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Ex-Kirigakure | Criminal-Jonin, S+ | Gravity-nin

TIME: Present Day – Some Time of Day | LOCATION: Amegakure - Outskirts | INTERACTION:@LadyinInk

Havoc had been so lost in the fray since the moment he stepped foot in the land of rain, the posters coupled with the revelations Yogensha had revealed, on top of being knocked out off a balcony. A criminal’s work was never done and since his jail break Havoc had only minutes at a time to himself. Rain. Rain was so unfamiliar to him since he was captured those odd years ago, a pang in his heart burrowed deep into his chest as the nostalgic prospect of him being separated from Kyo. His premonitions came true and with all the power in the world even one so pivotal to the natural order of the world, gravity, he was left powerful to watch his separation. Rain. How long had it been since he felt the scantily ubiquitous weather on his face since his capture? Rain. Standing in the middle of the open plains allowed Havoc to relapse into the normal world, no more cells, no more darkness. Whether it was the natural order of things or Yogensha losing her composure the rain that protected the village became ravenous in its flight. Rain. As more washed down on the shadow of a man Havoc once was. Rain…

The dejected havoc in an almost peaceful state of mind looked up to admire the open sky, the rain looked like millions of long strands of clear water. The soft patter turned into a stampede of splattering rain. “What a horrible day for rain” havoc whispered to the sky, his hand left his side and reached into the sky hoping to grab something, but nothing at the same time. Water slide through his fingers without pause, of course he wished he could have his umbrella, but that was lost with his minion as well. Despite being the master of gravity the monster let the rain soak into his skin and clothes. His thick mane of gold became slick with water, a mop of sorts. Drops of rain rested on his busheling beard without interruption, the scene was reminiscent of the first time he met Kyokotsu. Six years ago he had walked to the outskirts of an open field, the moonlight illuminating the night while the two figures coalesced in the obscuring font that was produced from Kirigakure.

Havoc had strolled into an open field just like this one, Havoc in seemingly desperation looked over in the same direction he did all those years ago hoping to see Kyokotsu once more, a lost hope he was sure of it. Running his hands through his hair, he slicked it back to reveal his face for once, his icy cold apathetic eyes took center stage, and golden specks spread out through the icy gaze. In all of his pessimism he was granted with the sight of the same ninja who had taken the wanted poster from him in yogensha’s meeting room. How did she get past his gravitational sense and what’s more was the eerily shiver that the girl sent down his spine, alas she wasn’t Kyokotsu. Yet something changed in Havoc, his eyes went into static and he was transported back to when he first met kyokotsu all those years ago. She sprung from a tree accusing him of following her for the murders of her parents, the moonlight entangling the two in song and dance until Havoc spared her life.

The memory boiled and bubbled like film in a projector, returning him back to present day. Anger flickered through him until his gaze was forced to his umbrella. Sound became devoid, sucked out of his surroundings leaving only one rhythmic heartbeat echo out of his body. His eyes became wide at the prospect of it truly being his umbrella, but why would this woman have it unless she killed Kyokotsu, but her blood smelled the same. Ignoring her words Havoc moved towards the girl, his feet were heavy and his body heavily burdened by some unnatural force. With each passing moment he got closer, the sound of his sandals scuffing the floor from him dragging them was on cadence. Rain soaked his navy blue yukata filling in the seams and tears with heavy rain. His penetrating eyes never leaving hers, not even for the sword she drew on him. The sword of bone only strengthen his will to walk, but confused him all the more. Her words grew more personal, Havoc’s face completely stoic, closing the distance. Havoc already had known it was Kyokotsu, he didn’t need any evidence besides her blood and the umbrella, Kyokotsu was never truly dead and if she was he would have felt a part of himself die while he was in his eternal prison.

Her skin changed tone along with the color of her hair, the darkened black turned into a luminescent silver. Havocs pace picked up a little more, but his face was still devoid of any emotion, a zombie was the closest thing. Her transformation was complete, the ame ninja was neither Yogensha’s guard nor an enemy. Havoc without thinking twice allowed for the bone sword to pierce his shoulder area letting the blade puncture into his body as he pushed onwards. The sword made its exit out the other side of his back while he slipped his arms around the girl’s body in a gentle embrace before dropping to his knees to reach her height. With no signs of pain or emotion he finally sparked a smile on his face while he rested his head on her shoulder. With a gentle whisper in his ears he muttered his first words in years.

“I’m home.”


Konohagakure | Hokage | Duality-nin

TIME: Present Day – Daytime | LOCATION: Konoha (Multiple Locations) | INTERACTION: @Lyfe

Shinko sighed at the disappointment that exuded from the clever boy in front of him. Whatever solace or relief the Hokage was giving him was quickly diminished by how painfully annoying and full of angst this kid was. Sucking air through his teeth and fingering his furrowing forehead he stood up, with one final drag of his cigarette he consumed the last of the flickering life in the stick of death, but what was one cigarette compared to the amount of death he witness first hand. With a flick of his fingers the butt of the cigarette whisked past Kyo and dropped into the waste bin behind him. Talking a long stride the Hokage appeared shoulder to shoulder to the uchiha, “You’re right I wasn’t there to avenge my brother or even prevent his death, nor was I there to protect you, but you both know what you signed up for. I signed up for this and look where it got me, or did you forget that too?” Shinko moved his little stub with such flagrant disregard for any social norms.

“I hate to do this to you kid, but you really are just working on my last nerve with this armchair psychology.” Shinko waltzed behind the rambunctious child and with a commanding forced pulled his head back, once in position Shinko placed only his thumb on Kyotoumaru’s forehead. With a surge of chakra he was connected to the mind of Shinko, but only for what he allowed him to see. Like a sea of emotions memories popped up in Kyotoumaru’s head. They weren’t his memories however, no, but the memories of Shinko. Why was he showing him these images? The memories were moving in an accelerated pace as if he were fast-forwarding a movie to get to the good part. Everything was through the perspective of Shinko’s eyes. Are you watching closely? The image of a baby being born and held in his arms dawned on kyo first, with Shinko’s eyes shifting from the baby to Namine in a hospital bed.

Fast-forward a few more memories and the baby had grown quite a bit older, playing in the backyard of Hokage manor with Shinko holding a stuffed toad. If not already the image was starting to fall into place for the young uchiha. Had it not the movie would continue to fast forward, images of Namine were paramount in his memories with the raising of the child. He could feel the overpowering emotions of the Akizakura first hand and the relationship they had. The child finally grew to her current age ”Senna, look at daddy.” was all that could be heard. The young girl turned around to face Shinko when the film stopped dead on her face, a closed eyed smile freeze framed, halting the movie. The rumors of the Hokage’s infidelity were true, but not because he was seeing two women at once, but because Shinko was with Namine while Ginsho was with another woman. While they shared one life in every aspect they lived separate lives when it came to love. Shinko knew what she would have wanted, because it’s what his daughter would have wanted.

Shinko hit play and played through a blank screen until he got to Shinko alone with Namine at the funeral service for Senna, it wasn’t nearly as publicized nor attended as Ginsho’s, but that was the sad reality of the ninja world. Shinko released his thumb from the boy’s forehead, hopefully the sudden surge of Shinko’s memories wouldn’t buckle the boy’s knees or cause him to cry from overwhelming emotion. “You’re not done fighting, you’re never going to be done fighting and you’re going to keep fighting to protect what you love because you were born like that. My brother had the same disease as you and we both know where that ended. The truth is kid, you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. I’m not sure being a villain would be a bad thing, you crave the power and the darkness to fill that void in your heart. Just know that it’ll never be enough, it’s just the easy way out. It’s the natural order of the world, war, hate, peace; it’s all the same. The world just keeps on spinning and eventually good conquerors evil for a time. Then it just repeats itself because of people like you.”

“You came here for answers and a shoulder to lean on, I gave you one of those, I won’t give you the other. You can come back to the village whenever you want kid, just don’t expect me to hold your hand while you forge your path.” Another cigarette was pulled out from the package and met the lips of the totalitarian ruler, before a spark came to life once again.
Shinko was caught off guard by the emotion Namine wore on her face like a badge. Her eyes filled with liquid sadness, but her eyes fueled by anger. No words would seem to comfort her or help his case in all of this. His silence spoke volumes though and not necessarily all good. Despite his efforts being thwarted at every point of entry the red haired Hokage went to go wipe the tears from Namine’s eyes until her Kekkei Genkai flared up around the point of contact. A stab of pain shot through his body as if someone just twisted a knife into his side. The venom attached to the knife was riddled with grief and sorrow from the reputable sanin sensor. Now Shinko felt the same way as Kyo just prior to his engagement with Namine. Letting go of her wrist and reclaiming his serenity the Hokage winced in pain before rubbing his wrist and confronting the flustered woman once more.

Shaking his head and cracking his neck the doppelganger reached out and took the paper quite hesitantly. If there was one force in the world he was afraid of, it was definitely the fury of a woman scorned. Seizing the paper midair, he turned it to his attention, although he was a bit perplexed. The piece of paper was…blank, he fingered the paper between his fingers, fumbling it around looking for some clue or hint as to what open secrets the paper held. Nothing. Shinko yearned to go back into that head of hers, but at what cost. “There’s nothing on here, what do you expect me to do with this? I’m sure you’re enjoying yourself in whatever trick you’re playing on me. I deserve this, but I would still like to know where you’re going and what you plan on doing.”

It was never a comforting feeling to see a woman cry for anything, there was a certain compelling force to comfort a crying woman. Whether or not he could provide was up to her, Namime was a rare gem on the spectrum, Queen and King of emotions there was very little that allowed other to enter. “I’m not here to fight you either, what’s with everyone thinking I want to fight nowadays. Anyways, there’s no need to tell me, I’ll just follow you. Don’t think of my presence as anything more than a looming shadow. I need to get away from this sink hole anyways. There’s too much death hear and I can’t take it.”
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Konohagakure no Sato | Chunin-going-on-Jonin | Edgelord Supreme

TIME: Present | LOCATION: Sunagakure | INTERACTION: Shizuka Ichimi, @Syn; Kamui Uzumaki @Spanner; Date Watare, Akuno Kuin @Queentze; Ishi Kakumei, @Write; Chis @BladeX

Whereas Shizuka had worked himself up, going as far as to feel competitive with Sakana, the fish-boy himself could only manage to feel indifferent and apathetic towards him once they started moving. Not because he didn't care, but because they had a mission to fulfill. Sakana had rivals that were far more capable than the boy himself, so there was no point competing with this person who had only shown himself to be a nobody so far.

Sakana crouched down and touched the roof of the building they were on, squatting there while he overwatched the situation. When they were perched atop a building, apparently still hidden from the two S rank criminals rampaging in the village, Shizuka asked if he could take the lead. Sakana could only shrug - their fight earlier hadn't exactly quelled his common sense, and he was more than happy to 'give over' command. As far as Sakana was concerned they were both in command to begin with, so Shizuka could've just as easily just taken point. But, he was right. He knew the village better than Sakana. That alone was worth something. But it wasn't exactly telling of his skills. So, he shrugged at the boys' suggestion as well. Shizuka revealed he had a kekkei genkai, which only made Sakana dislike him even more, but now wasn't the time. “The best would be for me to end up near the water,” Sakana noted, like a true fish-boy. “I have a technique that draws water from the area. If I can draw from the water there, I can basically end the fight in one swipe. If we get lucky.”

Date further added something about the smoke, causing Sakana to twist his head momentarily to observe it. “Best would be to use that smoke for cover. But if that's a sensory technique, we'd just shoot ourselves in the foot.” It was true, and as far as Sakana was aware, there was no way to know whether the smoke would be sensory or not. Then Kamui started explaining the situation in a sort of sitrep. Sakana nodded as he began to get an increasing understanding of the situation. So, the clones were causing smoke, meaning that there was probably something to do with that. It also meant that if they took down one clone, the others would probably instantly know that there were others in the area. That'd hardly be surprising, but given Sunagakure's exodus of skilled ninja, it seemed like most of them were evacuating at the moment, and the only one fighting was the Kazekage.

“We can split up, kill the clones quickly before they know we're there, but once the clones are dead, they'll know we are here,” he said, providing an astute and.. well, accurate assessment of the situation but no solvable solution to it. He seemed to be deep in thought, his eyes flashing left and right over the landscape in front of them. He seemed to almost be assessing every single point of entry, combat location, and possible ways to kill the clones, but the smoke made things incredibly hard for him to assess, and so did the limited knowledge of the opponents they had. They just knew that one of them used.. smoke. Tsk, he sissed, drawing in air through his teeth again. “Alright. We'll just have to fight according to instinct and adapt as the situation changes. But if that doesn't work, I can also run in and slit my throat to activate the seal on my chest. If that becomes a realistic solution to the mission, you need to stay away. Unless I need one of you to restrain the enemy to ensure he gets caught in the seal. In that case, Shizuka, you'll need to sacrifice your life to complete our mission. You're the next highest ranking shinobi here, so that means the duty falls to you. Understood?”

It was most certainly a gruesome message to communicate - telling Shizuka he had to give up his life to tie down the enemy and ensure Sakana could capture him in the suicide-seal. But it was the stark reality of the mission. Sakana didn't wait for an answer either, nodding immediately and standing up from his squatting position, pulling out the double knives from their sheaths. “Ikuze!” he shouted, alerting everyone that they were taking off. It seemed Sakana had agreed to Shizuka's proposal to lead them through the village.

He'd let himself fall forwards off the building, freefalling down to the streets where he'd land with a thud, almost striking a movie-esque pose. Once the rest of the team had landed, he'd let Shizuka take charge, though he'd speed up and force Shizuka to maintain a high tempo just in case the enemies were becoming aware of the Konoha shinobi's positions.

Once they got closer to the center, Sakana seemed to alter the plan only slightly. “Date, Kamui, go right and start taking down those clones. Sorry, but it's your duty as chunin to perform supportive tasks while we go head to head with the real one. Once you're done, observe and wait for an opening to help. Kamui, stay away from the fights, and be prepared to jump in when we need healing. Understood? Okay, go!” He'd said all of that while they were still running, thus not wasting a single moment. After that, he and Shizuka would continue on their way.
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Sebun Chimei-teki Tsumi

TIME:Evening | LOCATION:Central Iwagakure | INTERACTION:@Savato@Pirouette

"Da name's Kyoka, fella! Now what did ya have to say?" That made Sebun pause for a brief second. He didn't expect her to actually agree to talking. Quite the turn of events, but all the same it would give Sebun the time to make his preparations for the he future plans during the invasion. Another thing that caught the Monkey's attention was they way these two spoke. In his whole life span, Sebun hadn't heard anything like it. It's quite the thing, the old ninja thought to himself. A small portal opened up beneath Sebun's hands showing a small cane. The cane came out and made it's way to Sebun's resting hands.

"Well, Miss Kyoka. I'm sure you've heard of the Profaned Blacksmith, creator of the Seven Deadly Swords of the Mist? But I know nothing of you and your 'Cuz'. Tell me about yourself." Sebun said adding emphasis on the word cuz. Hopefully, Sebun would be able to get a conversation out of these two before everything devolved into the usual fighting.

South Clone

TIME:Evening | LOCATION:South Sector Iwagakure | INTERACTION:@GlitchyBugger

South was raining down weapons as a small female Bakuton user appeared out of nowhere deflecting several of his swords. She may have deflected a few of them but most still made it through to the villagers fleeing. Screams still filled the air as Sebun orchestrated a symphony of death with weapons as his instruments. The Clone smiled as he saw something in the corner of his eye. Turning his head, he saw a ninja adjacent to him shooting arrows at him. South found his first challenger, several arrows soared through the air. Those arrows would be met with Weapons that weighed more than them and were more dense. Those weapons would destroy the arrows without deviating from their original trajectory. The weapons should impact where the ninja was perched firing arrows. Using his free hand, South continued his performance.
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"Madame Matou will be my insurance when it comes to your men. Defeat me, and leverage on your city is gone, Raikage Bakuto. You of all people should know I am a man whom the word shall remain golden."

Fresh air as the café was abandoned for the sake of duty. The General marched forward, as he would have in his youth under the banner of a simple foot soldier for the Cloud's cause. Arms set behind his back and expression as solemn as ever, his stiff body would lead the way through the plaza, with a final nod at the direction of Yui, whom had the gracious task of crown control as Gozubura commenced working his own piece of art. He had faith in the lass, even if she inspired very little of said rare element. She was a monster, but one that could dispose of threats efficiently, as such the General saw no reason to be concerned.

He most certainly allowed Bakuto to walk behind him, not giving a single mind as to what the Raikage could do with such an exposure. Starru was wise however. By experience, he knew Bakuto had nothing to benefit from by literally backstabbing. He'd lose his chance to save his city, and in the likely event he'd fail, would lose his life to Gozubura's anger while failing his people. He was lucky to have Kumo avoid the fate of, say, Iwagakure.

"Under normal circumstances I would have allowed you to make your peace, but you're as clueless as an ugly girl in a gangbang when it comes to why this is happening to you. Especially if we consider your ... Efficiency in terms of populism. A shame, it would have been an intriguing case study to see you devolve into what the predecessor had become. Though, do not worry, I did not leave because of that either."

A smirk, one Bakuto could not see, but the blind man could certainly tell by Gozubura's muscle vibrations and his heartbeat that he was taking some sort of pleasure out of what was just said. He was amused, but not pumped. Not exactly the psycho-maniac murder type, one should say. But a man whom is not above killing the innocent to get a simple point across. They would quickly depart Kumo's inner mountains and approach the outskirts, where an adequate field would eventually be found.

Away from the prying eyes of Bakuto's protective division, they had since then taken the hint that they were not welcome by either the Yomigaeri member, nor their village leader. It was only the General versus the Blind Raikage. A special title for a man with what many saw as a disability. Gozubura saw at as anything but a weakness. It gave him options many couldn't grasp properly, and made him far trickier to deal with in the long run. There would be no underestimation today, not from the Raikage's very own senior in the armed forces.

"If you fail to kill me in forty-five minutes, the explosives will go off. I highly recommend you decide yourself on your strategy quickly, because I will not insult you with lenience, Raikage Bakuto. Draw your blade."

As he ordered the dark skinned man to present his weapon, Gozubura would have finally stepped onto the flat area at the top of a remote mountain. Shielded from view by thick clouds, but blessed with a perfect blue sky up above, there were very little obstacles for them to abuse. Perhaps a disadvantage for the General, but he could always improvise. He'd take his respective spot on the field, as if it were some spar, or a competition without any lethal connotation. In turn, he drew one of his rapiers. Sparks of blue lightning chakra burst frequently from the metallic item, signaling an enhancement.

"I am not cruel nor cowardly enough to stall for time. Here I come."

With barely a second after his warning, he'd dash full force toward the blind man, one hand preparing a horizontal slash from right to left (he held the sword in his right hand) while his second hand performed odd movements. Very suddenly from behind the speeding elder, there'd be a second figure jumping up high in the air. One couldn't see or feel how it had been conceived, but it leaped right off as the General finished the hand movements, and aimed to crash down toward the Raikage, itself with a sword reading to cut him down, albeit without the sparks ...

The clone had a bit of lag compared to Gozubura, seemingly making it a contingency plan if the first strike was blocked or dodge, or even prevented altogether. Nothing too complex, as if the old man was gauging the Raikage's skill.

Rumia Shinrikyo



Steam erupted from the melted flesh on Rumia's cheek. It seemed the relation between the two oddities was quite the perverse one, with extreme physical abuse being the casual response to each other. Or at least from Kyoka to Rumia. Though, as awful as the ginger's cheek would seem with the acid applied, her teeth rows would end up slightly visible with quite a lot of blood and fat boiling in the process, it appeared as though the steam was not coming from the chemical reaction. No, she was also rapidly healing. A few seconds after the application of the wound, it would swiftly close back, leaving pristine, albeit slightly discolored, skin in its place.

"Tsk. Dammit Kyoka, y'turd, I told ya' that wuz gross."

Her fist would come to rub off the remaining fluid on her cheek, and with that brushing the discolored skin would be gone, leaving her cheek as if nothing had happened. The oddest thing about it, however, would be the lack of any strong reaction to the damage inflicted upon her being. Rumia seemed more annoyed than angry over it, like a little sibling whining over the elder child eating the last of the jelly beans.

With a small crack of her neck, her orange eyes would peer down into the ruined streets of her town. Chaos erupted, with clones of this old man performing their own share of destruction. In a random bout of annoyance, her index would point at a pedestrian carrying a television, before shooting the young man down with a concentrated beam. Right through the neck. He was stealing a television, and Rumia was stressed. There was nothing noble here, she wanted to release some tension while avoiding any moral backlash from some naggy shinobi.

Meanwhile, her tail remained surrounding Kyoka without actually wrapping around her. If anything was going to approach the acid lass, it'd go through the tail first.

"I ain't hear nothin' 'bout some whatever swordsman. I only gotta taste of y'all sword peeps against that fucka'."

The tip of her jagged tail would directly point at the direction of Sano, without actually moving the rest of the tail. The Mighty Shark man who'd take on the Tsuchikage by himself. A ballsy move, but one that'd earn no respect from the Shinrikyo. In her scowl, she'd keep a fixed glare on the battle happening nearby. The two titans duking it out while she had to insure the safety of her close family, and maybe killed a geezer for bragging right. But, Kyoka was keen on keeping it civil, and who was Rumia to argue against the established brains?

"If Kyoka ain't got no prob' with ya', I dun' care what y'do. Tho, y'all probs' will die if ya' keep doin' tis' 'ere bullshit on m'city. Mebbe I should fuck yer clones a bit? Mebbe. Wouldn't feel so bad if that shark fella's yer friend. Is he yer pal? I say, if he is yer pal, I dunno if you 'n' I can be real friendos ... Is all I'm gonna say."

She'd smirk, peering slightly toward Kyoka's direction. Someone was hungry of conflict.
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Kyoka Haizenberuku

Rumia would only get a quick, tongue out, teasing gesture from Kyoka before the attention shifted to this 'Profaned Blacksmith'. By all means a curosity and given another circumstance, there could have been so much cooperative learning between a blacksmith and a chemist. Oh well, the world, like reactions, just wasted energy. Speaking of, Rumia's dismal of this character mirrored what Kyoka was feeling about this conversation so far. Reputations were commonfolk superstitions most of the time. There was no empirical data on this Blacksmith and as a result, Kyoka dismissed anything without veritable proof. Rumia said it best...

"Cuz is right! Der ain't nuttin' on ya, old timer! N' I dun not like dis stall-ING that yer doin'. N' If yer got yer clones about, yer gonna have ta stop dat if yer just gonna ask about us. We ain't nobody but two dern hicks from Iwa." Kyoka had doubted that Rumia had consciously brought up the clones to alert Kyoka to them, but it was nice for that information to be revealed nonetheless.

"Honestly. Tell me about yerselves. Wat a borin' way to start. Yer n' yer kind just comin' in here, terrorizin'! N' you make small talk? Lemme start den. Why yers wanna kill Iwa's Kage? Any Kage fer dat matter." Kyoka tried to mimic the Blacksmith's rough voice but failing. She's still sounded fairly neutral like her giddy self, but her tone was implying quite a bit of annoyance. Despite sounding almost distressed, she wasn't honestly troubled by the carnage around her and was more concerned about wasting her time if the geezer wanted to hear Kyoka's life story. But fine, Kyoka realized she wasn't exactly being diplomatic so an adjustment was made."Look. Yer gonna have to tell me sumdin and pull away a few of dem clones if yer gonna just stall me n' cuz here. Den mebbe I tell ya 'bout me."
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Konohagakure Shinobi | Chunin | The Wall
TIME: Present Day - Morning | LOCATION: Konoha Outskirts - West Gate | INTERACTION: @Ladyinink@Altered Tundra@Grey Sama@Eis@Olira

Kaba waited patiently as the group made a decision on who would lead them to Kumogakure, but they had been suddenly interrupted by a new figure who leaped from behind nearby bushes. He un-interestingly shifted his gaze to the newcomer immediately noticing her crimson eyes. An Uchiha, probably. Kaba wondered why she would be stalking them, and was even more confused when she insisted on joining the group. Also, what was the purpose of the girl having her doujutsu active? It seemed like a irresponsible waste of chakra to him. He had a lot of questions, but didn't speak a word as the others reacted as well. Usually Kaba could recognize fellow leaf shinobi, but the girl was a total stranger to him. In the following moments, the newcomer would snatch a snack and sprint off into the distance. But it wasn't long before she was intercepted Kiku.

Kaba sighed and looked around to ensure there would be no more surprises. His attention was quickly caught by a blonde haired Jonin that seemed to be returning to the village. Kaba suddenly caught himself staring at her chest before the voice of Kiku asking the group a question snapped him out of his random daze. "Hm...." Kaba placed both of his hands in his pockets and began walking in the direction the girl had ran off towards, and when he reached the Uchiha and Kiku he kept walking past them down the path that would eventually lead to Kumogakure, only muttering a simple statement regarding his decision. "Don't expect me to babysit."

* * * * *

Yomigaeri | Criminal, S+ | Black Dragon
TIME: Suna - Morning | LOCATION: Sunagakure (various) | INTERACTION: @Queentze@Write@Syn@Spanner@Odin

Chis paid little attention to the bout between his comrade and the Kazekage. He had faith his fellow member would emerge victorious, or he more so hoped she did so that his workload didn't double. As Chis and his clones continued their coordinated assault upon Sunagakure, they were met with expected resistance. There were many native shinobi that attempted to reach Chis and failed. Though a lot of the villagers were temporarily safe due to the unique technique employed by the Kazekage, her subordinates were not as lucky.

Though it would seem so, Chis' ultimate goal at the moment wasn't to just destroy the infrastructure of Suna. The clones had carefully been tasked to their currently locations. If one were to draw lines connecting the four, it would seem as if they were 4 corners of a square. Each clone wasted little time, knowing they would more than likely become targets. The clones began to string together a myriad of handseals, each eventually slamming a palm below where they stood. Meanwhile, Chis who had positioned himself near the middle of the 'square' removed a seal from his cloak. One he received, courtesy of the fiend Cockroach.

Though confident in his abilities, Chis figured he and Akuno would not be able to challenge an entire village without additional assistance and now things would become a bit easier. The scroll was unraveled and thrown to the ground before Chis, a small area that was slightly raised so as to avoid the flooding. From the four different positions of the clones, markings races along various surfaces eventually reaching the scroll's position. Chis ripped off a glove a quickly cut his palm on the blade of the weapon that rested on his hip. He moved his hand over the scroll so that the blood fell on the scroll. As soon as his blood made contact with the scroll he immediately crouched and used his other hand to slam the ground. "SHIWAA!!!!" A plume of white smoke suddenly filled the area, and simultaneously all four clones vanished, having served their purpose.

Moments later a screech that even caused the oft expressionless Chis to bow over and cover his ears rang through the village.

A monstrosity had now entered the scene. It was large enough so to be seen from any point of the village. It's size was comparable to the largest building in Sunagakure, the Kazekage's mansion. A disorderly eerie feelings would creep through the air as the beast wasted no time in beginning what it was made for. Some Suna natives would probably notice that Shiwaa was similar to a species, previously thought to be extinct, that wreaked havoc upon the desert many years ago. Shiwaa was a scientifically enhanced version, Cockroach loved to use the term "evolved" to describe the worm monster. Chis marveled at his toy as it began to wriggle throughout the immediate area wildly enough to level a few buildings with it's multiple heads waving. The holes that covered it's body endlessly expelled even more smoke throughout the village, and the more smoke that covered the village, the bigger the advantage for Chis. A few unfortunate Sunagakure shinobi became quick victims, some being grabbed and ravaged by Shiwaa's dagger like fangs and others being simply crushed. It seemed as if the beast would screech anytime it claimed a new victim.

Now that his first goal had been met, Chis turned his attention back to the nearby building. He replaced his glove and wasted no time breaching the water-weakened sand dome that separated him from his targets. Shortly thereafter, several bodies would fly from various levels of the buildings to the ground below. Chis retrieved four elder members of Sunagakure's senior council. One would undoubtedly die upon impact with the ground. The other three would suffer injuries causing them to lay in agonizing pain from being tossed from above. They were now his hostages. He understood that the loss of a village's council would surely be a blow to any land. He knew the native shinobi would want to prevent such a loss, and aimed to sentence them into further chaos. As expected, a few aimed to take down Chis, who stood directly in front of the injured council members. They proved to be no match for his however, and one was allowed to live in order to spread a message. "I will kill one member of the council every 10 minutes if the Kazekage does not surrender and order everyone to stand down. Only I can quell the beast that now ravages your land. Take these threats as serious as you may, I always follow through." The young shinobi sprinted off in fear towards the Kazekage to deliver the message while communicating it to any comrades he crossed on the way.

Chis didn't expect Ishi to succumb so easily. In fact, he wanted to assassinate the council members and probably would do so regardless of the Suna leader's actions. In the meantime, Shiwaa continued it's attack while many chose to avoid it altogether. Chis watched, making sure the worm kept itself around the central area of the village. One of the heads of Shiwaa seemed to begin to gag, and moments later a small number of white sacs would escape the beast's mouth, each landing in various locations. What could be inside?

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Uchiha Nadia | Konohagakure | Chuunin

TIME: Present Day - Morning / LOCATION: West Gate/Konoha / INTERACTION: @Olira, @Ladyinink, @Grey Sama, @BladeX, @Altered Tundra

And they caught up to her, as expected from the masked girl and any of them could caught up to her. Nadia's petrified as the masked girl became unmasked girl whose mask is now off revealing her whitening lavender eyes that at one point perfectly matched her tremendous mane. Which is on point attractive to Nadia, she beheld the beauty of this woman. Quickly she shakes her head off because of the lewd thoughts she's getting from unmasked girl.

Though she couldn't help it. "Your eyes are beautiful." She covered her mouth while blushing intensely, nodding to her predictable response (I never said that) and then she fell to her knees. "Wahh..." With her sharingan deactivated, it was a bit exhausting to maintain those eyes. She also noticed a dark skinned man, perhaps one of the elite.

"Don't expect me to babysit."
That triggered her so bad and started talking back. "HEY! I'm not a kid! I can kick your ass ya know. BLEEHHH!!!!!" She just ranted without a proper come back. She then gets up from her position and asked the unmasked girl who had the mask.

It seems like everyone had caught up already furthermore Nadia's attention is purely focused on the girl with the mask now maskless. "Umm onee-san. My name is Uchiha Nadia sorry for barging into this mission but I have something I want to accomplish you see..." She coughed and quickly jumped from one topic to another with her fas paced mouth. "A-Anyway. We're up against Kumo peeps? I wanna know more about what we're up against." Nadia also reveals what she can do.

Acting retarded and talking fast- full of energy talking without structure since she just blow up what she wanted to say.

"I can copy any jutsu with my sharingan as long as I see them duh... and ohhh!! I shoot stuff with my shuriken...I got the highest score in marksmanship back in my academy days and I never miss! I'm damn fast but sure you're faster than me which hurts and ohh..... did I mention that I can copy anything with my sharingan and ohhh!!! I love sweets that's why red man tastes good! So we're gonna face a lot of kumo ninjas... we can just shoot them with anything right? So what's our plan--"

Before she could continue, her stomach started growling- "UGHHH! Damn it I ran too fast. I dunno if there's a bathroom or what... but doing stuff in the woods is refreshing?" From there she continues being a chatterbox, definitely a kid.

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Bakuto The Raikage

Location: Kumogakure At a Café To/and at the outskirts of Kumogakure

Interactions with: @GlitchyBuggerYui Matou @Savato The General

Before initially following Gorubura to the outskirts of town Bakuto addresses Yui, "The shinobi of this village wont harm you once I leave. This village is their home, and its only natural for someone wanting to protect their home when their friends and family are being murdered by intruders in their home. Fear not though as long as I am the Raikage they will do as I ask and you will not be harmed."

Not before too long Bakuto leaves to follow the General to where they are to do battle at. Listening to Gorubura carefully listening to every word after the mention of his predecessor it provoked Bakuto to speak, "The third Raikage, my predecessor my sensei and the man who signed away the freedom of village to the mist near the end of the war. You want to see me devolve into what he was but he and I are very different men, we both see the world in different lights. One being blind of justice and I who sees the world for what it truly is and what it takes to be the Raikage this village deserves. I will do anything to protect it from devolving to a world of injustice."

Listening to the time limit that had to fight. Forty-five minutes to kill his the General or his explosives will go off. It was recommended to try and capture any member of this rogue shinobi group but that was gone in Bakuto's plan. With his village's safety in mind he had to end his opponent to rid the village of the explosives which were doomed to exploded if this man was allowed to live. Regardless of the thoughts of the other village leaders Bakuto will do anything to protect his village even if it meant killing a person who could give them information about the organization that is targeting the great villages kage.

Being told to draw his blade but Bakuto stands there very still taking in the situation and his surroundings. A very clear area and judging by the feel of moisture in the air it was cloudy. The blind Raikage waiting for his opponent to move first while his clones approach the area. The clones still standing back and surrounding the original and the General looking to get into their four corners so if needed they can throw up the barrier jutsu they were created for.

As Gorubura rushed forward with his sword drawn Bakuto stood there as still as he was. Listening to the quick movements listening each step and listening to the movement of each body part. Even picking up the movements of the clone tagging back behind. With a quick movement Bakuto moves his left arm and wrist to block the downward swing blocking using the thick metal gauntlet to block the sword. The ringing clang of metal sounds off of the metal guard and keeps ringing as Bakuto pours his chakra into the inner workings of the hollowed out weapon around his wrist. "Sound Release: Melodic Sound Wave" Using the impact to his weapon by the opponent and the vibrations of the weapon to cast his own jutsu. A genjutsu sound attack using the ringing sound and magnifying it to mess with one's sense of direction and to disoriente the opponent. A short move to hopefully catch the General off guard who lead with the first attack to use the general's attack against him.

Meanwhile Bakuto uses his strength to push off of the sword and slide himself back away from the General while the weapon rings out. While moving his other hand twitches holding out one finger, then quickly to four, then two then finally at three fingers out. Trying to judge his own power preparing for his next move of attack. If he was going to defeat the general within four five minutes he cannot hold back. Keeping his fingers together he goes to Ignite his own chakra clenching his other fist as he focuses his chakra feeling the compression of chakra around his body as his chakra becomes visable in the form of black lightning. Coating himself in a very heavy armor like chakra. Bakuto couldn't use this technique for long periods of time as it puts a huge strain on one's body. Unlike the jutsu this is based off of it is slower but gives more strength. The downside being the heavy black lightning chakra the longer it is on compresses and crushes the user that uses it.

Boosting up in the chakra move for attacking but Bakuto's true motives was to shine like a beacon for any of the task force that is being sent by the leaf should they be coming and have sensory types that. While boosting his own strength and destructive power in a close hand to hand fighting. Trying to get the general to back off into a longer distance fight. Bakuto's sound techniques are better at long ranges but this lightning technique was to make people back off and give an edge in the middle of fighting hand to hand or within sword wielding range.

Bakuto once getting his footing pushes forward towards the General. The ground behind Bakuto cracks and pushes back by the force and strength which Bakuto goes forward. Using three fingers looking to stab them forward right towards the General using the Hell Stab technique. Looking to use his first sound genjutsu to set up and disoriente and reversing the directions of the General should it take hold while taking a strive forward with a power attack looking to take advantage of his own genjutsu's effects. Even prepared for the first to have failed using a strong technique to make up for the former jutsu that was used. Bakuto wasnt going to under-estimate his opponent and was going with the full intent to kill with one shot. It didn't matter who the General was to Bakuto or how old he was, the village was at stake and this fight must be resolved quickly to keep the explosives from going off should the General's words be taken as the truth.

Tashiro Hokori

Location - Amegakure
Interactions: Team @Reflection@Seraphicide Other interactions and included: @Odin@Syn@Write@Ganryu@LadyInInk

Once again before Tashiro could act it was over. Havoc on his way out, it took everything from Tashiro not to pursue him and give chase. Relaxing his chakra in his sword the when Kurin spoke to him. He was told to introduce themselves to the Amekage. Being a bit relieved and frustrated not to be going after Havoc. As much as he wanted go after Havoc it wouldn't do any good as Tashiro didnt have great skills at tracking not to mention going after a opponet with the skill of Havoc would need to be careful or they could end up with a poor fateful end. Also Tashiro was given instructions by the team leader and had to do as he was instructed which relieved of the choice.

Tashiro let out a sigh and let the water drop from his sword like rain he sheaths his sword and approached the Amekage. First putting his sword away quickly not wanting to have a weapon drawn as he approached the village leader who his team was there to help. Not wanting to give the wrong idea is the reason for putting his weapon away while approaching the Amekage. Also being careful keeping his manners around someone of the authority of a kage.

"Sorry if we are late, Lady Amekage. We are the Konaha team dispatched to help against this rogue shinobi threat. The new lord Hokage sent use as soon as word arrived and we got here as fast as we could. We are here to aid you Lady Amekage feel free to give us orders." Tashiro being polite trying to be respectful of Yogensha's position. This was his first time meeting the Amekage and he wasnt sure how to address her expect for how he should address someone in the position of authority. She seemed very capable of defending herself and had her own shinobi here so he wasnt sure what she would do with the group from the leaf that was sent to help. Doing as he was told to introduce the group to her and to let her to decide what to do with them. As for the mission it seemed to be over for now but he did as he was instructed by the team leader.
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Amegakure no Sato | S-rank | Leader of Amegakure

TIME: A week after the funeral - a week before the expedition message is sent out | LOCATION: Amegakure | INTERACTION: Kaito Chosokabe, @Ganryu; Sayuri Nisshoku, Kareha Yuki, @Write; Havoc @Syn; Kyokotsu/Mizuki @LadyInInk; Nousagi Hyuga, Kurin Senju, @Reflection; Kaijin Otsutsuki, @Seraphicide; Tashiro Hokori, @BladeSS4

Yogensha quietly rose from the ground with the help of her assistant, Sayuri. Yes, she may have been stronger than she let on to, but with good reason. And, truth be told, much of that power had drained now. Her extra arms retracted back into her back. She glared out the balcony into the distance, ignoring Tashiro's introduction. Suddenly, she formed the tiger seal. “Ukojizai no Jutsu!” she proclaimed, causing a sudden thunderstrike to strike not far from the village walls. The rain strengthened, going from a very strong into a straight up storm. With the rain came the wind, blowing in through the balcony with such strength that some of the ANBU lost their footing, and had to step back a single foot to maintain their composure. It seemed that something had angered the once so calm, peaceful and diplomatic Yogensha. With the dark clouds overhead, the room darkened out, until the sudden flash of a thunderbolt lit the world up in white.

Yogensha turned around, and momentarily she looked crazed as the wind caught her har and moved it around carelessly. With the Rain Tiger at Will technique strengthened, the area covered by it increased almost by two. A solid proof of her chakra capacities - something that the Konoha nin could take home as 'intel' for their hokage. The bones under her body bubbled, and two large bones on her forehead almost seemed to be ready to puncture through her body.

If she had known more about her family, she'd have known it was the curse of the Kaguya. But she felt different. To anyone else, she just looked crazed. Nothing more, nothing less. In her vision in her head, of all that chakra under the cloak of her Rain Tiger at Will, she could sense everyone. Kareha, Havoc, Kyokotsu. She knew their positions - or, at least, loosely so. Unlike conventional sensory, she was incapable of determining which chakra pattern belonged to who, but the fact that they'd entered the rain when they escaped made it very obvious who was who. “The new lord Hokage...” she said in a hushed voice, stumbling forwards. “Instead of greeting me as his equal, he sends me 'help' of some Konoha kids,” she added, sniffing slightly as she pushed herself past Tashiro. “Fitting.”

If Kai was still paying attention, he'd notice that the amount of Yogensha's chakra in the village itself, and the outskirts, was growing and reaching rather ridiculous sizes. It left Yogensha herself with little chakra, but she was certain she didn't need any anymore. As Yogensha pushed past Tashiro, she would look into his eyes, and he'd be able to see how strange she looked now. Whether it was her sickness or something in her head, it looked as if she was about to snap.

But something inside of her kept her in control. The thoughts of the shrine, perhaps. Bang. Another thunderstrike, the room lit up again and the ANBU that had been there before had vanished. Slowly, Yogensha also walked past Nousagi and Kurin. “Follow me,” she told them, pushing through the broken doors and walking through the tower. She'd began descending the stairs, leading them into a small side room. There were multiple display cases, with various items in them. She walked past most of them, pearls, jewels, other items of varied values. However, what was most interesting to her was laid out in the back.

A broken Gunbai, with a hole blasted through the center of it. It was made of wood and had an emblem of the Uchiha on it - the three tomoe, in red. She raised her hand to touch it, but before she could reach, she pulled back. Whatever it was, the residue chakra on it was visible and could be felt, even without having eyes like the Byakugan. “It belonged to someone very powerful one. It got destroyed, sadly. Despite your abilities,” she said, maintaining her eyes on the wooden gunbai. She seemed moved by it, almost. “You could not repair this, young Senju.” She did not turn to face Kurin, glancing over the item of historical value that was merely a museum piece now.

Then she glanced to the right, where a shard of wood was placed. There was a single, large piece of wood. Similar to the Gunbai, it leaked chakra, of a very different type. Evidently, from someone else. The size of the shard of wood meant there was much more chakra though. The good eye could make out the shape of a hand in the piece of wood. Around it were lots of smaller fragments that had been collected. Yogensha moved over, standing in front of the shard now. “This should interest you. We found it almost fourty years ago, when I wasn't born yet. It was a great battle site, or so we concluded. It's the remnant of a great Mokuton technique, one you should.. at least have heard of. 'Senpō Mokuton: Shin Sūsenju,' if my memory is correct.”

She was buying time. She could sense Havoc's movements and was giving him time to acquire what he wanted - Kyokotsu. It was working. She took one of the smaller shards of wood, and turned to Kurin, holding it out in front of him. “Preserving history has always been my passion. Ninsho, the art the Sage blessed us with, is a great tool. So is history. Take this, and feel it's power.” Slowly, she'd hand over the shard of wood. Despite simply 'buying time' she wasn't lying. The shard was real, it exuded power and, if Kurin had a true connection to the Mokuton, he'd feel the surging power within it despite the fact that the technique was used so long ago.

Not having bought enough time yet, she proceeded down the stairs further, leaving the museum behind and going to the ground floor. Once there, she instructed the Konoha nin. “Please inform the Hokage I have no need for aid. Amegakure is too small to be of interest. This so called 'Black Dragon' already told me I am too.. puny for him. So did this man in the tower that we fought. I would be offended, but.. it seems I lack the strength to do anything about it. But you don't.”

She smiled at them, and pointed to a large map of Amegakure regions that hung from the wall. “North-east, in a clearing. There's a pond nearby. And a cave. That's where this man went. I will release my Rain Tiger at Will now, so that your sensory techniques won't wash off.” Hm, yes. It seemed like Yogensha had quite the keen eye - and had thus noticed Kurin's spore technique. Rather than mess with his tracking, which she admittedly doubt she could stop fully, she formed the tiger seal and stopped the rain. The clouds and atmosphere, however, remained dark.

“Go. And don't return.”

TIME: A few hours later | LOCATION: Amegakure | INTERACTION: Sayuri Nisshoku, @Write

Loud coughing interrupted the meeting. Now that the Konohagakure nin had left, they were replaced with a more welcome person, also from Konohagakure. The sound and rinkle of tea cups being put down was heard soon after the cough. “You seem to be quite sick,” a manly voice said.

“It's nothing. So, about this agreement, mr. Hanamari.”

“We find it agreeable to temporarily adopt her in exchange for building rights for a new compound in Amegakure.”

“Very well. You are aware of her true nature?”

“Yes. I can assure you, however, that she fits the clan perfectly.”

Yogensha raised an eyebrow, then raised her teacup. “Sayuri agrees too. Please, enjoy your tea. It's specially made in Amegakure.”
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Interaction with: @Grey Sama @Altered Tundra @BladeX@Eis  -- Location: West Gate -- Time: Present

Kiku blinked a few times as the girl complimented her eyes, "Oh - thank you," She smiled, a small smirk placed on her lips as she heard his comment. Her head turned - following Kaba as he walked off. She wasn't able to get a good read on him, and never exactly talked to the boy in class. Jaakuna soared past them next, screaming something about being last - inhaling deeply, and exhaling a great sigh the girl gripped her backpack straps and walked forward. Following the group, Nadia sure to be at her heels only because her voice didn't stop ringing in her ears. Kiku had no will to run, as her legs weren't all that fixed just quiet yet - and the muscles continued to hurt as they were overly strained when running/jumping/leaping became involved.

"We're not really sure whats going to happen," She stated simply as she slid her mask back over her eyes. Letting out a click her world mapped out, following her teammates chakra flow. Hoping they'd reach Kumo sooner than later and all in one piece.

- Kumo -

Arriving in late afternoon, the Special Forces squad strolled into the town. Kiku reached into her Kunai holder and pulled out her glasses - quickly putting her mask in place of them. Adjusting them on her face, she stared around the town in awe. It was far different than that of Konoha, pillars, small mountains of pointed rock it seems. Brief small talk ensued between the teammates - leading to a more stable foundation. As they talked of their own skills, it solidified places during battle. At least that is what went through the lavender Kunoichi's mind. She looked to Nadia and sighed quietly, hoping that the prepubescent Uchiha would be able to hold her own - despite what they came across. She'd be of much help though, if she really was as skilled as she claimed to be.

Kaba tended to stay quiet and in his own world, him and Kiku only exchanging a small conversation based on him being next in line for Head of the clan. He was rather prideful on it - as Kiku questioned him about his clan. He seemed rather reluctant to talk about it, and then faded away into shorter answers. Kiku eventually stopped asking questions, and began to wonder what Shizuka was up to. He sure could make a trip interesting from his pure antics. Kiku had also gotten to talk more to Ryoko, learning a bit about her past from Kumo. She felt uneasy with Jaak as to how dismissive he was to her apology earlier, but he seemed unaffected by her presence. That was fine with her. Nadia of course would bubble up some kind of conversation, that Kiku didn't have a problem being a part. Her main concern was later encounters, but this was the young girls decision after all.

As she began to examine the crowd of people, she realized eyes were on the team - her face turned to Rokyo. "So, where do we go from here?" Her eyes met a few of the natives of Kumo's and she swallowed a small lump in her throat. Kiku hadn't traveled too much to other cities - this being her first time in Kumo. It had a slightly overwhelming affect, as to not being in her own hometown and knowning the inns and outs. Rokyo being here had eased the that worry.

Enviornment: Field outside of Ame - Time: Present - Interaction: @Syn @Write

The rain surged down harsher than before, Kyo's eyes flicked up for only a moment - to resurface upon the man that was now making his way towards her. She did not flinch, or tense a muscle as he glided towards her. This scene reminiscent in some way. Her breath was cut short as their eyes met, she knew this man. She knew him very, very well. The girl kept her hand with the katana extended. He gracefully pushed into it, and his ruby life expelled down the sword onto her hand in a soothing warmth. Her satanic smile faded as she was gently swept into his arms, the two words that left his mouth causing her body to shake with resolution.  Her body crumpled into his as she shook, her arms quickly shoving him away as she removed the katana. Throwing it to the earth, she placed her hands on his face - her thumbs rubbing his cheeks. "Senpai, Havoc, it really really really is you," Kyo began to jump up and down -spinning in a circle she collapsed onto him her arms wrapping around his neck. Her eyes opened to see the surging of blood from his wound, she moved her mouth closer lapping up some of the blood. 

"Its you, its you, its you, its you....." She continued to repeat, as she nuzzled her face against his scraggly beard. "You really have to get rid of that, it doesn't feel good. We can't go home, I burned it down. We have to find a new home, did you know that I've killed over 100 people since you've been gone? You'll have to read the scroll, our writing has gotten better" Kyo continued babbling, filling him in on the past 2 years. Her stories cutting short, as she thought of another,  better one to tell in  the midst of every single one. "Oh, wait!" She released herself, and ran to where the umbrella was. Still floating with the chakra she was providing, she lifted her hands up and it sailed gracefully into them. Holding it over her, she walked back to Havoc and placed her hand on his head, as she sheltered them with the umbrella. Her hand rested on his head, fingers swimming through his long mane he acquired whilst away - her fingers getting tangled in with the knots. She looked around and back to him "Its like when we met, except this time we didn't fight. Remember you almost killed me? Oh! Her, We have to kill her. Lets go back. She took me, Senpai, she took me and made me not remember. I remembered though - after you left, these men tried to take me. I guess they did, I don't know. But she knows us, she's been watching us. We have to kill her before she kills us, she wants to. She said it. She's sick, should we wait so its more fun? She'll be more surrounded now. We could go back undercover"

Plans soared out of her mouth as she stood over him, umbrella blocking the rain from coming down on him and her. Kyo rocked her head side to side as she rambled on more plans, then stopped dead in her sentence. Looking at him. "You're really here," her finger touched his cheek, then pinched it as if to make sure his skin and body was real. "Who was that girl with you? What have you been doing? Why are you here?" If one thing was certain, it would have to be that Havoc may have to readjust to her consistent babbling. Giving the umbrella to the worn  down man, Kyo ran back out into the rain. Hopping in puddles like a child, as she scooped the Katana from the ground. "Do you like it? I made it with some help - Chihone" She held it proudly, dirt and debris washing off in the pounding rain. A smile was prominent on  her face, prideful, manic, expressive. Walking back to Havoc, she quickly resheathed the bone and wrapped her arms around his waist. Nestling her head into his chest. "Never leave again. I was so bored, I missed you"

Looking out into the rain Kyo examined the edges of the field, unaware of the Konoha Kunoichi that were heading their way. But it'd be a perfect start to the duo reuniting. A true test of their workmanship as a famous killing duo. Kyo inhaled deeply, and squirmed with happiness from the reuniting of the two. "What was it like when you were gone? You missed me? I thought of you every day, it's been 2 years. Do you think I've gotten stronger? I still trained a lot, but I cant do that umbrella thing like you can, Senpai. Look at all this stuff I got!" Spinning quickly, showing off all her charms she had collected in the past two years. "So many things, I have to tell you all the stories"
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Kurin Senju
Location - Amegakure / Interaction - Team -@Seraphicide@BladeSS4/ Ame -@Odin


Kurin had to admit, that while he wouldn't have introduced the Konoha squad to Yogensha in such a way, Tashiro did well. Honestly, they hadn't even expected the terrorist organization to be there yet, and their arrival was timely at best. Luck it seemed was at least partially on the team's side of thing. Continuing his map making, Kurin finished their predicted path, expecting them to take the least amount of time possible in their current path. With Nousagi's help, he rolled the map up, just as Yogensha seemed ready to bring them on a tour. The map was stowed away into his bag, furled up alongside radios and other such things that the team would use.

The rain outside stormed, and filled the air with a kind of electricity. Kurin was thankful the duo had worn thick cloaks, as that may well protect his spores from the rain. And yet, he couldn't help but wonder if Yogensha was actively working against them. The need for a tour seemed unnecessary, especially if time was a necessity. But... It would be rude to decline, and with Konoha's current relationship with other villages being so tightly wound up, it would be disastrous if he publicly declined something that the leader of Amegakure seemed so interested in doing. He gestured for Nousagi and Tashiro to follow, and down the winding metal halls of Amegakure the trio went. Kurin following a few feet behind Yogensha, curious about what she might want to show them.

The room was small, comparatively. Smaller than the office, but bigger than an apartment room. But Kurin took a deep breath, eyes wide at the treasures that rested in this room. But it wasn't such trinkets like pearls that drew his attention, but the collected artifacts of many villages. It seemed Yogensha's tendency to collect didn't end at shinobi, and expanded into history. With the ninja world as hectic as it was, such museums where a luxury many clans did not have. And yet, his attention was drawn to the back, and he stood before what may very well be the most important items in this collection, at least to him.
"I have no desire to repair such a thing." He said in reply, eyes upon the gunbai of the Uchiha clan. The symbol of the red eye'd clan could still be seen, no matter how damaged or broken it had become. The Uchiha and Senju had been rivals for so long, and despite how obvious it should seem to put such hatred away, it was difficult. How often had he been told stories about the atrocities the Uchiha had committed in the old times. All oral stories, given by his grandfather.

Finally, his attention moved to the heritage of the Senju clan. His hand open as a shard was given to him. Given he supposed, due to its significance to his clan. And yet... The power that remained deep inside, twisted, coiling, natural and beyond a doubt the height of Senju technique. He turned the shard over in his hand, gazing at how intricately it seemed to have been carved, despite being the size of a small scroll. As his fingers brushed along the shard... He was alone.

The room was gone. The thick, acrid scent of smoke filled his lungs, and his armor weighed heavily upon his back. The crackling sound of fire was everywhere, as around him a forest had been pulled from nothing. The air rung out as he had fallen to his knees, unsure when admist the mayhem around him. Before him lay the body of his enemy. An Uchiha, judging from the armor and symbol etched onto it. They where crawling towards each other, a blade in both their hands, as if ready to kill the other without hesitation. He rose, shaky to his feet, spitting blood to the ground far below them. The Uchiha did the same, hair matted with blood and hands trembling. Kurin's fingers tightened on his blade... And then-

The room was back, and his hand was squeezed tightly around the shard. As if the chakra from it pulled him deep into the past, to the last moments of the man who had created it. "Thank you." He said, after the longest pause. The shard never left his hand as he bowed, and for a moment he could have sworn he was in Konoha, bowing to his rival in respect. "I will let the Hokage know of your decision." Turning to Tashiro and Nousagi, he began to leave the room, and as anbu from the hidden rain approached, he followed them out of the building. It seemed, this was over... For now.

"Tashiro, I will be sending a messanger hawk to the Hokage. I want you and Nousagi to meet with Kai, use the radios I gave you." He said, keeping their meeting brief. "Go to the location Yogensha gave you, and if you see the enemy, don't engage. Nousagi, I expect you and Kai to watch the enemy, and for now, Tashiro will be in charge." He didn't choose Tash to lead because he felt the water user was the best choice, but out of a need to balance the team out. Nousagi was too prideful, and may lead the group to do something reckless. While on the other side Kai was never a choice at all, since giving one of the Hyuuga's branch clan that kind of control would not sit well with Nousagi either. Instead, picking Tashiro was the safe bet, as he could rely on him hopefuly to make the right choices for the team. "Tashiro, if you need help, radio with your coordinates, and I will be there as soon as possible, do you understand?" Whether or not Tashiro replied, Kurin was already off, as time was not on their side. He expected the group to learn as much as they could about the terrorists, as they where not prepared for a long battle, and Kurin had... Other things to think about. As he clutched the shard in his hand, he could have sworn he was in a battlefield again.

This was something he had to indulge himself in.
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Ex-Kirigakure | Criminal-Jonin, S+ | Gravity-nin

TIME: Present Day – Some Time of Day | LOCATION: Amegakure - Outskirts | INTERACTION:@LadyinInk

The girl fell apart at the seams of her being after realizing the dilapidated older gentlemen was no other than her gentle giant or lack thereof. Her strength had only gotten stronger since they last met, this left an awkward expression on his face…a smile. His hair drooped down on his face hiding the most of the smile, but if she looked hard enough she could have caught the tail ends of his lips. The removal was quick and clean, no wince or grunt of pain escaped his lungs, but how could he when they were so filled with life once more. Her cool soft hands ran across his face like the drops of rain before her, “Yes it is me. It looks like you’ve been busy being someone else.” The bloodlusted girl returned to the roots that Havoc was used to, drawn to. Her serendipitous landed her into his arms, blood still leaking down his chest while she cradled his neck in her arms. “Do I taste the same or do I taste worse?” wondering if the jail and isolation had someone changed the taste of his lifeblood, when was the last time he commissioned a piece of art?

Taken a back a little bit, the memories of the house in the farm side filled his mind like a passing wind. The bodies of the family, well what was left of them, buried deep underneath the earth below the house. Then of course was the walls decorated in rusted blood and tears, awful home decorators really. Although most importantly was the vivid picture of the waterfall that laid only a few feet away from the house, the one thing that could wash away the sins and grime off of the two. The picture burned at the edges of his mind until it was ash, much like the house he would never return to--they would never return to. “No, I don’t think anyone likes it, but you have my blade and I wasn’t able to shave in that underwater prison. Never go to jail, Kyo, you won’t like it. Why did you burn down the house? I like that house, the horses were my favorite though.” All those years of separation were making the young girl anxious, words flooded out of her mouth in miles per hour. It was actually pretty adorable in a sickening sadistic sense.

Giving the trained weapon a light chuckle he motioned his hand to tell her to slow down. “Wow, that’s a lot. You’re almost caught up to me little bird, I’ll have to get to working again, hopefully I don’t suck now. I’m excited to see it, I’m sure you have lots to show me. We have lots of people to see and show as well. Where’s my hat?” Touching the top of his head, but only hitting air and the top of his hairs, Havoc was rather naked in a depressing way. In her haste her speech was cut short at another snowballing memory in her mind, taking off like a rocket as she usually did she reached for umbrella which would then house the two from the onslaught of rain. “So you still kept this old thing, now I can really flex my muscles. Good work Kyo, I’m surprised you didn’t forget about me child.” Except she wasn’t a child anymore, she stopped being a child when they first got into all of this mess. She still held the innocence and naivety of the girl he met that night, so there was still some semblance of a child in there.

“Your life was in my hands and mine in yours. Oh yes, yes, we have to pay our dearest lady another visit when we’re ready. She’s the one responsible for your kidnapping and that awful foster father, she’ll see what kind of Justice I deal in. You’ve gotten smarter little bird, we’ll come back in due time, we have to start our training again. Havoc is rusty, you might just beat me in all our spars.” The feeling must have been surreal for both of them since neither of them could escape the euphoria of being in the presence of their better half once again. “Yup it’s really me.” A porcelain pale finger kissing the side of his cheek with a firm grip. Havoc casually rose from the ground laying one finger on her open mouth, “Shh, one thing at a time. Her name is Kareha Yuki, She was the first tool I found on my adventure, before you. That doesn’t mean she’s my favorite weapon.” Brushing her silver hair out of the way and tucking it behind her ear knowing his words would trigger her animosity and jealously.

“I’ve been locked up, I’ll tell you all about it while we find our new home. I’m here to kill Yogensha, but I saw your face on a poster without me, it said dead or alive.” Havoc took the umbrella back into his hands, the phantom pain of a loss limb dissipated from his body. A sudden surge of power and gravity infused chakra ran up the umbrella and exploded outwards scattering the rain and shifting the ground like kitchen tile while the girl played in the puddles beside him. Havoc flicked his hair backwards so his eyes could be clearly visible, his gaze familiar and cool meeting her mismatched eyes. An eye closed smile painted his face, “I do like it, it didn’t feel so good going in so you must have done a great job.” His hand patting the top of her head, while he ran his finger along her large horns. The air leaving his chest once more as the small girl wrapped herself around his waist. Surprised turned into a gentle smile and a light chuckle. His arms wrapped around her back and head while he caressed her hair, “I missed you to. I won’t leave again I promise.”

“It wasn’t fun, I was locked in a dark box with no light and with anti-gravity coating the entire room so I couldn’t get out. I did miss you, why do you think I lasted so long in there little one. Well let’s make sure we make up for those two years, you have a lot to show me. You’re very strong, one day you’ll be as strong as me with the umbrella. I’ll let you keep it when I find something new. Wow, I have something for you though.” Havoc reached back into his yukata hoping this gift was still intact even after being thrown out of the window and meeting the ground. Out from behind his arms nestled in his open palms was a beautiful black flower, it was a Helleborus ‘Onyx Odyssey’. The gravity ninja collected it on his way out of Kirigakure before traveling to the Yomigaeri headquarters. Havoc reached for the girls horns and tied them around the base. “There we go, I hope you like it. Come, we have to retrieve Kareha, but play nice. You can tell me the stories when we’re alone.” Havoc extended his open hand to the girl while the umbrella rested in his other.
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Koma Hitsugi

@ZeroXposure Sebun's Clone

It was easy to spot her arrows being blown out of the air by retaliation fire, meaning she could easily tell where the swords were headed as they hurtled towards her and forced her to change position. The girl took off towards other buildings, keeping his aim with one of his hands focused on unpopulated areas of the village and firing off an occasional arrow to keep his attention.

With her shots she made sure to aim for extremities, especially the hand that wasn't pointing her way in an effort to try and draw either his full attention to her or force him to choose her or the civilians. In a secondary attempt to make her arrows more of a threat she would funnel extra chakra into them to give them greater power and density, were it to work she'd aim to start shooting his own projectiles out of the sky in tandem with her own being blown away. If she could at least manage to reduce his rate of fire then she'd be making some ground, moreso as she would try to keep an even range between them both, giving her reaction time to evade his swords due to said range and making sure he couldn't just engage her in close combat.

Yui Matou

@LadyinInk Kiku @Eis Nadia @Altered Tundra Jaakuna @BladeX Kaba @Grey Sama Ryoko

A matter of minutes after the Raikage and the General left Yui was sat quietly in her seat, seemingly relaxing whilst those around her, the shinobi included. Though within a moment she came upon a revelation of sorts. "Oh, right, I will need some leverage for those konoha-nin, wont I?"
It seemed she had been waiting until it felt like the two men had gone far enough away for her liking before her hair practically exploded into a writhing mass that would entangle all within the cafe and prove to capture and haul in the shinobi whom had been waiting in the wings, there was little to no time for them to protect themselves, less time to warn anyone else outside the cafe.

Yui unrestrained one of the shinobi and smiled at the man. "I need you to go meet the konoha reinforcements that are on their way and send them to me, I can't have them interfere with the general after all, so make sure they're all coming here. You'll do as I ask, right?" He didn't have a choice in the matter really, so she gestured to the door with a slight wave. "Go on, before I pick a more willing volunteer." It wouldn't take much longer for him to leave, headed for the gate in waiting for the team that was arriving as she instructed him to do.

Kumogakure's gate

As the team arrived in Kumogakure, be it late or on time, a flustered-looking shinobi approached, having seemingly run as fast as he could to get there in time.
"Y-You guys are from Konoha, right? I need you to come with me, one of them went to fight the Raikage and the other's taken hostages!" He wouldn't leave much time for deliberation or any further talk over the matter as he'd begin leading them to the homely cafe that he'd just come from, moving at a fast pace but making sure they kept up with him.

The Cafe

Provided the team followed him all the way there, the shinobi was just opening the door as he began any form of explanation. "She's in here, there are civ-" His words were cut short by a mass of hair that entangled him and violently pulled him into the building wailing in fear, any of the team who looked beyond the threshold of the cafe would see the situation quite clearly.

A mass of purple hair just like her own, every inch of the cafe's interior was presently covered in it, all the while at the centre of it all sat Yui, sitting back and relaxing in a high-backed chair as she looked at the team that had arrived.
Littering the cafe were the trapped forms of multiple people, civilians and shinobi alike, but it didn't seem like anyone's lives were directly endangered for the time being, they were merely restrained and gagged.
"So, you're all here from the leaf village, correct?" Yui's tone was quiet, yet intimate and excited, as if talking to a lover under the cover of a duvet.

"Perfect, I'm eager to see what you're going to do about this little predicament I've set up for you here. I have fifteen hostages. Now will you play the part of the negotiator to save them, or will you start throwing punches with so many people already in my embrace? No one here has been hurt yet, I can assure you of that, but I can't say that their safety is 100 percent assured if you resort to violence. I can indulge you all in that later if you behave yourselves." With that said, Yui patiently gazed at any of the team within her line of sight, smiling softly and tilting her head to the side slightly as she waited for them to pick the metaphorical path they wished to follow.
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Konohagakure | Jonin | Breezy-nin

TIME: Present Day - Afternoon | LOCATION: Sunagakure - Outskirts | INTERACTION:@Odin@Spanner@Queentze

It was nice to see that one of his comrades, if you could call them that, came to his aid. Shizuka only knew of Date Watari through the grape vine, his father spoke of the last name fondly. Shizuka not really paying any attention to the stories his father weaved for him only knew the boy was some sort of samurai. Luckily for him there was a stronger code of honor with the samurai, hopefully Date would give him the benefit of the doubt. Date weighed in first with his battle assessment, next was the mysterious mute red headed child, the outcast really. The dismal tone in his voice strung together a synopsis of the current situation regarding the masked man and his companion. Despite his egregiously speech skills, leaving something to be desired, he was quite good at sketching in the sand. Before Shizuka could mention anything else, the fishboy was already back on his hind feet.

It was true in every sense, the boy was a fish out of water and desperately needed water to be as effective as the rest of them. Shizuka felt a shiver of nostalgia run its course through his body remembering how neutered he was in the earth trial due to the second trial; wind was almost ineffective chakra nature as well. Luckily for them the storm and oasis would create enough water for him to circumvent the dry arid environment that was ‘home’ to the wind seeker. He might have disliked the boy, but that didn’t mean he wished for him to suffer as he did before, helpless. Sakana brought Shizuka’s attention back to their current situation. While they planned for damage control, Sakana spoke of splitting up. Splitting up never agreed in Shizuka’s mind especially considering one of them was mostly vetted in sensory techniques. Communication would be a bit difficult since they had no radios and Shizuka could only carry messages across the win.

These criminals were dangerous enough to handle a Kage by themselves, the ones in the forest seemed to be able to take on more than that. The chances of them defeating the clones individually didn’t look so great. Regardless, Shizuka refrained from speaking and continued to listen to the exasperated ninja who seemed to walk in stride the more he spoke. Again he restored to his seal that would terminate his life, but this time he request Shizuka to aid him in his suicide mission. His eyes widened a bit, Shizuka never really thought about the prospect of death. His father always preached that death was the ultimate release and symbol of a warrior. Ready to pledge his life to the cause, his mouth closed up as an image of Kiku seared through his mind. Why now? Suddenly the idea of leaving her behind alone enveloped him in confusion and disarray. No, if it met the greater good of the people he would have to sacrifice the idea of her for something more.

Shizuka swallowed and nodded, “I’ll be right there beside you if it comes to it Sakana, at least I’ll rest knowing I took you down with me, flounder.” An injection of humor to quell the downtrodden mood regarding the seal. Shizuka followed suite behind Sakana making a less flashy drop, the wind carried him gracefully down the wall of sand almost as if he were riding an invisible slide. While they all began to rush into the chasms of war Shizuka’s wind senses became disheveled with a new iteration of war that would soon derail their original plan. “Wait!” Shizuka shouted throwing his hands out in front of his chest before pulling them in. A large wind wall formed and scooped the other ninja up and pulled them back to the wind boy. “Look!” shoving his finger into the distance while the other three would regain their composure.

A massive worm like creature that easily stood over 100 meters was summoned from what seemed to be the depths of hell. Another flashback echoed from the past, “I know this monstrosity, my mother spoke of a species of malevolent worms that were seemingly instinct. We better tread lightly and change our plans. All I know is that they have thick skin no ordinary blade can penetrate through.” The multi-headed titan ravaged the city, destroying the defenses the Kazekage had set up. Smoke poured out of its hideous porous holes, the same smoke that the ninja who summoned them used. “Kamui, do you see any change in the area around our target? I don’t think there are many clones left, if at all. There’s something coming out of its mouth and look! I think he let one of the shinobi go, we better go after him.”

Shizuka began to move his arms in a continuous clockwise position, shifting the wind around the four shinobi. With his rapid hand movements the wind around them began to contour the sand around them, pulling it on the layers of wind. In a few moments the team would be fashioned with a constantly rotation dome of sand to cover their tracks and seem invisible. Shizuka led the charge to retrieve what seemed to be a messenger, in hopes to get a better perspective on the criminal’s wishes.
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Konohagakure Shinobi | Chunin | The Wall
TIME: Late Afternoon | LOCATION: Kumogakure Entrance ----> Cafe | INTERACTION: @Ladyinink@Altered Tundra@Grey Sama@Eis@Olira@GlitchyBugger

Things eventually settled back down for the unfamiliar group and their path was finally set. Kaba avoided initiating much un-needed conversation with the others although he knew little about them. When engaged, he replied with short rebuttals attempting to end conversations as quickly as possible. He made mental notes of his new teammates' abilities so to understand their weaknesses and strengths. He didn't know if they would be met with a combat situation, but if it did happen it was nice to know who could lend support where.

After what seemed to be eons specifically to Kaba, they reached their destination. Kaba had only visited Kumogakure once in his life, and he was only passing through due to a mission. He took a moment to absorb the scenery, noting how different it was from Konoha. Maybe he needed to travel more. He stretched while waiting on a consensus decision as to their next move, but that expectation was abruptly cut short with the arrival of a panicked shinobi. He was obviously in distress as sweat dripped across his brow.

As the group was informed of the hostage situation Kaba quietly sighed to himself. Normally, he'd be all for springing into action and playing the hero card but his heart was not yet back in it, which he couldn't help but think was pitiful. He had actually hoped things would be quiet and he could go off and explore Kumo alone for a while but it was clear they wouldn't get even a moment of downtime after the long trek. Even though he was in a funk of sorts, the Konoha shinobi would not waste any time sprinting after the Kumo nin as he led them to the scene.

Once they arrived to the cafe, there was little time to survey the situation. Their temporary guide had been snatched from the threshold of the building' entrance. The sudden action caused Kaba to instinctively reach for a kunai located in a pouch on his hip. He didn't point it at the one responsible, but kept in in a defensive position. As things came more into focus, Kaba noticed the wild hair that seemed to be unending, invading the entire cafe. The woman who it belonged to was certainly working with the same culprits that attacked Konoha, which led to Kaba immediately grimacing as she spoke. Once uninterested, he now strangely wanted to cut the woman's throat. But Kaba was no fool, he would not risk the safety of the hostages for his own selfish reasons. "What do you want?!" He stood waiting for a response, hoping none of the others made any rash decisions either. Really, he was only worried about the young Uchiha that impulsively joined them at the last minute. She was quite a character and he knew nothing of her abilities or experience in dealing with such a scenario.
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Sebun Chimei-teki Tsumi

TIME:Evening | LOCATION:Central Iwagakure | INTERACTION:@Savato@Pirouette

"Look. Yer gonna have to tell me sumdin and pull away a few of dem clones if yer gonna just stall me n' cuz here. Den mebbe I tell ya 'bout me." Kyoka said, implying that she had any control over Sebun. It was a rude statement but he let it slide. It had been awhile since Sebun had a conversation, most of the Yomi never really had conversations. Other than when they talked about missions, and that always devolved into a pissing contest. Sebun didn't feel like putting a lot of effort in this skirmish for Iwagakure, so he decided to sate Kyoka's thirst for knowledge. Sebun held out his hand and a small portal opened up, he stuck his hand through the portal. He retrieved a small object and pulled it out of the portal. It was nothing more than a pipe, he glanced at the pipe and moved it to his mouth. Sebun allowed the pipe to rest in between his lips.

I'll tell you a couple of things, Miss Kyoka. There are a couple reasons that we are here. One of those reasons are that supposedly your Tsuchikage and his prisoner know some information that our leadership would like to know. I care not about their reasons for being here. I was just told to assist my colleague and make sure that nobody interrupted the conversation. I'll also clue you in on our organizations name as well seeing how nobody knows. We call ourselves the Yomigaeri as your order of me pulling my clones, I'm afraid that can not happen. See I need them to keep the other ninja at bay and stop them from attacking Sano up there. As a sign of faith I'll allow your villagers to escape but that's the only reprieve I'll offer." Sebun said in one long winded statement. Sebun then produced a small match and used it to stoke the flame on his pipe before taking a deep inhale.

South Clone

TIME:Evening | LOCATION:South Sector Iwagakure | INTERACTION:@GlitchyBugger

The Archer began to move and fire at the same time. Making sure to keep the distance between them. It would seem that the Archer didn't want to fight a close ranged battle. As the Archer bobbed and weaved through the buildings, he kept up the volley of arrows. South continued to match the Archer's arrows with swords. He continued to fire at fleeing villagers until Sebun's order came into play. Civilians were no longer in play. That meant South could redirect his attention fully to Archer. That meant it was time to close the gap. South double the amount of weapons that he was firing at the Archer. He made sure that the weapons flew sporadically around the Archer. Missing as if it was on purpose. Soon the whole corner was littered with weapons. They were literally everywhere, protruding from the ground, and building alike.
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Metal grazing against metal, and delivering the most satisfying of clangs upon impact. Or at least, that was Gozubura expected, until the strange brace on the Raikage's arm was revealed and served as a defensive maneuver. Its layout was certainly outlandish, and even slightly impractical, until the General pieced it together. The man was both wise and intellectual superior to many, and figuring this out by correlation with Bakuto's widely known arsenal was no challenge. The odd sound from the metal, and the strange sensation it brought with it made it all too obvious that Sound Jutsu was employed.


With this realization, Starru was even more aware of what was affecting him. Something he'd easily ignore if the strange shape of the tool wasn't so eye-catching. Something had affected his mind or body, and it was very likely to be the sound jutsu, as no damage could be felt or noticed. A veteran such as this man would easily notice the smallest of pricks. A genjutsu was the most likely affliction, something Gozabura was well aware he had to expect from Bakuto, both by notoriety but also the usual characteristics of sound chakra. With his control, he would easily snap himself out of it, while his clone continued the assault.

Yes, even if he deduced it swiftly, he was opened for a time frame wide enough for a Kage-level to exploit. But Gozubura's clone would not halt in the air, genjutsu or not. Whether directions were inverted, it was still descending, and going to hit the Kage. And if it were to be damaged, the Raikage would notice the clone 'splitting'. It would do so regardless by the effects of the genjutsu reaching it, and descend as not one but two 'water' clones with their swords readied.

Regardless if Bakuto would block, however,the swords would do nothing to the blind man. His lightning armor was out, and mere swords, especially cloned, wouldn't even graze him. Hit or miss, it'd be a flop, but they'd likely be able to stay in one piece, given Gozabura had at least given himself some breathing time with the clones inevitably taking Bakuto's attention for a split second. Allowing the older man to perform the next set of hand seals with his free hand while his blade remained prepared.

Just as Bakuto went for the Hell Stab, and thus be dangerously close to the King Bradley impression, the blind man would very much feel a new presence barely a meter from him. A foot was manifested just centimeters from his head, as if this entity had been born in this world in the action of performing a kick. He could still react to it, given it wasn't the fastest kick ever, but if he'd even be mildly hit, he'd feel an immense amount of wind pressure propel him farther into the field. There'd be little to not damage, just a lot of repulsion. If he were to fully dodge, well, he'd have to avert his hell stab, allowing Starru to either dodge or even counter with his still enhanced blade.

The entity that had been summoned was a wind clone, and when it'd finish its kick, would vanish almost a second after it was conceived. In any case, Gozubura sought to create slight distance from Bakuto at this point, while the Water clones remained in proximity, ready to react.

"Hmmm. Yes, Sound Jutsu. And Lightning as well. A fairly powerful arsenal, typical of a Raikage. However, one only needs a single element to completely strip you of any advantage."

With one hand, he would seem to cast a longer jutsu, and once complete, he'd invoke it. Inhaling a large amount of air, he'd then release it while spinning his neck as if to simulate a rotating motion as he'd birth a possible tornado. There'd be not twister, but Bakuto would suddenly feel a perpetual, hurricane-level gust cover the field in a circular manner. A wind strong enough to make jumps risky, and lightning from his armor to flicker due to lack of control. Gozubura would also suffer from the risks of mobility being affected by this field wind, but in the end, he'd stack the advantages to his favor depending on the abilities of his enemies.

"You will not win this match, Raikage Bakuto. The faster you give yourself in, the less my partner will have to 'compromise' with the reinforcements."

The clones would suddenly dash toward Bakuto's being, not caring whether it'd be a blind spot or not given their opponent's unique characteristic. Nonetheless, they still aimed for the back. With the lightning enhancement armor weakened by the gust of wind in the field, there was now an opening to cut through the armor and hurt the Raikage. All the while, the hand that held the sword shone white, while the other free hand shone a darker color, and held itself flat, palm facing the ground, and arm extended. He was formulating something, as Bakuto was assaulted by the clones.

Rumia Shinrikyo


"I'm bored, Kyoka. Do we kill 'em or nah? Got me sum yummy shark sashimi right 'round the corner there."

Seemingly completely disinterested in the first portions of what Sebun had to say, Rumia yawned and did not hesitate to speak over the elder Yomigaeri member. Diplomacy was certainly not this beast's thing, and putting duty over his animal instinct to hunt down whatever earned her ire certainly didn't help with the attitude. Orange eyes remained fixed on the Tsuchikage's fight, but Rumia's being remained very much confined within this situation. Kyoka's safety before all.

Eyebrows rose in sudden revelation. The Shinrikyo had suddenly thought of something. With th blood that had spilled from the damaged cheek she had recovered, Rumia rose her thumb to gather some of the nearly coagulated blood. With quantities sufficient to please her, she'd proceed to draw a line of the red substance on her opposing forearm. Nothing would come out of this for the time being, but this act would very much be deliberate, and could only mean a few things. The most likely being a summon.

"Or Maybe I should kill 'nother one of them friends of yers? Like that lil' shit that threw all those thingies on m'ass? Y'know how shit I'd be without lil' Kyoka 'ere coverin' my bee-hind from y'all sickos?"

Her attention was cut from the fight for a brief moment, as she'd glance toward the old swordsman. Her hand attached to her marked forearm would raise to tap the Heisenberg's blond, slightly messy hair. Ruffle, ruffle, the little Kyoka would receive payback for the acid stunt. All the while, the tail seemed to close in to leave the breathing space for Kyoka even more narrow. Not that it blocked her or anything, but it almost looked as though it was ready to bind her. Nothing threatening though, perhaps a sign of uncertainty, as the monstrosity could certainly start to feel some big chakra presences cause major havoc among the city. It was certainly spooky.
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Ryokō Niken

TIME: Afternoon | LOCATION: Kumo | INTERACTION: @Ladyinink@Altered Tundra@BladeX@Eis@Olira@GlitchyBugger

They arrived in the village after a surprisingly short but somewhat awkward journey. Ryoko spent most of the journey trying and sometimes failing to make small talk. She tried talking to Kaba, who just seemed to blow her off only wanting to talk about the battle plan and nothing else. Nadia spent most of the journey fawning over Kiku, and the rest Ryoko spent chatting about their abilities and who would be fighting where and how and all that stuff. Ryoko just liked to let the flow of battle dictate who did what. It just felt more natural to her than having a plan that couldn't work. However, she would try to follow the plan for the sake of the mission of course.

As the team walked through the village, the leaf ninja got some looks from the locals. It wasn't really a warm welcome back that she expected to get when she originally left the village. Ryoko just ignored them, right now all she wanted to focus on was the mission. It wasn't long before a Kumo ninja came running up to their team. He was clearly out of breath and in a panic. He could barely get out what he needed to say. He explained the situation and the team quickly headed towards the cafe with the hostages. Ryoko was thinking about how they would handle this. Would there be an opening for the team to attack and free the hostages? Should they just trust that the hostages will not be harmed and just negotiate? Ryoko nearly drove herself mad trying to think of how the others would react to the situation. Whatever the move they made everyone had to be thinking the same thing otherwise it could end horrifically. There was no time to talk about it now, they just had to get there ASAP.

As soon as they arrived, Ryoko positioned herself in front of Nadia blocking off her path to the enemy, knowing that she would probably want to be the hero of the situation and try to fight to save the hostages. Ryoko opened up her kunai pouch and slowly started to raise a kunai using the Manipulating Attack Blades to keep her hands seen while still being ready. At the same time, she loosed her tanto out of its sheath while placing her hand on her neck, being ready to draw it but still trying to look relatively passive. If things turned south she would have to be ready for anything. She waited and listened while Kaba demanded to know what the enemy was planning to do.
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Bakuto The Raikage

Location: Outskirts of Kumogakure

Interactions with: @Savato The General In the the Village possible effected: @Grey Sama@BladeX@LadyinInk@Eis@Altered Tundra@GlitchyBugger

The hell stab, Three-Finger Nukite enhanced by the black lightning was an obvious assault and too much to little surprise to Bakuto didnt work. Once more he was hit by a clone that split into two water clones with swords but their attack was little to worry about as Bakuto powered into the lightning armor that would protect him from normal swords.

As the clones hit Bakuto proceeds to move the hell stab technique in wide swing trying to swipe away the clones. Enough time to give Gozubura time to weave signs to make a new clone a clone made of wind that hits Bakuto with a push kick. A kick designed to push Bakuto away rather than do damage.

similar to Gozubura first attack that Bakuto had blocked and evaded there was distance between the two. Two different attacks and strategies both failing to hit their goal. Bakuto couldn't help but think of the similarities between both their starting moves but didn't have much time to think much of it as he listened quickly to what the General claimed about needing one element to take him down. Quickly becoming clear what Gozubura's next assault would be an attack that would limit Bakuto's lighting abilities using a wind assault.

Just as Bakuto thought the general started using wind creating a vacuum updraft of hurricane force winds stirring up the air making it more dangerous to move around with jumpy maneuveres, also this made Bakuto's clones watching and listening in the distance stay off from usng their black lightning barrier techinque they were planning going further by having a few comments telling Bakuto to give up promoting him to respond, "Give myself in? Like signing my village into enslavement to another village that will imprison my people into encampments as the third Raikage did?...I would never let that fate fall upon my people! I will fight until my dying breath if i must to protect my village from going through such a fate ever again!" Near the end the Raikage nearly growled those last words with anger at the thought of giving up his life in this situation. Fueling him to go much further then he was before in this fight taking this more personal then just protecting the village.

After the exchange of words the clones dashed at Bakuto going for his back. Ideally going behind someone to attack their blind spots. This would be the case with Bakuto if he wasnt blind, he didn't have the same blind spots as he uses his other senses to see. His lightning armor was weakened by the wind but the moment the clones got into place to attack the armor dispels. Bakuto ducks and side steps the clones, closing his gauntlet hand into a fist with the metal around his wrist he funnels chakra into it once again.

If they couldnt jump around because of the wind meaning Bakuto had to attack so that being on the ground would be hazardous as the air was. Bakuto fulling a great deal of chakra into his guanlet hand "Sound Release: Seismic Punch" Creating vibrations with chakra into the gauntlet and after his declaration he punches his hand with all his might straight into the ground using the next jutsu up, "Sound Release: Quake Slam!" Sending the full force of chakra enhanced vibrations into the ground initially cracking the ground in his punch as the pulse wave of sound disperses its vibrations throughout the ground with a massive earthquake with Bakuto being the epicenter of the force spreading out the quake looking to destroy the clones that are close and make the ground a bit more of a danger to be on.

The attack being born of shaking the very core of the ground such a force could have affect of the surrounding area with Kumogakure feeling the earth rumbling shakes of the effects of the jutsu of the Raikage. While not at strong the outskirts where the attack ordinates it still is the effects of a small earthquake by the time the quakes reach the village.

Tashiro Hokori

Location - Amegakure
Interactions: Team @Reflection@Seraphicide Amekage @Odin

That wasnt the kind of response Tashiro was expecting from the Amekage. Having the same cold welcoming they had gotten from the villagers of the rain village. He listened and followed the role he was use to being one that follows orders and listens for them. Not paying much attention to the banter about objects that could repaired by Kurin's wood release. Going on about other objects Tashiro didnt notice that she was buying time nor did he think of a reason for why would she.

Then she said she didnt need their aid and further more telling them direction in which they should go. The two things made Tashiro think for a second if she didn't need their aid then why was she pointing out the direction of which the rogue shinobi went. Tashiro would have asked a question that was before Kurin spoke given his orders. It was understandable to send a message to the Hokage about the situation and for Tashiro and Nousagi to go get Kai to go to the place where the Amekage had stated to go to.. What he said at the end of gave Tashiro a double take. He was to be in charge? Tashiro would have questioned if this was the best course of action but he wasnt going to say no to this either.

Getting the radio together he then says to Nousagi, "Aright let's go pick up Kai and then go to the direction the Amekage as said we should go." Tashiro was about to head out before turning towards the Amekage, "Well we will be off Lady Amekage, I am sorry that we couldnt be of more use to you. Thank you for the information Lady Amekage we will be going then," give a polite bow before turning back towards Nousagi and saying, "Let's go" Then jumping out of the tower and using his chakra to run down the wall which they had climbed up. Hooking up his radio on his way down as he prepares to leave and met up with Kai before heading out towards the directions that the Amekage had given to them.
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Kaito Chosokabe - Hidden Rain Village

With a groan, Kaito finally removed the rumble atop of him. He'd waited for the Leaf nin to leave. He remembered the Shinra Tensei then blackness. Geez, was that the 'enemy nin' going easy.

Checking himself for wounds, he approached his glorious leader, Yogensha.

"Milady, hopefully I understood your intentions there. Made myself look like an idiot, but didn't really attack him in earnest. Afterall, we wouldn't want our guest hurt. I assume you'll want me to chase after them? On one hand, they'd probably easy see me with that infernal eye of theirs. On the other hand, who cares? I live here, its a free village, isn't it? Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm going to assume orders here. I'll report back anything I see. Is there anything else I might do?"

Listening for further instructions with a bow, Kaito would then limp off in the direction he'd seen the group go. The bright side was this was his village. Home terrain meant even someone slow could catch up to the likes of them. And the group setting meant they were only as fast as their slowest. Kaito gave one last smirk to his leader before heading off, towards the aforementioned cave. Despite the rain stopping, Kaito didn't remove his hood. It was a proud symbol of who he was, and he was home, so why should he? In all honesty, he was a little irked the rain had stopped. Assuming he was ahead of them, he stopped by the gate to wait for them to pass. He stopped at a fruit stand, pretending to be interested. Once the Leaf nin passed, Kaito would start tailing them once again.


Ai Kabe

@Glitchybugger @ZeroXposure
Well, the storm of projectiles made the battle easy to find. Ai reformed from paper atop a building for a second to analyze it. It seemed Koma was at a disadvantage here. Considering this man's colleagues had been trying to destroy the entire village, she shouldn't be surprised. Infact, Ai was more impressed by the fact Koma was keeping up so well. Was it a clone? Was Koma that strong? Were the invader's weaker than they thought? Ai didn't know the answer and that made it interesting.

"Huh, this is great to watch. Almost sad I have to join in, but I owe the Tsuchikage, so I guess I'll have to work in debt, not in wants."

She drew a handful of barrier tags, and spread them across her. They activated small square shields of chakra, and began to rotate around her, protecting her 360 degrees, though not from above or below. She'd need some protection if she was going to enter a battle of projectiles.

Ama-no-Iwato: Yao-yorozu's Party

Ai then entered the battleground, charging at the enemy nin, drawing two tags that read 'slow'. Ai zigzagged from building to building at him. (At Sebun, Ai doesn't know his name, so....)
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