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Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali"

Finale day . Luna Sports Temporary Helicopter Pad to airborn

Finale Day


Marinalia,s day was turning out alot easier than she expected, firstly Paige was not running from a angry mob, explosions or godzilla attacks. . Though thr flight over she was not counting her chickens before they hatched, leayed eggs and where a roast dinner with gravy.

Once they broke the clouds and smoke Paige was rather quiet bar directing her to a landing site, cool, calm and professional she was a very diffrent person flying than Marinalia was on the ground. Glancing over she saw her load a pistol as Marlin had to adjust the power and fuel mix for coastal flight, luckily the led computer read outs made it like a smart phone, a very very expensive one. Least as a federal agent she did not have to remind there where very few or no non essential parts on a helicopter and holes meant very bad things.

As they came in a lower her instructor had been a real hard ass at times on precession all those years ago and that had stuck with her. Safety and if he said that you missed Mark by a inch or a metre it was a fail in his book. Though that lesson learned paid off dropping Paige odd precisely in the spot suggested, with little fuss and a gentle increase of power soon as they where clear, well that had been far less dramatic than her reputation had it potentially being. "Good luck, if your flying back. Sea planes gonna be roughest option with winds today."

A sharp turn away with a small kick opposite to test the speeds over island and also throw off anyone aiming her way on ultra rare odds, Milo and Paige where dropped off, safely. Her part done Marinalia was making a more relaxed flight back over the water radioing back abit taking a detour over the mountains, pretty route, clear of smoke and so then a flight back, and maybe a smoothie with her girlfriend if they had someone to watxh the helicopter.

As she hit the mountains climb, a quick adjustment to the power and fuel mix before the engines resumed the ideal engine note and all the systems lit ideal could conditions. Passing a stable block, and a slightly lower pass as she broke a ridge line onto a flater section of firrests and so. A large number of cars and so gathered by a cabin as she buzzed by and redirected a careful gentle curve to the sports field. Was not unusual though the tents, and what looked like in passing, liveried cars maybe. That was unusual though not worth turning round to take a look.

The flight "home" was easy, with a gentle touch down back onto the sports field, the main runway was closed temporarily as they where redirecting planes round the reminwnts of the smoke and debries needing the extra runways to reorganise everyone where they needed to be. It only took a minor disruption to throw a spanner in works. A few dozen switches later the engines where spinning down and swapped out the black armour she neber needed, but Paranoia had taught her to be prepared for anything and everything, then your never caught out.

Swapping to her neat uniform she jumped the small step down the cockpit to ground and headed inside to see if anything left at the smoothie bar not expecting to be flying until it was time to head back to the cargo airport. The gold stripes she worked so hard to earn on her jacket under the coat where hidden but her wings and badges still clearly where a pilot.

Grabbing a smoothie, sadly not as much mango left as Marinalia liked, no one used ernough mango though. It was abit hit and miss but they made a good smoothie for what was essentially left overs, and the left overs of there left overs. Still no power, though somehow everyone seemed to be getting along somehow... People seemed to be making the most of whatever happened.

Shame the coffee machine needed power... A long day needed coffee.

Her phone bleeped with updates on the current flight situation, the fires where getting under control so that should not be forever to wait. Maybe it was excesive but no one wnated to risk a aircraft losing a engine over a dense city, better safe than sorry. Plus she partly suspected, who ever ordered so had alternative reasons... Perhaps limiting mobility maybe. Who knew, the goverment types made no sense.

Sat back, she just hoped Paige and Milo got back safe from there adventure. She did not have anything against them, just a loyalty to her sister to a fault when it came down to it. If a marshal was flying somewhere, it was pribbly not a job for the peace corps.

Minor tags in passing.
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Paige Kennedy & Milo Ventri

There were a few different routes they went over depending on what they found when they reached the island and Paige set off directly for what used to be a civil aviation office. The windows were dark and she approached cautiously with Milo directly behind. The island was still quiet and she could faintly hear the sound of voices on the other side of the building. She leaned against the old cinder block and eased her grip around the door knob. Wind gently buffeted against the structure, chilling her body that was still only covered by her gym clothes from Luna. The island out on the ocean was damn cold. She suppressed a hard chill through her body and exhaled briefly gathering her thoughts. Glancing down at the earth, the swaying pines that bordered the airfield and a few breaks of blue sky through the passing clouds, she brought her pistol up and gently pushed the door away.

The room was dark, but immediately she could sense the presence of another person. There was no ambush set and instinctively she reached for a light switch as she peered around the corner behind her gunsights. The light came on revealing an empty office. Age-stained white walls with loose paper and trash was scattered around the perimeter. In center, strapped to a chair was the beaten figure of Sammy Giancana, slumped over with only his restraints holding him in place. Blood stained his exquisitely tailored white dress-shirt and slacks and spattered the floor around him, still dripping from his forehead. Barely audible, his breathing was a quiet battle for each remaining breath that he could muster.

“Shit…” Paige muttered and glanced back momentarily at Milo who stood watching like a sentinel. There were no windows facing them, only a small partition covering a doorway. He assumed the corridor led to a repair bay or a hangar of some kind, but it was the only way someone could come at them head on. He stepped to the side shifting his glance between Paige and a better angle to keep a lookout behind them.

Is he alive?” Milo asked.

Paige felt for a pulse. Her touch seem to startle what nerves still functioned in his broken face. Like Nikki, Sammy also kept his head cleanly shaven, but so pulverized was his visage, that Paige visibly winced at the sight of him. He looked as if he’d been hit by a train: Eyes were nearly swollen shut as he strained to lift his head and look at her through the sting of blood and sweat. His head bobbed involuntarily as though it wasn’t fully attached to the rest of his body, but still he beheld her carefully, completely focused with the faint life that still existed in his consciousness. Studying her fallen blonde lockes and small frame, he managed the tiniest of smiles and his voice exited in a whisper:


Paige pulled away at the sound of his wife’s name wiping his blood on her shorts and stepping back. Milo cut his glance at her strangely, never seeing her appear so spooked. “What did he say?

As soon as the words exited his lips the sound of a small turbine could be heard spooling up outside. He’d spent enough time around machinery, aircraft included, to know the characteristic high-pitched whine of the small engine used to begin the startup procedures. He stowed the inquiry away and knew whatever it was that bothered Paige would have wait. “We need to get moving.

Paige looked at Sammy and knew she would have to make a choice. He would be worth an untold fortune of information if they could keep him alive long enough to get back to Sol and in a hospital. If he would talk, they would have more than what they needed to take Nikki down without any red tape or bureaucracy. With Sammy under oath there would be direct connections and irrefutable evidence and she would have unquestioned support in bringing Nikki in, a slam-dunk. Or she could do what she and Milo planned to do: walk out on that tarmac and put an end to it without any witnesses. As she turned to Milo a figure burst through the far corridor who as she snapped her focus back, immediately recognized as the man from Luna Sports Facility. He leveled a large caliber revolver in her direction, similar to the ones that Milo fashioned and opened fire.

Falling away, Paige could hear the sonic rush of a bullet fly past her ear as the deep blast of the revolver echoed through the small room like cannonfire. He was aiming for the head. She cracked off two shots from the hip as she dove away, but his volley was suddenly silenced as Milo opened up spraying the corridor with fully automatic fire. The man ducked away with the piercing sound of Milo’s suppressed AK that quickly ventilated the old structure with small holes. The smell of cordite filled the room and short pause followed the exchange. Paige wasn’t sure if either one of them had connected. She knew she wasn’t hit and it appeared the man hadn’t even counted on Milo’s sudden barrage, but as she got back on her feet a different sound slowly eased through the room. The sound of something metallic rolling against the wood floor. Her eyes quickly found the object, close enough that she could see the small military logo on rotating along the side a olive drab cylinder: a grenade.
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Marcus Ainsworth

His Apartment
Friday Afternoon

Interactions: @MissCapnCrunch

The news was surprising to Dusty but she was more excited to hear it than anything. She knew Marcus had been dreaming of being a part of a big band forever, and this was his moment. It didn't even occur to her that it meant that she might never get to work with him, let alone see him ever again. "Oh my God Marcus! That is so fucking exciting!" she threw one arm around his neck, holding her beer in the other. She pulled back as she looked at his face, "Tell me you said yes."

Marcus couldn't help but smile brightly and let out a soft giggle as she was pulled into the hug, wrapping his free arm around her waist softly, returning the hug. As she pulled back and questioned him, his expression dropped and he forced an uneasy snicker. "Umm... i didn't say no..." He mumbled before pausing, and taking another sip of his beer. "I also didn't say yes... I dunno what to say, really... it's a lot, and it came out of nowhere..."

She looked at him with a sense of disappointment, her head cocked to the side. He was always so indecisive, meek in some respects. "I guess you're right, do you think you'll say yes?" she questioned, taking her seat again, and a sip of her beer. She wondered why he was so hesitant on the entire thing. "If it's about the bar, forget about it. The bar will be rebuilt and it'll be fine- you don't need to worry about that. You need to worry about you!" she exclaimed, nodding.

Running his hand through his hair, and Dustynn sat back in her seat, Marcus let out a soft sigh. He wore a thoughtful look on his face, obviously completely torn when it came to this decision. "I dunno..." He mumbled in reply, looking down at the floor as he thought over Dusty's question. Why was he so unsure about Ethan's proposal? Being in a world touring band and playing music for a living had been his dream for as long as he remembered. But something just didn't feel right about this spontaneous offer. "I guess I just hoped that if I got famous or whatever it'd be for my own music, not someone else's... i dunno, that's probably dumb... like, an opportunity is an opportunity, right?" He rambled softly, both hands clasped around his beer bottle, fidgeting with the label slightly.

Dustynn nodded along to his words, she understood that feeling. "Sometimes you gotta start at the bottom of the barrel. In the case with Ethan's band it would be sorta like being at the top of the barrel but you're still covered in stinky fish." she giggled a little, her mix of alcohol and weed buzz stirring in her head. "If that makes sense that is. I just mean you gotta start somewhere, this city will swallow you up if you don't at least try." she smiled, watching his hands fiddle at the beer bottle.

Marcus looked back up at her, nodding a little in understanding, unable to hold back a slight chuckle at her analogy. There was obvious confliction on his face, though he was smiling softly. Having Dustynn there to talk through everything with made thinking about it all much easier. Though he felt like an idiot for even considering turning down Ethan's offer, he actually had reasons to. "Yeah, I know... And I've been trying for years, but now that there's actually a door open for me... I don't know if I actually wanna walk through it. Like, I dunno, it's weird. Like, there's stuff that I'm kinda worried about leaving behind or somethin'... I guess? I dunno, does that make sense?" He rambled, waving one hand around a little as he spoke, while still scratching at the label of the beer bottle in his other. It was very obvious he was still struggling to process everything that was going on.

A small pout formed on her lips, another sip of her drink she took before talking once more, "It makes sense." she nodded, putting her head back on the couch, her dark curls resting across the fabric. She closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. She opened her eyes and peered over at Marcus and gave a small smile, "I always knew you'd be famous one day Marcus." she lifted her beer towards him in a cheers motion before finishing it off. "I need a smoke, you want to sit out on the balcony with me?" she asked sheepishly.

He let out a soft sigh of relief, glad that his ramblings were making sense to someone other than himself. He couldn't help but smile at her as she laid back and closed her eyes. She really was... Something else. He'd never let himself think about it to much, because she'd been with Leo pretty much the whole time he'd known her, but his mind wandered a little for a moment, before giving himself a mental slap in the wrist. 'Even if she wasn't with Leo, she'd never think of me that way, right..?' He thought to himself with an inaudible sigh. It's not like he really was worried about it at all, he enjoyed just being friends with her, but he couldn't help but think...
As Dusty opened her eyes again, and raised her bottle, Marcus snapped back to reality and did the same, clinking their bottles together as he let out a slight chuckle, shaking his head. "Me? Famous? Nah... Even if I do take Ethan up on his offer, it'll probably just be like a temporary thing, filling in on tour until they find someone better or something." He replied with a shrug. He didn't sound down about it, just telling himself he was being realistic. He then nodded before finishing his beer and standing, stretching his hand out to her, offering a hand up. "Yeah sure." He replied with a sweet, albeit awkward and still slightly thoughtful smile.

Grabbing his hand, she hoisted her petite body up. A little stumble, before regaining herself. She reached back onto the couch and grabbed her leather jacket slipping it back on. "Shut up, I don't want to hear that negativity from you. If you don't become the star member within the first day, I'll stand outside their house and complain all damn day." she laughed once more, not bothering to slip on a pair of shoes as she opened up the sliding balcony door. Thankfully the overhead had made sure no snow had landed on the planks, but it was frigid to the touch. She slipped out quickly so the apartment would not get filled with the cold air. It was moments like these that she wished she would kick the habit right there and then. She dug in her pockets and prepped herself to take a drag, and it brought her back to why she hadn't stopped yet. She looked over her shoulder at Marcus, motioning him to come out, "It's fucking cold!" she exclaimed, puffing a few more times as she looked down over the balcony.

Marcus let out a soft bout of laughter, shaking his head as he walked over to the kitchenette and grabbed his jacket from off of one of the stools, slipping it on. "Heh, I'll hold you to that." He retorted jokingly. The outside cold was evident from the moment the door slid open, sending a shiver down Marcus' spine. He reluctantly followed her out and slid the door shut again behind them, looking out over the balcony blankly with his arms crossed over his chest, rubbing his arms a bit to try to keep warm. "Uh huh... It's not as bad as it has been, but still..."

"True, Spring is just right around the corner I hope." she curled her toes on the cold flooring, as she brought her cigarette to her lips, she leaned against the railing. For the moment she wondered what Leo had been up to, he had been spending so much time figuring out the problems with the business that she hadn't had much time or words with him edgewise. She was thankful for Marcus or she'd have been stuck in the trailer all day talking to her mother or worst, herself. Flicking off the end of the cigarette, she watched the ashes fall down to the ground in a grey snow effect. "Thanks for letting me come over, I appreciate it." she said, not looking Marcus in the eye, her gaze still following to the ground. She felt a little light headed and not herself, but still enough in control of her body to know what exactly she was doing.

"Thanks for coming over." He responded to her gratitude with thanks of his own. "I'd just be wallowing and freaking myself out if I was on my own. So I really appreciate it." He smiled at her as he moved to the edge of the balcony, leaning against the railing beside her. "You're welcome anytime, really. Day or night, if you need some company or a place to crash or whatever just let me know." He smiled at her softly, watching her face as she stared over the balcony. His smiled morphed into a look of mild concern, noticing that she seemed more troubled than she was letting on. "You... Uh... We, are gonna be okay, Dusty. Both of us." He assured her softly, giving her the sweetest, most reassuring smile he could muster at the time.
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Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

A restaurant that should not be open! . Finale day!

Victoria had a rather intresting day, and it was barely the afternoon by the time she headed out to her waiting car spotting the fun little red and black striped convertible mini. Thankfully it was easy to park, her car she hoped to have od it came on time, well that might be a alittle less. Not as bad as the discovery though the white land rover was clearly marlin to a utter tee!

Resting her cane on the passenger side and heading into the traffic, it would be a typical Sol like crawl down for some of it until she hit the main road to park view. The fires and emergency services where not helping. One glance back to where the smoke was ever reducing from the club. If it had happened at night and not quite stopped, that was a enermous amount of heat. Did Leo hide a illegal dystillary down there or somthing!

Back at the Manor finally, Victoria head upstairs to find somthing comfy to wear and relax. Pulling over a laptop she checked the worst news and found that the story was still doing its thing. Urghm. The tabloids really loved there ilitiratuon and bad puns.


<Milady>C. OK. Right now before I have a bunch of things to reset. This is secure and scrambled though. Someone definitely had a grudge vs that club. The doors where heavy duty metal and like tinfoil vs the fire.

<Cardinal>damn. OK. Let's not poke any bears, OK.. Not bears, tigers. Stay safe over there... Oh. And remind me later about the other stuff.

<Milady>certain Bears. That Bear makes me quite a little earner. Maybe more seeing as Black sheild is not gonna be a option soon. OK, talk later C.

<Cardinal>Yep, little. Little is more than most jobs V. Little my ass... Your cute ass maybe. Talk later. Gotta go meet someone who wnats a mercades for price of a push bike.

<Milady>Hey, il take cute... But still hey! Urgh, hate working for cheap skates. If you want a job done, pay the propper prices.


A few hours work later, Victoria least had a message saying Marlin made her whole flight safely. No gunflights, explosions, trolls, godzilla or invasions by aliens. Several cravings for caffine later... Wow it was quite the realisation how much she relied on it to keep awake at times. Like... 8, no 12+ months of no caffine. Urgh. Lieing back down putting the laptop aside on the bedside table and Lieing back for a nap. The mess she could create was quite the legend it seemed.

Closing her eyes and glancing to check the doors where closed, not a warm day plus recent events had upped her paranoia thoughts up a few levels. A email had her intrested earlier crossed her mind, Arcady wnated to meet her in England and that definitely was a intresting situation. He always paid well and was not exactly a small fry. Well he was there for the wedding, might as well mix business and pleasure. Of it worked out she have a nice work from home opertunity and the encryption tech for thr ships radio had already made 6 figures.

If it helped out her dad, she was all for it, he spent a fortune to save her life when she was a teanager and did his best even after Darya was gone. There was a reason they where so loyal to family. Family always came for them, eventually somehow. They always managed to find some way. The work was... Legal. Maybe not exactly what you would call the most moral boss in the world, Military types never where white and shiny. Greys and dark greys. But he paid well, her family had a history with him and his going on over 20-30 years. If it took going a alittle grey, well she could go grey.

One arm curling round her belly, not be obvious for a while but she still was becoming rather protective. Unplanned or not, she would do right by the future little human. scarily her future little human, but also quite amazing.

Victoria decided it was a good time to rest now, it would be a busy week later on and headed off to sleep for abit. To do list... Nap, test somthong similar to bridesmaid dress, Mirror twirl, check things to pack ahead of time, pack. Mirror twirl to annoy Pilatus, chexk air tickets, burnt anti freeze coffee, maybe a mirror twirl and selfie on way home as Pilatus might not have read the first 2 lol.

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Paige Kennedy & Milo Ventri

The next thing she knew was Milo’s shirt covering her face and crashing hard back down to the floor. The wind was nearly knocked out of her, but the deafening shock that followed nearly stopped her heart. Reverberating through the floor and followed by a perfect lack of sound. Her ears rang painfully and it felt like time passed while she stood still, separated from it like a passenger in her own body. The definite feeling of weight on top of her was the first thing she could even process. Arms were holding on to her. Did I just die?. She thought. A memory crashed back into her conscious like a train derailment. A grenade, then Milo. Her head was swimming. No. Blurred images swirled across her eyes. God… No, this isn’t right… Milo! It felt like her arms were moving again, but she couldn’t see them. She coughed and a strong chemical scent filled her senses. Images bending in the lense of her eye were a hazy static and then were suddenly exploded back together and she was thrust fully back into reality.

Paige!” Milo’s voice shouted in her face. “PAIGE! Goddamnit!” His grip firmly shook her shoulders. The room was full of smoke and her ears continued to ring. Still disoriented, she touched his face for a moment seeing his expression towards her lighten. However as the ringing subsided and her equilibrium returned another unmistakable sound became all to present: a jet engine.

“Oh Shit…” She said looking back towards Milo. Her eyes then darted past him at Sammy, slumped over and unmoving.

He’s gone.” Milo said grimly looking back over his shoulder. “We gotta go.” The sound of the engines became more focused and moving.

From the corner of her eye, Paige could see blood spatter along the small hallway as they bolted through the corridor where one of Milo’s rounds had apparently connected with their attacker. The hangar beyond was dark with only a sliver of light from a partially open doorway on the far end. The contrast of light from the office made the whole area nearly pitch-black. Even being as cautious as she could in her haste, she bounced off something solid and tripped over something else on the floor nearly toppling over her own feet before catching herself against a pane of glass on what felt like a small airplane. Milo cursed behind her tripping over the same obstacle and kicking it with force sending it clamoring through the darkness. Her eyes strained to refocus themselves for the absence of light, concentrating on the small glimmer of outside air that peeked through the gap. She steadied herself on a wing strut trying to regain her balance again. Her side ached from the impact. The engine sound was farther away and she knew they’d soon be making their turn into the takeoff roll. She moved again, gaining only a few quick strides before another object caught her knee. She yelped in pain, but Milo grabbed her up, nearly like a football plowing his way ahead until the door was within arm’s reach.

They burst through, thankful for soft grass and dirt, the outside light showered back into focus with tall pines, broken clouds and in the distance, Paige could see the wings and tail surfaces twitch in the pilot’s final checks at the far end of the field. There was nothing they could do as the engines throttled up, but stand and watch as the nose rotated for the sky and the gear folded up sleekly beneath the polished airframe.
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Yes ladies and gents this is it, we've made it all the way through Chapter Two for Sol City marking our SECOND CONSECUTIVE completed RP in this genre. With the aftermath of the Club explosion and downtown drama, the last time skip will encompass whatever you see your characters doing inside of the next week so keep that in mind for your posting and be clear what time you're in. We don't want to end with any spatial disruptions.

So the city is yours. There are no events this week. Everything is winding down from the finale. Life goes on in Sol for another Chapter.

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Joel Nicolosi

Friday- Kingston, Jamaica

Alright everyone, let’s get started, shall we?

The crisp English host’s voice said over the speaker to the assembled gathering of press and VIPs. Camera flashes continued to quietly flutter in the background as casual conversations died down while the invited guests and organizers took their seats. The staff of the Aurora hotel very quietly continued to serve as the press conference was beginning smoothly balancing glimmering silver trays of hors d’oeuvres on fingertips and matching pots of the best coffee Joel had ever had in his entire life. The hotel was showing off, putting its reputation as the finest in Jamaica on display for their wealthy foreign visitors. Watching from the small group of drivers selected for the interview, Joel eyed the coffee being poured for what looked like a very pleased representative from the FIA. He’d consumed roughly eight cups and really had hankering for a ninth, but the team’s press manager, an Italian in her mid-fifties named Stefania, had very firmly cut him off to ensure his smile was as bright as possible for the broadcast that would be relayed and repeated all over the world. Sitting next to Sio in the front row, she gave Joel a very motherly shake of her finger to which he smirked slyly and gave Sio a wink as the conference started.

Ok everyone, it’s the 2019 FIA World Rally Series presented by… The young man went on to read a brief list of official sponsors ranging from high-end watchmakers to technology companies and tire manufacturers.

The drivers seated in two rows of three represented various countries from across the world, each wearing their teams respective colors and a small microphone that wrapped around the ear. Joel was no exception, wearing a dark blue blue polo with a subtle silver camo pattern along the torso that the team was debuting on the car along with its standard red and characteristic orange letter R prominent among the other sponsors listed along the sleeves. Stefania allowed him to wear one of his custom made apex hats that sported the Rebellion logo on one side and his chosen number, #12, on the other.

This is the first round of the 2019 season, Rally Jamaica… The man continued. First round, first question, Joel, Rebellion Racing, VW Group.

He’d never had any coaching or ever spent a lot of time with the media, nor was he very outgoing at all, but Joel knew he had an instinctual, natural presence in front of a camera. He looked back at the man, keeping a slight grin and ignoring the lense that was broadcasting his image all over the world as the question was read aloud:

Joel, how does it feel to be the first American to compete on the world rally stage in more than two decades? Your background is in GT racing, what drew you to rally?

“I wouldn’t say I was drawn to it,” Joel answered with a light shrug relaxing his posture some. “More like it found me, ya know? After the grand prix, I had a lot of options, this just seemed like it would be the most fun really, I never thought it would go this far.” He continued. “As far as being the first American…” He looked away slightly thinking about his next words. “I guess I try not to think about that too much.” It was a total lie, though he said it naturally without the slightest hint of conflict. His eyes drifted by Sio momentarily as they returned to the host, knowing she knew he was lying. He wanted to win and he wanted to be the first person to win a WRS event and the Sol City Grand Prix. He wasn’t a patriotic type, but as a driver on the world stage the sentiment was always present and he remembered how people cheered when he carried the flag on his victory lap around the Sol City street cicuit. It was a feeling like nothing else. “I just try to drive as fast as I can... I think being able to represent your country is a point of pride for any driver.”

Any plans to continue GT racing in the near future?

Joel shrugged again, “I try to keep my options open I guess,” He replied still keeping a natural smile and also displaying some prior contemplation. He knew better than to talk of the specifics about his contract on a live broadcast. Sio had combed through it like a lawyer and there were more than a few clauses that forbade him from being involved with competitive manufacturers, even if they were in other forms of racing. “Right now I’m just focused on rally... it was only a few months ago I was still fixing cars in my shop, so whatever I manage to get into at this point is just bonus.”

What have you learned most about rally so far?

At this point he was hoping the host would move on to someone else, but everyone had wanted to talk to him since they landed. His presence as an American in the WRS was something of a novelty in itself and everyone had seen the grand battle that resulted in his win at Sol City. Having an American driver was good for the WRS brand and the FIA giving them a line into an untapped market in the United States. Joel was aware of their business goals and decided he would have some fun with them as well: “Well, I had always heard that Finns drink,” He said nodding towards one of his fellow drivers from Finland who was holding his head up with one hand. The crowd, of whom many were in attendance, recalled the previous night’s “festivities” as all the teams and drivers officially arrived in Kingston. Laughter began to fill the room. “I mean, Aimo did not carry his flag well.” He said with a chuckle.

The young Finn, also in his rookie season with the WRS driving for Citroen glanced back at Joel with a sheepish grin. The party, relatively unplanned, had gotten out of hand rather quickly, leaving a path of destruction across the finely manicured gardens of the Aurora. None of them had ever seen a man put away alcohol in the way of their newest American competitor.

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Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" & Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Epilogue . The Travels of the drama Llama ladies . Mixed, Wensday, Friday. Sol City, Deadalus International Airport, Olympus Estate England, Jamaica.

Books, Bridesmaids, beechs and new beginnings.

Part One Sol city, Hesphestus Manor
Part Two Deadakus International Airport
Part Three Olympus Estate England.
Part Four Jamaica, Caribian


Marinalia had quite the week before the trip to England, Caribbean, weddings and probbly a rather interrogation by her family regarding events, Xia, Victoria and the whole Pregnancy. There was alot to catch up on...

Paige, Paige caused her a mwmment, though somehow it came off Suprisingly quiet for a trouble magnet. A simple drop off and landing. Checking the news after, someone had taken off from there, nothing of major note. Events about the city and others but nothing.... Massive or terrifying. Hmm maybe her thoughts where overly paranoid, dramatic or so.

Sat back in the conservatory with a large flight manual for company, 500 ish pages of heavy going reading on the 100j, thankfully a trip or so shopping on the weekend had added a few bits of furniture to help start to make things more homely like a comfy loveseat to stretch out on with a cup of coffee on the side table. Victoria needed some time to think and work things out so left her sister be with a tome for a friend. Specs, stats, procedures, it was a few week job to beat this particular doorstop. Thry had plans for the Manor, but it would take till summer probbly till it was fully brought back to life. Xia had been right, it was abit of museum in places, though part of her did not want to overly change the home her grandmother and namesake had loved.

It definitely felt like a weight was lifted knowing what happened with Bob, knowing he was safely in a hole for a good decade at least and his 3 horrible examplws of humanity employer's where having there nuts well and truely hung over a volcano. Should keep them nicely distracted and busy away from her life. Especially when if they remotely slip a toe out of line they where on the hook for somthing un detailed but far more serious sounding. She herself knew money could buy you put of alot of things and into alot of places. This was one they would have to work alot harder to get out of footloose and fancy free.

Her holiday was a alittle distracting, especially since she knew Xia had acquired a few items that definitely where summed up as telegraphing a very clear intention... Not that she minded the view. A few of hers might toe a few lines but that was all the more fun. A beech in Jamaica, maybe teaching Xia to ride a horse if there was time. It was that or cold Sol where you needed one to three coats to go to the shop.... No real challenges there.

Maria's wedding was coming up fast, her tickets for England where already booked a while ago, Business class and comfey. They had a spare that was taken of Xia wanted to go. Victoria and Ethan definitely needed to work out what the hell was going on there and some time to think on both sides seemed a good idea. They had a 3rd life to consider. Marla had sworn them to secrecy on a few suprises though also a alittle firm the two sisters needed to talk about the recent wave of chaos including a pregnancy and the video. Luckily for once, Marlins little adventures had stayed limited to a city gossip colum not the international tabloids.


A few days later came there flight, taking the Deadalus check in and security line she had dressed up for part in her full uniform with female styled hat, captain bars, wings and a tiny set of Gold plated pins with one, two and 4 engine plane, a helicopter and a silver 100J below her original gold wings when she passed her flight liscense. Between the glittering decorations to her uniform, neat skirt and jacket hugging all the right places and a ice blue and gold diamond necklace she definitely looked the part anyway.

After all it was the company line and she did earn it all even of it was a tad of her "dress" version. Victoria being Pregnant and slightly disabled by some standards, well it helped the airlines worries not to have her standing in line for hours and everyone else's. No one wnated a passenger fainting in line at all. Looked bad. Dressed smartly but also warmly Britain was not yet really in spring propper and still not warmish, a warm wool coat woth a silver Raven pin and blood red small gemed necklace from a vintage jewrally shop picked up after her treatment. Leaning against her cane she smiled seeing London marked on the boards, home seemed a good place after all the drama they had.

Glancing over to the public lines Marinalia drank a rather silly coffee, White Choclate mocha, extra shot, vanilla syrup, cream and mini marshemmlows topped with some Choclate sprinkles and a extra bonus of some silly extra syrup , making a sweet burnt anti freeze smelling pink concoction that probbly would kill the average diabetic.

Sure the security guard saw one smell of her drink and asked if she was pregnant or somthing because it's smell. Several jokes later she wandered into the nice deadalus business class lounge. She was not sure if it was Joel or no wandering by, but have a cheeky glance over and blew a mock kiss his way teasing whoever and the red head nearby. Giggling at it all, maybe it was the extreme caffine and sugar fix. She was more confident back to her old self, even she had to admit the Deadkus uniform with her figure and diamonds etc certainly added up to "Devestating pretty" at the least. Snapping a quick Video of her and Victoria making a slight twirl pointing at London flight on the board, and blowing a kiss to the camera laughing.

Sending that to Xia, hopefully she joined them in England, plus might mean she not have to answer every question about her relationships!

Victoria was having a very diffrent kindnof week, Things with Ethan definitely had gone a little strange, and was not quite what sure to do. Deciding the trip to England was a great idea to clear her head and rethink things.

Some things had begun... To effect her a alittle, not majorly but a few things smelt stronger, a few little, she definitely needed a chat with Maria and Marla when she was back home! Marla definitely, she was currently expecting her second.

Plus it gave her chance to talk to her family and get a alittle advice about the whole messed up, broken and battered situation. What was done was done, and the whole... Video was strange to say the least. That still was a mystery she was investigating as the hacker was hard to track or even get a clue how or why. She managed to narrow it down abit from just the US, to a coastal side, maybe at some point a state or somthong else. To know the threat to your systems meant you could defend.

Her preparations for her trip had distracted abit, hospital appointments, confirming things, medications, bits to pack, just tiny stuff that took time. Though after the wedding Victoria had a important appointment with General Arcady. That definitely would be worth the air fare. If he planned to pay similar to previous she would be a fairly wealthy woman indeed. Ernough easily to mantian a kid, long as she was careful and worked when she could longer term. Her plans where... Unsure but there was a start...

It was time to embrace the family business it seemed.


Airport ame suprising easily, Marlin directed them to a shorter line and soon they where past and through after abit of joking about her being a flight attended or so. Marlin rarely wore her uniform quite that styled but wings, badges, hat, stripes and more suited her. That day with Paige had changed somthing in her, "Devestating pretty" as normal but somthing changed inside for the good. Closure. Much as her own problems, Victoria cared about her sister even of her reputation to anyone else was a man eating sucubus, harpy, triflingor whatever other fantasey anamials they came up with. Where there a word for female hobbits...

Messaging Ethan she lt him konw she was out the country, time zones and all. She really did not need to wake anyone or be woken up at 5am or so other equally god awful hour. Victoria really was not always morning person, especially recently. Thry where... Well not sure quite what was going on or not but she would not make it impossible to be contacted, bar the wedding day. Unless it was a bloody reanimation of zombie Hitler, alien invasion or the latest gen processor she finally had been waiting to order for damn months... Nope.

Wedding day. England.

Stood waiting it felt like a eternity as finally the magic words came true and her father, and Marinliaa parents finally "I do" after 27 years and kisses in the grounds of a large English private estate. The weather was not totally warm but ernough for them to do it outside in the sunshine, the thick forrested areas and lake glittering in the lower but still welcome sunlight.

Stood by Marla and Marinalia, Victoria was glad her dad had someone, after Darya. He had not really had many long term things, or serious. Smiling she watched the new "Lady" Mrs Maria Romus Olympus, Victoria kept her mother's title, she did not have so much as she was not very much of a things woman, so the small stuff mattered. Her diary, a few items of jewellery and rings. The title, however silly in America to be able to claim Lady Victoria Darya Romus. Least her name slotted nicely!

Though that made the family surnames... Fun, especially when there initials where a mixed up mess of M,s... Even she had to wonder how it became tradition to use that letter. No one quite knew it just was. Marinalia was going to Malia until least someone decided having a Maria, Marla and Malia in same family would be a utter headache!

Well more than normal lol. M Olympus was still ambiguous on post!

Many photo,s, toasts, dances and happy memories later Maria and Vesarian headed off on a short honeymoon to somewhere warmer than a winter to spring united Kingdom. Both still had busy lives though always seemed to find time for each other.

England, a rainy afternoon

Victoria had faced quite the few days, not quite hostile but also wanting to know exactly what happened. A slightly embarrassing but also relaxing afternoon with Marla and Maria got to thr bottem of things and advice on what to do regarding everything from Ethan to morning sickness, legal rights and what foods to avoid. Thankfully two doctors knew wives tales from wisdom.

Then came the meeting, sat back she leant her cane against the side waiting for the rest of them to arrive, no one was thankfully expectinf her to be a excellent hostess after a suddon run in with breakfast and a realisation her body was slowly having done stronger reactions to certain foods. Be it her build, size or medical quirks. Some things came earlier than normal and kept a diary for her doctor.

Greeting the guests. Talk soon turned to business, even with some international situations calming down there was no lack of opertunity. Though not the full detail, of course no one quite knew that. The Russians wanted to expand there options in North America and a watered down but still effective version of her radio software for freindly nations and clients. Plenty to keep her busy.

A good while later Victoria toasted with a non alcoholic drink that a agreement had been finally found, and thongs could be left to the little stuff later on. Thr General was busy, Victoria needed a alittle rest after a fairly intense late morning and early afternoon. Everyone else had flights to make, people to see, or just wnated to relax with family. "I agree Miss Victoria, like your father I see this being rather profitable for both of us, if not too imposing, you definitely have favorable aspects of your mother." tensing slightly, but not quite, Victoria always was a alittle sensetive on certain family topics. Not bothering lately to really mask her partial Russain Accent, no one seemed to care. "Very much so I hope. Rolls Royce are not cheap and a lady needs somthing suitible for her title. Th.. Thankyou, though some a diary and her rings is a poor imitation of the real thing. Especially now."

The meeting closed a few minutes later, there was alot to do, in a fairly short time, even not being ready when she returned to America maybe. No time like now, and time wasted was time lost forever. The hospitals lacked the knowledge of her treatments elsewhere so Sol it was, and was a slow process to train people on experimental medical practices. Of course, pending delays, Wagner shall be consulted, and others regarding security, the city and situation at the time. We suspect you where right, there is somthing deeper wrong in Sol, and that could be used to advantage or not. However it always better be prepared with a useless report than Suprised.

There may yet be big changes or small. And rivals never let a opertunity sit and go by.

A much warmer beech in Jamaica, Friday early afternoon

Xia definitely was right about the skin protection as Marinalia leant back with a cocktail in a large fruit and a silly romance novel about a blackamith falling for a lady after her horse threw a shoe in the village below the castle, forbidden romances, and families whom both foright against the path of true love. It certainly was a change for her, Bikini yes and quite a eyeful for Xia with a athletic but curvey figure though a very light skirt to protect her skin slightly where she was not used to the harsher sun and hide the scar a alittle along with her more modern Aviators to protect her eyes.

Glancing over at her less concerned girlfriend who took to the weather like it was second nature in a bikini that certainly gave her a small blush that late morning. Marlin still was getting used to the heat and maybe her dressed so and took the first few days slow. The Bikini choices and few other items had caused a few "delays" to there plans, pleasent ones though and entirely welcome.

They had a hotel not too far away, not the fanciest or the largest but she had left to Xia and just sorted out the flights. A smaller but nice older outside but modern boutique hotel. The large Bath had been a god send after she had forgotten her sunscreen one afternoon too caught up in her exploring a open arcade type market. It was a alittle away from the main shopping streets but less overtaken by Rally fever that was fast infecting the island at least.

In all honestly she needed this, all the stress was forgotten for a few days, just her, good company and a warm beech on a hot caribian island. The racing was all over the news and she had passed the team hotels, rumours of drunk nordic folks in the bar and just general stuff relating. Doing her best to ignore she had tried to direct a few trips away from it. Contery to belief she was not stalking Joel like some crazy lady. A riding trip was booked down a rather quiet beech, maybe a suprise that tan lines might not be a problem that suprise her caribian travel partner and a other trips, visits and places Xia was planning to show her the real Island life, highlights and hidden gems not just the tourist traps and Rally tracks that where so busy right now you could not even walk in a straight line.

Smiling to herself realising Joel was probbly stuck in some sticky race suit x hours a day while she was happily sunning it by a beach in a bikini or other equally weather suitible items, yep. Definitely the preferable choice. He and Sio, ooh what was going on there eh.. Holidays together.. Hopefully he could finish second for someone's sake though or might be a unhappy holiday.

Distractions aside she turned her thoughts back to far more important matters, like where to go for a meal tonight. Jerk Chicken or some of the island nations excellent sea food and maybe a wander by the nearby Market to see if there was anything intresting, unique or maybe a pretty little item or few. New culture, new country, new opertunities to explore and make a few happy memories.

Passing mentions and interactions.
@King Tai
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Location: Kingston, Jamaica

Interaction: Joel @Pilatus

Mentions: NPCs

Siobhan sat back and watched Joel be his smooth self. He winked at her and she grinned and blew him a kiss as the press started rapid firing off their questions Joel first of course. The man couldn’t help it if he was magnetic. He had an innate presence behind a camera that was as good as a movie stars.

As she listened to his blatant lie she smiled winningly as he looked out at her then the reporter. She knew how often he thought about being in that winner’s circle and how competition made him come alive. Not to mention the fact that racing was an extension of him just like her art was.

Her breath hitched as the question that she was very thorough in reading and rereading that contract and lining out what Joel could and couldn’t say. His answer was perfect and she remembered to breathe grinning. Grinning like a love sick fool. Siobhan turns down the wattage in the grin a bit.

The questions rolled on and the conference was at an end. They released everyone and Siobhan waited patiently for Joel to come to her. She didn’t have a whole lot planned just spending some time at the beach. She knew that if they went to the Bob Marley Museum they’d want to take their time. Likewise with the Botanical Gardens or the trails in the Blue Mountains, famous for their waterfalls and coffee.

They went up to the ensuite. She managed not to laugh at the stunned expression that she could imagine was on her face last night when they found out, well when she found out at least, that there was only one bed.

She had stumbled in exhausted but bubbly at the prospect of sleeping in a room across from Joel. “At least I was aware of your superhuman abilities of drinking everyone under the table.” She’d swayed on her heels. She really hadn’t had that much to drink but she hadn’t gotten much sleep. Reaching out she steadied herself on Joel’s arm. Looking up she realized he was grinning. “What I’m not drunk. I’m nice and tipsy but exhausted as well. But Finn… you did a number on him and left an enormous path of destruction in your wake.”

She took off the heels and sighed as her toes sank into the really nice rug that was right at the door. Looking around she noticed the couches and chairs were plush and a clever sand color. She smiled and walked over to them running a hand along the back of one she looked up at the line of curtains it was facing. Moving over she pushed them aside and was greeted with a beautiful skyline of Kingston.

Her breath caught and she pushed the curtains to the side, the whole wall was a massive bay window unbroken and absolutely gorgeous. The inky night twinkled with streetlights and lights on buildings. Farther out the houses tucked into hills shone like stars. This drew the eyes up to the sky where the real stars glittered like diamonds on black velvet. “Oh it’s...perfect.”

Siobhan turned and saw Joel smiling and she went over and kissed him softly. She turned in his embrace and looked out at Kingston and sighed happily. She looked at the rest of the room...there was only one door. “Wait… is there only one bedroom?” Her pulse thundered.

“Seems that way. I’m sleeping in the bed. I’m too tired so don’t get to frisky or I’ll make you sleep on the sofa.” Joel said as he tapped her on the ass. The smack was a shock to her system and she laughed.

Siobhan gave him a mock glare and moved to the bedroom. “Right now is not the time.” She yawned. “Tempting as you are I have a date with Morphous. Just don’t expect me to not cuddle. That is asking too much.”

The door of the ensuite shut and Siobhan turned to Joel and smirked.I don’t think about being the first American in the racing scene for rally… I call bullshit. Competition is your lifeblood. That is afterall why I’m here, you like the fact that I can give as good as I get. So I was thinking we could take a stroll and relax a little on the beach. We don’t really have enough time to check out the Bob Marley Museum or Botanical Gardens. Not to mention the Blue Mountains which are famous for their coffee. Those we can see later. For now some reggae on the beach sounds amazing.”

Siobhan looked down at her watch. They had a few hours till he needed to be back. She smiled at him and swinging her hips blowing a kiss over her shoulder she walked into the bedroom. Where they hadn’t done anything but sleep. Waking up seeing his hair mussed was very intimate and made something in her melt. She retrieved her swimsuit, bikini really. It was yellow, green and orange in a creative blend fading into one another. It was risky but Siobhan had brought sunscreen so she shouldn’t burn. She moved into the bathroom to put on the bikini and smooth on sunscreen where she could reach.

Walking out of the bedroom she carried over the bottle of sunscreen and smirked. Turning around she moved her hair out of the way exposing her back to Joel. “Can you get my back please?” She asks innocently.
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Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" & Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Epilogue part two. Electric bugalo. The Travels of the drama Llama ladies . Mixed, Olympus Estate England, Jamaica.

Kingston Jamicia. Caribian adventures and reflections.

Marinalia was enjoying her routine of sorts, heading out while it was cooler and the sun less intense to enjoy the beach or starting a day trip early. Xia had teased her but for all her protests, she was having to be careful and her hair was slowly changing a alittle lighter, it suited though and a little help later tied the back of her bikini before getting up, grabbed a few bits from the nearby beach bag and wandered back to maybe grab some lunch hand in hand. "Just tie it already, you known what's underneath since the blizzard... Thanks. Fish. OK, jerk it is cutie." laughing, joking Marinalia had alot of weight finally lifted and her accent had regained a alittle of a chime like qaulity, clearly happy and also lighter almost. A light loose skirt and open top quickly partially hid the slightly darker and raised scar across her stomach, and protected her rather europeen skin tone.

Sporting rather attractive red head, dressed for beach with a fairly curvy figure in perephal vision, she gave a small curiosity of a thought before distracted by a rather talented street performer, was it Bob marley, maybe. Marinalia did not have the best musical knowledge at times. Melding into the crowds, Marinalia and Xia vanished in the masses.

It was a quiet day, Marinalia has kindly and gently inisted that Xia spend a alittle time with her family too, a alittle of her personal values coming through about blood being thicker than water. She had met them one afternoon but it was not the same as spending time alone with them and after a short but sweet kiss goodbye took a impromptu day trip to the Blue mountains and coffee growing region. Feeling silly, flirty and a alittle teasing twirl later letting her dress show a alittle more leg for a ernough of a second to tease Xia with a blown kiss, Short summer dress and shoulder bag with essentials like a light jacket incase it got cooler and a book or two, Marinalia watched the world go by as the coach took a meandering road, one very much like her own life. Fumbling off a embarising question or so from the older lady next to her whom had seen her little goodbye left a few thoughts bouncing around her brain about what she really mattered, and exactly how her Sol and other adventures had changed those goals.

A few hours later, delicious coffee, tour and the weather a cooler but still comfortable version of the one down in Kingston, it was nice to be away from the rush with time to think. A small bench in a quiet spot. Most of the tour had wandered there own ways and she had least a hour to be back at the entrence to catch the coach back to Kingston.

Thoughts turned to what ifs, not always goof teritory but if you where going to evaluate things, a quiet spot in blue mountains, overlooking a valley and the sea in far distences seemed difficult to beat. The coffee here really did live up to its reputation. But what if? A hand moved to her lap, tracing the scar that ended her chance at swimming on national team, very few knew that story, if Marla had not been around still made people's blood run cold and bones shiver. Bitch she was at times her aunt saved her life, harsher at times than Maria, least Maria had less generous gifts in backpain to inherit. Maria, what if dad never left. No Victoria? Different? They met as teanagers. A small change in life could make entire worlds shift. What would her grandmother make of Things? Marinalia who shared her name and other things. What would she makw of her choices?

Flying was a love more than a job, it had guided her to Sol city, the attack in music vennue had changed alot of things. Ren? He was cute and felt... Comfortable. She got on. Shame they never had a bad movie night. Who knew where that would have gone? Hopefully he managed to stand up to his father one day. Joel... Joel and the gala? Would they have worked. Who knew. What did lie under all that sarcasm and blatent disregard for social norms? Never know. Her sister had kinda taken a wrecking ball to things but as Siobhan had said. She would forgive her sister anything? Nearly... Probbly. Family was family and blood was blood. Those ideas never left, angry for a while but between the sisters it never really lasted long. Then Xia came into her life. Random as hell who would know how they story would have turned when they first met in random quick passing at the Jazz night. Who knew where it go?

Who knew anything. She had changed so much in a short time it was a hard to work things out. Good changes. Bad? Still change was change and her life she could not say was bad, her relationship was making her happy, posetive and kept her from slipping back somehow into her post attack state. Whatever happened, she would not regret the things and the road to recovery was visible.

Suprised by the time, she made it to the coach just feeling a alittle better for her improtu self counseling session. Her therapist had advised but we'll, it never had worked until now, cautioned about doing anything too suddon, but a few things felt right. The same older lady seemed to notice a diffrence, a few cryptic comments and so about mountian air good for clearing your head.

A few hours later Marinalia found a few ways to thank Xia for unknowing putting her on a path to finding a alittle peace least for a week or two after all the drama, storms, chaos and hurts that taken a while to start to heal.

A little advice to follow her heart in England? Maybe it made more sense now.

Southern England. Storms end, London, and lake side walks.

Victoria was having a very diffrent time as her sister was finding her coffee covered mountain of contemplation. Victoria had caught up with a few freinds in London, taken a wander out when she felt like it, visited the Tate Modern by some random desire for a walk, was quieter in the mornings.

A a few messages later she bumped into Dira on a errand to London and Moscow, the two women finding a litre cafe to chat, pretty basic, the tea was hot and strong decaf or otherwise. Breaking the news in person, she had left before they could meet in Sol and well, freinds deserved better than a phone call. "Vat... Your. Oh Vika. Vou do never take the easy way. You do fine. Let me know if Vou need help. I looked after vy cousins regularly." smiling, her friend was nervous but also happy for her. Victoria would manage, with a alittle help. "A suprise for ve too. Very much so. Vhankyou, I hope. Between Mali, Maria, Marla, and everyone else. I reckon il manage. Even rachel offered. So... You charm that guy at party... "

A hour or so later Victoria left feeling better she managed to tell Dira what was going on, talking, joking gossip and more. The whole drama llama. She had not judged her too badly for thr video, just warned to be more careful. Yeah. That one was really grinding her gears abit. Who had the right to steal her most personal moments? They would pay for that. A hug and a extra one for the passenger it seemed from Dira, the taller brutnnete left for her hotel. Dira was a strange one, but a good one none the less. A appointment later, collecting a few bits from a certain tailors, one or two items for Mali, mostly hers though as hard to find clothes to fit, items for next few months coming up, and so. Not cheap but being 4'9 made regular shops a intresting challenge at times.

Another evening on the Olympus Estate, it was quiet, a alittle cool but nothing a warm coat would not fend off. She felt stuck by things. There where options but huge what ifs? What was she to do about a a bunch of things?

Walking out the rear door into thr old carriage park behind the house out onto the grounds and past the satalite buildings she finally found a spot overlooking the lake and the birds landing on the water. A old tree stump made a place to stop. Her fitness was still recovering, the cane was a brilliant blue, if she felt guilty. Difficult choices had greatly distracted that train of thought, she had least worked some of it out. Though the larger issue remained, the far larger more confusing issue. Had she made a diffrent choice at that doorstep all those days ago?

Unlike Marinalia Victoria was the cooler of thr two, more practical out of sheer requirement. Losing her mum, losing herself almost, hospital, more. It built up barriers. She had appecpted her choice however much she used the cane, it was rather more a reminder to be more carful, a reminder also she was not as solid physically however much she liked, but mentally?

Heading back in before she got too cold, it was getting dark and the sun had set over the trees, the lake was dark where the yellows and faded into oranges and deep reds, shadows had grown longer then faded into thr greater darkness. Walking back and waving seeing headlights and Mike driving back with some craving for Marla. She politely refused a lift and preffered the walk back, talking a alittle while to enjoy the quiet and private estate. It would be too soon before she forced back into thr chaos of Sol city, too soon before she was back into the rush of appointments, work and personal drama. Lieing back in her suite, the estates grounds where almost pitch black with bright buildings sticking out. Reflecting the mirror like lake where the various flood lights and windows glowing into the night.

A long bath later she fell asleep easily, maybe differently to how Marlin got there but it was peaceful and enjoying thr calm before the storms came.

Refrences and mentions.

@Pilatus, Joel "Sol's fastest son"
@Almalthia Ethan "Rockstar" , Siobhan "The red priestess of drama"
@King Tai Xia "Caribbean Cutie"
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Xia Alexander

Location: Jamaica, Jamaicaaaa!!! / With Marinalia (Aka: English Muffin)

Truly this was what Both Xia and Mari needed. A real vacation. Time to get closer, Taking in the beautiful scenery, eating some authentic foods, listening to the music, going to the festival, traveling around on tours, seeing the beaches, the list goes on and on as what they could do. Of course, the two had their sexy moments to which even Xia could see so much changes in Mari from since they first met and were stuck in that blizzard. Still flirty as usual, both of these beauties seemed to have a healthy relationship, well...as healthy as can be when they are surrounded with drama.

Leaving her cousin Carlo back at home, she left her worries of him getting into trouble and if he did, she'd bail his ass out when she'd get back but one of the highlights of being back home was showing her family her girlfriend. Made it even worthwhile that her mother and father has come to Jamaica to see family as well and to meet Marin. Xia's mother, Anya have heard more about Marin in such a short amount of time, than she would her own family. So it was a pleasure that they'd finally get to meet her. Her father, Tavani accepted Mari since she made Xia happy. Was quite pleasant and even though they could've hung out the whole time, the parents let the kids go off to do what they wanted to do.

They'd eventually got to speak to her and got to know her a bit while they had the chance. Eventually giving her their number to tell her she could call them anytime. other than those side events, the two did get to relax on the beach occasionally having men staring at them. May have been a group of girls that gave them dirty looks but it was because Xia already knew them and they knew not to try her since she's beaten their asses before.

Then...a visit from her drug dealing uncle, Xia had to reject the brownies he used to always offer her since she didn't do that anymore. Damn sure didn't want to influence her lover. But don't forget about the shopping, plenty of cute and sexy wear they could take back home. Xia ended up asking Mari about how she felt about some of the clubs and places they've gone into? If there were anything time she was uncomfortable? If she'd love to ever come back here? How she felt about her family? Just various things she wanted to know in order to make the experience better of to apologize for any inconveniences.

With pictures saved in her phone with selfies and sneaky, naughty, playful photos of the two, in the nutshell, this was what they needed and maybe getting back to Sol, things could change for the better for them.

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Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" "English Muffin"

Epilogue part Three. Finding Marlin. The Travels of the drama Llama ladies . Mixed, Kingston Jamaica.

Kingston Jamicia. Caribian adventures and reflections with the "Caribbean Cutie"

Marinalia was Suprised when there trip wound up meeting Xia's mother, father and others. A rather nervous Marlin kept hold of Xia's hand and smiled meeting them though was rather fun and confirming in its own ways to. It was a happier, slowly more tanned but more confident Marinalia that met her family. Her dad seemed just glad Xia had met someone and was happy, though abit of Marlin was nervous at the reaction of her being a English upper class woman with a Xia.

Marlin kept things. Well family safe but somthing had changed for the better, she was more confident, and more open about things giving her a little kiss more openly and her dark grey eyes having lost the pained expression hidden way replaced by a small sparkle almost. It had taken a long time but things where getting better.

Her mother was a alittle different, but she also could tell where Xia got her ability to disarm and make people open up about things. Talking with a glass of wine while helping tidy up after a meal. Anya edged out a few things, Marinalia admited she had been badly shaken up and hurt before they met, a random smoothie later, grown closer and Xia helped in her own way. Blushing abit and missing out a few details on the whole Blizzard for obvious reasons, giving away she not sure how to repay Xia for all she did to help her subconsciously or not. It was hard to describe everything, she jusy knew she was happy and damn whatever anyone else thought about them to a volcano. For once in months Marinalia was on the up, even if a tiny bit guilty Xia seemed to be the one helping the slightly broken girl put the bits back together.

Somehow... Marinalia gave up trying to work it all out, her mums phone number and everyone seemed to be adopting Xia's version of her name, somthing she was used to as most her family called her Marlin or Mali. Crazy but somehow she found Xia's family a welcoming group even to someone whom only been dating Xia a short time.

Beeches, little trips ans places. The holiday was relaxed and no real rush to it all. Marinalia could see why her girlfriend was so wanting to go here. Even if the sun made sun protection a religious duty. Not that they minded helping each other.

The day she met her uncle was a tad different thiugh. One refusal told her all she needed to know about what was exactly in the baking. Her job did not exactly go hand in hand with special brownies.

That kind of forced a momment though when she retorted about being used to shades of grey and lead to a quiet spot overlooking the sea in a small park nervously playing with the hem of a patterned summer dress Xia had insisted she get that was showing off rather a fair amount of well toned leg and thigh. "Umm. You know I never was entirely verbose about my father's job. Well. No way about it. He is a arms dealer and supplier to states mostly in Africa and Middle East. The reason I was in Sol was he got some undue press attention. They listed where his daughters lived too." Resing her head into her side, sometimes being shorter one was a advantage though as a somewhat scared Marlin tried to hide the fact she hoped her family strange nature did not scare away someone whom she was growing close to. "Its. Well all legal. When dad lost Darya, Victoria's mum. Well he needed the funds. Especially when she was ill. So he shelved any plans to quit. He used majority of funds earned to save Victoria,s life when she was a teanager. Not everyone likes it but for the past 9 years I known my dad. He has always taken care of me, especially after you know the... Scar. He earned being my dad then. Umm.. A good man just in a grey job few want to think exists." A slightly emotional Marinalia told Xia the truth, not she wanted to lie to Xia just that it was not a easy topic and Marinalia had ernough on her plates with everything before to be able to handle that spwicey one. "Please Don t hate me. You,.. Us has been best thing happened to me in Sol for months. Its ended the odd relationship before." She has the odd rejection from admiring the truth about her family but at this stage. We she has no choice, and hoped Xia would understand her strange family given her own defenitely had a few quirks.

Her parents had suggested somthing also of a stop off on the way back. That was one to discuss later and got more details. It was just a penciled in sketch than a panting. The pacific coast did seem a nice place to spend a day or two and lay over on the way home.

A few places had made her uncomfortable but mostly because they tended not to be typical tourist spots and her accent drew attention, that her enviable figure in a short style skirt acquired the previous day that was hard to miss. Marlin just wnated to relax, enjoy good company, places and sunshine. She had hered a few comments but she could chalk quite a few to not all especially in later generations where so tolerant of two women in a relationship and let them slide not wanting to provoke the old Xia into causing trouble and her regretting ruining there vacation. The greater happyness being more valuable than a quick victory. Her uncle had made Marlin a on edge but even he she managed to handle with support, though that had opened a worm can on its own!

Though before that there Marinalia would end up taking a extra suitcase back for all they ended up aquiring at this rate. Quit a good few where somewhat more flirty than she normaly wear, others might have to wait for a heat wave or few weeks in Sol. A city named after a star was cold? Seriously? Though she dud blush a alittle a few suggestions on the insistence they where for strictly inside her suite back home. Not that she complained too much, she got to play dress up with Xia too, especially fun trying to get her into a rather stunning little gold number.

The photos she aclumulated, well a few got sent to her sister and mum, and received the odd one in return. Least her parents where finally happy, 27 years later. A few she might not share...ever... Though her favourite still remained of them together by the lake on the Olympus Estate overlooking the woods just after the wedding, Marinalia eyes glittering as much as her grandmothers diamond necklace and Xia who had borrowed Marla,s for the photo after her aunts insistence, a large fleuer delis cut blue gem making them both looking beuterful and tiraia short of a princess all dressed up. That was a close win though as there was a cute picture of them just normally and cuddling on the beech that conveyed everything they felt without any need for much else but them.

Both photos where going to end up with copies at home and at work framed.

Xia Alexander. "Carabian Cutie" @King Tai
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Joel Nicolosi

Joel glanced down at his watch. They had a few hours until he’d have to be back. The first stage was an evening to night run out of town towards the mountains. They’d already done a shakedown test in the morning and carefully made the pacenotes for the section. Everything went fairly well with no real surprises and the car was in good form. The roads were just as beaten and winding as the mountain passes around Sol City, perhaps even more so; while the dusty terrain was noticeably faster than the tough, rocky grit of the Pacific Northwest putting more work on the brakes and requiring a little more finesse at the controls to find grip. They’d drawn a good number in the lottery so the car wouldn’t have to lead off nor would it have to deal with a degraded route from the other competitors. All of it washed together in his mind as he glanced out from their posh balcony suite. Sio was right, he wanted to win. International press and nationalism aside, he was only concerned with how fast he could drive and if it would be enough- Nothing else mattered.

Sio’s scantily clad approach caused an eyebrow to raise slightly from the side of his vision. “You're a real distraction,” He said with feigned seriousness accepting the small bottle. “I should have left you back in Sol.” He said as he rubbed the sunscreen into her skin pinching the top of her shoulders and pushing his thumbs into her back gently as he did. Her fair skin and blazing red hair stood out starkly in the Caribbean, which he liked. So far, she was different, though he knew the pitfalls of the expression. It was not often that he concentrated on anything other than how to plant four tires across a corner, but she had never tried to make it about anything else. She’d become an addition rather than a distraction. He let his hands fall down around her hips and glanced out briefly towards the clear-blue ocean leaning over her shoulder. The beach did sound like a good idea for a while. It was a private and closely guarded property where prying eyes wouldn't be allowed to follow them. Still, he had a nagging bit of intuition and knew it wouldn’t go unnoticed by her strong sense of perception. “I keep getting the feeling like we’re being watched,” He said more as a point of curiosity rather than concern. “I’m not talkin’ about the cameras and what not, I don’t really mean stalker-level either, but you know what I mean.”

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Marcus Ainsworth

His Apartment
Epilogue Week - Friday Afternoon

Interactions: @MissCapnCrunch@Almalthia

The next week, following the explosion in Club Aether, had been a wild one. He had probably the biggest decision of his life up to that point, and he was completely unsure of what he was going to do. On one hand, taking the offer, joining The Serpents, would be huge. He would be launched straight into touring and playing packed venues, and fame. That was all he wanted since he was a kid, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to achieve it that way.
On the other hand, despite having lost his job, he had something that he felt kept him attached to Sol City. Or rather, someone. Dustynn and Marcus had started getting closer over the last week, bonding over the shared loss of their jobs. He knew they got along, from working with her and becoming fast friends through that, but there was something about her that he never really let himself notice then. Something he couldn't quite put his finger on, but something. He found himself just wanting to talk to her, wanting to be around her. And it definitely seemed like she felt the same.

From the day of the fire, Marcus and Dusty had at least texted every day, if they weren’t already hanging out. It was good having the company, in what would have otherwise been an awful time in his life. Without her, he would have probably locked himself in his apartment and drunk or cried himself to sleep every night, if not both. But with her, he felt lighter, like he could share his feelings, and it made dealing with those feelings so much easier.

It had gotten to the following Friday, and Marcus still hadn’t given Ethan a real answer. He sat on his couch, in the early afternoon, and sighed heavily. He picked up his phone, and opened up the conversation with Ethan. He knew he need to give him an answer. He couldn’t just keep leaving him hanging like that. He had mulled it over all week, and still had struggled to come to a decision. As he thought a little more, his thoughts fell to Dusty. She was really the only reason he wanted to stay behind, the idea of something more with her. But she was with Leo, so that wasn't going to happen. Besides, she had been very encouraging for him to take it. With a long, deep breath, Marcus made up his mind and started typing the message.

“Hey Ethan, sorry it's taken so long for me to give you a real answer. If you still want me, i'm keen! Sign me up!”

He quickly hit send before he let himself overthink it and talk himself out of it again. He slumped back in his couch with a heavy sigh, sitting there for a moment, as what he just had done sunk in. “Oh shit… I'm gonna be a rockstar…” He shot back up in his seat, grabbing his phone again and opening up his conversation with Dusty, rapidly firing her a text.

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Paige Kennedy & Milo Ventri

Waves rolled onto to the beach in a slow, steady rhythm. Crashing and pulling back again underneath fading daylight that stretched from over the horizon in an explosion of red-orange and faded gray clouds delivering rain far in the distance up the coast into Canada. Seabreeze pulled at Paige’s hair as she watched Milo adjusting his line on one of two large ocean fishing rigs that he had planted in the sand. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been fishing. Sometime back when she was barely a teenager in Florida she would still go with her grandad on the beach by Delta City or out on the pier he preferred. Any times after that were just a murky blur of growing older. Watching Milo as the line clicked slowly with tension she glanced down the rocky shoreline. It was the first time she’d been to the coast since moving out to Delta City and there was admittedly a certain beauty about it: sharp black boulders jutted out from craggy escarpments and dove straight into the water where the tides beat white foam against them continually. Combined with the setting sun, there was a surrealness about it, though it was still damn cold.

“I have to tell you something.” Paige said, breaking the quiet the came with the constant breeze the swept down the beach. She watched Milo’s back as he reeled in a few yards before he was satisfied. They hadn’t said much throughout the week and she knew she hadn’t been particularly inviting for conversation either. She exhaled and glanced down at the blanket beneath her smoothing out some of the wrinkles over the sand before glancing away again and then back to Milo. “I want you to know, I’m sorry.”

”Sorry for what?” Milo said with a slight shrug, not fully turning his attention away from his cast. One rod bowed slightly with a gentle pull from beneath the waves. He felt the weight of the tug on his fingertips patiently.

“For how I treated you… before.” She knew she didn’t need to remind him of the time.

Milo’s hand stopped and his shoulders dropped slightly at the word, before. He let his free hand ease into the warmth of his jacket pocket still not turning back to face her and only taking in the natural perfection of the scene in front of him. When they flew over in the helicopter, he’d seen it from the air and figured it would be a good fishing spot. The catch inside his cooler confirmed his suspicion and he gave a slight chuckle rocking back on his heels a little in the sand. ”Is that what’s on your mind?” He said finally turning his head back and meeting her characteristic glance from the corner of his eye with a slight smile beneath his beard.

“Yes. “ Paige said. “...Among other things.”

”What else?” He wasn’t going to press her for anything more. Getting any sort of apology from Paige was an event akin to something like a double eclipse. One thing he knew about her though was that she always had to feel tough, even when she was faking it. It was just her nature. He had put those times behind him, but it had been much harder for her and in her mind was still stuck somewhere between the past and the future, whatever it was, between Delta and Sol.

Paige thought for a moment, again running her hands over the blanket, looking down. The answer she wanted would only come from a question she was afraid to ask and with Ana’s visit not far off, it was going to be even harder. “Did you know that was a flash grenade, back at the airport?” She said finally. It wasn’t the question, but she was looking for assurance.

“No,” He said turning and meeting her eyes fully. The smile from before had faded from his expression. “In the moment, I wasn’t sure, I just moved.”

“You could have died.”

“Yep.” The line he was attending bowed over and ran out sharply.“Just wasn’t my time I guess,” Milo picked up the rod and gave a quick pull. “Not yet.”
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