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A disgruntled huff escaped Minty as Spike drove away, another one came forcefully out of her when she saw that both Lilith and Juno pretty much ignored her. She hated being ignored, she knew she was too good to stand around and no one pays attention to her. So Minty turned on her heel and stomped off in the direction of the school building.

As she angrily walked through the crowd of students a distant voice could be heard. ”Minty…. She ignored it and kept walking. “Yo Minty!” the voice apparently belonged to Zeke Volontis, an annoying, cocky, tall, lanky dude with a middle part who had caught up with Minty placing his hand on her shoulder.

The girl aggressively shrugged his hand off “What do you want Ezekiel?!” she groaned rolling her eyes as she turned her head to glare at him. The boy had been trying to take her out for the whole of their junior year and a good part of the summer. Obviously, he was not her type and she had shut him down every time.

“Woah woah… Someone has woken up in a sour mood…” he laughed and flashed her his shit-eating grin. He quickly wiped it off his face when he saw the death threateningly stare Minty gave him “Uh- Hey listen I’m glad I caught up to you actually! So tonight my band is having this show at ‘The Sp-’”

Minty stopped in her tracks and turned towards Zeke “Let me stop you right there before you embarrass yourself in front of all these people” she gestured wildly around at the students milling around “What makes you think that I’d come and watch your lame jazz band play at a stuffy cigar bar?” she raised her eyebrow at him. Just as she was about to lean into her insults she spotted the grand duke of idiots himself following a young-looking blonde girl she didn’t recognize. Minty narrowed her eyes and bit her lower lip.

“On second thought… I’ll see you there!” she said and continued on through the crowd quickly without letting the dumbstruck boy get another word in.

When she finally entered the building she registered herself at the counter slapped the name sticker on her chest and went to the designated area where the tour would start. She spent a few minutes looking for someone with the tag that read Marion. When she couldn’t find anyone with that archaic name she decided she had better things to do than to wait around like some idiot. She scrounged up some spare paper from her bag and scribbled on it before pasting the note on the wall with tape from the crafting supplies she carried in her bag.

Hey Marion!

Meet me in the art room and we can start this tour or whatever.
The art room is down the hall from here, it’s the door with all the paint spatter on it.

See you there
Aramintah (Minty)

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“It’s Christian, you goober!” Cael corrected Rae for her mistake, his voice following after her as she continued down the hallway to the doorway leading out to go look out in the parking lot. “Good luck with the vampire thing, but I’m going to try to make a slightly better first impression. I mean, what if he’s uber hott?! Catch you on the flipside, cupcake!”

Oh Cael, that was just quitter talk, and she was not a quitter— Okay, when given the option to quit for food that might not be true but her appetite will always be one of her greatest weaknesses. Sunlight, crosses, wooden stakes, and garlic be damned.

Her mind plagued with the thought of soft red velvet cupcakes, courtesy of her best friends last words she almost lost the objective she had set out to do in the now much more crowded parking lot. Students were now here, whether they wanted to be or not, and while some had the nerve to stare at her for how she looked like she dove head first into an Elsa play pin glitter pool. When she stared back at them abruptly with a concentrated glare, paused in place similar to a dog with their ears straight up, an alert posture as they were looked over like she was about to either roast them alive or gouge their eyes out cause she wasn’t at all aware of the face she was making while trying to find a name tag.

Thankfully no one bothered her, the fear of becoming the next carrier for the glitter virus was enough to let her move about unimpeded for the most part.

“...Not one Olivia...” She mumbled unhappily, her head leaning back with a groan, staring at the sky for a sign just as the voice of the man, the myth, the legend, her brother from another mother played out for all to hear like a gift from on high.

“Yo, yo, yo. It’s your boy Spike, hoping all you cool kids are enjoying being back at school and for you Liberty peeps out there, welcome, man. It’s good to have you here, joining the Knights. Remember to get your fake rose from Tuxedo Mask and a lollipop from me, the guy in the knight suit. There’s also some breakfast shit in the cafeteria.”

Not needing to be told twice, she had a bounce in her step while she went in a jog in the direction of the cafeteria. Fully accepting that her sign was answered like a fortune cookie paper detailing that food was in her future. And who was she to disagree with the disembodied voice of a bro—

”Now, can Rachelle Rawlins please come to the main office? Rachelle Rawlins PLEASE come to the main office. I got a special delivery, just for you! BYEEEE!”


It was comical and slightly off putting to see the girl freeze like a statue mid-jog the second her name was called. That once blissful look morphing into a pout as she raised her shaking fist to the sky, inwardly cursing the odds against her eating food and in favor of the janitors who would have to clean the glitter imprint she would have made.

Instead she had to turn, on her heel with a grace that was confusing as she would robotically be fast walking like a woman in sixties with her exercise pack of housewives only seconds later back to where she had once came. A trail of silver and a few blue sparkles falling behind her like cosmetic dust thanks to her speed.

Gradually she got faster the closer she got to where she wanted to be, by the time she was passing by familiar faces she was actually running since her first inclination was that Spike had found some top tier candy while getting stocked up for today— or maybe it was info on a new edition of comics sold at the book store- either way she had gotten herself hyped.

And a hyped Rae was basically human Sonic, fur and physically impossible speed aside, but she was fast enough that she ended up sliding on the floor during the final turn for anyone standing where Miss Applebottomjeanswiththebootsandthefur normally sat in the main office to watch the teen as she corrected herself so she didn’t fall flat on her ass. Her converses just didn’t get the traction they used too on these floors anymore.


She could still excitedly skip into the room with a grand swinging of the door as she opened it.

“Broooooo-” Rae cooed, her eyes flickering away from Spike to the girl she had never seen before beside him, addressing her quickly without skipping a beat, “Hi-”

“What was the delivery you had to go god speech for...” The dyed haired girl narrowed her eyes at Spike as she looked back at the unknown girl again briefly, in suspicion since the dude she claimed as her big brother being around a girl who was picture perfect and dressed like she was delicately pulled from an iconic pink box was not the surprise she was expecting at all. So her mind was going in several directions. ”Is this a Life-Size scenario?”

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Featuring:Ruby MacMillian @LovelyComplex

Callie had disappeared, Nick wasn’t listening to her anymore, and to top it all off - Rosefell looked worse in person than it did online. The last two weeks had simply been way too much for Billie to process.

Sitting on top of her brothers car, Billie waited patiently for Rue to answer. Before the other girl even had a chance to speak, Billie had already began ranting the second she answered the phone.

”Tell me why out of all the schools they could have chosen, they merged us with… with… this.” Billie practically shrieked the last word as she turned the camera so that Rue could see the building.

Ruby Macmillan was sitting on the edge of the fountain that was topped with a statue of Marianne, at Place de la République. She was eating a churro with one hand, holding her phone with her free hand, and moving her skateboard with her feet from side to side. It was almost 2 PM where she was. Her mother was giving an interview with some top notch fashion designer, and as per usual, dad was there with her for moral support.

The Macmillans have done this tango for as long as she could remember, so it got boring. At least for her. Her sisters enjoyed fashion, so they could put up with attending mom’s events, but to her it was ‘eh’. If it makes you look good, wear it. If not? Wear it too. Fuck what people thought. With her way with words, her dad gave her a nice sum of cash and she left them to do what she liked best: skate. They’ll call her when they need her. For now she would chill in the sun and harass a kid or two.

Nibbling on her churro, she listened to her best friend’s rage. Looks like Billie was having a day. Wow, how did that feel? To get upset because of a change in school? Rue wouldn’t know. Her dad was her teacher. “That’s rough, Bee.” Dully gazing at the screen, not because she was disinterested, but because she couldn’t relate, Rue shrugged, “Sounds like a bunch of minor inconveniences to me and you’re not a settler so I’m sure you’ll figure shit out, whatever shit is. I doubt it’s just the merge.”

Billie could tell from the way Rue talked that she wasn’t particularly interested in the subject. That was fine. Billie just needed to vent, and rather Rue wanted to admit it or not, she dealt out pretty decent advice. Turning the screen back on herself, Billie placed her chin on her left hand, resting her elbow on her leg as she leaned forward.

”MMmmmm…. Yeah. I’ll figure it out sooner or later. But that’s not the point. It’s driving me insane. Like right now.” Pouting, Billie sighed. ”It just feels like there’s nothing I can fucking do. And now I have to go find some fucktard named Melissa because they’re supposed to give me a tour of Shitville.”

As an announcement came over the speakers, Billie glared at the building. ”This place gives me very chaotic, trashy vibes.”

Rue’s expression contrasted her friend’s because as she listened to Billie rant and rage she couldn’t help but feel excited. This school was making other students give out tours, a kid just used the intercom, and it was chaotic. Where could she sign up?! Ugh, she was so jealous.

After taking another chomp out of her delicious delight, Rue playfully rolled her eyes, “Don’t be so melodramatic, that’s your dad’s job!” She knew her friend was gloomy so she went straight to the point, “You can either be a little bitch, or make this school your bitch, okay? So what if people probably have sex under the bleachers!” She paused, wow, that was an intriguing thought, wasn’t it? “Please confirm if that’s true or not in the future, please, but yeah. So what! So what if it seems like shit doesn’t seem to be going right. I can promise you something will happen to bring you right up. And lover, my love, my Babycakes, if you don’t like that Melissa-whore, why don’t you just tag the back of the building or something? In big letters LIBERTY HIGH MOTHERFUCKERS. That’ll get a message across, don’t you think?” Munch.

Still glaring at the brick building, Billie’s expression some-what softened at the mention of her father. It was true that Kavi Salvador had a flair for the dramatic. Hell, come to think of it, their whole family was dramatic - even Fiona.

As she listened to Rue, Billie's mood went from absolutely irate to simply being sour. Rue was right. Billie was that bitch.

"Fine. I'll stop crying and go see what I can do. But first I have to hop off of here and google this Melissa chick. Thanks Rue," she said, managing a small smile.

“Anytime. I should call dad anyways and be like ‘are you guys done yet?’” Rue finished off the last of her churro, before clearing her throat, “Better call me in the morning. Tell me all things: interesting. I’m bored and need the tea. Well, anywho! Miss ya, girly. Give Richie some kisses for me, h’okay?”

"Of course, of course! You know I will. G'bye munchkin."

Closing out the app, Billie pulled up google and typed in the name of her assigned tour guide: Melissa Elliot.

One of the first things to pop up was an instagram profile. The handle read @queenofthorns - something that Billie couldn't decide if she found creative or cringy. The pictures posted painted the life of a popular blonde. The perfect cheerleader, friend, daughter… but did she really have it as all together as she wanted people to think?

Only one way to find out.

Upon further examination, Billie realized that her tour guide was the blonde woman that was screaming at that punk kid a few minutes ago. The crowd that they had been apart of had since dispersed, and Melissa had headed in the direction of the school entrance. Figuring she should follow the other girls trail, Billie hopped down off of Nicholas's car and headed inside the building.

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A @metanoia & @Venus Collaboration
featuring The Junkie Piece of Shit & Grandpa-fucking Sociopath

In the close-to-ten minutes that had passed since Colin had a brief run-in with Hunter, the dark-haired boy hadn’t done shit.


He stayed leaning against the same locker, his foot against the wall, popping his knee out, and casually sipping on his vodka-disguised-as-water — which was nearly out. He looked like every stereotypical bad boy from any high school movie ever. Except Colin wasn’t a total chump like they were.

He occasionally went through his phone, checking what was happening on his social. Twitter was a meme paradise and Instagram was where it was at. Post after post, he smirked in appreciation of all the thicc babes he followed. Every single one of them got a like and a comment. He considered DMing them, but he wasn’t one of those desperate losers whose entire self-esteem was pending on validation from whatever girl they were simping over.

Like, come on now! Colin isn’t Spike.

But you know who he was like? Colin Gallagher, that’s who! And what Colin Gallagher often did at this time — at least when school was in session — was grab his quote-unquote “girlfriend” by the ass and maybe sneak off to get a quickie before that annoying bell rang.

As he peered his eyes away and scanned the hallway, centering at the entrance, he frowned somewhat because there was a lack of a certain goth bitch that he loved to tease. Usually, he expected some sort of contact from her right about now: a punch in the gut, a text message not appropriate for kids — something to let him know that she was alive.

But there was nothing.

“What gives, Steph? How long do you expect me to wait—”

The rushing sound of the pearly gates opening and the Mistress of the Night herself come pacing quickly through it, pushing basically anyone who was in her way in a typical manner he expected from her.

When their eyes locked and she was close enough, Colin yanked her hand and pulled her close to him. His hands went first for her to her waist, sliding down not-so-slowly until there was something for him to squeeze. “Bout time you got here,” he spoke quietly into her ear. “Was almost beginning to think you wouldn’t show.” He then gave her a short kiss and smiled.

In regular circumstances, Stephanie would welcome Colin’s advances with open arms. She had learned that there was no better way to start out her day than with a quickie from someone who knew exactly how to make her feel alright. But with that heartbreaking encounter with Tate so fresh in her mind, the last thing she wanted to do was have to put up a front with someone who knew her as well as Colin did.

Ew. It’s not even eight o’clock in the fucking morning and you already smell like a dive bar…” she complained to Colin, her face scrunched up in disgust at the unpleasant smell of cheap liquor emanating from her ‘boyfriend’. Frowning, she dug into her bag and pulled out a small baby blue container, popped two pieces of gum out, and offered them to the young man. “Be a sweetie and do all of us a favor by taking these. Nobody wants to get alcohol poisoning from your breath alone.”

As soon as she handed it to him, Colin chucked it into the air to the left, behind her, and it hit some nerd with the worst pair of thick-rimmed glasses he’d ever seen. The kid looked at him and all it took was one nasty look from Colin for him to take the container and run in the opposite direction.

“There. It’s taken care of,” he said slyly, sporting a grin equal to his tone.

Stephanie could only roll her eyes, her face scrunching up even harder. “You are so fucking disgusting…" she told him, playfully placing her hand over his mouth and grabbing him by the face with her fingers while giving him a little smirk.

Colin didn’t say anything, which was certainly out of character for him. Wanna know what wasn’t? Making out with her hand, tongue and all and it slobbered all over her hand and he made suggestive sounds to add to the experience.

A loud squeal of disgust echoed across the hall, attracting the attention of nearby schoolmates as the appalled Spice released her grip on Colin's face as if it had electrocuted her. "What the fuck was that for, Colin!?" Stephanie shrieked, wiping off her slobbered hand against his shoulder with a hard slap. "That was so fucking nasty!"

He observed her face-- the momentary snarl that was frozen and how her eyes were narrowed in the same way when he knew her disgust was genuine. And for some reason, Colin found it thoroughly amusing. So he laughed and then eventually burst out with a cackle deep from the gut. “Oh come on, what did you expect? You covered my mouth. It’s almost as if you were asking me to make out with it.” He shot her a wink, intentionally eying her hand with the same gaze he often gave her when he was in the mood.

“It’s way too early to be playing games with me, Colin! And believe me: I am not in the mood for your bullshit today!” she snapped, shoving the dark-haired boy away while giving him one of her deadliest glares.

Colin’s back hit the locker and a ringing, metal sound went off as he met her death glare. “Jesus…” Came a drawn out response from Colin as Steph snapped at him with more ferocity than she had at her default setting.

She was always nasty and harsh with him, but in a way that made her unconventionally adorable. But this? Something was definitely up her ass. “What’s up with you today?” He asked her directly.

“You’re not usually this bitchy so early in the morning. You usually wait until at least I’ve done something you consider wrong.” He knew he was going to catch some flack for that last comment, but he only spoke the truth.

“Whatever. It’s none of your business,” she snapped again, vigorously shaking her head.

There was no way in hell Stephanie would be telling Colin about what had happened that morning. Sure: they weren’t what you would call a conventional couple-- not by a long shot. Flings coming in and out of their lives were as common as the times they broke up and got back together. But that didn’t mean Spice purposely wanted to start shit; especially so soon after their last fight. The last thing she needed was for the visibly tipsy Colin to go berserk about the presence of yet another guy in her life.

Colin stared at Stephanie, becoming more visibly annoyed the longer she stayed silent. On some level, he really wanted to pick a fight with her because, well, she was kind of pissing him off. And it wouldn’t be hard. He could mention Hunter and how there was some hot purple-haired broad that nearly ran over Rico. He could embellish the truth slightly and say they fucked. And to back it up, he could actually go find this chick and give her the gift of Colin Gallagher. But at the same time, that was too much of a hassle and he’d rather do it in reverse.

So with the minimal requirement of strength to take the high road, he sighed. “Whatever you say.” He gave her a shrug, popping another chug of his vodka in his mouth. “But where were you though? Sure, you’re the last person who would care about attendance, but ya kept me waiting longer than you usually do.”

“I went to pick up my car at the shop,” the girl said simply with a small shrug. She knew this white lie was bound to upset Colin a little bit, but it was certainly better than telling him the story of her morning.

“The shop, eh?” He absentmindedly acknowledged, taking another casual sip. About halfway through it, Colin had the delayed realization and immediately spat the entirety of the sip of vodka he’d taken all over Stephanie’s face. “You were late because you were off blowing some grandpa? What kind of bullshit is that!?” Jealousy came fast to the surface and the slippery descent down to the slope began. Well!?

And here we go again...

“I wasn’t ‘blowing off some grandpa’, Colin Gallagher!” Spice shouted, wiping off the vodka and spit from her face. She should’ve known that mentioning the place of employment of one of her flings was bound to blow up in her face (literally). But how else would she have explained the magical return of the to her possession? “I was literally just picking up my damn car from the damn shop! And even if I was blowing Ricky-- which I wasn’t-- it’s still none of your fucking business!”

He wasn’t amused nor convinced. “I don’t believe you. For all I know, you could just be saying this to cover up the fact that you were doing your best Riley Reid impersonation.” Colin’s tone and face was flatter than the asses of most of the girls at Rosefell. “So just admit it: you were showing the grandpa a good time.”

The seething Spice didn’t bother with a verbal response. Instead, she wrapped her hand around Colin’s slim arm like a vice grip and dragged him out of the school building and towards the parking lot, where the glistening paint coat of the purple vehicle could be seen in the distance. With a face as red as the nail imprints her grip had left on the young man’s pale skin, she turned to confront Colin.

“You believe me now, you paranoid piece of shit?” she snarled, looking like a tiger seconds away from tearing its prey apart.

She probably thought him seeing the car would make things better. She probably also thought this would shut him up. And she would be right, but not for the reasons Stephanie was thinking.

Seeing the car did confirm one thing for Colin, but confirm to him that she was just at the shop? No, that wasn’t quite it. From what he could tell, it was perfectly adequate. It was like no repairs had been done on it. He knew Ricky’s work and he was good, that much Colin could admit, but this was too good.

As he examined the scratchless hood, Colin laughed. “Yeah I believe you, Stephanie…” He said in a low tone, giving her a smile. “I believe you’re a lying tramp. There is no way that fossil did this good on your piece of crap ride. I believe that you’re sticking to your guns to hide the fact that you ditch me -- me -- for someone old enough to qualify for Social Security.” He pulled his hand away and somewhat gently shoved her away from him.

As soon as Stephanie felt Colin’s hands pushing her away, her judgment disappeared. Just like when she’d seen Tate’s car slowly drive away without a care in the world, blood was rushing to her blacked-out brain, and the world was now under a crimson lens. In one blink of an eye, Spice’s right hand was balled up into a tight fist. In another, the solid fist was colliding hard with Colin’s nose. Whatever pain came shooting through the girl’s arm after the move was being numbed by adrenaline, and she did nothing but coldly stare at the blood starting to pour down her now ex-boyfriend’s nostrils.

When her fist connected and the blood began pouring out, Colin staggered back against the hood of her car. The back of his shins collided with her shitty bumper and he was positioned like an obtuse triangle as most of his weight pressed on the hood.

He looked up at the morning sky, wincing every other five seconds, cursing at Spice any chance he got. Some words were lost due to him trying to gather his wits, but every word he could muster was directed at her.

As he grabbed his nose, trying not to further the damage that fist of hers did to it, Colin managed to find enough momentum to swing himself off her stupid car. “You crazy bitch! Fucking psycho! You broke my fucking nose!” His profanity came out in a rapid-fire succession of one another, but it also was in a nasally tone.

“Maybe now you’ll think twice about putting those disgusting junkie hands on me again,” she cruelly spat, wasting no time in shoving him hard against the car again, turning on her heel and storming off, the long locks of raven hair flying behind her.

“Yeah, well at least I’m not a grandpa fucker!” Colin made sure she heard him before she was out of range.

And as he saw her push open the doors of the main Rosefell building and completely disappeared from his sight, Colin was left with the aftermath of his own making. He knew what everyone around was probably thinking and he didn’t care. Their opinions and the stares that served as its companion didn’t matter to him. And he sure as hell wasn’t going to let Stephanie Cross get to him. For all he cared, she could fuck whoever she wanted.

He didn’t give a shit. Not one.

“Fuck. Now I gotta see the nurse and get this looked at.” In a fit of anger, Colin slammed the back of his foot against Stephanie’s front bumper with enough force to dent the front bumper. “Fuck that hurt!” He cursed, limping on one leg as he left her piece a shit car with a reminder of what happened today.

In the back of his mind, as he limped up the stairs, cursing with every painful step, and walked through the front doors, he remembered he also had to serve as someone’s tour guide too. “Just the chocolate shit kiss on what is sure to be a wonderfully-shittastic day.”

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It was so hard to maintain her composure. Not in the face of all the ignorant people that were laid out in front of her. No, it was in the face that knew her all too well. As Melissa tried to figure out what exactly she had to do in relation to her school-bound duties and exactly what she had to do in relation to the people who just knew how they needed to act, she was torn like Natalie Imbruglia. And it was really hard in the face of people that didn't deserve it. And yet, there would be a savior...

”You look fine as hell today, Queen. You get bored of ruling with an iron fist, you know where imma be at girl”

She knew indeed. She gave a soft bite as DeShawn passed by, knowing that he would know the kind of effect that a simple brush against the thigh would have on the head cheerleader. It was a look as if to say how game she was for a follow-up investigation of their particular experiences the night.

Deeee... just you wait, boy. Once I get done with this bullshit... we'll figure something else out.

People were dispersing in front of her, which made her job so much easier, so Melissa was free to roam a bit. However, her desire to end this necessary tour business led her to the area of the name tags. "Hello! Anyone looking for Melissa, please, look no further! I am here to help guide you if needed!"

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If she had been the one who had almost gotten run over by an incoming car, Giselle would’ve been nothing short of terrified and upset at the person behind the wheel, and at any other individuals inside the vehicle at the time of the close call. Her ability to use her words and speak in full sentences would’ve disappeared, replaced by the frantic pounding of her heart. What Gigi hadn’t expected was that the young man her aunt had almost injured came at her with the pleasantries of a gentleman: admitting fault to something he wasn’t responsible for, introducing himself and the friend that had come to his aid, and closing it all off with one of the smoothest pickup lines she had ever heard.

“No me quitaste la vida pero ciertamente me dejaste sin aliento.”

Giselle’s lightly freckled cheeks flushed crimson, and she let out a nervous little giggle. Although she wasn’t a stranger to compliments, receiving them always made her feel awkward. “Well I’m glad my auntie’s clumsiness didn’t cause you any harm other than a good scare!” she told him with a bright, apologetic smile. “I really am sorry for what happened. She won’t be driving me to school again: trust me.”

There was something about Enrique’s face that tugged at the young woman’s memory. She had a nagging feeling that she had seen him somewhere else before-- and not too long ago, at that. She felt like she had the answer at arm’s reach, but her squirrel brain was still reeling from the almost-accident to make a real effort into putting the pieces together in order to decipher the young man’s identity. And because she didn’t want to embarrass herself even further by asking and being told she was wrong, Gigi chose to keep her thoughts to herself.

Before she could say anything else, what Gigi assumed was the warning bell rang across the school grounds, and she immediately turned her attention back to the boy named Enrique. “I have to go find my guide for this school thing, but I’m sure we’ll see each other around!” she told him, and had almost completely turned around before she added, “It really was a pleasure to meet you, Enrique. Bye!”

With one last little wave, the energetic Giselle nearly skipped towards the decrepit building, leaving a trail of sunshine in her wake.
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Featuring: Jackson (@KatKook) & Rico

“Hasta pronto preciosa”

Rico watched Giselle fly off like a sexy pixie, biting his lip as his dark eyes watched her hips sway in a certain kind of way. He had to snap from his days sometime and the sound of a honking horn did just that; shit he was still in the damn road! Grabbing his guitar case, he swung it back over his shoulder and kicked his skateboard into his underarm before getting out of the way. Interesting start to the new school year for sure.

Stopping in his tracks, Enrique suddenly realised he had no idea who his Liberty was! Slipping his phone out of his pocket, he scanned the email for a name; Jackson Park. One quick trip to Instagram later and Suave had a face for the name. Kid was a looker in a K-Pop, skin like marble, probable heart of ice kind of way. It took but a second for Rico to catch sight of Jackson heading towards the school; the guy was what about 6’2? Definitely stood out in the crowd. With his heart pumping warm blood throughout his body thanks to Gigi, the Latin lover made a beeline for his new charge. As if gliding on ice, Enrique found himself standing in front of the Ice King of K-Pop with an extended hand.

“Oye, Jackson Park? I’m your guide, brother man. Rico Nunez”

Jackson brushed his hair back his head turned left and right taking in what Rosefell really was, he just could not get it in his system that this was Rosefell and he was not a fan one bit. Rico better make his day worth the- a hand then appeared in front of him followed by a thick accent, Jackson took a step back in both surprise and disgust, he scanned the man up and down before he concluded before the man even spoke that this is Rico Nunez, no man on earth would fit description and gossip from what he has heard around the school.

"Aigoo..." he let out, "You’re my guide?" He asked, already being the condescending prick he is. "Weren’t you the guy that almost got run over moments ago?" He asked. He was ready to berate this guy but then he remembered that he is in a good mood and there should not be a reason that he should ruin it, he’ll live it. Who knows? Maybe Rico might be so bad- Ah… Juno really messed up his thought process.

”I was!” Rico responded in his usual nonchalant fashion ”And it just helped me meet one fine, fiiine young lady. There’s always a positive my friend” the lothario put his arm around the taller boy and smiled ”Now I’m not gonna lie hermano; I was a bit naughty and I didn’t stalk any of your socials so I no nothing about you...BUT that’s the joy of a first meeting am I right? So, let’s start this off right. Onwards young soldier!”

With a spring in his step, Rico essentially began to drag Jackson around the terrible looking Rosefell campus. There was nothing that anyone could say right now to harsh Enrique’s vibe at that moment….except maybe Ellie. He was back at school with the friends that he missed greatly, he had just met something divine and now he had a new friend in Jackson Park...he needed a nickname, this would be today’s challenge.

”Don’t let the look of this place fool you, JP, it may look like my Abuela’s bodega but it has heart”

"Stalking… My… Socials..." Jackson took a deep breath and calmed himself down, "That’s something you normally do but didn’t do it to me..?" Jackson closed his eyes trying his best to not get annoyed, "Thanks..." He let out, clenching his fist to his side. The joy of a first meeting? Jackson was never good at that, but this first meeting with Rico is not what he expected, but then again his first meeting with Juno- Rico’s arm then wrapped around Jackson and he already started hating it.

As he was dragged along for a little bit he just could not stand the man’s arm around him, he took Rico by the wrist and forced his arm off Jackson. Jackson’s internal thoughts flooded in his head, his mind filled with how much he hated this and how he hopes it could not get worse. The only thing that could be worse right now is if he started using a nickname- JP. Jackson gritted his teeth but the comment about Rico’s Abuela’s bodega made him chuckle a little, it was a little out of nowhere and he spoke so fast so there was no way he was not going to be able to hold that in. He immediately put on the ye’ ol’ cold Jackson vibe as soon as he let out the chuckle and carried on with Rico.

"This place has heart? If you mean bits of frog heart from biology then I believe you."

”We can’t afford frog so they give us mouse hearts instead”

As he often was, Rico was completely oblivious to the cold shoulder that Jackson was giving him. He didn’t even register the boy essentially yeeting his welcoming arm away from their embrace. As the dynamic duo found their way to the football field, the troubadour held his hands aloft in a stretch. ”So things to know here, the Knights are like this school's pride and joy. So if you’re into sports, I’m not, then this will be your future social hub. Also, if you need the good kush, this will also be your home as the best stuff can usually be found behind the storage hut just on the other side of the field”

Motioning his charge to follow him, Rico led Jackson deeper into the bowels of hell and continued to point out other rooms of torture such as the underfunded music department, the IT room, the AV club and of course, the cafeteria and Old Lady Doris’ famed mystery meat which Enrique somewhat citrusy and zesty. ”The vieja may need a face lift but you can find beauty in any thing and for Rosefell, the beauty is in its student body” He smiled at some passing girls and with a light kick of his lips he returned his attention to Jackson. ”What about you Cool JP Smooth, you got a girl or boy in your life? Or are you all about free love?”

When Rico said the school was not able to afford frogs and got mice instead, Jackson shrugged and knew he should have seen that one coming. Rico is charismatic in a way that Jackson never thought could be on a person, these were the type of people he absolutely despised but Rico? He’s a different case, he may not care too much but he does not despise him, he will tolerate him at most; Maybe acknowledge him. As he was taken through the school, they arrived at the field, it was grander than Jackson pictured it, it actually looked well maintained, too bad football or any non-skate related sport was his forte.

"Good kush? No." He let out. After that Jackson pressed on, maybe as soon as this tour was over he could catch up with Miki or Juno, hell even Emily or Christian, he just really did not want to be with a Rosefell kid all day. The tour then got to the cafeteria, he really wished he would not have to eat that mystery meat. The talk about Rosefell’s beauty coming from the ‘student’s body’ really made Jackson shake his head, especially since Rico followed that up by making some kissy faces to some girls. Another nickname then dropped along with a question and Jackson had to respond.

"Don’t call me that." He looked up to think then back at Rico, before continuing, "I’m not going to say much because I don’t know you, but I am going to say… Maybe. I don’t know yet, I kinda prefer her- them as a friend." Was Jackson really just being honest? His brain needed a reset, he was not being himself.

”Say no more JP, mi hermano. I won’t ask, you don’t need to tell. Affairs of the heart belong to those they belong, nobody else” Rico didn’t respect a lot but he did respect the sanctity of love and truth. In his many dalliances and romances, he had always been honest, truthful and devoted, sometimes indeed to a great fault which would end up costing him. He had heard Jackson’s Freudian slip of the tongue but would not pursue that line of questioning, soon his new friend would reveal his heart and who sat there, when the time was right.

Rico jumped onto a nearby wall and took a seat. He brushed his dark hair back before offering Jackson a charming smile that only he could offer. ”Listen, brother man; I won’t pretend to know you, cos I don’t and it’s up to you if I ever will but I’m just gonna throw some truth at you real quick. A lot of people were not a fan of this, how is it said, merger and I can tell you’re not that keen either. There’s only one way you’re gonna survive this thing, just accept it. There’s a hundred billion stars and we're but a speck of dust on one. Don’t let whatever you have against this place ruin your time here. Puede ser un infierno, pero también puede ser un hogar si lo dejas”

Rico was making a lot of sense. Oh no, he’s growing on Jackson, what the hell? Is this what a good mood always did? Jackson crossed his arms and leaned back a little, scrunching up his nose then shaking his head to snap him out of whatever was going through his mind. He pressed his hand to his face after realising that he had just told this guy some of his troubles which was something he never did. He then could not help but listen, this guy definitely had some wisdom stored deep down, it was mesmerising. What he says is the type of shit his coaches say and emotional moments in k-dramas, Jackson swears this guy is somehow in and out of his head. He may not have understood the last part (except the word hell) but he should respond, he is seeing Rico in a better light now.

"Surviving has always been my thing, no matter if I’m just some shitty tiny star or if I’m the sun itself, I’ll be fine. I am the king and whatever throne there is, it’s mine. So accepting it is not really my thing. But ruling it is what you’re going to expect from me. 왕국은 왕의 것입니다, 리코후배. " He let out a devious smile and immediately glared at some people who were walking by which caused them to hurry along in fear.

"But you know what," Jackson then let out a sigh, then moved his hand to place it on Rico’s shoulder, "You’re not the worst guy here." And that is Jackson’s way of saying he would be fine if Rico wanted to be buddy-buddy with him. That good mood from Juno really threw him off his game.

This surely was an interesting thing; Rico didn’t really know what to expect from the Liberty kids other than money and lots of it. Then low and behold here was Jackson, quiet man by all means but an aura of authority and power. He carried himself with regality and grace yet spoke with a force behind every word. If he was honest with himself, El Mariachi had given little thought to the influx of new blood other than thinking about how many more beautiful people he would be around to take his mind away from his tremendous fuck up with Ellie before summer. JP certainly fit into the category of beautiful; not Enrique’s type but if kings were made from the bones of God’s Jackson certainly fit the mould.

”Hail to the king, baby”

Jumping from his perch, Rico patted Jackson on the arm and smiled ”Thus concludes our tour. If you needed anything throughout the day, hit me up JP alright? Mi casa, su casa” With the final word, Suave dropped his skateboard into the floor, hopped on and began rolling down the hallway, away from Jackson and much to the chagrin of the teacher shaking his fist at that damn Rico. Fuck Rico.

Jackson shook his head after seeing him ride away on his skateboard, Jackson raised his fist in front of him, and quietly cheered him on, "화이팅..."

What the hell is wrong with him today? He crossed his arms, put his back against the wall, and hit the back of his head a few times against the wall. He beat himself up for acting like this, was this really all from the domino effect what Juno did to him?

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Outfit: TorsoSkirtFlats

When she made the kinda-sorta impulsive decision to depart from the surprising informative tour that was led by a refreshingly-pleasant Ellie, Miki decided to explore the school on her own. She went down the halls, took in the sights of certain individuals who all were in the middle of their own tours.

Seeing the state of the Rosefell people made her almost want to turn away from them in disgust. Their fashion sense led a lot to be desired for. As in, they lacked any of it and the way they dressed was just...abysmal. On top of everything else, one tried to actually touch Miki? Can you say gross? Seriously, what gave them the arrogance to assume it was okay for them to extend their hand out to her? Absolutely disgusting!

And that forced the Queen of Liberty to reverse the direction she was walking in -- which happened to be near the cafeteria. She didn’t know if it was the overall odor the halls had that immediately made her want to plug her nose or if it was the food -- if one could call it that -- that flew past the doors and into her senses, but Miki felt her stomach turn in ways it hadn’t since she ate some really bad sushi when she was fourteen.

“Oh god, it’s even worse than I feared.”

As a hot spanish boy glided past her, about a few feet from where her eyes deduced he came from, she found herself in the middle of her first genuine positive reaction since coming to this shitpile of a school. “Jackson!” She cried out, briskly walking up to him, hooking her arm with his, almost pulling him away from the wall he was casually leaning against. “I am having the worst day but it is so much better now.” She clung to the boy for dear life as if her positivity depended on him appeasing her. “Please tell me you have finished your tour already. I can’t bear being around anyone from this school until I’ve at least seen what our teachers are like.” As she rambled, she had done exactly the opposite she thought she would and had joined him in leaning against the wall.

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Jaxtyn had gotten quite lucky. Using some pull he had managed to get out of the tour guiding and instead had spent his morning checking around the school to make sure that everything was going okay. I meant that he didn’t have to hang around one place too long and he got to scout out all the newcomers, even if it was briefly. Walking down the corridors he was able to, albeit at a safe distance watch Steph hitting Colin right in the nose. He couldn’t help but feel rather happy at that. As an upstanding member of the school, he should have reported it, but he as far as he was concerned, he didn’t see anything.

He doubled back on himself to avoid crossing Colin, his mood now noticeably happier. Since he was close by he decided to duck over to the library and just make sure that no one was hiding or getting up to anything they shouldn’t do. Entering the library, Jax closed the door behind him. He smiled softly. This was home. His safe space from the outside world. When he wasn’t out trying to traverse the wasteland of Rosefell, you could find him here. Thankfully the place had been left unturned over the summer break. The place didn’t exactly have the best selection of books, so most people stayed clear. But to Jaxtyn, who had no money, this was a paradise.

He spent a while browsing through the collection of books. The non fiction section was his primary home, he had read most of the books here once, alot more of them he had even read twice, just to help extract more knowledge out of them. He made a mental note to come back later and take some of the books out for reading. At this point he looked at his watch. He had some time to kill, so decided to go outside. He pushed his way through the crowds of reuniting students and sat down on some of the benches where the Liberty Students had arrived. He pulled on his white collar shirt as he sat down just to give his neck some breathing space for a second. Pulling out his phone he began to browse through the schools social media profiles. Seeing what people were saying on twitter. He quickly typed his own tweet and hit send.

Feels good to be back. One more year. Gotta make it count.

Was it cheesy? Heck yeah. But Jaxtyn didn't really care so much for it. Everything he said was true. He was looking forward to coming back all summer. With his parents working retail jobs and barrel having money, summer was rather bland. He spent most of it indoors occasionally messaging fellow Rosefell students to see if he got a response. Being back here meant some level of normality...even if these new Liberty High students were a curveball. Letting out a soft sigh, he put his phone away and would check it later. He pulled his bag up and pulled a book relating to quantum mechanics and started picking up where he left off.
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Eleazar Nikolavich Diaz-Sapohznik

"No problem, friend.", Eleazar winked at Christian as the latter thanked him for being very welcoming to him and the other members of Liberty High that were now streaming into this school like a flood. "Now, I'm sure that the two of you will get along splendidly as you walk the halls of our most humble institution in an endeavour to know everything about this place so that you don't get lost in the first day of class and avoid incurring any unfortunate incidents while staying here, so I will be leaving you to it. Das vhidanya!""

With that done, he then kissed Cael at the cheek, as Eleazar had really missed him during the vacation due to being out of the country, and then looked back at Christian "Don't worry about anything, droog. Cael is gonna take good care of you. Very good care.

The boy then galloped off to the halls, the tail of his coat trailing behind him as he walked quite briskly, at least as much as his injured leg allowed him to. He suffered a severe break during a football match during sophomore year, and had been prohibited from doing anything risky by the doctor ever since. Ah, how he missed those days. But at least he had the tools of self defence from the bullies now.

Pulling out his phone, Eleazar began scrolling through his social media news feeds, rapidly alternating between Twitter and Facebook. He winced in disgust at a certain politician's antics, and then snickered at a cat video before-

bump He hadn't been looking where he was going... and of course... he just bumped unto his sister, Alessia.

Tall and imposing, that was definitely her. Having soft bangs over her forehead and flowing long blonde hair, she was definitely someone that the other boys often dug... but she was an Amazon, and is thus rather intimidating. Alessia was in the wrestling club, of all places. That meant, however, that Elazar didn't have to worry about her. She wasn't that little girl anymore.

"Bozhe moi, Alessia. Yiu left without me... again."

"Huh?", Alessia cocked her head to the side. "It's no big deal... I just had to run because Shirley here needed me."

"Oh, okay.", Eleazar nodded slowly. "Well, I'm just going to... umm..."

"Naw, big bro, if this is about that boy from the other day, it's nothing. Well... not yet."

"Okay then." Eleazar then pointed his fingers at his eyes, and then hers. "I'm watching you."

"I know you are." Alessia winked as she walked off. She appreciated it, after all. Even if she could take care of herself.

Sighing, Eleazar continued on, not sure where he was going anymore. His feet guided him outside, where he would spot a rather familiar person sitting on a bench. The Liberty High students were still arriving in there, and some of the Rosefellians were still having happy reunions. In the middle of it all, sat Jaxtyn Bradley on a bench, reading a book. Of course. Jaxtyn wanted to be the best, and was one of those that kept this school's average GPA at a respectable level.

Walking over, Eleazar would sneak behind Jaxtyn... before wrapping his arms around the other boy's neck in a very sudden but gentle backhug. "Hey Jax, long time no see." Eleazar had missed him, as he was one of the few other Rosefellians that really related to, though he was a lot more relaxed than Jax when it came to... well, everything. Circling around the bench to sit beside Jax, setting his cane on the arm rest before looking right at a probably violated Jaxtyn's face. "Ah, how I missed you, man." Being in a little more cheerful mood, he placed an arm on his shoulders. "Oh my, sorry, I didn't mean to shock or surprise you or anything, I just got... ummm... happy to see you? Yes, that's right." Being a little drowsy, he rested on the bench, though he would lean a bit on Jax, as he was quite comfortable with that. "Time flies so fast, no? In just a year, we'll be off to college... and then these rich kids show up... I wonder why..."
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A @KatKook and @Melissa collaboration
Featuring Joanne Lynn and Aiden Howard

Jo turned around after leaving Samantha to herself. She really wanted to keep that promise of lunch with her so that they could catch up more, after all, Samantha was her best friend and it gave her a ton of comfort knowing that she was around. But there was something that she needed to deal with now, and that was the tour with the Liberty student, Aiden Howard. She spotted Rico with some tall Korean guy down the hall and she could tell that the Korean guy was not liking it one bit. Jo was expecting the same from Aiden but that was not going to stop her- she was feeling herself, she had finally met Sam, and JJ accepted her breakfast bagel, all was good.

She went around looking for this Aiden, and slammed into a tall blonde guy by the entrance of the building. He was obviously not a Rosefell kid so she took a wild swing at it.

"Uhh… Aiden…? Aiden Howard?" She asked, straining her neck just to look up at the man.

After begrudgingly parting ways with his love, the older Howard sibling already found himself in a rotten mood. That was the way it usually went- whilst spending time with Fiamma his heart felt full and the moment he had to pretend they weren’t anything more than friends it became empty again. And so, Aiden stood in the waiting area with his arms crossed and lips in a thin line, gaze locked on his redheaded girlfriend who stood across the hall also waiting for her tour guide. He was so focused on keeping a watchful eye on her that he didn’t have time to move out of the way before a shorter blonde collided into him.

“Jesus, watch where you’re going.” He stated, immediately irked that she didn’t stop herself before crashing into him. But as she introduced herself, he could only guess that this was his tour guide. Damn, what was her name… Josie? Jennifer? No, it was… “Joanne. Guess you’re showing me around this pit?” He glanced down at her name tag in order to recall her name and quickly over to Fiamma before looking back at the blonde girl.

Jo rubbed her forehead and shook her head, the guy had a hard chest so she got dazed a little from slamming into him. She took a step back to have a look at what was in front of her and nodded to herself. He spoke and Jo had to snap herself out of her thoughts to reply to what he was saying.

"Watch where I was-...? Oh right! Yeah, I’m Jo, don’t call me Joanne, your tour guide thingy… Welcome to Rosefell!" She exclaimed, waving her hand around like the school was the most interesting thing in the world. Spoiler alert: It was not, and she was sure it would never be. She grabbed him by his wrist then immediately let go after seeing him, this guy probably has a girlfriend who is definitely the jealous type, so she had to keep her touchy nature at bay. She then moved to hold him by the sleeve of his shirt and practically started dragging him through Rosefell.

"The Jo special tour starts here!" She exclaimed with a little spring in her step.

Joelle - well, Jo’s enthusiasm was nauseating. How could someone be so excited about being at Rosefell? Aiden was less than pleased to be there, and it was clear in the grimacing expression he currently had on his face as well as his moody disposition. On top of all that, he had to watch out of the corner of his eye as another guy put the moves on his girlfriend. Before he could intervene, his guide pulled him away unwillingly, and the blonde boy rolled his eyes. “I highly doubt there’s anything special about this place… let’s just make this quick.” He shook Jo’s hand off of his arm, “And hands off, that’s my throwing arm. I don’t need it pulled out of it’s socket for christ sake.”

Jo held her hand in the air for a moment when Aiden shook it off, she then clapped her hands together before continuing.

"Alright alright, sorry! I’m on the basketball team, can’t help it." She let out, trying to lighten up the situation. She continued walking, leading him through the school, "Alright, you’ve seen the classrooms all over the place, but the tour starts..." She then opened a set of double doors and opened the gym, the basketball court to be exact. "This is where the good games happen, well… Will happen." She then lead him out of the gym and onto the field, "But this is probably where you’ll be spending most of your time, afterall, you did say throwing arm." She then pointed behind the bleachers, "I don’t know what your vibe is but if you ever need uh… Urr..." She then thought what Rico might say in this situation and awkwardly continued, "G-Grass? Dude whatever, if you want weed it’s there, there’s a bunch of people there all the time." Jo added.

Basketball team? Aiden tried his best to hold in an incredulous laugh. While he was no misogynist in any way, shape, or form, he had a hard time believing that this girl could play. As they entered the gymnasium, the blonde boy was underwhelmed. The facilities at Liberty were top tier professional regulation and these were well… not. “I’m sure,” The boy replied sarcastically as Jo walked him down the court towards another set of double doors. He highly doubted that the basketball team was any good- or rather that any of the teams were good. Deep down he knew the Liberty kids would be Rosefell’s saving grace this season when it came to stats.

Aiden hoped that the fields outside would be more impressive, but he was sadly mistaken as the two of them emerged from the gym to find a lackluster football field and soccer nets in front of them. But wait… there were no Lacrosse nets? Maybe they were in storage. “Yeah, I’m Liberty’s star Lacrosse player… you guys do have a team right? The boy asked almost fearfully. But he laughed in the girl’s face as she brought up the transactions that tended to occur under the bleachers. “Yeah right, like I’ll be buying from Rosefell kids anytime soon… I have my own dealer, sweetheart, thank you very much.” Aiden replied in a tone that was evidently high and mighty.

Jo noticed out of the corner of her eye when Aiden was stifling laughter, she chuckled under her breath; these were the type of people she loved proving wrong, and with how the tour was going, she might have to do more than just show him her skills with a basketball. When Aiden asked about Lacrosse, Jo just shrugged giving him a smug look. It was clear that these two just did not click.

"Dunno, probably? Maybe? I’m going to say yes even though the answer is probably no, if there is Lacrosse, I guess it’s new with you guys coming here," Said Jo, wiping that smug grin off her face, she pointed behind her towards the gym over her shoulder with her thumb "I’m in the gym during my training so I never get to see it." After that came his comment about the daily little exchanges at the bleachers, the word sweetheart really annoyed her, the combination of his attitude and how rude he was being throughout the whole tour was really working her up; but Jo being Jo, she was trying her best to lock it in a box inside of her and throw it in a river.

"Alright, uh..." She swished her hand to point into a different direction and walked there, straight to the... "Cafeteria! I’m going to agree with what you’re going to say here, the food isn’t great and I doubt they’ll ever be, but it’s got it’s charm." She crossed her arms and pointed to where the kitchen was, "If you ever see a little brownish orange concoction with meat chunks in it, stay away." Jo continued, "A few places left, but I don’t think you’re going to care too much about them, but I have to show you them so you’re coming whether you like it or not." She stated.

As Jo droned on, Aiden couldn’t help but let his mind drift to think about what Fiamma was doing. The thought of her being around a guy, especially a Rosefell kid, made his blood boil. The goofy blonde he saw her with seemed like the type to pull a move or two, which did not please him one bit. He had to go and find them and break up the tour before things went… haywire. What brought the blonde boy back to his senses was Ms. WNBA still rambling on. Seeming to completely ignore his unamusement, she continued the tour, much to the blonde boy’s disappointment. It was when the girl made her last statement that Aiden clasped his hands together in frustration and began to speak roughly.

“That’s where you’re wrong, Jo, I don’t need to come with you and I’m not going to.” He stated, annoyance clear in his strained voice. “So if you’ll excuse me, I have much better things to do than tour around this pit of a school.” Almost making himself laugh, he shook his head and backed away, “God this place is such a fucking joke.”

Jo closed her eyes as she watched Aiden walk away. He was really being annoying so she was trying to calm herself down, a few deep breaths and she was back in the rhythm but she was not going to let someone be rude to her like that. She quickly jogged after him and blocked his path.

"Alright, listen," She said, raising her hand to stop him before crosing her arms and continuing, "I get that you’re not the type to enjoy this type of thing but man..." She took a step back, pretty much really annoyed at this point but she should have expected this, "I’m trying to just show you around, are you this mean to everyone else? You’re not going to survive the year if you’re like that." She turned around and spoke over her shoulder, "Even animals learn to adapt." With that being said, she walked away. This was very unlike Jo and even she knew it, she wanted to apologise but then he would look down at her again. She just kept walking in hopes that her words actually meant something.

“Survive the year? What, like you think I’m bottom of the food chain and need to cooperate to stay afloat?” The blonde boy scoffed, this girl not even understanding his place in the hierarchy of things. At Liberty, Aiden was a god among men. He could practically do whatever he wanted and say whatever he wanted- clearly Jo didn’t get that. But she would… eventually. As she walked away, he shook his head. “Whatever, I’m out of here.” Picking up his own pace, he made his way towards the front of the school. If he was quick, maybe he’d be able to intercept Fiamma’s tour and have a few minutes with her before the first period.

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Featuring: DeShawn & Alina

The wait for his Libertine lady had left Dee somewhat directionless. Without the person to give a tour, all he could do was simply wait for the bell. As he listened to the latest track from one of his favorite artists, he continued to casually scan the hallway from time to time hoping to see a sticker with Alina Zebrecky stuck to the breast of some face he had never seen. It wasn’t until all hope was lost and the last beat of the song had ended that in the silence, DeShawn decided it was time to leave. He turned towards a set of double doors, only for them to swing open violently and he almost collided with the girl powering through them.

”Hey yo, shawty where’s the fire? You ok?”

Alina had to shake her head for a moment. After what had happened in the corridor, it was probably a good move, but following the near-crash, she had to kind of reset anyway. There was a boy there, an admittedly very good-looking boy, but she didn’t want to base a first impression on that. At least he asked if I was OK. That’s one person in this school with manners, I guess.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m… no. Not really OK,” she admitted. "I’m kinda lost at the moment. Today has been a rough start.”

"I can see that.”

DeShawn took a step to one side to give the poor girl some breathing room. She was obviously a bit out of sorts and him crowding her with his great size was probably the last thing she needed. He refrained from putting a hand on her shoulder as much as he wanted to because he knew that personal space could mean a hell of a lot to someone. The linebacker didn’t recognize the young woman’s pretty face, she was obviously one of the new faces brought in by the school mergers.

"You know, there’s a little balcony just off to the side there. You’ve got a few minutes before the bell, why don’t you step outside there for a time and get your bearings. This place can be real overwhelming sometimes, especially when you're new. Trust me, that was me last year. A new school doesn’t really take into account your own self and your own personal shit.”

Dee pointed over to a set of double doors just off to the side of the hallway. The balcony was usually sealed for some reason or another but DeShawn had broken the lock a few semesters past with the intention of making it his own private Idaho but he has found himself sharing it with a few lost souls now and again.

Something told Alina she should be cautious with this offer that the boy was making, but he was also speaking a lot of truth. There was nothing really helping her situation here, it certainly wasn’t making anything any clearer. Some time outside would probably help. “I could use some fresh air. I could use a lot of things.”

As the gentleman led the way, she tried to think about what exactly happened and what if anything she got out of Cas. It seemed like he was looking forward to this as much as Niki was. So why wasn’t she more excited about this? If she wanted to make a change in her personality or reputation, this was the time to do it. What was stopping her? How can I change to something if I have no damn idea what I can possibly change to? What the hell am I supposed to do in this place? And then next year! What the hell. I don’t even know. Alina was however interested to see just how her unofficial tour guide was going to offer her this outdoor space.

It felt strange leading a complete stranger to his secret safe haven but there was just something in her eyes that was telling Dee that she needed something like this right now and if there was one thing that DeShawn couldn’t resist, it was someone in need. He almost had what one could call a compulsion to step into matters where one needed help, much to his own detriment. This had led Dee to more fights and conflicts than he would care to admit but he just could not help himself; the boy had a savior complex almost as big as his six two, two thirty frame.

The giant teen opened up the doors for Alina and took a step to one side. The balcony wasn’t anything special or inherently beautiful; in fact, it was probably if anything a little ugly looking. There were a few slabs of concrete and cigarette butts decorating some questionable looking plants and candy wrappers below the ledge that overlooked the city of Columbus. It wasn’t any kind of breathtaking but for what it was worth, it was some quiet.

"It ain’t much but it’s yours. Chill here for a time, get your head right, and when you’re ready I’ll see if I can’t get you where you need to go.” The linebacker grabbed a chair that was sat by the other side of the door and put it out onto the balcony.

"Name’s DeShawn by the way, DeShawn Marcus; welcome to Rosefell.”

The view paled in comparison to that which the patio at home offered, although the cigarette butts made it feel a little more like she was back in the sanctuary. Hard as Niki tried to hide that habit. But it was elevated away from the world below. The muffled sounds that could be heard were inconsequential in relation to the sounds of traffic, but it was something for Alina to focus on aside from the constant humming of her own brain.

The giant boy pulled up a seat, signifying he didn’t have anywhere else to be, which was good for Alina. She didn’t want to be anywhere at the moment right now, so this was as good a place as any. There was a slight breeze passing alongside the school, allowing the loose strands of her hair to be somewhat picked up in the winds. It was something to feel.

As the boy spoke and confirmed his name, Alina didn’t look back, but she did smirk. That’s pretty funny. Maybe this school felt like it had to make it up to me after… whatever the hell all that was this morning. Maybe it’s really trying to pull me into being involved in this place before I get out of here.

“If you’re the person I think you are, I think it’s your assigned duty to get me where I need to go, huh DeShawn? Because I’m guessing you’re looking for a girl named Alina to show around this place." She finally turned around. "Well, you found her.”

”Oh shit.”

Dee was shocked by the girl's admission; she was the girl that he was looking for! Damn; Lord above did work in mysterious ways. Faith was a big thing for D, there was a reason he had a rosary around his neck. He was not a bible thumper but he did believe in a power higher than himself. It was something that he had learned from his old grandma back in Baltimore. For Dee, everything had a purpose, everything happened for a reason and there was no such thing as coincidence. Thus this “chance” meeting with Alina probably had some deeper meaning than his dumb, probably concussion-addled brain could currently and properly comprehend.

"Well well well, Alina Zabrecky, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Shame it’s when you ain’t feeling your best. Imma be straight with you, girl. I’m more than happy to step outside and wait for you to get yourself correct before we get on with our pre-ordained tour but if you wanna shoot some shit, then yo I’m down. Sometimes a stranger is better than a friend.”

“Well if we’re going to be straight here, you didn’t have a chance of catching me at my best right now, DeShawn Marcus. Not at this point.”

The conversation with Niki on the ride over now played back in her head, how perceptions were made based solely on the names of their assigned tour guides. Right now, DeShawn was offering to be a lot more than she expected out of this arranged pairing. At least he was proving to be someone willing to listen and not just rush her around the school in an effort to be done with the task as soon as possible. Hope they are getting as much out of Hunter as I seem to be getting right now.

“And since we are being that straight, I’m fine staying here for a bit. I don’t know how much I want to be moving around at this point. Especially after we nearly put each other in the infirmary back there. But yeah, you’d think with basically all of Liberty moving over to this place, I’d have a lot more to lean on going in. But I don’t, and it sucks. And now I’m not sure how the hell I’m going to fix that.”

“Fairs. There’s not much to look at in this place anyway.”

DeShawn placed himself against the balcony, leaning back a bit whilst trying to not get whatever the damn hell that white stuff was on the railing on his brand new shirt. "All the classrooms have their name on the doors so you can’t really get lost. Your usual gear is on the first floor, maths, English, etc, electives on the second, cafeteria on the ground, and gym and field off to the back. There’s your tour.”

Number Forty Four had learned a long time ago in another life to keep his head down and his mouth shut. He was not known to anyone to be much of a talker but sometimes, people needed to hear his words because he shot straight in his own kind of way.

Now as far as your other thing; now I ain’t the type to wax philosophical, there’s better people than me for that but what I can speak on is experience. I was new here last year, didn’t know a soul. Like, it was hard to start. I’m a pretty motherfucker but would you come near me on a good day? Hell no, people be afraid and whatnot. So ya already got me beat on that. What I’m tryna say is you gotta look at all this like it ain’t no thing, cos it ain’t. You are a strong ass woman about to enter a new world and dominate. Ain’t nothing to fix. You don’t need no one to lean on cos they gonna come to you. I got a feeling, ya feel me?”

Maybe Alina could decipher that, maybe she couldn’t but he didn’t know how to say it any better. This was a strange new world she was about to enter and to feel alone was natural but time beset good fortune and friendship. Maybe Dee could be the helping hand for her this time around?

If nothing else, that was about the level of touring Alina expected, so it was nice of DeShawn to get it out of the way with ruthless efficiency. She didn’t expect to be riding that kind of wavelength with someone already, but it was nice to be able to have someone willing to work with her in this… state she was currently residing.

And it seemed like DeShawn had some level of experience with this sort of thing. She listened to what he had to say as he quickly confirmed that he was in her shoes just last year. But that was where their paths diverged.

“The people leaning on me are part of the problem, though,” Alina admitted as she continued to do likewise on the balcony railing. “And I haven’t been strong enough to keep them up. Plus, my main pillar isn’t around anymore, because she moved. So I’m coming into this trying to hold up a bunch of shit, and that was before this whole school switch, and I just don’t know, dude. I really don’t know how I’m going to keep going with this before everything just falls apart.”

Dee glanced down at the girl whom like so many he dwarfed in stature but who so obviously matched him in heart. Through the weight of her words, he could see that she was carrying a lot. Indeed in his relatively short time at Rosefell DeShawn had become a confidant and glorified baggage handler (in both senses of the word) for way too many of his newfound compatriots. Perhaps they were working with the assumption that the broader the shoulders, the more they could carry? Any which way it was painted, for a place that had nothing, Rosefell had a lot going on inside its walls.

"I don’t know what kind of stuff you’re carrying, girl but my two cents? If it’s getting too much or if you need to lighten the load then just do it. Don’t think on it too long. It ain’t your responsibility to be everybody’s Supergirl. Take today as the first day from a fresh start”

There was no way of knowing if anything he was saying was making any kind of difference; he didn’t know Alina from Adam but he hopes that just saying some of this out loud was some kind of help or therapy for her. He put a tentative hand on her shoulder and smiled.

"Do what you feel, not what they want”

What do I feel though?

That was the million-dollar question. It seemed like it had been so long since Alina even thought about such a thing. For so long, she defined herself as being able to protect those she needed to protect. One way or the other. So now that Niki was running off by themselves trying to deal with things, and Cas was stepping ahead himself, where did that leave her? What did she feel? What did she want?

She tried to think but was drawing a blank. The hand on her shoulder wasn’t half bad though.

“I feel like I still need to do a lot of work trying to figure that whole side of things out,” she told Dee. “Supergirl was kinda my thing for a while. Now? Now I guess I don’t know. Maybe I just need to try and figure that out sooner rather than later. Maybe some kind person can help point me in the right direction?” The question was meant to be rhetorical, but there was physical contact that Alina was pretty good with right now and if DeShawn wanted to continue offering up support in one way or the other, she was going to jump at the chance to have it.

Dee offered her a supportive smile; he felt like he had only really scratched the surface of what was going on inside of Alina’s head and yet in some strange way he felt like that was for the best. She seemed like the type of girl that probably needed to let out this kind of stuff in small doses, much like himself with much of his venting of frustration and feeling coming on the court with Jo, a party with Hunter, or a night with Melissa. Perhaps a balcony conversation with a stranger like him could be her way of getting the poison out of her system.

He glanced down at his watch and noted the time. Pushing himself back up to his full huge frame, Dee placed his other hand on Alina’s free shoulder for a brief moment before removing them both and placing them into his pockets.

"Well baby girl..” he began "Take a breath and get yourself correct. It’s day one...ish and imma get you where you need to go. So...where to first?”

Alina heeded the advice, taking in a deep breath of the outdoor air before planning on heading back inside for whatever Rosefell had in store. “Well, you did such a good job with the ten-second tour… let’s just go inside and you can show me the area. If there are any other hidden oases like this one around, I may need to know where they are in the future.”

She finally eased herself off the railing that felt like it was tethering to the world for a minute before DeShawn started talking. Another deep breath escaped her lips. “So lead the way through the promised land, DeShawn.”

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A Collab Featuring: Cael Crawford @GhostMami & Christian Barker @HaleyTheRandom

After the small crowd that had gathered around him had disappeared, it looked as if Christian would finally get a chance to talk to Cael. In all honesty, Christian was excited to get a tour of Rosefell.

“So it looks like I have Spanish class first. Do you know anything about a Mr. Gomez?”

“He’s got an awkward porn stache going on, but don’t hold that against him. He’s really nice.” Cael explained happily, starting to walk down the hall to lead Christian to where the foreign language classrooms were. “I’m afraid I can’t tell you much about his teaching style because I take French. People don’t really bitch about him too much, so you should be fine. This will be your first class here, then.”

After waiting for Christian to take a look and soak in that information, Cael rocked on his heels and swayed in place, obviously filled with energy beyond a simple tour. “Sooo, what kind of tour are you looking for? Do you just want to see where your classes are? Or do you have particular interests? … or looking to uncover some dark secrets?”

The fact that the foriegn language hall was relatively close to the entrance would make it easier for Christian to remember. Listening to Cael talk, Christian nodded his head here and there in recognition as they walked. Porn staches were cringy, but not the worst thing. Maybe if Christian got lucky, he could even convince Mr. Gomez to shave his mustache off.

“I’d ask where the football field was, but I already know that…” Pausing to think, Christians face lit up the more he thought of the third option. “Show me the dark secrets.”

“Oh, do you play football, then?” Cael asked, sizing up the boy with his eyes. Christian didn’t seem like the typical football player stereotype, which was… refreshing. And handsome. Really, it was the hair, what gave those sweet little curls such a soft bounce? Maybe he used mousse? Cael shook the thoughts away and smiled.

“As for dark secrets, well… there are persons, places, things. I’m not sure where to start, really. I can give you the what's-what about the people here, or the notable persons, so to speak. Or if you’re party oriented, I can show you where the burners take their smoke breaks. If you’re a master romancer, there are some go-to hookup spots.” Cael offered the suggestions, eager to find out where Mr. Christian’s preferences landed.

“I do, yeah,” Christian responded, his face lighting up a bit. Football was truly one of his passions in life, and anytime anyone mentioned it, Christian couldn’t help but get the least excited. “I actually landed a spot on the team as the running back. I know they usually choose some of the smaller guys for that, cause they’re less easy to tackle but… I dunno. I’m just that fast, I guess.”

Taking in the information, Christian pondered his options for a moment. ”Well… I was thinking about throwing a party this Friday after the game, so if there’s anyone you know that could help get my hands on some booze and such, that’d be great. I’m not really much of a stoner myself, and if I’m going to romance someone, it’s not about to be in the locker room,” he chuckled.

“A party?” Cael spun around on his heels to face Christian. His eyes lit up like fireworks and he clasped his hands together with a single clap. “What a fantastic idea! That’s a surefire way to get everyone to mingle! Yes, yes, I can definitely help get you in touch with some contacts for… party favors.” Cael winked and hummed in thought.

“Do you need any help planning? Like do you have a theme in mind? The Gremlin and I are pretty good with decorating, look no further than the halls for proof. Obviously, we can work with a tight budget.” He laughed awkwardly about the dollar store fanfare. “Oh! And depending on how many people you want to come, you might want to tip off Spike. If you don’t know him yet, you will, he’s the mascot. The one who made the announcement earlier, yeah. But if this is something you want the whole student body to know about by lunch period, Spike’s a good place to start.”

Christians face lit up at Cael’s enthusiasm. His idea for a party had been a good one!

"Dude, any help would be so cool! I was thinking sort of like a Neon or glowing theme. From what google tells me, they’re kinda the same. But things like glow stick necklaces, glow paint, neon glow balloons… I’m still working on the finer details.” It took the young man a moment to process what all Cael had said, his mind still on the path of excitement. “Trust me. Money isn’t the issue. So if you and this uh… Gremlin person can help out, then sure! It’s hard to decorate the whole place by myself.”

Pulling his phone out of his back pocket, Christian unlocked it and passed it to Cael.

“Let me go ahead and get your number, if that’s chill? I’ll be sure to ask around and get some of the finer details panned out, and then I’ll update you.”

“Oh my god, yessss. I. Love. It.” Cael cooed, clapping his hands to accentuate each word, looking a lot like David from Schitt’s Creek in doing so. “Glow parties are so trend and look so, sooo fun. Do you have a pool? We could put the things, like the sticks, in the water. And then the water would be all glowy, eeeEE!” The lavender-haired boy was practically buzzing with excitement.

Cael had forgotten briefly that Christian was, of course, from Liberty. Which means he probably had big Liberty Kid money, which made him feel slightly foolish for the tight budget comment. Or maybe he felt more ashamed? Either way, a little humor mixed with flirtation could wash that all away. “Ooh, you’ll probably want to put a budget on that there for me, babe.”

Upon seeing Christian offer his phone, Cael internally squeed with glee. It wasn’t even first period and he was already exchanging numbers with a Liberty Boy. Fucking score! Playing it cool, he nodded his head, “Yeah, sure man. Here’s my number.” Cael said as he tapped it in and passed the device back to Chris. “I’m sure Rae will be excited too, I’ll let her know I’ve volunteered her for it. Anyway, we can plan all that later. What do you want to see next… the gym? cafeteria?”

Christian couldn’t help but chuckle at the other guy's excitement. ”I have a pool and a lake, actually. You could decorate both.” Taking his phone back, Christian slid it back into its resting spot, pondering Caels question. ”Actually, if you don’t mind, I need to go find some of my friends really quick. I haven’t seen anyone but Cas this morning, and I don’t need Juno thinking I’m dead. You’ve been great though, Cael. Seriously - thanks. I’ll catch up with you later and uh…” He flashed Cael a smile, allowing his eyes to wander playful for a second. ”If all else fails, I’ll just text you.”

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A @KatKook & @metanoia Collaboration
Featuring Jackson & Miki

Jackson stood there before he suddenly got taken, it took a moment to even realise what happened, but after he realised who it was he was fine with it. He let out a quick sigh and moved along with Miki so his arm would not strain if he was going to get dragged around.

"Mikyoung-a," He was still respectful in Korean even though in English he is clearly being a prick to everyone, he absolutely disliked having no honorifics and he had hoped that over the summer Miki had gotten used to him using honorifics with her name. "Was it really that bad?" he asked before wrapping his arm around her, he was pretty comfy around Miki so he was fine with doing this. Even with his underlying feelings for her she was still way too good of a friend to not be this close with. "My guide did a surprisingly good job, and I surprisingly did not hate him. Crazy, I know." As they moved, Jackson must have led her since they both ended up on the same wall just a little bit down the hall.

"At this point, I have no clue what this school is going to bring out and I have no idea what to expect. Here’s hoping the teachers are not the worst. Because I swear if these teachers are uhh… These… Teachers are… 바보 ? You know, fuck… What’s the word… They’re 바보!" He said, who knew the word ‘stupid’ escaped his mind just like that?

Miki understood her mother’s language, but god forbid if she spoke in her tongue. It would be as if she forced anyone at Rosefell to know the difference between fine dining and takeout. ”If they taught these savages, then I wouldn’t hold my breath for these teachers.”

Jackson sniggered at her remarks about the teachers in the school, he agreed with her but deep down he knew they were not all bad.

"I agree, teachers don’t feel like they’re to write home about." His eyes then met Miki’s and in total flustered fashion, he faced away, now looking at a very intriguing part of the wall, or so he made it seem.

Miki sighed out, glancing around before returning her gaze to the comforting sight of Jackson’s face. “Who did you end up getting for your tour?”

"Uhh… Some guy named Rico, guy looked like he was smoking weed ever since he was born. Don’t care too much for his last name but he doesn’t seem to be the worst. " After the red in his cheeks and ears disappeared, he was able to look at Miki in the eyes again, "How about you? Who’s your guide? Bet it can’t be worse than mine." He then wrapped his arm a little more tighter around Miki, giving everyone who was looking like they were going to shoot their shot with her the classic Jackson staredown. Works like a charm.

RIco, huh? Miki knew the name only by reputation. She could hardly say she’d be able to spot him if she was asked to pick him from a lineup. Odds were, though, they had to be someone worth knowing if Jackson had so much to say about them. “Well, I guess that depends on your definition of worse. Was mine totally unbearable? Not even close. I was stuck with one of the most plain-jane looking girls this world -- no, universe -- has known. But RIchie was there, so it wasn’t all bad.” The Queen of Liberty laughed and thought about how she was probably a third wheel, but she couldn’t say that her tour was totally useless. Ellie did give her some useful information about the Queen of Trash even if she didn’t intend to.

"Well, since you’re done already, you down to hang out?" He pulled out his phone and saw there were no important notifications, he slid the phone back in his pocket and rubbed his neck. "Well come on then," He said, pushing himself off the wall and started making his way down the hall, "Let’s walk, beats leaning on these walls, because who knows what’s been on them." He then started leading her through the halls, "Let’s find a teacher."

Miki physically repulsed at the thought of what might’ve caused those stains. She wasn’t wearing off-brand. The wrong substance could forever ruin her favorite monday Gucci blouse. “As if they would do anything about the stains. Besides, I’m fairly certain we have homeroom together. Don’t need an useless teacher to find at least that much.” Miki’s response came with an elitist giggle.

"Right, " Jackson clicked his tongue and swiveled to stand in front of her, "So what does Park-ssi want to do?" He asked rather playfully, hands in his pocket and a smile on his face. He looked behind him then back at Miki, "I’m right behind you wherever you want to go."

“I want to go home or to our school, but--” Miki let her voice carry into an exaggerated sigh as her hold on dear Jackson’s arm tightened and a needy pair of brown eyes met his. “Tell me what you did this summer, Jackson!” Her voice had a begging tone to it that always got her what she wanted, especially whenever she batted her lashy curls at the focus of her attention. And right now that was Jackson.

Jackson felt the tight grip around his arm and he flinched a little from Miki’s strength, she looked up at him and he felt a wave of emotion rush through his body. He clicked his tongue and faced the other way. "Nothing much, got more plants, watched more dramas, my dad tried to get me to model for Mercedes, and you know, it wasn’t eventful." Miki does not know about his skating but he can still trust her with most of his worries. "My dad’s still… My dad, so you know." he shrugged and gestured the makeup on his face to cover up the red mark on his face.

Miki clicked her tongue as she listened to Jackson talk about his summer. She had met Mr. Park a few times. The two of them being both from the same school and Korean, she always felt like his father approved of her because she was Korean. Personally, Miki didn’t know what to feel about him. She was always on her best behavior, courteous when she met him, polite and all-in-all, the perfect house-guest, but she can’t say she liked him.

But in that moment Miki saw the red mark on his face, she gasped. “Oh, Jackson…” she wanted to reach up and touch it, maybe make it better, but something forced her to hesitate. What she did in its stead was tighten her hold on his arm, supporting him with a tighter grasp until she manipulated his arm into a hug. The embrace was sudden for her and she held him as close as she could. “I’m so sorry, Jackson.” Miki didn’t have a lot of friends, but Jackson was one of them. And she seethed for what his father did to him, but her heart broke and she couldn’t quite understand how someone could do that to their own son.

That was it, the moment where Jackson felt like she could fully trust Miki, maybe she could trust her as much as he trusts Juno. He looked down at her and shook his head.

"Don’t worry about it, I’m used to it." Jackson replied, forcing a smile on his face, he gave Miki a quick pat on the head before changing the subject, "I know it sucks but you maybe wanna go to a place where we can sit? Standing around here feels… Gross." he let out.

Miki let her eyes fixate on Jackson for a few seconds, studying his face as though she wanted to see if there was anything she could do for him. He wasn’t showing signs of feeling sad or anything close to that. She wanted to do more, so if going to sit somewhere more pleasant was what he needed, then she’d sit with him for as long as he needed.

“You lead and I’ll follow.” Words the Queen of Liberty never thought she’d say, but Jackson was one of the few people, potentially the only person, she didn’t mind letting lead her.

Jackson nodded and gestured to follow with his head, he looked down at his watch to see what time it was and went to go find homeroom. He made his way to what seemed to be the classroom with Miki right beside him and put his stuff down on a table, he lightly sat on the table and beckoned Miki to sit next to him.

The first day really sucks.
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Lilith thought she did a pretty okay job giving a tour of Rosefell to Juno.

At least she hoped she did.

The red head wasn’t exactly looking for anything in particular, so Lilith took advantage of showing her the football field and gym first. Not many teachers were roaming that area first thing in the morning, so it gave her the opportunity to smoke without being caught. She offered Juno a hit, but the goth-esque girl politely declined. Hopefully Lilith hadn’t offended her.

Once she was high as a kite and on cloud nine, Lilith was ready to give the rest of her tour. Instead of being boring and just showing Juno to just her first class, Lilith was able to show the other girl where all of the classes on her schedule were located. The lunch room was also a mandatory stop, and Lilith was sure to tell Juno what was worth eating and what wasn’t.

By the time that they had gotten around to that, the first bell of the day rang, signalling for students to start heading towards their classes.

”You don’t have to worry about first bell much. When that one rings, we have like ten minutes until the one that tells us to get to class, and then another ten for the bell that’s like… the tardy bell. That one.”

After Lilith had answered a few short questions that Juno had, the girls parted their ways, and waved good bye.

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@Venus & @LovelyComplex

As soon as Fiamma begrudgingly parted ways with Aiden in the parking lot, the anxiety that she had felt since the night before came back with a vengeance. Walking into this new school by herself was not something she wanted to do, but did she really have another choice? In one last attempt at seeking comfort, she checked her phone to see if Niki had replied to her texts, but there were no new notifications on the device. Letting out a sigh, the young woman squared her shoulders, took in a deep breath, put on her most cheerful disposition and marched straight into the school.

Fiamma made sure to take in slow, steadying breaths to keep her composure as she walked around what seemed like a multitude of students coming and going in all different directions. All the hairs on her body seemed to be standing on end with nerves, and she was becoming more anxious with every second she failed to locate where she was supposed to be. Thankfully, it wasn’t long until her blue eyes found the table with the name tags. Breathing out a sigh of relief, Fi headed in that direction.

"Hi, good morning!" the redhead brightly greeted the secretary sitting by the table while she glued her name tag onto her shirt. The older woman nodded curtly and raised a questioning eyebrow at the girl. "I'm looking for a young man by the name of Spike?" Fiamma asked the woman, her voice full of uncertainty at her guide's name. No matter how hard she tried, there was no shaking off the thoughts that the name Spike, in her opinion, was more appropriate for a pet than a human. Clearly, Aiden’s influence was starting to rub off on her.

The staff member looked up, adjusting her glasses, before directing her pen in a direction. And when Fiamma's eyes followed the direction the woman was pointing at, they widened in surprise.

"Oh God…"

Down the hall, the boy known as Spike, in his knight suit, rollerbladed his way down the hall while taking moments to circle groups of people and handing them lollipops. “ROSEFELL KNIGHTS, WHAT-WHAT!”

He stopped in his tracks to appreciate the fine display of Spice’s lovely booty. Ah, Minty’s best friend, fine as hell, but was not one to bother right now. She looked like she was on a warpath, ready to murder someone, so yeah, that was not something he wanted to get caught up in. What was he doing? Oh that’s right. He had a Fiamma to pick up. Focusing back on the task at hand, he skated to the table to ask the sign-up lady what he should do if he didn’t know who he was looking for.

When he reached the table, he remembered something and blurted, “Shit! I forgot about my breakfast sandwich. Aw man, it’s probably cold now.” The staff member glared at the idiot and gestured to the girl next to him. His eyes went from the woman’s pen to an elegant-looking girl with the storm in her eyes. Like Flynn Rider from Tangled, he gave the girl who he didn’t know the name of a smoldering grin, “Hey” In classic Spike fashion, he went straight to flirting, “I’m not into watching sunsets, but I’d love to see you go down.”

The lady at the table was quick to yell: “SPIKE!” With an added incentive, she whacked him in the head with her magazine.

The redhead watched the exchange go down in amused silence, tightly pressing her lips together to suppress a laugh. She chanced a quick look over her shoulder in the general direction she’d seen Aiden walk off to, and internally snickered at just how exasperated he seemed to be about this whole thing. Even if he was looking less than pleased (and still cute with that adorable little grumpy grimace on his face), Fi knew he hadn’t heard Spike’s highly suggestive comment. If he had… Well, it probablywould have taken seconds for her boyfriend to have something to say about it.

“Jesus Christ! Okay, okay, dude. I was just telling her she’s a hot little thing, but fine, yeah. I’ll stop.” After that whole scene, he finally noticed her name tag. “Oh, cool! Hi, I’m Spike. Your tour guide. Lollipop?” Like the other people, he offered Fiamma, his guidee, a pop.

When offered the juicy red lollipop, Fiamma nervously chewed on her lower lip and hesitated to take it. Was it really a smart idea to put any sort of sucking-based candy into her mouth around this guy? With the way he’d been acting during this small time in his presence, there was no question in the girl’s mind that consuming the lollipop would be opening herself up to a plethora of dirty jokes, innuendos or comments. But since she wasn’t raised to be rude, the young woman accepted the offer.

“Sure!” she said with a cheerful little nod, grabbing the cherry-flavored pop extended her way and placing it inside her school bag. “I’ll save it for later, though. Not really feeling like candy at the moment.”

“All good, all good. Fiamma is it? Nice name! All you Liberty girls have pretty names.” Juno. Olivia. Fiamma. Cute girls. Cute names. Cute people. Rich people.

"Awwww, thank you!" she cooed sweetly, offering Spike her signature bright smile. "My name actually means 'flame' in Italian. My dad's Italian, so when he first laid eyes on me with the shock of red hair and said the word out loud, he and my mom knew it was the perfect name for me. It definitely beats something basic like Ruby, or Ginger, or Ember..." she trailed off, shrugging and grimacing at the idea of being called anything but Fiamma.

“Flame on! I can get behind that,” In good ol’ Spike fashion, he took a split second to check the girl’s butt out, not so subtly, before diverting his gaze and focusing on the hall ahead of them. Stuffing the rest of the candy in his backpack, that had been hanging from his shoulder this entire time, he clasped his hands together, burying the naughty thoughts away, and childishly grinned, “Okay, yeah. Tour. That’s what we’re doing. Now before I lead you around town all willy-nilly, is there any place you’d want to see? I’m here for you and want to make sure you’re comfy!”

“Oh, gosh: I would love to see your music room!” the girl piped up, her eyes shining at the thought of the room that would become her new safe haven. But given the overall decrepit state of Rosefell High, her innocence was, quite frankly, woefully ignorant.

“Oh, word. The music room…” Standing there for a moment too long, Spike went deep into his noggin to remember where the music room even was. It wasn’t an area he checked out often. “Second floor! That’s right,” He snapped his finger at remembering its location, before leading The Mouse to her requested area. “Uh, I do want to prepare you though.” He made sure his rollerblading was slow enough for Fiamma to keep up with him, “If it isn’t football, it’s likely… sad.”

Ever the optimist, Fiamma waved an airy hand, dismissing Spike’s comment. “Oh, come on! I’m sure it’s not that bad!” she said, foolishly refusing to believe that the school would seriously neglect a classroom as important as the music room. But when she saw the deplorable, pitiful state of the room, she audibly gasped in horror. And before she could stop herself, the girl found herself going off in a rant as flaming-hot as the hair cascading down from her head. “What’s up with schools always putting sports and athletes in such a high pedestal all the time?” she fumed, angrily pacing around the room. “I mean, I understand that athletes dedicate a lot of time and effort to excel in their field (literally and figuratively), but so do all of us who belong to the art community! Do individuals still fail to see the amount of blood, sweat, tears and uncountable hours we put into perfecting our craft as well? We were lucky that Liberty held both the sport and art communities at the same high level, but this?! Give me an effing break!”

Gawking at her the whole time she went on a tangent about budget rights and fuck sports, Spike sat on the piano stool, in and out of thought. Her hair was pretty. Light red hue, maybe strawberry blonde? She dressed conservative, vintage, and classy. Preppy plaid skirt, with a nice blue blouse. Posh was the word girls would say, right? It was a nice color palette to look at and complimented her hair really well. Aside from the outfit, her body was loose, at ease, swaying from side to side as she went about her rant. By the way she moved, he doubted she was a prude. HOWEVER, that was none of his business. It was wrong of him to check her out. She was clearly upset.

Curiosity washed over him, so he decided to get her mind off the crappy state of the room. To him, this was just how things were and it was a waste of energy to cry over the lack of things they had. Rosefell High was doing just fine with little to nothing. Clearing his throat to get her attention, Spike exuberantly asked, “What instrument do you play?!”

Spike clearing his throat brought Fiamma away from her small rant. The girl stopped in her tracks for a few seconds and shifted her attention back to her school guide just as he was asking her about the identity of her musical instrument. “I play the violin,” she answered, giving the blond boy a sheepish smile. How had she gotten so caught up with fiercely defending artists and almost bashing those involved in sports when her own boyfriend was the star lacrosse player of their old school? It wasn’t like Fi to go off on aggressive tangents like this. But music was her passion and her life-- it had always been. To see just how easily dismissed this passion of hers was truly struck a nerve with her. “Been playing since I could remember, actually. I’m part of the local teen orchestra and everything. It’s pretty sweet.”

“That sounds awesome,” Spike gave her an innocent beam, before teasingly adding, “I’d love to hear you play some time.” Briefly pausing, having gotten distracted by a strand of her dangling hair, Spike rested his blue eyes on her blushing face. Standing up, he casually made his way to her and pushed her delicate hair to the side, “Whenever you want,” he locked his attention on her, inches away, and continued suggesting them spend more time together, “Just say the word, and I’ll be there.”

There was no way Fiamma could hide how her face turned as red as the hair Spike had just pushed away from her face, the way she nervously swallowed at how closely to her he was standing, or how her heart hammered wildly like a caged bird inside her chest. The young woman was completely frozen with shock at being put in such a compromising position, without any real experience to go about favorably handling it. Before Aiden, the only males that had shown any interest in her were her father, her cousins, Marcos and Colin-- which were obviously only limited to platonic or familial interests. Attention from boys was not something she was used to receiving, or something she particularly wanted, either. And no matter how hard she tried, it was impossible to not make the parallels between her first real conversation with Aiden and what was happening right now. She had no idea what to do next.

The sound of the warning bell ringing across every hall and classroom of Rosefell High brought the redhead back to her senses with a small jump of surprise. Finally, she was able to snap out of whatever trance her nerves had held her captive in, just in time to regain her ability to speak again.

“I, um… I have to go…” the girl croaked before turning on her heel and racing out of the classroom, her face still burning bright and hot with nerves and embarrassment.

Before Spike could stop her, she was already out the door. Still, he felt accomplished. That went better than expected. Maybe he had a chance with this Flaming hot-hottie named Fiamma. Poking his head out the door, he looked at her scurrying away, “See you around, Fiamma!” He would make sure of it.
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A @Kiki is Anxious & @Melissa Collaboration

Rae lifted her hand up, flapping it about as if to wave away her earlier question and shook her head slightly from side to side. ”Nevermind, you can give me the deats later.” She replied nonchalantly before resting her hands on her hips, her head held high as she beamed an energetic smile toward the doll-like female. “I take it you’re the special delivery, am I right?”

Liv’s first impression of Rae was that she was very… glittery. No seriously, why was she covered in glitter? With the blue hair, it was almost as if a Twilight vampire and a mermaid had a baby. Saving that question for after introductions and just ignoring it, the blonde offered the girl a wide smile and stuck out her hand. “That would be correct, I’m Olivia Howard. But you can call me Liv!” The Liberty girl greeted warmly. “It’s really nice to meet you.”

The glitter was honestly something the sea themed ombre haired teen had forgotten. So that was the unfortunate realization that came seconds after she took hold of Liv’s extended hand, a few small clouds of glitter that survived her sonic run there, spilling off her form as she firmly shook the other female’s hand. Probably for longer than needed, but who could blame her for making triple decker sure that the Liberty student was human and not extremely realistic plastic. ”It’s nice to meet you too Liv!” Her tone matched Liv’s in enthusiasm.

”I never thought I’d ever meet a real life Barbie.” If this were text, she might have been mistakenly assumed to be saying it passive-aggressively as sarcastically chipper, but any Disney Channel Movie Fanatic would probably pick up she wasn’t being mean spirited in saying. ”You know my name already so we can skip that and get right to the tour if you want?”

Liv instantly regretted offering her hand to greet Rae, since as soon as they clasped palms, glitter flew everywhere. Trying to be as discreet as possible, the moment the girl let go the blonde smoothed down her white dress politely in an attempt to rid herself of the discarded glitter. She laughed as the comparison was made to the famous fashion doll, as well as the movie, and took the compliment (that admittedly she had received more than once before) in stride. “That’s very sweet of you to say, but I assure you I’m very much human, and always have been unfortunately.” Liv joked, before nodding at the promise of the much anticipated tour. “Sounds great, you can tell me more about yourself on the way.”

”But would you actually admit it if you were- Ohhhh, my bad about that. ” Rae's face scrunched up a little when noticed the glitter she left behind on Liv from the handshake alone, a cringe from how she just kinda christened her white dress with sparkly shades of blue that needed to be shook off.

”Would you believe I was attacked by a gang of faeries?” Only seconds would pass before she admitted rather quickly, ”Okay so maybe it was only one." Quieting down, she watched Liv with a blank face, the hamster wheel of a brain whirling to life as she managed to both space out and listen. Nodding her head slightly as things finished processing, both her thoughts and Liv's words, before finger-gunning her way backwards in a slow walk. ”You got it Liv-Laugh-Love, let's start this tour with a trip to the best bathrooms in the whole school. ”

The blonde nodded in response to the first stop of their tour, a less than enthused voice following a cautious and forced smile. “Great… good to know.” Spike was right, Rae was definitely a little quirky, but hopefully after getting to know her a little better the blonde would warm up. Besides, it was too early on for her to already start having doubts about Rosefell. Sure her brother was pissed beyond belief and coming in with a negative mindset, but his younger sister was much more optimistic about the promise of this new school. As the two began to walk out of the office and back into the hallway, the girl offered her guide a more genuine grin. “So, Rae, how do you like it here?”

”It's school, any kid who says they do like it has an agenda and knows how to use it.” Rae replied, her tone dry as she turned to face forward like Liv. Her hands being shoved into the pockets of her yellow peacoat, keeping in step with the blonde beside her with a slight lead so she could guide them through the hallways.”It has its flaws, and probably more of them than Liberty but once you get the swing of things it's pretty fun to see the things that go on." She gave a wink from over her shoulder before her lips quirked upward in a half smirk.

”Such as, which bathroom to use if you need privacy and a clean space. Or ya know, the easiest place to get an ubereats or food delivery brought here without getting caught because they are kinda stingy with the serving sizes here. ” She added while making small gestures with her hands, before running her fingers through her messy hair.

“You’ve got a point there…” Liv smirked, agreeing that anyone who liked going to school was seriously disturbed. The blonde enjoyed Liberty, but certainly not for the academics. Assignments and exams were the bane of her existence and they would remain so until the end of time. It was only when they arrived at the bathrooms and the mermaid haired girl began to explain that Liv understood why she made it a stop on the tour. It seems as though there were definitely tips, tricks, and loopholes to be learned in order to find your way around Rosefell.

“What other secrets about this place do you have Rae? I want to know them all.”


After a few more stops around the building, Liv thanked Rae for the educational tour and headed on her merry way towards her first class. The quirkiness ended up being quite the positive thing which made for a fun excursion around the school together. Rosefell was definitely no Liberty, evidenced by not only the decrepit building but also the interesting student body, but in the blonde's eyes it was exactly what was needed for her to have the typical high school experience she had always craved. Liv had seen One Tree Hill and Degrassi which had the drama, the romance, the hardships, and she wanted it all- especially the teenage rebellion.

The blonde girl followed the glitter that had fallen off of Rae like breadcrumbs back towards the main office where her already eventful day had started. With a pep in her step, she meandered her way down the winding hallways, excited for what was to come next in her adventures.

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(A Collab Featuring: Melissa Elliot @NeoAJ & Billie Grey @HaleyTheRandom)

Billie made her way across the school yard in just a few short moments. Walking through the door, she didn’t have to look very far to find her guide. The blonde girl from earlier stated that she was, indeed, Melissa.

”Awesome!” Billie responded with fake enthusiasm. ”Maybe now we can get things started?”

Melissa just stared at the brunette in front of her, demanding that things be started? Start what? She was started. This was her job.

“Um, sure! Are you looking for your tour guide? There should be Rosefell students around here to be offering you the full splendor of the school!” And if not, I’ll have their heads…

Looking Melissa up and down, Billie rolled her eyes. "You are my tour guide. Do you honestly think that I would speak to you if you weren't?"

A slight eyebrow twitch caused the tweezing job Melissa had done to waver ever so slightly. This girl had the nerve to speak to her like that? Fuckin’ Liberty bitches already starting to get on my bad side.

But it wouldn’t do well to get into a fight on the first day with these rich snobs, so Melissa did her best to maintain her practiced happy guide face. “I don’t know who you would speak to because I don’t know you yet, but that’s fine! It looks like things are clearing out here so I can show you all the sights that Rosefell has to offer. The sounds will come later. So, we can start now…” Melissa was trying to scan for a name tag but was coming up empty.

”Are you st--” Billie took a deep breath and closed her eyes, doing her best to gain back her composure. ”My name is Billie. Billie Grey. My email said that Melissa was going to be my tour guide, and since you’re Melissa…”

Her words trailed off, as she focused on her breathing. Detention on the first day would not be an ideal situation. Fiona would be disappointed. Best to grin and bear it.

Billie cleared her throat before speaking again. ”Now would be perfect, yes. But only if I’m not keeping you from anything else. I’d hate to impose.”

As her brain went through the contact list in her head to try and remember if there was another Melissa in Rosefell, which Ms. Elliott knew wasn’t possible after she drove Melissa Berg to transfer schools in sophomore year with her unique campaign to make sure she was the only Melissa of importance in senior year, she was forced to concede the point. Apparently Principal Jamieson was lying through his teeth when he said she wouldn’t have to get too up close to any Liberty students today. Bastard.

Still, she did her best to keep the visage intact. “All right, Billie. Like the singer, right? Well, I think things are starting to calm down a bit, so I can show you around the place. Is there anywhere in particular you’re interested in? The cafeteria? The gym? Where the lockers are?” How bout a one-way ticket out of my sight?

Arms crossed, Billie glared ever so slightly as Melissa brought up Billie Eilish. Ever since the singer had rose to fame, Billie couldn’t hear the end of the jokes, analogies, and other dumb shit high schoolers came up with. With another deep breath, Billie stated her requests.

”My first class is Biology with Mr… Osmond. I’d like to know where the drama class and auditorium is - My brother Nicholas is into theatre. And that’s honestly about it. I don’t really have time to worry about the rest at the moment.”

Well at least she knows how to get to the point. That’s good though. The shorter the tour, the more time I have to get back to Alycia and figure out what we need to do about all these Liberturds invading.

The prospect of a curt show around the school made Melissa’s smile a little more authentic. “You’re brother’s into theatre? That’s great! They did West Side Story last year, it was so good! I bet he’ll fit right in. And how about you? Anything you’re into from an extracurricular perspective?” Better not be fucking cheerleading, don’t need that happening with this type of attitude.

Billie shrugged her shoulders. ”Not really. Fiona got the musical gene, Nick the acting and theatrics, and I just got both of mom and dad’s anger…” Her voice trailing off, Billie observed the walls as they walked. ”I do like to grafitti things, but I doubt there’s a club for that. And I’m sure that if I managed to create one and get it approved that it would just attract the exact sort of people that I don’t want around. Perhaps I’ll try going out for student council. You guys do have a student council, right?”

As she attempted to keep paying attention to her unexpected tourist, Melissa kept getting distracted by just what the hell had done to the school without her permission. Whoever decided to barf silver and blue all over the place needs a good swift kick… followed by some more. This glitter is going to remain until the end of time. God damn it. It was enough to put a girl in a sour mood.

But she had trained for this. Years of working her way to the top of the high school food chain had prepared her to ignore even the most blatant, obnoxious things done to the halls. Billie hadn’t proven herself to be worth ignoring yet, although she wasn’t off to a fine start. Noting the anger issues she brought up unprompted though made Melissa’s radar go off a little though. She could be another Colin-type, and it was always useful to have people in her sphere who could do some dirty work.

“You would be surprised how much blank canvas is available around here for graffiti artists!” she responded, adding a little chuckle. “Although the student council in the past has looked down on it, so it might be a little hard to reconcile those two desires! But, there are new elections happening this year, so who knows? You could run and then make it so that there is funding for those kinds of art projects around the school!”

Unless Melissa had her say. While she hadn’t explicitly decided to run for student council president, it was another thing that would look very good on her resume, and if there were enough gung-ho wannabe future politicians kicking around, she wouldn’t have to do nearly as much work as would be expected. It would just be another reason to be in the spotlight and assert her dominance over the student body. And she did enjoy that.

“It’s going to be a pretty stacked field, but if you’ve got some fight in you, I’m sure you could make a very convincing run for a council spot!”

An eyebrow raised in curiosity as she took in Melissa’s words, Billie nodded her head. ”We’ll see. No offense, but Rosefell needs a little bit of a clean up, and something tells me you guys can’t afford it. Maybe instead of new paint, we can just graffiti it all. But not like… street art… more… refined. Blocky letters and school mascots.”

She could imagine the images on the walls. The bright Liberty red, the rose sigil on the knights armor… Maybe this project would be enough to keep her distracted from Callie ghosting her.


”Say, Mel, what’s your opinion of the teachers here? I know the education won’t be anything near what Liberty had to offer, but I’ll still be able to pass my finals, right?”

Melissa wasn’t going to say anything about not having the cash to afford repairs to the school. That was just a way of life in Rosefell. She knew that better than anyone. And if Billie wanted to spearhead sprucing up the school with some artwork, more power to her. As long as she did it right, which from the sounds of it, she had the right idea. Just needs to be in silver and red.

As for the teachers, well… the ones that still thought they were in Lean On Me tried their best, but you could tell which ones had abandoned all hope and settled into the routine of pouring Bailey’s in their coffee in the morning. “The teachers do their best with what they are given, but honestly, I wouldn’t worry about finals. A smart cookie like you? You’ll probably pass with no problems at all. I mean, our mascot is on track to graduate this year, and that guy… well, you saw him, right? If he can do it, you can’t possibly fail.”

Pursing her lips, Billie wasn’t exactly happy with Melissa’s answer. Did Rosefell just give up all hope and pass all of their students, regardless of grades and effort? Billie nearly shuddered at the thought.

”What some things that I should know about Rosefell? People to look out for? Where can I find the hotties? Give me all the dirt.” A playful smile spread across her face. ”I’m sure you have nearly all the tea.”

This conversation was overcoming a rocky start to play well into what Melissa thought she might have on her hands in Billie Grey. Clearly she knew how to identify the people at top of the pyramid. Melissa was a sucker for compliments after all.

“Oh Billie, I am the freaking Starbucks here,” she confirmed. “Let’s see, well the football team is a reliable source of hotties. I mean, of course it would be. Um… you know what, I’ll give you a hot tip. If you can get DeShawn Marcus interested, that guy can rock some worlds you don’t even know you have.” Part of the perks for DeShawn in keeping their relationship at the FWB level was that Melissa always made sure to put in a good word for him with other girls. He earned a package that was well above what Hunter got.

“If you need anything that may need to be acquired discreetly, you want to talk to Colin Gallagher. He is a miracle worker sometimes. And I have a booze hookup if needed.” There was no need to be subtle about things in this area of the school. None of the teachers roamed the halls in the drama wing aside from Ms. Sweeting, and she was usually in some kind of dreamland anyway. Helped her visualize the progression when it came to her art, she said. “In fact Billie, if you need anything, you just let me know and I’m sure I can find someone who can get it to you. Starting with some scarlet red spray paint, if you catch my drift.”

Confident that she had shown enough cards to the Liberty transfer to earn some level of trust, Melissa decided to see if she could use that to pump some information out of the dark-haired girl. “Now, what about your incoming class? Is there anyone I should be watching out for? Guys who look hot, but are scumbags? Someone who might be coming for my spot as head cheerleader? Just general bitches? What’s Liberty got coming?”

As Melissa rambled on about DeShawn, Billie pushed open the doors to the auditorium. It sounded like DeShawn was the sort of guy who didn’t like commitment. She could get behind that. Taking in the scenery around her, Billie tried her hardest not to grimace, but she could feel the disgust on her face. How was Nick ever to perform on such an unpolished, scratched up stage? And they way those curtains had faded.

Fucking hell. I’m sorry, bro.

”Have you ever watched any teen drama about rich kids at school ever? We’re kinda like that,” she said, half smiling as she thought about her classmates. ”Some of us have drug problems, some of us go to therapy, most of our parents are to busy with their careers to love us, and we all have skeletons in our closet - no matter how much we try and deny it. And we all treat each other like shit.”

As they exited the auditorium, Billie began to give Melissa the scoop.

”First off, you personally might want to look out for Miki Park. The Devil really does wear Prada, and he comes in the form of Miki. She was the self proclaimed Queen of Liberty. Huge bitch. Kinda excited to see how her transfer to Rosefell has been this far…. There’s Christian. He’s joining the football team here, I believe. Over the years he’s kinda been known as a protector of us girls. Dude is pretty honorable, kinda easy on the eyes. Way too fucking soft for my liking though. Marcos is one of the douche bags you mentioned. Goes through girls like candy. I hear he humiliated the absolute hell out of poor Juno back in the day. Aiden Howard is his right hand man, and his sister Liv totally makes my list of Liberty cuties. The Zabrecky twins are both gorgeous in their own way, but fairly… I dunno. They’ve always seemed bland to me. There’s also that gamer chick, Sam. Fiamma, the good-two shoes. Jackson the ice skater - I’ve never talked to him much. And finally, there’s Caspian Grey - a mysterious young man from very old money.”

Once Billie started rambling, it was hard to get her to stop. ”Those are the most noteworthy students that come to mind.”

“Slow down, girl! Damn! I gotta try and commit this to memory!” Bingo. Billie had the goods. And she gave Melissa everything she wanted. Including the tip on the bad guy. If those were all the noteworthy students coming over with Billie, she could bury them all, friend and foe alike. Especially this Miki Park that was mentioned. Queen of Liberty, eh? Well she should see me in a crown, then. Doesn’t matter if she wears Prada, she’ll be wearing claw marks if she tries to take what is rightfully mine. Cause I got no time to die. I’ve got my future to think about. So Miss Miki, hope your toney ass is prepared for me to blow your mind.

Melissa snapped out of her brief daze to confirm she got everything that Billie was offering. “All right, I think I got it all. Christian sounds like a nice guy, even if he is a bit soft. Sometimes those football players can surprise you with that sweet side. I kinda like it. You’ll have to point him out to me. Oh, and Miki. Gotta make sure she doesn’t try anything to disrupt what we have going on here at Rosefell. Or at least, what we could have going on, eh? I mean, I like what you’re putting down, Billie. And if you think any of those other students can help with that vision, then I am all ears.”

It was easier to maintain the sweet helpful veneer with how beneficial having Billie Grey all to herself was proving early on. Maybe Jamieson wouldn’t deserve a delivery of I-71 roadkill from Colin directly on his desk. “And if your first class is Biology… that’s going to be on the second floor, with the other electives. All the basic science is on the ground floor with the English and Math classes, but it sounds like you won’t need to trouble yourself with that!”

”Sweet,” she responded simply. The buzzing from her phone had caught her attention. Fiona was calling from college. ”Well, Melissa, you’ve been quite helpful. I’m sure I can find the rest from here. I really have to take this call.”

“Hey, no worries! It was my pleasure, Billie! Glad I could help, and like I said, if you need anything else at all,” Melissa leaned down and pulled a scrap of paper and a pen from her bag, quickly jotting something down. She mouthed, “Here’s my number,” not wanting to disturb the phone call.

Billie happily took the note, mouthing back ”I’ll text you” before turning to her call.

Melissa smiled and gave a wave before giving Billie some privacy on her call. As she walked away towards one of the stairwells where she conducted business, she was still figuring out what needed to be done to make sure these incoming Liberty kids knew their place. Ms. Grey was allowed a special place for her service, but for now, there was planning to be done.

Once in her “office”, she locked the doors thanks to a trick she learned from DeShawn during junior year. Confident she would not be disturbed, nor would anyone be able to hear her through the old concrete walls, she dialed her bestie. “Hey girl! … Good, good, you? … Really? Basketball player? Well, hold steady and don’t go head over heels for Payton yet! … Well, what did he tell you? … Aw, that’s too bad. Don’t worry I bailed you out … Because I ended up being a tour guide too … This girl, Billie Grey? … Yeah, like the singer. Anyway, she had the whole roster covered … Yeah, girl! So we need to put the word out … well, stay away from anyone named Marcos, he’s a skeezebag … Yeah, I don’t know. Also, we know who we gotta take out. Miki Park … I dunno, but she apparently thought she was queen bitch at Liberty, so she’s gotta learn how much she ain’t anymore … Same way we always do, Aly … Well yeah, get to the channels, and I dunno, we’ll figure something out. Maybe Friday … Well of course! First weekend of the school year, we’ll have some beverages … Then we’ll get more! … All right, well go back to Payton and make sure your new boo isn’t too lost … Uh-huh. Sure … OK, talk later, hun … Bye.”

As Melissa rested her head on the back of the wall between levels, her mind was still turning. She now knew her enemy. She had names. Now it was a matter of deducing and planning the attack. Nothing was going to stop her from executing what she had in store for this year. Certainly no "Miki".

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A @LovelyComplex, @Ken & @metanoia Collaboration
Featuring Marcos, JayVaughn, & Colin

When the others walked away, Marcos strode from the crowd of people surrounding the sign in table and went to a secluded wall. With furrowed eyebrows and a great disinterest to his environment, the jock pulled out his phone and scrolled through his Instagram feed.

His tour guide would have a hard time finding him due to the fact that Marcos Kingsley didn’t want to be found. His name tag was gone, thanks to himself, and he doubted this random dude followed politics. One of the few ways to learn the faces of the Kingsley kids in Ohio was through his father. If you follow winter sports, sure, you can learn a thing or two about his mother and his older brother, Leonel. If you follow video games, sure, you would know ‘yo im noah’ the stupid talented stoner streamer that aims to find cool gamer personalities to room with (in the guest house). Other than that, it would take someone who actually cared to stalk his family to find out more.

Standing anonymously, not bothering giving his name to the girls that clearly wanted to know, Marcos chose to be to everyone, at least for now, an attractive stranger. Nothing more. This whole merge situation baffled him. He found it amusing how the staff thought forced tours was a good idea. He would love to see what the school did if he skipped out.

Sighing, his dark gaze went from a picture of one of his friends to the time on his wrist watch. Marcos knew he had to find his homeroom soon. There was a deep desire in him to not go and to just leave. Deal with the repercussions later. Noah did it all the time. However, he knew his parents would give him more grief than not because it wasn’t like him to step out of line. Plus, he wouldn’t forgive himself if he coward out and not take his sister’s advice. Accept that shit happens and look at this sudden change as a positive experience. He hated change.

And as another guy came out of the nurses office, her nagging voice clearly cutting through the thunderous chatter from the students in the halls of Rosefell, a dark-haired boy, whose breath smelled of old vodka and attire smelled of 80s punker, found himself DP’d between the verbal beating Nurse Betty was giving him and the physical smack he felt on his side as he crashed into Marcos.

“Jesus!” Came out his visible annoyance, walking maybe a few paces away from Betty the Bitch.

“Be careful! You’ll break that nose of yours if you keep runn’in to people like that!” Betty was a southern woman and she had the sass of an old southern, white woman but without the racism. Thank God!

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Colin shrugged her off as he rubbed his cheek, which took most of the force from the collision. “Watch where you’re going, poindexter!” He snapped at the wall of a man who was literally dressed like an abercrombie and fitch model, making him have the astute deduction that this one was a Lib. “Oh, fuck me! You’re a lib, aren’t you? Actually, don’t answer that. Of course you are. Only a pretentious fuckwad would dress that straight and narrow.” Colin rolled his eyes, trying to have the cooler head.

He didn’t know this guy, so he had no reason to be so outwardly nasty towards him. “Meh, whatever. Sorry for crashing into that brick wall you call a chest.” The boy gave himself a laugh. “Anyway, name’s Colin. What the fuck do they call you?”

Colin? Marcos knew a boy named Colin once. A long time ago, or so it felt. With complete disinterest, the dark-haired boy eyed the stranger in silence and listened to his vulgarity. Why was everyone running into him today? Pocketing his phone, Kingsley gazed at the stranger that entered his bubble and directly answered, already exasperated at the other guy’s presence, “Marcos.” His eyes rested on Colin’s busted face and smoothly, he asked, “What happened to you?”

Colin raised a curious brow when he said his name. “Marcos, eh?” He repeated back, humming thoughtfully. It was a name he hadn’t thought about in years -- not since he moved from the bougie side of town. And he couldn’t say it left a positive note.

As Colin studied this guy’s face, something about it was oddly familiar, but he shrugged. “Well, let’s just say if you see a tiny little goth nightmare named Stephanie Cross running around, don’t get on her bad side or she just might wreck that pretty face of yours.” Colin’s comment came with a laugh that he felt in his face and he grunted from the sharp pain surging through it. “So why the fuck you hanging around these crummy halls anyway? No doubt you’re from Liberty, but aren’t you posh types supposed to come with a bodyguard or something?” He asked, taking in a slow breath to help himself get to a point where his nose wasn’t throbbing with pain.

The peace and tranquility that Marcos appreciated from his old school seemed to be a distant dream the more Colin talked. This kid either was rotting his brain by some hard drug or he hustled in the streets, thinking he was the best shit out there, when really, he was wasting his life away by being stupid, “You really know how to make a first impression.” Just being exposed to a chum like Colin was killing his vibe more than he thought was possible. If Marcos had a choice, he wouldn’t be here. That only took common sense to look at all the expressions of the new kids to see none of them wanted to be here. Did this kid assume that every rich kid needed a bodyguard? Like that was some common thing? Marcos wasn’t his father, a politician, seen on TV, and even if he was, he could protect himself. Yeah, no. Time to leave. “Good talk, but I’m heading to class.”

Colin let out another laugh, stepping in Marcos’ way, preventing him from leaving. “Now now, no need to be so sensitive, Marcella.” Colin placed his hand on Marcos’ shoulder, squeezing it with a bit of force. In the time he had been staring at him, studying his face, something was starting to click, but it couldn’t be...could it? “You know, you remind me of an old friend of mine. Bit of a high strung, thinks-he’s-better-than-everyone-else prick.” Colin kept his stare stone-faced for a few seconds before letting his grip go, even went as far as to straighten the dent he made into Marcos’ shirt.

While Colin was taking out the wrinkle in Marcos’ sleeve, the jock jerked his shoulder and furiously muttered, “Don’t touch me.” At this moment, Marcos menacingly glared at the pale boy’s face, letting their eyes meet. “You know who you remind me of?” Forcing his way through the lowlife, Marcos snarkingly smiled, Nobody. And that is what Colin will always be. A nobody.

JayVaughn Spencer had been pretty much oblivious to everything that had been going on around him once he'd set his attention on finishing his second breakfast. But it was a random voice exclaiming "don't touch me" that snapped the boy back to reality, causing him to instinctively scan the room to see where the sudden outburst had come from. His eyes instantly landed upon an unfamiliar face who stood right next to none other than Colin Gallagher, someone who he admittedly didn't know too well personally, but knew of well enough to assume that things were about to go south for both parties involved. And after realizing that no one else around him had plans to intervene, JJ decided to take matters into his own hands.

In swift motions, JJ tossed his trash into a nearby bin before quickly approaching the two guys. "Hey, fellassss," he said once he'd reached them, trying his best to create a small wall between the two - "small" being the operative word seeing as how that was exactly how JJ felt standing in between their slightly taller, anger-filled bodies. "Colin... always good to see ya. And you must be one of the Liberty students..." JJ took a quick glance down to see if the boy had been wearing a nametag, which he wasn't.

"Come on fellas, why don't we keep the peace, huh?" JJ said with a nervous chuckle. "It's only the first day back, let's not get into..." Jay paused for a brief second as his eyes flickered to Colin's bruised face, and he made a mental note to figure out what happened to him later on. "-too much trouble."

“I’m not the one trespassing--”

“Looks like your friend has nothing better to do. I was just about to leave,” Marcos grinded his teeth, stepping back and choosing the mature route. Some people didn’t know how to mind their business. Colin was one of them.

There was a breaking point of his patience and Collin was pushing every button to reach it faster than anyone has before. His rage while kept at a low simmer could blind him to the point where none of his surroundings mattered. Only the person in front of him did. You didn’t want to get on his bad side. Once you pissed him off, you were dead to him and he didn’t care how bad he hurt you. Marcos didn’t need that on his conscience on the first day of school.

Colin’s seething eyes fixated on Marcos for a few, intense moments. Despite all intentions JJ had, which were noble and on a regular day with any other person, Colin would back down. But today had gone off to a rocky start and Marcos Kingsley was the last person he expected to be face to face with. This pile of crap who deserted his friends for the flavor of the month and couldn’t even own up to it when he saw them again was as bad they got.

Yeah, you could say Colin still held a grudge or two for this disrespectful little bitch.

“Whatever.” Colin just shrugged, glancing at JJ as he pulled on his arm, tugging him away from the liberty trash as if declaring a silent war on him, while at the same time distancing himself away from Marcos. “My bad for ruining your tour. Marcos Kingsley isn’t exactly the kind of guy you want to show around our school.”

As JJ glanced over his shoulder at Marcos, whose figure had already started disappearing out of sight as they all went their separate ways, the young man finally started to put together the pieces in his head. Marcos Kingsley. He and Colin were supposed to be giving him a tour of the school that morning, which obviously wouldn't have happened regardless based on how the two nearly killed each other after only three minutes of interacting. Suddenly, JJ felt kinda silly with his nametag still sitting on his jacket, and as he peeled it off he couldn't help but think about how it was an odd coincidence that the two had been placed in the same tour group given their apparent history.

"I see..." JJ said, a hint of uncertainty in his voice as he spoke. Of course, he wasn't about to just take Colin's word and believe that Marcos was this terrible person; he much preferred to get to know others before judging them. But it wasn't like he was gonna tell Colin that, especially not since he still seemed a bit peeved from what had just happened. "He must've done something real bad for you to hate him so much. It looked like you two were gonna murder each other for a sec, so I'm glad I stepped in when I did."

Colin didn’t exactly hear what JJ said. He heard the boy’s deep voice penetrate his ears, but it found a loophole through the other. Never in a million years did he think that he’d ever have to deal with Marcos again. Until just a few minutes ago, he was convinced that fucker had moved away to some place far away from the shithole that was Ohio, but alas, he couldn’t get his way in any regard today.

“Yeah, I guess,” Colin shrugged, stopping in front of his homeroom. “I’ll catch you later, I guess.” Colin didn’t bother waiting for JJ’s response. His mood was shot and he just wanted to see if lasting through homeroom would improve his mood or if he was going to ditch the first day or not.
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Samantha only laughed as she watched Jo moonwalk away. She really did love that girl. It wasn’t even a minute after she had left before Samantha had gotten a case of the I-miss-yous, given that Jo was the only person nearby that she knew and could actually interact with. Now, where was her tour guide? Samantha had looked down at her phone to check the time to see where this Sean dude was. Maybe he had found someone else named Samantha and gave them a tour guide instead? It was a possibility -- a rather insulting one to Samantha, but she couldn’t just straight up ignore that.

The streamer was glancing off into the distance before a voice yanked her attention elsewhere. Turning toward the location of the voice, she found a dude dressed in what she was 99% sure to be a Tuxedo Mask cosplay, complete with the rose. Samantha was a little skeptical of the whole getup and whatnot, but she found it hard to turn down a rose, considering she loved roses. She took the rose out of his gloved hand, before catching a glance of his nickname.

So… this was Sean? Out of all of the people on campus they had to pair her with Tuxedo Mask? He sure tried his damndest to make sure that he was

”Well… thank… you...?” Samantha glanced at the rose, before back at Sean, ”Do you give everyone you come across roses?”

Sean straightened back up while answering her with a smile, ”To all the Liberty students I passed who wanted to take them.” He gestured to the real rose in her hands with his own and a small tilt of his head.

”I thought the person who I’d actually be giving a tour to should be the only one to get a real flower at least. It, plus the costume, just seemed like a nice way to welcome you here to Rosefell and break the ice a little bit.” With that he stepped back, pausing as he checked the time from a nearby clock, humming in thought. ”Where would you like to be shown first?” The cosplaying male asked, shifting his attention back to Samantha and casually offering his arm like a gentleman if she wanted to link them. Or not, it was her choice, he was there just to show her around and put a good start to her first day. Well at least he hoped it would end up being like that.

Samantha took the flower and ran it up against her nose, at least the stem of it. Smelled like a real rose, alright. Not like Samantha actually knew what real roses smelled like but if it smelled like anything Samantha was pretty sure it smelled like that. ”Well, that’s nice of you.” Samantha took a moment to glance at Sean’s arm, which was clearly being held out for Samantha to link. She thought about it, her rose in hand as she mulled over the implications of this.

If Sean was willing to go through so much effort for all this, then there was no harm and no foul in linking arms, right? Samantha smiled and put her arm around his, wrapping it semi-tightly around his. ”Just take me wherever you’d like. You know this place better than I do.”

The tour Samantha took with Sean was a very enlightening tour. The tuxedo mask flair that he added to the tour made it a lot more enjoyable than it should’ve been, and Samantha didn’t mind it a single bit. She’d rather be stimulated and engaged with Tuxedo Mask than bored to death by… pretty much anyone else.

At the end of the tour, Samantha made sure to give Sean a proper goodbye, before heading off to her first class that she was pretty sure was halfway across campus. Samantha very much remembered the tour Sean gave her, but whether or not she remembered where everything was a question only time could answer.

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