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"An expedition? I've been away for a little bit, myself. I'm not really sure what the guild's up to, which is why I wanted to talk to her, but... Though, I think I heard her mention that same word. Well, let's butt into a conversation, shall we?" Trinity pushed off the pillar she'd been leaning against and approached the small group by the door.

She waited for the slightest lull in conversation, "pardon the interruption, but we have a guest who has traveled here in search of, I'm guessing, your expedition, Sasha? Something about dragons...?" She grimaced a bit a the thought of such an ancient beast. Weren't they supposed to be notoriously vicious, and carnivorous, too?

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Mithera and Royse
Go to Crocus!

(A collab between myself and @Noodles that should've been posted a while ago)
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Mithera yelped awake as she heard ribbits, and immediately noticed it was much later in the day. "Ah poop," she said as she began standing up before noticing the ice cream cone. Glancing around, she picked it up and the note underneath. After staring at it blankly for a few moments she stuffed it in a cranny to hold it and starting licking the ice cream. Taking a breath to realize it was rather chilly out, her floral dress suddenly changed colors from pink-with-white highlights to a dark blue with lighter blue highlights, as well as added a poncho-like piece around her shoulders to cover her arms down to the elbow. The neckline also quickly clambered up to just below Mithera's chin. This transformation caught the attention of a bystander, who Mithera quickly conscripted to read the note for her and tell her where Royse had gone. Fortunately they had seen the other Phoenix Winger leave the ice cream and gave Mithera the general direction that they had gone. The pale shapeshifter thanked them and went to catch up with Royse, making progress on her ice cream the whole time.

In no time Mithera had caught up with Royse, despite the busy streets of Crocus. "H-hello!" She called nervously once she was within a few feet. Ungracefully, the much taller woman stumbled into step with Royse. "Uhm. Thanks for the ice cream, though it is a bit chilly for it," she said.. She shifted her ice cream to her left hand before offering her right to Royse. "I uh, don't think we've been properly introduced. I'm Mithera." Royse would undoubtedly notice that Mithera's arms and other visible skin below the neck was covered in short but thick white fur, a recently acquired feature. The shapeshifter was so into the habit of adapting to her environment that she didn't notice she had grown herself fur when she was supposed to be posing as human.

How did you find--- Royse quickly dismissed her question that she was about to ask when she realises Mithera must have asked the passer-bys. Personally, she had wished that she could be hidden under the shadows a bit longer, 'cause she doesn't like to feel indebted to others.

"Its nothing much~ I'm Royse, but I think you would know that by now ~" Royse, shook Mithera's hand, biting on the last bit of her chocolate ice cream cone. "Oh, so that's your magic~" She looked at Mithera's furry hands and asked rather nonchalantly.

"I'm doing a quest currently, so feel free to tag along if you like, after all, its easier to complete with more numbers ~" Royse continued to the slums after giving an open invitation for Mithera. What she said was only true to a certain extent, although it indeed makes the whole quest easier with more numbers on the overall, it makes the first part of her quest harder to finish for Royse. That part on gathering information and setting up the bait. Though, it might be better on the overall as long as I get an opportunity, numbers are best needed for part 2...

The slums felt like home to Royse, the sight of those tattered housing are ever familiar to a girl like her. She walked to the area where there are more kids around playing, sitting along a tree while blending in the surroundings. Her age and her frugal clothing wouldn't make her stand out that much, as she acted like a big sister watching over the kids. She is aiming for those small fries, she knew nothing about the organisation, and those people are the easiest to capture.

"And speak of the devil..." Royse noticed an unfamiliar person who seemed foreign to the slums closing by.

Mithera smiled as Royse shook her hand, but blushed when she mentioned her magic. "Oh yeah, I'm a transformation mage. Sorry about the, uhm, hairy hand. It's cold out," Mithera gave the younger girl a weak smile as the fur rapidly disappeared from her body. She nodded when Royse mentioned she was on a quest, continuing to walk besides her. "What is the quest?" Mithera asked as they stopped to watch the kids. Unlike Royse, who seemed fine here, the shapeshifter stood out. Her clean, light-colored dress, unusual height, and uneasy demeanor made her clearly seem like she didn't belong here. She didn't get an answer before Royse noticed someone strange and commented on it. Mithera glanced at the person, before looking back at Royse and trying to make it look like she hadn't noticed the stranger.

"Uhm, I guess, you lead the way, okay? I'll just be support."

Royse ~
The slaver stopped to a halt as soon as he saw Mithera, an unfamiliar person that was clearly not from this slums. Better fall back this time, seems like those council Knights, but as long as I don't do anything I wouldn't be arrested, they aren't able to tell us apart from the slum kids... Sensing something amiss, the slaver turned back, as he tries to leave the scene quietly.

"That's the slaver, capture him alive."

Royse hissed, taking out a bow and sent an arrow towards that slaver's leg. The act of that slaver turning back adruptly had made it more obvious to a former slum girl like Royse. She had initially planned for a surprise unsuspected ambush, but this situation would work somehow, as the slaver has already entered her arrows reach, and firing at someone from their backs is as good as a still target. But, she is eager to know if that slaver is smart enough to have any magical defenses prepared. It isn't wise turn your backs against your prey ~

Mithera blinked. Slaver? Regardless of her confusion however, she lurched forward like a puppet on a string at Royse's command. After the arrow struck the slaver Mithera would tackle him. Though, if the man was big enough, Mithera wouldn't be able to knock him over with her skinny body. She wasn't really all that good at fighting in her human form. If she were a wolf or something, it'd be easy to take this guy down, but the best Mithera could do was wrap her arms around his neck and pull with all her weight. However, the element of surprise made it easy to bring him down. Once he was on the grown, however, Mithera just looked at Royse for further instruction. The slaver didn't seem to have any magic defensive or anything, and he seemed too surprised to cast anything before he was on the ground and had his arms pinned down-if he was able to cast at all. Mithera thought about it, and figured that he probably had some memory charm magic if he did this thing regularly.

"Uh, what now?" The pale woman asked, her shallow blue eyes watching Royse. She wasn't sure how long this slaver was going to stay down without a fight, and she really hoped her new companion had a plan.

"Just restrain him, I will tie him up." Royse took out a rope, and began wrapping up the slaver from the arms to the legs. She was still alert and cynical to the whole thing, because the whole process of capturing a slaver seemed way too easy to complete, even for a small fry. But, that's likely due to having higher numbers. From how it looks from the outside, the unprofessionality of tying up some stranger older than both of them in the broad daylight makes it look more like a kids' squabble than actual kidnapping. Adding to that fact that this is the slums, the process has gone smoothly without question nor inteference.

Royse dragged the slaver down the back alley, until she found one of the abandoned shacks. That shabby shack was the usual of worn-out chairs and table. Dusting away the chair, she did her usual of searching the slaver's belongings before making a couple more knots between him and the chair.

"Whew---" Royse sat on the table, stretching out her elbows after finishing the menial labours. Her 'part 1' is mostly complete, all that is left is for Mithera to be out of the picture, to ensure the smooth gathering of information from that slaver.

"Apologies for our crude invitation Mister~ We have received words of missing childrens from the slums, having being 'escorted' to a faraway place for slavery. Reports and Evidences have shown clearly that you're one of those dealers, so we would prefer to have your utmost corporation, Sir."

Royse crossed her legs but broke the eye contact after ending her formal sarcastic undertone. Her eyes rolled towards Mithera, showing a gentle smile like she always did. "I'm thirsty, go buy me a drink~ I'll do a bit of questioning in the meantime ~ Oh, and I prefer lemonade~" Royse casually flipped a coin toward Mithera. "And here is the quest paper if you're interested, didn't mentioned much about it back then, 'cause there might be rats around ~" She also handled the quest paper that she took down back at Phoenix Wing Guild.

Mithera nodded when Royse told her to just keep the slaver restrained, and did so. Once he was all tied up, Mithera helped carry/drag him to wherever Royse was leading. The shapeshifter was content to just follow the other girl's lead, especially since she seemed real confident, which Mithera certainly wasn't. She was glad, at least, that the slaver seemed totally confused. Probably would keep him of thinking up a good plan for at least a little while. He did try to scream at one point, which lead to Mithera ripping a petal off of her dress and stuffing it in his mouth. Royse wouldn't have had the time to comment on the damage to the dress- whether or not she had intended to- before the pale shapeshifter had produced a new one.

When they had arrived at their destination and tied up the slaver, Mithera yet again turned to Royse for the next set of instructions. She looked rather confused, and a little insulted, when Royse told her to just go and get a drink. Though what really offended Mithera was the manner in which it was asked. She had no issue going and getting drinks for them, but a please or a thank you or at least asking it instead of telling. Shrugging it off, Mithera caught the coin. Though when the piece of paper with the quest on it was offered the woman didn't take it.

"I can't read. You'll just have to tell me later when we get a moment alone," she said without much hesitation, her otherwise cheery tone coming in just a little bit flat. "I'll be back in a jiffy with some drinks though!" She gave Royse a half-hearted smile before leaving the building. She was bound to be back in no time though, and if Royse wanted to get the info out of the man before the mostly-bubbly shapeshifter got back she would have to work fast.

Nothing happened in the two minutes, the shack was silent other than words like "I don't know what you're talking about" coming out of that slaver's mouth. A response like that is obviously expected, but that two minutes of silence serves a purpose for Royse to ensure that Mithera is far enough, and time for Royse to prepare on what's coming next. Hope that you'll be prepared as well...

"You enslave kids, so now this is fair business. No hard feelings, just remember that there are repercussions on shady jobs like this even in the Underworld. Personally, you would've been better off arrested by the Council."

Royse showed a gleeful smile, as she got off the table and approached the restrained slaver. One of the slaver's fingers went away with one chop from Royse's knife, then she stabbed the slaver's arm, twisting the wound purposefully. Screams from the slaver echoed in agony through the abandoned shack. "I'll give you 10 more seconds to give me a more constructive answer, starting from now. 10, 9, 5, 0. I'm Sorry, Time's up~" Royse drew the Knife dripping in blood as she proceeded to slice off another finger. Blood oozes out profusely from the left arm of the slaver. So much noise pollution over here... Royse thought, piercing his arm and leaving it in the fresh wound.

"So, who is your boss, and where is your hideout? We regret to inform that we don't have any racks, so I will be stitching up your wound in a while, starting with your problematic eye~"

Royse threaded her needle and started stitching up the slaver's eyelids, 'accidentally' piercing the cornea of that eye on a few occasions. The white thread quickly turned red, and Royse wasn't sure whether the slaver was crying or bleeding. Sewing that eye shut, Royse eagerly finished off with a flowery stitch. She wasn't good at sewing, so she wouldn't want to waste this opportunity on practicing.

With the slaver bleeding from head to toe, Royse's hand was dyed with droplets of the slaver's spilled blood. She didn't feel anything bad about this, since she had been doing this a couple of times and got used to it, also that slaver is a bad guy who is just getting his deserts. The slaver would probably break and spill the beans by now, or she have other ways of further torturing that slaver, she had left the left side untouched for a good reason.

"Oh, and most importantly, how do you contact with your boss? Letter, mouth or lacrima?"

Mithera was humming softly when she returned, a paper bag with a logo stamped on it in one hand and a pair of persperating drinks on a tray in the other. Her humming stopped when she saw the man in the chair, and she only sighed slightly before going to the table and setting it down. "I also grabbed a bite of food with the drinks, since I'm feeling pretty hungry and figure you might be too," she took a sip from one of the two drinks she had. "I got you lemonade, but if you don't like it you can have my water," she sat on the table and began picking at some of the french fries she had gotten herself as the man metaphorically spilled his guts. Once he had told the two of them everything he knew- which admittedly wasn't much, as he was merely a grunt. He apparently only communicated with his boss indirectly, and only in one direction. Not too helpful, but it gave them another link in the chain they could climb up. Once he was done Mithera looked at Royse.

"By the way, I'm pretty sure Phoenix Wing frowns on leaving people physically disfigured," the shapeshifter said plainly. "Besides, there are much more effective ways of torturing someone than physical pain. Especially when, as wasn't the case here, the subject realizes their own boss would do much worse to them when they found out they had squeeled," she finished off her drink, giving the man tied to the chair a knowing look. "So, what are we gonna do with him before we run off to find the fella he gets his orders from?"

"Thanks! That french fries is appreciated~" Royse wiped her bloodstained hands with a napkin, taking a sip on the lemonade.

"They kidnap childrens and smuggle them to faraway countries and force them to do what they don't want to. So, there's a saying called what comes around goes around, and what I did is pretty justified if you ask me ~" She took a bite on the french fries and talked casually without any sense of guilt, as if she was doing the right thing.

"But, on what you said, its pretty true in a way. My original plan is to question and scrap those slavers, and put those corpses into a nice parcel. I'm empty-handed here with no racks or maidens, and I wouldn't like to waste too much magic on that. And if they refuse to say anything I will just do the usual to cut their tongue & just mutilate them. With a couple of packages mailed to the boss, we would anger him and hopefully he would appear here. If he don't, I won't mind having a slaughterhouse here, and eventually over time we would get more than enough information on the whole organization ~"

"That's the plan I was originally going to follow, or we could just storm in based on the information that slaver gave to us, but it might be a trap. But for now, I owe you one for the food, so I'll be going with your decision. After all, I'm supposed to trust my guildmates ~ And as for that slaver, your choice, you can dispose him or you can spare him, but I would be happy to see him have his hands chopped away, so he wouldn't be able to capture innocent childrens for the rest of his life ~" Royse ate a burger, talking with ease and a friendly smile, completely disregarding the slaver, now that he have proven his uselessness.

"First things first," Mithera would say through a pair of fries. "We're not going to kill anyone. I'm sure we can sniff out the boss without resorting to that- Literally if we have to. For now we climb the latter, and go find the communication lines," she said, thinking about an age old fight she and Melina used to have. Melina held the stance of 'if you do to your enemies what they'd do to you, you are no better.' Mithera never entirely agreed, but she had lived in the wild for a long time, where anything you could get away with was okay. She had a feeling, however, that Jamie would side with Melina, so they should at least err on the side of caution. "The boss can't be too far up the chain. As for our buddy here, leave him tied up and we'll point a few cops down this way in a few hours. Chances are he'll go to jail for at least a decade, which I hear is pretty bad," the shapeshifter suggested as she slid back off the table. "Or, if we're feeling gutsy," Mithera leaned over to Royse's ear, and whispered so their prisoner wouldn't hear. "We could go and get ourselves kidnapped, then use our magic to get out of it and get answers."

"Sounds good, lets' go with that~" Royse stated, it can be seen from her tone of voice that she was a bit reluctant on that approach. Not because she is scared of being captured, but she felt that a 'light' torture and 10 years of imprisonment is too lenient of a punishment for dishonourable criminals like a slaver. Finishing her food and wrapping up her trash, she stood up to leave that shack.

"I'm not so good at dealing with Council Business, so after reporting him, we should be waiting at another corner of the slums~"

Royse went ahead as she pointed the general direction of where they should meet after the proper handling of the 'loose baggage'. She will just be waiting there first, to observe the situation. It wouldn't be a troublesome job, it being a different location, and I've been living in such places for most of my life ~

Mithera would nod as Royse pointed out where they would be going to next. "I would not worry about the Council, Phoenix Wing and the Council are on friendly terms," she said politely. The shapeshifter then headed back to the last authority figure she remembered seeing, reported the man, and extricated herself expertly from the law enforcement's probing questions. Mithera didn't go so far as to leave a fake name for him to follow up on, but she did make it seem like she was mostly clueless (She had also made Royse at least stay back from the officer to make it all a bit simpler). Once the slaver had been reported she made her way back to where Royse had pointed out, meeting up with the younger woman if she had decided to let Mithera report the man on their own. It was then up to Royse to decide their next step.

Royse reached slum corner after splitting up. She doesn't trust the Council that much, especially on some of her more controversial acts. Not far ahead, she saw another guy with that same eerie brown cloak that she had saw earlier. The slaver was grabbing a kid forcefully, and Royse could see two human-sized bag behind that slaver, which settles quietly like a corpse bag. They seemed to have a way of knocking them out, and hostages are troublesome... She thought, creating three Stun Arrows with her Arrow Creation Magic, drawing her bow as she fired it upon the slaver.

The arrow missed the slaver who had stepped aside amidst the kid's struggle, hitting the kid & stunning him unfortunately. Royse was relieved that the arrow she fired wasn't a lethal one, until she realises that she had attracted the slaver's notice. She drew another one of her stun arrow, holding it there as it pointed towards the slaver. "Let my brother go, or I will shoot!" She shouted to the slaver who seemed more amused than threatened.

Royse was unnerved upon realising the situation where it turned into a certain stalemate. She couldn't use normal arrows due to 3 hostages behind that slaver. And her style of combat is mostly made for killing purposes, not for rescuing hostages. For someone with eye-to-eye contact with her, she couldn't take the slaver down with just two stun arrows. To get a hit, she will need at least a few dozens, and that will exhaust most of her mana for just one person. And she is not stupid enough to not know that the slaver is not alone. Time isn't well on my side...

Royse wouldn't want to retreat in front of those kids, they are too much of a resemblance to her back as a child. Its all or nothing here... She made a swift charge at the slaver with her increased speed from her use of her Wind Magic. Holding a stun arrow, she thrusted it towards his chest.

The stun arrow hit that slaver square in the chest. It was easier than Royse had thought, the slaver didn't do as much as to dodge that attack. Thats it...? Even Royse was caught by surprise on what happened in front of her. She glanced around, and right behind her was two slavers with fully casted magical blasts. Before she could even react to this ambush, the blasts have already knocked her out, sending bruises throughout her body. Royse fell flat on the ground as she lost consciousness.

"Quite a promising mage here, she will fetch a great price at Caelum. Let's call it a day, we've struck gold this time."

The stun on the slaver has worn off after a few seconds, as the other two slavers packed Royse into one of those large bag. Mithera would have arrived by then. The slavers started packing up their products and headed for the railroad car. Turns out that a 'planned' kidnap ended up being a real one.

Mithera was getting back to their meeting place just as the slavers were putting Royse in a bag, and she ducked into an alley immediately to watch them from around the building corner. The slavers were almost all gone when the shapeshifter finally came up with a plan. She produced the two lacrima Jarvis had given her when she was last back at the guild, and swallowed them both whole, wincing as she had to make some on-the-spot accommodations for them. Once the pair of objects were safely out of reach, Mithera came out from around the corner and walked directly up to one of the slavers.

"H-hey!" She said, her nervousness apparent. "I-I saw what you did, and you better let those people go!" One of the kidnappers chuckled, the others that had heard the commotion just looked at her like she was stupid.

"And what if we don't?" Asked one boredly. A few hand motions passed around the group, and they began to carefully surround the white-haired woman. Mithera pretended not to notice.

"I-I-I'll go and get the authorities! They'll finally do something about you w-with a witness!" She began to back up like she was preparing to run, but one of the men grabbed her shoulder roughly, holding her in place. "H-hey..."

"Right. That'll happen. Now what's a girl like you- who is clearly not from around here- doing in this part of town?" The same kidnapper asked, Mithera figured he was probably the leader of this group in some sense. She didn't answer, and instead struggled against the man holding her. Once the man was sure that she wasn't going to answer his question, he gave the motion for one of them to knock her out, which was complied with immediately. They added the white-haired woman to their other baggage for the day without much ceremony.

After gathering the slaves, the slavers moved to an abandoned factory near a frieght station. An order to load the 'cargo' is issued by the leader, and the train is scheduled to depart by the end of this hour. The goods are stashed at one corner of the abandoned factory. Because the slavers know that Royse is a bit harder to control as a mage, she wasn't among the 'common goods', but instead she is at the other end of the abandoned factory, which is a bit more guarded as compared to the rest.

Royse regained consciousness, finding that her hands are shackled to the wall. The room reeks of blood.. Royse looked around, the kind of room that she has seen over couple of times, bloodstains & rotting severed limbs here and there. In front of her was the same slaver that she tried to stun before. Although she is tempted to get herself right now, her magic hasn't fully recovered yet. As cautious as Royse is, she would only fight if she is at full power. Just 10 minutes...

The slaver felt that Royse had something to do with one of the missing men out there. A short questioning will do, I can't reduce the value too much

Mithera woke up among the other kidnapped individuals, meaning they either didn't recognize the phoenix wing mark on her stomach or didn't find it. Even the most confident of criminal organizations would know better than to underestimate a mage with unknown abilities. She groaned slightly as she stood up from the ground, and gave a polite smile to the people who were looking at her before she began counting both kidnapping victims and guards. She was not confident in her final numbers however, as they were already loading people onto the train. It still came to more than she could handle, even with the element of surprise. Unless she used said surprise to free Royse, that might work. She looked to the people around her, and spoke in soft but commanding tones.

"Okay, so I'm a mage from Phoenix Wing here to free you," she made a motion to stop someone who was about to speak up before they did. "I need all you to stay quiet and hide me from sight for like, five minutes, okay?" She made eye contact with each one looking at her.

"How are we supposed to hide you from sight?" One asked.

"Just keep your bodies between me and the guard," Mithera would then sit on the floor. "Also, be forwarned, I'm a transformation mage." The kidnapping victims nodded, and turned their backs to her before forming a loose wall of bodies between her and the guards. Minutes passed, and finally the two men loading people onto the train moved up and pulled one of the people standing between them and Mithera, only to suddenly find a person-sized wolf tackling him. He started shouting as the Mithera-Wolf bit into his arm hard, before bouncing off of him and bounding away. The alarm spread slower than Mithera moved, and she had managed to find where Royse was after only six or seven minutes of searching and knocking down guards. One had barely managed to get a spell off, scoring a deep gauge across Mithera's side, but it had nearly completely closed by the time the shapeshifter was pouncing on the guard questioning Royse, biting the forearm he was defending himself with viciously. After a bit of tug of war with the man over his arm, and his fainting after seeing the damage the large wolf had already done to him, Mithera retrieved the keys to Royse's constraints with her mouth and went to give it to the wizardess so that she could free herself and they could finish clearing this place out.

"YIPEEE--- HOORAYY----" Two large arrows were eating that slaver alive, with sharp-brown jaws that open and closes repeatedly, emitting shrieking cheers & laughters. Arrow Creation: Eater. Royse right eye is tearing in blood, with clear bite marks on that eye, as if it was nibbled over and over. As the slaver was bitten to his heart literally, the two floating fishes that was beside him disappeared following his death. 6 minutes is a time longer than what Royse had thought, long enough for her to snap.

Royse stood up, with shackles that have been cut apart from her Wind Magic, prodded herself towards the door. She was silent, her remaining eye narrowed, not seemingly recognising anyone. Walking out, she casted out the same Eater arrows, propelling them with Wind Magic, as those sinister arrows started screaming towards the other slavers, seeking to eat them alive. Royse has only one thought in her mind: Kill them. Disregarding any sane thoughts, the foul way of her using her magic shows how desperately she wants them dead.

Mithera panicked when she saw what Royse was doing. She recognized the instinct immediately: Royse was an animal backed into a corner, and now that she had the upper hand that animal was going to make sure she wasn't going to backed into a corner again. That wasn't good, as Royse could accidentally hurt one of the fleeing captives, or worse. The shapeshifter wasn't about to let her self-appointed charge hurt an innocent, though it occured to her that it wasn't good to let her kill the kidnappers as well. Murder was still murder, after all. In a split second decision, that went against half a century of instinct, the white wolf that Mithera had shaped herself into leaped into Royse's back, forcing the much lighter girl to the ground.

Mithera knew that with her size she could've easily cracked or broken one of Royse's ribs; even an arm if they had tried to brace themselves. Mithera didn't spend the time to diagnose whatever damage she might've done and now used the downed girl as a springboard towards one of the men that had been approaching from the side. She surprised the man, and caught his collarbone with her mouth while he was falling back away from her, and bit down hard. The bone snapped in two with little effort, and the crack that punctuated it was followed by an ear-melting screech. Barely giving the blood spurting from the man time to hit her fur, she kicked off of him towards the next one. He was far enough away that Mithera had to take bounding steps to reach him, which was enough time to notice one of Royse's arrows biting into him. Mithera gave herself just enough time to knock away Royse's arrow before breaking his collarbone too, before throwing herself into a run at the next criminal, and so on.

Mithera went on like this through most of the guards, kidnappers, and slavers. Most of them put up more of a fight than the first few, since they knew what was coming for them. When Mithera finally padded back to Royse, panting heavily, her fur was stained as much with her own blood as with that of the criminals she had attacked. Magic Bullet holes, slashes, and burns covered much of Mithera's backs and sides, but were already visibly healing. Despite all the damage dealt to the criminals and to Mithera, however, not one was dead by eachother's hand. And if Mithera had anything to say about that, they would remain that way.

When Mithera finally sat down not far from Royse, she had made sure that her arrows hadn't begun eating anyone else. After knocking down the girl again if she was persistent, or simply sitting there and giving her a stern look for a moment, the wolf-shaped mage coughed up a communication lacrima. Mithera had created a separate not-stomach in her body to store it, but that didn't change the fact that coughing it up was exactly as gross as a hairball. Once it had been delivered to the floor of the warehouse, Mithera finally gave Royse a softer look, and a slight whine in the back of her throat asked if she had injured the girl earlier.

Royse turned back to see the white wolf that was clearly about to pounce on her. Her hands twitched as she was about to cast something, but her instincts that recognised Mithera as an ally held her back. Only for a moment, but that proved crucial enough for Mithera to restrain Royse.

The few Eater Arrows that weren't snapped apart went biting against the floor of the warehouse, with the user being still conscious but having lost the target. Royse clenched her teeth against her bleedy eye and her bruised rib. Ironically, she had been questioned by a similiar way that she used on the slaver at the slums: Her right eye had been eaten alive by conjured fishes for the whole 6 minutes from that slaver that she killed.

Her breath shortened as she showed signs of giving way to her strain of her injuries, but she held her consciousness steadily. "I'm okay," Royse finally spoke, having calmed down by the time Mithera went back.

"That guy was annoying, but whatever." Royse got herself up, getting back to her usual calm & rational way of speaking, taking a quick glimpse of the lacrima with her left eye, "So, if this quest is done now, we'll be splitting the reward, you get half the share, I get the other ~"

Royse let out a slight, but subtle smile of satisfaction.

Mithera sat there thinking for a moment once Royse had finished talking, comprehending what she had said, before using her head to point back behind her towards the general part of the building she thought there were a couple more criminals waiting. She was pretty sure she hadn't gotten quite them all, just enough that she felt relatively safe sitting where she was for a few moments. After a moment of sitting there, doing nothing but panting, Mithera picked up the lacrima in her jaws and began limping over to Royse's cell. Once she was inside the small sectioned off area she put down the lacrima, coughed up her other one, and began the transformation process.

This time it took longer than it did when she had done it earlier, entirely on account of the fact that she was now fairly badly injured. It was almost a full half-hour before Mithera was back into her human shape and standing. She no longer had any external cuts or open wounds, but there were still several large bruises that suggested bad internal injuries. By now Royse had surely mopped up any remaining baddies, and Mithera limped out of where Royse was being tortured. Once the younger mage had noticed her and came over, she spoke, though her voice was a bit strained.

"You can keep the full reward, I get by pretty fine without money to be honest. Also, go and get the Rune Knights, tell them to come here. Once you do that, go and collect the reward and use this to go back to Phoenix Wing," Mithera held out the teleportation lacrima Jamie had given her. "Just hold it and focus on the Guild Hall and it'll take you right there. Give it back to Jarvis once you do though. I'll talk to the Rune Knights here then walk back." She offered a fragile smile. "Hey, we did something good today, and made a few people's lives permanently better. Go us."

Royse bandaged her eye as Mithera spoke, she had to make herself more presentable to those Knights, and to the public.

Its over, this quest, conditions fufilled enough to claim the reward by then. She doesn't have good experiences with the Knights, because some of her methods doesn't go along with people like that, and also she doesn't trust authorities well. She'd actually hoped that she would get to the root of this, but letting the Knights knowing this would be the best course of action, there is only so much one person can do.

"No problem, check if there's someone with the name of Aiko Hajime here. I'll be going off, I'm still able to fight, its only one eye gone anyways. Even if we've yet to fufill the fine print of the quest paper."

Royse headed off for the town square, her tone sounding firm and confident, especially on her last sentence. Reaching the Rune Knight's Fort, she reported the situation, omitting the more brutal parts however. Perhaps due to her crude bandages, the Rune Knights was summoned to the trainyard without much delays. Mere injuries are already good enough evidence for them to take action.

"So, how was it? Is there anything?"

Royse returned back to the scene and asked, the Rune Knights starting to make their arrests on the criminals. She had learnt how to use her 'useless' Arrow magic on something more than mere party gimmicks. And she is prepared to continue & try out her new level of magic control if she had to.

Mithera just shook her head in response to Royse's question, letting a Rune Knight medic attend to her many injuries. Another one directed Royse to a place to sit down so they could attend to her too. From there, the man attending Mithera's injuries insisted she go to the hospital and be treated properly, leaving Royse to follow up on the job on her own. That was fine by the transformation mage, who less said goodbye to Royse and more just caught her eye and gave the younger mage a wave while being helped out of the building. Mithera suspected the arrow-mage would be able to handle herself and get the payment on her own, and didn't hunt her down later.

Phoenix Wing Guild Hall


Mayt had tucked himself away in a corner of the guild hall for the day. He had planned to just spend the day relaxing and people-watching, since Phoenix Wing was always a very lively group. Not only that, but it was fairly usual for any issues that cropped up to solve themselves. Or, at least, he was pretty sure that was the case since the place hadn't burnt down without him- which was most of the time. It was with a sip of his drink and the approach of Damian and Penny that he was pulled from his chair. Adjusting his clothes some as he stood, the mage said little as he was lead to the meeting room. Like Penny, Mayt didn't feel comfortable sitting in this setting, and instead stood behind a chair about equidistant from both the other S-Classes. "Well, been a while since we all talked at least. I think we've all shared the main room of the guild hall a few times for a couple seconds or so," he joked, trying not to be too serious.
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Amaya Vanisis

Amaya smiled listening to him. she hated the fact she brought up his dragon but a point had to be made that if he was in her position he would still cling to the hope she clung to. She took a few steps forward wrapping her arms in a quick hug before she let go stepping back into the spot she was. "You Don't have to worry about me dying...He is too stubborn to let me die even if I wished it..plsu I have a mission of my own I cant die till its completed"She said sweetly to him before she heard joshua speak. she turned and listened before she looked to the side letting her cheecks get red before she pressed her pointer fingers together "Well uh...in a way you are a bodyguard because of the fact you are wiling to fight for me even if I just asked you to or not asked you to...but from a book I read you are kinda like a boyfriend cause your wiling to listen and calm down all my anxieties and worries with ease...your never mad with me when I am putting myself down or when I roared point blank at you...kinda like a....boyfriend? So its...confusing.."she said

Her mood completely changed with two new smells as she saw trinity and someone else walk up to the group. She smiled nodding "Yes we are traveling to the ancient island where fairytail and the guilds of old went last where the dragonslayers of old went...Both me and zero here are dragonslayers and plan on going for the chance of possible battle against dragons other then our own."said Amaya kinda excited for the fact of meeting other dragons.

Raiden, Rose and Ryu Yashia

"Well lets hope he never runs into the poision dragonslayer we have in the guild along with the ice one and dragon fang's emerald or maybe jade dragonslayer...I forget which one hunter is...I think emerald."said rose thinking before shaking her head "she use to be very shy but she is really trying to be more talkative just ryu isn't great at taling to girls or ones he like from what I can tell."said rose

"There aren't any girls my age at the village other then the women and elderly ones who just found me adoriable."said ryu blankly

"just be nice to her and try having a normal conversation with Amelia...get to know her and her spirits...she is actually a sweet girl"said rose before she looked out the window "the only way elyse will ever get sick is if she lived in water...snow is nothing but water to her...trust me she knows when to come in...now if you take her to a beach...you are in for a fight that girl is a water bearer it is her friend and she loves water as much as air."said rose

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After staring for a while the woman realized that someone was talking to her. Taking her gaze away from Ferrin she focused on Nolan. The man was familiar and new at the same time. Blinking several times she processed the question. Nodding after a moment she managed a slight smiles. "Yes, Ariel is alright." She paused for a moment. That was her name right? It sounded right at least so she wasn't going to question it. Of course she was referring to herself in the third person like the girl had been.

Of course she had been asked another question and after some awkward silence she addressed that one as well. "Ethel was just..." She looked back at Ferrin again and pointed. She didn't actually know this person but she felt a powerful attraction to him. It wasn't a feeling she could quite put into words. Though somehow she wasn't surprised that something odd was happening to her. Was this a normal occurrence? "Just needs to meet him." Without another word she started to walk in Ferrin's direction.
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Joshua Tamashii


Joshua was surprised by Amaya's initial reaction to his questions, having meant them mostly in jest, and then even more surprised by the response she actually gave to them. This in turn cause his face to actually go a bit red as well, something he was not used to in the slightest, and he scratched the back of his head in an embarrassed manner. Her response, which he took as a yes to both of his questions, was the last thing he had been expecting in the world and as she cheerfully went off to talk to the next pair who entered the conversation, mulling over what she had said and how he felt about it.

Lucus Griffonbane


"He's a Jade Dragon Slayer but close enough." Lucus said calmly. "In concerns to Amelia though, what Rose has said is true Ryu. Just be yourself and approach her as yourself. Easier said then done for a lot of people, but you should be fine with a few attempts. Who knows, keep at it and she might try to approach you instead."

As for Elyse, I did not know that about her, but I think I'll avoid beaches with her from now on. Seriously, if I take her to one, she might end up instinctually using Water Magic on me and I do not want that.

Just as he finished talking, Elyse came rushing into the restaurant and ran to Rose, climbing into her mother's lap, her skin as cold as the outdoors due to being out there for the last hour.
"Want hot chocolate." She said, looking up at Rose.

"What's the magic word Elyse." Lucus said.

"... Pwease?"
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Phoenix Wing Guild Hall
Interacting With: Sasha, Amaya, Lazarus and Shujin, Ferrin, Joshua, and Trinity(?)

@Caits@Roseletta@YipeeXD@Joshua Tamashii@CirusArvennicus@Crimson Raven

The idea of more dragons was somewhat baffling for Zero. Zenoram relished the idea himself. To know that there was a possibility that there were more of the supposedly extinct race was exciting. And yet, as far as Zero was concerned, it was odd. Wouldn't Hemlock have come across another? Or Aurora? Even with magic involved shouldn't this have caused problems much earlier. "Something to do with Dragons, huh?"

I don't like the sound of this.
You never like the sound of anything.
Not true.
So true.
I'm being serious.
So, you don't wanna go?
No. We're definitely going. It's just really weird.
We don't have all the facts though.
Lets just focus on something else.

"Kek," Zero laughed with a small grin as he came back to his senses hearing what was going on. So many people had joined the conversation, but hilarity had indeed ensued. There was a bit of verbal threatening. Always fun. There was what seemed like fear or anxiety over the thought of dragons. Expected. And then there was this thing between Amaya and her apparent beau. "Tried to tease her and it backfired huh?" He asked with a small chuckle.

Don't be a jerk.
I should ask something else.
You're not even listening.

"Good job, Mr. Bodyguard." He said with a slightly larger laugh before turning his focus back to Sasha.

Oh yeah.
You're gonna cause trouble.

"When do we leave? And where do we meet?" He asked the girl. he would need time, even if only a little, to gather a few of his belongings, but even if there was none, he could use the payment from his last job to pick up a few impromptu things.
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Michael was horrified at Trinity’s words, and he reached out to try and stop her, but she was already gone. “N-n-no” He said, but his voice was soft, and he sighed. What did he expect by coming here? That he could just slip in, and no one would notice him? He’d hoped he could just go with the other Dragon Fang members… this, this was too much. He glanced about, as if he could just sneak away.

But he knew he couldn’t. It wasn’t just that it was dragons.. Michael wanted to know what had happened, so many years ago, to have affected his life so immensely up until now. Celestial magic, even now, was a rare form of magic… and he wanted to know. Sighing softly, he bit his lip, before saying, stuttering quite badly, “N-n-no… I’m s-s-s-s-sorry… I d-d-didn’t m-mean t-t-to interrupt… I’m f-f-f-from D-D-” He grimaced, and started again, “Dragon Fang” He managed to get the name out this time without stuttering.

“I… I t-t-t-thought others w-w-w-would b-b-be h-h-here… “ he let himself trail off, wrapping his arms around himself, and glancing away, feeling more than a little awkward. He hesitated as a girl spoke to them, and looked away, shaking his head.

“K-k-k-kill t-t-the d-dragons? W-why?”

Penny sighed softly, reaching up to run a hand through her hair, “We were made S Class together… “Sometimes she wondered just why she was made S Class. What had she done? All she’d wanted to do was find Sasha. “But we haven’t really done anything together, the three of us. We do what we can for the guild… but we can do a lot more. The guild seems united- and in the big stuff, it is. But… can you say what’s going on in every single one of our members lives? Because beyond Ariel, and Sasha, I can’t, and even then, I’m failing them both” She said softly, sighing once more.

“We represent the guild. Maybe it’s time we actually step up and do it. I’m going to start doing jobs, again”

“I wouldn’t say that it’s my mission, Trintiy. Rather a collective mission. I just… found the information. With the help of Patrick” Sasha said, managing a friendly smile, “As for slaying dragons… I’m not too sure we will be slaying any… yes, there are “Dragons” On the island- of that I am sure… I for one am curious about whether the rumors are true, about Slayers” She said, before shrugging, “I apologise, Amaya got ahead of herself.

I just believe that this should be a joint mission, with our guilds. We’ll need to rely on each other, in the future. May as well start now” She said, smiling, before looking to Zero/Zenoram. “We leave whenever everyone is ready, which will hopefully be soon. You have time to gather some supplies, if you should wish”

Jamie watched for a brief moment, before reaching out to stop Ariel from continuing, “Ariel… Ethel” Jamie barely stumbled over the difference, “I think you ought to wait, there seems to be a lot going on over there. At least for a few moments”

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Cody Bloodstein

The tone and volume of the foreman's voice made Cody flinch visibly. The man was rather large and seemed quite angry, and seeing as Cody wasn't a usual combatant it wasn't difficult to make him flinch like so.
What the foreman said though was pretty dead on and somewhat expected for someone in his position. These workers were his priority, he was meant to keep them safe and sound while they worked yet they kept going missing. That coupled with the fact the quest had been on the board for months before Cody had taken it....
He couldn't help but a feel a tinge of guilt, though in that same vein he had only recently joined the guild and hadn't paid much attention to the board as he wanted to make sure he wouldn't be dead weight on such a mission as this.

"Thank you for your time foreman, we will get them back."Seeing as James said all that really needed to be said, Cody left the stressed builder to go about his work before following after his mentor. As they walked, James asked for his opinion on the matter at hand.
Obviously James had his own theories, so either he wanted to see they were on the same page or this was another one of those 'tests' he did to keep Cody on his toes. Regardless, the younger boy took a moment.
Thinking on the information the foreman had given them for a brief moment, the younger boy gave his answer to James.
"Hmmm I'm not too sure what to think. I don't know enough about the bandits to know if this is sloppy work by them or not, I mean this could just as easily be a trap or they're feeding false information. I mean, this could be a cunning ploy. Or it could be overconfidence on their part." Shrugging, Cody continued to weigh up which one seemed more suiting to the situation.

"But...if I had to make an educated guess, considering how long they've gotten away with this, I think it might be sloppiness on the part of perhaps overconfidence, and maybe a tad of incompetence. I mean, what would they lose from Mr Takafumi learning this information? They clearly don't see him as a threat." Still not seeming sure, Cody gave his final answer on the situation at hand. It mightn't be the correct one, nor might it even be the same one that James held. But if Cody was wrong, then he could use this as another stepping stone to improve himself.
"And if it is indeed a trap, then we simply need continue with caution to make sure we don't fall for it."

Jasmine Lockwood and Ariel/Ethel

With a combination of anxiety and confusion being prominent over the new sensation she felt, Jasmine had quickly moved to where the small group of Dalton, Jamie, Nolan and 'Ariel' were. The man she had soaked, she felt like she recognised him but couldn't quite place her finger on it.
She felt like he was one of the more (in)famous members of the guild, but with how his drenched hair and clothes clung to him it made it a tad more difficult for her to recognise him considering she was certain she hadn't met him before anyway.
But more importantly, he looked bewildered at being drenched and who could blame him?
Not knowing that the look he had was simply how he usually looked, grumpy, she felt like it was her fault that he seemed to be mad. Of course, she was partly to blame but she was probably more the last nail than anything else.
"I-I'm sorry...umm, I..I don't know what happened myself." Working up every ounce of courage she had, she managed to at least try and talk to Nolan, who from her perspective was intimidating as fronting up to your mother after having broken her favorite china. Her nerves weren't helped by the fact she also had no idea what had happened.
Gripping the bottom of her dress tightly, she suddenly felt a wave of nausea wash over her. Like before, a series of new sensations seemed to bubble to the surface. She also felt the sudden urge to need to speak with Penny.
She wasn't sure why, or what about, but she just needed to tell someone...something. It was on the tip of her tongue. And it was important, but she didn't know where Penny was....
Jamie was right there, but it would seem that she might have her hands full?
"I...I'm sorry...umm, I-I don't know your name. Jasmine, Jasmine Lockwood." Realising that despite her having come over to apologise to Nolan, she seemed to be off with the fairies.
Oh god, she hadn't made the man anymore mad at her had she?! Just the very thought made her grow visibly pale as she slowly backed towards Jamine.
"Master Jamie...um. I-I feel like..there's something wrong with me." She knew whatever was on the tip of her tongue was important, but what was it?!

Feeling a hand place itself on her shoulder, the confused young woman turned back to look at Jamie. This woman looked both familiar, yet at the same time she had no idea who she was.
"Master Jamie?" She seemed unsure as to whether or not that was the new woman's name. She looked back towards Ferrin, then back towards Jamie before frowning.
"Ariel doesn't want to wait. Ethel needs to talk to him." Gesturing to Ferrin as she spoke, the young woman went to shake Jamie's hand off of her shoulder.
"Jamie can't stop Ethel. Sora says no one can tell Ariel what to do." At her own words, she seemed to pause uncertainly. Who was Sora again?
Even though she had used the name, she herself didn't seem to know the person yet also felt like she knew him. It was a feeling that was hard to describe, but it was both infuriating and frustrating. Yet despite that, she felt incredibly calm and in control.
Unless physically restrained she would proceed to then continue walking towards Ferrin, simply following the powerful and unknown attraction she felt towards this man she had never met before in her life.
Among all the uncertainties she felt right now, that one fact alone she knew was 100% true.
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Trinity's harp melody faltered as she heard talk of fighting dragons. Looking for a fight?! "That sounds dangerous. I don't suppose I'd be any help, then." Not against dragons. Sasha corrected their misconception, and Trinity relaxed a little. "I see... So, contact with dragons?" She looked at their guest from Dragon Fang. Curious, she asked, "you seek dragons, then. To what end? If not too fight them, then," she paused, briefly, searchingly, "their knowledge? Their riches? if those tales are even true." She quit playing her harp, dispelling the instrument and turning it into a cane she could lean on.

"It sounds like everyone's going for different reasons. Won't that be chaotic...?"
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Dragons? Royse's ears twitched whilst taking a bite on her biscuits, overhearing the conversations from a number of guildmates. Back on Crocus, she didn't get to have a good chance of using her magic, and rather than just the money, she wanted to see how far she could go ahead with her Arrow Creation & Wind Magic. The healing can go later, I wasn't badly injured after all...

Royse stood up with her cup of lemonade half-finished as she approached Jarvis, one of the two Guild Masters of Phoenix Wing. "Mithera told me to return this to you, Guildmaster Jarvis." She took out the Teleportation Lacrima from her pocket, "Also I'm interested in the quest on Dragons."
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Ferrin Astra

Interacting with: Sasha

@Caits @Roseletta @YipeeXD @Joshua Tamashii @Demon Shinobi @Lunarlors34 @hatakekuro @t2wave

Ferrin snorted. The girl had spunk at least. “Stop you? Why I intend to join you. You, are on a fool’s errand, and it seems to me you will be in need of a sufficiently talented fool. Better then these useless fools.” He waved his metal hand at the others around them dismissively.

“Besides I...” Ferrin trailed off, looking away as he felt that same sensation of being watched again. It was irritating. Like an itch he couldn’t scratch. Leveling his intense yellow eyes back on the girl, Ferrin continued. “I have my own reasons for going.”

Was now the time? Should he tell her? He had told the guildmasters, but he had been prepared for that. It would probably be advantageous for Sasha, and by extension, those going to know. But he couldn’t bring himself to say anything. He didn’t want to explain. The time didn’t feel right.

“And that is really all I had to say. I will see you when it is time to head off.” Ferrin told her with a small smile, reverting to his good natured self. He smoothly disengaged himself from the large group, intending to take a look at Sasha’s journal. He wandered over and picked it up. It wasn’t a particularly large book. Out of one of his many ‘pocket-dimensions’ he pulled out a box containing a pair of glasses. Gale-Force Reading Glasses, and a fine pair at that. The lenses were thin and clear as air, held together by strands of fine, burnished gold wire. Inlaid in the side was a number denoting their power and a name. The number was x120, the highest quality. The name was Marco. They had been a gift. Well, the lenses had, Ferrin had the frame reworked. He barely spared them a glance as he flicked the frame and out put them on and flipped through the book.

It took him seconds. He read it again, lingering on the sketches. He read it a third time.

Conjecture and guesswork, although some of the information on the dragons is astute enough.

He closed the journal and out it back. He needed time and space to think. It was too damn noisy in the guild hall, both magically and physically. Ferrin wove his way to the front and went outside.

Breathing in the fresh air, Ferrin felt his mind clear. Stars, he remembered why he didn’t like hanging around inside the guildhall. That many wizards who regularly convened in such a small place, its a wonder someone didn’t accidentally light the magic like gas and blow the whole place sky-high. He rubbed his temples, feeling a fresh headache come on. Sometimes, he hated being so magically sensitive. It was like standing the the middle of a crowd with each person playing a different instrument to a different beat but instead of just sound, it applied to to the other six senses too. Actually, that metaphor didn’t quite do it justice.

One of his first lessons as a child was to learn to block or identify magic based on sense. That was before he could even walk.

His family had been a more then a little dysfunctional with a very different set of priorities. And morals.

He walked a little way away from the guildhall, putting some distance between him and that hive of activity. He saw the Twin talking to someone unfamiliar. He gave them a wave. They saw him and waved back. He still didn’t have any new information on that front, but not for the lack of trying. Unfortunately, he was unlikely to be able to continue the search with this new crisis.

Dragons and Tenrou. Hell’s bells, what was he getting himself into now?

He stopped at the edge of one of Magnolia’s numerous canals, still within sight of the guild building entrance.

He was back in Magnolia. And here to stay for the foreseeable future. He had kept himself busy with jobs since the Grand Magic games, and he hadn’t really stopped to consider what that meant. He was building a new life within walking distance and a few hundred years of his old one. He kept his gaze away from the direction of the lake. He hadn’t been back there since that day. Well, he’ll go back someday.

He’d make it back.

Ferrin turned his mind from those thoughts and back to what he had recently read in Sasha’s journal. He stared out over the water, lost in his thoughts.
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“Something one needs to learn is that we can’t always get what we want” Jamie said, laying a restraining hand on Ariel and Ethel. Things were confusing enough already, without making them worse, and Jamie wanted to know what was going on here, even if it meant she physically hold them back. “They don’t need to be distracted right now” Which was probably true, but more then that, Jamie didn’t want anything to disrupt the plans to, more than likely, save Fiore. “You will wait” Her tone strict, Jamie looked towards Jasmine, studying her a moment.
There was entirely too much going on at once. Still, Jamie gave jasmine her attention, keeping a restraining hold on the… merged girls. “Why yes.” Jamie said, tilting her head slightly, “Although I wouldn’t consider it something wrong, dear” Jamie smiled, reassuringly. “You are fine, Jasmine.” She said, “The first use of magic can be quite unnerving, I must agree with that. You’ll get use to it”

Michael wasn’t sure he could explain. He looked down at his hands, frowning slightly, before he looked up. “We never learned what happened to the Fairy Tail mages on the island… and… that means there could be celestial keys there, the spirits trapped in the spirit realm, unsummoned, suffering, not able to do what they are meant to, for a hundred years. I.. I want to go to find out what happened. I.. Uriel doesn’t think the dragons will harm us… not all of them, but… well, didn’t humans and dragons survive peacefully before? Even with the need for slayers… Dragons didn’t attack for no reason, right? They’re intelligent beings”
He looked up, seeming to not notice that he hadn’t stumbled over a single word, looking to Trinity. “But whatever happens happens” He said before looking away once more. He didn’t know what to expect, but if people were going to the island, he was going to go too. For the chance to simply know…

Jarvis frowned, looking down at the teleportation lacrima. He gave them to all the guild members, so they could return easily, or get out of trouble if they needed it. Why would Mithera return it, if she were not here? Had something happened to her? Flicking a glance to Amelia to make sure that she was okay, he brought his attention back to Royse, “Why? What has happened to her?” He asked, fully expecting the worse, although hoping for something better than death.
“As for the dragons, it is not a quest, but a mission with the other guilds to find the source of the recent disasters. Dragons are just… secondary” He explained, still frowning, waiting for an answer.

“Perhaps it is only a fools errand to a fool” Sasha replied mildly, “Fools errand or not, it is mine. And any help is appreciated” She wasn’t too sure what to make of this fellow, but… she knew it could be dangerous there, and the more people, the safer it would be. Theoretically. “We all have our reasons, and… I’m sure we will all find answers there”
Sasha watched him go, suddenly a little unsure. As he went to her journals, she was suddenly self-conscious. She didn’t particularly know why, but suddenly it seemed important that all her research would amount to something. She turned away, frowning, glancing to lazarus, before letting her gaze slip to Trinity, and the Dragon Fang member that was there.
They’d have to leave soon, whether or not everyone who wanted to go was there. She let her gaze wander the guild hall, wondering how long it would be before she returned. Falling silent, Sasha wrapped her arms around herself.

Patrick watched Ferrin, following the older man as he left the guild hall, staying far enough back to give him privacy for the moment. Patrick leaned against a wall when Ferrin appeared deep in thought. Watching him for a time, Patrick let his own thoughts drift. To when he was a child, before coming back in time. The memories brought a small smile to his youthful features, and it was more then clear that he was barely more than a child as it was.
Until you looked into his eyes.
Pushing off from the wall, Patrick started towards Ferrin, ”You appear to be deep in thought”

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Ferrin Astra

Interacting with: Timmy “Time Lord”


“You appear to be deep in thought.”

Ferrin didn’t turn as he heard an all too familiar voice.

“Just wondering if the water is deep enough to drown myself in.” Ferrin said lightly. “You see, that would be preferable over your company.”

Inwardly he winced. That had come out a little harsher then he had intended. One of these days he was going to learn not to shoot off at the mouth.

Sure. One of these days.

“So what do you want?” Ferrin said less unkindly, scratching the side his head in a sheepish manner.
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"She is safe in Crocus, I'm sure she's making her way back as you speak." Royse wasn't surprised with Jarvis' displeased look.

"Besides," Royse let out a mischievous chuckle, "Betrayal isn't my style, I'm a woman of ethics, I wouldn't inflict harm on somebody who rescued me."

She doesn't sound like lying at all, but the way that she was telling the truth seemed worse than telling a lie. Especially on the part of harming anybody, she mentioned it on the same cheerful tone as the rest of her sentence, as if it was drinking water or eating dinner.
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Magnolia || Town Entrance ---> Karn's Home

A figure walked along the path, wearing a checkered gold shirt and a tattered black jacket underneath a large white with gold trimming coat. That hid a coiled whip at the hip and sorta the teal scarf wrapped neatly around the throat. Hiding the guild mark that signified a Phoenix Wing member. Heavy combat boots stepped silently against the ground like a cat delicate but swift in its pace, while fingerless gloved hands carried a large pack over the shoulder casually. Blonde hair glowing like fire amongst the setting sun, making the magical energies that swirled in this power be boosted quite well, but were fading along with the sunlight. A pair of hefty goggles covered the emerald gaze hidden beneath.

Karn, the Chimera, or really currently Edolas Karn as Karn had dubbed her. Eddy for short he so prefers even though that logic makes no sense for any other Edolas citizen they may so unlikely come across. Still even now after two months or so, for the most part, Edarn has had control of this body. She has a... better grasp of the magic residing in this body but still not quite really good at it honestly. Makes sense since it Karn sometime to actually learn it himself. She imagined something like shapeshifting or Chimera magic wasn't something to learn just in two months.

Unless theres a magic for that in which case fuck them.

One point in time during the games, Edarn had simply left without a word. Perhaps it wasn't quite right to not notify Karn's guild in the fact she was basically hijacking a guild member, but there was little to be done. She was trapped in his body, in which case Karn was more or less happy to be lazy and let her have it without so much as a fight. Honestly, such behavior wasn't great to see and a couple of times she bothered to scold him over it, but she wanted to explore this world a little.

Research for possibilities. Come down to concrete facts. Look through every option. Phoenix Wing tended to be optimistic and believe the impossible, which was fine, her own Phoenix Wing was like that, but Edarn couldn't help but lay down the facts and find out the options just in case it really was impossible. She leaned more on the realistic side more than anything. Which admittedly was difficult to do when one was in a world where people can literally change shapes or shoot fireballs from their fingertips.

Then again, it seemed even magic has its own set of rules. So it wasn't too bad.

The facts she had to find out was, can she ever get home safely without putting either world in danger? Could she separate her soul from her Earthland counterpart without damaging either? Would she honestly be sane enough to face her friends back home?

"Here we goooo back again and again off we go back to the city!"
"Can we stop and grab some churros?"
"You see that dog? Let's go kick it."
"Maybe drive a sword in through that girls eye. Give her something to really cry about."

The voices never stop. They never stop. But the Edolas citizen chooses to continue to ignore them. She had thought they would stop since technically she didn't have her original body's brain. However it seems this little transfer just got a few more glitches in it. Sometimes the voices and echo's were nonsense. Sometimes they wanted to kill. Sometimes they wanted her to just kill herself and end this misery.

Still, she ignored. She had to, and she wasn't sure if she was even sane anymore but she had to keep going. At least until she found all the answers she could before making any rash decisions. The easier thing to do would to just take over Earthland Karn's body for herself and just act like him. Basically hijack his entire life. It would be simple really. However, even if she hadn't been particularly eager to interact with any Phoenix Wing members, mostly because it was difficult to look at them, it would be a cruel thing to do. It wasn't something her Jamie would want, Edarn was sure.

Walking through then entrance, she just made a beeline toward the woods that held Earthland Karn's home. After leaving, she decided to make that little portal beneath the tree a little hideaway for her workshop and research center. It was quiet and not many bothered her when she was there. Then again, most of the time, she was careful to avoid too many interactions. Most of the time, she was secluded. It wasn't like she didn't exactly care about this world, nor did she however with the state Karn's in and herself, she doubted assistance was really in order. Sure, if they could get Karn to actually quit being... well tired all the time, he'd be useful. He was a pretty high ranking member after all. Powerful beastly magic. Which Edarn can't control as effectively.

Hand to hand combat, or other physical contact, Edarn had little issue with. Plus this body's health had improved and toned up a bit since she's controlled it. It wasn't on the level that her old one was, but then again it was mangled and had to be swapped out with robotic parts constantly. This one though, it didn't need it. Karn was perfectly healthy besides mentally, while her body was the one that gave out first.

Striding through the town, Edarn continued her stride. She didn't know what the guild was up to nor was her focus on them. She wasn't their priority and she rather not bother them and she rather not see familiar yet unfamiliar faces.
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Ariel/Ethel - PW Guild Hall

Glancing at Jamie and then back at Ferrin for a while the woman sighed. Why was everyone getting in her way all the sudden? Was it sudden? She couldn't be sure at the moment. There was a sense that something unusual had happened but she couldn't put her finger on it. Unless someone explained it she probably would probably remain ignorant of her own predicament.

Given that it was clear that she wasn't going to be allowed to follow she frowned as she watched the man she wanted to talk to left. By the time she shrugged off her guild master's hand she couldn't hope to find him. Crossing her arms she stepped away. "Fine. Ethel will stay here." Brooding she sat down at one of the benches.

Oralie - PW Guild Hal

Watching silently from upstairs she observed all the commotion going on. The golden woman could have been mistaken as a statue except for the occasional movement of her head. She didn't speak at all and just appeared to be taking in information. A huge amount of the world as it was was new to her. The buildings, the people, the magic, the technology, the list went on. She barely even acknowledged Ferrin leaving. She honestly owned him for saving her but the man had expressed that he wished to be left alone. Oralie obediently left him alone. It was her natural reaction to comply with people she saw as a above her.

Having been deprived of social interaction for centuries she really didn't know how to approach people. Or what to say afterward. It had only been a few days ago that she was reintroduced to, well, anything outside four walls. Thus far she had been treated exceptionally well by the Phoenix Wing guild but this murmur of dragons had her uneasy. Having lived in a time when dragons ruled the world she was probably far more aware of what they were capable of than most. Beyond that though her memories were little more than loose visions. Her own name was almost foreign to her, having been called servant, slave or treasure more than her own name.

She took a step to one side and the floor creaked and groaned. She may not look all that big but being made of pure gold she weighed a little over a ton easily. Noticing the potential problem she made the decision to move to the ground floor. She didn't really need to be anywhere in particular. So long as she had some magic stored up she could operate indefinitely. Theoretically she was immortal given her soul was bound to the material she was made of. Some might seek that but as far as the girl was concerned it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.
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Nolan and Dalton

Well, there he was; standing there drenched and confused. In the span of a few minutes, his girlfriend had somehow absorbed a strange girl who is somehow the dominant personality, and he was caught in a torrent of water that had made him soaked him down from the head to his toes. His left eye twitched when he heard Jasmine and jumped back, making a very unmanly scream. His face flushed red in complete embarrassment for getting scared of just a teenage girl, well, he was a teenager too, but that was not the point.

Dalton shook his head as he started to get used to Nolan's reactions towards women. Seriously, this man was a man that dared to fight the Frenzy Plant team in the games by himself and he now makes that shameful sound."Come on, ya scarin' the girl! Could ya at least pretend that she doesn't make ya blood curdle?" The exceed chuckled, receiving a glare from Nolan though the Slayer sighed. He could see that Nolan was not making his usual threats he never followed through with, rather, he just seemed tired. That foul mood that he was famous for in his guild could not be found.

Nolan sighed and glanced at Jasmine. "It's Nolan, Nolan Waltz." He pushed his wet bangs back, slicking his it back to reveal his face. His black eyes gazed into hers and he shook his head. "It's fine, really. Just be careful with your power." He said apathetically to the young girl. There was no amount of energy in the world he could have to deal with that constant worry wart.

"Jamie, is Ariel going to be okay?" He asked his guild master as calmly as he could while trying to hide the slightest quiver in his voice. That same helplessness he felt this morning when Ariel broke down in his arms reared its ugly head and it gnawed at him.
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Damian Gerard|Repairing the Rifts

Damian chuckled at Mayt's joke, nodding in agreement. "Well, that's true. So I suppose I should say it's been while since we last talked, S-Class to S-Class." He turned to Penny as she ran a hand through her hair, becoming aware of just how much a burden he'd put on these two when he chose them to be S-Class. But he was confident that they would figure out how to handle it in due time, just as he had after becoming S-Class a few months before the GMG. Penny's first question, however, was something of a doozy, and he held up a hand to stop her before answering. "Penny, just because we're mages, doesn't meant we can ALWAYS know what's happening with every single member of the guild. And, well, if they do, they need to get their heads checked, because we're still only human."

She then continued on to say she was going to start doing jobs again. Damian nodded, but didn't make a reply right away, allowing himself a moment to think. "Well, that's all well and good, but first things first, we need to decide which of us is going to Tenrou Island. We can't leave the members of our guild who are going hanging."

James Hunt|A Test of Honor

James chuckled as the young man gave his thoughts on why the Foreman saw where they went, he remained silent until he was sure that Cody was through. Even then, he waited until they were within eyesight of the forest before speaking. "You had it right when you stated overconfidence, though it was far from incompetence that lead to their overconfidence. It's been months since he put out a call for help, a call we took our time answering because of the Grand Magic Games. These gangs, well, they think they're safe because a guild never came."

Reaching the edge of the eastern woods, the Paladin looks along the ground. "Let us teach them how wrong they are."
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Edarn/Karn / Prince

Magnolia || Town Centre ---> Phoenix Wing Guild


Continuing to walk along in Magnolia, Edarn took a breath as she felt the gentle breeze against the smooth skin of this body. It was sort of nice to be fully organic, able to feel a few things. It took a bit, but she got the handle of maintaining a male body however odd at first it was. Although she preferred the copied form of her original body Elarn, this world's Karn, had occasionally used his magic to shift into. The Edolas trapped soul understood that even though that part of his magic wasn't as draining, there was little point in making him do it all the time and waste his magical energy.

It wasn't like she hadn't handled men before after all. Just haven't exactly utilized their respective parts and one got used to it after awhile. Wasn't that complicated. More awkward than anything. If she had been as innocent minded as quite of the few of the Earthlanders she met, she probably would be more flustered.

Besides, Elarn was more like taking care of a kid. Hard to see him other than that.

Whom was still being silent through their venture through his Guild's town. It felt like he was still resting and not paying much attention to anything. Shame. She had hoped he would at least perk up a little bit. The guy had felt pretty awful about what happened at the games and going berserk like that. Despite Edarn's efforts of reassuring that it wasn't his fault, Earthland Karn had still felt worried that he may hurt someone else. Probably one of the reasons he didn't put up much fight when Edarn decided to go off to research the land. And also avoid any of those lunatics that seemed to be interested in the gem Edarn was contained in that was firmly implanted in Elarn's throat.

More folks seem to be trying to steal it, which just caused trouble. Luckily, Edarn was pretty good at moving around lowkey and Elarn had basically the magic of blending in.

Still, her body mate mood was still quite down. A case she was supposed to try to fix since that's apparently the issue that caused this situation. Not that she blamed him, but she still needed find a solution preferably.

Just then, something jumped from the roofs and landed in front of her. Which was a tall man with red hair with a eyepatch covering a teal eye. As well as distinguished cat ears and a crimson tail. Awe yes, this familiar goofy face individual was..

"Karn ol' buddy ol' pal! Finally welcome back to Magnolia! Sure's been awhile eh? I see Eddy is still around eh? Looking as cool and chilly as ever!" Prince the Dragon Fang member cheered, whom had been the victim of Elarn's berserk behavior. It seems he had recovered well, all things considered. Still acting a bit goofy and foolish for his own good.

"Glad to see you're still perky." Edarn responded in a neutral tone, per usual if she wasn't messing around. Honestly, she wasn't sure what to think about this cat. She was fairly certain he had a hand in this magic that she had been forced into just to help Earthland Karn. However, she was sorta glad to see him as well. It didn't seem he held any resentment to Elarn's vicious behavior. So despite the cat's sort of backhanded comment to her, she was hoping Elarn would be a little more inspired to wake up and participate a bit more since his victim held no ill will for him.

To her disappointment, she only felt a shift from within this body. Prince's presence had stirred him, but nothing further then that.

"Come one come on! I'm a ball of cheerful sunshine!" Prince chuckled.

"And where have you been all this time?" Edarn responded just as monotoned and blunt.

"Oh you know, just catting around. No big deal." Prince gave a purr with the same dopey grin.

Edarn had a feeling the catman was lying and hiding something, but decided not to press on it and was just continued her stride, staring ahead as the catman elegantly practically skipped backwards in front of her.

"Nya nya don't be like that! Come on now everyone's been a little worried ya know? Why not pop into the Guild for just a little quick hello before poofing off somewhere?" The red haired catman cheered with the same doofy but knowing smile.

Narrowing her emerald gaze slowly, she only blinked them as she continued to walk. "Doubt it." she answered just as curtly. Although that was only half true. She figured they'd be worried over their Karn and rightfully so, just not exactly to worried over their surprise visitor from another world. Neither them nor herself had found a solution, which was disappointing and irritating to Edarn. Her Guild had did their best to send them home as soon as possible, but already she's been here in this world longer than they were.

Who knows how long time has passed over in Edolas? Did she want to know? Was there really a point?

After two months of cooling down, honestly she just wanted all the options before making any decisions now. She didn't blame this world's Phoenix Wing Guild. She just wanted her family to be okay and safe. If that required being trapped here... perhaps that will have to be the end result. Even if they think she was dead. In a way she was, but for when she had consciousness she wanted to at least give all her effort in finding a solution.

"Awe come on! It'll be fun! A bunch of folks are there ya know!"" Prince chirped as he gleefully danced around the small blonde haired individual before placing his clawed hands on the shoulders and forcing Karn to move along toward the Phoenix Wing Guild Hall.

Sure, Edarn could of stopped him, however she did see some point in his words. Perhaps a small visit to the Guild would perk Elarn up a bit? Although she didn't have a desire to be there right now much either, for multiple reasons, but it would be good for him to be with his family a little too. Edarn was sure they didn't blame him for anything after all.

Nothing was said, but the short blonde simply gave a nod in response, contining to walk in a smooth stride to the Guild Hall. Soon enough, she pushed through the doors. Though she had no intention to make a big scene and would just observe from the sidelines, uncaring if anyone noticed her or not. Prince on the other hand was a different story.

"Hey everyone! Your Prince has returned! Thank you thank you save your applause!" Prince cheered before his teal gaze looked around eagerly before landing on a familiar face. In which case it didn't take long for the feline to appear at Michael's side and basically glomp him.

"Mikey! Hihi! Can I have a kiss hello?!" The catman purred with a cheery goofy and flirty grin.

Edarn honestly wasn't sure if he was serious or not. He was the type to hide things behind a smile really. Either way, he was off her back. Emerald gaze watching the boy Prince had attached to, to move over to Trinity. Or this world's Trinity before quickly glancing away as her vision went red for a second. Her mind already threatening to show her images as well as hear voices.

"OOO look at that guy. Remember when he got beheaded in front of his family? So hilarious."
"Or that one who got shot?"
"OOoo perhaps that one is dead while you were gone."

There were a quite a bit of people here, but Edarn wasn't paying attention of who. Instead, the blonde just silently walked over to a table and sat down. Listening to the chatter with guild members. Living or dead. Earthland or Edolas. Real or Fake. Already it was making her head hurt. Still, suppose it was fine. It was to reassure Elarn that everything was fine. He wasn't hated.

It seemed whatever was going on was something important, but Edarn couldn't quite focus on what and didn't bother to ask.
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Patrick chuckled, not annoyed in the slightest, instead he merely rocked back on his heels, watching Ferrin still. “Of course, you can drown in a teaspoon of water, Mr. Astra. Did you not know that?” He asked rather curiously, looking out over the water himself, before he said softly, “Many people prefer something else, instead of my company.” He sighed softly, turning his gaze to the sky, “So I do not blame you for wishing death, then my company”

He was silent for a few moments, “Merely wished to talk. I understand it is a troubling…. Adventure for you.” He said, his voice composed, as he looked back to Ferrin. “I can be kind, when I wish to be, Mr Astra.”


“I do not believe you would have betrayed her, I was merely worried that something had happened to her” Jarvis said, keeping his tone even, he slipped the lacrima away, busying himself behind the counter. “Why did she send you on ahead, she could have travelled back with the lacrima as well” He said, simply concerned for one of his members.


Jamie watched Ariel and Ethel, sighing softly. That was going to be a mess to sort out, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. If she’d been faster, could she have prevented this? Turning to Nolan at his concern, Jamie decided that she couldn’t lie. “I don’t know, Nolan. But I’ll do my best to help her. Keep an eye on her, alright? We should be able to devise a Lacrima that can get them separated” She assured him, glancing to Jarvis, “I’ll make it right”


Penny nodded, and then shook her head, “No, we can’t know everything about them. But do you know one thing going on with any of them? I only know whats going on, sort of, with Ariel and Jasmine. What about everyone else?” She said, “We need to know at least something about the guild members.”

She fell silent for a few moments, already knowing her decision. “I’m not going. I don’t know… fully, how my abilities have been affected. Doesn’t seem wise to test them against a dragon or the mysteries of the island.”


Michael stumbled slightly as Prince jumped him. Use to Prince’s antics, Michael nevertheless couldn’t help but blush. He shifted so that he could return Prince's hug, looking up at the feline, he smiled. He had really missed Prince, these last few months, He’d missed his friend, and was glad to see him. As his words, Michael gave a small laugh, deciding, for once, to indulge his friend. Or Surprise him.

He leaned up just slightly to brush his lips over Prince’s, before kissing Prince’s cheek. “I have missed you, Prince”
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