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Current Super Mario vs Voldemort coming to Netflix
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Beat boxing is just singing with your mouth now follow me on twitter
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I hate mondays
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Gucalmelee (2010):…! Luchador leap onto the nintendo switch but play this on playstation instead. You can grab bad guys and throw them and that's pretty cool
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Wwt (2009):… I've never played this game.



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Garage // Edge Tower // Seattle

Since joining up with the Conor and company, Johnny found himself at a bit of a loss when it came to the racing scene. He still kept up with Nascar online but his goal of racing in the big leagues had fallen to the wayside with his more permanent move. All that being said he was a racer at heart and managed to sniff out a few street racing groups in the surrounding area. When the group weren't out finding Carpenter-Kid, Johnny was out doing his best to tune The Car and race her anywhere that would let him. Last night was one of those nights off, giving Johnny the time to whoop and get whooped by the locals all night. It was a fun time but come sunrise Johnny was bushwhacked. Mr.Renault pulled into the building's parking garage and parked himself in the first available spot. He wasn't sure if it was reserved or not but as Johnny's eyes grew heavy he didn't really care.

Hours later, Johnny awoke to a bright blue flash and the briefest glimpse of a beam blowing out the side of the building. His groggy mind took a good few minutes to deduce it was likely Bug-Boy doing some target practice. Johnny rubbed the sleep from his face before giving it a light but firm slap to really wake himself up.

"Better go let the gaggle know I haven't jumped ship yet. Thanks for the snooze Carly." Johnny said to The Car's dash, giving it a pat and feeling that oh so familiar feeling that the car appreciated the affection. Johnny dismounted his noble stead and headed up the elevator to the penthouse.

Stepping out into the penthouse was like night and day; the calm and quite of the elevator was replaced by the idle chatter of his team who all seemed to be out and about at the moment.

"Morning everyone!" Johnny said, giving a wave to nobody in particular as he headed for the pantry. It was nice to be amongus others who were in less-than-ordinary circumstances but Johnny hadn't seemed to really click with anyone with the possible exception of Eilidh. Their interest weren't one-to-one but Johnny's 'powerset' seemed to mesh with hers, making him easier to 'talk' to with her powers of the mind. Johnny fired an additional nod her way as he passed by to the pantry to rummage for a breakfast, blissfully unaware of the true length of his nap.
@metanoia don't worry so much about the Relations man, if you don't have them up just see what everyone else has and freeball it. It's better you post IC than spend ages trying to do work on the sheet then end up feeling bad that you can't keep up.

@rocketrobie2 we've neither seen nor heard of you since you moved your sheet, everything okay over there?

Sorry! I'm still here. Truth be told after my last exam the backlog of IC stuff was intimidating to read but I've been slowly making my way through. I'll try to have something for this later tonight.
Got a pic up for Johnny R!

I'm all good for Dandy being recruited from a mission!
@rocketrobie2 just to check (your @ was broken) you know you're in right Rocketman?

I do now! Thanks for the heads up!

EDIT: Man now my last post makes me come off aa a real DICK.
Because getting the cast list at 500 would've been too easy. Too on the line. Not Renegade-enough.

I wanna thank everyone for the frankly, mind-blowing amount of reception this game's had over the past few days. You've gone above and beyond what I expected for the game. It's made me really nostalgic for the old days on the guild and gave me reason to remember why I've called this site, in a sense, my home for the past decade. Good hustle everyone. Because of that, I was planning on just accepting everyone and having at in the IC. But upon rereading the sheets I had read before, and reading the new ones, I've realized that cuts will be made. If you didn't make the cut, you should know that I appreciate you all the same and I'm really glad you came out and I hope to get the chance to RP with you in the future. For those that did make the cut, I'm expecting this thread to move away from (as much) Shitposting, and into the realm of discussing character relations and storybeats as I line up the IC.

I was gonna do a character review of each sheet and knock out any kinks / thoughts I'd have and explain my reasoning. But, frankly. That'd go against the spirit of why I made this game to begin with and with the sheer amount of sheets that have been submitted so far that just wouldn't be possible.

Without further ado.

Julian Luthor - @Hillan
Charity Charleston - @Lord Wraith
Dandelion - @Dead Cruiser
Conor O'Brien - @Sep
Johnny Dash - @metanoia
Redmond Morrow - @Hound55
Vincent Gideon Jacobs - @Roman
Kevin Vanhagen - @Deja
Selene Windle - @Tackytaff
Johnny Renault - @rocketrobie2
Roy Bivolo - @Enarr
Eilidh Vass - @Stormflyx
Lord Dino-Man (Blessed be her name) - @DocTachyon
Varo Yelkian - @Theyra
Hana Hazard - @psych0pomp
Gabriella Rivero - @Natty

One more for the road
I know this might have a frozen waffle's chance in Hell of making it in considering how many *chef kiss* applications there are in this bad boy. But you miss every opportunity you don't opportun-ize on. I'm sure that's how that saying goes.

Anyway, here's my trash fire of a character.

Late to the party but I'm guessing a shoo-in! I really love Hannah, name and all.
<Snipped quote by rocketrobie2>

That's entirely fair! I enjoy both, just not Team Knight Rider. It was spectacularly bad haha.

I'd only just heard about it a few weeks ago but it didn't look very good. I'd like to give those Knight Rider movies a go though, heard they're pretty eh but post-apoclyptic Knight Rider sounds pretty cool.
@Snownado God speed my friend, good luck.
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