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Hello all,

The ever talented and wonderful @Stormflyx has decided to take a step back and step down from her role as site moderator. She was the brain (and the heart) behind such events as the Pet Pageant and the Christmas Candy Cane service, serving as one of the most powerful and positive forces in the community, and I'm very sad to lose her as a mod. But, fortunately for us, she'll still be around as a member to flex on us mere mortals with her creativity and friendship (weird flex but okay).

In addition to that, those of you who frequent our Discord server will continue to see her as a chat staff member there. Her dedication to making sure that RPG is a safe and welcoming space for everyone is very valuable to me and she will continue to make her voice heard in that capacity.

Thanks for everything, friend.

Give it up for Storm and let her know how much you appreciate her!

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Oh well. They were pretty busy, so while it is sad to see happen, I am glad they will still be around and hope they continue to enjoy the site. I just don't have an excuse to badger them about stuff anymore. Maybe we'll write a story some time.
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Well. Our workload just got bigger!

I am going to miss hanging out with you in the mod channels. I am glad that you are staying around and RPing still. Usually Modding saps the will to RP out of you.
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Thank you for being apart of the team, Stormy Storm. We love you <3
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While I personally didn't interact with Storm much at all (or any mod, really), I thought Candy Canes were a super cool and fun idea. It's really nice to have a positive event like that and made the community revel in a bit of festive spirit. I hope we can have more events like that in the future, even if it's not strictly a mod that organises it next time, but a regular user working with the mods. Or something. Maybe. idk. Can't say much about them outside of that event, but they did good there.

one less mod to get in my way of seizing full control of the means of RProduction
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Thanks for everything Storm! Hopefully we'll have a chance to write something together again soon!
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Thanks for the memories!
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Thank you, @Stormflyx for all your hard work, and all those memories like @Sebastian D said. We will miss having you as a mod, but we are glad to still have you as a friend and fellow member. I hope you will still have fun here. Hopefully we can still talk and everything. I enjoyed talking to you.
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Thank you for all the hard work and look forward to seeing what you can do with your new found freedom. Lol
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Thanks all <3

It was a pleasure. I'll happily still be around, probably more now ^.^
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@Stormflyx despite our differences (lol) I have to say I enjoyed dealing with you whenever I forced our hands in the matter. I want to thank you for doing some real community outreach and involvement with the two events you ran and I really enjoyed seeing your vision for both events coming together.
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Thanks for all you've done over the course of the past year, Storm. Glad you'll still be around to RP ^_^
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