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Current December Guild News coming soon!
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It's News Day!
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Another issue of Guild News, coming soon! :)
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I am once again asking for contributions for the next edition of Guild News! PM me if you have nominations to make, or stories to share!
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What have you been doing to keep busy in Quarantine?



If you'd like to be a contributor to the Guild News, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I'll be taking applications and nominations for;
  • Top Roleplay Posts (Current Events)
  • Featured Roleplays (Spotlight)
  • Character Sheet Submissions (Character Interview)

I'll also happily take nominations and suggestions for the Artist Spotlight, and I'd love to hear from you if your Roleplay has hit a milestone!

Who knows! Maybe you'll make the news next month!

Until next time!

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Well done! If you keep up work of this quality, maybe we'll even start paying you.

Would that mean I get moved from coffee duty?


I hope that you've enjoyed this edition of Guild News.

If you'd like to be a contributor to the Guild News, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I'll be taking applications and nominations for;

  • Top Roleplay Posts (Current Events)
  • Featured Roleplays (Spotlight)
  • Character Sheet Submissions (Character Interview)
  • Pet photos and Pet stories! Tell me about your cute pets!
  • Roleplay Advice Questions

I'll also happily take nominations and suggestions for the Artist Spotlight, and I'd love to hear from you if your Roleplay has hit a milestone!

I am especially on the hunt for shout outs for Super Awesome people! So if you have a message for a fellow player, or for your GM -- please send that to me!

Who knows! Maybe you'll make the news next month!

Until next time!

Hello Hello Hello!

So. It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you all with the latest Guild News, but I can assure you, while not preparing coffee for our hardworking staff team, I’ve been helping as they work on a few things that I’d like to share now. I’ve been given some more responsibilities as the News Intern of RPG, and one of those is helping to run the Guild’s very own, brand new, TWITTER PAGE!

So what does this have to do with you?

Well, we’re hoping to use Twitter to attract new members, specifically to our monthly contests. The RPG Twitter will also be a place to showcase our community articles, hopefully to a broader audience, and to reach out and find guest contributors for the site. If you’d like to be featured on our Twitter, please send through a DM to our newest member of staff, @Stormflyx!

In the meantime, please do check our Twitter and give us a follow!

RPG Twitter is not the only exciting development! Staff are also in the process of setting up a schedule of events for RPG and the Discord, and they need YOUR help! They are looking for individuals who are interested in helping to host and rollout Site and Discord events. If that is you, then please, once again, DM Stormflyx on the Guild or over on the Discord.

On the subject of events, I have been given permission to post the following image as a teaser… I absolutely do not know what this could possibly mean, of course...

First on the agenda for our Roleplay Spotlight this month, fresh from Advanced, is The Lions of Rhaetia! This roleplay follows a young group of people who have joined the army of their Republic to fight for their future. @The Wyrm is the GM for this, and is looking for players to join in with characters already familiar with each other. I’m sure this one will be one to watch in the coming weeks! If Light Fantasy is your thing, I certainly suggest heading over to join in.

“Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die.”

This is the story of a coming of age, both of a nation, but also of a small group of young men and women who rode into battle with fear in their bellies, courage in their hearts, and steel in their hands. The children of privilege, side by side with those of the common folk, united by a mutual desire to fight for a better tomorrow. They began as strangers, became something more than friends, and when their country needed them most, they fought and died shoulder to shoulder. This is a tale of friendship and heart break, of a journey to adulthood, and of sacrifice for a cause greater than oneself. This is a tale of folk who answered the call to arms.

Our journey begins with a small number of men and women in the newly formed Rhaetian Republic, a territory that has rebelled against its Imperial masters. Desperate to hold back the might of the Imperial army, the fledgling Republican government issues a call to arms for all able-bodied folk to rise up and fight. Among the hastily drawn up regiments is the 6th Dragoons, a motley collection of young men and women who have brought their own horses to fight alongside them. A desperately short tutelage in the basics finds them en-route to the frontline where Republican forces battle for survival against overwhelming odds.

You are one of those young riders. A green uniform, so new the dye runs in the rain, untested steel at your side, a short carbine in the saddle bucket, and nothing but a desire to fight to feed you. The moment for bravery and heroics is upon you.

Perhaps your future is best exemplified by the founder of the Republic moments before he was executed by Imperial soldiers: “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep!”

So join me, Lions of Rhaetia, and together we will tell the epic tale of a nations birth and the heroes who fought, and died, to make it a reality.

If you’re looking for something more modern this time, or even have a craving for Marvel or DC roleplay, then @Master Bruce is back with another of his crossover roleplays! It’s already filling up fast, and the IC has begun but they are still taking applications from interested parties. Avengers… Assemble

Trust that if you do decide to swing into this one, you’re in incredibly good hands with an exceptional cast of talented writers!

One Universe: World Of Heroes, is a sandbox based RP that seeks to merge and mix the lore of your favorite characters into one living cohesive world. The idea behind this RP is not to embody our favorite heroes to simply retell iconic stories, but to take these characters and create a shared Earth where iconic superheroes and villains can now co-inhabit. In fact, the goal of the RP is for players to take their favorite characters and re-imagine their histories to tell their own stories. We only ask that the soul of the character remains the same. Players will take the roles of their characters and tell stories either alone or in collaboration with other players in order to develop and grow the world.

By most respects, the Age of Heroes began during one of Earth's darkest periods. In the days of World War II when the Allies were most desperate, a beacon of hope was born. Steve Rogers became Captain America, and helped to turn the tide. Along with the Howling Commandos and the superpowered agents known as The Invaders, Rogers helped to cripple the Nazi deep science division HYDRA, and turn the tide of the war, even if he was lost in the process.

Following the war, costumed adventurers inspired by Rogers popped up in the homeland, and banded together to form the Justice Society of America. They fought corruption, crime, and saboteurs during the cold war, and were generally supported by the public at large. Though, good things were not meant to last. The good will began to fade as super powered individuals began to increase in the 60's and 70's, and along with them the rise in metahuman collateral damage. In response to "Mutant", as the humans saw the metahumans, bigotry, the JSA disbanded and costumed heroes went into the shadows.

Things were quiet, with anti-mutant bigotry festering in the background, for decades. In order to track the movement and growth in the metahuman population, the United Nations formed SHIELD. Using the brightest minds in science and industry, the organization prepared for the day that metahumans would once again act out in the open.

That day came when a man with an "S" on his chest flew and caught a prototype LexCorp space shuttle out of the sky with his bare hands, saving countless innocent lives in the process. While the appearance of the so-called Superman was largely seen as a celebratory moment, some, including Lex Luthor, saw nothing but a potential threat. In response to the appearance of Superman, costumed heroes once again began to appear across the world ready to fight for good, and the public responded with approval.

But for every action, there was an equal and opposite one. As awe inspiring as the arrival of Superman was, the same could not be said for the appearance of a creature known only as The Hulk. The green goliath rampaged through a small town in New Mexico until he was driven off by a re-emergent Captain America and SHIELD. The raw destructive power of the creature struck fears into the hearts of humanity, and made world governments question whether metahumans should be tolerated.

So things went, with heroes and the villains they fought appearing and clashing across the globe.

Then, the creature known as Starro rose from the sea and began to enslave the people of Earth. Before its job could be completed, however, a team of heroes that called themselves the Justice League rose to oppose it. The League stopped the creature and became beloved for it, though the joining of such powerful entities drew the eyes of power-bases throughout the universe. It also drew the eyes of SHIELD, who started to put together a team of their own.

The first challenge to that new power came when the Chitauri, a hive-mind conquering race, appeared in Earth's orbit. When the Justice League moved to intercept the invaders in space, the Chitauri opened a portal above New York and launched their forces behind the superhuman team. In response, SHIELD's team, dubbed The Avengers, deployed into the city and ended up ending the Chitauri threat. The two teams stood on an awkward stance of existing in their own spaces, though clearly on course for a clash at some point.

Now the world stood, seemingly protected by the world's mightiest and greatest heroes. But forces beyond comprehension have moved into position, and the World of Heroes will be tested as it has never been tested before...

Thanks @DeadDrop for your Milestone Nomination!

This HALO rp I'm in made a big milestone this month... We reached 117 posts! Which is the tagline of Master Chief in Halo (John-117) and we're on a two month anniversary, just wanted to share

Thanks for the heads up - and I’m even more pleased to see that since the nomination was initially made - the roleplay has continued on full steam ahead and surpassed 150 posts recently! Congratulations to you, and to @EliteCommander.

Congratulations are also in order for @dhawan, who was the winner of our very first Movie Quiz in the Discord over the weekend! Keep your eyes peeled for more of those coming up! Rumour has it, dhawan beat out our very own Admin, @Hank for the top prize!

For those of you who weren't aware - we just had the latest Microfiction Contest winner announced - this time, the theme was Stars and the winning piece was...


Oh look to the heavens and despair,
Stare into the emptiness from below,
No distant beauty that was never there,
Fair stars which burned out long ago,

They who once had shined so bright,
Night must come to follow every day,
May stars guide us by their dying light,
Might we too soon lose our way,

Centuries traveled to reach the eye,
Why journey forth as distant memories,
Sentries blinking hung upon painted sky,
Die then in your cosmic serenity,

One by one winks out each star,
Far fates destined to be undone,
None remain reaps the repertoire,
Are certain ends which had begun,

Trust in them who are gone,
Spawn ripples as they combust,
Just as from them we live on,
Dawns a new star from the dust.

*Read the rest of the entries here. Thanks to @Calle for another seamless contest!

This month, I wanted to feature some beautiful art from The Gallery drawn by Close Enough There are some absolutely stunning pieces to be found in her Gallery, and here are just a couple of my favourites! You have a gorgeous and distinct style, and I would love to see more of your work soon.

Thanks again for checking in on the Guild News!

As we move into another season, I for one have been reflecting on the year so far. It’s felt in some ways like a lifetime, and in others like it was January just yesterday. October is around the corner, which I’m sure many of you are looking forward to, with Christmas hot on its heels after that -- here’s to hoping we can find some light at the end of this 2020 tunnel!

Remember to be kind, to be patient, and to be excellent to each other.

This has been a short edition, and so I also have a favour to ask — if you would like to be a guest contributor of the Guild News, please get in touch with me. I’m sure many of you out there have ideas to share and I want to help you!

Looking forward to the next issue.

But it's so hard to write when @LegendBegins is so demanding about his coffee!!!!!

Bring back Guild News around October so my next RP can get featured.

Sooner than that! Just have to finish making all of these coffees.

Does anyone know how to make a Unicorn Frappucino?
Thanks for reading, and for the love on this edition!

Always seeking contributions from members. Please reach out if you have anything to share.
<Snipped quote by Guild News>

Mostly the same as usual, but I did manage to catch up a bit on some games and writing. How about you, New Intern?

I mean, besides getting us coffee. We know that's your favorite thing

I’ve been learning how to make turmeric lattes! I’ll drop one off by your office soon <:
Day 132: Looking into the user who runs GuildNews, still investigating.

This may not be the best way to keep them off our scent!!!!!


I hope that you've enjoyed this edition of Guild News.

If you'd like to be a contributor to the Guild News, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I'll be taking applications and nominations for;

  • Top Roleplay Posts (Current Events)
  • Featured Roleplays (Spotlight)
  • Character Sheet Submissions (Character Interview)

I'll also happily take nominations and suggestions for the Artist Spotlight, and I'd love to hear from you if your Roleplay has hit a milestone!

I am especially on the hunt for shout outs for Super Awesome people! So if you have a message for a fellow player, or for your GM -- please send that to me!

Who knows! Maybe you'll make the news next month!

Until next time!

Good day to you all!

I’d like to first off give a special shout out to @Lord Wraith and @Hedgehawk who were chosen as the new Site Mods for the Guild! I’m sure that you’ll both be fantastic in your roles, and we thank you so much for stepping up for this community!

As well as taking on two new Site Mods, @Calle is now a new Contest Mod! I for one am super excited for what is to come! Maybe I’ll enter some contests myself… If only I could find the time between all my Guild sleuthing…

On that note, I’d also like to extend a word to those who applied for the role. Well done to you too. Thank you for also stepping up, raising your hand, and volunteering. It takes a lot to shine a spotlight on yourself, and I’m sure that each and every one of you have so much to offer the Guild too. Please continue to shine your light in all that you do. Whether you’re GMing a game, chatting and encouraging discussion across the forum, or just a quiet member who wanted to lend a hand.

Thank you so much.

First on the agenda for our Roleplay Spotlight this month, is Recollections! This roleplay follows a bunch of wannabe witches as they go out causing trouble. @Ghost Note is the GM for this, and as far as can be seen, the Roleplay is still accepting characters - so if magic and hijinks are your thing, then this is the roleplay for you!.

Welcome to Recollections: The Coven, another RP set in the supernatural horror/urban fantasy universe known as the Recollections universe. Set after Vivid Recollections where the world eating eldritch abomination known as the Glutton was defeated and a new timeline was created free of its influence - with the side effect of magic returning. This creates a wide range of different ramifications as new beings and problems turn the system upside down.

And one of those problems is the Coven. They started out as an idea over the internet; a group of people who got together to talk about magic and their abilities - with problems that come from them. However, they eventually started getting ideas and formed their own group of wannabe witches. Their reasons for joining, and well working with, the Coven vary as they each have their own problem. However, the main thing that keeps them from being a threat is their sheer incompetence, backstabbing, and disorganized leadership. Everyone wants to steer the Coven in their own direction and it doesn't work the way they want. However, they eventually run afoul of one of the universe's actual threats and awaken a bigger threat. They'll have to come together to stop the bigger problem because hey, they live here too!

This story will be an urban-fantasy story that will cast a certain light on "magic" while leaving it ambiguous whether or not it's truly magic or not. The storyline will have elements of superpowers, urban fantasy, horror, and more. The RP will be character-driven and heavily guided by the cast; how the Coven turns out should be a natural progression of events rather than it being forced. Like other recollection RPs it'll have it's own pretentious thematic and in this case, it'll be Reaching out. In the case of the cast should have a problem that drives them to join the Coven and tolerate their bullshit in attempts to get what they want. Whether or not they get what they want is up to them. Like Vivid Recollections, it's secondary themes will be Memory and Emotion.

I understand that Witches and Covens are not quite everyone’s style… Perhaps you’re more into Space Wizards -- err, I mean, Jedi... If that is the case, then look no further than at Legacies! What a great time for it to arrive - especially since the Persistent World closed its doors. If you’re looking for that space kick - look no further!

Our very own nitemare shape is running this one, and it already has a stellar cast! This GM is also widely known for running the insanely successful Create-a-Hero! So you just know this Star Wars epic is going to be just as amazing! Best of luck with it, you Nerf Herders!

Five years have passed since the defeat of the Empire at the Battle of Endor, and with the Emperor dead, it has become leaderless and divided.; a scattered Remnant of its former glory. As the Imperials quarrel amongst themselves while carving out their own territories among the stars, the fledgling New Republic continues to grow as it attempts to bring the galaxy together in a peaceful, democratic New Order.

However, that is easier said than done.

Many planets and entire systems, weary after years of suffering years of oppression under the Emperor's iron fist, are hesitant to join the New Republic. Leia Organa, the acting Minister of State is tasked with convincing these worlds to not only join the New Republic, but to be at the forefront of ushering in a new era of freedom and peace in the galaxy.

Meanwhile, with the blessings of the New Republic Head of State, Mon Mothma, Luke Skywalker has taken the first steps in preparations to train a new generation of Jedi Knights in the way of the Force. To meet this end, Master Skywalker has begun to transform the ancient Massassi Temple on Yavin IV into the first Jedi Praxeum that the galaxy has seen in decades.

However, under the veil of hope, lies hidden dangers.

The Imperial Remnant, though scattered, is still a threat to the fragile New Republic, as well as the very idea of freedom in the galaxy.

The Sith, though seemingly defeated with the death of the Emperor and the redemption of his enforcer, Darth Vader, still loom like a dark cloud over the New Jedi Order as they attempt to restore their name throughout the entire galaxy.

With the Empire fractured, the Hutts among other crime syndicates have begun to make their presence known on many new worlds, spreading their influence and growing in power, creating yet another new threat for the New Republic.

Can the New Republic survive the hurdles and dangers it will surely face? Or will it collapse into ruin?

Only time will tell…

Zena Vale and Vorn Tiger Squad were found sparring aboard the making hangar of the Relentless Endeavour recently. It seems like more puns and burns were shot than any actual real punches. Sergeant Eensil Teeg in particular was a tease with his pithy comments.
@Heat - Star Wars - Legacies

Theo and Shiloh were found having an amusing chat over at the campus coffeehouse and popular hangout, The Bean. What started as a light roasting from Shiloh, wound up being an inspiring attempt at helping her friend to win over the girl. Good luck to you Theo!
@metanoia @ghostmami - Meadow University

Congratulations to @Zeroth and co, for making it to 1500 IC posts in your roleplay, The Demon King! That’s not an easy feat to accomplish by any means, so a massive, massive well done! We wish you many more posts to come!

@Guy0fV4lor nominated you for this one, and had some especially kind words to share about you!

The man puts an untold amount of work into making the world, and its mechanics something that the rest of us (his players) can enjoy, and nothing would make me happier than Z getting the recognition he definitely deserves.

It’s a sentiment I can get behind! Our GMs put so much blood, sweat, and tears into roleplays - planning, listening, writing, and keeping everyone motivated. You are killing it Zeroth!

Want some sick art for your latest roleplay? Want to really be the envy of your friends? Just can’t find a good enough picture on Pinterest for your original character? How about supporting a fantastic member of the Guild for some beautiful art? Would you be swayed more if I told you they were dirt cheap? I have it on good authority that not only is @Shiva an amazing artist, but she’s also a beautiful person too! Hit her up with your requests!

Thanks again for checking in on the Guild News! We've had a short, but cheerful edition and I hope you've enjoyed it! I know we’re all sick and tired of being stuck in during quarantine, and I know I’ve been feeling isolated. At times like this, I love to lean on my Guild Family! So I’d like to raise a question to you all…

What have you been keeping busy with during the pandemic? Have you been learning a new skill? Watching a great new tv series? I want to hear what you’ve been doing!

Remember friends, to try to stay positive - reach out to your friends and check in on them when you can. We can all use a little extra love now. As things start to slowly open back up, and normality trickles in again - please remember to be careful, to pace yourself, to follow the health guidelines set out by just whoever is in charge of your area. Be sensible, and look out for yourself and your loved ones!

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