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Current Another issue of Guild News, coming soon! :)
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I am once again asking for contributions for the next edition of Guild News! PM me if you have nominations to make, or stories to share!
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What have you been doing to keep busy in Quarantine?
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Guild News is coming soon! I'm still looking for characters to interview. Please PM me if you'd like to volunteer!
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Just over 3 weeks until the next edition of Guild News is published! Remember to send me your work, or the work of a friend, for spotlight consideration!



If you'd like to be a contributor to the Guild News, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I'll be taking applications and nominations for;
  • Top Roleplay Posts (Current Events)
  • Featured Roleplays (Spotlight)
  • Character Sheet Submissions (Character Interview)

I'll also happily take nominations and suggestions for the Artist Spotlight, and I'd love to hear from you if your Roleplay has hit a milestone!

Who knows! Maybe you'll make the news next month!

Until next time!

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Thanks for reading, and for the love on this edition!

Always seeking contributions from members. Please reach out if you have anything to share.
<Snipped quote by Guild News>

Mostly the same as usual, but I did manage to catch up a bit on some games and writing. How about you, New Intern?

I mean, besides getting us coffee. We know that's your favorite thing

I’ve been learning how to make turmeric lattes! I’ll drop one off by your office soon <:
Day 132: Looking into the user who runs GuildNews, still investigating.

This may not be the best way to keep them off our scent!!!!!


I hope that you've enjoyed this edition of Guild News.

If you'd like to be a contributor to the Guild News, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I'll be taking applications and nominations for;

  • Top Roleplay Posts (Current Events)
  • Featured Roleplays (Spotlight)
  • Character Sheet Submissions (Character Interview)

I'll also happily take nominations and suggestions for the Artist Spotlight, and I'd love to hear from you if your Roleplay has hit a milestone!

I am especially on the hunt for shout outs for Super Awesome people! So if you have a message for a fellow player, or for your GM -- please send that to me!

Who knows! Maybe you'll make the news next month!

Until next time!

Good day to you all!

I’d like to first off give a special shout out to @Lord Wraith and @Hedgehawk who were chosen as the new Site Mods for the Guild! I’m sure that you’ll both be fantastic in your roles, and we thank you so much for stepping up for this community!

As well as taking on two new Site Mods, @Calle is now a new Contest Mod! I for one am super excited for what is to come! Maybe I’ll enter some contests myself… If only I could find the time between all my Guild sleuthing…

On that note, I’d also like to extend a word to those who applied for the role. Well done to you too. Thank you for also stepping up, raising your hand, and volunteering. It takes a lot to shine a spotlight on yourself, and I’m sure that each and every one of you have so much to offer the Guild too. Please continue to shine your light in all that you do. Whether you’re GMing a game, chatting and encouraging discussion across the forum, or just a quiet member who wanted to lend a hand.

Thank you so much.

First on the agenda for our Roleplay Spotlight this month, is Recollections! This roleplay follows a bunch of wannabe witches as they go out causing trouble. @Ghost Note is the GM for this, and as far as can be seen, the Roleplay is still accepting characters - so if magic and hijinks are your thing, then this is the roleplay for you!.

Welcome to Recollections: The Coven, another RP set in the supernatural horror/urban fantasy universe known as the Recollections universe. Set after Vivid Recollections where the world eating eldritch abomination known as the Glutton was defeated and a new timeline was created free of its influence - with the side effect of magic returning. This creates a wide range of different ramifications as new beings and problems turn the system upside down.

And one of those problems is the Coven. They started out as an idea over the internet; a group of people who got together to talk about magic and their abilities - with problems that come from them. However, they eventually started getting ideas and formed their own group of wannabe witches. Their reasons for joining, and well working with, the Coven vary as they each have their own problem. However, the main thing that keeps them from being a threat is their sheer incompetence, backstabbing, and disorganized leadership. Everyone wants to steer the Coven in their own direction and it doesn't work the way they want. However, they eventually run afoul of one of the universe's actual threats and awaken a bigger threat. They'll have to come together to stop the bigger problem because hey, they live here too!

This story will be an urban-fantasy story that will cast a certain light on "magic" while leaving it ambiguous whether or not it's truly magic or not. The storyline will have elements of superpowers, urban fantasy, horror, and more. The RP will be character-driven and heavily guided by the cast; how the Coven turns out should be a natural progression of events rather than it being forced. Like other recollection RPs it'll have it's own pretentious thematic and in this case, it'll be Reaching out. In the case of the cast should have a problem that drives them to join the Coven and tolerate their bullshit in attempts to get what they want. Whether or not they get what they want is up to them. Like Vivid Recollections, it's secondary themes will be Memory and Emotion.

I understand that Witches and Covens are not quite everyone’s style… Perhaps you’re more into Space Wizards -- err, I mean, Jedi... If that is the case, then look no further than at Legacies! What a great time for it to arrive - especially since the Persistent World closed its doors. If you’re looking for that space kick - look no further!

Our very own nitemare shape is running this one, and it already has a stellar cast! This GM is also widely known for running the insanely successful Create-a-Hero! So you just know this Star Wars epic is going to be just as amazing! Best of luck with it, you Nerf Herders!

Five years have passed since the defeat of the Empire at the Battle of Endor, and with the Emperor dead, it has become leaderless and divided.; a scattered Remnant of its former glory. As the Imperials quarrel amongst themselves while carving out their own territories among the stars, the fledgling New Republic continues to grow as it attempts to bring the galaxy together in a peaceful, democratic New Order.

However, that is easier said than done.

Many planets and entire systems, weary after years of suffering years of oppression under the Emperor's iron fist, are hesitant to join the New Republic. Leia Organa, the acting Minister of State is tasked with convincing these worlds to not only join the New Republic, but to be at the forefront of ushering in a new era of freedom and peace in the galaxy.

Meanwhile, with the blessings of the New Republic Head of State, Mon Mothma, Luke Skywalker has taken the first steps in preparations to train a new generation of Jedi Knights in the way of the Force. To meet this end, Master Skywalker has begun to transform the ancient Massassi Temple on Yavin IV into the first Jedi Praxeum that the galaxy has seen in decades.

However, under the veil of hope, lies hidden dangers.

The Imperial Remnant, though scattered, is still a threat to the fragile New Republic, as well as the very idea of freedom in the galaxy.

The Sith, though seemingly defeated with the death of the Emperor and the redemption of his enforcer, Darth Vader, still loom like a dark cloud over the New Jedi Order as they attempt to restore their name throughout the entire galaxy.

With the Empire fractured, the Hutts among other crime syndicates have begun to make their presence known on many new worlds, spreading their influence and growing in power, creating yet another new threat for the New Republic.

Can the New Republic survive the hurdles and dangers it will surely face? Or will it collapse into ruin?

Only time will tell…

Zena Vale and Vorn Tiger Squad were found sparring aboard the making hangar of the Relentless Endeavour recently. It seems like more puns and burns were shot than any actual real punches. Sergeant Eensil Teeg in particular was a tease with his pithy comments.
@Heat - Star Wars - Legacies

Theo and Shiloh were found having an amusing chat over at the campus coffeehouse and popular hangout, The Bean. What started as a light roasting from Shiloh, wound up being an inspiring attempt at helping her friend to win over the girl. Good luck to you Theo!
@metanoia @ghostmami - Meadow University

Congratulations to @Zeroth and co, for making it to 1500 IC posts in your roleplay, The Demon King! That’s not an easy feat to accomplish by any means, so a massive, massive well done! We wish you many more posts to come!

@Guy0fV4lor nominated you for this one, and had some especially kind words to share about you!

The man puts an untold amount of work into making the world, and its mechanics something that the rest of us (his players) can enjoy, and nothing would make me happier than Z getting the recognition he definitely deserves.

It’s a sentiment I can get behind! Our GMs put so much blood, sweat, and tears into roleplays - planning, listening, writing, and keeping everyone motivated. You are killing it Zeroth!

Want some sick art for your latest roleplay? Want to really be the envy of your friends? Just can’t find a good enough picture on Pinterest for your original character? How about supporting a fantastic member of the Guild for some beautiful art? Would you be swayed more if I told you they were dirt cheap? I have it on good authority that not only is @Shiva an amazing artist, but she’s also a beautiful person too! Hit her up with your requests!

Thanks again for checking in on the Guild News! We've had a short, but cheerful edition and I hope you've enjoyed it! I know we’re all sick and tired of being stuck in during quarantine, and I know I’ve been feeling isolated. At times like this, I love to lean on my Guild Family! So I’d like to raise a question to you all…

What have you been keeping busy with during the pandemic? Have you been learning a new skill? Watching a great new tv series? I want to hear what you’ve been doing!

Remember friends, to try to stay positive - reach out to your friends and check in on them when you can. We can all use a little extra love now. As things start to slowly open back up, and normality trickles in again - please remember to be careful, to pace yourself, to follow the health guidelines set out by just whoever is in charge of your area. Be sensible, and look out for yourself and your loved ones!

Good job, intern. If you keep it up you might actually be paid one day!


No they won't.

Thanks again to those who made it into the issue with top posts and achievements!
@StarLordess @Frizan @Abefroeman @Hellion @Rosalia @metanoia


I hope that you've enjoyed this edition of Guild News.

I'd like to thank again the contributors to this months features; @Hedgehawk and @Inkarnate who gave a helping hand at such short notice to get this edition out in a pinch!

Going forward, if you'd like to be a contributor to the Guild News, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I'll be taking applications and nominations for;

  • Top Roleplay Posts (Current Events)
  • Featured Roleplays (Spotlight)
  • Character Sheet Submissions (Character Interview)

I'll also happily take nominations and suggestions for the Artist Spotlight, and I'd love to hear from you if your Roleplay has hit a milestone!

Who knows! Maybe you'll make the news next month!

Until next time!

Hello all you Cool Cats and Kittens!

Let me start by introducing myself as your new friendly neighbourhood news intern! I'm back with a brand new edition of the Guild News for your reading pleasure. I understand that many have taken this seat before me, I only hope I can continue the work started by those individuals, and bring you an enjoyable read each and every time.

Featuring in this month's issue, we have a word from the Director of the Estermere Academy, as well as a tell-all interview with everyone’s favourite new superhero, Mizuhana Yoshiba! But first, we have some important announcements to make regarding the Guild and Chat Staff!

Stepping up as our newest Site Mod, we have @LegendBegins! There have been changes to the RPGO Discord Server too, @Stormflyx has accepted a position as the newest Chat Mod. I wish them both well in their future as leaders of Roleplayer Guild!


While some members have stepped up, sadly, one of our beloved Site Mods is stepping down. Unfortunately, we are saying goodbye to @Byrd Man as a staff member. I'd like to thank him on behalf of us all for his service to the site, and to this fantastic community and wish him well in all his future activities on the Guild.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be Roleplayer Guild’s Next Best Superstar Site Mod? Then please send a PM to @Ruby for more information.

With all that is going on worldwide, @StarLordess and several members of the Guild staff are currently working on setting up a community fundraiser for any members who may have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. If you are in a tough position, or if you are looking for a way to help someone out, please find the thread here, which will be continually updated over time as required.

There is no shame in asking for help, and if you are struggling -- please reach out to someone. We can get through this together.

This month, the Guild News would like to place one of the coveted spotlights on a brand new Roleplay, certified absolutely fresh! You heard it here, for your Slice of Life fix, there’s no better world to take a dip into than that which is being crafted by the amazing @Hedgehawk in Estermere Academy!

So... Just what is it all about anyway?

Founded in the year 1126 by Lord Rothello, Estermere was originally both a school of war and faith. This was perfectly normal at the time given the crusades that were going on during this particularly poignant time in history. After 1131 when the crusades finally ended, it was decided that the faith part of the academy should be dropped so that there was more focus on more military academia. Since that time, the academy has slowly expanded, accepting more students each year and increasing the amount of training and services it offers.

Estermere is located deep inside the mountain range of Lockemont. The academy owns the mountain range and technically does not come under any sovereign control, giving the academy a neutral status between the many nation states of Lorholt. The academy features a fully functioning fortress equipped with all the amenities a normal academy would provide. There really is no safer place to study in all of Lorholt!

Of course maintaining a prestigious academy such as this is an expensive undertaking. The research and development budget alone rivals that of small nations. In order to keep the academy in the black the academy operates a mercenary division. The division uses both students and graduate soldiers in its ranks as we feel it helps build up good battlefield experience.

Guild News swung by for a chat with the GM about this roleplay, I wanted to know what makes Estermere Academy stand out from the crowd, thankfully Hedgehawk was on hand, and a friendly individual they are too! If I wasn't so busy running around chasing stories, I'd certainly be thinking about joining it myself! I do wonder if I don a disguise... I might slip past security and get all the hot gossip that way...

People should join Estermere Academy because it is an interesting experiment. Estermere attempts to combine both Slice of Life and Fantasy genres. Something that doesn't appear often. I wanted to create this universe for those who usually play SoL and wanted to perhaps try something a little different and for those Fantasy RPers that want to expand their horizons. By combining the two together, players can explore the other half of the universe, while taking comfort that they are in somewhat familiar territory too.

As for the Universe, Estermere is set in the Mid-Renaissance: Books and knowledge are starting to become more widespread and the demand for professional soldiers is higher than ever. The Estemere Academy was founded to help fill that demand and quickly became the go to place for a military education. Players are all first years in the coveted Officers Programme which only has around 50 seats per year. Of course as with any school based roleplay there is drama. Out of the 50 slots, a fair few of them are reserved for the children of rulers and nobles and as such feel entitled to the position, whether they deserve it or not. Then you have the parents who used their wealth to simply buy their way into the programme. At the other end of the spectrum you have the poor kids who got into the programme because they showed promise and were offered a scholarship. As you can imagine, there would be a lot of tension between the groups, especially when they are forced to work together.

The roleplay follows the journey of these students through their first year of training. From field exercises to exams, balls to parades, the year is full of different events and scenarios for players to jump head first into. I hope to see everyone there soon!

If I don't join the roleplay, then I strongly encourage you to, dear reader! This roleplay has all the makings of a classic on The Guild, so head on over and get your character sheet in today! Thanks again Hedgehawk, and best of luck with it all.

In a Guild News first, I tracked down one of the most exciting new faces to grace the Guild! That's right, I sat down briefly for a moment, to chat with Mizuhana Yoshiba! of "You Can Become a Hero", the My Hero Academia fandom roleplay that is taking Casual by storm right now!

For those out there who don't know you, how would you describe yourself?

YOSHIBA: Oh, don’t worry about that. They’ll know me soon enough, because I’m going to be the greatest hero in the world.

A lot of people think I’m not going to make it. But you’ve got to set your goals as high as you possibly can, you know? A lot of great heroes have gotten by with a quirk that doesn’t sound too impressive, but I guarantee you they had the same people doubting them. I’m gonna make sure the name Yoshiba Mizuhana goes down in history!

That sounds exciting! You're already so dedicated to your goals - that takes some discipline! How do you stay focused?

YOSHIBA: By remembering where I came from. It’s important to me to have Kagoshima in my rear view mirror at all times, so I never forget why I’m trying to become great.

So, as a superhero in training - what is your everyday routine?

YOSHIBA: I’ve just gotten accepted to Ishin Academy in Hokkaido. I figure it isn’t going to be too different than junior high, just with the ability to work on hero stuff. Before opening day, I’ve just been preparing myself since, y’know, Ishin is the number two school in Japan. People make it out to be some kind of hell school, too. I don’t really care if it’s true or not. All I know is I’m going to be the best hero-student ever. I’ve got to cement my legacy.

I don’t have any money really, so all I can do is wait this out until I get assigned to a dorm room. I exercise? Sometimes I fish. My goal really is to stay in shape.

The ocean is something that you have a close relationship with, yes?

YOSHIBA: Yep. Both of my parents were seafaring heroes, like Selkie. I guess it’s just in the blood.

And yet your power is not related to the water, is it?

YOSHIBA: I guess not? I mean my mom had a similar quirk. Weird hair and all.

So, just what is it about your hair that is so weird?

YOSHIBA: Well, I’m no expert, but my hair is basically like squid tentacles. Sort of. I can control it with my mind, like an extra limb. Normal hair can’t do that. It’s also stronger, so I can use it for all sorts of things.

That’s amazing! It must have been such a surprise to discover this power! I can only imagine that it requires a lot of concentration to control, do you ever have any difficulties with this… Or, bad hair days, shall we say?

YOSHIBA: I mean, I’ve always had the hair. It isn’t like some quirks where people are too dumb to see what they can do with it. But I guess the trade-off is it isn’t as flashy?

But yeah, it takes a lot of concentration to make it work like I want to. Sometimes I think my hair has a mind of its own, but that’s just one of the weird things about it. My mood affects how it acts. So if I’m going to be the best hero ever I need to focus better. I dunno about bad days, though.

Sometimes my hair has a mind of it’s own too! It sounds like you’re doing the best you can, Yoshiba -- so what do you have to say to those out there who are trying to do their best? What words of advice do you have for our everyday heroes?

YOSHIBA: Well, All Might’s always said “go beyond”. It’s something I’ve thought about a lot.

As heroes we’ve gotta do the best, no matter what anyone says or thinks. Being a hero is being more than just stopping bad guys and natural disasters. It’s about being a pillar. To anyone out there who wants to be great they just have to give the world their everything and be the best version of themselves they can be. Never give up. Don’t listen to the heat, because that’s like letting a villain get into your head.

If you'd like to read more of Yoshiba's adventures, you can find her over here.

Mercenary siblings, Sagax and Piper Speculatus pulled the wool over the eyes of High Ranking Penitus Oculatus Professor, Priscilla, by faking the execution of their travelling companion, Sevine The Huntress. Sources have claimed that this was all part of an attempt to save the life of a family member of the pair.
@Frizan - The Elder Scrolls: Fruits of Contention - Wayrest

It has been confirmed that King Nikoloas’s beloved wife is pregnant. The news came to him following a meeting with his advisors and Admirals. The decision was made during the meeting to take on Khazaria with all of their military might. We shall follow this story as it unfolds...
@Abefroeman - Pro Patria Mori - A Tale of Sailships and Muskets

Palm Beach Royals made it to the 600th post -- well HOT DAMN! Congratulations to @Rosalia and @Altered Tundra on a fantastic report from the District Superintendent, the Kings’ Academy of Crown Heights has passed it’s inspection with flying colours for the second year in a row.

Since the Guild is full of some really amazing artists, I wanted to dedicate a spot each edition to share some of it. This time around, I chose a spectacular study by @Hellion that was shared in the RPGO Discord this weekend.

I love the use of the white to really make everything else pop from the page, and add a gorgeous dimension to the piece. It really feels alive, and works so beautifully. Well done Hellion, and thanks for continuing to share your art with us, may we see many more drawings from you yet!

Thanks again for your time, and thanks to those I got together for contributions for this first edition of the new Guild News! I hope that you have all had a relaxing weekend over this Easter period. With everything that’s happening around us, now is the time to look for the small moments of comfort where we can.

There’s so much uncertainty outside in the world, and it feels like there’s no end in sight for this collective experience that we’re all sharing. Everyday feels longer than the last, and many of you will most likely be in your quarantine now, some of you may have been in it for quite a while. Stay strong, stay hopeful, stay connected where you can to those you love and cherish.

It’s okay to feel lost, it’s okay to feel sad, and it’s okay to not feel motivated to “make this time productive”. It’s completely normal to be struggling with difficult emotions during this pandemic. Try to take time to focus on the ways in which we can soothe ourselves, and if we are able, to help those around us too.

Let’s think with compassion and with patience, let’s allow ourselves to ride the emotions we are feeling, and be gentle with ourselves and with others. As a community, we can be there for one another. No matter how alone you feel, we’re all in this together.

Stay safe, and look out for one another.

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