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Location: Niaides Lakeshore
Interactions: Dustyn @MissCapnCrunch
Azura @SamaraJayne96
Marcella @Write
Rebekah @Krayzikk
Dallas @Plank Sinatra
Viv @Altered Tundra
Avem @Rockette
Emma @Rockette

With Dallas' arrival, it seemed like the party was finally going to kick into high gear as more of the students selected for the experiment were beginning to flood into the shore.

"K and I brought this shit and we're looking to reimbursed with money, sex, and whatever else you can get me here at this lake." Dustyn wasted no time in announcing the terms and conditions attached to acquiring any of the beers in the cooler. It was unlikely they would actually charge, but hey, if some of the rookies fell for it, money was always nice to have.

"What she said!" Kelsey added, pointing at her partner-in-crime.

Marcella emerged to confirm that the beer pong table, aka Rhea's desk, was on the grounds and that was all Kelsey needed to get excited. "That's what I wanna hear! Fuckin' right, let me crush a couple to give y'all a fair shot n' then get that sucker out here!" Marcy always did her best to make sure the playground was set for the night, and it seemed tonight was no exception.

As the other members of the raiding party emerged, Kelsey got more greetings, which she was accustomed to. She and Dustyn were notorious for their appearances at these shindigs, so it was no surprise she'd play the part of greeter as well. Rebekah Cross, the daughter of Athena, offered tidy pleasantries, and Kelsey wasn't going to let them hang. "Sup, Beks?" the archer offered in return. She could have went last name as well, but she couldn't trust herself not to call her Cross-Check, as in the hockey penalty. "Glad ya could make it." She did like Rebekah's ability to keep things to the point and not just gab at times. It was a nice contrast to Dustyn. Even if it came with a bit of know-it-all-ism. Athena kids. What were you gonna do?

The mystery girl from before came over, a couple of the beer cans that Kelsey had accurately chucked at her and the Nyx girl coming with her. "Hey, sorry. Probably shoulda given ya a heads up before I threw those. My bad." She seemed to be taking it in rather good spirits though. The girl, who now had a name, Azura, placed the can back in Kelsey's cooler and reached into her bag. "I would like to offer you my own party favor I brought from home." In a move that shouldn't have been too shocking, Azura pulled out a litany of joints, expertly rolled and offered them to the crew.

Now Kelsey's well-known vice was alcohol, but she was no stranger to the cannabis culture. Ricky Wells grew a lot back home, as did the Frenchie, Julien Tremblay. Ricky was pretty free and loose with his crops as well. She traveled with her father on a few occasions to Ricky's trailer in the woods to partake in some of his wares. She did not expect to find any here though. And Azura didn't sound southern, so there was a chance this was some of the good northern shit.

"Well shoot, I ain't said no to a free joint yet," she confirmed as she took one of the offerings from Azura. "Merci buckets," The archer girl tucked the joint behind her ear, for partaking of after some punishment had been handed out on the beer pong court. "Ya know, thought I woulda met up wit someone who got a decent green connection before at one of these things. How come I never seen ya 'round before, Azura?"

The question was interrupted by a sudden burst of energy catapulting into the shoreline from the forest ridge. Kelsey could see it was a person tumbling towards the shore but they were flailing so much, it was hard to tell until suddenly Vivian Lucasta collided with Dustyn at such forced that Kelsey wasn't sure nine new planets were created right then and there. The Marston girl just felt the wind rush past as the two of them sprawled in the sand. She took another sip of her beer as Avem made the move to help Dustyn back up. Dallas was interrupted in his challenge by the entry of his sister, so he rushed forward to make sure she was all right. Not like there were many thoughts in the Apollo girl's head to totally scramble. She was always the happy-go-lucky type, if the 'Ouchies' didn't tip off anyone else to that fact.


Dustyn came up from her tumble holding a still-bloody tooth in her hand. She immediately bestowed it upon Viv, who looked just as baffled as before. "There ya go, Viv. You can make yurself a fine voodoo necklace outta that. If D ever goes full zombie, you'll be protected!"

Kelsey's cohort seemed little worse for the wear, aside from the now obvious gap in her yellowed smile. "Does it look bad though?"

The Missouri native peered in for a look. As she thought, it was pretty obvious, but nothing that couldn't be hidden by side selfies. "Nah, you're fine. Gotta real Scottie Upshall smile now. If ya want, I can try 'n knock the other one out, make it all symmetrical and what not. She turned her attention back to the true matter at hand, and that was knocking as much sense into Dallas and his thoughts on his beer pong game as much as was knocked out of Viv and Dustyn. "All right Dal, since my playin' partner might be kinda concussed, y'all wanna wait a few minutes ta get dropped through tha table, or y'all want this whoopin' ASAP? Cause I'm impressed ya got my name first go, but not enough ta go easy on y'all." Clearly her mind was back where she felt it needed to be.

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Interacting with: Viv@Altered Tundra Dustyn@MissCapnCrunch

Phil had spent the time since he had arrived mostly by himself. After the big assembly he had just dumped his belongings in his new apartment and left again for the gardens. It was kind of a tradition for him to start his semester of that way. Just tending to the plants and meditating to himself. Also laying in a garden feeling the sun charge him up with energy and good feelings is what keeps this demigod going.

It’s not that he didn’t like to socialize with his fellow godly students, but he had always been someone who cherished his alone time. But his size and standoffishness usually made people weary of him. This of course is something the son of Demeter wants to change. His mother always told him to be as kind and nurturing as he can be. And if the other students were avoiding him that task is pretty hard.

Somehow he had gotten wind of a lakeside party and Phil saw this as a perfect time to be sociable. But first, he couldn’t keep himself from taking some time at the lake shore making it just a bit more beautiful. The burly young man sat down and began to slowly and meticulously rolling up the pant legs of his denim overalls before he sank his legs down into the pleasantly warm water. A wide smile spread across his face as he reached for his satchel. From it he pulled a few small bulbous looking seeds which he spread out in the palm of his hand before lowering it beneath the surface of the water. A faint shine could be seen from under the water before small vines could be seen rising up from the lake. Soon green, round lilypads sprouted from these vines and at last beautiful pink water lilies bloomed. Phil smile widened as he inspected his work, nothing made him happier than watching plants grow.

Just as he was about to blan some reeds at the edge of the lake he heard a tumultuous crash coming from a few feet away. Phil’s head snapped towards the direction of the crash. Worry plastered on his face as he stood up to get a better look at what had happened. When he saw that the cause of the crash was one of his smallest friends Vivian, he quickened his pace to get over to the group of people.

“Oh dear… Are you ok Vivian?” he asked arriving just as his blonde friend was standing up. He gave her a helping hand dusting of the grass from her shirt. Seeing that she was suffering from a big headache, Phil started to rummage in his bag again. This time pulling out a bunch of herbs. More specifically some lavender, peppermint and basil all harvested from the gardens this morning. All of them having soothing properties usually through aromatherapy. But Phil had a quicker way of doing things.

“Here... let me make that a bit better.” He smiled at her as he laid his left hand over his right where he had the herbs. The same faint glow could be seen for a few seconds before Phil lifted his hand revealing the herbs now lying shriveled and dead in his palm. His left hand now having a slight aura to it as he placed it on Vivian’s forehead. The aura left his hand and flowed into Vivian.

He dusted his hands off from the remnants of the herbs “Did that help any?” he almost cooed. He looked towards the others nodding his hello’s. As his eyes fell on Dustyn they shifted from her toothless smile to the tooth Vivian was holding.

“Do you… want me to mend that for you? Or have you made other plans for that tooth?” he asked cracking a grin.

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ιм уσυя яєαм gιя
Tнιѕ ιѕ яєα σνє
Bυt уσυ кησω ωнαt tнєу ѕαу αвσυt мє
Tнαt gιя ιѕ α ρяσвєм
Gιя ιѕ α ρяσвєм
Gιя ιѕ α ρяσвєм

Location: Lyra’s Room → Ariana’s Room → Naiades Lakeside Party
Mentions: Lyra @Filthy Mudblood, Asher @HaleyTheRandom, Dustyn @MissCapnCrunch, Kelsey @NeoAC, Avem @Rockette, Phil @spooner, Dallas @Plank Sinatra, Vivian @Altered Tundra, Ian @SilverPaw, Marcella and Rhea @Write, Rebekah @Krayzikk
Interacting With: Azura @SamaraJayne96, Dana [@PlankSinatra], Jonas @HereComesTheSnow

As far as first days went, this had to be the lamest one Ariana had experienced in all her years at olympus academy. After she’d arranged for every single item she’d brought to be in the exact place she’d wanted it, she left to hang out with Lyra at her own apartment. The two girls spent the next few hours catching up with the happenings of the months they spent apart, and failed to notice how quickly time flew past them. It was only after Ari’s phone blew up with messages that the two girls remembered about Dal’s party by the lake. Face lit up by the thrill of having a chance to get her first score of the semester and catch up with one of her favorite people in Olympus, Ariana quickly excused herself with Lyra and rushed to her apartment to get ready.

The daughter of Aphrodite spent the better part of two hours making sure she looked every bit as stunning as she could possibly look. She chose to take the minimalist approach in terms of makeup- assuming that enhancing her beautiful features was better to stare at under the stars and the moonlight than glamming it up to hang out with a bunch of drunks in the middle of the forest. Her glossy dark locks were blow-dried parted to one side, flowing freely down her back in all of their layered glory without so much as a hint of frizz. Distressed, light wash skinny jeans, a white bralette and a black leather jacket paired with gold hoop earrings and a pair of white Adidas sneakers were the pieces she chose for the night out: comfortable enough to defend herself from the cold yet sultry enough to bag herself a win. After staring at herself in the mirror and taking sexy selfies from every possible angle, the young woman made sure she carried the essentials in her pockets before sneaking out of the dorm complex and into the cool darkness of the night.

The party was in full swing with the usual suspects by the time Ariana made her debut. Dustyn, Kelsey, Avam and sweet Phil were deep in conversation- something about a broken or falling tooth or whatever. God only knew what that was about. Then there was the host of the party himself, looking as heartbreaking as always (and making the young woman sigh with frustration at never being able to snag him), while accompanied by the annoying little sister Viv. She spotted Marcy’s brother alone by the lake, no doubt gearing himself for the possible interactions the party offered. Off in the back of a red pick-up truck was Dana, to whom Ariana enthusiastically waved to and blew a kiss, and not too far away were Rhea and Marcella.

She suppressed the urge to laugh when she saw what the two were wearing. Had they perhaps missed the memo on the selected venue and thought they were attending an Oscar gala party or something? Whatever the case, Ari knew no other demi-goddess would be able to upstage her: gala dresses or not, she could show up to the party wearing nothing but a ratty T-shirt and still take half the guys home with her.

The familiar smell of herbal deliciousness brought the brunette back to her senses. She looked around trying to find the source of the tempting scent and grinned in satisfaction when her eyes found on some new girl offering out joints of weed.

I’ll take one of these,” Ariana said brightly, plucking one of the joints from the new girl’s case before flashing her one of the signature Ariana smiles. “Thank you, sugar. Enjoy the rest of the night.”

With a parting wink, the brunette turned on her heel and made her way across the venue. Joint now on her full lips, she pulled out a pink Zippo from the pocket of her coat and expertly lit up. Her hazel eyes scanned the area as she smoked, trying to find the perfect victim to properly kick off the year Aphrodite style. Some were not her type, others she’d already done, and the rest were simply options she would never even consider- because, although she was a slut, the girl had fucking standards. The short amount of patience Ariana was blessed with was starting to run dry when finally, out in the distance, she spotted one of the few males at Olympus Academy that she’d always wanted to ride but had never had a chance to… Until tonight.

Check. Fucking. Mate

With the prey now chosen, it was time for the huntress to pounce. The young woman squared her shoulders, held up her head and began to saunter straight in the direction of Dana Harada’s hunky older brother: Jonas Big-Daddy Highwind.

“Hey, JoJo,” Ariana called out in greeting to the son of Ares as she made her way to where he was, unknowingly ignoring Athena’s daughter in the process. She offered Jonas a mischievous smile while taking guard in front of where he was crouched, petting the three-headed black pup that no doubt belonged to Hades’ only Marcella Bonaparte. “I'm surprised you're not on security detail this time around, sweetie! Does this mean you finally have some time to hang out with me?” she said in a well-practiced kittenish voice, seductively blowing out a slow stream of cannabis smoke while her eyes remained locked on his.
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Jonas Highwind

Lake Lunks
@Dirty Pretty Lies@Plank Sinatra

Approach. Twelve o'clock high. Somebody new entered the field, and judging from the refinedly sensual, honeydrip tone...

He glanced upwards. Truth be told, he'd long heard her coming— first as a new pair of unidentified footsteps and second as an identifiably familiar, but not quite fully recognized, disembodied voice— one he had a decent guess at, but didn't elect to verify. They normally had other priorities than each other in the times they'd crossed paths. In all honesty, he had guessed that they'd mutually deduced that there was nothing either really had to offer the other in the way of common ground beyond the girl currently surveying the landscape atop his Ford.

But evidently that had come to an end. Now in full view, his enhanced senses quickly took stock of the girl before him. She was, thankfully, dressed casually as opposed to something mind-bendingly out of place for (and we reiterate) a lakeside outing. Just jeans, a crop top (bralette? I don't know clothes), and a leather jacket to fight the bitter cold of Coloradan night. I oughta get one of those, actually.

"Ah. Ariana."

He rose to his full height.

Ariana "Ari-chan" Mossos. His younger sister's favorite shopping buddy. A girl of... eighteen, if he recalled correctly, years of age. A daughter of Aphrodite that shared Danaye's love of long shopping trips and very heavy, very full bags. Five and a half feet tall, she cut the striking figure you'd expect of her heritage, with the well-kept locks and immaculate skin to match, kissed by the sun just so. The outfit did a fair job of showing off her curves, and her makeup accentuated her face—

“I'm surprised you're not on security detail this time around, sweetie! Does this mean you finally have some time to hang out with me?”

The face that was blowing smoke into his and getting it up his nose and in his eyes and he thought he tasted it and

"Ahem." he gave a polite cough, adroitly following up with a small chuckle and a joke. "Better watch where you point that thing. I can't summon my own, but that might count as a weapon."

This is Dana's friend, he reminded himself, Be nice. She knows not what she does.

Waving the smoke away, he adopted an easier, more naturally friendly grin, and continued, allowing a warm ruefulness to creep into his baritone.

"Yeah, getting the kegs here with Dal's run us both ragged, so he's letting me have the night off. I dunno if I've the temperament to safely handle a belligerent drunk after dodging the barriers and guardians in and out of campus anyway."


"Hang out with me"...


He was fairly sure they'd never spoken at length before, let alone shared any interests aside from the common thread of his sister. Surely this was only being courteous. He wasn't Dallas, people mostly let him paradoxically both be physically huge and slip under their radar if they existed outside of his friend circle... And yet here she was. Making that voice, giving him that look, and asking him to hang out. With her. Him.

Alright. There could be any number of things driving this.

Well, first, this was a Daughter of Aphrodite. Aphrodite, aphrodisiac. He knew that one of his abilities granted him total presence of mind under any outside influence, but perhaps the unfamiliarity of the situation was throwing him off-kilter. Best to verify a few things. Namely, intent and motive. Remove all possibility of misreading the situation.

He helpfully threw a thumb over his rounded shoulder to his sister, and spoke.

"I appreciate the offer, but if you're worried that you'd be taking the other Ares kid from her post, don't. Dana'd be free to hang out with you so long as she keeps an eye on everyone else, so you don't have to make do with me or anything like that."

In truth, this was a stretch. It was a hell of a stretch, given how quickly he'd come to the first conclusion. His suspicions told him, in no uncertain terms, that this one was the peak of playing dumb— she was very openly eyeing all six feet and three inches of him up. She was busting out pet names when he wasn't sure he'd ever done anything more than greet her when picking up his sister from the mall. She tried to Jessica Rabbit him with weed, what an inspired move that was.

He knew better. And he knew he knew better, too. This was an act he'd seen more than experienced by leagues, but he knew how it played all the same.

Internally, he sighed, not letting it show on his face. He didn't want to be rude and act like his kid sister's friend was being a bother, but...

Don't make me do this.

Beneath his friendly smile, Jonas Highwind searched for a way out that didn't rock the boat.
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l o c a t i o no l y m p u s a c a d e m y // n a i a d e s l a k e i n t e r a c t i o n sL a k e g o e r s @Rockette @SamaraJayne96 @NeoAC @MissCapnCrunch @SilverPaw @HereComesTheSnow @Plank Sinatra @Write @Dirty Pretty Lies @spooner

From Damien trying his best to not become increasingly bothered by the rising numbers of people who have converged around where he and Emma had chosen to sit, Damien, much like his sister often did, observed the scene unfolding. From the sudden bumping of heads the Sunshine Girl and Trash Incarnate, Dustyn had managed to do, elsewhere Damien relunctantly caught the whiff of one strong scent. While he wasn't as in sync with the sense of smell that certain hunter offspring were, that particular scent mixed in with cannabis and whatever Ariana Mossos chose to spray all ove rher tanned body was hard for the Son of Nyx to ignore. It was just as much atrocious as it was potent.

"Why you would offer free weed is beyond me, Azura," Damien commented briefly, shooting the brunette a short-lived glare, though it warped up into a grin. He managed to sneak away two of the offered joints via shadow tendrils that scooped a couple of them from the container Azura brought out. He popped one into his mouth while digging into his pocket for a lighter. Quickly lighting it, he blew out a puff of natural herbal smoke and did so away from his sister. "I have one for you if you want it," he commented just briefly, offering the girl a smile that held just as much genuine kindness he showed only to his sister, though others often saw the softer side to Damien Black if they were lucky.

He turned around and surveyed the lake. From the view of the lake where he saw Ian Rivers and to where that bright red not-a-firetruck truck was located, Damien wondered who was the least boring of the bunch. He wasn't sure exactly who would benefit from his company. Or if they would even have it. Truth be told, Damien was more than content just standing on the sidelines with his sister. He sure as hell didn't want to get too involved with Ariana and whatever she had planned for Jonas, though based off of the vibe he was getting, Jonas didn't want any part of it either. He wasn't sure if he should be laughing now, but Damien couldn't resist. What he didn't catch until it was too late was how Damien did such an action a bit too loudly.

"Oops," he stopped, though a proud smirk came in place of the giggles. "Guess it's not a laughing matter," he said to his sister. "But I guess it serves Ariana right. It was pretty bold of her to think Jonas Highwind would actually be interested in her brand of whatever product she was selling," he said with the full knowledge that the Daughter of Aphrodite heard him, which happened to be his exact intention.
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"Ah, who fucking cares," Dallas demurred, although his eyebrow seemed to cock upwards in some mild display of trepidation at the new kid's bad touch vibes. If it fixed whatever dark, monstrous CTE ravaged Viv's head to the point where she could just spit out words like 'dandy' without a hint of shame, then keep on keeping on, whatever. "You came. You saw. You conquered an incisor or two. We'll laugh about this story together in a few years, as long as you don't fall asleep with a concussion and wind up a vegetable. But I guess you have a friend for that now."

He had been about to press a cold one to Viv's head as a temporary measure, but now that Dr. Phil had stepped in and cleared up everything in Viv's head but the sunshine and rainbows, he cracked it open and prepared to polish off the whole can to ease the throbbing in his own temples--

“Hey, JoJo.”

Is that a motherfucking--

“I'm surprised you're not on security detail this time around, sweetie! Does this mean you finally have some time to hang out with me?”


Then the implication of the words struck him like a cannonball to the chest, and Dallas paused with the beer can held to his lips. For a cautious second, he waited - held his breath to see if the words were just a hallucination brought on by some of the pot smoke in the air, or maybe bran damage he'd done by watching more than one anime in a year like he had when he'd first started attending Olympus. Maybe it was just a herald that something had gone wrong in the Matrix, like a black cat walking by twice through the same hallway. Were half the people at this lake about to start turning to dust?

There was no way they could. He felt way too good.

"Ahem. Better watch where you point that thing. I can't summon my own, but that might count as a weapon."


Beaming, Dal turned around and took up a position between Marcella and Kelsey; it was a comfortable spot between two friends, neither of whom he'd be opposed to waking up with tomorrow morning, and more importantly it was the best perch at the entire lake to watch Jonas humiliate--


"Ah. Ariana."


"You guys should tune in for this," he stage whispered to the beer-besotted valkyries on either side of him. "This is about to be a fucking treat. Look at him. Those vacant eyes. That dumb grin. Brainpan thick like a fucking bank vault. It's all a ruse. He knows exactly what he's doing. This guy fucks. He doesn't sleep with us demigods because he thinks we're all too spoiled as it is, but I've partied with him during summer breaks. Five girls, back to back, when we turned twenty. They still have a sign of him up in the VIP lounge of the club we crashed at. There's a fucking titanium nameplate underneath it with 'Immortan Joey' etched into it. The backs he blew out that day laid the foundation for what this party is now. And blowing weed in his face? Fucking a. Like giving Shendu all twelve fucking talismans. He's either about to humiliate her or cut a sex tape you'd need the fucking Fram Cam to appreciate. If he humiliates her then Jesus returns by Christmas. If he gets laid then you can use my shirtless body for the beer pong table."

He finished his can of beer and watched Joey blunder his way through what would have been a very simple "get the fuck out of my face, Arthur" if Dal were in his shoes. It was hard to stop a grin from unfurling on his face, or keep the twinkle out of his electric blue eyes. If any of what he had said was a lie, it was rattled off convincingly - and without any hesitation.

"Look at him go. It's like watching Scott Summers try and take a fucking eye exam."

This cannot be happening to me.

She was not the sort of woman without honor, the kind of coward, who would slay her own beloved older brother. The fact that he was a faithless American pigdog that teamkilled his own little sister in 2v4 situations in video games was irrelevant. The blood that ran through his veins was half hers, and even if her remaining blood was redder and hotter and more valuable than his, the shared variable was still enough for her to feel protective of Jonas Highwind. Boys were for slaying, not for laying, indeed...but Jonas wasn't for slaying or laying. He was for...saying.

Saying important things. Like.

Oniiii-chan. Dana needs money for shopping. Give her yours.

Oniiii-chan. Dana is going out with Bekah for the evening. She will need a set of keys for the truck. Give her yours.

Oniiii-chan. Dana's controller batteries are dead. Give her yours.

Oniiii-chan. Dana wants to practice her fatalities and will be taking a spine spine. Give her yours.

Oniiii-chan. Dana should not need to tell you that Ari-chan is not for riding. Give her nothing!

Had Ariana not wanted to come to the party after all? A simple no would have sufficed. Why would the daughter of Aphrodite force her friend to watch idly as her lunkhead older brother was tortured like this? A dog did not understand why a cruel owner would strike it. A deer could not comprehend the headlights hurtling towards it. Jonas was going to politezone Ari so hard! Dana would be forced to cringe until her fingers dug all the way through her arms and back into her wrists!

Kaz would be loving this.

But she was not as cruel as Kaz.

"I appreciate the offer, but if you're worried that you'd be taking the other Ares kid from her post, don't. Dana'd be free to hang out with you so long as she keeps an eye on everyone else, so you don't have to make do with me or anything like that."

"Hm? Oh."

TRAITOROUS NII-CHAN? YOU THINK TO FUCK ME? HUH? HUH? AFTER ALL I DO FOR YOU! BBBBBBBBBḆ̭̞̲͖ͪ͑̈́ͅA̭̩͛͑̄͒̾̑K͕̦̬̙͕̗̐͛̐̈ͤ͋̌̽A̤̻͙̙̗̘ͪ͑͋͂ ̯͓̞̬̜͍̥̈ͬͤ́ͥ̍B̲͚̺̦̳̜̞͉̗̍̃ͨÄ̙̤͍̳̜̘́K͓̞̙ͣͮ̓ͬͩA̞̗͍͓̖̞̞͐ͅ ̥̍̈̿ͫͩ͗̆ͬ̓Ḅ̖̙̯͕̘̹̉̈̂A̩̓ͯ́͌̊ͬ͗̍K̭̞̲͓ͩͤͤ́̌ͨ́̂Ȧ͚̟̲̫̝͆͐̓!͈̘̹̱͔͎̖̹̖̈́ͧ̊

Bad enough that the kiss Ariana had blown Dana still lingered on Dana's fingertips, where the Japanese girl had playfully caught it and meant to mime returning it - before Dana had deduced where Ari was sauntering, of course. She was supposed to be working security so Dallas could waste his life in sin and iniquity, for fuck's sake! She did not want to have to spend half the night distracted, explaining to her spurned friend why her fucking traitorous idiot pigdog onii-chan thought his dick was supposed to be used like an alarm clock! Why he thought babies came from fucking C-130s! Why else would he still be a virgin at the age of twenty?


Why should she be forced to explain that!?


Rebekah was going to kill something tonight.

"Ari-chan is good girl," she insisted politely, mustering all of her inner strength and her middling command of English. "But if you want to hang out with your friends tonight, I can hang out with mine. We can both keep eye on things together."

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Location: Right in the fucking thick of it
Rhea Interactions:
JoJo @HereComesTheSnow,
Dana @Plank Sinatra,
Ari @Dirty Pretty Lies

Marcy Interactions:
Dal @Plank Sinatra,
Kels @NeoAC
Viv @Altered Tundra,
Dusty @MissCapnCrunch

Marcella Aveline Bonaparte20, Fifth Year
Ψ Rhea Franky Psomas Ψ 19, Fourth Year

Rhea was leaned down, keeping a fairly casual eye on the lake watching for any ripples, though there was Ian he wasn’t in any danger of drowning as he stood by the lake. She didn’t necessarily need to, she had a good sense of the occupants of nearby bodies of water, but she liked to be careful. For the most part she was very impressed with the crowd they had selected to partake in this special experiment. She liked most of them if not loved a great deal.

It hadn’t been long into the party where Rhea had noticed that Marcy was no longer paying attention to her and she snuck off in order to change into something more comfortable for her. It wasn’t that she didn’t appreciate Marcy’s efforts. But god damn how does she walk in those fucking things? She was now wearing a camo sweater, a white tank top underneath and a pair of leggings along with some cargo boots for good measure. It did a lot to make her more comfortable and she had already caught Jonas' reaction to her initial outfit. Glancing over at Marcy though, it seemed as though the older girl had expected it, holding her bottle up in a sort of 'cheers' motion. Rhea just nodded at her with a bit of a laugh.

In her leaned down position one of the mini-cerberus’ heads were rubbing up against her cheek while she pet the other two. She hadn’t seen the beast in quite some time.

The last time was a rather tragic drunken attempt to pet all three heads at once and crying because it just couldn’t be accomplished. But her focus on the dog was lost as Ariana approached, fashionably late as always. She thought back to first year for a moment, her first year and her first time attending one of Dal’s parties. Their status on campus was legendary and she was, not. She was some terribly dressed girl from Alberta. But she managed to attend, and she met quite a few people for the first time.

“Hey, JoJo,”

Her voice was like a current of electricity that shot up Rhea’s spine and almost made her hair stand on end. She used it as a weapon, often, and this was no exception. Her eyes scanned up Ariana quickly, dressed as one would expect from the daughter of Aphrodite, her midriff lay bare and her eyes were illuminated by the far end of the joint balanced precariously on her lips.

Oh shit.

Jonas himself glanced towards her without any sense of surprise. He must’ve heard her coming, Rhea hadn’t whatsoever. She considered this probably painted the still cavernous gap between their skill levels at this point. She was progressing, but so was he. He rose up to his full height to greet her, standing well overtop of both of the girls.

She blew the smoke towards his face and Rhea nearly shot up, shocked.

But she restrained herself.


It seems Jonas would too.

"Better watch where you point that thing. I can't summon my own, but that might count as a weapon."

In the immortal words of Danaye Harade. ‘Nani the fuck.’

Was Jonas trying to... Fuck? Rhea clearly had much to learn still from a man much more enigmatic than he lead on. He waved the smoke from his face and for one instant Rhea believed that she saw a crack in his calm and casual demeanor. But it was tough to tell for sure.

Rhea had sparred with Jonas and spent quite a bit of time with him as well. If there was a single defining trait about his demeanor it was his fucking perfect poker face. It most likely came with his level of control over his mind, but you could not read him whatsoever. She was sure she was projecting due to her sheer surprise.

She glanced over at Dana, who was already moving to respond. "Ari-chan is good girl," Dana postured politely towards her friend. “But if you want to hang out with your friends tonight, I can hang out with mine. We can both keep eye on things together." Rhea couldn’t help but wonder where Dana got the strength to be so kind and measured.

As soon as Dal sat down between Kelsey and Marcy the daughter of Hades wrapped an arm around him and kissed his cheek. He was whispering to the two of them about Jonas and Ari. She glanced over in their direction and watched as Rhea floundered about having been caught in the immediate proximity of that fuck-bomb.

As soon as Dal had finished with his apt comparison of Jonas to the leader of the X-Men Marcy watched Jonas stand up to his full height in order to greet the daughter of Aphrodite. Marcy side-eyed Kelsey and Dal and whispered back.

“We’re all looking at the same thing, right?” Jonas was, very evidently, a big fucking guy. He was around six feet and two or three inches, packed muscle on just enough that it didn’t slow him down but he could probably flip a car if he needed to. The man must’ve had a foot and at least 100 pounds on the smaller girl. And she was trying to land that fucker like she was a fishing competition. The biggest stronger sunova bitch the school had to offer. The more Marcy considered it, however the more it made sense.“Honestly, good for her.”

But as Rhea made her presence known and Dana also began to intervene it seemed more like a rescue attempt. But Dal, Dal had already hit a boiling point. His blood was pumping and he was excited. If Ari was as persistent as her reputation preceded than Marcella may yet get to see Dal become a beer pong table.

She glanced over at Dustyn who had handed an absolutely horrified Viv her tooth. What a fucking legend. This is why everyone invited Dusty everywhere. You couldn't slow a bitch down. She couldn't even slow herself down.

Marcy knew Ari like people knew celebrities. Her exploits were talked of and her conquests probably had a group chat or some shit. But she knew that at one-point Rhea had nearly fallen victim to the walking embodiment of charisma. Marcy looked at Dal for one more moment, his arm around both her and Kelsey and in that moment, she realized something beautiful.

Dal is having a great time.

I bet he’ll let me pierce him again.

“Hey kids,” Marcy said turning towards Dal and Kels with a devilish grin. “I just got a fun idea, how do you both feel about getting a piercing? I’ll do anywhere and you get your choice of gem, I think sapphires would look beautiful on you Kels,” Marcy’s charm was being cranked up, her eyelashes fluttering as she spoke. While she did speak to Kelsey her eyes shot from the girl’s gaze straight to meet Dal’s. He knew the look on her face well by now. Her grin was less kittenish like Ari’s and more apropos to the devil himself. Still tempting, but for all the wrong reasons.

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"I'll be fine to drive," Athena's daughter confirmed to Jonas, midway through twisting the top off of a beer. Mot quite what he asked, but an accurate statement still. She could drink the whole pack herself and drive fine. Benefits of a godly affinity for driving. Not that she would. She didn't like beer that much. Or, for that matter, weed; so she politely shook her head at the girl offering joints. Dana had enough complaints about her clothes without them smelling like smoke. "I figure we'll toss the drunks in the truck bed. Someone threw up in my van last year. Took ages to clean out, so I left it home. At least if they do it in the bed it can just be hosed out."

She took a long sip from her bottle and scratched one of the Cerberus' heads absently, watching the proceedings for a few moments. Most of the people had no real investment for her, though she nodded her head at Kelsey in acknowledgement. Pleasantries exchanged, she didn't have anything else to say. Yet. Truthfully she was busy plotting. Jonas usually took security detail, but Dallas had given that duty to the CGBG on this particular evening. To her great displeasure. She was sure that Jonas could take a shift, the big guy was amiable enough and like any true scoundrel Relo had his price. He'd do her a favor with the right coercion. It was just a matter of what it'd take. So she chewed on that thought for a few minutes, steadily sipping away at her first drink.

Until the approach of one Ariana Mossos, blowing a kiss at the girl seated on a keg up behind her.

And her eyebrows went up, for a brief second, before her eyes narrowed. Ariana was a year younger, and the daughter of Aphrodite was vaguely on her radar. She went shopping with Dana from time to time, excursions Rebekah usually declined. Dana's haunts were too expensive for her bank account, and she was uncomfortable letting the Japanese girl spend so much money on her. But for the most part she was blissfully unaware of the.... girl's existence, as surely the daughter of Aphrodite was of hers.

Clearly, since she didn't so much as acknowledge her before proceeding to harass Highwind.

Rebekah didn't like that. Not one bit, she decided after a second. Her own apathy towards the girl's very existence was not an invitation to be ignored. Arrogance was typical of the Aphrodite breed, but this was a bridge too far to be tolerated. Gray eyes gave the girl a quick appraisal, lips pursing into something almost approaching a frown. Could she be laying the come-hither on much thicker? Jonas could take care of himself, that wasn't her concern, but...

Good Lord, someone needed to put this kid in her place.

"But if you want to hang out with your friends tonight, I can hang out with mine. We can both keep eye on things together."

"That's great, Dana-chan," Rebekah said brightly, pulling herself back up onto the bed of the truck with the hand not holding her drink and plopping down on her friend's lap. Her gaze swept, once more, over the daughter of Aphrodite. "I was getting worried Relo would keep you too busy to hang out with me. I don't think I've had the pleasure of meeting your friend before. Care to introduce us?"
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Location: Lake Side Party
Interactions: @NeoAC Kelsey
@spooner Phil
@Plank Sinatra Dallas
@Altered Tundra Vivian
@Write Marcella

The reassurance from her best friend Kelsey was good enough for Dustyn. She wasn't sure who Scottie Upshall was but she assumed it was someone Kelsey had bumped loins with- and if he was good enough for Kelsey he was good enough for Dusty. "I'll keep my other tooth in my head thank you very much." she laughed, "If I lose anymore teeth, i'll be all gums and then I'll be even more popular with the boys." she gave her lewd comment before pulling her used cigarette from her lips and dropping it back to the ground from which it had just came. She used her shoe to put it out completely. "Hey now, not even Viv's hard ol' dome can keep me from some pong. No offense Viv." the girl nodded, giving a Vivian a hearty pat on the shoulder.

No hard feelings.

Phil joined the group and gave his healing touch to Vivian while Dusty watched in awe, when it came to special abilities Dustyn was lacking in usefulness. She was always impressed with Phil's tender touch, the glowing of his herb's on Vivian's forehead causing her to stare her eyes slightly closed as she zoned out for the moment. If Phil were to roll those up and if Dustyn were to smoke she wondered if that shit would be life changing. When he mentioned the tooth however, Dusty spoke up, "NO!" she exclaimed, before explaining her outburst, "You can't just mend that shit, it came out for a reason right? If it came out of my head it was probably gonna cause me problems later, like a tumor or something. I swear to the Gods that I heard that on television before." she exasperating, opening up Vivian's hand wither her slender finger tips only slightly to examine her tooth once more.

It was awfully pathetic.

"Goodbye dude." she said, closing Vivian's hand with hers.

She gave Vivian and Phil a wink, before turning her attention to the rest of the crew that had formed around them she gave a quick wave to Marcella. The party was finally really starting, and it was clear that the night was going to be one to remember. Dallas began speaking quietly as Dusty turned her attention to the scene between Jonas and Ariana, Dallas' voice barely above a whisper for her to hear.

"Daaaaaaaaaamn." she concluded. That one hurt her from here.
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Location: Niaides Lakeshore
Interactions:Marcella @Write
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Dustyn @MissCapnCrunch
Viv @Altered Tundra
Rebekah @Krayzikk
Phil @spooner
Dana @Plank Sinatra
Ariana @Dirty Pretty Lies
Jonas @HereComestheSnow
Avem @Rockette

It was clear from her mouth that Dustyn was no worse for the wear from her collision with Viv. No surprise. Kelsey has seen Dustyn take hits that would make Jay Bouwmeester wince and she's always bounced back ready for whatever action comes her way. She was a damn tough cookie, and this night was only enhancing her legend.

"Hey now, not even Viv's hard ol' dome can keep me from some pong. No offense Viv." Kelsey let a giggle slip. "S'what I knew I was gonna hear, D. Fuck, even if ya were concussed, figure you could show up Dal." Kelsey told her BFF as Phil went to help Dustyn with her newfound dental problem as well as Viv with her own potential bell-ringing.

The Missouri girl crushed the rest of her beer and tossed the can back into the cooler to grab a fresh one. Meanwhile, Dallas and Marcella turned their attention to the scene playing out by the source of the music. That big lunk of deep-friend meat was getting the business from the daughter of Aphrodite, Ariana, who was fashionably late to the party.

Dallas was not bullish on Ariana's chances, at least judging from the macho string of praise for ...Joey's? ability to bed women and inability to put up with a puff of weed smoke in his face. Kelsey was distracted by the mention of Shendu's talismans. Fuck, I gotta try again see if I got that Moon gravity shit yet. I mean, that's gotta be something, right?

"Look at him go. It's like watching Scott Summers try and take a fucking eye exam."

Kelsey shook her head. "I dunno, dude. Ari's dang tough ta say no to. I mean, shit, she come over here n' puts the moves on me, pretty sure I'm ditchin' all y'all. No offense, Dusty. Just, dang them Aphros got it, ya know?" Now that she was saying it, she almost wished Ariana would take Joey's hint and c'mon over. But it appears she had her target and she wasn't going to budge, even with the rejection. "Also, I ain't playing pong on ya. Can't bounce a damn thing off your ass."

It appeared Marcy was already taking the lead in attempting to ensnare Dallas for the night. Say what you want about Hades girls, they go for the jugular quick. Then, Marcy caught her attention again. “I just got a fun idea, how do you both feel about getting a piercing? I’ll do anywhere and you get your choice of gem, I think sapphires would look beautiful on you Kels.”

The archer thought about it for a moment. It would be pretty poetic if she got something put in her body on the same night Dustyn got something taken out of hers. She took another long sip of Busch before speaking. "I tell ya what, Marcy. If you n' that Mississippi pong court there kin actually manage to beat me n' Dusty in two games outta three, I'll let ya pierce whatever part of me ya want, with whatever gem ya want. But, if we win two outta three, I pick mine, then I pick one for you. Sound savvy?"

Kelsey had been meaning to get another piercing, for classy events that maybe required a nose stud or an eyebrow ring with sapphires on it. This was just a fun way to make Marcella a little more uncomfortable on the field of battle. It appeared Rebekah was joining Dana in the Ariana support train, so that event was coming to an end. Pong would commence soon. She could feel it in the air. She turned to Avem, elbowing her roommate. "You ready to watch some straight sick shit go down? These two ain't got a prayer."
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Location: Lakeside party
Interactions: Marcella @Write
Mentions: Rhea @Write,
Dallas @Plank Sinatra,
Kelsey @NeoAC,
Ariana @Dirty Pretty Lies,
Jonas @HereComestheSnow,
Vivian @Altered Tundra,
Dustyn @MissCapnCrunch,
Phil @spooner

Ian zeroed in on Marcy and co. the minute the red truck’s door was opened and the group that was a staple of his sister’s presence spilled out and commenced their usual rowdy shenanigans. Some American branded sorry-excuse-for-a-beer piss-drink was getting passed around, not that he would touch the swill, then a girl he thought might be a new transfer offered her share of weed, the sickly-sweet smell a dead giveaway for what the fags actually were even as far away as he was. The arrival of the daughter of Poseidon meant that his worry for any Naiads potentially being disrupted was for naught; Rhea could handle anything water-related tonight. Mini-cerberus had apparently been designated to her as part of the guard-duty, and the adorable ball of fluff was getting his deserved dose of physical attention.

Once again staring at observing Marcy, Ian stood up, though remained at the lake for just a bit, waiting for the crowd to get engaged in the party well enough that he could easily slip in to snag Marcy’s attention for a little while, or alternatively, to unobtrusively approach and then hover at her side to soak in the presence of someone familiar, and better yet, familial amongst all the strangers and brief acquaintances surrounding him. He was admittedly somewhat…unsettled at so many living people being around – they made for quite the contrast to the rot of the dead and the dying of the forest, the scent of decomposition especially potent in a natural location such as this, and yet one much more pleasant if compared to the apathetic decay of large cityscapes where the filthy exhaust fumes of traffic mingled with the literal millions of psychedelic vibrant little human souls in all imaginable states of life and death.

The Mystic Forest was practically desolate by comparison, truly. A fringe party like this is nothing to the thrum of L.A. With that bit of self-encouragement, Ian ventured forth (well, cautiously drifted, at the very least), approaching Marcy, who was now the only one in a dress – a decision he thought odd but chalked it up to her personal taste and left it at that – sitting next to Dallas and Kelsey, connected to both in some sort of a group hug. The trio were watching the Daughter of Aphrodite and the Son of Ares engaging in what he was fairly certain was one of those flirting games, though he couldn’t judge if whether Jonas or Ariana was the one winning, or if either of them would get to a point that could be termed a ‘win’ at all. Nearby, Vivian and Dustyn sort out the tumble he’d seen them getting tangled in even from the lake-side, a Demeter-lad healing them – a thoughtful, common-sense action Ian very much approved of.

He caught the tail end of the conversation which tipped him off to the fact his sister had voluntarily involved herself in a bet involving piercings and possibly beer pong with Kelsey. He stifled the sigh of mild exasperation and questioning doubt from passing his lips with practiced ease, simply choosing to stand a respectful distance from everyone while still being close enough to converse with his sister. “Hello, Marcy,” he interjected quietly. Hopefully no one else would pay him undue (read: any) attention, as though he was now practically in the middle of the popular crowd, he’d prefer to keep his relative anonymity.
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𝚢 𝚘 𝚞 𝚠 𝚎 𝚛 𝚎 𝚝 𝚑 𝚎 𝚕 𝚒 𝚐 𝚑 𝚝 𝚝 𝚑 𝚊 𝚝 𝚜 𝚑 𝚘 𝚝 𝚝 𝚑 𝚛 𝚘 𝚞 𝚐 𝚑 𝚝 𝚑 𝚎 𝚍 𝚊 𝚛 𝚔 𝚗 𝚎 𝚜 𝚜


It was peculiar -- and mind reeling in retrospect -- how an hour or two could harness and finesse events systematically in lighted tandem. From the perspective of the proverbial side lines, cheap alumminan tacked with matte nails and a pout perched upon a sweating and beaded beer can, Emma leisurely sipped and observed with twinkling eyes raptured in star light. Every drink disturbed her features into a grimace, this was cheap swill compared to the spirits housed down in a wind-raked basement upon stained cherry wood, she remembers her first taste on the fringes of her sixteenth birthday in a room draped in velvet and dark and dank and sad. It was his private collection and memory filtered an image of her youth; dark eyes expressionless under a fringe of curled black, names and years and ages muttered from pale frowns until he would turn and say: this was her favourite, I think you'd like it too.

Emma's clenches her hands and breathes to finish her beverage in an impressive gulp, crushing the empty and slyly pilfers another under a blanket of quivering shadow. She's been sipping on dark chocolate aromas of cabernets and pinot noirs for years, this is child's play. With a prick of her nail, Emma pops her tab with an aggressive flick, light and cold, the straw toned pilsner bubbles over her fingers till she tames the head of foam with a perched lip and downs a fourth with a hiss of her tongue coating over her teeth. They hardly notice her and to her, this is none of a legitimate concern as she plucks warm shadows from the realm, pinches them tight before allowing such to flutter closed on a swirling nebula. Emma knows she could browse and breeze through the party entirely unseen and still discover means to enjoy the festivities, and she's okay with this facet. She can literally see the waves of emotions that ooze from beer tinged pores flushed red and glimmering under gem enhanced lighting and the stars that shimmer and collide within her peering glare, and they come to her relentlessly, smoothing and caressing upon her limbs. They boil and pool to gleaming swathes of happiness and joy that are sweetly toned and yet bitterly coated; friends and yet not, lovers that waited and lovers that pined.

She turns, finding Damien easily upon that euphoria, coming up upon his flank with a query on her lips; is everyone here wanting after somebody? Emma didn't dare to approach anyone else with these quivering emotes, though the man that was caped in shadows and death by the shoreline had been curious enough for her to inch towards, however, the flickering atmosphere had pulled her elsewhere on pinkish hues. She breathed in suggestion and lustful qualms, the baited air distinctively awash in want and drunk upon the biddings of physical desires; it's like sweat down the nape of her neck. Emma barely caught the exchanges at hand, but the muttering narrative of their host and Damien's own retort ringing in her ears that reeled her in has her smile lapsing.

"Uhm. Yeah." Too distracted she was by the colourful monologue carried on by Dallas' purrs and praises, red bloomed and blossomed upon sallow skin, warmed to a rich hue that coloured her eyes vibrantly and sudden silvers suspended low on lashes coated in black just before her arrival. Emma's lips curled around a delicate whistle, "Funny..."

Such a statement was punctuated by the roar of laughter somewhere near the coolers, her ears ringing upon the appealing tone that carried familiarity.


𝚜 𝚞 𝚏 𝚏 𝚎 𝚛 𝚜 𝚕 𝚘 𝚠 𝚕 𝚢 𝚖 𝚢 𝚍 𝚎 𝚊 𝚛 𝚜 𝚘 𝚝 𝚑 𝚊 𝚝 𝚠 𝚎 𝚖 𝚒 𝚐 𝚑 𝚝 𝚔 𝚗 𝚘 𝚠 𝚑 𝚘 𝚠 𝚕 𝚒 𝚏 𝚎 𝚎 𝚗 𝚍 𝚜


Avem was enjoying himself -- courtesy of the free booze, lost tooth turned into a trophy, ditzy dames and now a scorned Ariana in which was icing upon his golden cake -- and he illustrated such with a crack of laughter that whipped from his lips in a belly wrenched guffaw that nearly pitched him forward. Palm to chest and lips pulled from teeth, Avem wanted to applaud the son of Ares, but he knew the stubborness of that woman almost personally. In various ways he and the boquet of visual sex appeal that was Ariana were alike, they were proud individuals donned in finery, in gold and silver and dripping in their splendor and painfully aware of their vanity. Playing the role of a brutish neandrethal to thwart her kittenish paws and mewls would only permit him maybe another night free of her awaiting clutches, if anything it would only tempt and redouble her efforts to pursue him upon another evening; audience or no.

And whilst such was amusing and deserving of a finale, Avem turned just in time to receive Kelsey's elbow and teasing quip. His smile was easy and his rejoinder more so.

"My money is on you girlie. Might I suggest a nose ring though," he gestured to his own septum with a suggestive flutter of his lash. "Maybe win a new piece for me, I need some new jewelry in my body."

Beer pong was not his choice of play within these endeavors, for Avem held finesse with cards and dealings and bets, though the promise of piercing flesh was enough to tempt his curiosity and the potential of the night still young and awaiting their affairs. He took another swig of his beer at that probing thought and pondered to why he never joined with these parties before.

The following thought was loud enough within his mind to stir up a darkening glance, the swirling gold snapped around the sapphire that darkened just so, increasing the clutch of his hand upon his beverage.

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He had failed.

It was a small, insignificant failure, especially in the grand scheme of things, but Jonas had failed spectacularly at his one stated goal.

Around him, the enhanced acuity of his hearing drove it home, with a half-dozen murmurs and titters entering his register even as the final sentence had left his unassuming lips. All it took was a single exchange. On a battlefield, that maxim held just as true, with totally more dire consequences... but still, it was an immediate and seemingly unavoidable failure.

Such was a chilling thought. This was why he left these things to Dallas. He knew how to work a room better than the larger man ever had, and though it wouldn't be subtle— most of his working mind was spinning the gears towards the conclusion of "Ariana Mossos draws enough attention that the only subtle conversation you could have with her would be behind closed doors", Dallas had the social wherewithal to set much more realistic goals.

And now, Jonas was left with the aftermath of his hubris. He and the Daughter of Aphrodite, fresh off of what could only have felt like trying to seduce a brick wall in public, now held the gaze of most everyone here.

His name left a couple mouths, none of which he was fully certain he knew, nor had even spoken with. They were laughing. They were shocked. Some were upset. Some were sardonic. They ran the full gamut of emotions. How bold could he be to reject her? More shockingly, how bold could she be to approach him? He didn't mind it, given that he was the one who was simply trying to politely turn away someone putting themselves out there, but her—

"It was pretty bold of her to think Jonas Highwind would actually be interested in her brand of whatever product she was selling."

Yeah, that was bad. Every dig and every chuckle was just going to make this worse, especially if those assembled were going to put his name in their mouths.

Has my reputation really gotten to this extent?

...I have a reputation?

Half of my efficacy comes from the fact that I'm always written off as Dal's thug. They don't expect me to have a mind of my own. When did this happen?

Throws a hell of a lot out of whack.


Oh come on.

Stepping out at a right angle, he bladed his body to keep both of the friends accosting him in view, sparing a moment to look his sister in the eye—

"Ari-chan is good girl," she insisted politely, mustering all of her inner strength and her middling command of English. "But if you want to hang out with your friends tonight, I can hang out with mine. We can both keep eye on things together."

And confirmed what his experienced ears had long known, from the tightness of the syllables to the distinct stressing of the honorific.

His sister was royally upset— and the Bekah behind her wasn't far off. The latter seemingly not at him, but that strayed from the point. The willowy Japanese girl's eyes were ablaze.

Add another issue to the list of "how this backfired horrendously."

As a preemptively cordoned off part of his mind spun off in about a baker's dozen directions, quickly gauging the severity of the situation and its likelihood of blowing up in his face, his eyes found Dallas. His brother in all but blood. His equal and opposite. The Dante to his Vergil. The Ken to his Ryu. The man who could save him from this mess with a word, a smirk, and a cavalier attitude.

He felt a hint of hope as the Son of the Sun smiled upon him...

And just as quickly found it dashed against the waves as he received an all-out broadside, straight to the face. A torrent of memes and inside jokes, spewing out into the airspace without care nor consideration of friendly fire. Immortan Joey. The Foundation of what We Are Now. Fucking FRAM CAM! Asshole, 2015 passed us by ages ago.

"Look at him go. It's like watching Scott Summers try and take a fucking eye exam."

His "thick brainpan" realized a crucial fact, prompting yet another fragment of his inner monologue to well up, frothing against the tight lid that was his self-control and gift of Courage.

This was on purpose! Looking at his eyes, looking at the laughter in them, the mischief, he could tell! Forget Danger Close, forget Friendly Fire, this was Enemy Action!

He forced down a shudder in his shoulders, and tightened his jaw before it could loose any sound.

Bastard, you're just trying to make me crack!

Busting a gut now would sink this ship outright. No amount of explanation that "no, see, the Fram Cam was this really poorly done shill that showed up a lot during mid-decade UFC cards, and I was laughing at the callback" would fall on charitable ears with a first impression of joining in on the guffawing.

So, he refused to laugh.

He couldn't count on Dallas.
He would have his head for the betrayal later.

For now, he would take full measure to regain a handle on this. He inhaled through his nose, lungs swelling with the clean lakeside air, and shepherded his thoughts back to center. Back to baseline. Within Cells Interlinked.

First, he would establish a threat matrix. A list, bottom to top, of what in this moment he was worried about the most. Who he was worried about the most. Naturally, the conclusion was that the current spectators sans the Solar Saboteur weren't worth worrying about. Most he didn't know. Most he couldn't hope to control. Doing so would only further exacerbate things. An appeal to any one of them would be poorly placed and poorly worded, coming across as simple panic. That would only further feed into the current atmosphere. Mirth wouldn't be just at his expense, it would be at their expense.

So in Ariana's mind, her expense. To tell the truth, he did shove the brunt of it onto her with the simple act of playing dumb. That was on him. But now, that in turn meant that he needed to keep her from flipping out if he wanted to remain true to his original mission statement in any respect. That was also a pragmatic act. Perhaps his firebrand of a mother was skewing his perception of things, but he understood well the old saying about the Fury of a Woman Scorned. With the little he knew of Ariana, mixed with the mercurial vibe he had picked up during their brief conversation, he doubted that she was going to let some of the things being said here slide with a smile on her face. What he didn't doubt in the least was that this would prove a blow to her pride.

Part of him noted that in a campaign of Psychological Warfare, it could potentially be a thread to tug.

The rest of him had common sense and said to both focus on the here and now, not hypothetical battles in which trash talk could serve a purpose towards a victory that escaped his massive skill and physical advantages. If only he'd paid more attention to Dana's friends, he might have a better shot at solving the problems of the current moment... something that could ameliorate an embarrassed daughter of Aphrodite.

This of course lead him to the top of the list: Dana. Dana-chan. Harada Danaye. Five Feet and Ten Inches tall, One-Hundred and Fifteen pounds. A firecracker that could produce strength tripling that of such stature on a whim, and go further, much further, if upset. She was definitely upset. She was making an effort to control that anger, yes. She wasn't dumb enough to start a fight with her own brother whilst on security duty, yes. But she was upset with him.

And in his personal terms of importance, when choosing between an upset Daughter of Aphrodite and an upset little sister, better the devil you know. One hundred percent. Sister takes priority. He could even rationalize it that their shared bond meant that he had a much better shot of cooling her head than the almost total unknown of Ariana. When push came to shove, one girl simply mattered much more than the other.

He had a feeling he would have eventually upset Ariana anyway, had she continued ignoring clearer and clearer signs. At some point, he would get patronizing and sarcastic. Dallas's influence was what he always blamed that on.

"Wait," he began, after what was only a beat in real time.

What could she have been upset about? Surely not rejecting her friend, she knew him too well. Danaye Harada had discussed the subject with him often, so there was no way she wasn't aware of his thoughts on the Olympus dating pool and a prospective dip within. That was right out. His sister was cheeky, his sister was stubborn, but his sister could read the writing on the wall.

They could keep watch together, she said. They could both hang out with their friends, she said.


Yeah, that was what Dallas had said. Just hang out and punt anyone who starts something into the lake.

More specifically from her... "If you want to hang out with your friends tonight, I can hang out with mine. We can keep an eye on things together."

Why if?

"Dal said you're free to hang out and enjoy the party just like the rest of us, remember?"

He glanced to Bekah for a brief moment, who inadvertently given him ammunition.

"The whole idea's that you won't be busy, you just need to be around to kick any ass that needs it. It's not like I'd have to take over for you, you know? Wouldn't be 'slacking' in the least, so there's nothing to worry about."
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L O C A T I O N: The Dorms Extremely late to the party
I N T E R A C T I O N S:
Phoebe The party His sister @Write, as he judges Ariana @Dirty Pretty Lies
Herself Dylan Sorta the crowd, but not really.
Emma and Damian, specifically at the end. @Rockette @Altered Tundra

She was finally alone. After a little convincing, in the form of a resting bitch face, Phoebe, a Hephaestus' child full of promise and with an undoubted high IQ, had a small crew of lesser demigods oblige to her request and assist her in moving. Wasn't this experiment intriguing?


No. Not really.

Her mind was going a million miles an hour and there was no way she would waste anymore daylight getting herself situated and acquainted with whomever she was fated to tolerate. Why not use her womanly charm to her benefit and get some lovely aid for the day? Aphrodite's children would surely do the same. More out of entitlement than necessity, of course, so why couldn't she? For Phoebe Masterson, avoiding loss time was essential. Not even move in day would affect that.

It wasn't like Phoebe couldn't have moved her belongings herself. Actually, if she didn't need to finish sooner rather than later, efficiently so to speak, she would be completely able to do it herself. For her reputation precedes her, she was not someone her peers took lightly. She was driven to diminish all negative prejudice towards her father. Ms. Masterson was smart, strong, and beautiful. It took great willpower to be all three, but if she was destined to follow her father's will, she sure as hell would. The labors she put in on the daily do test her, for as unfortunate as it is, she is mortal. But, in order to be the best, she had to break her bones, cut her skin, shatter her heart, for when it all healed she would be stronger than the most intimidating opponents. If she didn't have this force of will, where would she be? Probably prison.

Time was a gift, and she refused to be someone who took it for granted. She had more important matters to attend to than move countless boxes into her domain. While the rest of the world was simply background noise, she sat at her desk sketching concept art. At random times of the day, she just had to ignore everyone else to draw all the images that were piling up in her mind. Right now, it was a dagger design. Simple and refined, and one of the more easier projects she needed to complete.

She could already see the fire and how she can simply judge the heat by looking at its color, it going through changes of rainbow hues. The measurements were projected to her without needing to write them down, as if her eyes were a computer and showing her the ratio and math required to make this a successful venture. She'd have to transfer this on large vellum paper before the night was over. Her mind was lost, as her hand moved with ease, while she imagined the iron growing hot by the second, and having an innate understanding when to do everything before it self destructed. This was the side of her she didn't fully understand because it was like someone took over her. She wasn't simply Phoebe anymore. She was the daughter of Hephaestus. Yet, in these moments, when she was hurtling through space and static, when she was consumed by mind and talents, this here was when she was the happiest.

One day, she would be perfect.

"Da fuck?"

Not even the voice coming from the front entrance would break her concentration. Boxes of different shapes and sizes led from the front door through the public area his friend shared with Bill Tanner and made a path straight into her bedroom. Convenient. Inviting himself in, because the door was propped open, dressed to impress, and with a sly grin on his face, Poseidon's son with mischief on his mind, trouble in his soul, and always on the naughty list maneuvered his way to Phoebe's bedroom. Holding a bottle of wine in his left hand, he went deep into the cluttered den. He glanced to the open boxes, noticing items only a hoarder would collect. If Phoebe could be related to a beast, he could see her as a dragon. A fiery-breathing, temperamental dragon with a hoard of unnecessary things.

Curiosity getting the better of him, he went to one of the boxes and saw that all it had inside of it were pocket watches, some not even with intricate designs. He would understand if she collected them, but some looked like they were scrap and would appreciate living in a junkyard than with her. His eyes trailed to another box, where four giant cheeseballs containers waited to be eaten. Assuming they weren't old. Why did she even have four? His eyebrow rose when he saw a traffic cone just laying on the ground, blocking his way.

And then he heard little meows and knelt down to see two kittens hiding in the cone. "Yo, Phee. You know you got pets, right?" With his free hand, he hoisted both of the them up and gently pressed them against his chest.

When he finally made it to her room, her body hidden by a skyscraper of boxes, he squeezed between her dresser and her suitcases, and place the babies on her bed. Subsequently, he planted the white wine on her desk, his dear friend still ignoring his existence. He quickly snatched the pencil out of her hand and was rewarded with a hiss and a serpent glare.

"What the hell, Dyl?!" She snapped, causing the kittens to crawl under her pillow in fear.

"The children, honey." Dylan gestured toward the cats, still not knowing if they were her's or not. Now that he had her attention, he tossed the pencil into the abyss. "Start drinking, babe, because I'm not letting you spend your first night here, ALLLLL BY YOURSELFFFFF." Yes, he sang his last line of dialogue like it was from Eric Carmen's All By Myself.

Turning her position so that she was facing him, crossing her arms, she bluntly declined, "No thanks. I'd rather eat popcorn and watch Netflix then 'party'."

"Hey." He put his pointer finger on her lips, causing her to swat at it. "I'll make sure there's popcorn and you can think of the party as a movie! Come on, Phee. COME ONNNN. For once, for me, or not for me, but like... for your social skills, at least, HAVE A GOOD TIME." He paused, trying to cleverly convince the boulder, "And you do know Jonas will be there, yeah? Didn't you want to propose, what did you say..." He snapped his fingers while he pretended to forget her exact words.

"That I want him to train me. Fight me. So I can get good. Yes, I remember."

Pushing the drink closer to her, he gave his dear friend a cheesy smile, "So what do you say? I promise you this won't be a waste of time. If anything, you'll be networking and having a chance to observe above average humans in their natural habitat."

"You're not going to leave me alone if I say no, are you?"

"Nope!" Dylan reached for the two kittens and sat down, kissing one on the forward. Begrudgingly, she took the cap off the wine (smart he got one of those cap bottles) and took a swig. "Are these..." He looked at the cats, then to her, then back at the cats.


"Oh good... I was about to say."

After rolling her eyes, a light simper graced her face, as she took another sip, "We're going to be late."

He chuckled, "We'll still make it in good time." He winked at her, which made her heavily sigh. She's going to have to hold his clothes... isn't she? The problem with Dylan using his abilities, well, he can't bring his clothes with him...

He's naked. Okay. Straight up naked.

"Kill me."


Standing at a distance, within the forest, dressed more casual than not, it was a lake party for god's sake, Phoebe watched as the party seemed to be picking up. Jonas wasn't hard to pick out from the crowd, but she also didn't think a party was the time or place to talk about school, especially not beg him to train her. So maybe, somewhere inside of her, she did want to attend this 'top secret' party that everyone had to be at. Maybe, just maybe, she knew Dylan would barge in and try to sway her.

She would never admit it, if that were the case. "What is taking you so long, Primadonna?"

"Oh, no thanks for carrying your ass the entire way here?!" Pulling up his fly, he growled at the impatient demigoddess. Appearing from behind a tree, he nudged her arm, "I thought you didn't want to come, change of heart?"

"No." Phoebe clicked her tongue in annoyance. "What's your goal anyways? Don't you 'have a good time' all the time?"

"Yeah, and?" Dylan turned his attention to the silhouette of people. The night had a way of changing them - they looked different, more obscure, their feelings and intentions covered by the blanket that was the night sky. Then there were people like him or Aphrodite's daughter, Ariana, where their intentions blared like a siren light, "I'm here to fuck. You should do the same!" Get that stick out your ass, Phee.

"I'll pass." Without waiting for a response, she started making her way to the party.

"THIS IS WHY YOU'RE A–" Using her own energy, a small fire started appearing in her right hand... –virgin. He was quick to shut his trap and with that, the flame evaporated. Did he actually think she was a virgin? Personally, she's never denied it. Even hot girls can be prudes. He could believe it! Right now, he simply wanted to stir that fire in her, because wouldn't it be fun if she let that passion consume her this very night? Their peers would love to see that, he bet. Phoebe Masterson, hot and bothered. Huehuehue.

She needed another drink if she wanted to at least appear pleasant to everyone else. Coming out of the forest and walking onto the revelry zone, staying silent for reasons, Phoebe cringed when Dylan announced their arrival, "What the fuck did we miss?! Look who I brought." She swiftly dodged him from putting his arm around her like she was an accessory to him. His voice was so... rambunctious and loud. She didn't need people looking at her. With Dylan leaving her side, she was relieved. With stride in his steps, he went straight to his sister, Rhea, "Hey BABY, did you miss me?" Getting a better idea of the situation, he couldn't help but laugh out loud, as he turned on his heel, his eyes falling onto Ariana, "The sexual frustration is REAL."

While Dylan was walking into the circle of people, Phoebe debated if she should get a drink or choose to appear better than them and keep to herself. It was her social awkwardness that made her a bitch, there was far too many people to her liking. She didn't even like most of them.

Instead of quenching her thirst, she chose to avoid the crowd. She did give a wave to the host, out of courtesy, and then with elegant agile, she slipped her white sneaks off, stuffed it in Dyl's bag that held his clothes from earlier (it also had a spare, just in case), dropped it on the ground where she would remember to find it, and made her way to the water, passing Emma and Damien that did what they do best. Lurk.

Putting her feet in the water, subtly shivering because water was ten times colder to her than the average person, she looked ahead at the scenic view. Even at night, there was beauty. To think. Water was the complete opposite of her very being and here she found herself finding comfort in it. Sighing to herself, she started planning who she should interact with first.

Remember to smile, don't be a bitch.

Did she care about the shitshow transpiring? No. Not at all.

"You two... enjoying yourselves?" She looked over her shoulder, back at the Nyx children that kept a fair distance away from the crowd, like her. They hadn't talked prior to this moment, but she knew of them. At least she was trying to expand. If she wasn't mistaken, they were both fifth years, along with Dylan, Dallas, and Jonas. What a popular class. "The fact that no one is unconscious yet, surprises me. I would've loved to see that." A light smile forcibly gleamed on her face.

Was this friendly talk? Or too honest?

Hey! She wasn't going to lie about gaining pleasure from witnessing other's going at it physically.

She loved a good, brutal, and violent fight.

"I'm Phoebe, by the way."

There. She was participating. Now, Dylan couldn't give her grief.

He still would.
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As Damos’ eyes went back and forth from every single monitor from top left to top right, down every row from the Hestia Housing Buildings to the forest, to the Colosseum, and to the marketplace, he found that was there not only a single sight of any of the students -- at least those that Helena and Hector told him to keep an eye out for -- had appeared on any of the screens. Either they had all retired for the night before Damos’ shift had started, or, like Helena predicted, Dallas Relo was up to something like he had always been known to. Either way, he found it weird that, in addition to the students not being around, those strange readings from before that were off the charts just an hour ago, suddenly disappeared without a trace.

“Scan every area once more,” Damos commanded.

And so the infrared rays did just that. Every screen suddenly appeared to be in various colors and even more detail came up on the screen. Under the ground in every possible area of the campus was, as to be expected, full of worms and other creatures that would live away from light. In addition, much to Damos’ displeasure, no sign of anything else. It was almost as though he couldn’t quite believe that nothing was happening.

He knew something was going to happen very soon. “I need to inform the Headmistress! There is something on the rise.


Damos’ eyes didn’t leave the screens, something in him trembling. “I don’t know what, but it is way too quiet for a night like this. Not even the typical wolves are howling.”

“Is that a strange occurrence?” Asked one of the men at the desks in the room.

Damos started to walk towards the door but turned around. “Since when have you known wolves not to howl on the night of a full moon?”

And just like that, Damos was gone. He marched his way up the flight of stairs that led to the surface level of the campus and walked across from the research and technology building and directly to the Administration building. Unfortunately, Damos would never get there in time. Just as his hand went to touch the knob and turn it, before if t would move an inch, he heard something similar to a wolf howl, only Damos knew it wasn’t a wolf that he heard. He immediately turned around and his hands both lit up with a deep red flame.

Damos wasn’t just the head of security at Olympus Academy. Though he wasn’t the most combat-efficient Demigod, The Son of Hephaestus knew how to handle himself. And whatever was out there, waiting for him, he came ready bearing the arms of his father. “I am Damos Beattle, Son of Hephaestus and head of security. If you do not come out right now, I will not be responsible for what happens to you!”

As Damos sent forth his warning, nothing happened.

And then even more time elapsed of nothing happening.

This was usually the part where normal people would start to panic, but the only thing that Damos could do was be on the lookout for anything, whether or not that meant using his sight or hearing. He wasn’t as skilled with ranged hearing or sight like those children of the hunters, but Damos wasn’t too shabby when he really wanted to be, yet he heard nor saw nothing.

Maybe it really was just me hearing things.

Damos dropped his hands, the hot flames diminishing as he turned around and before he could even blink, the sight of red eyes came closer and closer. “What! No! It can’t be the--”

Vivian certainly felt like a little child at this point. Not only had the poor girl gone and gave herself a nice shiner on the center of her forehead, ignoring the fact that she caused Dustyn to lose a tooth (to which she had given to Viv as a gift), but now she was getting treated by Phil. He was a kind man, to say the least. For that, she was at least thankful that this particular man was not only considerate but if Viv were also a dating girl, she would say he was rather cute as well. Of course, she would never say that to his face, let alone allow herself to admit to herself.

Oh! She already did. Oh well.

And as she sat against a tree, a decent amount of distance away from the party so the loud noises didn’t bother her too much, she was trying to get her injuries down to just a mild annoyance to where she would be able to stand up without feeling like her entire body had done a 2880 spin. And this really sucked too because, before clunking heads with Dustyn, she was enjoying herself immensely. Probably not so much the getting lost part, but before that, Vivian was excited to just let loose a little bit, or, at the very least, let loose like only she knew how. But now? Well, now Vivian was forced to sit on the sidelines, waiting for something to come to her.

“I wish something would happen already!”

And as soon as the Daughter of Apollo had spoken those words, she heard something. It was only for a brief moment, but it sounded eerily like wolves howling, which she wasn’t too out of the ordinary. She knew that various mythical creatures lived in the forest, but she figured with the protective measures her brother took for the party, nothing would get past him without him knowing about it first. So why did she get the sneaking suspicion that something was was on the horizon?

And then she saw it. It was quick like the flipping of lightswitch, but when she looked towards the darkness of night, she saw several flashes of red that disappeared as soon as they had appeared in front of her. “It...It’s just the head trauma. Nothing’s out there. Nothing’s out there. Nothing’s…”

Vivian’s train of thought was interrupted by something similar to a howl, only this time a black, shadowy claw with ten nails and tendril-like movements came into the light of the full moon.

And then came Vivian’s high-pitched scream!

L o c a t i o nLa k e s i d e I n t e r a c t i o n s • Emma @Rockette, Phoebe @TootsiePop

Much like everything happening at the party, Damien found himself also getting bored of just about everything. Whether it was from Ariana and the way she obviously looked at him or how Emma started to distance herself from the topic at hand, he was already getting bored. And when Damien Black was bored, it didn’t always mean that he would leave quietly but rather, a bored Damien meant trouble for anyone around him. He knew his sister was with him for whatever he would do (even if she didn’t like it). For her sake, of course, he never acted on his worse impulses. At the least, he would just get up, take his sister’s hand, and walk away from their corner and go back to the campus.

And that’s exactly what Damien tried to do. He stood up, helped Emma up, and wanted to walk away. Before he could do that, however, he was stopped by someone. Another woman with dark features and a nice face to look at, though it was clear she wasn’t nearly as uptight as Ariana was. Still not his type, but Damien couldn’t help but notice her regardless.

“Right,” Damien mouthed in a somewhat antisocial manner, but he looked to his sister and then back to the girl across from him. “Right. I’m Damien and this is my sister Emma.” This time he smiled. Not that Damien wanted to be a dick, but he had enough of the party and just wanted to leave, but there was also the matter of also wanting to see the end of the exciting scene of Ariana and Jonas.

Oh, the decisions he had to make. Maybe he should tackle the scene right in front of his very eyes.

“You probably missed the best part of Ariana Mossos getting rejected. It was truly a sight to see,” Damien noted, genuinely smiling and chuckling. “Don’t think I’ve seen you around much, Phoebe. Why is that--”

Just moments after speaking, Damien heard gut-wrenching screams that caught his attention. He wanted to say he recognized the sound, but maybe that was his past memories of people screaming in the name of his mother, Nyx and not in any recent memory. Either way, Damien looked around as he was sure everyone else had done as well.

After about ten seconds of scanning everywhere from the far side of the lakefront to every other direction possible, Damien not only heard the same screams from before, they were getting louder and louder and…

“Everyone Run! Run!!!!”

As Vivian Lucasta screamed her way into a sprint and came fast, Damien saw a familiar expression of pure terror. The only thing that matched his surprise on the way she frantically looked back, Vivian tumbled over, falling flat on her face and sliding a few feet. His eyes fell on her body for a brief moment and in that brief moment came a hoard of black and red, separating themselves into dozens upon dozens of shadowy, wolf-like creatures with piercing red eyes, ten-claw paws, and shadow tendrils all originating from their back.

And they soon surrounded the entirety of the party. Not a single exit was spotted.

“It seems we’re trapped.”

Damien sighed, watching the creatures let out their bloodthirsty howls.

“I guess we’re going to be forced to mingle a bit longer, Emma.”

Before long, Damien’s skin became as dark as the night, though only his arm and legs would become covered in a thick layer of his shadow skin. “Well, apologies Phoebe, but I guess our conversation will have to be put on hold. I’ll save you an hour tomorrow afternoon though ...given we survive the night, that is.”

Damien had only smiled, a battle pose being taken. “What a welcome back to school party this turned out to be.”

And then the creatures from all sides came to the Students of Olympus Academy.
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The screams that had heralded the arrival of these monsters had given me mere seconds of warning, before Vivian's introduces them to the light. I pick up upon the first, and by the time I hear the second, it almost feels as if somebody else has left the driver's seat to me.

I am here. I am present.

I am born for a time such as this.

All at once, my threat matrix has changed. This is far from the time to be worried about spats with girls. Hound-shaped manifestations of shadow, each with prehensile tendrils rising from their inky fur, wide paws ending in ten claws apiece, and baleful crimson eyes that pierce the soul. I run through my mental catalog of beasts from myth... Either I'm rusty, have a blind spot, or am coming up with nothing.

Not good. In that case, what is needed is an active logging of abilities. Shape and call resemble that of wolves. Tactics...

We're surrounded. They've cut a half-ring round our little nugget of shoreline. Melting out of the trees and splitting off to cover holes, these bastards are working as one cohesive unit.

Similar enough to wolves. So saying, but there is no clear alpha amongst them. Too much to ask for. With such a social dynamic either hidden to me or otherwise unexploitable, I move onto the next best idea.

I will scatter them.

A knock upon the door in my head, and I consult my mental library. Myths from the world over flood forth. Tales, songs, prose, and verse. It is far from complete. Thinking of it like that would neuter my strength as well as be way too damn arrogant. It is, however, extensive and obsessive. Imagined faces of those I wish to emulate, to recreate, to become flash by as great acts, deeds beyond human measure, are rattled off in lightning quick succession. Kings, Warriors, Knights, Samurai, Gurus. Those that ascended to immortality in the collected tales of humanity. I search. I search.

I search for the hero who wielded the weapon I have in mind. I do not take long in finding him.

At the same time, I hear murmurs run through the crowd. I only know a select few here well enough to have a worthwhile opinion on their skills in a fight, as well as how to utilize them. I'll have to trust many to either fend for themselves, or listen to those of us that can fend for others. There are dozens of shadowy beasts to maybe two dozen of us. Under the assumption that they aren't much stronger than their perfectly normal counterparts, I know for certain I could take on this whole pack. I am not Herakles, not yet, but I am certainly a class above what it takes to survive this encounter.

A bow of hardy Yew appears in my left hand with a flash. My Father's armory has answered my request and granted me an old favorite. Bit of a cheat, but in a battle against literal shadow, I don't have a problem with flubbing things in the slightest. If Kelso wants to grill me over it, she can do it later if she promises to shore up my technique.

This, however, is not your normal day at the archery range. A fantastic foe calls for a fantastic armament, and amongst bows, this one is easily my best bet.

I nock an arrow, fashioned from the feathers of the Ornithes Areioi. Brought them with me in case we ran into something setting the party up—

What I hold is a Glorious Eidolon. A copied image from the armory of My Father himself, filtered by my own understanding of what I request. A storage of theoretically infinite volume, containing likely every weapon ever created. It is bound to have abstractions that come close to genuine articles from myth, and this was one such. A shadow in its own right, one that is cast by something emblematic of a hero.

Failnaught. Fail-Not in some translations. The bow of Tristan, A hero of Cornwall, Knight of the Round Table, and Lover of Iseult. It never misses its target, each shot taken with perfect accuracy. Innate to the bow, the concept of "never missing" is potent indeed. Really difficult to attempt to replicate.

But even through my understanding of an old legend, of which there are many interpretations, it remains after a fashion. These shots will have a homing capability. Not total accuracy by any stretch. It won't be able to loop around and hit you in the back...

But it's more than enough to adjust course mid-flight.

My aim is pretty good already. This is just insurance.

I can hear a pin drop. The atmosphere has changed. It's about to go down.

I inhale, and with it, draw the Failnaught Image to full, shoulders, arm, and back working like a tandem of steel cables. It's a practiced motion. There's no clause that says I can't work my ass off at an aspect of war that an Apollo or Artemis child has a preternatural gift for. I've been working my ass off everywhere.

I level the bow, holding my arrow steady. Luckily, nobody's in front of me yet.

Nobody except my targets. A whole bunch, all lined up in a neat little row.


They howl again—

And charge.

Immediately, with neither hesitation nor trepidation, my eyes flash to the area of the line where they are packed the densest.

The bow follows, and I release the arrow.

Their charge is met with sound, fire, and force as it explodes in their midst, equaling explosive yield to a modern grenade.

I am already barking orders even as I draw another to send downrange. My voice booms clear, thanks to big lungs, a strong core, and a whole lot of yelling experience. I may not have any clue what I can do with most of these people, but I know a few other very well.

Bekah will argue that I leave planning to her. Normally, I would acquiesce, but this ball needs rolling, and I have at least a preliminary one in mind. One that takes into account the mass of those that likely are not up for this.

"Rhea! Gather up everyone who can't fight and hit the water! You can keep them safe there!"

My faithful student. She can manipulate the sea itself. Physicality is greatly enhanced after only partial submersion. Could keep things at bay through that combination much better than on land.

"Marcy, scare these things if you can! Fear of God on deck now!"

Command over the fear of death. Could override pack cohesion, plus alter this upcoming choice in melee weaponry.

"Dana! Bekah! Kelsey! Truck's as good elevation as you'll get without climbing trees!"

Three who are as proficient or outright better than me in ranged combat. For at least one, important information. Dana will... at some point, probably get bored of blasting with her gun and come down to kick something. Bekah's the brains of the operation, her having eyes on as much of the field as possible is good. Kelsey is a no-brainer— a natural-born savant of anything that was a projectile. Of course you stick the ranger somewhere high.

As the wolves approach, the image of a pair of swords swells in my mind. The most infamous pair of Spain's history, and terrors of the Moors.

"If anyone's got weapon requests, say so now!"
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The Daughter of Athena stated her initial request simply; specifics were unnecessary. They had sparred often enough for him to know her preference. A rapier would suit her well, though if they had gotten that close already then she had failed in her responsibilities. Highwind's particular wishes for her involvement were unspoken, but clear anyway; he required her insight. Their martial abilities were complementary, but differed fundamentally in their nature. He looked at the littler picture. He was very, very good at it. There was a reason that she had yet to balance her wins with her losses against him, and that was because the Son of Ares, and his little sister, were dynamos on the battlefield. Bordering on unparalleled.

Rebekah looked at the larger one. It would fall to her to divine what these creatures were, and more vitally, their weak point. Strategy was her domain.

In a single fluid motion she had slipped off of Dana's lap, and wrapped her fingers around the handle of an empty keg. Aluminum, not suitable for any sustained fighting, But good enough for single use. The metal conformed to her will, reshaping according to her thoughts to provide her with a small handful of pointed javelins. Good enough for throwing, until she had something better. But she would need a better weapon for range. A bow? No, she didn't have the natural proficiency that Marston did. A firearm would do.

While her mind raced, the first javelin lanced through the air at inhuman speeds towards one of the creatures. Almost an afterthought, it was a probe more than anything. Jonas was working to scatter them. Her eyes were focused, observing and analyzing. Whatever the nature of these creatures, she would know it shortly. It was simply one of her abilities. She couldn't not.

"Dana, dear, I think it's time for your party favors." As an aside, after a moment more of thinking, she added; "And a shotgun, Jonas. With plenty of shells."

The daughter of Aphrodite wouldn't be very helpful in a fight. Hopefully she stayed down.

"Stand by for analysis."
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Marcella Aveline Bonaparte20, Fifth Year
Ψ Rhea Franky Psomas Ψ 19, Fourth Year

Marcella's beer bottle stopped, gentle grazing her lower lip in dull fascination as she peered out towards Viv and the creatures that pursued her. "Well aren't you all just adorable." Her first thought, as she froze the bottle against her lip, cocked her head and palmed the ruby away from Dal's pretty face, was to illusions. Perhaps a prank on the newest class of 'special select students.' But, as the others began to react to the situation, specifically Bekah, it became clear that the threat would be taken seriously. Marcella gave Dal a quick peck on the cheek before hopping down from the truck, the soil beneath her churning ever so slightly.

As they surrounded the group, a silence hung in the air as the demigods waited for some kind of instruction. Marcy expected to hear Bekah's voice or Dana's war cry. But rather it was Jonas' tactical mind that sprung the fastest, eliciting a small grin from Marcella.

Here we go.

"Marcy, scare these things if you can! Fear of God on deck now!"

"Ohh, coming right up Jo." Marcy's voice shifted from her typical bougie gently French accented party girl persona to one much more reserved. More of her French accent coming through in her words. She glanced over at Rhea, who'd also recieved some direction. The Rhea that Marcy had first met was not particularly good with the idea of combat. Or at least, she didn't have the demeanor for it.

Glancing out towards the Ares kids, they had the energy for it.

Marcy glanced back at Rhea, their eyes meeting briefly. It was a damned good thing Rhea was not the same girl
she had first met.

Marcy walked out towards the wolf-like fiends, Jonas providing some cover fire as his bow shot off, the arrow rupturing the relative silence of the forest with a crack that
rippled into the air. Marcy felt her focus grow, her hand on the ruby squeezing it. She felt the gem begin to splinter as her divine abilities flowed through it, grasping each shard like a tiny dagger.

"Si vous voulez une chose bien faite, faites-la vous-même." Marcy's whispered words took root in her body, as her divine energy began to slide off of her form. Her hair
and dress seemingly affected by a second more ominous wind. The grass beneath her feet withered and the dirt dried up. She glanced out towards the beasts, her form radiated an energy many knew but did not face. The long night, a final rest.

Glaring at the beasts she knew she was effectively defenseless. Luckily, she had whom she did behind her. She felt another arrow whiz by
her form. The force of the arrow's impact and trajectory past her form launched her hair up but she kept her focus. She had the gem if the beasts approached her, and until then she assumed they'd avoid her and split their group for the 'easier' prey. Surely, that was Jonas' quickly drafted battle plan.

"Come on then you little bitches. Let me to guide you to eternity." Marcy spat, as Creboros returned to her side, all three heads snarling at their newest meal. The princess of the underworld and her loyal hound faced the beasts, as they began to spread around her instead of charging.

It was working.

"Rhea! Gather up everyone who can't fight and hit the water! You can keep them safe there!"

Immediately Rhea leapt into action upon hearing Jonas' words. "Everybody who isn't going to get into a fist fight with a demon tonight hop in the fucking lake!" She shouted out with a tinge of almost anger in her voice. In truth, she wasn't angry at all - however she needed to rush those who would prove to be liabilities. She watched as Jonas divided the rest of his chess pieces as evenly as he could afford to. With Marcella's role becoming apparent through a more careful consideration of her abilities. One might assume that through her unique form of ferrokinesis, she'd be apt to handle the back line. However regarding Jonas' weapon choice and Dana's probable firearms given Bekah's cry for a shotgun, the backline was covered.

To protect the backline Jonas could have attempted to assemble a vanguard, but there wasn't enough pieces. The backline would get chewed up if there was an en masse attack, but as Marcella and Rhea locked eyes and Jonas cried out for the
fear of god it was clear that there wouldn't be a charge en masse. Marcy would serve as a glorified obstruction. The demon-like dogs would have to split their attention moving around her and the backline would be able to fire at will as they split up.

Rhea's role, of course, was to protect the useless.
In combat, one of her many lessons was to simplify what she could. Did she feel all of these people were useless? In combat, yes. That was all that mattered at the moment.

As Rhea backed up, with a group gathering behind her, she was presented with an option from Jonas. A weapon.

Her weapons were rustier
than her hand to hand experience in combat, and she had the lake here. It wasn't a wise option and would likely slow down her muscle memory or reflexes, if her coat got torn up that was fine.

Her foot stopped just short of the lake. The lapping waves just barely missing her.

The first lesson she
had ever been taught was to avoid training within water. She was heightened in water, it was a crutch. If she could become good outside of water, she'd be great within.

She let her foot slide back in the sand as the water began to lap up her pant leg. Continuing backwards into the lake her mind
felt as if unlocked itself and her blood began to boil in her veins. She felt as if she could access any part of her knowledge in a fraction of the time she had been previously capable of it.

One of the hounds slipped past Marcy, Jonas and the bevy of backline babes that had been assembled.
Rhea continued to back into the water. The monster advanced on her and the others, slowly. Rhea's finger tips gingerly made contact with the water as the beast's tendrils lashed out. It slowly advanced towards her, its maw snapping at the air between them. Its hunger, evident.

But Rhea was too fast, she saw the tension build
in its back legs, the eyes focus narrow in on her jugular. Her hand rose up, calmly, casually and a stream of pressurized water shot out towards the beast. The hound could almost finish a whimper before both halves dropped into the watter, sullying it. The stream of water shot out towards a tree noticebly slashing into the trunk.

"Stay behind me." Rhea's voice was steady, with a tinge of excitement that only the most perceptive could detect. She was ready to go all out.

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