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Current Chotto matte.
9 hrs ago
@prettyskeleton— This is a film from a man who blatantly inserted himself into his own movie as a Messianic figure. I'm not expecting a good film.
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1 day ago
I'm suddenly irritated. And all over some steam clouds in a video game. Thanks, Sony.
1 day ago
There are some things you don't joke about with me. One of them is joking about my dog dying.
1 day ago
Just got a call from the library. I have eleven more things in for me. Grand total counting yesterday: 28 books, graphic novels, and manga.


"You either die a weeb or you live long enough to become a normie."

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BlackDragonSol 2 mos ago
hey you, check my status. :v
GarlandDaHero 2 mos ago
Happy Turkey Day, you big ol' dork, you!~ <3
Quote5 2 mos ago
CAS1006 3 mos ago
Not really sure how this visitor stuff works.

But initially World was for me and someone I was with at the time. (I'll admit, it was to fill s void for who I actually am with. Which is ironically the game we bonded over.)

It was my first MH. It was fun for the first 5 months.
Quote5 4 mos ago
Happy very early birthday I guess.
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