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Ultimate Comics: One Universe Application

Character You're Applying For: Wolverine

Powers And Abilities: He is a mutant who naturally has retractable claws the length of his forearm that erupt from his knuckles. They happen to coated in adamantium, one of the most resilient metals known to man. He also possesses supernaturally sharp senses, extremely rapid healing, extraordinary speed, phenomenal strength and a craving for blood. He's also so old that he can remember seeing A New Hope in theaters. Most things can't leave much of a mark on him these days, but most things aren't made out of gold these days.

Origin And Backstory (Must Be A Single Paragraph Long): James Howlett took, his father, Mr. Thomas Logan's name and his life when he was eight years old, the very moment he discovered he had retractable claws. He then ran away, joining the Canadian military before befriending self-serving low-life Skinner Sweet, a vampire. Sweet attempted to suck Logan dry, almost did, but was thwarted when those nasty little claws perforated his lungs. Sweet didn't die, but Logan did. Don't worry, he got better. He returned to life as a new man--or perhaps something like a dozen new men, if government records are to be believed, traveling the world looking for beers to drink and monsters to slay. These days though, he's enrolled in a shady little program named Weapon X. It's got him feeling a little anxious.

What Makes This Character 'Ultimate'?: So Wolverine, in regular continuity, has several unrelated superpowers that really make no sense in relation to one another, many of which are reminiscent of a certain variety of undead. This interpretation streamlines the explanation of his powers while exploring what it means to be a monster, what it means to be a hero, and if the two are mutually exclusive. Logan's noble aspirations will be inhibited by his bestial nature as much they ever were. An undead nature also strikes me as a nice way to summarize the plight that he has within, having lost so much of himself over the long years of his life. Vampirism is not what makes this my ultimate take on Wolverine, it's that he'll scrap anything and anyone that stands between him and his ability to chain himself to whoever he chooses.

Supporting Characters:
Abraham Cornelius - Scientist that gives everybody else something to do by making a mess.

Victor Creed - Assassin/Bounty Hunter/best-friend/Bully/Long-Lived Life-Long Scumbag/Mutant.

Dracula - Lord of The (Carpathian) Vampires.

Romulus - Mysterious mystery man of mystery.

Skinner Sweet - Yet another long-lived life-long scumbag. American Vampire.

Sample Post:

The Howlett Estate
The Fall of 1853

James’ bare little feet trotted along the cool wooden floors without a care in the world, with the slight bits of dust and sweat painting the panels like a treasure map. He was vaguely uncomfortable. There was this stinging little headache that sat just behind the root of his nose, like he’d been burned. But he hadn’t, nothing had been burned into his brain, not yet anyhow. The future being what it was, he had things to do in the present.

“Motherrrr,” the boy purred, rolling the letter R like a cigarette, “where’s Mister Logan?”

James watched his mother’s heart break like an egg: “Son: Mister Logan left.” She was, of course, referring to their housekeeper of eleven years who’d maintained the property, prepared their food and had personally overseen all of the other members of their staff.

“Did he tell you where he put the map, momma?”

She bit her lip, declining to give a more elaborate or accurate answer. “He didn’t say anything about that on the way out. He just wanted you to know that he loved you like his own flesh and blood.” She smiled and pinched her eyelids to conceal her bloodshot frustration.

“Why are you crying, mama?”

“After all these years, everything with your father’s business, your sister’s passing and all’a that, I’m just.. not .. to see Mr. Logan go is like losing..”

“Losing a treasure?” The boy asked.

She nodded and took a breath so deep and long that it could’ve crossed the Mississippi river or looked Niagara Falls in the eye. Then she turned away from her son and to the window. She smiled as she looked out the window and said, “There is one thing that he left us that we can remember him by.” Saying so, she fished through her elaborate and fanciful dress before producing a necklace. Without looking back to him at all, she tosses the locket underhand and casts it into his chest. “This was his just as much as it’s yours.”

Young James pops open the locket and examines its contents. There’s no map of the yard, no buried treasure. Just a tooth. A darkly colored and partially disintegrated tooth. Why would anybody want this, he asked himself kiddishly before musing on how funny it was that he had lost a tooth just like this wrestling with the house servant no more than a fortnite ago.
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Ultimate One Universe: Year One Application

Character You're Applying For: Batman/Bruce Wayne

Powers And Abilities: No physical powers, but is a master of twenty-seven martial arts, a gifted detective, and a billionaire with limitless resources that provide him with an arsenal of state-of-the-art gadgets and vehicles.

Origin And Backstory (In A Maximum Of Four Paragraphs): Born as the son of a wealthy philantropist and the head doctor of Arkham Asylum, Bruce Wayne witnessed the unthinkable whenever a mugger ended the lives of his parents on the streets of Gotham City. Suffering severe post-traumatic stress from the event, young Bruce was put under the care of legal guardian Alfred Pennyworth, who sought the treatment of Martha Wayne's dearest friend, psychologist Leslie Thompkins. Together they would act as Bruce's surrogates, trying to shield him from the ever-present public eye as he was mentally rebuilt. But despite their best efforts, Bruce would never be psychologically whole again.

Eventually fleeing the country in the middle of his senior year at Bludhaven University, Bruce travelled to the most remote areas of Asia and Europe and spent a period of ten years engaging in what he considered to be extreme trauma therapy. This soon evolved into lessons under a series of different masters that would incidentally make him an adept thief, a cunning detective, and a brutal hand-to-hand combatant. His experiences brought him closer to the criminal underworld as he began to see his own psychosis take on some of their habits - that is where he learned the nature of fear, and how powerful of a weapon it could truly become.

Under the tutilege of the legendary Ra's Al Ghul of The League Of Shadows, Bruce would learn to face his own fears in the dangerous Thogal ritual, meant to simulate a state between life and death to achieve a spirtual awakening. All that Wayne found waiting for him were shadows. Echoes of something he didn't fully understand, until he reached out - and was met by a large nest of bats, circling out of the monolithic caverns that The League operated from. But a falling out would occur whenever Bruce revealed that he held no desire to take his enemy's lives, leading to a duel between master and student that would only stop when the master's daughter forbade her father from delivering the killing blow. Exiled, Bruce travelled back to the United States at the age of 28.

Discovering that Gotham had become crippled by inner-city corruption headed by what was considered The Five Families, including mafioso Carmine Falcone, his rival Salvatore Maroni, a Siberian native that took to calling himself The Penguin, and a powerful drug lord known only as Poison Ivy, Bruce took up a mask and a series of gadgets supplied by his family's company of Waynetech and became a vigilante. But after being beaten half to death by the masked gang of sociopaths calling themselves The Royal Flush Gang, led by an individual called Red Hood, Wayne was forced to reconsider the nature of fear as he understood it. Only in a state of euphoria brought about by blood loss did he revisit his incident in the caves during Thogal, and remember the fear that overcame him when he was attacked by the bats. And so in order to strike terror into Gotham's criminals, a Bat is precisely what he would become.

What Makes This Character 'Ultimate'?: The comics, the movies, The Animated Series. The image that they conjure in your head is who he's destined to become - but for now, he's still new to everything. So his aversion to using guns, for instance, isn't exactly set in stone yet even if he still doesn't use them to kill. In addition, his psychosis is a little more unhinged, with vivid hallucinations and dreams often plaguing his waking hours whenever he's not fighting criminals, along with his violent tendencies being a little more brutal in his need to make criminals fear him. He also doesn't live in Wayne Manor or have a traditional Batcave, choosing to live in an inner-city penthouse with an underground bunker that leads out into a massive tunnel system beneath Gotham. This is Batman by way of the version Frank Miller created, if that version also produced an offspring with the Denny O'Neil and Scott Snyder versions that favor the humanistic detective. Mine sits at a happy medium.

As far as Gotham itself is concerned, virtually every supporting character is different from how they're usually portrayed. Alfred isn't Bruce's butler and is more of a proactive agent for the cause, Gordon isn't his ally in any capacity and the police almost entirely distrust Batman (The Bat-Signal still exists, but with a twist), Barbara Gordon is already paralyzed and will never become Batgirl, and Jason Todd isn't a Robin or a vigilante. The big villains are all going to be reinvented in ways that feel familiar but operate differently, aswell. And then there's the interconnected crime families, who are going to more closely resemble the warring factions of Westeros from Game Of Thrones than any previous incarnation.

Lastly, I've toned down the whole 'master of everything' element of his character. He's good at what he does, but I wouldn't call him the best ever as a fighter, or even close to the World's Greatest Detective. He's a man who learned alot of tricks that make him a force to be reckoned with against street criminals, with the cash to pick up his slack. If he were to go toe-to-toe with Daredevil, for instance, he'd probably do alright. But a fight with Captain America or Iron Man would leave him dusted fairly easily, not to mention a certain Man of Steel. And he's definitely not the brilliant strategist that makes the Batman of the comics seem almost ridiculously untouchable, with plans upon plans for every possible outcome. He's simply quick on his feet and lucky to be alive.

Supporting Characters: I'll start with his allies and leave the exact roles of his enemies as an in-game surprise.

Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce's mentor and trusted field agent, among many other things. Raising Bruce from the time his parents were murdered, Alfred has overseen most of Bruce's training abroad and continues to act as his moral compass.

Captain James Gordon, Batman's relentless law-abiding rival who believes him to be a criminal. He's an honest cop and honorable man, but belives Batman to be the cause of several of the city's newest threats.

Harvey Dent, Bruce's best friend since boarding school and the city's crusading A.D.A. Unwittingly acts as an informat of Batman's through Bruce's charade as a carefree friend for Dent to vent his frustrations at.

Oracle, Batman's online accomplice whose identity even he doesn't know. In actuality, she is Barbara Gordon, the wheelchair bound teenage daughter of the Captain with a vendetta all her own.

Lucius Fox, Bruce's armorer, who outfits him with the latest in scrapped military tech. Fox also currently acts as a member of the board of directors for Wayne Enterprises, keeping an eye on it's shady business dealings with a potential buyer in the majority shares, Roman Sionis.

Jason Todd, Batman's twenty-something streetwise informant and occasional mechanic, responsible for customizing the equipment Fox provides. Known for his ability to seamlessly infiltrate the local gangs.

Leslie Thompkins, Bruce's psychiatrist and a surrogate mother who helps guide Bruce through the darkness. She also works as a doctor in Arkham Asylum, where her care is considered kinder to that of men like Jonathan Crane and Professor Hugo Strange, the Asylum's administrator.

Duke Thomas, Batman's only informant from within the GCPD. One of the few honest cops in Gordon's precinct, he nevertheless only seeks the vigilante's help in times of absolute crisis and only begrudingly feeds him information out of loyalty to Gordon.

Selina Kyle, Bruce's liason to the elite of Gotham. The daughter of crimelord Carmine Falcone, whose real alliegances are routinely questionable, she is primarily responsible for introducing the billionaire to some of the city's most powerful individuals.

A.C.E, Batman's Waynetech-provided A.I. that acts as a digital super-weapon, able to black out portions of the city, remotely control his vehicles, give him three-dimensional readouts of his surroundings, and hack into the GCPD criminal database, among many other features.

And Katherine 'Kate' Kane, Bruce's cousin and one of only a handful of blood relatives. Still a teenager, she occasionally resides in Wayne Tower to escape her militant father. She remains unaware of Bruce's double life.

Sample Post:

Post Catalogue:

Volume 1: Ninety-Six Hours

1. Signal In The Sky
2. Terrorized And Terrorizing
3. Shall We Play A Game?
4. Shot In The Dark
5. Deadly Influences
6. Motives Unclear
7. Roads Paved With Good Intentions
8. A New Player In Town
9. Allies In The Field
10. Temperate Toxicity
11. Roman's Holiday
12. Life Or Death
13. Out Of Your Element
14. A Fight You Can't Win
15. Desperate Measures
16. Rock And A Hard Place
17. Out Of Control
18. The Impressionable
19. When All's Said And Done

Volume 2: The Dark Before The Dawn

1. Second Chance
2. Matters Of Family
3. Cold Realities
4. Seeing The Light
5. Gathering Intelligences
6. Through The Mud
7. Fist Of Clay
8. Black And Blue: Part 1 (w/ AndyC)
9. Black And Blue: Part 2 (w/ AndyC)
10. Black And Blue: Part 3 (w/ AndyC)
11. Black And Blue: Part 4 (w/ AndyC)
12. Black And Blue: Part 5 (w/ AndyC)
13. Black And Blue: Part 6 (w/ AndyC)
14. Black And Blue: Part 7 (w/ AndyC)
15. Black And Blue: Part 8 (w/ AndyC)
16. Black And Blue: Finale (w/ AndyC)
17. Cards On The Table
18. The War Will Carry On

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O R I G I N & B A C K S T O R Y:

Thor is the son of Odin Borson, the King, and Allfather of the realm of Asgard. His mother, however, was a giantess called Jörð, who in actuality was a Pre-Mordial Titan known more commonly as Gaea. Through his father, Thor has two brother whom he was raised alongside, his half-brother Baldur and his adoptive brother Loki who was the same age as Thor and the pair maintained a bitter rivalry throughout their youth. Growing up, Thor was close friends with Heimdall who would go on to also become Thor's closest ally. His circle of friends also included the future Warriors Three; Volstagg, Hogun, and Fandral. Lastly, Thor maintained a fledgling on and off again romance with the young Sif.

Growing to be a powerful and headstrong warrior, Thor grew brash and his thirst for battle was almost unsettling to those around him. Burdened with the role of Protector of the Nine Realms, Thor would often be away from Asgard for great lengths of times, putting a severe strain on his relationship with the Lady Sif, especially since Thor made other consorts in the Realms he visited. His favourite of these was jötunn, Járnsaxa, with whom he laid and fostered a child in secret from all but Heimdall's all-seeing eyes. It was also on these many adventures that Thor first ventured to Midgard, encountering the Olympian hero, Herakles and forming their longstanding rivalry. Thor also brought war to Avallonis, clashing hammer against sword before forming a truce with the realms king, Arturus Rex.

However, Thor had a destiny far greater than any of his allies, and would eventually go on to confront the monster known as the Midgard Serpent, Jörmungandr. In order to avert the destruction of Midgard, Thor had to defeat Jörmungandr, and the two did battle for numerous days before the serpent finally succumbed to its injuries, its body releasing Midgard and plunging far below the roots of Yggdrasil, the world's tree. However, Jörmungandr venom eventually caught up to Thor and after taking nine paces from the battle, he dropped dead. The battle between Thor and Jörmungandr had unwittingly unleased Ragnarok upon Asgard, and with Thor's death, the realm fell apart, swallowed whole and its people were forced to flee or perish. Departing to the stars, the Asgardians left the ruins of their home behind as they sought to find a new place in the galaxy while Thor's legendary weapon, Mjölnir was lost to the cosmos of the Nine Realms, foretold to be waiting for the return of its master or another to seek it out and prove themselves worthy of its power.

But time was not a concept that Mjölnir worried nor even considered and in the late summer of the Midgard year of 1990, Erik and Marcy Donaldson gave birth to a son they named Blake. Growing up on his father's farm in the American South West, the Donaldsons lived a modest life, with nothing extraordinary about them. But on the dawn of his eighteenth birthday, Blake began to be plagued with vivid dreams of a life he had never lived. These dreams were, of course, the memories of Thor, who was reincarnated through Blake. The dreams continued to plague Blake for another decade while he left his home in Marville, Oklahoma to attend Texas State University before returning home to open his own veterinarian practice. Thor was soon awoken when a man from Blake's past by the name of Carl Creel began to make trouble in Marville. Nicknamed 'Crusher' during their time together in High School, Creel had seemingly developed abilities which allowed him to fully embrace the nickname. Standing defiantly against him, Blake was struck by a near-fatal blow, laying in the street to die had it not been for an elderly man. The man took a hold of Blake's hand and in an instant, Thor was restored, his memories and enhance fully inhabiting this new body as he defeated Creel in combat. Now, Thor continues his life as Blake, juggling the responsibilities of both his world, as he adjusts to not only acting as a protector of Midgard, but once again restoring peace to the other Realms while seeking to reunite the people of Asgard and rebuild their home.

P O W E R S & A B I L I T I E S:

P O W E R S:

ASGARDIAN PHYSIOLOGY: Thor’s unique physiology of half-Asgardian and Half Elder God grants him the typical powers of an Asgardian God but he is much stronger than the typical members of his race. Thor is currently the second most powerful Asgardian within the Nine Realms and the cosmos surpassed only by his father. As Asgard's warrior prince, Thor trained in the arts of battle, which he has practiced for thousands of years. He is recognized to rely solely on his superior fighting ability, strength, and nigh invulnerability. Odin believes that Thor will eventually become even more powerful than him.

Physically the strongest of all Asgardians, Thor is recognized as the God of Strength. His incredible superhuman strength enables him to easily overpower hoards of enemies of lesser strength. Thor has even stalemated the hero Herakles in several contests, a hero of lore whose strength accomplished nine legendary labours that no other being had ever accomplished. None of these so-called labours, however, came close to Thor's greatest feat, when he lifted the Midgard Serpent, Jörmungandr. A serpent so large, its coils had wrapped around the Earth several times. For this reason, Thor often holds back his vast strength to ensure he does not greatly harm his opponents or the area in which they are in.

Thor can move at great superhuman speeds. Capable of sprinting distances fast enough to visibly appear as nothing more than a blur. Likewise, his reflexes react on the same level, allowing Thor to dodge and respond to attacks almost instantly. Thor's agility, dexterity, balance, and bodily coordination make him a great warrior for battle. He moves with incredible grace and speed despite his considerable size and body density.

His skin, muscle, and bone tissue have many times the density of the same tissue in the body of a human being and even more so than regular Asgardians. Thor is immune to all human diseases as well as its poisons and toxins and is additionally immune to electrocution or poison from radiation. Thor's metabolism is so great that it is nearly impossible for Thor to become drunk except for when he imbibes alcoholic beverages of Asgardian or equal origin. Thor is not immune to all forms of harm, however, and can be defeated by a being whose power matches or exceeds his own, or by high order magic manipulation.

Despite his astounding resistance to injury, it is still possible to injure Thor. However, due to his Asgardian physiology, Thor is able to heal at a rate significantly faster than a normal human and even much faster than most Asgardians. Like all other Asgardians, is not truly immortal. It is possible to kill an Asgardian and other beings in the Nine Realms. More accurately, Asgardians are extremely long-lived beings. Thor ages at a pace far, far slower than a human, and this longevity if further boosted by the consumption of Idunn's Golden Apples. Even in Death, Asgardians do not truly die as many return in reincarnated forms such as both Thor and his brother Loki.

Thor's endurance is much higher than that of humans and most superhumans. Thor has the ability to perform at his physical peak without tiring for very long periods of time. Thor’s body, unlike that of humans, produces almost no fatigue toxins. However, Thor does indeed require rest to rejuvenate himself, but sleep is luxury, rather than something he requires daily.

A B I L I T I E S:

GOD OF THUNDER: Thor is the God of thunder born with the natural ability to control weather since birth. Thor normally relies on Mjölnir to control the weather with and release blasts of lightning. Mjölnir allows him to channel his natural abilities more easily, focusing on the hammer as an output. Using his powers without Mjölnir require more effort to summon and are more raw and uncontrolled. Thor is able to summon all elements of the storm, and can even create unnatural weather. He can even discharge lightning bolts from his hands that are lethal and raw in power, able to engulf his hands in lightning to amplify his punches. It is only without Mjölnir that Thor unlocked the full potential of his electrokinetic powers. His power over lightning allow him to generate electrical energy from his own body and summon thunder and lightning from the sky, all without the aid of his former hammer.

SON OF JÖRð: As the son of Jörð, the Pre-Mordial Titan, Gaea, Thor possess an innate, but limited ability to manipulate the Earth. He can create tremors and earthquakes, sink enemies into the ground or raise the ground in his defense. Though this requires great effort on Thor's part as the gifts of his mother do not come with the ease that his other powers do. Lastly, Thor can communicate with the Earth, sensing disturbances to the world through vibrations far too insignificant for most others to experience.

COMBATANT: Thor is one of the most trained and experienced warriors in all the Realms. Thor often prefers to use brawling-type techniques when fighting beings of similar levels of strength. Despite being a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, Thor's greatest feats of skill come from his weapon expertise. He is easily one of the greatest and most versatile weapon experts in all the Realms, while Thor in his past life favoured his hammer, Mjölnir, he is skilled in the use of weapons such as an axe, sword, bow and arrow, shields and clubs.

TACTICIAN: Due to the fact that Thor is a Warrior God, he has had several millennia worth of experience with devising plans of war. Thor derives his great knowledge of war from Midgard as well as the other Realms, all of which the God of Thunder has done battle in.

P A R A P H E N I L I A:

JÁRNBJÖRN:The first weapon Thor ever called his own, the axe-hammer hybrid saw plenty of action during Thor's use although he ultimately stopped using the weapon after being gifted Mjölnir. However, with Mjölnir missing, Thor has once again a need for a weapon and has chosen to wield this familiar maul.

MJÖLNIR:The weapon of Thor, forged from the heart of a dying star. Mjölnir was a nigh-indestructible hammer gifted to Thor from his father, Odin. Capable of focussing and channel Thor's impressive array of abilities, Thor ultimately came to rely on the weapon and considered it an extension of himself. It was lost to the Nine Realms after his death.

CALIBURNUS:A legendary sword from the realm of Avallonis, Caliburnus is the weapon of Arturus Rex after the sword chose him and allowed itself to be pulled from the stone, deeming him to be a worthy king. The sister weapon to Mjölnir, Caliburnus was forged from the same dying star and is virtually indestructible and capable of cutting through nearly any other metal save for Mjölnir.

MEGINGJÖRð:An Asgardian belt that like Mjölnir, helps Thor to control his considerable Asgardian abilities. The belt allows Thor to easily regulate the output of his strength, allowing him to hold back when necessary or unless the full might of the God of Thunder.

JÁRNGREIPR:A pair of Asgardian bracers which hold Thor's armor and when activated expel a wave of energy that passes over the Asgardian, covering him in his armor and royal garb which he proudly wears into battle.

S U P P O R T I N G C A S T:

A L L I E S:

MJÖLNIR: A hammer forged from the heart of a dying star by the dwarven brothers Eitri and Brokkr. The metal crafted for Mjölnir came to be known in Asgard as Uru. It is the sister weapon to the equally powerful sword, Excalibur which residents in the realm of Avalon. The weapon is known for being terribly unbalanced due to a flaw in its creation resulting in a shorter handle. When Thor died, Mjölnir disappeared into the cosmos of the Nine Realms and hasn't been seen since. It is believed by the Asgardians that the hammer will return when her master does.

ODIN BORSON: The Allfather of Asgard, son of Bor, father to Thor, Loki, and Baldur. Odin was the ruler of Asgard until its demise during Ragnarok. Like the rest of the surviving Asgardians, he was left to wander the galaxy in search of refuge. Confident in his remaining son's ability to lead and knowing one day Thor would be reborn, Odin searched the Nine Realms for his reincarnated son until eventually finding him, in Marville, Oklahoma.

ERIK & MARCY DONALDSON: Erik and Marcy Donaldson are the parents of Blake Donaldson, Thor's reincarnated self. Erik had studied to be an architect before the early death of his father resulted in him taking over the family farm in Marville Oklahoma. Marcy, on the other hand, was a pediatrician with her own private practice. The life on the farm, however, never truly suited her and had it not been for the birth of Blake, the couple likely would have separated long ago.

JANE FOSTER: Born in Marville, Oklahoma, Jane Foster was a childhood friend and high-school romance of Blake Donaldson before eventually leading Marville behind and attending school in New York City.

BARBARA NORRIS: Blake Donaldson's current girlfriend. Blake met Barbara while attending Texas State University and the two moved back to Marville so Blake could help his aging father with the farm while running his veterinarian practice. Barbara, on the other hand, works as a Deputy in the Marville Sheriff's Department.

HEIMDALL: Thor's dearest friend and longest ally. During the events of Ragnarok, Heimdall and Loki were locked in combat, when the dust settled neither were living. However much like Thor, it is believed that Heimdall will return again. The master of the Bifrost, without Heimdall, Thor has no hope of gathering the people of Asgard again.

BALDUR: Baldur is the youngest of Odin's children and half-brother to Thor. With Thor and Loki both dead from the events of Ragnarok, Baldur is the current heir to the throne of Asgard and currently captains a small freighter out of Knowhere as he seeks to unite his wandering people.

LADY SIF: The former wife of the lady Thor and the current wife of his brother, Baldur. Lady Sif is one of Asgard's mightiest warriors and was foretold to bear the children of Thor who would go on to inherit the mighty Mjölnir. However, Sif miscarried during Ragnarok, leading to the loss of her unborn child. With Thor's death, no heir came for Mjölnir. Eventually, Sif found herself aboard Baldur's vessel and his right hand. The two fell in love and bonded over their common mission, eventually becoming wed.

THE WARRIORS THREE: Among Thor's closest friends, the Warriors Three is comprised of Volstagg the Valiant, Hogun the Grim, and Fandral the Dashing. The three are among some of Asgard's most fierce warriors, perhaps bested only by Thor and Sif herself. All three were thought to have been killed during Ragnarok but Volstagg survived, although severely injured and weakened. Serving under Baldur, the group has managed to locate the reincarnate bodies of Hogun and Fandral who have joined up with their motley crew.

ARTURUS REX: The Saxon King and ruler of Kamaalot, Arturus Rex, known in legend simply as King Arthur was originally a foe of Thor's. During an Asgardian siege of Avallonis, Thor and Arturus found themselves pitted in locked combat. But as Mjölnir and Caliburnus are sister weapons, neither could gain an edge on the other. Ultimately, the two came to an understanding and mutual respect, Arturus, before his passing remaining one of Thor's closest allies.

HERAKLES: A former rival of Thor's, the son of Zeus himself. The pair has often fought over which of them is stronger, each time one stalemating the other. Maintaining a friendly rivalry, the two immortals occasionally go on adventures together, which always end in alcohol and brawl.

W H A T M A K E S T H I S C H A R A C T E R U L T I M A T E?:

This is a Thor who has done everything and yet has done nothing. He lived his mythical history, going on adventures throughout the Nine Realms and time before succumbing to his wounds during Ragnarok as Asgard was destroyed around him. But Thor is immortal, and through Odin's magic, he was reincarnated on Midgard.

Unlike in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor was not aware of his true identity. He was not sent to Earth in an adult form but was rather rebirthed and raised among mortals them creating Christ and Superman parallels. Likewise, unlike Marvel's Thor, there is no transformation between Thor and his mortal form, this version is both simultaneously Thor Odinson and Blake Donaldson.

My stories will at first focus on Blake/Thor coming to terms with his returned memories and powers, finding a place among Earth's mightiest heroes. From there, Thor's mission will shift to seeking out his lost hammer, Mjölnir and unite the scattered people of Asgard.

P O S T C A T A L O G:

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Character You're Applying for:

Gwen Stacy
Spectacular Spider-Woman

Powers and Abilities: Spider-Woman has the ability to cling to walls, superhuman strength, speed, and agility, a "spider-sense" that alerts her to danger, as well as perfect balance and equilibrium.

Being the daughter of a detective, Gwen has a keen eye and analytical mind. While she is not the equal of the likes of Batman when it comes to detective work, she's no slouch. She possesses an above average intellect, but is not a genius like 616 Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

Her friend Peter Parker has used his genius to create the tech she uses as Spider-Woman, including a carbon fiber weave suit, and in-suit communicator, and webshooters.

Origin and Backstory:

Before the Bite

Born to Captain George Stacy of the NYPD and Helen Stacy in 2001 in Queens, New York, Gwen Stacy was instantly the apple of her parents' eye. Their first born, she was doted upon endlessly. She showed her father's sharp mind and her mother's beauty, becoming the child they had always dreamed of after having difficulty conceiving. Growing up in Queens, she was happy, healthy, and surrounded by a loving family. It was in Queens where she also met her best friends in Peter Parker, Harry Osborn, and Mary Jane Watson. The four were inseparable, even if they were all from drastically different socioeconomic backgrounds. Pete was the orphaned super-genius, Harry the richest kid in Queens, MJ the kid from the wrong side of the tracks trying to better herself, and Gwen the leader of the group. It was a full, happy life until Gwen's teenage years. Her mother was diagnosed with an aggressive strain of breast cancer, throwing Gwen's life into a spiral. Helen's only chance was experimental treatments that the family's insurance would not cover. Gwen went with her father and mother to bank after bank looking for a loan to cover the treatment, but they were rejected time and time again. The family just didn't make enough money. So Gwen watched as her mother wasted away and died within months. Her and her father mourned, and neither of them was ever the same again. There was always a hole in their lives from that day forward, and Gwen felt like her home had crumbled around her.


Her friends never knew how much she was suffering, however. In school she was still one of the brightest in her class, eclipsed only by Peter, and being friends with MJ and Harry, the hottest couple in school, certainly helped her on the popularity front. She knew Peter had feelings for her, but she wasn't sure if she felt the same way, and was worried about losing the best friend she had. Her and Peter even managed to score a high school internship helping out at Harry's dad's company, Oscorp. It was there her life changed forever. An experimental spider escaped its enclosure and bit Gwen. The bite rewrote her genetic code, giving her the abilities of a spider. The company had been experimenting on making genetically altered animals to fill in for animals lost to extinction. The idea was they would adapt to an ecosystem and fill in the gaps that were left by the extinct creatures. With Gwen, the spider's DNA seemed to create its own effect, enhancing her instead of killing her.

Great Responsibility

Gwen spent months learning to hone and learn all about her new abilities, while around the world other metahumans and vigilantes began to appear. Her father, being the cop that he was, railed against the men and women who were taking the law into their own hands. Still, the draw was too strong for Gwen, and she began patrolling the city at night in a makeshift costume. One evening, she came across a bank robbery. While the bank was closing up, a man in a mask broke in and held the manage at gunpoint for a duffle bag full of money. This wasn't any bank, however. It was one of the ones that refused to give the Stacy family a loan, and the manager was the one that had personally rejected them. Instead of stopping the robber, Gwen watched as he got the money and ran. A few minutes later, she heard a shot ring out. When she found its source, she discovered Peter's Uncle Ben lying in the street. The robber had car jacked the man outside the Parkers' home, and left him for dead. Gwen watched in horror from the rooftops as her best friend had his surrogate father die in his arms.

Becoming the Spider

After Ben Parker's funeral, Gwen and Peter were hanging out at his house alone. The guilt had built up in Gwen so much that she felt like she was going to burst. Rather than telling him what really happened that night, she instead merely told him about her powers and how she wished she could have been there to help Uncle Ben. Peter, desperate to live up to his uncle's legacy of decency, offered his help to make Gwen the best superhero she could be. He took her rudimentary suit and began development of a carbon fiber weave replacement. He also set his genius to making a way for Gwen to traverse the city with ease. With her new life as Spider-Woman beginning, Gwen finally filled the hole in her life her mother left, while also hoping she could heal the damage done to her friend by allowing him to help her.

What Makes This Character "Ultimate"?: Well, first off, it's Gwen instead of Peter. I want to bring new dynamics into it, with Gwen's inaction leading to Uncle Ben's death rather than Peter's. It will be an interesting dynamic to see playout, and opens up a lot of opportunities when it comes to longer-term story beats. I've also made Peter Gwen's "Guy in the Chair", to steal a line from Homecoming. She may be intelligent, but he's the super genius getting her what she needs to really be a hero. Them working in such close proximity to one another, again, opens up the door for all kinds of drama. I have some plans for the Rogues Gallery as well, but I'm still fleshing that out.

Supporting Characters:

Peter Parker - Gwen's best friend and the only other person who knows she is Spider-Woman. Peter has loved Gwen since as long as they've known each other, but Gwen's always been more confused on the matter, especially since Uncle Ben's death. Peter supplies Gwen with all her tech thanks to his genius level intellect.

Captain George Stacy - Gwen's father and a captain in the NYPD. George is protective and loves his daughter, but he has become aloof ever since the passing of his wife. He is vehemently anti-superhero, which could lead to serious conflict if he was ever to learn that Gwen is Spider-Woman.

Mary Jane Watson - One of Gwen's good friends and the most popular girl at school. Mary Jane comes from a broken home and a ner-do-well father, but she is working hard overcoming her upbringing to be more than that. She is currently dating Harry Osborne.

Harry Osborn - The final member of Gwen's tight group of friends as well as the son of one of New York's richest and most successful men. Harry is laid back and a bit of a slacker, owing to his upbringing. Still, he has an exceptionally loving heart, and no one dislikes him.

Norman Osborn - Harry's father and the CEO of Oscorp, Norman is a scientific genius. His company focuses on biological research.

J. Jonah Jameson - Owner, operator, and producer of independent, online media company INFO BUGLE. Jameson also hosts his own daily podcast. One of the most notorious media personalities in the country, Jameson is often seen as a conspiracy theorist, though he has amassed quite a following.

Dr. Ashley Kafka - Director of Ravenscroft Institute for the Criminally insane, located adjacent to Ryker's Island prison in Queens.

Character Picture:

Sample Post:

I stand on the roof of some still-under-construction, swanky Manhattan apartment building pacing back and forth. The wind whips across my face, rustling the hood of my costume, This is absolutely crazy. There's no other explanation for what I'm about to do. It's crazy. I must have a death wish. I mean, I know Peter is a genius and all, but trusting him with something like this makes no rational sense. Hell, getting bit by a radioactive spider and becoming a superhero makes more sense then jumping off a thirty story building for fun.

"What are you waiting for?" Peter's impatient voice filters through the in-suit communicator he installed when he made the costume. His help certainly has been welcomed, that's for sure. I wouldn't be able to hang with bad guys like Batman or the other superheroes do without him. The fact that it gives him something to distract him from Uncle Ben and soothes my own crushing guilt doesn't hurt either. "Gwen, I told you it's going to work. When have I ever steered you wrong?"

The question hangs in the air for a few moments before I answer, "Remember when you told me crayons taste like candy?"

"I was five!" he yells back in his own defense. "And I mean watching you pick blue out of your teeth was hilarious."

"Yea well, my mom nearly had a cow when a blue turd showed up in the toilet," I respond with a chuckle. Mentioning mom still brings a twinge of pain to my heart. It's lessened over the years, but I'm not convinced it's ever really going to fully go away. I'm also not really sure I want it to. If that happens, it might mean I don't miss her anymore, and I never want to feel what that feels like.

"Stop stalling and jump," Pete breaks me out of my own thoughts.

"Fine," I sigh before adding, "but if I die I'm haunting you. You'll never sleep again without your closet door creaking open and closed constantly, and parts of your room being abnormally cold."

I take a deep breath before backing up a few steps. It's not that I need a running start or anything. My legs are strong enough for me to jump clear cross to the building across the street without so much as a bend of the knee. Benefits of super strength and all that. But subconsciously I feel the need to run. Hell, maybe it's my brain telling me to runaway...but I'm gonna choose to ignore that.

After another sigh and shrug of my shoulders to no one in particular, I take off towards the drop-off. As my toes curl around the edge of the building, I push off and corkscrew through the New York night. The air rushes around me like a hurricane as I free fall towards the street below. When I'm halfway down, I say a prayer and let loose with Peter's new invention.

A thin line of web-like fluid erupts from the device on my wrist and sticks to the wall of the building closest to me. I hold my breath as the line goes taught, but all the worry is for nothing. The substance holds my weight perfectly, and sends me swinging in an arc higher above the street. I let go of the line, do a back flip, and shoot another line to swing from.

"Wahoo!" the scream escapes my lips, surprising even me as I come in low, towards the street and land on a bus moving down the avenue. A stupid, wide, infections grin is painted on my face under the mask. Pete really outdid himself this time.

"I told you it'd work," the tech genius says, self satisfied.

"I can't hear you, Parker," I respond, jumping off the bus, swinging around the top of a light pole to gain momentum, before launching myself into the sky and swinging along the skyscrapers. "I'm too busy being a superhero."

"What does it feel like?" he asks longingly.

"Like I'm Tarzan!" I laugh back, before catching myself. "You know, without the white savior tropes and implied racism."

Suddenly, I hear sirens explode in the distance.

"Well, Pete, they're calling our number. Time to see how these babies handle in a fight!"


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“The universe might not care what happens to you, but you should care what happens to the universe. How else would you build a better one?”
Personal Dossier

Bekka, Princess of New Genesis

Wonder Woman

Powers & Abilities
Advanced Close Quarters Combatant: Due to her experience, longevity, and training it is hard to argue against Bekka’s place as one of Earth’s finest martial artists and melee combatants. She is an expert in the art of swordplay, hand-to-hand combat, and advanced galactic weapons like power staves and energy rifles [though Bekka herself finds them a last resort].

Advanced Technology & Equipment: Bekka’s sword allows her to travel between “dimensions” through the use of the Mother Box attached to the hilt of her sword. The metal alloy it is comprised of is near weightless material and through science fixed to Bekka’s “genetic frequency” thus making only those of New Gods origin able to wield it. Beyond that, her armor was forged by the finest blacksmiths on New Genesis and a good deal of their technological innovations left New Genesis when Bekka departed using her sword’s mother box. This includes a holo-tool that allows her to store data with an artificial intelligence that aides her to perceive it.

Master Tactician and Strategist: The “New Gods” of New Genesis are ingenious albeit arrogant beings – their training is rigorous and results any less of perfection are scorned. Bekka grew up in the training colosseums to prepare for her role among the hierarchy of her people. Even amongst her fellow Genesisians she is above the curve and as the heir apparent Bekka has had more expectations than anyone else and she has always had the nerve to rise to the occasion. Her tactical analysis is on par with her abilities as a combatant, though most often her strong emotions and irrational impulses tend to make her forget to critically perceive a situation. However, when determined and focused Bekka will find a way to out-think her opponent, especially if she needs to rely on her brains instead of her brawn.

New Gods Physiology: The denizens of New Genesis [and Apokolips] are physiologically superhuman and as such they can dish out damage equivalent to that of others of superhuman magnitude. As such this physiology not only includes strength, durability, speed, resilience, and levitation but also extends well beyond their physical abilities as New Gods are hyper-evolved beings that have been enhanced by The Source granting them phenomenal reflexes, perception, and intelligence. These attributes are susceptible to be weakened when under the influence of Radion energies much like Kryptonians when introduced to Kryptonite in its various forms.

Origin and Backstory
Bekka’s story reads like a Greek Tragedy. But most stories involving “gods” tend to. Bekka was born as a member of the hyper-evolved beings that have come to be known as the “New Gods”, a humanoid race of aliens that assert their design as being the absolute definition of perfection. Separated into two factions, New Gods have fought each other for centuries in a bid for dominance over the primeval energy known as “The Source”. These factions are attributed to two planetary designations: Apokolips and New Genesis. Bekka was born into the latter and as such has been taught to fight for the needs of others, to represent the best of godliness, and to see the best in others before seeing the worst. Throughout her childhood, she would come to struggle with these ideals in an everlasting battle with her own personal faults.

Eventually, the war between the two factions came to a head – Bekka was still young, only into her twenties as a supposed god, an age that had yet to see growth through wisdom and experience. That’s when she met her equal, a man named Orion, the son of her people’s sworn enemy, though her father encouraged their meetings. Bekka was no fool and saw it for what it was. What her meetings with Orion meant. The two of them were to be partnered in a ceremony to bring a much needed peace to both Apokolips and New Genesis. Though she did not give out her hand easily or without challenge. However, in time they grew to respect one another mutually. For a moment Bekka thought those bred on Apokolips were not inherently evil. Though, reality would soon rears its head on the day of her wedding.

As luck would have it, Darkseid planned to use the wedding as a ruse and upon the beginning of the ceremony used it as a tactical advantage and brought Bekka’s family and the benevolent rulers of New Genesis to their knees through his wicked technologies. Orion rejected the notion up until he himself was killed by his own flesh and blood. Bekka fled, fighting through soldiers of Apokolips, realizing that Darkseid had only seen his own son as a tool and a bastard of little merit. She hated running from it. She hated not fighting to her last breath. As she was cornered she used the mother box that was built into her sword to escape. This would begin her journey away from everything she had ever known and to a world that would come to help her find purpose once again.

The place that would show her purpose was the planet known as Earth. It seemed so archaic and inadequate at first, but in time Bekka found solace. On her first few years on Earth she met Steven Trevor, a man who had nursed her back to health even though she assured him several times that he in no way could help her recover from her supposed injuries. He was stubborn and so were others who came to rally around her. Bekka wasn’t sure what to think of them, but she was glad they were around when at the time she felt so very alone. It is now some years later and something has changed in the world and in Bekka as well; something so important that Bekka has remembered her Genesisian values and to stop hiding from not only the world that has sheltered her but more importantly, herself. Upon the first sighting of Bekka in her angelic-like armor, Gateway City reporter and news pundit, Lisa Abernathy, has given her a name.

Wonder Woman.

What Makes This Character 'Ultimate'?
The ultimization relies on the concept introduced in “Justice League: Gods and Monsters”, though it is not entirely an imitation of such word-for-word. I’ve read the comics and watched the film that spawned the concept, but I think I can take it to another level by incorporating Wonder Woman standards as well as New Genesis ideas into setting the tone of a different Wonder Woman for the One Universe we’re molding together here. Diana of Themyscyria no doubt exists, but here she’s not Wonder Woman. And I find the idea of Bekka taking up the mantle a little interesting. There’s a lot to do with that idea.

Classic Wonder Woman antagonists and supporting cast alike will be present. Steve Trevor, Etta Candy, Deborah Domaine, Veronica Cale, Edgar Cizko, Cylvia Cyber, Valerie Beaudry, Catherine “Cathy” Perkins, Timothy Trench, Helena Sandsmark, and others will be present in some form or another. By extension intergalactic “gods” such as Darkseid, Mongul, Thanos, and Infinity Man also are included to represent Bekka's unique cast of foes, friends, and everything in-between. With this in mind, Wonder Woman is not going to be limited to Earth that much is for sure. With that said, I’m also really looking forward to not needing to research Greek Mythology all that much like I did in New Frontier, though I suppose researching Jack Kirby’s New Gods is a whole different picnic. I’m absolutely fascinated about the directions and avenues this opens up, so I hope you guys are as well.

Supporting Characters
Adrianna Anderson
A former child prodigy and one of the leading experts in the field of cybernetics and robotics, Adrianna Anderson is a transhumanist first and a capitalist second. She believes the only way civilization is going to win the “superhero arms race” is to transcend humanity. Critics consider her a little too eccentric, but her products are currently outselling competitors for their ironclad security and smooth user interface. The “Cyberwalker System Guarantee” is a trademark of her products. Word is she’s onto a new breakthrough that could change everything.

Carmen Leno
One of Veronica Cale’s personal assistants and secretaries.

Doris Zuel
A violent, narcissistic metahuman criminal who can change her size at will. In the last few years she has dedicated herself to the lifestyle as an adaptable and dangerous thief.

Edgar Cizko
To Be Determined - Supervillain

Jackson Alpert
Head of STAR LABS in Gateway City, Alpert is a brilliant scientist who has a longstanding interest in extranormal and extraterrestial life; believing that alien technology is the key to saving Earth from the effects of Global Warming, Fossil Fuel depletion, and other primary enviromental concerns.

Julianna Sazia
Julianna Sazia is the leading crime lord of Gateway City, with an influence sphere that includes the political and business sphere. Her business partners include the likes of Thomas Randolph, Milo Armitage, and Ferva Shayne. Everything that happens in Gateway City is under her watchful eye.

Milo Armitage
A “professional businessman” that makes up the second pillar of Gateway City’s corporate magnates. CEO of a weapons manufacturer and chemo-industrial development firm, Milo operates out of Gateway City but his operations include the other two of the jewels of Northern California – Star City and Coast City. Steven Trevor once likened him as “some kind of twisted mix of Bruce Wayne and a young Carmine Falcone”. For some reason it seems the police and government agencies haven’t gotten enough dirt on him to bring him down. Perhaps his fall begins with Wonder Woman’s appearance on the scene.

Veronica Cale
One of the three pillars of Gateway City. A natural born leader and independent thinker, Veronica Cale is a self-made woman who has been disingenuously compared to that of Lex Luthor and others of similar vision and success. She designed her first cellphone at sixteen and became a giant of a new Silicon Valley movement by the time the technological revolution was underway. She has her hands in the pockets of so many prominent figures it’s hard to count. She’s also extremely ruthless and sees the rise of superhumans and vigilantism as a threat to the “American” business model. She’ll do everything to stay on top.

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Ultimate Comics: One Universe Application

Origin And Backstory:

Fang Chu was born in Gotham City to a pair of Chinese immigrants on February 16th, 1990. He lived in a rather destitute area during his childhood, where he frequently got into fights with delinquents around the neighborhood and was lucky to survive with his head still on his shoulders. He had hated the poverty and crime he was surrounded by, but nothing disgusted him moreso than his father, an abusive drunk who eventually drove Fang's mother to suicide.

When Fang became an adult, he moved to New York and joined the police force there. The first thing he did was save up enough cash to change his name to Frank Castle, in order to distance himself from his father. At the age of twenty-four he met Maria Conway, the woman who he'd eventually marry and have a pair of twins with. Up until two months ago, life was good, with Frank quickly rising through the ranks of the department and the family looking for a nice suburban home on the Jersey side of the city.

But one day, when the family had a picnic in a park, they witnessed a mob killing happening not too far away. Before Frank could react, gunfire was erupting, and his family was gunned down in front of him by the gangsters. Frank survived, and the assailants were caught not long after the shooting only to be let off due to the weight their boss held.

Frank, disgusted by the ineptitude of the judicial system, has decided to take matters into his own hands. Enlisting the help of a friend in the cyber crimes division, David Lieberman, Frank has taken it upon himself to track down the men who murdered his family and bring down their boss in addition to the two of them. Not to achieve some twisted sense of joy in taking his revenge. He was going to make sure they got punished.

Powers And Abilities:
('Powers', he says)

Living Weapon - Frank has trained himself in the use of firearms and has also developed a hand-to-hand combat style mixing elements of boxing with down and dirty street fighting. From a semi-automatic pistol to a pencil, he's able to kill with anything. Needless to say, he's a dangerous man that's fully capable of taking on most (non-powered) people who get in his way.

Unbreakable Will - He will stop at nothing (short of killing innocents) to complete his goal and punish those who make a living off of other people's pain. It doesn't matter if he's stabbed, poisoned, shot, he will keep going until he's dead as disco. Couple this with the fact that he has nothing to lose anyway and the skills he already possesses, and it just manages to multiply his potential for violence.

What Makes This Character 'Ultimate'?:
Aside from the race lift and change in background from Castle being a soldier to a police officer, this version of Frank Castle will be played in a style that's heavily influenced by the works of John Woo. A Better Tomorrow and Hard Boiled are the two biggest influences. Expect lots of flashy gunplay and body counts in the hundreds by the time he punishes those responsible for his family's death.

Supporting Characters:
David Lieberman/Microchip - A friend of Frank's since his days in the academy, Lieberman is a rather portly white man a year older than Frank who was assigned to the cyber crimes division due to his proficiency in technology. He helped Frank uncover the names of the men who killed his family, as well as the man they work for. He has stuck around as Frank's source for whenever he needs information.

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Origin And Backstory
Peter Quill was born in Colorado Springs on April 14, 1980, the son of Meredith Quill. Meredith wasn't prepare to raise a baby by herself, but she was willing to try her damnedest. And as the years went by, she was proven to be good at it. Having a decent job as a cashier in a record store was good enough in the eighties. For Peter, his childhood was filled with amazing memories like camping with his mother and playing his NES for the first time. He soon developed an interest in sci-fi and space after watching ET and Back to the Future on his VCR player. Life for him was going great.

Then, Meredith was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 1986. Doctors told her that her chances of survival were low as the cancer had begun to spread. Peter didn't want to believe that his mother was slowly dying. For four years, both Peter and Meredith lived life to their fullest until she was forced to go to the hospital. On her deathbed, Meredith gave her son a mix tape filled with songs that she found meaningful in her life. Then, she gave him a second mixtape that she made during the four years as a way of remembering those moments. Peter stood by his mother's side in the hospital bed as she slowly died.

After the funeral service, Yondu Udonta arrived to abduct Peter Quill; however, he didn't know that Meredith died. When he learned of his friend's death, Yondu instead offered to come with him beyond the Solar System. Quill speedily accepted his offer and left everything that he knew and loved expected for his Sony Walkman and Meredith's mixtapes. However, living with Yondu and the Ravagers was tough for young Peter. He wasn't eaten alive thanks to Yondu's protection and Kraglin's advice and guidance in this hellhole. Quill was proven to be a decent thief for years and developed his marksmanship overtime.

When Peter was old enough, he left the Ravagers to explore what the universe had to offer. For most of his twenties, Quill did many things that he dreamed about while watching classic eighties sci-fi films. And he was happy with life for once. Until he learned that the Eclector got destroyed with everyone on board, including Yondu, dead. Kraglin thankfully wasn't on the Eclector and met with Quill at Knowhere, figuring out what to do next. After a night of drinking and mourning, Quill and Kraglin began their own investigation into the murder of Yondu and most of the Ravagers. It took them only a week to locate the remains of the Eclector in the planet of Yanus, home to a tough group of pirates led by Zynsalak. With the help of mercenaries, Rocket Raccoon and Groot, the group set out to find the Ravagers' killers; however, this is only the beginning.

Powers And Abilities
Star-Lord has an unusual human physiology that makes his strength, durability, and endure usually stronger than the avenger human; however, he still can get hurt and die. And his life span, according to doctors, is oddly abnormal for a human. Other than that, he taught himself how to fire several weapons including his duel blasters. And he began learning how to become a strategist and tactician to honor Yondu.

What Makes This Character 'Ultimate'?
Guardians of the Galaxy became popular when it was released in theaters across the world. Millions of people, including me, fell in love with the group of outcasts. However, I wanted to tell my own story of how the lovable charismatic Star-Lord formed the Guardians of the Galaxy. I want to tell how Quill is forced to completely grow up in his ideal world, where he can be the Star-Lord that he thought was impossible. Something that he's clearly against.

However, I want the Guardians of the Galaxy to be different from the films and comics. So, no Drax or Gamora (but she might play an important role later). And I brought in Kraglin because he is one of the side characters that I liked in the films. However, I decided to make Kraglin have a close relationship with Quill to the point that they saw each other as brothers because the films don't explore the relationship between Quill and Kraglin. On the other hand, I am planning to expand upon their relationship as they face against impossible odds.

Meanwhile, Rocket Raccoon and Groot are heavily inspired by the films and Telltale game especially Rocket. If you have played the game, then you will know what I am talking about. And I am going to stop here since you don't want to read any more paragraphs. But if you have any questions, or want to do something with the Guardians, then don't be afraid to mention me.

Supporting Characters
Kraglin: Many of the Ravagers considered Kraglin to be Yondu's right hand man. For the most part, they were right. Yondu came to respect Kraglin. Peter Quill considered Kraglin to be his brother and kept in contact with after departing from the Ravagers. Then, Yondu died along with most of the Ravagers. Kraglin was distraught upon the news that his friends and Yondu were dead. He told Quill and fell into a deep depression. As a result, he began drinking as a way of feeling happiness once more. And a way of remembering Yondu.

Rocket Raccoon: A talking raccoon mercenary that was hired by Star-Lord to aid them in their investigation. Originally, he turned down the Star-Lord's offer several times until he finally accepted the offer thanks to his pal, Groot. Overall, Rocket is a bitter person and extremely aggressive to everyone besides Groot.

Groot: A talking tree mercenary that only saw three words: "I am Groot." Rocket said that he's the only person that can understand him. And because of that language barrier, both Quill and Kraglin have a hard time understanding what he's saying unless Rocket is nearby. Regardless, Groot's ability to grow and stretch his limbs at ease is helpful.

Sample Post
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Ultimate Comics: One Universe Application

Character You're Applying For: John Constantine

Powers And Abilities:

John Constantine is a mage who can preform a variety of spells, though he only uses them as a last resort. His knowledge on magic, spells, curses, and the charms of the arcane is extensive bordering on encyclopedic. Constantine is also a trained magician and escape artist with abilities in sleight of hand, pickpocketing, and hypnosis. In addition to that he is a first rate conman and manipulator who once tricked the devil himself.

Origin And Backstory (Must Be A Single Paragraph Long):

John Constantine, former punk rock musician and stage-magician, now works as an actual real mage and occult detective who pulls the odd grift when needed. Using his intelligence, charisma, and immense knowledge of the occult to good use as he travels across the world in search of his next big score while occasionally having to defend mankind against the forces of evil.

What Makes This Character 'Ultimate'?:

Well, except for some tweaking of the backstory Constantine is the same in a lot of ways. I think the biggest change to the Hellblazer story and mythos is the concept of magic as something dangerous to John and people everywhere. Instead of saying he's a recovering addict from booze or drugs, I thought it would be much more interesting to say he was addicted to magic and it nearly destroyed him. I guess I would say that my thesis with Constantine isn't too much of a stretch from what other writers have done with him. The main theme I want to weave through my narrative is that magic is dangerous and unnatural. It's cheating and the toll magic takes is often not worth what it does for you. I want to juxtapose that with the idea that the choices we make are just as damning as magic can be. You don't need a spell to ruin someone's life to destroy a friendship, all that takes is one conscious decision. As far as the stories go I figure I'll have him operating all over the world doing various tasks and jobs for people. A lot of writers like to lean heavily into the Jude-Christian mythology with Constantine, but I want to stray from that and try to primarily focus on the occult.

Supporting Characters:

Ray - Owner of an occult bookstore in Los Angeles
Epiphany Greaves - John's friend and a member of the "Good People", LA's shadow community.
Chas Chandler - A friend of John's from England, a driver by trade who helps John out when he can.
Jack Hawksmoor - God of the Cities
Lucifer - Former ruler of Hell. Now owns and operates Lux, a piano bar in LA
Detective Charles "Charlie" Rembrandt - LAPD officer who comes to John with help.
Papa Midnite - Voodoo Priest and New Orleans mob boss
Morpheus - King of Dreams, one of the Seven Endless

Sample Post:

Post Catalogue

"Welcome to the Jungle"


"Hooray for Hollywood"


"Who Shot Ya?"


"London Calling"


"After You've Gone"


"War Pigs"
Co-Written with Simple Unicycle

3. (Written by Simple Unicyle)
6. (Written by Simple Unicycle)
8. (Written by Simple Unicycle)
10. (Written by Simple Unicycle)
12. (Written by Simple Unicycle)

Season Ending Montage:
"California Dreamin'
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Clark Joseph Kent


Powers & Abilities
Alien Physiology: Clark knows next to nothing about his birth species or his home world, but he knows that his body interacts with the world around him in ways completely different to everyone else. He can go for weeks without food, days without water, and even hours without air. He has come to believe that his cells absorb sunlight and process it incredibly efficiently, storing up over a lifetime on Earth and allowing him to do things that would be otherwise impossible. What Clark finds both exhilirating and concerning, though, is that even after years of trying to control and understand his abilities, he is still barely scratching the surface of what he is capable of.

Strength: The first of his abilities to manifest, Clark's muscles are able to generate more kinetic energy than should be possible, allowing him to move massive objects with his bare hands. Thus far, he has been able to hold up several thousand tons of rubble, lift the equivalent weight of a skyscraper, and tow a sinking oil tanker (weighing in excess of 225,000 metric tons) to safety. Though moving these immense weights does cause him a great deal of stress and even pain, he has shown no signs of actual injury afterward, indicating that if he can work through the strain, he is capable of doing far more.

Gravity Manipulation and Flight: While the exact process is still unknown, Superman is capable of expanding and manipulating his own gravitational field to an incredible degree. This, among other things, allows him to fly at hypersonic speeds, and grants him a sort of 'tactile kinesis' that aids his incredible strength, holding together superheavy objects that should buckle under the strain of their weight being focused entirely on his hands. While Superman has only recently demonstrated the ability to fly, he was previously capable of jumping over a quarter-mile into the air, though Clark does not know if this was due more to his gravitational manipulation or to his sheer strength.

Speed and Reflexes: When tapping into his reserves, Clark can move quickly enough to dodge bullets fired at point-blank range, and in a straight sprint, is capable of reaching speeds of up to Mach 30. However, moving at full speed creates a tremendous amount of turbulence in his wake, and in populated areas he rarely moves above Mach 1.

Durability: Superman seems thus far impervious to most, if not all, conventional weapons. Small-arms fire seems to have no effect on him at all, and heavy explosive or armor-piercing ordnance does little more than leave bruises or scratches-- and even those have become less effective over time. Not long after his debut, in an unfortunate misunderstanding that led to a skirmish with the US Military, Clark was struck in the head by a shell from the rotary cannon of an A-10 Warthog and briefly lost consciousness. Two months later, a similar headshot from an unmanned drone barely caused him to flinch. Clark has felt weakened and sickened in the presence of the metahuman known as the Atomic Skull, suggesting his powers may be sensitive to certain forms of radiation.

Enhanced Senses: Clark has always been able to perceive the world in ways he could never quite describe. His eyes are sensitive to the entire electromagnetic spectrum, and can even focus in ways that let him see through solid objects, this 'X-Ray vision' capable of filtering through up to six inches of solid lead. His hearing is also incredibly accute, able to focus on minute details at great distances, and his extremely attuned sense of touch allows him to control his immense strength without unwittingly causing damage to everything and everyone around him.

"Heat Vision:" Clark can emit stored energy through his eyes, in the form of incredibly powerful lasers that can cut through solid steel almost instantaneously. Though he typically only uses this ability as an ad-hoc welding or cutting torch, Superman has on occasion used it as an offensive weapon, generating beams hotter than the core of the sun. Doing this, however, drains his reserves of power, and can even cause him to lose consciousness if he overdoes it.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: In the rare occasions where Superman has had to fight an opponent of equivalent power, he has demonstrated an affinity for boxing, wrestling, and the use of improvised weapons. While Clark lacks any formal martial arts training, his raw power, keen senses, and sheer tenacity more than make up for it.

Origin and Backstory
Clark Kent always knew he was different. Growing up in the quiet little town of Smallville, Kansas, where nothing unusual ever seemed to happen, he found himself the cause of unusual happenings all the time. Like the time he flipped over his father's tractor to retrieve a lost toy. Or the time he started seeing people's skeletons in the middle of class. Or after he found out his friend Lana's father had been abusing her, only for the man's clothes to catch fire when Clark gave him an angry glare. These incident, and dozens more like them, left Clark confused and afraid, but comforted by his mother and father, Martha and Jonathan Kent, who showed him the old stories of Captain America and the Justice Society. The things that made him different also made him special, they told him, and he could use those special things to do some genuine good in the world. He could be all those old stories made real: a real, true, honest-to-God superhero.

In his early teens, as his incredible abilities began to manifest, Clark became more curious about where he came from, how he could do all of these impossible things. After a string of arguments that led to Clark accidentally knocking over the farm's grain silo in frustration, Jonathan and Martha finally sat him down and told him the truth. He was not merely adopted, but found in a pod that crashed down from the sky like a meteor. The Kents had happened upon the crash site and, realizing they couldn't simply leave an abandoned child to fend for himself, took him in. Hoping to find some answers about his origins, they had searched the pod, but were only able to take two things from it before the site swarmed with black helicopters and unmarked Hum-Vees: a crystalline ball which hummed with a life of its own, and a red cloak, emblazoned with a logo that looked for all the world like a stylized letter 'S.' Clark was, for lack of a better word, an alien. A strange visitor from another world. Not only was he not the same family as his adopted parents, he wasn't even the same species. The shock of this revelation was too much for Clark to take, and at age 16, he ran away from Smallville, traveling the world to find a place where he might fit in.

For the next nine years, Clark spent his life on the road, meeting new people, helping where he could, and fighting injustice and oppression where he saw it. Invariably, however, whenever he would be forced to use his abilities, the people around him would be terrified, wondering what else this unassuming country boy was hiding. He quickly began using a long line of assumed identities, discarding them and moving on whenever someone got too close to finding him. Despite making greater efforts to cover his tracks, there was one person who started seeing a pattern-- and more importantly, seeing a story. It was while working to depose a warlord in the African nation of Nairomi that Clark first met Lois Lane, who had been tracking him for over a year and was convinced enough of Clark's kind-hearted nature to approach him. While his first instinct was to withdraw, he listened long enough to take some of her words to heart: that he shouldn't have to keep running from himself, that he could own his abilities instead of hiding them, and that in time the world would come around and see him for who he was rather than what he was. Sadly, before he could begin to work with Lois on this new direction, Clark had to return home to Smallville; during Clark's years away, Jonathan had contracted cancer, and didn't have much time left.

While spending those final days on the Kent farm, Clark talked with Jonathan and Martha about his travels, about meeting Lois, and about his place in the world. Taking the old red cloak they had found in his pod, and remembering the old stories and comic books he would read with his dad, Clark fashioned a makeshift costume, little more than a cape and a blue T-shirt with the cloak's logo on it, but it was an effective enough mock-up until they could make a better one. His 'practice' costume would have to do, however, when news broke of a terrorist attack on the Science Spire in the city of Metropolis. Clark sprung into action, promising to tell the ailing Jonathan all about it when he returned. After foiling the attack, holding up several thousand tons of collapsing building long enough for civilians to flee, he flew into the air for the whole world to see and sped back to Smallville....only to find that his father had passed while he was away. Still, Martha consoled him through choked-back tears, he had gotten to see his son stand tall in front of the world, to see him save lives, and to hear what the world called him in return: the "Superman."

What Makes This Character 'Ultimate'?
This is a Superman that's still very new to the job, still very rough around the edges, and is more or less making up the rules as he goes. He doesn't have Pa Kent around to give him the moral of the week, nor does he have the Fortress to go talk to the computer-ghost of Jor-El, so he's less concerned with 'changing the world' or fulfilling some meta-fictionally aware 'destiny' of becoming Superman, and more focused on the tasks and the people who are right in front of him.

The downside of this is that he's also less restrained when it comes to taking action. He's bull-headed, quick to anger, and getting a little full of himself. While ultimately Clark is still the kind-hearted and good-natured country boy he's always been, he's also very much a classic alpha-male who's becoming aware of just how powerful he really is, and he's starting to like it.

Overall, the story I have for Ultimate Clark isn't necessarily about how he becomes a hero, but how he becomes a man, how he starts to define his principles and shape his actions around them. In the modern age where a lot of guys don't truly "grow up" until they're well into physical adulthood, this sort of belated coming-of-age story I think would really suit Clark, showing how he goes from being some guy in a cape to becoming the Man of Tomorrow.

Supporting Characters:

Lois Lane: A fellow reporter at the Daily Planet, Lois had followed rumors of Clark's activities for years before his official debut, and was the one who coined the name 'Superman.' Lois is well aware of Clark's secret, and is a close personal confidant. Both of them have begun to harbor romantic feelings for each other, but neither has said it out loud.

Jimmy Olsen: Clark's roommate, a photographer at the Planet, and an obsessive devotee of the new 'cape culture' that's begun to emerge with the arrival of Superman.

Martha Kent: Clark's mother, who still lives in their old home in Smallville, Kansas.

General Calvin Swanwick: A Lieutentant General in the United States Army, commanding special forces assigned to monitor--and if necessary, neutralize-- Superman.

Bruno Mannheim: The head of the Mannheim Syndicate, one of the largest and most prolific organized crime syndicates on the Eastern Seaboard.

The Atomic Skull: The tragic result of military experiments to create their own metahumans, a trio of special forces operatives named Joseph Martin, John Corben, and Nathaniel Tryon were fused together into an insane, monstrous abomination that emits lethal blasts of radiation.

The Parasite: Formerly a LexCorp janitor named Rudy Jones, the Parasite has become a ravenous predator that drains the energy of anything it touches, from batteries to living organisms. Its insatiable hunger has made it seek out Superman on multiple occasions.

Livewire: A longtime activist and anti-Superman protester, Leslie Willis held a dormant metahuman gene that, when triggered, transformed her into a conscious entity of pure electrical energy. Her immense power and antagonistic view towards Superman has made her a regular foe, attempting to expose the Man of Steel as a fraud and a would-be tyrant.

Lex Luthor: The CEO of LexCorp, formerly an ailing oil company that he transformed into the largest and most profitable technological firm in the world. Lex wields tremendous power in the tech world and in the media (most outlets of which he personally owns), and has been an outspoken critic of Superman and other metahumans on several occasions. While Clark suspects his motivations and his true intentions are much darker, any connection Lex may have to any wrongdoing has yet to be proven and is, at best, purely conjecture at this point.

Post Archive:

"Toy Soldiers" Arc:

Multi-Player Event: Enter the Silver Surfer

Toys in the Attic (Toyman cont'd)

Bat Country (Batman Crossover, Toyman conclusion)

Season Finale
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Iris West
The Flash

Powers And Abilities:
Connection to the Speedforce - Iris West is the main conduit of the Speedforce in our world but she is not the source of it. This connection grants her many different abilities, the main one is her Superhuman Speed. So far she can break the soundbarrier though Barry Allen, her confidant, believes that she can surpass that if she tries harder. Most of her abilities relate to her being able to travel at high speeds. From her body being more durable, to increased reflexes.

Journalist - She's an investigative Journalist, and good at what she does. Sure, Superspeed helps that. Though even before she became The Flash she was the best reporter in Central City (in her opinion).

Origin And Backstory (In A Maximum Of Four Paragraphs):


Iris' childhood wasn't as complex and complicated as it is for other heroes. She didn't lose both her parents early in tragically. In truth she doesn't even know what happened to her mother, she just disappeared one day when she was young. Her father told her that she simply left, and why would she not believe him? It hurt her yes, but soon she ended up needing to be strong for her friend, Barry Allen. When one fateful night Nora Allen was killed, Barrys father Henry was the prime suspect and taken away. Later to be incarcerated at Iron Heights Penetentiary. Barry always believed he was innocent, and claimed that a man surrounded by lightning killed his mother. Of course the courts ruled this as a childs brain trying to find an answer for a truly horrific act. Barry went into the care of Daryl Fyre. A friend of his mothers, the two remained close over the years as they each went into their respective careers.


Iris' graduated from college and decided to take her career in being a reporter. It wasn't a terribly easy road to follow, but investigative journalism just seemed like a natural choice for her. She had always had a knack for finding out information, getting the story and she believed in what journalism was about. She believed that people had a right to know what was going on in the world, and that giving people as much information as possible could allow them to make the best decisions. Ironic then that she would later go on to adopt a secret identity. Throughout her early twenties much of her time was spent either at Central City News trying to climb up the editorial ladder, or at CCPD. While she couldn't get information on every case, for obvious reasons, she still had a way of getting access to the lab while Barry was there. It came to the point that few questioned her presence, Director Singhs only condition on her having access was that Barry didn't give her any information pertaining to ongoing cases beyond the official police statements. It was during these visits that Barry and Iris even found enough information to get his father released from jail, it was a lifechanging place.

One stormy night, Iris was waiting for Barry to get back from wherever it was he was always running off too. Probably to get some more food, it was amazing how that man always managed to be late. The memory of the night was a fog, all she remembers is that Barry arrived. He went to sit in his chair but she ran and sat in it instead, in a bid of defiance and to show her announce at him making her wait. The next thing she knew she felt this current flowing through her body the likes of which she couldn't have even imagined, before she blacked out.

The Flash

When she awoke she was in a Central City Star Labs facility. There she met Doctor Harrison Wells, renowned scientist who informed her of the changes that the lightning had seemingly done to her body. Over time her powers grew, and confiding in Barry she decided that she wanted to use these powers for good. He recommended the name 'Flash' after a hero he used to read about in comic books as a child. It wasn't easy, the first foe she faced was someone who was some form of 'Weather Wizard' and controlled the weather with a wand and she had to learn how to run up buildings in order to stop him. That said with each victory she seems to learn something new about herself, and her abilities. She doubts there is anything that she can't face.

What Makes This Character 'Ultimate'?: Obviously I've gone with the old 'Love Interest is the Hero' thing. Though I still have plans for Reverse Flash and Barry Allen that are very interesting, and I can't wait to tell. Before anyone asks, no Barry is not Reverse Flash. I'm running the twist that Iris is the Flash and adjusting everything so it still fits together nicely. Some of the rogues will remain unchanged while some of them will see substantial differences through the course of the Roleplay. I also want to have Barry be the intelligent one, something the CW show quite often forgets in lieua of Caitlan or Cisco.

Supporting Characters:

William West - Her father, and rolemodel. William is a police officer in CCPD, and was formerly in the Army until his wife passed away from a drug overdose.

Barry Allen - Barry has been in her life forever, and sometimes she thinks there is a spark there. He's been through some hard times, and so has she and they've always been there for eachother. Most recently they both got his dad released from prison. He's a CSI with CCPD, the best they have (Despite always being late). While Iris has the help of Harrison Wells she relies on Barry for his scientific and investigatory knowhow, somehow he has a unique approach to thing that she really needs.

Henry Allen - Henry Allen is Barry Allens dad. For most of his life he was imprisoned for killing his wife, Nora Allen. Recently Barry uncovered evidence that Henry was innocent and subsequently Henry Allen was freed and cleared of all charges. He's been living with Barry until he can get his life back on track.

Harrison Wells - Harrison Wells was the first to learn about Iris' identity as the Flash. Known as the 'smartest man in central city' Iris' father brought him in to help her when she was hit by lightning. With Barry Allen they are working to understand and hone her powers.

Rogues so far:

Weather Wizard: Weather Wizard was the first foe she faced, Mark Handon. He used a piece of technology in order to rob banks and other establishments. Currently residing in Iron Heights penetentiary.

Trickster: The Trickster is actually the second iteration, and despite foiling his plans at destorying much of the city in what would be a 'trick' Iris has been unable to catch the Trickster and put him away for good.

Heatwave: Pyromaniac, currently behind bars for burning down a bar after a bar fight.
Character Picture:

Post Catalogue


1. Fasest Woman Alive.
2. Zoom.
3. Promises.
4. Who's the Flash?
5. Test Subject: Flash
6. City Hall
7. Introducing: Hydro-Man
8. Hero of Central City
9. Hey Dad
10. Coffee Break
11. Smashed by Atom Smasher
12. Flash meets Flash
13. Friend or Foe?
14. New Tricks
15. MME: Introducing the Surfer
16. Be ye worthy...
17. Falling through the air
18. A plan
19. Spin Doctor
20. Boy scouts speech
21. Great Pyramids
22. Can I have your number?
23. Familial Matters
24. Off to New York
25. Flash M.I.A
26. Night at the Museum
27. Lightning and Spider
28. To catch a Sandman
29. Water Works
30. New outfit
31. Here comes the Flash
32. Struck by Lightning
33. Revelations
34. Iris Vs. Thawne
35. Death of the Flash
36. MME2: Return of Heatwave
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Ultimate One Universe: Year One Application

“We stand today on the edge of a New Frontier — the frontier of the 1960s, the frontier of unknown opportunities and perils, the frontier of unfilled hopes and unfilled threats. ... Beyond that frontier are uncharted areas of science and space, unsolved problems of peace and war, unconquered problems of ignorance and prejudice, unanswered questions of poverty and surplus.” -- John F. Kennedy

Character You're Applying For:

The Fantastic Four

Reed Richards – Mr Fantastic
Sue Storm – The Invisible Woman
Johnny Storm – The Human Torch
Ben Grimm – The Thing

Powers And Abilities:

The Fantastic Four’s powers and abilities are pretty much as traditionally depicted. They’re one of the few groups who tend to not be too radically altered across “Ultimate” games because their powers are so iconic. Reed is still super smart and stretchy, Sue is still able to go invisible and create invisible constructs, Johnny can still wield flames and fly, and Ben Grimm is still the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing. Not an awful lot has changed on that front.

Origin And Backstory (In A Maximum Of Four Paragraphs):

Reed Richards was a child genius. The child genius. He cracked teleportation before he'd graduated from high school. That's not to say that high school was any easier for Reed than anybody else. Without the protection of Benjamin Grimm he would never have made it through. Ben Grimm was from the wrong side of the tracks, growing up on Yancy Street in New York, and rarely attended his classes through high school because he had a college budding football career waiting for him. When an injury cut that short he opted for the United States Air Force instead. The Air Forced turned Grimm from a boy into a man and taught him discipline. For Sue Storm discipline had never been the problem - she had practically raised her brother Johnny after their parents passed away in a car accident. She too was an excellent student in her own right. Yet she spent most of her time trying to repair the damage her younger brother caused. Broken hearts, broken windows, and broken down cars were never far behind Johnny Storm. He seemed to have a knack for finding himself in bad situations.

And some might say that Reed's space expedition was one. Fortune would bring Reed, Ben, Johnny, and Sue on an explorative mission into space in search of the origin of a green meteor rock that SHIELD had uncovered. External pressure placed on Reed by Fury and SHIELD would lead to a miscalculation in the ship's outer coating and the four of them would be bombarded with cosmic rays that ought to have killed them. Instead the four of them developed incredible powers - Reed the ability to contort his body into any shape imaginable, Johnny literally became a Human Torch, Sue could turn invisible and project hard light construct, and Ben was gifted with incredible strength, though it came at great consequence. Though their ship was stranded in Space for what seemed like a few days, eighteen months passed on Earth and Fury was forced to resign for his part in the expedition.

Upon their return the four were kept under wraps by SHIELD for a time whilst their powers were tested and their radiation levels normalised. An attack on then President-elect would force SHIELD's hand into sending the four of them into the field. They would aid Superman and the others in the battle against Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants and in doing so find instant fame. "The Fantastic Four," they would be dubbed by the media, and from there on out the four of them would set about using their powers for good. When Galactus came to devour Earth, it was the Fantastic Four that stood in his way when no one else could. Time and time again, Reed Richards and the gang saved their world.

But when Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips came they were powerless to stop him. The Justice League and Avengers fell within days. Reed was forced into an unlikely alliance with his nemesis Victor Von Doom and the two designed a craft that would send them back in time to stop Darkseid and save their Earth. Doom sacrifices himself to buy the Four time to escape – but when they awaken on the other side of their journey they find that they have travelled not through time, but across dimensions. The New Frontier universe they called home has gone. The Ultimate One Universe is now their home.

What Makes This Character 'Ultimate'?:

Where to start? Well, this version of the Fantastic Four are actually from the New Frontier universe. When Darkseid conquers their riven Earth, they board a craft designed to traverse through time and avert the set of circumstances that leads to the destruction of their world’s greatest heroes. Instead they are torn across dimensions to the Ultimate One Universe. As you can imagine, seeing their friends murdered by Darkseid or enslaved by the anti-life equation has had something on an effect on them – with each member struggling to come to terms with the fact they can likely never return home.

Post Catalogue:

1. New Frontier in Ruins
2. The Marquis of Death
3. Doom
4. 4th July
5. A Reed Moment
6. Enter: Guy Gardner
7. Interlinked
8. Magic Beans
9. Conflict Resolution
10. Imperius Rex
11. Unfinished Business
12. Home Sweet Home
13. Two Stretches
14. Mission: Fantastic
15. The Surfer Cometh
16. Prisoners
17. Specks of Dust
18. Righteous Fury
19. Snot-Nosed Punks
20. Great Responsibility – @HenryJonesJr
20a. Great Responsibility – Arachne
20b. Great Responsibility – Blubbing
20c. Great Responsibility – Uncle Ben
20d. Great Responsibility – The Promise
20e. Great Responsibility – Flame On!
21. Al Capone
22. An Invisible Woman Scorned
23. Some Egghead
24. The Eye of the Storm – @Lord Wraith
24a. The Eye of the Storm – Freedom
24b. The Eye of the Storm – Invincible No More
24c. The Eye of the Storm – Murderous Intent
24d. The Eye of the Storm – Homeward Bound
25. Fireman from Mars
26. A Question of Risk
27. Guy Hard with a Vengeance
28. No More Monologues
29. Mary Storm
30. It's Clobberin' Time
30a. It's Clobberin' Time – Chrome Dome
30b. It's Clobberin' Time – Supernova
30c. It's Clobberin' Time – Let Gods Be Gods
30d. It's Clobberin' Time – White Lies
31. Superman Returns
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Ultimate One Universe: Year One

Character: Tony Stark // Iron Man

Powers And Abilities:

— Genius: Tony may be a lot of things, but no one will argue the fact that he’s brilliant. As far as technology goes, there’s literally almost nothing that the man can’t build or even fix, given enough time and the right tools. From a young age Tony was blessed with a quick mind and the heart of an inventor -- always wanting to challenge the status quo of the world and make it better. Admitted to MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) undergraduate program for electrical engineering at just the age of 15, Tony went on to complete two master’s degrees before he hit the age of 20, and then earn his PhD in physics and electrical engineering.

— Money: Billions. No, literally. Tony Stark's bank account has more zeros than any single person has a right to have. This obscene fortune allows him to effortlessly fund any projects that happen to interest him, as well as pursue his own hobbies at his leisure. (Women. Parties. Expensive cars. And, of course, technology.) After Tony’s abduction in Afghanistan, he closed the weapons division of Stark Industries, the company he had inherited upon the death of his parents, and announced the company would be moving in a different direction — no longer comfortable profiting from making weapons (as his father had before him), Tony chose to focus the company on creating technology that could potentially improve the world, rather than simply destroy it. While the stock for Stark Industries initially took a hit with this change, profits have begun to rise again as new products and inventions have begun to roll off the assembly line. As far as anyone can tell, Stark Industries has a bright future ahead of it, which means Tony should be financially set for life, barring any terrible misfortunes.

— Arc Reactor in Chest: Sure, it looks sort of cool to have a glowing circle of light in the center of your chest, but the arc reactor residing there on Tony is a functional necessity. After sustaining a life-threatening injury during his stint in Afghanistan, Tony was able to retrofit some existing technology into a means of prolonging his life. Shrapnel — inoperable and deadly — was threatening to pierce his heart. With the help of a fellow hostage, who was luckily a very talented doctor, Stark managed a way of magnetically repelling the shrapnel away from his vital organs. As it turned out, the power of the magnetic field generator in his chest not only saved his life, it provided the key to unlocking the future of who he would become...

— Iron Man Suit: The suit. At first, a very clunky design made out of scraps, odds and ends, and sheets of metal that Stark was able to cobble together under harsh working circumstances. A design necessary to facilitate his escape from his captors, taking them down with a strength they simply could not match. Upon his arrival back home in New York City, designing a better version of the metal suit became an obsession. Tony sometimes stayed up for days at a time, refusing to quit or even eat until he had perfected the mechanisms he was tinkering with. Many months passed before a workable prototype was finally ready for testing. With his latest A.I. installed, J.A.R.V.I.S., there was nothing left but to put the suit on and see what it was capable of. Sure, there were some bugs, which JARVIS dutifully catalogued for Tony, so that he could continue to refine the design after each test, but Mark II was significantly more refined than the Mark I suit had been — it was sleek, maneuverable, and (dare he say it?) downright sexy by comparison. While it still needed some tweaking, Tony could now take it out for a spin at his discretion — rocketing through the skies with speeds only matched by military jets and, if the situation arose, perhaps do some good with it... After all, a virtually impenetrable metal suit that housed advanced weaponry and created superhuman strength was certainly a force to be reckoned with. And, it could be said, in this time when rumors of heroes beginning to rise were running rampant, perhaps it appealed to his (massive) ego that he could be one of them. Perhaps.

Origin And Backstory:

Born into privilege, Anthony ’Tony’ Edward Stark never really wanted for anything. He attended the best schools and, due to his high intelligence level, he easily mastered anything that was thrown at him. At the early age of 15, Tony was accepted to the undergraduate electrical engineering program at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) where he managed to complete two master’s degrees before the age of 20. While earning his PhD in physics and electrical engineering, Tony’s parents were killed in an automobile accident. While the details around their ‘accident’ were highly suspicious, no one was ever able to put forward enough evidence to point the finger at anyone specifically, so the case ultimately was closed. Somewhat bereft by the sudden loss, but not wanting to show weakness, Tony Stark squared his shoulders and took on the mantle of CEO of his family company, Stark Industries, filling the void left by the the death of his family with any manner of distraction he could manage to turn up — parties, alcohol, women, fancy cars, vacation homes, and traveling to every exotic location that could possibly be thought of. As a result, the young man’s reputation began to grow into something of ridiculous proportion, especially in the media -- the paparazzi never turned down the chance of headlining a story featuring one of New York City’s favorite (a.k.a richest) and most eligible bachelors. More interested in entertaining himself than running a company, Tony largely left the details of work to his dutiful assistant, Pepper Pots, and the various board members of Stark Industries — he was well-supplied with money to keep up his questionable habits, so the company was comfortably relegated to his back burners. Everything worked fine with the company and so he was quite happy to be the face of things (i.e. do ribbon cutting ceremonies, attend noteworthy demonstrations, and meet with high-profile clients), but leave the boring aspects to others better suited for jobs Tony considered to be ‘boring’. (Basically, anything not directly worthy of his brilliant mind or anything that might interfere with his penchant for living it up.)

Stark Industries, even as Tony inherited it, was known world wide for their weapon manufacturing — their competition for production was staggering, but Howard Stark, Tony’s father, had always seemed to have a leg up his competitors. Much like his son, Howard was a brilliant engineer and designer. He strove to be the best, and he easily accomplished it in ways that made his would-be rivals envious. It was while attending a weapon’s hardware demonstration near Afghanistan that Tony, now the notorious playboy CEO of Stark Industries, was taken hostage by a terrorist faction known as the Ten Rings. The contingent of American soldiers that had been accompanying him were brutally slaughtered and Tony the only one to (barely) survive the attack, just as the terrorists planned. They kept Stark alive for a single reason — they wanted him to create a high-tech missile that they could use to inflict their hatred upon anyone who did not share their world vision. Clearly they were aware of the exceptional mind that their hostage had and they were damn sure going to take advantage of it.

Unintentionally injured during the skirmish that the Ten Rings had created to capture him, Tony was near death, so the commander of the terrorist organization ordered another hostage of theirs, a doctor, to save Tony’s life. Complying, the doctor was able to remove the majority of shrapnel that threatened to slice apart Tony’s insides, but there were several shards that were lodged so crucially that removing them would mean instant death. Instead, a way was ultimately devised of using a magnetic field placed in Tony’s chest cavity that would repel the remaining shrapnel away from his vital organs. (Mainly his heart.) Back on his feet, the Ten Rings demanded Tony be put to work building their weapon. Fortunately for Tony, his knowledge and mechanical brilliance allowed him to instead construct a machine that could be used against his captors and allow him to escape - an iron suit, loaded with weapons and other surprises, which he built right under the terrorist’s noses. This suit would be the first of many, though Tony Stark had no idea at the time… it was simply the means to an end.

Once free and back in New York, Tony shied away from the publicity that was hounding him even more than usual. Everyone wanted to hear how he escaped his kidnappers. Everyone wanted his picture and to commend his bravery. Everyone wanted to bother him, but for once, Tony wasn’t interested. Usually more than happy to flash a smile for the press or provide them with just enough titilating details on how his dating life was going, he became somewhat of a recluse. It was in this confinement (to Stark Tower in midtown Manhattan) that the notion of designing another suit began to itch in his brain. The little itch eventually sparked a fire, which quickly turned into an obsession. Day and night for several months, Tony hid away in his workshop. He welded and tinkered, programmed, and finally refined his way to a working prototype — the Mark II. The design was much more sleek than the rudimentary suit he had created in Afghanistan. High tech. Fast. Strong. (And damn sexy, if you asked him.) Initial tests were performed in his workshop, but eventually there was nothing left to do but try the suit out in the real world. Equipped with J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony's latest custom A.I. interface, the suit was capable of rocket-fast flight, taking hits from virtually anything (short of a direct nuclear blast) and withstanding the damage. Oh, sure, it had a weapons system of its own, but that wasn’t his purpose in building the suit. After all, his family had built enough weapons throughout history — this suit would be for protection. Something to help ensure peace, not facilitate war. And, with rumors running rampant of heroes beginning to rise, that old ego of his sparked — why not try to save the world? In a suit like this, he felt like he could at least positively contribute to society… Maybe it was time to re-think what Stark Industries stood for as a whole. There was so much more that he could do than simply waste his life hopping from one party to another, drifting through an endless cycle of flimsy relationships and even less stable stints of sobriety… There were more important things and, for the first time in a long time, his mind was open to the possibilities.

What Makes This Character 'Ultimate’?:

Tony Stark is largely the same personality-wise in most incarnations of his character and we all know his basic origin story, but no one ever really focuses much on the details of his transition into becoming Iron Man. I think it would be interesting to explore him as a person and how his capture in Afghanistan changed him, which is something I feel like is always quickly glossed over in favor of going straight into him being Iron Man. I want to work in that gap and flesh out who he is as a person and a man, living in his unique circumstances (abundant riches, fame, and being brilliant) and how he handles any inner demons he may have going forward. I think it will be interesting to see how any friendships or even disagreements with other characters from this emerging hero’s universe shape the hero he aims to become.

Supporting Characters:

— Pepper Pots: Tony’s personal assistant. She acts as his general liaison to Stark Industries and carries out any business (or personal) tasks that Tony happens to place in her proverbial hands. Reliable... Smart... Pretty... A real go-to kind of gal, but Tony generally just takes her for granted and lets her handle anything he doesn’t feel like dealing with. Sometimes this is delivering important company info, usually it’s arranging his social calendar and making sure his dry-cleaning gets picked up. Pepper is pretty convinced that her boss couldn’t tie his shoes without her and Tony never does anything to contradict this assumption. Perfect working relationship, as far as he’s concerned.

— "Happy" Hogan: Tony’s bodyguard. (And chauffeur.) An all around 'good guy' and very loyal to his boss, Tony Stark. Usually a silent presence, just hanging around and doing his job - protecting Tony.

Sample Post Snippet

Stark Tower
Tony Stark -- alone

“JARVIS,” called out a voice suddenly, breaking the silence of the room. “Read me back the event log from from that last round.”

“Certainly, Sir,” replied a cool British tone. “Errors in sections 64, 73, and 109. Alignment problem in subsection G, with possible coding conflict in the propulsion system. There also appears to be a glitch in communication between the core section and the power supply. Shall I run further diagnostics?”

“Shit,” Tony mumbled, wiping his greasy hand on a nearby rag. “Yeah, run diagnostics with a focus on the power coupler between sections B and C. We’re no good if the power supply isn’t getting through."

“Of course, Sir.”

Tony Stark passed the now clean hand wearily over his face, annoyed with the latest round of problems that were cropping up.

How long had he been awake now? Two days? Three?

Honestly, who knew at this point?

The stale, half-eaten pizza fermenting on the far side of his desk felt like the only thing that was marking any measure of time passing. Left over pepperoni and pizza grease began to get funky after about three days of sitting out (in his experience), but Tony would have been hard-pressed to smell the funk over the soldering fumes that had been wafting periodically from his workspace. Having kicked a fussing Pepper out of the workshop roughly 24 hours ago, no one was left to shame him for the growing mess. JARVIS, existing in only a virtual sense, was hardly one to complain -- he made the ideal working partner in these instances of unbridled (borderline manic) production. After all, being a mechanical genius was messy from time-to-time and a computer didn't have a nose to offend or turn up in the air. See? Perfect.

Pulling himself into a standing position, Tony stretched and cracked his back with a loud groan.

Damn, that felt good.

The mechanic had spent the better part of the last hour hunched over, adjusting the finer interior workings of the metal boots that were currently on his workbench. Sure, they were loaded with tech, shiny, and impressive looking, but they might as well have been bricks for all the good they were doing -- for some reason he couldn't get them to be recognized by the rest of the electrical system wired throughout his project.

No, his obsession.

The suit was coming along, slowly but surely. With JARVIS working to pinpoint the errors in the main casing of the metal body shell, Tony had chosen to try and address the issues regarding the corresponding foot encasements. They had initially been functioning, but when they'd been hooked up to the propulsion system, something went wrong and shorted out some of the circuits he'd hidden in the heel of the boots. Now the rest of the suit wasn't even recognizing their existence power-wise. But that was sometimes the way it went -- one step forward, two steps back. Inventing was a game of patience or, well, stubbornness depending on how you looked at it. The challenge was what made it interesting, even if aggravation frequently reared its ugly head during the process.

"JARVIS, what say we order some Sichuan? I'm in the mood for something with a kick to it."

"Ms. Potts has left you several messages, Sir, if you're planning on taking a break," the computer voice replied pointedly. "Shall I continue fielding her calls or would you like to respond now?"

"Nevermind about Pepper, just order the food," Tony said. "And get it from that China Moon place over near 47th and Fifth. I like that they throw in extra sauce without me needing to ask for it."

"Of course, Sir."

Settling down onto the swivel stool positioned at his desk, Tony glanced at the pizza box situated opposite him with a frown. He was unsurprised to hear that his real-life assistant, Pepper Pots, had left voicemails for him. After he had pushed her out of his workshop rather curtly the day before, he had been sending her calls to voicemail since. He knew she was concerned about him and only trying to check to see if he was ok, but he wasn't in the mood to deal with her worrying. Of course, he knew it was kind of a dick move behavior-wise on his part, but Pepper was a big girl and knew what to expect from him at times like this. He knew she wouldn't take it all personally.

Maybe he'd tell her to buy herself a nice, expensive gift on his behalf. She really did put up with a lot of shit from his end, all the while organizing his life and keeping his world running smoothly.

She had even been thoughtful and brought him pizza from his favorite joint uptown, before he'd kicked her out in the name of progress.

"You know what?" Tony began, glancing towards his array of computer monitors and thoughtfully scratching at the expertly sculptured goatee on his chin. "Send Pepper a message telling her that I'm stopping for food and a shower. If she wants to catch me, tell her to pick up some of those energy drinks I like and that she has approximately a two hour window before I start up work again."

"Will you be working another full night, Sir?" JARVIS queried in response. "Perhaps it would be best if you added a nap into your two-hour window or, better yet, if you stopped to get an entire night's sleep."

"Just mind your business, JARVIS. I'll be fine after a few pick-me-up's. How long before the food gets here?"

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S.H.I.E.L.D. CASEFILE #000341


Steven Grant Rogers

Captain America
William Nasland
Jeffrey Mace
William Burnside

Rogers is one of the world's finest athletes and fighters. His strength and speed dwarf that of the average Olympian. He has been clocked at a sprinting speed of [REDACTED] with a long jump of [REDACTED]. His reflexes border on the superhuman. His endurance and durability are well above-average. Advanced cellular regeneration gives him a limited healing factor.
Do not engage alone.

In 1939, the Strategic Science Reserve, under the command of [REDACTED] and by orders from [REDACTED], initiated Project: Rebirth. The program, designed by Dr. Abraham Erskine, was commissioned to produce America's first genetically enhanced Super-Soldier. After an extensive nationwide search, viable candidates were invited to [REDACTED] to participate in drills designed to determine the best possible test subject. The selected candidate was Steven G. Rogers. 20 years old, Rogers suffered from asthma, rheumatic fever, heart palpitations, and sinusitis, among other ailments. On [REDACTED] 1940, Rogers was administered Erskine's serum and exposed to [REDACTED]. Following the experiment, Rogers' many ailments were cured. Additionally, the serum provoked extreme cellular growth, resulting in the rapid development of ligament and muscle tissue. Hereafter, Rogers operated at peak human-level performance.

Assuming the title of 'Captain America,' Rogers was deployed in [REDACTED] on [REDACTED] 1940. Following missions in [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], Rogers worked alongside the Howling Commandos and the Invaders. The latter team, which consisted of [REDACTED] thwarted Axis attempts to create a war-ending superweapon. At the conclusion of World War II, Rogers was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his service. In order to obscure America's progress in genetic engineering, all formal documents and evidence relating to Captain America were classified or destroyed. In subsequent conflicts, Rogers assumed a pseudonym, as to avoid arousing suspicion over his unnatural longevity. The official position of the United States government, the Strategic Science Reserve, and S.H.I.E.L.D. was and is that Captain America never existed.

Following his participation in the first Gulf War, Rogers cut all formal ties with S.H.I.E.L.D. He currently resides in [REDACTED]. He is not considered to be a threat to the United States or S.H.I.E.L.D. Periodic surveillance has been approved by [REDACTED].

Colonel Nicholas J. Fury
Agent Sasha Bordeaux
Jason P. Garrick
Sylvester Pemberton (deceased)
Samuel T. Wilson
Tatsu Yamashiro
Clinton F. Barton
Diana Prince




What Makes This Character 'Ultimate'?:
Well, obviously the biggest thing is that Captain America didn't die in the 1940s. In fact, he came home victorious and -- by virtue of his stunted aging -- went on to participate in every major American conflict through the 1990s. This is a Cap who isn't a "man out of time." He's been there every step of the way, and he's watched the evolution of the nation he loves... And it's a big part of the reason he hung up the mantle. This is a more world-weary Cap, a Cap who's lost a little of that trademark faith and can-do attitude. Make no mistake: this Steve Rogers still looks for the good in others and doesn't back down from a fight. He's just a little rougher around the edges than the traditional portrayal.

An American Ghost Story
Old Friends
Birth of an Extremist
New Friends
Simpler Times
Assault on Qurac
The Calm
Assault on Washington
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Ultimate One Universe: Year One Application

Character You're Applying For: Dr. Stephen Strange

Powers And Abilities: Doctor Strange has been trained in the Mystic Arts, allowing him to channel and manipulate extra-dimensional energies to affect change in the physical realm. His connection to this energy allows him powers limited only by his imagination and his ability to harness them. Some common manifestations of his magic include: teleportation, illusion, levitation, energy blasts, telekinesis and matter manipulation. In addition to this, his studies in the mystic arts enable him to leave his physical form as an astral projection. In this form he is unbound by physical laws and is undetectable unless he chooses to be. Strange possesses a number of magical items and artifacts that provide him with further abilities. Chief among these possessions is the Amulet of Agamotto, a relic whose mysteries Strange has yet to decipher.

Origin And Backstory (In A Maximum Of Four Paragraphs):
Doctor Strange's backstory remains largely unaltered. In his heyday, he was a talented neurosurgeon who was an authority in the field. Strange was fuelled by a desire to be successful and to gain recognition for his achievements - to him, his role as a healer was an after thought if anything; often he would turn down terminally ill patients to preserve his perfect record, and seek out the most high profile cases that might pad his reputation out further. He was arrogant, self-absorbed and unlikable. While driving one night on the way to an awards event, Strange lost control of his vehicle, flipping it and leaving him comatose for a week. When he came to, the damage was clear. The use of his hands had been all but lost, suffering extensive nerve damage as a result of his surgery. In a moment his life had been upended. Unable to continue his work and failed by western medicine, he turned to the mysticism of the east, upon hearing about a healer from a place called Kamar-Taj, hidden deep within the Himalayas.

Here he finds The Ancient One, the last of a secretive order of mystics, a being of immense age and wisdom. He agrees to train Strange in the mystic arts, something Strange is sceptical about at first. Over time, he learned to embrace the teachings. After five years of rigorous study and practice, Doctor Strange ranked as highly proficient in the ways of the mystic arts. The experience entirely reshaped his worldview - it left him stoic and humbled. He would have appeared a stranger to the man who had first journeyed to Kamar-Taj. The Ancient One soon began preparing Strange to inherit the title of Sorcerer Supreme when he eventually passed on. This did not materialise. An estranged student known only as Mordo arrived at Kamar-Taj, committed to killing his former master and to usurp him as Sorcerer Supreme. He was thwarted by the combined efforts of the two mystics. His second visit ended differently. This time he more than outmatched the ageing sorcerer and his apprentice.

A great wave of force rocks Kamar-Taj. The mountainous compound quakes with the force of what feels like an avalanche. Doctor Strange is busy meditating as it hits, the Ancient One close-by.

"Master, I sense..." The doctor is cut off abruptly. In the doorway stood a robed man.

"Master indeed!" His voice booms in reply. The Ancient One looks to his apprentice knowingly, with a short look of regret.

"...Mordo." Strange finishes, trying to process this. He turns to face the interloper. The man looks past him. He was here for the Ancient One. Strange goes to his master's side.

"You have returned. I had thought you would still be licking your wounds. Hoped even that you would have abandoned this fool's errand. A pity." He sighs.

"You are not rid of me yet," the fallen learner chides.

"Mordo," the Master implores, "Reconsider this. All of this." Mordo's dead eye stare offsets his own. The two were beyond reconciliation. Both men understood this, even if they had yet to admit it.

"You would still appeal to my humanity, old man?" A tense smile pokes at his lips. "I thought I was beyond your help."

"You may have strayed from the path but that does not mean--"

"No! This is not the time for your fortune cookie platitudes! You will listen." Mordo's foot strikes the ground, a wave of anger overtaking him. He composes himself. "This is the end of our journey together. The end. For you and for your mongrel dog."

Strange holds his tongue. His eyes scan around the room for something he could use to his advantage. No one speaks for what feels like a lifetime. They stand, like great sculptures, chiselled and unmoving. The master betrays nothing with his face; Mordo's own is marked by rage.

"Leave this place." The Master pleads.

"Goodbye, old friend." His hands extend towards his adversary. "I invoke the power of the Devourer-God, the All-Killer!" A green aura overtakes the zealot. The Ancient One's own arms are up in an instant as he rushes to form a shield. A bulbous mass of green energy pours at it, moving in waves, like the body of a snake.

Strange begins conjuring a response.

"In your name and with your fury, dreaded Shuma-Gorath, I end this life!" The endless stream thrashes against the protective construct. It bends and cracks against it with a force unyielding. Without any warning, a red energy sweeps over Mordo. It envelops him, wrapping around his form.

"Now that is quite enough." Strange remarks at his work, the energy flowing from his hands. "The crimson bands of Cyttorak hold you fast. Do the smart thing and yield to them."

"You are more the fool to stand with him still. I will not be denied." With a surge of force, Mordo shatters his binds and with the excess energy sends Strange flying across the room. He pours the dark energies into both of them, a conduit for the otherworldly force, the power filling the room. With a last push, the Ancient One makes his stand. But the force overwhelms him. The shield fizzles into nothing as a mass of eldritch tentacles pierce his material body. Strange watches on desperate. He had to do something, Anything.
Sample Post

In a last act of desperation, Strange casts his soul bare to the multiverse and draws strength from Dormammu, the once towering ruler of the Dark Dimension. Embracing his dark magics, he redirects Mordo's supernatural assault and severs the Elder God's hold over him - Mordo is cast adrift, banished to the creature's own realm. The mentor had succumbed to a final attempt on his life. Strange followed the Ancient One's final instructions: return to New York - find the Sanctum Sanctorum and protect it with his life. He gets there and finds a box waiting for him, contains the mystical artifacts amassed by the sorcerer supreme during his own life. He transfixed over one item in particular, a golden amulet. At the time the roleplay begins, Strange has resided there for two weeks, and is trying to come to terms with his new role as a protector of Earth's dimension.

What Makes This Character 'Ultimate'?:
For this Year One story I decided to start with Strange at a familiar point - the Ancient One is dead, and the title of Sorcerer Supreme lies unclaimed. He is not at the height of his power; at this point in his career he has only faced two otherworldly threats, only surviving in the first case thanks to the help of his mentor, and most recently by channelling the power of Dormammu, a force he does not truly understand. He is certainly not an authority on magic yet, or considered as such by his mystical peers, although he carries a certain level of prestige as an apprentice of the Ancient One. This gives me the opportunity to allow him to grow into his traditional role in real time, learning more about his powers as the RP goes on, with the help of Wong, his substitute instructor here, rather than his manservant.

I have decided to leech at least one idea from the the MCU interpretation of the character, with the Sanctum Sanctorum acting as one of many magical locations designed with the purpose of protecting against mystical threats to Earth. Ownership of the mystical brownstone found in Greenwich Village was passed to Strange after the Ancient One's demise. However, they are not all linked to Kamar-Taj and their masters may not take as kindly to Strange's influence as they did the Ancient One.

A clear divergent point here will be how he interacts with the spiritual characters that would otherwise inhabit the DC universe. Don't expect him to be channelling the power of Shazam right off the bat, but DC-based mystics and creatures will hopefully be able to pop up in my interpretation from time to time.

Supporting Characters:
The Ancient One: Doctor Strange's former master and the last Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, the Ancient One lived for nearly half a millennium, keeping malevolent magical forces at bay for much of his life. Despite his age, when Strange came to know him he had the appearance of a man in his late fourties. Nearing the end of his life, he chose to make Stephen Strange his apprentice, shaping him into a man worthy of the honor in the process. He died at the hand of his former student, Mordo, all of his accumulated magical artifacts passing to Strange.

Wong: Before his death, the Ancient One foresaw its coming. Knowing that his apprentice had much left to learn before he would be ready to take on the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme, he entrusted to Strange the Mentor Stone. Containing the combined knowledge of Sorcerers Supreme of the past, for Strange it manifests in the image of Magister Wong, a magical construct patterned after one of the earliest Sorcerers of their order. In Wong, Strange finds a teacher and a companion.

Baron Mordo: A disgruntled former apprentice of the Ancient One, his desire for power and willingness to engage in the most sordid of magical practices led to his banishment from Kamar-Taj. Twice, he had attempted to exact revenge on the ageing Sorcerer, once having bridged the gap between the Dark Dimension and Earth to summon Dormammu. Despite his already faltering power, the Ancient One was able to seal the master of the Dark Dimension back away in his own realm, with the aid of Strange. The second time however, Mordo invoked the power of Shuma-Gorath, a God of Chaos, overwhelming his former master and ultimately destroying him. Strange, borrowing strength from Dormammu, was only able to sever the Elder God's ties to Earth's realm. In doing so, he also trapped Mordo in the tentacled entity's home dimension. His current status is unknown.

Shuma-Gorath: An Elder God who desires conquest of all the multiverse. In terms of raw power, he far outclasses Earth's other mystical threats.

Dormammu: The ruler of the dreaded Dark Dimension, Dormammu is a powerful being intent on expanding his influence to all realms. He is the kind of malevolent entity The Sorcerer Supreme is charged with combating. Strange has only caught glimpses of his realm thus far, a inhospitable wasteland populated by beings known as the Mindless Ones. Now that the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth is dead it is only a matter of time before Dormammu's gaze turns to Earth once more.

Nightmare: The Master of the Dream dimension. Not yet encountered by Strange.

Mephisto: A multidimensional being of immense power, Mephisto oversees a hellish realm of his own. He lives to torment others and enjoys entering into diabolical pacts with mortals.

The Vishanti: The Vishanti are a trio of God-like beings that serve as the supernatural patrons of Earth's sorcerer supreme, and protectors of the realm. They are known as Oshtur (the Omnipotent), Hoggoth (the Omnipresent) and Agamatto (the Omniscient). A sorcerer can invoke their name or names to channel energies to fuel their own magic, or imbue artifacts with their abilities. As of yet Strange has not communicated with these beings directly.

Other Prospective Characters (Character not from Strange-lore):

Boston Brand / Deadman: I love this character. A Brave and the Bold-type of adventure where Strange helps Brand piece together the details of his murder and see out his purpose as a marauding spirit is something I would very much like to write. However, I would understand if any of the other players of magically-inclined characters would want to lay claim to him. I am fully open to a work around for that, be it collaborative or on a time-share basis.

Cain and Abel: Further on I can see having a use for these characters. However, that is dependent entirely on whether they factor into anyone else's plans and can be substituted if required.

Others: There are other DC characters who due to their popularity I would entirely expect to be seized as player characters and in no way wish to reserve (such as Shazam, Etrigan/Jason Blood, The Spectre, Trigon, Raven etc.) They comprise a large chunk of the DC mystic universe that would be interesting to utilise, if only on a mention to mention basis.

Post Catalogue:
An Introduction to Magic Vol. 1
An Introduction to Magic Vol. 2
Demonology 101
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Character You're Applying For:
Kai-ro (Green Lantern)

Powers And Abilities:
Kai-ro possesses a Green Lantern power ring, which allows Kai-ro to create green constructs from the sheer force of will and imagination. The ring also provides a protective aura around his body, enabling him to fly in atmosphere or the vacuum of space, and allows for faster-than-light travel in space. The ring has the ability to remotely access the Book of Oa, supplying Kai-ro with knowledge and information overlays that aid his investigations and activities on behalf of the GLC.

In addition, Kai-ro was trained in police tactics by Killowog and is proficient with both armed and unarmed combat.

Origin And Backstory (In A Maximum Of Four Paragraphs):
Well, you see, what happened was...

Born into an impoverished family living in the Tibetan region of Earth, Kai-ro became one of many boys orphaned into the various Buddhist temples throughout the Himalayas. As a result, Kai-ro is fluent in both Tibetan and Mandarin Chinese, being formally educated in the latter while more often speaking the former in normal conversation while 'growing up monk' in the mountains. Functioning like a boarding school and orphanage, the monastery saw to all of Kai-ro's basic needs while providing for his education in both the traditional schools of thought.

It was during Year 0 of our story's continuity that Kai-ro's life became something beyond that of a simple monk, living and learning in a temple in Tibet. For it was in that year that Kai-ro stumbled across a jade ring in the Buddhist Temple. The ring seemed to come to life, flying onto his hand as a voice suddenly echoed inside his head and said...

Kai-ro of Earth, you have the ability to overcome great fear.

Transported across the stars to the planet Oa, Kai-ro's unexpected arrival broke open the all-but-forgotten cold case surrounding the disappearance of the Green Lantern known as Abin Sur. Now, as he graduates from his training and joins the interstellar police force known as the Green Lantern Corps, Kai-ro returns to the planet of his birth and finds himself in the middle of a murder mystery.

What Makes This Character 'Ultimate'?:
To start, Kai-ro (the Green Lantern of the Beyond universe) takes the place of Hal Jordan as Abin Sur's successor. Second, this concept focuses on the Green Lantern Corps as a crime drama, while introducing aspects of a larger universe that includes both the GLC and the Nova Corps (for myself, I'm picturing the GLC as operating similar to the U.S. Coast Guard in its function as a primary law enforcement agency, whereas the Nova Corps is more akin to the U.S. Navy in its function as a military force...)

Supporting Characters:


Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5 • Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6
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“Why, you speak treason!”

L A D Y M A R I A N & R O B I N H O O D

Oliver Jonas "Ollie" Queen

Green Arrow

The Island has transformed Oliver. Put through a gauntlet of violence and death, he’s come out the other side with skills his younger self would never have dreamed of. Oliver’s an archer, and a damn good one at that. The desperation of a life spent surviving has instilled within him a philosophy of never missing, and that’s reflected in his markmanship – when he shoots an arrow, it meets its mark. His years away have seen him become a formidable combatant in peak physical condition; struggles on the Island were quick and brutal, and his style reflects that. Urban and environmental traversal were essential then, and they’re essential now – and his knowledge of Russian and Japanese don’t hurt, either. The thing he got really good at, though… really good at… was the art of killing.

But he tries not to think about that.

Oliver Jonas Queen was born to Robert and Moira Queen in Star City, California, in the year of 1990. His family was extremely wealthy, his father the founder and CEO of Queen Industries, a multi-billion dollar conglomerate with a strong foothold in the international technology market. Oliver wanted for naught, his every need provided for him, and then some. His view on life was that it was easy, and one only had to take a look at him to see it: he was lazy, arrogant, and ignorant of the struggles most other people faced. As a young teen, he took a brief interest in archery, and in typical Queen fashion, he was provided with the best instructor money could hire, taught privately at the Queen Family Mansion. This would last all of two years, Oliver’s focus shifting towards other, less disciplined hobbies. Together with his best friend, Tommy Merlyn, he barely scraped through boarding school, and after it was over, all they knew was booze and women. Oliver met Dinah Laurel Lance when he was twenty-two. He was an idiot, and she was unlike any other girl he’d been with: one with character. Somehow, they started dating.

Sick of his son’s frivolous ways, Robert decided to take Oliver with him on a business trip to Beijing for his twenty-third birthday. Travelling on Robert’s yacht, The Queen’s Gambit, he hoped to talk some sense into Oliver, if not to convince him to get his MBA and take a position in Queen Industries, then to try and get him to try out philanthropy for himself, or, well... anything. Oliver saw this as an opportunity for something else; with their relationship on shaky ground, he invited Dinah along in an attempt to stabilise it, envisioning a romantic few weeks on the water – a vision that would soon be dashed when Dinah declined, unsure of what she wanted from the relationship. At sea, Robert gave Oliver his birthday present – Howard Hill’s bow from The Adventures of Robin Hood – in an attempt to remind Oliver of the last time he truly had a passion for something. He would attempt to broach the subject of responsibility tomorrow. But before he could do so, the Gambit was swept in a freak storm, and as it sunk, Oliver watched his father die – left to drift in a lifeboat alone. He arrived at shore days later, stranded in a place he would come to know only as "The Island." Back home, Oliver and Robert Queen were presumed dead, buried in empty coffins.

Five years later, Oliver returned home. Much had changed during the time he was gone, and for the next four months, he would try to adjust to civilised life once more, intending to leave the horrors of the Island behind. But life has a funny way of spitting in your face.

W H A T M A K E S T H I S C H A R A C T E R " U L T I M A T E " ?
The biggest difference, I think, is that Oliver doesn’t really want to do anything with his abilities, and would really rather just try to adjust to normal life again. Obviously, this won’t work out for him, and before long we’ll see bad guys shot at with arrows. It’s just a matter of time.

A thing to note is that this isn’t the Oliver from the comics yet. He’s still dealing with his experience on the Island, and won’t get over them for quite some time. But he’ll eventually move past his damage, and (hopefully) come to take his place among the greats.


#4 – Flashback: The Breakup
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Character You're Applying For: Marc Spector - Moon Knight

Powers And Abilities: Ambiguous. Exceptional fighter, both hand to hand and with virtually any weapon. Some affinity for the moon, whether it’s present state has a psychological or supernatural effect on him remains unclear.

Origin And Backstory (In A Maximum Of Four Paragraphs):Marc Spector ran away from home to join the armed forces at the earliest possible age. The oldest of two children in a devout Jewish household in Chicago, he sought a new hierarchical structure that praised and rewarded his own talents; talents for violence that would otherwise be frowned upon in general society and certainly at home.

He qualified for the United States Marine Corps and quickly rose to Corporal as he was trusted implicitly by his fellow soldiers. After two tours he was given a token promotion to Sergeant as he was transferred from the DoD to work on special missions and duties under the CIA banner.


--At which point in time this group was disbanded. All involved were given Other Than Honourable Discharges and summarily removed from National Service to their countries of origin. Spector remained in contact with Jean Paul DuChamp (FFL, Caporal Chef) and the specialist contact from his last mission Raoul Bushman however. Due to a lack of military opportunities as a result of the OTHD, the three moved into the private sector.

The three have been seen active in the Egyptian-Kahndaq region, around the Sinai Peninsula.

What Makes This Character 'Ultimate'?: Tying together damn near everything (except for one run that is incompatible) ...eventually.

This is going to put the microscope over Moon Knight’s past, deal with who or what he is presently, and delve into what kind of future that means he can have.

Supporting Characters:
Jean Paul DuChamp, French Foreign Legion, Caporal Chef - JP DuChamp started his military career as a sniper, before later becoming one of the world’s foremost military pilots, able to pull off tough maneuvers in helicopters, light aircraft and virtually anything airborne. “Frenchie”, as Marc inarticulately would come to know him, became close friends with Spector when the pair worked on a clandestine team working dark missions. Possibly because Marc Spector seemed to have held the most of his humanity out of any in the group.

Raoul Bushman - Raoul Bushman was a ranking “Specialist” in Marc’s final mission with the CIA. He also leads his own band of mercenaries presently around Northern Africa/Sinai Peninsula.

More to come as I walk through the origin.

Character Picture:

1. Waxing and Waning
2. Time... For A Story...
3. New Moon
4. Out Of The Umbra
5. Phases - A Post In Four Parts
6. More Phases - Another Post In Four Parts
7. The Word: Consume
8. Confusion and Transformation
9. Pool Talk: Detective and Otherwise
10. Tales From the House of the Moon
11. Rise of Spector
12. Difference of IDeas
13. The Stalker Called Moon Knight
14. Wolf-Beast vs Moon Knight
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Ultimate One Universe: Year One Application

Character You're Applying For:

Daniel Cassidy/Astaroth: Blue Devil

Origin And Backstory:

Daniel Cassidy is your average Generation Z high school graduate. He has few ambitions in life and no direction for his future. He likes pizza, has an annoying younger sister, and can probably kick your ass in Smash Bros..

Astaroth is an eons-old demonic entity from Hell. Formerly a foot soldier risen to the ranks of General of Hell. A loyal follower of Lucifer prior to the Morningstar's abdication of the throne, Astaroth has always had a fascination and certain fondness for Earth's culture and inhabitants. With the departure of Lucifer, the current ruler of Hell, Asmodel, plans to lead his demonic forces in a war against Heaven. To do this, Asmodel intends to take advantage of the recent passing of the former Sorcerer Supreme and invade Earth while its defenses are down and take by force the billions of souls present there to empower himself and his army.

Disagreeing with Asmodel's direction and methods, Astaroth has openly rebelled in order to preserve the Earth he's come to appreciate from afar. Knowing that in order to bring the entirety of Hell's forces to Earth Asmodel would have to utilize the Trident of Lucifer, Hell's most powerful artifact, Astaroth stole the relic and transported himself to Earth with the intent of keeping it from the grasp of Asmodel. Unskilled with the mystical arts, Astaroth attempted to cast a spell through the Trident to hide his demonic essence and avoid being tracked by possessing the comatose or deceased body of a mortal. Instead, he was drawn into the body of the very much living and confused Daniel Cassidy.

That was yesterday.

Powers And Abilities:

Daniel is a capable gamer with mediocre rankings and accolades in such games as Call of Duty, Dragonball Fighter Z, and Fortnite. He can chug a litre of Mountain Dew in less than 70 seconds. He has been known to open a jar of pickles unassisted. Thankfully, while fused with Astaroth, he can will himself to take on the demon's form and powers.

Astaroth is a powerful, high-ranking demon trained for millenia as an elite warrior and expert strategist. His raw physical might puts him as one of the strongest entities in Hell, Heaven, or Earth. Possessing levels of durability, speed, agility far above average demons, he has in the past gone toe-to-toe with beings such as Etrigan and Eclipso.

Enhanced regenerative abilities allow Astaroth to recover from life-threatening wounds in less than a day. However, any injuries suffered as Blue Devil will be transferred to Daniel's human form should he change back. Thus, any and all healing must be done while in demonic form.

While far from a master of the mystical arts, Astaroth possesses some low-level magical abilities, and is capable of casting several lesser spells with moderate success.

The Trident of Lucifer is host to many abilities. These include: sensing demons and other mystically linked beings, being able to banish low-level demons to Hell, blasts of Hellfire at varying intensities, teleportation, and enhancing the power of the spells and incantations of the holder. Not that Daniel is capable of properly using such an artifact.

What Makes This Character 'Ultimate'?:

Well, if you know anything about the comic-version, this Daniel is not only significantly younger, but the entire concept of Blue Devil is unique. As opposed to a man in a high-tech suit turned man who made a deal with a devil to gain true power, this Blue Devil is a blend of two entities sharing a body. As such, the conflicts, difficulties, and drama that will arise are inherently different. Both Dan and Astaroth act as the 'main character' in this story, both are equally as important. Also, the demonic visage is not a permanent form but an at-will transformation, and this allows me to also focus more on Daniel's personal and home/school life that the comics tend to shy from. Essentially, this is the tale of a young man with newfound powers who has seen the rise of the recent Cape Culture and wants a taste, and the tale of an ancient demon trapped in the body of an Earth adolescent while desperately wishing to safeguard and hide the Trident from the many dark forces who wish to possess it.

Supporting Characters:

In no particular order, and with more to be added as they appear/are mentioned.

- Asmodel: Current ruler of Hell, most powerful of modern Triumvirate, the Third of the Fallen angels.
- Beelzebub: Powerful demon lord, former first general of Hell, first of the newer generation of Triumvirate members.
- Belial: Most recent Triumvirate addition. Ruthless, former general of Hell and direct superior of Astaroth.
- Sharon Scott: Former high school classmate of Daniel's who will join him as a freshman at university come Autumn. Aspiring actress.
- Marla Bloom: Aunt of Eddie Bloomberg. Close friend of Daniel's mother.
- Eddie Bloomberg: Young boy and neighbor Daniel babysits for.
- Mary Frances Cassidy: Daniel's younger sister.

There are a handful of villains from DC and Marvel, both demonic and human alike, I intend to utilize, but I'll avoid from listing them until they are canonically introduced.

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