Mitsuo shuffled inside once he'd been admitted, taking a hesitant look around at what he assumed were his new classmates. The place didn't look too full yet, and so far everyone - crying pale kid aside - looked like normal high schoolers. Although, he doubted he'd get to casually block the fact that they all had superpowers out of his mind for much longer.
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Itsuki Konomi

Konomi could not help but be excited as she prepared. She had forsaken sleep in exchange to think of all the possible scenarios that would happen on this day, of all the possible people she would meet there, both student and teacher alike. The smile on her face was as wide as possible, not even the fact that her parents had once more left without so much as saying goodbye to her could bring her down right now, it would probably be the last time she would see them in a very long time considering they would most likely not even to bother visiting her. Heck, for them it would probably be a good thing that they were finally rid of what they considered a "parasite".

The fact that these thought did not bring Konomi down was telling of how excited she was to attend this school, of finally being able to try and make people smile.

As she walked down to where U.A was in the first place, the same things she had been thinking since yesterday floated around in her mind. Of what kind of people her teachers were, of what kind of heroes her new classmates would be in the future. She looked at her ID to check that she was not dreaming, that she would actually be attending a hero school meant to train heroes for the future. And sure enough, she was not dreaming, she was in fact number 8 student of hero course of U.A. She would start skipping if she would become anymore excited.

The instructions sent to them by U.A had instructed the students to go through the side entrance and for a moment she had been confused as to why, but then she remembered the bullying she had received once people had found out she had a quirk and realized that a school full of people like this would be the main target for the quirk hating part of the populace. Those thoughts proved true enough once she saw the crowds of people gathered there, protesting to this.

For a moment, her smile faltered as memories of her past once more flooded in, of the abuse she had suffered. But she shook her head, that was in the past and this was now, she would not let such memories dwell on her anymore, if she wanted to be the hero to cheer everyone up she could not let her past get the better of her. She walked by without attracting the crowd's attention, mostly because she looked regular enough and she had not kept her hero course ID out on the open.

Awaiting for her at the entrance were what she could only guess were the teachers of the place and needless to say, they were not what she had pictured they would be. The ones who would attract her attention the most were the person in the space suit with a smile on it's helmet that she could not help but think that it was cute. The second man to attract her attention was the large, very brutish looking foreigner currently staring down at her. Still, Konomi was able to keep her cool and bow down before her teachers in a calm an collected manner.

"My name is Itsuki Konomi, it is an honor to meet you." After she had greeted them, she showed them her ID to prove that she was here for the hero program and moved inside the classmates. She been among the first to get there. So far, there had been only four other students in the class, but she was already excited to meet them.

"My name is Itsuki Konomi and I hope we will all be friends." She moved in front of the class and bowed slightly before them as well as she introduced herself. She then moved next to one of the few students who had already arrived, who incidentally happened to be the white haired girl.
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Seo watched the crowd, no, the mob with a mixture of amusement and exasperation, adjusting the carrier bag with all of his supplies slightly as it dug into his shoulder. Dressed in his usual clothes, he was under no worries of the mob suddenly turning their frustrations on him as he observed, looking to all the world as just another curious onlooker. The trouble at the gates was pretty much going as most would expect, but it seemed that one of the students heading for the side gates had gotten into a bit of an altercation with a few of the seniors. While Seo was too far away to see what was said, he could hazard a guess, and chuckled as the potential thugs were sent scattering when the student exploded into a torrent of fire. Little overkill, but whatever it takes to send the message, I guess.

"At least I know this year won't be dull." The youth muttered, taking a moment to stretch out before making his way to the side gate where they were all supposed to go, twirling a few strands of hair between his fingers as he idly wondered what kind of circus had been gathered so far.

Seo couldn't help but raise an eye at some of the others but held his tongue for the moment as he let people introduce themselves. The teacher themselves seemed. . . odd, to say the least, but given the nature of the class, it was really to be expected. He dragged slowly behind one girl, giving her time to introduce herself before stepping forward himself. Once he was within talking range, however, he'd merely give a short wave to them all(more of a mock salute really) with his ID in hand before falling into the seat next to the girl who'd arrived before him. Riffling through one of his pockets, he pulled out a sucker to pop into his mouth, before opening his bag to pull out a book. Flipping it open to he found a dog-eared page, licking his thumb before he set to straightening it back out. Once he'd done that, he set himself to the task of picking up where he'd last left off in the story, absently beginning to chew on his bottom lip as he threw himself into whatever the story was.
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Ebisugawa Hyouka

Hyouka peered out the window, noticing the bubbling underneath the shoddy tinting job her dad had installed. Still, she appreciated that he had done so, as it made riding in the back of his car safer, especially as they passed by the front gate of U.A. and the angry anti-quirk mob that stood in front. Despite the relative obscurity, Hyouka pulled the hood of her sweatshirt over her head to hide her bright-red hair and antennae.

"Hey baby, we don't have to do this if you don't want to. I can turn this car back and we can just forget about the whole thing. Maybe we can come back in a few years, when the Quirk Rights Movement has gotten off the ground a bit more," Hyouka's father said while still continuing to drive slowly, her mother turning around to offer a reassuring smile.

"N-no, it's fine. We already agreed, Quirk Rights and Hero Work have to happen side by side. 'The Quirked will protect the Quirkless, and the Quirkless will protect the Quirked.' That's our motto, right?" Hyouka smiled back at her parents. Since she was born, they've been trying their best to establish a grassroots movement to make society livable for their daughter and those like her. It was an effort Hyouka could never repay, but it was time for her to start doing her part. Besides, despite the visible backlash from society, this was a wonderful opportunity to go to a school surrounded by Quirked classmates and Quirked teachers. An opportunity to explore her obsession and childhood dream of heroism, to become the hero she'd always wanted to be. And what kind of hero shied away just because there was an angry mob in front of their school?

Thanks to the tinting on the windows, the car quietly passed by the front without incident and reached the side entrance. Her parents were too scared for her safety not to deliver her to the school themselves, afraid that her obviously mutant appearance would single her out for violence. Given Japan's heavy corporate business environment, her dad had begged to take this work day off just so he could do this. In a way, they were sending her to a prison, as it was unlikely that the students would be allowed off the campus grounds, for their own safety, of course. The car stopped, and Mrs. Ebisugawa stepped out, looking to the sides for angry anti-quirk individuals. Seeing that the coast was clear, she let Hyouka come out, followed by Mr. Ebisugawa who shot off the engine. There was a moment of silence as a sudden, wordless awkwardness descended on the trio. Hyouka's father broke the silence, saying, "Good luck in there, Red Ranger. We'll visit whenever we can."

"Yeah! I-I'll make you proud!" Hyouka replied, already hiccuping from sadness. Tears welled at her eyes, while a light froth formed at her mouth, a symptom of her shrimp-like nature.

"We already are, Ebi-fry," Hyouka's mother said, pulling the other two into a hug. She knelt down and pulled out a handkerchief. Despite crying herself, Hyouka's mother wiped away Hyouka's tears and offered the following advice, "Don't cry. You want to make a good example for your hero friends, right? And a hero..."

"...always smiles. No matter what." Hyouka finished the sentence, and attempted to smile through her hiccups, while her mom wipes her tears and the froth coming from her mouth.

"G-go get 'em, Tiger Shrimp," her dad says encouragingly. Hyouka nods with determination, wipes away the last of her tears clumsily on her sleeve, and walks towards the school.

The short walk from the car to the entrance gave Hyouka enough time to steel herself to her new environment, and to let the excitement wash away her sadness. Seeing the group of adults who very clearly looked like vigilantes-turned-teachers, Hyouka bowed deeply, stood up straight and declared, "Ebisugawa Hyouka!...has ARRIVED!" She then struck a pose, which ultimately just ended up looking like she was dabbing. Straightening up, she looked around for other hero students, but just saw a group of quirkless adolescents standing around. Coming to a realization, Hyouka slammed her fist into her open palm, at least, she would if she could form a fist and palm. Instead she just made a *klack* sound as she determined that these were members of the quirkless, non-hero class come to welcome the hero class. "I must be the first hero student here," Hyouka thought to herself. She suddenly bowed to them as well, her antennae whipping around and slapping the ground, and declared, "Thank you for coming out to show support for the hero class! Thank you for believing in a peaceful coexistence between the Quirked and Quirkless. Those of us with quirks vow to protect you!"

2x Laugh Laugh
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Seto Yuuki

A knock on the door finally forced Yuuki to open her eyes and face this important day of her life. Her cellphone and alarm clock had failed, so it was thankful she had also asked the hotel staff to knock on the door. She patted herself on the back for being so clever and responsible, ignoring the root of the problem was her own irresponsible behavior.

Jumping out of bed, she was quick to take a shower, set her outfit, drink a lot of juice and eat some manju that she bought all the way from her small village in the inland sea. This was not only the first time she would see other quirky people, this was also her first time in the big town. She finished placing her black-and-white hair in a twin-tail and put on a cap, looking at the mirror to see if she had not missed anything important, as she had done in the past with her shoes, her jacket and her pants.

Along the way, she had sent her family messages, though they replied with bland mildly-pleased texts and emoji responses. She sighed. The few friends she had were more interested though, asking her to kick people and if the big city was as cool as it seemed.

"Its more on the noisy side." she thought aloud, while sending the reply. She had just arrived in the building and saw a bunch of people saying a bunch of things near the main entrance. They were talking so loudly, people from the big cities just didn't know when they were being rude, it made her glad she would take the side door into the compound.

It was a bit disappointing that the architecture of the place looked all kinds of meh, but the people looked interesting enough, there was this person in armor with a happy face... some sort of town mascot? Her village's mascot was just a weird raccoon with a hair, and there was also this shrimp girl who struck a cool pose she had never seen before, most would say was about Yuuki's size, but the twin-tailed girl minded those two crucial centimeters that made her the taller one.

"Uh... The name is Seto Yuuki. My ID is..." she reached for her pocket, and immediately went wide eyed, checking the other one, then under her hat, starting to sweat a she thought she had just forgotten her ID, the staff sighed and took it from where it was: hanging on her neck, before allowing her to move along.
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Suihara, Mizura

Mizura had left home with little fanfare. Her mum was already at work, and wouldn't return until late at night. Mizuro had already left for middle school. It was entirely up to Mizura to make her own way, as always. She supposed she wouldn't have it any other way. After all, somebody else might just get everything wrong. To look at her before she'd put on her makeup in the morning, anybody would think they were looking at a different person than the peppy girl that had stepped out of her house today. However, with a dash of lipstick and a little eyeliner, suddenly a happy young lady stood in full view of those around her. Wasn't it better to see that then some depressed and sour looking nerd girl?

She was informed that they were to take the side entrance into the school rather than raise the ire of the rabble. But as it would happen, even as she avoided the eyes of the large crowd, Mizura had the misfortune of coming upon a small rabble of her own. Some of the other students of this UA school had decided to mill around the side area once more. Mizura's first plan was to walk on past them nonchalantly, but it seemed the ID around her neck served as a beacon. Then again, from the looks of the fools, maybe their eyes were searching for something other than her ID near her chest region?

"Hey, bitch!" Some thuggish type called out to her. "Some of you might have sneaked in already, but the buck stops here. No more freaks in-"

"Oh, very well, just this once." Mizura loudly called out upon the boys approach. As he looked utterly confused, she grabbed him around the shoulders and held him in a pose while she produced her phone and started snapping pictures. She got a picture of them standing together awkwardly, one of her with her arms around him in the fashion of a lover, and one of her pretending to kiss him on the cheek.

"I'll send you the pictures later, lover. Have a good one~" Mizura walked off to the side entrance without another word. As she left, she could hear the murmurs behind her as the boys friends gathered around.

"What the fuck was that?"
"Is she just some kindof slut?"
"Oh dude, she was totally into you!"
"Heh. I know. I AM a huge stud like that..."

It was all talk Mizura had heard before. Nothing to be surprised by. Without another thought about it, Mizura passed through the school's side passage check point. She relaxed once inside, and just played around on her phone until something worth looking at occurred.
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Side Entrance
@Stern Algorithm@Moyai

It was the first day of Emi her brand new life. The new school year was just about to begin but before that... Emi was inconspicuously trying to walk by the huge crowd of protestors that were in front of the school gates. Emi had taken all the necessary measurements in order not to be spotted. She wore a big sunhat together with sunglasses, a mouth mask and a scarf around her neck to hide her bulging neck. Anyone that had seen her could tell she was hiding her identity.

Underneath her undercover outfit she wore the school clothes she was suppose to wear. Her jacket was hanging over her shoulders so her sleeves were hanging loose over her arms. The girl her socks were that of a perfect white, stretching till halfway her upper legs. Emi her hair was long and wavy reaching till beneath her butt. Her side hair was nearly tied into two pony tails with two smaller pony tails on top.

She was swiftly walking past the crowd hiding behind any tree and car she could find and somehow she got through unharmed. She could just about witness the shrimp girl her wonderful goodbye between herself and her parents. After heading through the side enterance like suggested in the student paper, Emi was met with a few students together with what were presumably teachers. The girl threw away her outfit back into her bag and joined the rest. It appeared that they were all introducing themselves to the other students so Emi guessed she had to do so as well!

Without realising her excitement Emi opened her mouth and introduced herself with a somewhat too loud voice.

"Ohayooo gozaimasu!!! My Name is Onsei Emi. Student identity number 19!"

Her voice revibrated against the school walls as she lightly introduced herself. She showed a flashy smile as she stretches both her arms to the side behind her back.

"I'm looking forward to this year! Let's all be friends!"

She happily exclaimed as she finally quieted down. Her gaze went around the area looking at the various people. There were a bunch of cute girls and cute guys already, she wondered if they would all be in the same class. Only the shrimpy girl did show of quite the quirk so maybe those others people weren't in her class.

Emi vividly hopped over next to the shrimp girl, squating down right besides her. Emi poked the posing shrimp her large claws quietly before poking her belly and cheeks. Then she moved on to observing her red hair and uniform all while she was still posing. Emi her mouth opened again, it was bound for trouble.

"You're my favorite nehe!"

As fast as sound Emi moved on and went to the clutz Yuuki. Poking her in her thighs and butt. She then raised herself up making Yuuki her hairs fall over the top of her own head giving herself a white hairdo. Emi swiftly stared up at her hair in awe. The girl moved her nose to the nape of the girl her neck sniffing lightly as she opened her mouth once more. Being more on volume right now in order not to hurt her ears.

"You feel nice and smell good as well!"
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It was safe to say that Hanazawa Lacara was not herself today. Normally she would be a highly excitable individual, but today she was visibly tired; so much so that even getting up off her bed for the day may have very well taken up all the strength she had to give. Her movement was all over the place, involuntarily zigzagging from one side of the footpath to the other, and she had a hand right up to her forehead this whole time, the sun burning its way into her eyes and affecting her vision of what was ahead of her.

This was the first time Lacara had been out of the house since living in Detroit, and the first time she'd seen the outside world of Japan. She wasn't particularly enthused about having to go out; in fact, she was so absolute in her refusal to leave that she pleaded he mother Yatsumi to let her sleep in. But Lacara was immediately reminded that she still had so much to learn, and that Yatsumi was never going to be able to teach her all of it. That was what got her to enroll Lacara into UA in the first place; so that she could learn things in peace, without any of the discrimination that Yatsumi or her father Fedarius would've had to endure for being in a quirkless society.

Well, that was the idea at least, but the illusion shattered the second Lacara stumbled her way up to the front gate. She knew those boos and jeers all to well. It was the sound of a protest that was starting to transform into a riot... if only because of course that was what would inevitably happen. All sorts of memories flooded Lacara's mind. The beatings. The kicks that were inflicted upon her and Yatsumi back then. All the times the both of them were smacked by signs that their attackers wielded.

And the labels. Those accursed, abominable labels!


A violent discharge of lava from her back had brought Lacara back to her senses. It also burned a hole in the shirt that made up the top half of her uniform but, as it could be quite handily and affordably replaced, it didn't matter so much. What mattered was that Lacara was pissed. She scanned the crowd ahead of her, eyes immolated with a wild, unadulterated rage.

Three people looked to be wielding megaphones in order to make their voices heard, from what Lacara could see. One was a man in the center of the protesting mob, but there were way too many people that Lacara would have to fight through to get to him, regardless of the angle she could try to attack from. To say such an endeavor would be physically taxing would be a severe understatement, so that would be a hard pass. A woman with a megaphone could be spotted through the cracks of the back of the crowd, but the men that surrounded her looked to be too strong. No dice on her, either. However, Lacara spotted a particularly bold woman right near the front of the crowd. True, she'd have to go right round just to get access to her, but those in front might very well have had most of their energy sapped from combating the riot police and security, and the woman herself was probably someone Lacara could easily overpower if she had to. Perfect.

Her move determined, Lacara took a confident and much more stable stride, through to the same side entrance that everyone else took to get to UA. She stopped to say hi to neither the students that had got there before her nor the members of the staff that were there to greet them. All she cared about was getting back into the front gate, using whatever mixture of bravery and insanity was there to guide her.

It was safe to say that Lacara had enough of this farce...
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“Maybe we should have looked into this program before we agreed to send her there.”

“It's a little late for that now, isn't it?”

Nyoko hadn't been awake long, and they were arguing. Again. Her mother was having second thoughts about the sending her away. That was really no surprise. It didn't change the fact that Nyoko didn't want to listen to it. Instinctively, she reached for her phone and pushed earphones into place. The music would drown out their dispute. At least she wouldn't have to put up with the constant fighting for much longer.

Most of Nyoko's belongings were already sent to her new school. As such, her room was quite barren. It looked more like a hotel room with a lack of clear identity or ownership. Other than her uniform, which she was already wearing except for the blazer, the only thing she had was her phone. Having everything sent away made leaving feel more real, but it wasn't as bittersweet as she anticipated. She was looking forward to not having to come back. As much as she wanted to go to UA, the dorms only made her want to leave even more. The guilt she felt regarding her eagerness to leave was minimal. The bitterness she felt was nearly nonexistent.

As Nyoko prepared to leave her room, her parents were waiting outside the door. She felt every muscle in her body tense, worried that they were going to intervene with her leaving. They had said their goodbyes the previous night. The argument that took place when she woke up was expected. Their sudden presence wasn't. Anxiety overwhelmed her as she worried about what they could possibly want.

Nyoko tugged one of her earbuds loose.
“Is something wrong?”

“It's about your new school,” her father began. “Your mother has concerns.”

“It's the first day. My things are gone, and I already have the uniform,” Nyoko rambled quickly as she tried to make her case before they gave her no opportunity to do so. “If you were going to say I couldn't go, then you shouldn't have waited until the first day of school.”

“That's not it,” her mother stated. There was no reassurance in her voice. Nyoko's parents weren't like that.

“I have to go. I'm going to be late.” Nyoko began to move, attempting to force her way around her parents. “Just text me.”

Her father derailed her by sticking his arm out to block her path. “Your mother is talking to you. You better listen to what she has to say.”

“I don't know about what you told me about this program at your new school,” her mother began. “I want more details, so I want you to update me about what they're doing. If it's not up to my standards, I'm going to pull you out.”

She couldn't be serious. Nyoko knew she wouldn't be permitted to leave the house without agreeing.

“Yeah, sure,” she relented. “I'll update you.”

“Then you can leave as soon as you put your blazer on. If you're going to show up on the first day of school in an incomplete uniform, then I may just change my mind.”

Nyoko scowled as she grabbed her blazer and shoved her arms into the sleeves. Blazers felt heavy and weren't to her liking, but at least her parents had let her out of the house.

The closer Nyoko got to the school, the more her excitement began to grow. Even though she hadn't used her Quirk since waking up, the surge of adrenaline almost made her feel like she had excess energy. It wasn't long before she showed her ID to the teachers standing watch at the side entrance and shuffled her way past classmates to stand in the waiting area. Hopefully they wouldn't be idle for long. Patience wasn't one of her better attributes.
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In the distance, silhouetted by the rays of the rising sun, a figure began to approach. Vague at first, but certain distinct details began to become apparent as the individual approached. Once out of the glare of the sun, it was apparent that the figure was likely a young teen, due to the height on display.
Second, and most notably, was the elaborate head dress that the figure wore. A bright red plume gave the individual stunning visibility. As they approached the side of the school, and came into view of the seething horde of humanity, a large tan coat could be made out, draped over the back and shoulders of the individual. With arms crossed, the person looked much like some outrageous Akihabara based rock act, especially with a necklace of what looked like bones covering the neck, and a crude namanari mask made of bone perched on the approacher's face. All in all, it heavily distracted from the school-bag and UA uniform the student wore.
Just as the congregation of teachers would surely come to alarm at the masked figure's approach, as they rounded the corner of the building, the mask began to be removed. What was revealed was an individual with green hair and orange-yellow eyes, with black sclera.
"Kemonohito Yaseishi," the student muttered, presenting the issued identification, and not making eye contact.

There was an acknowledging nod from the bespectacled man as the student passed into the secondary entry way. He had seen the students arriving, collecting in the alcove in front of the side door, veiled by the shadow in contrast to the reflections in the glass facade above. However, he did notice one particular young woman, whom he particularly remembered reviewing her application, beginning to walk away from the side entrance towards the soon-to-be-riot.
Rolling his eyes, the man stepped forward, pulling the left side of his collar to his face, "Requesting violent protest suppression tactic Foxtrot 2," muttered the man, before perking up, and calling out in clear, well enunciated English, "Excuse me, Miss Lacara Hanazawa, correct? I'm sorry, but we must enter the school from the side entrance due to," he cleared his throat as he approached, nodding towards the crowd, "Obstructions."
The man gave a calming smile, and extended a hand. He cleared his throat again, before scanning the horizon for any other approaching individuals, student or not, and removing his glasses to polish them against a cloth square in his breast pocket- red with black trim like his tie.
"Now, if you'll pardon my intrusion, I am Mitsuhide Oyoshi, agent of the Japanese Government and teacher of 'Heroic Ethics' at UA," he continued, this time in his native Japanese, but with a very reassuring tone, "I apologize ever so much for approaching you in such a way, but we really mustn't keep the others waiting, Hayazawa Lacara-san. Please, come with me, so you may be properly accommodated."
Despite his placid demeanor, he was sweating a little on the inside. He was well aware of this girl's Quirk from the application paperworl, and the embers and steam from a ruined heat-resistant uniform blazer showed that she was greatly displeased. Convincing the Government to allow Lacara anywhere near the school had taken long hours and even more paperwork. His thumb still had a cramp from the myriad of notations he had had to make in order to get this class up and running this year.

The formerly masked figure began to remove the rather garish, dramatic dress that was worn, and fold it up in itself, tucking it behind a schoolbag. With the mask removed, rolled into the head-dress, and also put in the bag, the once mysterious figure leaned against the wall with a hair flip, arms folding once again. Now to wait- Basic, boring school stuff. With an impatient stillness, the individual pressed a black left shoe against the wall, propping the dark turquoise slacked knee out at an angle.
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Marius Anderson

Speech:#A36209 Thoughts:FFF79A

The day had started off far from normal and it wasn't the fact that Marius was going to start his first day at hero school, no it was the fact that everyone in his family were being nice and acknowledging his presence. From asking him how he had slept, too cooking him a nice breakfast, even up until they dropped him off at school and telling him to have a good day. It was almost dreamlike considering they have never done this for him before.

But once his family had left in front of U.A., he was back in reality. There was a large mob outside and Marius's social anxiety was beginning to kick in. He clenched his school back tight, his nails digging into the shoulder straps, his ears and tail drooping towards the ground, and a face that was full of fear.

Icantdothis Icantdothis Icantdothis. You got this far of course you can do it, all you have to do is make it inside and you'll be safe, you wont have to leave for the next few months! That mob is freaking huge and they don't look friendly! Why did I sign up for this?! His expression slowly began to show more of the internal fear that was inside the boy.

His thoughts were raging wildly in his head bouncing from topic to topic as he constantly talked himself in and out heading in. His ear twitched as he heard a group of teens laughing about to turn the corner causing his heart to sink down to his ass, Cover! Quickly! The adrenaline going through the pups body caused him to brashly dive into a nearby bush in order to mask his presence. As he landed inside the thicket he kept his body still so the people passing by wouldn't suspect a thing. His eyes were closed tightly as he prayed that everything would work in his favor.


Once the coast was clear he adjusted himself inside the brush, claiming it as a temporary fort as he attempted to muster the strength to make his way to the side entrance. I'll just watch from here until an optimal opening is made. Marius would find himself inside the thicket for sometime, he watched as a couple of students walked towards the side entrance with no interruption which kinda gave him some hope that he himself could make it there safely too. On the other hand there were also a few kids being stopped by protesters to be harassed which made him second guess himself once more. You just have to make a run for it, once your inside you'll be safe. Move your feet and don't look back. The young pup slapped his cheeks before nodding his head.

"You made it this far...your family isn't coming back to get you, maybe that's why they were so nice to you. Because for once they could be normal like everyone else. The option to get off the train is long gone, this is your new home now."

Marius's head popped out the bush abruptly and in the process scared a lady that was passing by who yelped loudly which in response caused Marius to also yell too before scurrying off towards the side entrance. The sound of the two yelling even picked up some unwanted attention from the mob as the pinpointed the wolf boy.

"He's trying to make a break for it!"

A couple of teens from the mob broke off and tried to intercept Marius but stopped shortly after once the saw they wouldn't catch him in time. Marius held out his identification card No.15, for the teachers to see as sprinted towards them full speed with watery eyes and flailing arms trying to get the attention of his teachers waiting by the gate. "Its me! Anderson Marius Hero course!" the boy said before running past the spaceman. Once inside Marius dropped to his knees and embraced the ground with arms spread wide, silently weeping.

"That was so scary"
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Akizawa Nadeshiko


UA Highschool - Side Gate

@everybody and nobody

The gentle, rhythmic clacking of the railway cart as it dutifully sped along well-worn tracks towards Musutafu provided a welcome distraction to Nadeshiko. It was steady, even, easily predicted. A monotonous sound followed by an equally easy to foresee bump every few seconds. Nothing like what awaited her at the station, or more pressingly, beyond the station. Apprehension was a kind way to describe the feeling that balled itself within her gut, one more aligned with the typical experience of a freshly minted high school student crossing the country to attend a new, strange school. How many tens of thousands of school girls felt that nagging worry, the unease that comes with the unknown this very morning all across Japan?

But apprehension was just that, a kinder way to phrase what she felt. What she felt wasn't the disquiet they felt in the face of new friends, new challenges and fleeting youth, but fear. Genuine fear for the future, though behind the surgical mask she had cloaked her face in for the trip none would see it. Not that she wanted anybody to see it, or her. The baggy hooded jacket was testament to that, hastily dawned atop her school uniform to try and give her a shield to shrink behind. It did well enough, though she was sure it made her look half a hoodlum, hands tucked in her pockets and eyes locked onto the cabin's floor. Better to look a delinquent than a someone with a Quirk. Nobody cared half so much about common punks when balls of sapient slop existed to turn their ire towards.

The crackle of an intercom roused her back to the reality at hand. Five minutes, then they'd arrived at the terminal, and a quick walk to campus that she had rehearsed a thousand times in her head would follow. UA high school, though she couldn't remember for the life of her what the acronym in the name stood for, if it stood for anything at all. None of the pamphlets or forms that she'd poured over with her mother's help had anything to say on the matter. She hadn't wanted to look at them, at first, but her mother had insisted. In hindsight, Nadeshiko appreciated that, that one of them had the spine to take the initiative. The gentle, encouraging smiles had tried to cloak a painful truth that became more apparent the longer they discussed it. UA was a solid option, a school where she could fit in and get a good education, and prepare for a career. A future to strive for.

The only future to strive for.

She'd had no goals. No direction. No future until it came along. Nadeshiko had long ago given up hope on that, but fate had seen fit to send her a life raft when she'd finally had made peace with slipping under the tides. What else could she do? The tides were too strong. Nobody wanted a mutant. Her apathy was justified. Her hopelessness, justified. Now UA wanted her. Now she couldn't make peace with drowning. Now she had to try and swim against those currents she had contented herself with. The cynic in her told her that it was all for naught. That the raft would hold just long enough for her to see the shore, the hope of making it back to land, before fate took it away again and plunged her back down into the seas.

That was the source of her apprehension, Nadeshiko came to understand as she disembarked the train and began to carefully navigate crowds of salarymen and students alike, making herself small among the crowds until she could break away from them. It hurt enough to accept that her peers didn't want her the first time. She didn't want to face it again. What if her one future fell through? When you had no options, failure was inevitable, like the clacking of those railway cars. Comforting. But with a choice, with a chance at success, the sting of not making it was all the worse. Why did she have to risk it? She wanted to go home. But Ōtsu was a world away, and already she could hear the chaos up ahead.

Turning down residential street, she briefly caught a glimpse of the mob assembled outside the gate. If there was any relief to be had today, it was that the school had the foresight to have the new arrivals enter through the side to avoid the worst of it. Still, she couldn't help but crack a sad smile as she listened to the chants fade away, the impressive exterior wall she rounded helping block the cries out.

“Freaks go home! Freaks go home!”

Was that not where they were now? A new home for all the freaks?

As Nadeshiko approached the gate, she found herself under some deal of scrutiny, considering her dress. Perhaps she could've done away with the little disguise once the campus was in sight. Sheepish as was her way, slender pink fingers freed themselves from the pockets of her jacket, and she peeled back the hood with a learned terseness. Ropey strands of gelatinous, pink goo fell haphazardly around her masked face, a rough approximation of hair, and it seemed to dispel any of the doubt among the foursome of daunting men. She fished her lanyard from within the hoodie, showing the faculty present who she was.

"Akizawa. 1-A-16." As if they couldn't read it for themselves. Regardless, they parted ways for her, and she beat a hasty retreat through the gate and into, to her chagrin, what appeared to be a fairly impressive array of students. Perhaps if she didn't say anything, they wouldn't notice her. She never was very good at introductions.

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Hattori Himōri

• Present Day, Hattori Household •

It was just like any other day.

That was the lie that Himōri told herself as she stared back at the place she’d lived in, her home in a city without her father. It was probably the last time she’d see it for a while, her hands clenching around the singular strap of her over-the-shoulder bag as the building loomed over her. For the next few years, there would be no work, no more hiding, no more wondering.

No more Mom.

As if the thought of her summoned her presence, the woman in question slowly crept open the entrance of the household, clutching the frame with half of her face hidden from view. Her untidy, brunette locked spilled down her shoulders and framed her tear-stricken face, while her only visible hand displayed chipped, hastily bitten fingernails that still retain a few splotches of day-old nail polish. Remnants of the night before, when Himōri had broken the news of her acceptance into UA.

Despite her disheveled appearance, there was a fire behind her eyes that spoke of an authority only mothers could wield, staring down her daughter with a hopeless yet anticipatory gaze while the latter glared with faltered determination in response.

“Is there nothing I can do to change your mind, Mori-chan?”


A long silence. One that Himōri couldn’t help but hate as the flames that fueled her mother’s stare sputtered out to a dwindle.
This was a decision she made, herself. One that she thought she’d stick by no matter what. For once in her life, she felt like she had a chance to make a difference, to rewrite the wrongs that were written in the past.

So why did it feel like her heart is being ripped out of her chest?

“…Are you certain? We can always pull you out of this program, forget all of this ever happened. All you have to do is say ‘no’.”


Himōri stood silently, but her eyes said it all, her determination unwavering despite the escape offered to her.

For a moment, her mother seemed to harden, breathing in deep as her mouth curled with anger, opening to rebuke her child’s actions. Himōri snapped her eyes shut, expecting it, but it never came. Instead, a slow, drawn-out sigh released itself from the mother’s mouth as the tailor regretfully revealed herself entirely from behind the door, still wearing the clothes from the night before as she approached her daughter with a slip in hand. Every step caused Himōri to tense, sweat collecting at her temple to slide down her cheek like a teardrop.

When the tension came to a peak, the potential student couldn’t help but instinctively take a step back at a sudden movement, the slip thrust out towards her with her mother never breaking her gaze. As Himōri’s eyes focused on the paper, however, the girl of sixteen years couldn’t hold in her gasp when she realized what it was.

A ticket. A train ticket headed for Musutafu, to be exact.

“If you’re going to pay for your own tuition… You will need every yen you can save, right?”

Pain filled the mother’s voice, yet a weight in Himōri’s stomach was lifted, the mother allowing her begrudging acceptance of the matter to reveal itself through her actions. The daughter glanced between the ticket and the one holding it with wetted eyes, and she couldn’t help but unleash her tears as she allowed a dam on her emotions to be broken, clutching her mother tightly as she felt her shoulder become drenched in return.

• Present Day, UA Entrance •

Himōri’s eyes were still suspiciously red by the time the school came into view, a cute, frilly handkerchief with a happy little bear in the corner brushing at the leftovers of her melancholy while the owner of both stared out at UA’s buildings. This was her chance, her moment to change everything. If she could excel at this school, then everything she’d done up to now wouldn’t have been for nothing.

It scared her, really, to enroll at a new school for the second time in a row. Her last, while not a hellscape as it could’ve been, certainly wasn’t kind to her. What few friends she could’ve made were driven away when it was revealed that she had a quirk, and the others didn’t even give her a chance because of how she looked.

Not that she could help either of those issues. The pasty shop in that area was almost worth all the name-calling.

The faint murmurs and the large crowd she saw collecting at the front gate didn’t help her worries at all, and the presence of the police was more of a point of anxiety rather than a symbol of protection. She was only able to keep calm because she remembered the contents of the acceptance letter, that hero class students should take the side entrance.

Closing her brown coat over her pink sweater and holding it tight with her hands, Himōri kept her head low as she began to briskly make her way towards the designated entrance, eyes glancing about to look out for anyone that may attempt to accost her. Her gaze happened to catch sight of what appeared to be a gyaru student conversing with a government official, but she kept her head down, thinking that they must be talking about the security of the school or something.

Thankfully, no one seemed to have noticed her, too preoccupied with other matters as she scurried around to the side entrance for the hero class. A sigh of relief released itself as she passed through the gate and approached the small crowd of students, already sighting a few that appear to have been mutated by their quirks. Unlike what most would expect, their unnatural forms caused her to relax rather than mortify her, solidifying in her mind that this is the correct place to be. No one with such visible quirks would be in the normal classes… At least, she didn’t think they'd be at a school like this.

Though she had reached her destination, the brunette hadn’t had a clue as to what she should be doing now that she had arrived. Not wishing to draw attention to herself, she didn’t attempt to move further towards the group’s center. Instead, she tarried at the far edge where she had arrived from, clutching her ID tightly to her chest as she allowed herself a moment of excitement.

This was it! The start of her journey as a hero class student!
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“See yah later, Dad!”

Seri stepped out from the back of a cab. Other than wearing her school uniform, she made no attempt to hide her mutated appearance. No one should be foolish enough to put their hands on a walking cactus, she assumed. It was temping to go against the school's request and push her way through the front entrance to make a bold statement. However, Seri's father convinced her otherwise during the ride to school.

After bidding farewell to her father and the inconspicuous driver, she went on ahead towards the alternative entry point. The walk was short, but she could see the riled up protesters crowding the front gates, voicing their opinions. She expected to face discrimination for her quirk, having a mutated appearance, and being a foreigner. A hated combination. It was nothing she hasn't dealt with before back in America, well, at a smaller scale. Still, this was the largest mob she had ever seen in person, it oddly amused her.

“Sooo~ many people showing their support! Its like a really big party with so many friends! Cafufufu~!” She spoke to no one in particular, in English no less. Protesting looked so much fun from the sidelines! Negativity aside, she wanted to participate in one someday! For the quirk and mutant community...

Upon arriving to the side gate, Seri flashed her ID card to the gatekeepers and was allowed to enter. However, she struck a majestic pose to the teachers before she moved on.

In Japanese, “You can't tell from the picture, but I'm doing this!” Seri demonstrated with pride, then awkwardly walked off like an Egyptian cactus. She would've retained the pose for a while longer, but her outfit was beginning to chafe her. It's amazing how UA could design a uniform to contain her spines, but it felt too restrictive at times. On the other hand, she wasn't against the idea to have this kind of tailorship done to her entire wardrobe. It will be such a relief not having to shop around for replacements all the time.

After breaking the pose, a particular student caught her attention. A boy with large wolfie ears and a big fluffy tail, whom appeared to be taking a doggie nap on the ground from her perspective. Oh my god! He looked so cute, she thought.

“D-Doggie!” Seri exclaimed in English, rushing over to the wolf-boy's side. She took a seat on her heels and made no hesitation to gently scratch the base of his ears, slowly working her way up. It would feel rather soothing to the wolf-boy at first. Seri was careful with her spines, keeping their length at a minimum and stroked with her fingers at an angle for additional scratching power. The fuzziness felt super satisfying to the touch, she couldn't stop herself! As expected, she became overly excited and accidentally poked his ears with the sharp ends of her spines. Oops.

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Daizos reflection staree back at him in the mirror. Hair uncombed, skin pale, eyes sunken into his face like black orbs of endless night. The only thing that stood out were the red of his eyes staring back in disappointment. Against the odds he had gotten in and proved he had the makings of a hero but it felt like a lie. It was hollow and fake, like himself.

The knock at the bathroom door broke his concentration as he mumbled for them to come in, and despite his mood cracked a smile for his mothers shining face. She was in her late forties with graying hair and wrinkled cheeks but time hadn't robbed her of that infectious positivity she and her husband had.

"Ohh, my little raven. You look so handsome today! Mommy made you a special lunch yo celebrate the big day and- and-." There were tears in her eyes as she shuffled forward to wrap Daizo in a big hug. "My baby is going away! You'll call every day right? You'll eat healthy? I'll make sure to send you fresh food since I know its hard for you sometimes." Elissa wiped away her tears but refused to surrender her smile.

Daizo could only smile and nod. "Yeah Mom. I'll take care of myself.. You know I cant stay still for long.." his words sounded empty even to him but Elissa, bless her heart, saw through the emotions behind them and only squeezed tighter. "Just leaving for a few months, Mom. No need to be so cling- EEP!" She pinched his neck and gave a soft laugh at his high pitch as Daizo squirmed and flushed his face beet red. "Maaaaa. I have to go! I love you, ok? I'll.. be safe. I'll be kind.. I'll make you proud." Now it was his turn to tear up a little as they broke the embrace, Elissa holding him at arms length. "My sweet Raven could never do anything else!"

Daizo swept her up in another big hug, lifting her clear off the ground for a moment as he pulled her close. Mom never failed to put purpose back in his heart when the tank ran empty.
The two went about their tasks as he prepared, putting on his uniform and combing his hair, brushing teeth, and grabbing his two most prized possessions: The notebook containing every poetic scrap he had ever written, and the prickly cactus that was the only plant he knew that could survive through his care.

At the door he hugged his mother one last time and marched off to the waiting taxi, determined to continue overcoming his own quirk.

The gates of UA were packed with protesters, screaming their fears to the whole town, but Daizo largely ignored them. His quirk wasn't fancy or flashy so you could never know who was using one like his. Gliding past the front gate with slow shuffling steps he recited his poetic verses in a whisper as he passed, the negative emotiond it sparked in people was a miasma of invisible force dancing among protesters as they briefly ceased their shouting to grasp their signs tighter and whispwr their own tragedies. By the time anyone realized why he was gone, flashing his ID at the gate and mustering at with the others.

The first thing he noticed was the cactus. A massive one. It moved, talked, it even went to pet the dog person! Moving.. uncomfortably close to Seri, Daizo was looking between his own cactus, labeled 'stubs', and Seri with a mixture of surprise and excitement.

"Stubs! You've got family!" He whispered excitedly, having talked to his only friend so long he didnt even realize he talked out loud anymore.
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Hanakotoba Sayuri

Sayuri was struggling to breathe, compressed, trapped, unable to get desperately-needed air into her lungs. She squirmed uncomfortably, trying to escape her fate, but it was no use.

Her mother's hugs were legendary, especially when she was worried like this.

She squirmed again.

"Mom... Mom, it's gonna be... okay... just... stop... can't... breathe...!"

Her father came around the corner, thankfully, car keys jingling as he did so. He smirked at the tableau in front of him, earning a glare from his daughter.

"Not that this isn't charming and all, but we should probably get going if we want to get the squirt to school--"

"Sh." Ami shushed her husband quickly, her hug almost seeming to get tighter, if that were possible. "Let me enjoy this- it's the last time I'll be able to in a while."

"She's going to a dorm across town, not to prison, or overseas. We can visit." His tone softened as he laid a hand on his wife's shoulder. "She'll be okay. We'll be okay. The school made certain of that. She'll be safe."

For a few long, agonizing seconds, it seemed as though her husband's words hadn't gotten through to her, as the crushing hug continued to crush. Thankfully, the arms around Sayuri's tiny torso finally loosened, the woman's hands coming to her daughter's shoulder, looking her in the eyes with a tearful gaze.

"N-now... now you call us, okay? Every week. Every day, if you can. If something... if you need anything, or if you have any problems, or even if you want us to bring those candies you like so much, just... anything you need, we'll drop everything and--"

"Mom." Sayuri's voice was stern, yet gentle, as she cut off her mother's tirade, before leaning in and wrapping her arms around the woman's neck. A thank you for being there for her for so long. For becoming the family she'd needed, seven years ago.

"...I'll be fine, okay? I'll call you guys every day after class. I love you guys, okay? I do."

Her mother shook slightly as she suppressed a sob, giving one last squeeze before pulling back. "Okay... okay," she sniffled.

Sayuri straightened her new uniform out, before securely fastening her goggles over her eyes, and draping her favorite jacket over her shoulders. She gave a watery smile, thankful that the goggles hid her own tears. "H-how do I look?"

Her father smiled widely. "You look... ready."

Oh, gods, I'm so not ready.

Sayuri and Ren were parked across the street from the towering edifice of UA, observing the screaming, chanting mob outside the school's entrance, waving poorly-written signs like they were so clever or something. Sayuri's clenched fists shook slightly, only slightly from fear. The rest was pure rage.

Should have expected the brain trusts to show up in force today. Gotta scare us "freaks" into compliance, right? Ugh. She grit her teeth, trying to force down her anger... and the rosy sparks that had started to flicker around her tightly-grasped fingers. Her father glanced down at the burgeoning light show, clearing his throat.

"...You don't have to do this, Sparks. You don't have to go out there. We can wait a year, maybe, wait for things to cool down before--"

"Dad. No offense, but that's stupid. I got in, the school's right there. I'm not gonna let some zombie crowd stop me from doing what I want to do. What I'm... meant to do."

Ren chewed that thought for a while. "I mean... still..."

Sayuri turned to her foster father. "If I chicken out now... what happens? What does that say about me? About you? What am I doing to make sure people like us get a fair shake?" She turned back to the school. "I have to do this. Not just for me. Or even for you. But for all of us. Y'know?"

Another long pause, before Ren sighed, brushing a hand through his sea-green hair. "In that case... I have a rule."

Sayuri raised an eyebrow, turning toward her father again. "...What kind of rule?"

"...No extracurriculars while you're at school."

Sayuri paled. "But Dad--!"

"No buts! You wanna prove to those people out there that you're a Hero? That they don't have to fear you? Then you have to play by the rules- you can't just go beating up thugs in an alleyway anymore."

Sayuri's look was flat and unamused. "Nice black coat you've got there, Mr. Pot."

"Young lady..." Ren intoned, warning. "If for nothing else... if not for them, then do it for me. I can't watch your back while you're here. If you do something..."


"Ill-advised, while you're here... if you make a mistake... then you'd be on your own. I... I don't want you to get hurt. So... you've gotta promise me. Stay in school. Learn from real teachers. They'll take you much farther than I ever could."

Sayuri stared at Ren for a long few seconds, emotions warring behind her eyes.

"Promise me, Sparks. Please."

Another long pause. And then...

"...Okay. For you. Not for them. I'll stay safe, okay?"

Ren sighed in relief, nodding. "Thanks, kid. You know, you're all right. Think I'll keep you," he said, jokingly. Sayuri snorted.

"'Bout seven years too late to be having second thoughts, Dad."

"Ahh, get outta here. Go learn how to save kittens from trees or whatever. But... seriously. Good luck, kiddo."

Sayuri smiled. "Thanks, Dad. I think I'll need it." And with that, she finally made her way out of the car- carefully, so as to not spook the idiots- and made her way toward the side entrance she'd been informed of previously. She walked up to the astronaut, the suit, and the delinquent-looking motherfucker, fishing her student ID out of a pocket and holding it up for the teachers to scrutinize. She squared her shoulders, eager to begin.

She looked ready.

She was ready.
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