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Current Do you GM an RP? Want to share your experiences? RPGN is looking for GMs to interview every issue. Shoot me a message if you want to be next.
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Another issue of RPGN is available to read courtesy of the People's Press!…
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First Issue of RPGN is up! Be sure to check it out!…
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On this month's edition of RPGN News, I got to sit down with the Star Wars Persistent Galaxy Team. I think they served me Kashyyyk Fried Porg...
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Looking for Roleplays to feature in this month's spotlight as well as Roleplay Landmarks. Drop me a line if you've got one and want the bragging rights!


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Just wanted to update everyone that, although delayed, the next issue of RPGN is in the works.

Sorry about the lapse in communication everyone and thank you for all your contributions to the discussion.
Issue No.2 | July, 2019
r o l e p l a y e r g u i l d n e w s

" E x t r a! E x t r a! R e a d A l l A b o u t I t! "

I N T R O D U C T I O N:

Hey all, the People's Press here!

First off, let me thank everyone for such a warm reception to my first edition of RPGN. The kind words and show of support mean a lot and I hope I can keep entertaining you guys and bringing you the latest happenings around our little site. Which apparently are many, since I've found enough material to create a bi-weekly edition! I didn't think you'd guys would be hearing from me again until August but here we are!

Today's issue is mostly going to focus on reiterating some changes that have been happening around the Guild but I'll also be sure to touch on some things from last and of course, include a couple new roleplays. After all, what else are we here for? Just a reminder, anyone can submit roleplays for a spotlight or landmark, even the GM. So don't be afraid to fire me a PM with shameless self-promotion in it.

You'll find out below that I'm certainly not above it.

So without further ado, let's get down to business.

G U I L D A N N O U N C E M E N T S:

First up for anyone who missed it, there have been some changes in the moderation policy over at RPGO. The Admins have noted Spam migrating from the site to the Discord for several years now and have now changed the moderation policy of the official Guild Discord server to reflect this. This has been done by creating an "Under Moderated" category on RPGO. In this new category, the site rules will be more loosely enforced with the exception of derogatory terms and personal attacks. Anything likewise extreme (porn, doxxing, etc) will still be an instant ban. As a result of the new policy, #politics was changed to #current-events and #debate was created for those times the discourse in #current-events get intense.

Next up, there has been a lot of staff changes this month. Probably easy to start at the top and then go down the chain of command.

First off, congratulations to @Ruby, who after serving as a Forum Moderator for over two years has been promoted to Co-Admin alongside Hank. This is a very well deserved promotion and I think I can safely say that there is no one more deserving of this honour. Moving forward, Ruby will be focussing on the overall management of the forum alongside @Hank and @Mahz.

Next up, is our new Site Moderator, @Byrd Man who is replacing the departed Rilla. Byrd has been a member of the RPG for over six years, acting as a dedicated member of the community and active roleplayer since before the dark days of Guildfall. Congratulations Byrd!

I'm also happy to report that your new Chat Moderators have been found. The Admins have selected five new Chat Mods to help enforce the updated RPGO policy. Each new Chat Mod was selected from recommendations by other members and staff themselves. They are as follows:

And lastly, with all the staff changes happening on RPG. The Admins are now looking for one more site moderator to fill the position left by Ruby. Please forward any and all recommendations to @Ruby via PM on the forum or DM through Discord.

On that note, I leave you with some words from our newest Admin:

While the Admins want to make it clear this isn't going to be a popularity contest or a vote, we do want to reach out to the community and ask for recommendations for a new site moderator to take up my former spot on the team. There is no rush to fill this spot and we have every intention of taking a long time to fill it. Know someone who you're convinced will make a great site moderator? Let me know and tell me why. Want to recommend yourself? Do it.

All recommendations should be PMed to me on the site or DMed to me on Discord. They need to be at least 18 years old.

Along the same line if you, or your group, want to talk to me about any issues or ask questions you can stop in at the recent Off Topic thread I made (Ask an Admin), reach out to me in PMs/DMs, or even send me a server invite. Since being made an Admin I've gotten a few server invites and I'm happy to hop in and chat with members who may not normally get a chance to pick an Admin's brain.

Thanks and good luck with the roleplaying!

G M M O D I N T E R V I E W:

For this issue's Interview, I opted to interview RPG's newest site mod, Byrd Man. Byrd was kind enough to sit down with me, have some Scotch and cigars while we talked about career, where it began, his fondest memories and any advice he has for the people of RPG. Check it out below.

So from Roleplayer to Site Mod. Where did your journey begin?

Started originally in 2006 at a website called SuperHeroHype. Doing, naturally, superhero and comics based games. In 2013 I think? Our RPGs membership was flagging and we were being treated like the red headed step children of the group. I started to scout other locations and came across RP Guild. We jumped ship the spring of '13 and I've been part of the site ever since.

What was it about RPG that drew your attention?

It was just a site that was very active and dedicated to RPing. At our old site, we were literally in the basement, the last forum on the site and seen by many as the weird kids. RPG was a site of weird kids. So we felt at home.
Byrd Man

Did you have any trouble adjusting the methods and norm of RPG? I assume it wasn't all universal to the way you and your friends ran your games on your old site.

No, it is very different. I realize looking back that we kind of struck on something that's rare. We were all roughly the same age, had the same general outlook, and all got along great. We had one game that ran for over eight years. Just time and age made it fall apart. Nothing gold can last, Pony boy. As for RPG... I'm still adjusting, I guess. I'm a bit of an old fogie and I realize that different people do different things. With age I've gotten perspective on it and take the philosophy of you do your thing, I'll do mine. Live and let live.
Byrd Man

You mentioned that RPG felt like home. Given that you accepted the position of moderator, would it be safe to assume that you've had an overall positive experience with the community?

Oh, for sure. I wouldn't have accepted the position if I hated the place. It's not perfect, what is after all, but I think doing my part to help out is the least I can do since the site has given me so much.
Byrd Man

What's your fondest roleplay memory from your time on RPG?

Probably a 1x1 on I did with my writing partner and hetero life mate, Morden Man, the Pickett County War. It was a southern noir inspired by my own life and family history. It was personal and just a blast to write. Morden and I wrote our asses off for it and it's probably the thing I'm the most proud of on this site.
Byrd Man

Any advice for newcomers to the Guild or those who might be struggling at the moment?

If you can't find a game that appeals to you, then create what you want to do. I've done that a few times. Pickett was one of those instances. This entire site is about creating, so don't let anyone else dictate writing rules to you. You're here for a reason, and that reason is writing. If you're struggling then write something, anything. If it's not good, so what? It's a start. And any amount of words can be improved upon. A blank page just sits there and never becomes something. You contain multitudes, my dudes. Just find what it is you want inside of you and make it happen.
Byrd Man

There you have it, folks, the scoop on everyone's favourite noir writer and our latest Site Mod, Byrd Man.

R O L E P L A Y L A N D M A R K S:

This issue's landmark is very special to me for obvious reasons as RPGN would like to recognize Absolute Comics: A DC & Marvel Singular Universe RP and its GMs on officially making it to 300 IC posts. Absolute Comics takes place in a world where both DC and Marvel characters exist in lore defined by each player. The RP is nearing the end of its first season. Originally launched in March, Absolute is looking to conclude Season One at the end of this month. Season Two is expected to follow immediately afterwards, continuing to use the same thread going forward and spanning from August until the end of December.

Congratulations to Absolute Comics and its players for their awesome accomplishment. Looking forward to reporting in during the Holiday Season to talk about Season Two's success.

R O L E P L A Y S P O T L I G H T:

I N T E R E S T C H E C K S:

From the Badlands

Five hundred years into the future, Civilization fell. It didn't happen overnight, but to those who still cling to long past days of bliss that are left, it feels that way. No one really knows how it happened or why, but society as everyone knew it was gone. War had ravaged the earth leaving it scarred and almost barren, nations were left crumbled and their citizens scattered due to famine and war. Thanks to the level of science humanity had reached before the nuclear fallout, the blow it had suffered had been mitigated by a small amount.

Technology had not received the the same fate as most of humanity's inventions like cars, trains, and planes had fallen into decay. Anything that had required parts from long before the war or heavy maintenance had been left to rot. Reduced to bows and swords save for a few dozen firearms, they were hard to come by as guns require upkeep that would be hard to maintain. People became wanderers, merchants selling secrets for better survival, nomads, or those choosing to live by the sword as hired guns or bandits. Even though they were forced to live in small tribes and communities, humanity did as it always does, it endured.

After several years of famine, the earth had began to heal, although some parts of the earth were beyond healing. civilization had start to bounce back even if only by a little. Mother nature claimed what was originally hers as vegetation started to grow in the now abandoned cities. Habitats sprung back to life leaving animals to claim some of them and without the threat of extinction animal life had thrived. Society had taken the chance to build three sanctuary cities around the places that life had returned. Resources were not a problem as people who lived to the cities were assigned jobs from explorers, to soldiers, to doctors and the latter. To keep from overpopulation the cities only let small groups people from the outside in once every fifty years. This is our year.

To a New World

Observers, that is what we are. When we enter into a new world, our perspective is either too great or too small, making it more difficult for an organic experience. To fix that, why not be creators as well?

This RP will be a little bit different in that you, the player, will also be included in the world building. That way, a better understanding of people, flora, fauna, physical laws, relationships, etc. in the world can be reached. However, you won't have limitless creative powers. First of all, an agreement on the general setting must be made. Once we establish a few (or a lot) of the larger facts, you will then build the setting(s) that your character grows up in. Twist is that you won't know everything about what other players have written about their locations depending on the level of communication in the IC world. You'll know what your characters know and you won't know what your characters don't know. Once we've established characters, settings, and miscellaneous baubles, it's onto the RP.


The First Magical Incursion

Back before the advent of the sciences, humanity had the ability to cast magic. Magic users were the more dominant force of humanity. During these periods their power was nothing short of incredible and you could tell these people apart from the standard human by their tattoo like birthmarks. The magical powers these people possessed had a varying range - from telekinesis to elemental abilities. At the height of their power the Magic users accounted for almost 70% of the human population.

However, the magic users were split in their philosophy. Some of them believed that it was the magic users job to protect the earth and its inhabitants. Others thought that it was their place to control the rest of the world. This differing view of beliefs eventually culminated in a magic war between the two warring factions. The first was the Guild. They wanted to protect the Earth. The second faction was known as Corpus - the group that wanted to dominate humanity. This war was highly destructive, causing many lives to be lost in a short span of time. At one point it was even thought that the Earth might be destroyed. The remaining non-magic users of Earth, in the fallout of this war, decided to put aside their petty squabbles of country and tribe, and try to deal with this 'magic' problem.

What happened next was nothing short of genocide. Quickly, large groups of Magic users were being murdered. The population of magic users quickly diminished. As their numbers dropped so did the chance that any new born children who were born became magic users too. After hundreds of years of persecution, the remaining population of magic users had dwindled to less than 5%, and today in 2019 has fallen to 0.1% with only an estimated 20,000 magic users left.

Post-Apocalyptic Cyberpunk RP (Concept, Interest Gathering)

This is a concept for a cyberpunk role play set in the future of 2295 A.D. A series of nuclear wars and natural disasters across the world in decades past have devastated the earth we once knew. What of civilization that survived these tumultuous times is now a disorganized mass of rogue states, armed republics, and police states. Our story is set in the fictional New Seattle Commonwealth, or “NSC”.

Seattle was one of the few west coast cities that ultimately recovered from the last nuclear war that destroyed the United States as a whole. In the twenty years since it was first established, the Commonwealth has flourished compared to so many of the other states and republics across the precursor United States. It’s population touches nearly seventy thousand, and is completely self sufficient in terms of resources, from electricity to food to fresh water.

The Commonwealth itself is protected by a powerful ballistic missile system and a capable air force . Security is maintained by a police force (the Enforcer Police) and an army of cyborg special commandos. Until recently, the city was “ruled” over by a president. Six months ago, this all changed when an insurgency erupted. The Superior Council ousted the president and established its own absolute authority over the city.

The Council was able to do this by somehow seizing control of the cyborg army that majorities the Commonwealth’s defense force. And many among the Enforcers sided with the Council. The Superior Council affirmed its rule over the city through direct force while the former president staged a rebellion against the usurper councilmen.

The city is now plagued by war as the former president and his forces, “The Underground”, fight to reclaim the city from the Council. Based in the surrounding ruins outside of the city limits, the rebels regularly launch attacks against the city while Underground operatives within chip away at the Council’s power base through counter-propaganda, bombings, and information warfare and espionage.

In the fight for the New Seattle Commonwealth, everyone must choose a side.


𝕮𝖔𝖎𝖓𝖘 - Action/Thriller about Global Espionage and Freedom Fighters

Order and Chaos, Chaos and Order

Two opposing forces... Think of a coin, tossed into the air and landing upon the ground. One side faces up, basking in the Sun. It takes in the light, the glory, the warmth. Some would even say it’s the winning side. The other side? It faces the Earth. On that side, there’s nothing but shadow, cold, and dirt. Everyone wants to be on the light-side. The thing is… Sometimes it’s hard to tell which side is which.

That’s Order and Chaos. One side takes in the glory; the other is steeped in shadows. One is revered; the other, forlorn. The light-side of the coin? People will tell you it’s Order. People think, then, that Order is Good, but Good and Evil are different from Order and Chaos. So how do you know what side is actually facing up? Which side is facing in the heavens? Which side is staring down to the depths?

That’s the thing. Nobody can tell you which side is which. Or rather, you can’t trust anybody to tell you the truth. The whole ‘history is written by the victors’ and ‘lions don’t have their own historians’ thing… You can’t rely on society, history, or The System to tell you what’s right. You have to figure it out for yourself. Sometimes, you can find out.

Sometimes you realize you’re on the wrong side.

The Titan's Pyre - Alternate Fantasy Russian/Spanish/Balkan Civil War

- Alternate History/Fantasy World with a map we would need to develop.

- Mid-1930's technology and general political atmosphere, though with modifications.

- Have not decided on the degree to which magic is employed, or its mechanisms, but an open to that conversation and ideas. Different political ideologies may have different outlooks on magic, including the enslavement or use of magic users in a way that renders them unable to make their own decisions as a form of control.

- There was a WWI type war as destructive.

- The trend is increasing extremism in politics on both sides, nihilism and a lack of faith in liberal democratic institutions and the rise of authoritarian/totalitarian governments. All this exacerbated by post-war nationalism and the dissolution of empires, either through decline, overthrow or losing the war.

- Vinheim, formerly a conquered province of the Korelsk Empire (Now the United Socialist Republic of Korelsk) is in a state of limbo; conquered close to forty years ago, nationalist movements are on the rise within. While the USRK is in control for now, the USRK is engaged in a destructive civil war elsewhere. All the same, they will not let go of Vinheim without a heroic effort.

- A scion of the royal family is attempting to organize support for a restoration of crown rule, but that involves navigating the parties.

- I am open to ideas, but I think there should be a couple different narrative themes - what the leadership wrangles over and decides and the consquences to the people actually fighting the war. That said, I want two sets of characters; the 'powers' and the 'people.'


Takanis - A Dark Fantasy NRP

From the cold Ice Wastes of the polar north, beneath the blistering heat of the Great Inland Desert, and the monster haunted jungles and ice-capped mountains of the far south, the world of Takanis is covered with the bleached bones of dead empires. Some perish through civil war, others through decadence and infighting, and some still through the exploitation of magic, their own hubris and the horrors of the Outer Realms. Some indeed linger still, disunited fragments of once-great empires holding on still to their tattered glory, broken but not forgotten…

Thus it has ever been. Thus it ever will.

O N G O I N G R O L E P L A Y S:


Kings Dominion

Welcome to kings dominion a school dedicated to teaching and honing future criminals and assassins skills the main sponsors are The yakuza, Mexican mafia/syndicate, Dixie syndicate and the remnants of the Soviet party. The students that come from these organizations are called legacies, while kings dominion has many of these legacies a majority of the school are kids from the streets or orphanages that our scouts saw potential in these students are called rats. You will play a new arrival to kings dominion whether it be as a legacy or as a rat.

The Vampire Princes

There is a kingdom where all supernatural creatures live and get along. There is a capital city where the castle resides. The castle resides in the very center. A vampire family, with non-vampire relatives, live in this castle and rule the kingdom. Some are kind, but others can get pretty mean. One day, the time came for the king to choose one of his sons to rule in his place when he is gone. However, like himself, they had to be married before that happened. And so, he provided that condition as a challenge. Whoever found a bride first would become his successor. But, she must be genuinely in love with him, and prove it, before he could become the heir. The race began after that. Word got out, and anticipation and anxiousness filled the air throughout the land. What would happen now? who would they choose? We will have to find out.



Your character is someone who lives in the fictional city of Bloomfield Bay, a beautiful coastal metropolis boasting a burgeoning population of four million and upwards. As the city expands its residential districts and constructs more high-rise apartments surrounding the glistening waters of the bay, its population is blissfully unaware of the strange illnesses that have stricken several backpackers and citizens living in low-budget accommodations within the city slums. As the government does its best to pretend like the poor and their problems don't exist, the cases are swept under the rug as a localized epidemic affecting only areas with poor sanitation and hygiene.

People are told to wash their hands more often. Then the news segment cuts to the latest styles in Hollywood. The problems do not exist.

Your story begins here.

Vivid Recollections Season 2: Into The False Light (Urban-Fantasy, Cosmic-Horror, Mystery Thriller!)

Vivid Recollections will be a small town-type story set in Farmer Hill, Montana, a town built by the mountainside. To the average person, there's nothing notable about it other than its picturesque appearance. It's just a small farming community that exports crops, people go to work, kids go to school, and so on. The town has a secret like no other... and without the knowledge of many is host to some eldritch monstrosity. The story will follow a group of students that attend Grand Ridge Academy that are just living their lives when they're involved in a situation that was straight out of a horror movie. They come out of the situation with magical powers known as Abstractions and eventually come in contact with a being known as the Glutton. The Glutton is an eldritch God that has the power to consume all creation but is trapped in the mountain - threatening to break free of it's confinement.

After the fight with the being goes horribly wrong, the group is all knocked into a coma. The story will begin with the cast awakening in a hospital and finding out that Farmer Hill has changed a lot; people are going mad and killing each other, monsters roam the streets, and people preach about a "redeeming light". Worst of all, the Glutton is close to bringing about the end of days. Many more Awakened have been knocked into the coma, but once they Awaken they will have to face the Glutton and it's dark legion in a battle that they're not sure its possible to win.

This story will be an urban-fantasy story that will cast a certain light on "magic", while leaving it ambigious whether or not it's truly magic or not. The storyline will have elements of superpowers, horror, and more - but the story will be a very dark cosmic horror stoy. The theme of Vivid Recollections will be Memory, Emotion, Connection, and Repression. A big part of the story will be the characters having a repressed memory, or emotion, that sabotages them in some way. How they'll get over that repression, and help them connect with other people. I also want the story to be dark, and very symbolic in nature. I won't be providing clear answers to everything.


[ASOIAF]: Before the Dragons Danced

This Game takes place in the year 111 AC, before the Tournament of King's Landing that will, historically, give the name to the two major factions in the Targaryen Civil War of the Dance of Dragons, the Greens and the Blacks. King Viserys I sits the Iron Throne of Westeros, while his brother, the infamous Daemon Targaryen rules the previous Pirate Stronghold of the Steptones as it's first 'King' fighting continual conflicts with The Kingdom of the Three Daughters and the Princedom of Dorne for domination of the critical Southern Sea trade routes. Their separation has allowed the wounds of their parting to settle, but rumour has it that Daemon grows tired of his paltry Kingdom of Sea and Stone.

Winds of Fate - A Thief's Adventure

The story starts off in Guillan is a huge capital and port city, and is the crowned jewel of the Lands of the Nine, and home to the High King. All the subsidiary kingdoms must answer to him as the top authority. Guillan is a grand city, sure.. but it is dense and dirty, and extremely corrupted. There is a major divide between the rich and the poor which is very disproportioned and acts very much like great bellows, only fueling the fires. As a massive port city, it is also a great trading hub, and almost anything from even the furthest bits of the Nine's can be found here if you have the coin for it.

It's crime syndicates are plenty, and range from petty criminals to vast, and infinitely powerful groups. The Black Hands are at the top of it all and are all but untouchable.. Pirates and cutthroats, scoundrels. All manners of outfits. The streets are constantly soiled robbers and pickpockets, piracy on the trade routes, rape and murder.. even rumors of slaving and human traffickers from the very bowels of the city. Nothing is off limits to those consumed by greed, and everyone seems to have an angle or a finger in something. Mind you keep your wits about you, or as best you can..


War Never Changes

War, war never changes. Even after humanity blasted its own ashes across the surface of the Earth in the Great War of 2077, its cutthroat ambition did not die down. The year is now 2290, and humanity has once again ended a bloody war. While this war could never come close to the awesome destruction wrought by the atomic fire of the Great War, it nonetheless has ruined lives and changed nations. You must lead your nation through the aftermath of the Hoover War, otherwise known as the Wasteland War, a seemingly futile and meaningless conflict perpetrated by ambitious warmongers and fought by the beaten masses of the Wastes. Will you lead your fair nation to economic and cultural prosperity, or repeat the actions of those before you, seizing that which is rightfully yours with overwhelming strength.

C O M M U N I T Y C O N T E S T S:

New Contest alert!

RPGC #24: Tactical Espionage Action is now live!

Calling all infiltrators, operators and saboteurs: we have another mission for you. Any platoon of oafs with assault rifles and a brain cell between them can storm and capture a location of interest, but how intact it will be after they are finished is another question; bullet fragments and grenade shrapnel tend to make a mess of things, including any computers and filing cabinets full of valuable intel. Some things are much better handled with a deft, maybe even a gentle touch. Perhaps there's a VIP that requires disappearing, or a junction box needs its contents trimmed a tad to cause a little disturbance and draw attention away from a crucial area. Of course sometimes, remaining entirely undetected is not an option. One will need to adapt and get their hands dirty, though still have the good sense to be reasonable and surgical about their movements.

This is where you come in, agent. Your wide variety of skills as a dependable, determined and resourceful asset makes you perfect for the wetwork that is required of you. Light is green, agent. Grab your gadgets, probe for an insertion point, and move with the shadows.

And if it does come down to horseplay, at the very least try not to get blood on your suit.

Head on over to the thread to get all the details and be sure to chime in on the Discussion Thread as well, if only to show Frizan some love.

Contest Entries will be accepted until Friday, August 2nd.

C O M M U N I T Y D I S C U S S I O N:

P R E V I O U S D I S C U S S I O N:

What do you need to play a roleplay?

A GM and players help, like a lot, but before all that you need a story, a setting, lore and rules. At least, the GM does. But what do you need to play a roleplay? For those of you yelling 'CHARACTER!' at your monitor in frustration right now, you're absolutely correct. But, you don't just have a character, you have to create one.

Character creation is a key component of any roleplay. Even before writing in a jump-in RP, you need to have some idea of who or what your character is before those first couple keystrokes are entered onto the screen. So I pose the question to you, what factors go into creating a character? What do you think is important to consider? Or do you start with nothing but an appearance and a name and the rest comes from exploring the setting?

Below are the answers some members of our community provided towards the above discussion:

I find that my best characters come when I get a brief little concept that pops into mind - i.e. 'Geeky Scientist Who Wears Roller Skates No Matter What' or 'Entitled Trust Fund Baby Who Doesn't Speak Any English, During the Zombie Apocalypse in Georgia.' If I have that little blurb for myself, I can usually find a name that I think matches the concept, then I look for a photograph. I usually come up with first names and then struggle with the surname. The personality usually springs from that initial concept and then I work backwards, thinking about what happened in their life to make them that way. In one of Lady A's RPs, I play probably one of my best character creations - Cecily Ashworth. I knew that I wanted to play a nerdy forensic scientist who loved comic books and as I went through the motions, I realized comic books appealed to her because she felt like an outsider growing up. She felt like an outsider because her parents had them moving a lot, so she never had permanence (which is why the logic and unchanging aspect of science appealed to her). She picked forensics in particular because her parents were lawyers - but they moved frequently since they were defense attorneys that catered to the worst of the worst around the country. I made this character in my senior year of high school and now that I'm about to graduate from college, I still adore her.

On the flip side, my worst characters I have to say came from either picking a faceclaim first - or in superhero RPs, a power. I have trouble writing and connecting with them if I don't get that initial pitch in my head. I think that having a personality you find interesting and/or a concept such as mentioned above can make for a long lasting and enjoyable character. In the cases where I didn't do that, I ultimately ended up shelving the character (those in X-Men may now realize why I stopped using Dean Kesseli now lol)

But in short - personality and that little blurb? Those are the most important factors for making a character in my opinion - at least, that's been the case for me. Since ultimately the goal of making a character is to create someone you enjoy writing about and that you're excited to tell stories about - and if I don't get those two things nailed down first, then I'm ultimately not going to be that invested in the character and their development.

Oh - and as an extra thought, thinking about what sort of character arcs you might want to play out also is great to do while creating the character! Playing a static character isn't fun, but what I do love about character arcs is that you can come up with them at any time - and if you didn't like the character you made during character creation, you can start slowly pushing them in a direction to become that amazing concept you once had.

Something I learned from my good friend @Dervish is that the two most important things you need as a GM before you start your roleplay are 1) a roadmap and 2) a reliable group of players.

The story beats of the plot, all the way until the end, should be figured out before you set off. Yes, stories can deviate, but you need something to deviate from in the first place, otherwise it's easy to feel lost and overwhelmed while trying to keep your players interested and engaged. Think of the story you want to tell first, then find people to do it with.

Vet your players. Judge their character sheet, make them submit an excerpt of their writing, possibly even go through their post history to find out how often they drop roleplays and how often they stick to them. Most roleplays die way before they reach the end. Many before they even begin. If you want to see your story through to the end, don't accept people that are known to flunk out. The gods (and @Jbcool) know that I flunk out a lot. I wouldn't necessarily accept me because of that.

Well, I would, but that's just because I'm that fuckin' good.

Before you make the roleplay you need passion for the idea. You can prep a roleplay and half way through it, you lose interest. Don't make a roleplay simply because others want you to make the idea. Make the roleplay when you're most inspired and ready to take on that commitment.

Like @Hank said, a road map, or a general idea of where you want to take the story is beneficial. But, I'd like to add that it's important to be open to your writers' ideas and also be able to improvise, if needed. There needs to be a balance of plot and giving your writers freedom to explore their characters and their own story arcs.

Hank's other point, with having a dedicated group of writers, to me should be an incredible highlight to the success of a roleplay. You can never 100 percent guarantee all those that apply to your game will stay invested, unfortunately. So, the route I choose to go to is: test the waters. To me, even flakes deserve a second chance. Still, be prepared that you will lose writers and think of how to recover from that. A back-up plan, like organically writing their characters out. Unless your game has major roles like a king in a kingdom and the writer leaves unceremoniously and at a terrible time in the story, I feel like if you're capable of working around possible hiccups then you will find those that are the ride or dies for your story.

One of my best experiences as a GM was for a superhero roleplay called Divided We Stand where I was a stand in GM for a long period of time due to the actual GM's personal life. Many people joined and many people left, yet pushing the story past those lows is kind of like weeding out those that aren't passionate about the idea anymore or invested with their character(s) as much as you are. I built a GM team of five people, who took care of different sections of the universe and moderating. My team kept me sane and I found myself inspired by them, and the other writers still fighting the great fight, because of how much they fell in love with the story. It helped that I kept them engaged by planning events, with suggestions from all my writers, but also that they kept thinking of possible head canons which was the catalyst for future posts. Our imaginations are truly our fuel and when we run out of ideas that's when we know we need to do something to either bring the spark back, like going to the GM or the people in the roleplay for advice, or find something else that brings us joy.

Communication is key. Stay transparent with your feelings and hopefully the GM and everyone else will help you. Life happens. Sometimes, for your own health, you have to say goodbye. That's okay. We love this hobby, but if you're only in a roleplay because you have to be and not because you want to see it through, that's not good.

Take care of yourself.

I will say, it feels phenomenal when you see your roleplay, or a roleplay you're a part of, flourish and overcome many obstacles. At the end of the day, that sense of fulfillment and enjoying the ride for however long it goes is what I look forward to.

In addition, at the beginning of a roleplay, you might have an idea of who is reliable and who isn't. Someone who is completely reliable could end up dropping because they took on too many roleplays and someone who has flaked many times before could prove you wrong. The only one who can decide your method of judging and giving writers grace periods, and forgiveness (or no forgiveness), is you.

I hope with perseverance and strength you find just what you need for the roleplays you're itching to write.

Similar to @Morose I have to have a bare bones concept in my head. A sells pitch to myself. That, or I have to really want to explore a certain territory. May it be a controversial subject or simply a character with a goal. For example, oh man, I have a strong desire to write an abrasive knucklehead that is so caught up with his ex that he fails to focus on the present with his friends. That would allow me to explore the subject of learning to let go and move on. If we can connect something about our character to ourselves, which I've had my fair share of bad breaks and letting go, then we find ourselves able to relate to them even in the slightest. Some of our best writing roots to our own personal experiences. But it isn't limited to just that. Sometimes I want to write out topics I would never personally do in my waking life like make a sado-masochist that toys with people as if it were a game. Why the hell not?! I like to challenge myself and if I really want to do it, even if I'm not sure I'm capable of giving it justice, you bet your bottom dollar I'm going to try! And do research. Lots of research.

Ultimately, character creation starts off with a seed. A seed from a picture you see and suddenly boom you see a character in that face. A seed from your childhood and suddenly boom you have a backstory in mind. A seed from a simple chat you had with a friend and boom a what if joke leads to you thinking of a 'goal' to give a character. Once you plant that seed and choose to bring that character to fruition, you choose how much care you'll give it. Maybe the seed was good at first but when you started watering it and giving it sunlight you found out: hey, this type of flower doesn't mesh well with me. I use to like playing naive, innocent characters, but now I just find it boring. Or maybe, when you grow with the flower, you surprise yourself and realize, hey I'm not half bad at this. I didn't think I could write a villainous antagonist that everyone loves to hate, but shoot, this is fun! I'm pretty good at being evil!

Wraith said there is no right or wrong way. There really isn't. We can suggest our methods, but it takes you just exploring topics and yourself to find out what works for you. I'm twenty six years old and I've been roleplaying for 15ish... plus... years. There doesn't come a day that I don't learn something new as a writer. Just try not to fear failing. I know that's hard to do, because we writers tend to have insecurities that eat at us daily, but once you're willing to give it a good try, who knows what you'll discover about yourself.

I'd say entertaining even the smallest of ideas you have can go a long way and bring you down a road where you might create the best character you've ever made.

As an artist, my approach to building characters or RP games is very loose. If I am completely honest, I like to build worlds and interesting characters more than I play. The act of creating for me is the best part. I agree that having a "road map" is fairly important, as @Hank mentioned above. However, I very much like to improvise most of it, and I like to feed off of the group more than I like to nail down a solid plot. As @TootsiePop stated, I feel as though improvisation is the best approach, for me anyway. Having a thoroughly laid out plan is stifling, and it can really deter optional ideas and avenues that you might not have even thought about. I definitely enjoy being led by the group.

I do try to create a very immersive environment putting enough information into a sandbox type game that players have tons of options, lore, etc., so that they can lead themselves without too much given direction. This allows for characters and worlds or places to reach their full potential, and become whatever it is that they become without a great deal of hinderance. More recently I have been adding a bit of tabletop mechanics in with my games, not so much that it is overbearing, as I do enjoy the literary aspects of this play by post style of roleplaying. The reasoning behind this is that I have grown tired of players just writing in glorious action or success without any real consequence or gravity within their posts. That is probably one of my biggest peeves about play by post RP's, as it becomes way too easy to just write a character through a scene.

I enjoy grittier themes, and flawed characters are the best in my book, but more often than not failure and compromise is overlooked, and takes a backseat to having a glorious outcome or a chance to shine, and it cheapens the deal for me. Write through success is the vanilla of play by post roleplaying for me. I hope this is making a little sense to everyone because it is hard for me to describe, but I am sure that GM's know what I am talking about. I very much believe that setbacks and failures compound and enrich plots and characters, and fortify them into being genuine and realistic, and make them true to themselves respectively, and there's my two cents.

Want to add your own thoughts to the above discussion? Well, you still can! Just be sure to reply in the original thread.

C U R R E N T D I S C U S S I O N:

Maintaining a player base is a key to keeping a roleplay running for a long time. But sometimes as GMs or even as a fellow player, we struggle to do this. This issue of the People's Press I'd love to talk about both the why is this such a struggle for so many roleplays as well how do we resolve this.

A strong foundation or core is the key to any structure. If you don't have a foundation, there's nothing to support anything you might add on top. Adding new players constantly isn't going to solve your issues if you can't keep a core group who drive the roleplay. So how do you reward those players for their commitment and consistency while keeping the RP open to any newcomers who might come your way?

Players like to feel valued and as a GM it's very important to communicate with your players. So many of us are guilty of relying on that little 'like' button far too often. I read your post, I pressed the 'like' and that's it! Well, what does that really tell anyone? By my own admission, far too often I used 'likes' as a way to track what I've actually read. I've yielded far more positive results from commenting on my players' posts than I ever have from leaving a reaction.

As a friendly reminder, keep all discussion civil and remember the golden rule:

A D V I C E C O L U M N:

I got nothing for you right now, so I'm going to plug a guide.

@BlueSky44, (You may remember them getting a shoutout in the landmark section of the last issue), and @Morose have crafted a wonderful guide on how to perform to develop and run a multi-arc roleplay. Be sure to give it a look here.

Hello there.

We are very pleased to be able to present this guide on how to develop and run a long term, multi-storyline roleplay. With more and more roleplays reaching landmarks on the guild, it's becoming more common than ever before to see GMs cross the finish line and complete the story they set out to tell. For some, it's a bittersweet moment - you have accomplished something fantastic, but you aren't ready to say goodbye to those characters and that world just quite yet. In order to keep the good times rolling, one solution is to make a sequel - same characters, same world, just a new plot.

Thanks to both of you for your contributions to the Guild, I know I've found this helpful for my own RP transitioning into its second season, so I can only hope others get the same use out of it.

C O N C L U S I O N:

Well that's another issue done!

I just want to reiterate that the People's Press is here to stay and I'm always looking for submissions. So if you're cooking up a new interest check, have a roleplay you want to be promoted or have those all oh so sweet landmark achievements you want to brag about, let me know! Additionally, RPGN is here to get you answers if you have any concerns about roleplaying or just need a little bit of advice, send me a question and we'll get the community on it.

As before, I'm open to suggestions for new categories, spotlights or whatever you'd like to see included in the Guild's News. You can comment with any below, or send me a message either on RPGN or via my personal account, @Lord Wraith. Until the next issue, this is the People's Press signing off!

Issue No.1 | July, 2019
r o l e p l a y e r g u i l d n e w s

" E x t r a! E x t r a! R e a d A l l A b o u t I t! "

I N T R O D U C T I O N:

"Don't call it a comeback!"

No really, please don't. Let's not start off on that foot again. Too many of these have started out with the same clichés and if there's one thing I've always prided myself on it's not doing things the same as everyone else. Now that all said, I have literally been here for years, which of course begs the question:

Who am I? The man behind the People's Press?

I'm just your neighbourhood friendly @Lord Wraith. Some of you may already be familiar with me, some of you may have played in my games or even alongside me in other games. But to many others, I'm probably quite new or unknown. I'll spare you all the gory details, no tragic origin stories here, but let me just give you a brief rundown. I got my start with roleplaying on a little forum called 'Sprites' Inc'. Originally I had been creating sprite comics until eventually, I grew fonder of writing. There was a small roleplaying community there, but there really wasn't the room for growth. So I headed off to the ol'Google Machine and clicked on the first site I came across.

That was in 2010.

From there, the rest is history. I've been with the Guild since before Guildfall and I'm still here long after it. I've cut my teeth on the Guild trying my hand at various genres before carving a nice niche for myself in the world of superheroics and cape escapades. I've made good friends here, I've made people laugh and I'm sure as hell I've pissed a few people off. But no matter what, the Guild is home and I'm happy to help her in any capacity I can. Which of course leads us to just what the damn hell 'RPGN' is.

Why it's Roleplayer Guild News, dummy.

I prefer to affectionately call it the People's Press because honestly, it's a community and Roleplayer Guild News' should reflect that. The goal of RPGN is to lend a helping hand, whether that's by shining the Roleplay Spotlight on interest checks or pointing interest players towards ongoing roleplays. It's by making sure the hard work of dedicated roleplayers pays off in the Roleplay Landmarks. The People's Press can be a source of discussion as a community or a place for new and old users alike to reach out for advice from the community.

Each month I'll be bringing you new content either sought out by myself or submitted to me by viewers like you. I'll begin each issue with some sort of charismatic spiel before then launching in Guild Announcements. My plan is to establish a working relationship with the Guild Mods so that each month I can provide the users with the what's what here on RPG. After that's out of the way we'll move onto the fun stuff. Each month, I'll be seeking out a GM, whether by suggestion or my own interest and getting to know them a little better through an interview. You'll get the full experience here in the monthly newsletter and hopefully, their experiences, successes and failures will help you with your own RPing adventure.

Then we move into the community spotlight portion of the newsletter. Roleplay Landmarks will give the GMs and players a chance to show off to the community. If you've completed a story, season arc, I want to give you a shout out! Hit a hundred IC post, hell yeah I want to know. Hit a thousand IC posts? You better be submitting for a landmark. Anniversaries, please let me know, I'll put it up for the world to see. Too many times we let ourselves dwell on the negative aspects of roleplaying, let's give the positive a chance to shine for once.

Roleplay Spotlights gives GMs and players another chance to advertise their favourite games. Need players? Send me a link and a description of the RP and I'll do my best to make sure you get featured in the next issue. First come first serve will apply, because realistically I can only feature so many RPs, we don't want this to go on too long.

Or maybe you do, ya sadist.

Either way, I'm happy to accept your submissions and give you a chance to let people know a little more about your RP if they haven't seen it before. And hey, if you don't submit anything to me, I'm just going to post ones I think you'll find interesting. Do you really want the guy who has been RPing since 2010 to show you what he thinks you'll be interested in? I thought not, so send in your submissions, please!.

After that, I'll do my part to give the contest section some love. Lord (ha!) knows @Frizan and @BrokenPromise put their blood and sweat into that part of RPG and I want to make sure they get the recognition they deserve. Any ongoing contests will be featured with a link and a short description so be sure to check those out. Also, sidenote, anyone can run a contest with permission from the Contest Mods so if you don't like what's there, why not pitch in and give it a shot?

Next up is the Community Discussion where I'll pose a question or thought to the group. Be sure to chime in below with your thoughts and as always, keep it civil and be excellent to one another. After that is our new Advice Column where you can send me your questions anonymously and I'll do my best to answer them and post them up in next month's edition of RPGN.

Lastly, I'll add some concluding thoughts and who knows, maybe future issues could have some other fun stuff added down the road. I'm new, I'm still wet behind the ears but I am ready to dive in.

So, without further ado here's this month's edition of RPGN!
Please don't forget to like, subscribe and comment.

G U I L D A N N O U N C E M E N T S:

On June 25, @Altered Tundra resigned from his role as Chat Moderator on the Guild's Discord Server, RPGO. Altered Tundra had served as a chat moderator from the time of the role's inception in April of 2018, faithfully serving the Guild and her community for over a year. A big RPG thank you to Altered Tundra for the time he gave the site and as its server as a Chat Mod.

In related news, Site Staff are now taking recommendations for new Chat Moderators. If you know someone who would make a good moderator for RPGO, please forward your nomination to @Hank or any other member of RPG's Staff. Nominees must be active members of Roleplayer Guild and able to use Discord.

This is not a paid position, reimbursement is solely in the form of friends made along the way.

G M I N T E R V I E W:

This month, the People's Press sat down with the Persistent World Moderators running the Star Wars Persistent Galaxy Roleplay to discuss their challenges, achievements, objectives and goals. We even found a moment to talk about what other Persistent World-styled RPs the game could see in the future. So sit back, grab a cold glass of blue milk and give your favourite Wookiee a squeeze, 'cause this is where the fun begins.

Alright, let's rip the band-aid off. What are the biggest struggles you're facing as the Persistent World GMs?

Our biggest issue is perception. Mahz and I talked about this not that long ago: he gets a lot of hate mail about us. People see us as an RP like any other on the site, and they resent us getting our own sub-forum and where that sub-forum is located on the Guild front page. That'd be fair if were like any RP, but we're not.

Players control where this game goes, not the GMs/PW Mods. Case in point: one group of our players really gets active and makes a great story for players not into Jedi and Sith.

The faster people realize if they don't like something about this game they can join it and change it over time with activity and effort the faster everyone will see what this was meant to be.

Yeah I'd second the perception issue. The PW is perceived as a failure simply because it takes time as a project. Yet you look at it now and we're steadily chugging along into activity and the game is a big reason why a certain group of players remain on site. We've had a lot of passive aggression in guild statuses and on the main discord. I've noticed that enough.

The biggest struggle for me, I think, was in ensuring that we all resisted knee-jerk reactions to the hate and complaints we got pre-release. The natural reaction to all of the "It's not going anywhere" "Nothing has been done" "Its already dead" and "Release now or I'm leaving" that we had to endure would've been to show everything we had just to prove them wrong.

The problem with doing that is that it is essentially a soft launch, and transitions one out of fully focusing on preparation and on to trying to prep while also being a GM. This was a problem Ellri and I had in our previous SW RP, so we were keen on avoiding it with this even larger scale project.

Compared to other RPs you've created and/or run in the past, how has the PW Experience been different?

For one, there was a huge amount of prep work in the form of sorting out the lore/guides/sheets.

Word. Also a lot more behind the screens management and collaboration within the GM team. We try to be as inclusive as possible, but sometimes things have to go fast. I'd say that most interactions I've been in were civil if not cordial. Lots of guides.

I actually started with play-by-post roleplaying on Invisionfree boards that were, effectively, persistent worlds with a couple of dozen or so users at most. Coming to a forum where the model is to have thousands of users across hundreds of distinct threads entirely unconnected to each other was an odd shift for me. I think the substantive differences between the two plays into the first question a bit. The forum isn’t designed with a persistent world in mind, and the userbase hasn’t traditionally played in this manner.

With that in mind, introducing the Persistent World is a tough ask, to begin with; with the delay between announcement and the ribbon cutting ceremony, it’s easy to see how initial engagement was low. Given that the idea has a solid grounding and things are now in motion, though, the big hurdles have largely been overcome and I expect the active users will continue growing in number.

There were people wanting to rush launch. Half of the material for the guides was initially made for [my] last RP. The key difference between that RP and the [PW] is that [I] intentionally made that one focused towards a single story, whereas the [PW] is meant for many stories. Which in turn meant the need for a few additional guides. and expansions to some of the existing ones

I find we've had to cross-check and reference a lot of the source material. Some of the old guides were useful, but they still had to be adapted, redacted. Others created from scratch discussed. There's been a bit of a peer-review if I can call it that. On top of that, Disney acquiring Lucas' legacy didn't always make it easier for us to select what was useful and what not. Legends versus the new canon and such were something I found myself sighing at a bit if I'm honest.

How has having a large team differed to running an RP by yourself or with one or two Co-GMs?

I think we've worked well as a team. It was certainly a group effort to get things off the ground. Ellri wrote a huge amount of the guides but each of us contributed to those, then we've all be working to spark activity.

It's not been all smooth sailing, we've had disputes and we had to drop one GM. But I'd take the disputes over not having an enthusiastic and creative team anyday

Quite enjoyable for the most part. I prefer to work in a team of specialists rather than having to manage everything myself, and I feel we have all fallen nicely into our places here. This team is definitely greater than the sum of its parts.
Sundered Echo

Well, there’s always the challenge of remembering not to run roughshod over those who aren’t as stubborn or who don’t know when to jump up and say “No! Stop!”.

Well enough, though I’m a recent addition to the team and wasn’t here for the majority of the GMing action. We all have our corners and there are more eyes on the ball when it comes to things over which we share joint responsibility. All the same, there’s a lot less GMing and a lot more RPing to be done now.

What has been your favourite part of the PW experience?

I love Persistent Worlds. It’s been a long time since I’ve played in one and it’s great to be back in a system where role players I don’t directly engage with on the forum are directly affecting the world we play in together. I have very fond memories of playing a part in a much larger story co-written by a dozen or more other people, and I’m looking forward to building something even bigger and better here.

You meet so many new people. This thing transcends some clique lines, and that's been amazing. It's truly a community project anyone can jump in and have fun with, whether they wanna carve out their own personal IC kingdom or join with a group of adventurous Jedi.

Seeing all of the different characters that people come up with. Everyone really seems to be trying to make their own unique, interesting characters.

Meeting new, enthusiastic writers - and being part of something bigger than the usual type of RP.

What would you ideally like to see happen with not only for this PW but any future ones on RPG?

With any luck this persistent world will be around for a long while, but future persistent worlds that do come about would probably be well-served by tackling in advance the launch-related issues that dogged this endeavour at the start.

For other PWs I’d like to see all kinds of ideas for them. Since there’s so many. Could do ones set in fandoms like Game of Thrones or Star Trek, or entirely original universes.

TES has been brought up as a possible second PW if this one does okay. So have Comics. [I'd also like to see that] people see them as community projects for everyone.

Future PW style RPs should always remember the importance of pre-launch preparation. Making sure the appropriate resources are ready for the players in their entirety before starting is vital, but perhaps a less obvious element of pre-launch prep is that it gives time for the GM team to get to know each other more and mesh into a functional team before diving headlong into the thick of it.

I cannot stress enough the value of preparation. Having everything in order before you open things up to the chaos of players cuts down on stress immensely, ensures the smooth running of the initial phases of the RP and ensures GMs don't burn out early.
Sundered Echo

What would you say to anyone considering joining the PW?

Take your time in creating a character. Don’t be afraid to start over or let him/her/it die. Ask questions. Both players and GMs are willing to help you.

Even the smallest and most seemingly insignificant character is every bit as valuable as a Senator, Jedi Master or Fleet Admiral.
Sundered Echo

Be prepared for the long haul. I've told people it'll take years for this to reach it's potential. In the meantime enjoy the ride.

Bring your friends!

If you love Star Wars, be sure to give the Star Wars Persistent Galaxy Roleplay a look.

And may the Force be with You, always.

R O L E P L A Y L A N D M A R K S:

RPGN is happy to recognize X-Men: House of M and its GM, @BlueSky44 for nearly 1000 IC post. Furthermore, Blue has created a breathtaking experience that really lets you feel the extent of this RP universe she has been instrumental in creating. This is the fourth story arc for the X-Men roleplay and it continues to go strong, with amazing character development and interaction, and classic comic book action that is at time reminiscent of X-Men the Animated Series

Congratulations to BlueSky44 and her players for such an awesome achievement. Looking forward to seeing more from you guys in the future.

RPGN is also happy to recognize Palm Beach Royals: Senior Year and its GM, @Dirty Pretty Lies for its achievement of over 400 IC posts. Palm Beach Royals will also be celebrating its one year anniversary later this month and is showing no sign of slowing down. Since January of 2019, the RP has been achieving an average of thirty posts every month. Additionally, the game has kept most of the original cast while also gaining a handful of new and returning players.

Congratulations to Dirty Pretty Lies and her players for their amazing accomplishment. Looking forward to reporting in this time next year for another notch in your belt.

R O L E P L A Y S P O T L I G H T:

I N T E R E S T C H E C K S:

The Family That Slays Together

Since the days of old, human beings have always been preyed upon by those creatures that dwell within the world in the shadows. For century's mankind were helpless to the might of the creatures of the night, and it seemed these dark forces may reign forever. Humanity was on the brink of destruction until the intervention of a clan of warriors comprised of the most skilled fighters, tacticians, and inventors from everywhere around the globes came together with the purpose of hunting and destroying the creatures of the supernatural that would cause
humanity harm. As the centuries passed this clan of warriors became an organization known as The Slayers, a group of men and women dedicated to hunting the supernatural creatures that harmed humans.

The Mansion Out of Time and Between Worlds

You awake one day to find a mysterious letter with a wax seal. Upon opening the letter it reads the following:

"Hello, I sent this letter inviting anyone and everyone seeking to learn or visit other worlds. You have been chosen because you're significant in your world's story. You play key roles and I believe you have great potential. Come by the mansion for whatever you desire, be it wealth, fame, or simply something new. Now I'm sure you're wondering who exactly I am. I am known simply as the Collector. Don't worry about addresses, you may not remember the way but everyone knows it just go you'll find yourself knocking on my door soon enough."


OBLIVION— a linear superhero roleplay

Do you grow tired of aimless sandboxes with no direction? Then welcome to a world that is as much a sandbox as a litter tray is an appropriate toilet for a human. Sure, you could have a nice shite in your kitty litter, but why would you want to?

The subject, of course, will be superpowers and everything that comes with them. Set in a small town, the catalyst for the roleplay is a high school reunion, some 7 years after graduation, wherein certain events lead to our group of untimely people gaining powers. From there, the narrative can branch off into several points. It's all about bouncing ideas back and forth and finding what works for us in the OOC, and the characters in the IC.

We're The Lucky Ones

There are three things that revolves around and that you depend on in your life. No matter how you pretend that it doesn't, you know the truth and the fact that life is just a big game of chance. Money, power, and respect are those aforementioned things and with them in your life, you know that you are nothing and worthless. Some people are born into wealth and acquire respect through the power that they have. Some are born without money but gain power by force along with respect. Others are born with just enough money and just enough respect but they hardly ever gain any power because of their status. Funny how life works that way, right? Although you do everything right, you can still have none of the above.


Grisaille Genesis

This story will focus on your characters going through the drama of setting up a civilization while battling the Filth and studying the past. There will be drama, there will be dives into ancient dungeons, there will be ruins and strange artifacts, there will be sieges, and there will be many a conflict. This is all done through you, the player. While your main character will be the crowned one, you are allowed to use and make any side character you wish, while I play everything else, including the Filth. This is narrative based and collaboration is encouraged. Skies the limit, and if it helps any, your technology level is aesthetically the end of the 11th to the early 12th century.

~The Masque of The Red Death~

This is a roleplay adaption of Edgar Allan Poe’s Masque of The Red Death. One of my favourite short stories of his. The story is about a dreadful plague that sweeps across the realms, striking scores upon scores dead. Uncaring for the common folk and wanting only for he and his consorts to survive the plague, the flamboyant aristocrat Lord Prospero invites all the noble folk to take refuge in his estate. (Some versions call it an abbey. We will simply refer to it as a castle estate.)

The estate is massive, and Prospero, his guardsmen, servants, and one thousand noble folks all hideaway within the walls to avoid the plague. One night, Prospero hosts a masquerade ball to better morale and make people forget about the wrath of the plague. All is well and good until a mysterious guest with a bloody visage of death arrives. Bringing the plague itself...


Nation RP Ideas by Theodorablee

The Gods, Men and Everything in Between: This is probably the least inclined to represent a hard faction NRP but seems to embody the necessary characteristics nonetheless. Players take on the form of Gods/Goddesses and start in a world that barely exists. Utilizing well-defined mechanics, those deities will shape the world—-it’s geography, it’s climate—and create races for which to populate it—-humans, elves, dwarves, frogmen, whatever your imagination can come up with.

The Statesmen: A geopolitical, economic and military simulator that takes place following the War. There are the Great & Victorious States, The Defeated, and the Forgotten. You must meet your nation’s National Goal, work towards your alliances Strategic Goals, as well as seeking opportunities that may help your own nation or simply hurt your opponents.

O N G O I N G R O L E P L A Y S:


The Assassin's Guild

When the world finds peace is the day we will fade away. But until that time we will not rest for the need of our skills is constant. The others are now gone. I'm the last remaining member of the Guild. I would normally never go looking for those that have little to no training in the art. But if you're reading this. Then you will find a home within the Guild.

Pokémon: Earth

Within the infinity of the multiverse, there lies a parallel Earth where Pokemon are real. Life here is a mixture of what we see in the anime and what we know as reality.

For example, you need to be eighteen years old to become a trainer, but with parent permission or special circumstances, you can obtain a permit as early as your sixteenth birthday. Once you've become a trainer, life is quite similar to the anime. You can compete in battle leagues and contests. You can become a breeder or a ranger. The world is your Cloyster.

However you decide to spend your time, the International Pokemon Association will be there to aid you. They provide free services such as health care (found at Poke Centers), free items such as Pokeballs (found at Poke Marts), and a number of other things like free transportation. Poke Centers and Poke Marts are found in practically every city and town in the world.

In return for the free aid, trainers agree to carry out assignments, which are sent directly to your Pokedex. You may turn down assignments, but of course, turning down too many will result in your loss of trainer status. At which point, you will no longer receive free services or items, but your Pokemon won't be taken from you or anything.


Elder Scrolls: Skingrad Company

The year is 4E 51, around fifty years after the Oblivion Crisis and the sacrifice of the last member of the Septim Dynasty, Martin Septim. The Empire has never really been able to capture it's former glory. The Third Aldmeri Dominion was formed and took control of the Summerset Isles and Valenwood with the Empire being too weak to stop them. The whole of Tamriel is strife with conflict and many of the people are in danger. More Bandits than ever before pray on the weak. The Daedra still appear to be strong, despite the efforts of Martin Septim and the Hero of Kvatch. Rumours of unknown elves in the wilderness of Cyrodiil are attacking people without mercy who venture too far off the main paths and much more. These are just some of the problems facing Tamriel at the moment.

✡ Welcome to Salem, Massachusetts ✡

It has been some time in which nearly every individual taking place within the supernatural community has experienced omens or visions of a mysterious force that is hinting towards catastrophic events. This has stirred fear and panic — causing several covens, packs, and groups to close their doors and lock their gates. Here in Salem, Massachusetts, survival is hard when placed in the heart of the supernaturals' dwelling, thus, it is easy to become callous and selfish, shutting out the rest of society to ensure one's own safety. Though, it is now that these tendencies have been cast aside, and a door has been opened, inviting fellow creatures of the night to come and discuss their experiences and their fears to help inform the rest of the community. Perhaps the time has come to ignore all rivalries and centuries-long quarrels to allow for a chance at some kind of unity, regardless of how short-lived it may be, to discover what it is to come.


𝔽𝕦𝕥𝕚𝕝𝕚𝕥𝕪: 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔾𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕥 𝔾𝕒𝕞𝕖

In the year 2064, the mere thought of such a prospect is as futile as finding love in virtual reality. Everything is futile these days, really. You know that, but you’re going against futility anyways aren’t you? We’ll see how long you last. After all, survival is hard enough as is in America these days. After global temperatures skyrocketed leaving most of the landscape arid dustlands and sea levels rising just as quickly, American citizens flocked to urban megaregions. Living outside the walls of the urbanization movement is as much of a death sentence as slighting one of the corporate conglomerates that run their roots deep through the political game. I suppose the choice is between fighting the volcanic faults and dust storms outside the walls or the corruption and gangs inside the walls.

Red Dead Recoking

The year is 1897.

The age of Outlaws and Gunslingers was reaching its twilight. America was becoming a land of laws. Even the West had mostly been tamed. A few gangs still roamed, but they were being hunted down and destroyed.


The Last Laugh
The Ashtar? Bunch of assholes. Bullshitty jumped-up psychic hippy assholes. Ask literally anyone anywhere and they’ll say the same.

They popped up almost exactly 130 years ago. And I do mean “popped up”; one day they were just everywhere all at once, and everyone knew who they were, and why they had come.

It was a noble enough goal; peace in our time and all that good shit. It’s just that they were such giant assholes about it.

You ever been Pushed? No, course you haven’t, you’re too young. Not a psintegrat in the galaxy these days who could do what the Ashtar did, thank the Gods. When they came, they Pushed us. All of us. Every last man woman and child, every blip of sentient spacefaring life in the galaxy. It didn’t hurt, not really. Psintegrae that we have, what they do hurts. It’s a fight when they try to change something, a fight you have a chance in. But getting Pushed...well, one moment your mind is one way, then you have a little stabby feeling behind the eyes, then your mind is another way. The Ashtar wanted the Galaxy to know why they were here, and they didn’t want to waste time with sub space transmissions and translation algorithms. So they just...Pushed. Some folks didn’t mind it, some folks clawed their own eyes out. Guess I fell somewhere in the middle.

C O M M U N I T Y C O N T E S T S:

Unfortunately, at this time there are no ongoing Community Contests which is a major bummer. I did, however, speak to our resident Contest Moderator, @Frizan who assured me he's got something in the pipeline. So be sure to keep an eye out for that, but in the meantime, anyone can create a contest so long as they get permission from Frizan or @RPGC. So if you've got some time on your hands and want to make other people work really hard for validation, why not show the Contest Sub-Forum some love?

Who knows, it could even be fun!

C O M M U N I T Y D I S C U S S I O N:

P R E V I O U S D I S C U S S I O N:

None at this time, but be sure to watch this spot next month for the summary of this month's community discussion.

C U R R E N T D I S C U S S I O N:

What do you need to play a roleplay?

A GM and players help, like a lot, but before all that you need a story, a setting, lore and rules. At least, the GM does. But what do you need to play a roleplay? For those of you yelling 'CHARACTER!' at your monitor in frustration right now, you're absolutely correct. But, you don't just have a character, you have to create one.

Character creation is a key component of any roleplay. Even before writing in a jump-in RP, you need to have some idea of who or what your character is before those first couple keystrokes are entered onto the screen. So I pose the question to you, what factors go into creating a character? What do you think is important to consider? Or do you start with nothing but an appearance and a name and the rest comes from exploring the setting? There are no wrong answers here, I want to know what works for you.

As a friendly reminder, keep all discussion civil and remember the golden rule:

A D V I C E C O L U M N:

My biggest struggle has never been the part of a player but as a GM. I can follow another's lead no problem or even take the lead temporarily until a time comes when the actual leader takes back the reigns, but the biggest issue is, at least for me, the pressure of having to handle the big decisions on my own. Yes, I know Co-gms exist for a reason and sometimes I do try tackle too much by myself or I don't lean on the co-gms I have and that's totally on me, but I just think the pressure sometimes gets to me. And that's not even factoring in the potential disinterest players might have in the roleplay itself. Pair that with my own general lack of faith in myself as a GM is what I find I struggle with the most.
Overwhelmed Oscar

Dear Overwhelmed Oscar,

First and foremost, let me point you to the experts. @Dervish and @Lady Amalthea have constructed several well-made guides on the subject of GMing. I swear by Devish's guide, but by no means is that a knock against Lady A. Dervish's style just meshes more with my own and as a GM it's very important you stick to your guns. GMing is a lot of managing. You'll need to learn to make a plan and stick with it. Once you've got that down, if you're still feeling overwhelmed, learn to delegate. You have Co-GMs, put them to work. Don't keep them out of the loop, share your plans and goals with them. Help them to help you. The first thing I always delegate to my Co-GMs when I can is character sheet reviews. I hate it, I don't enjoy anything about reviewing character sheets.

But that's another tangent, the point here is that if you're feeling overwhelmed then it's time to divide in conquer. Get yourself a pair of Co-GMs you can trust. If you want to drive the story, that's fine, put one of them in charge of the OOC/Discord whatever else. Have another one manager the administration. You're a team, the sooner you learn to work like one the sooner everyone will be happy.

And when that happens, you'll learn why it's good to be the boss.


The People's Press

Whenever I join a game, I feel like people are really suspicious of me. Why does everyone think I'm an alt account? How do I make sure everyone in a game I join doesn't hate me?
Paranoid Pattie

Dear Paranoid Pattie,

There's only one way to be sure that everyone in a game doesn't hate you. Give it the ol'college try! While this may seem counter-intuitive, it sounds like to me that you've had a couple of bad experiences in the past that have left you with a skewered perspective. This is in no doubt related to your experience with being mistaken as an alt. Anyone can be mistaken as an alt due to portraying similar traits and tics to other more notable users. Stick with the roleplay and give the people a chance to get to know you and in time they'll see you for you.

And they'll like what they see.


The People's Press

Which is the best lunar phase to post your RP during for maximum cosmic fortune?
Lunatic Larry

Dear Lunatic Larry,

For most RPs, you'll find the lunar phase won't matter much, but there are a few exceptions you should be aware of. Firstly, always launch Arena RPs under a blood moon for maximum carnage. This can also be applied to RPs featuring vampires and serial killers. If you're doing a smutty 1x1 check, ensure it's a full moon when you put up your thread. This can also be attributed to any RP featuring werewolves as well. Star Wars RPs should always be launched under a Blue Harvest Moon, especially if you want your Rebels to overthrow the Empire in the third act.

Try not to overthink it though, and never let anyone tell you the odds, no matter the lunar phase.


The People's Press

C O N C L U S I O N:

Well hopefully that wasn't too painful. I'd like to think we covered a lot of ground this issue and got to know each other just a little better. If you didn't like this month's submission, well then make sure you submit content you want to see for next month. Have any other comments or concerns, drop me a line either through @RPGN or @Lord Wraith.

In regards to this month's content, don't forget to comment below and put in your thoughts for the Community Discussion. Furthermore, don't be afraid to shout out some advice for Overwhelmed Oscar, Paranoid Pattie and Lunatic Larry, 'cause I'm only an armchair expert.

For next month, I'm looking at including a 'Dead Roleplay Still Worth A Read' or something with the same intention under a snappier name. So if you've got one, been part of one or know of one, send them my way and I'll give them a feature.

Looking forward to hearing from you all. For the time being, that's bloody all!

@RPGNGood interview, been too long since last I read one of yours...Oops? Keep up the good work! It's always nice to read about the other players here on the guild, especially getting to know the person behind the screen in some fashion.

Then again I'm afraid of being brutally murdered in one of her RP's, so I can't give any negative feedback...hehe...please send help

Much appreciated. Good luck with your continued survival!
@RPGN Thanks for the interview, I really enjoyed it: even if you were drunk and won't remember it in the morning :P


Who are y--wemean--beep, boop.
Welcome to the Weekend Conversation.

While the news team never stops working (or drinking), come the weekend we like to kick up our droid parts and relax. Between issues of the RPGN you'll find an interview to read while you're enjoying your own weekend, and where interviews in the past tended to be shorter and more concise, the Weekend Conversation is meant to be longer: both longer in form, and longer in the making. Whether a random Guild member, or a member that's come up during our crack (ha) reporting during the week.

This weekend we sat down with Lady Amalthea, maker of roleplays, guides, and just general good sense in the OOC sections. She was experienced before she ever got to the Guild, but it's the Guild that's gotten to be the recipient of her knowledge and energy for the last few years. So without anything further, enjoy the conversation.

Alright, to start with, I think it's important we focus on the real substance. Do an immediate deep dive on the important issues. So...

Why MASH and Hot Lips? Excellent choice as it is.

~Chuckles slightly~ Why thank you, I thought it was. Seriously though I love the show and it is a perfect example of taking a base story line and turning it into something memorable and fantastic. It started out as such a simple idea and was almost cancelled before it even really had a chance.

It reminds me of Rping. You take the smallest of ideas, something that may have been done a thousand times, and give it your own spin. Some times just that little twist turns something mundane into something great. A wonderful writing staff, a cast of characters you loved, you hated, you rooted for, you cried for. There is character growth, people live, people die. War, love, darkness, finding a light, and even as the show came to an end and everyone parted ways it left a mark not only on them but everyone they crossed paths with. It is everything a good RP should be.

Why Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan? She's my spirit animal of course! And reminds me of my journey as an RPer to GM. Naive, brash, passionate, and a bit seeing the world, or in her case the army, through rose tinted glasses. Over time she grew, finding that she was more than just her gender, more than just a nurse, or a major. She was all of that and more. She became a leader in the truest sense to me and and in the end someone to look up to. Someone I hope I can be to others out there as a GM. (You know, other than the Evil GM Overlord. lol)
Lady Amalthea

When did you come to the Guild? How did you find it?

I came to the guild over two years ago but I started on another account, Afina. Though after close to a year on it I felt it was time for a "handle" change for personal reasons. Finding the site was rather easy. You see I had been a mod for Battleon Forums a long time ago in a galaxy far far away but I had been on an extended hiatus due to burn out. When I finally came back the place just wasn't what it was anymore. I felt I needed to find somewhere new. So I went to the one place we all go when we need to find something: Google! I simple search and bam, there were a lot of places. This was the one I was drawn to: the set up, layout, how you could organize your Rp's here, the number of Rpers, and the freedom it gave to any topic you wanted to RP about. The force was strong here, so here I am.
Lady Amalthea

What makes you want to contribute the Guides? What makes you keep doing it?

What was your favorite to complete?

Hardest to write?

Easiest to write?

What makes you want to contribute the Guides? What makes you keep doing it?

When I was starting out RPing online there really weren't any guides, we're talking pre-T1 days. We were trial and error back then and man did we make a lot of errors.... ~facepalms thinking back to some of the stuff she pulled back then~ The longer I was in it the more I learned. As I learned I wanted to help others avoid the same disastrous mistakes I had made. Thing was, the more people I was around Rping on chats and forums, the more I started sounding like a broken record each time I was asked the same question. Solution? A guide. Then I could just link them to it. So I started writing them back on WinMx in the early 2000's and really haven't stopped.

Why do I keep doing it? Because Rp is ever evolving and I am still learning even after all these years. So I keep writing them. If they help someone great, if they don't it's no skin off my teeth because I go back from time to time to review the ones I have written to remind myself of things I might have forgotten or overlooked for a time.

What was your favorite to complete?

Oh, that's easy. Gming 201 - Randomization, World Naratives and LLA. That one was just fun to write. I was able to put down in text how I manage to keep things twisting and turning in my RP's, as well on how to make things easier for Gm's. It can be a complicated system but once in place, well it's just entertaining. Gming can be a pain, anything to make the load lighter is a good thing. Though, in truth I have a lot of fun writing all my guides. (Total nerd.)

Hardest to write?

Hardest is one I am currently working on, Gming 301 - Developing A Mystery RP. This one is proving tricky. I have rewritten three times already and scrapped each one. Trying to get how my mind goes through the process into text is proving harder than I thought it would be but it has been a requested guide, so I will get it done. That is as long as I don't run out of coffee, then all bets are off.

Easiest to write?

That would be the RPers Guide To Etiquette. That one was really too easy to write and very simple to keep updated. Why? I just open it when someone does something in RP or on the forum that.. to put it politely "vexes" me. Then I know exactly what to put there. When I wrote it originally I was seething with frustration, so it just came out. Over time, it just grew. I mean, seriously, doesn't take long for someone to do something that makes you want to slam your head into your keyboard. Or theirs. So it makes it very easy to write.
Lady Amalthea

What makes a bad GM?

I wish I could say there are no bad Gm's out there but sadly there are, and it has nothing to do with lack of experience. It has everything to do with attitude. When you elevate yourself to the status of GM you are placing yourself in a potion of power and well you know what they say - with great power comes great responsibility. Thing is, not every GM handles having that "power" well and well it corrupts them. Gm's that set up impossible scenario's that only their character can deal with. Gm's that batter their players to post but won't keep up or follow their own rules. A GM that screws up and knows it but refuses to take responsibility. Or even worse the GM that has severely misplaced confidence in their own skills and refuses to believe they can learn anything more. I hate to burst a GM's bubble but no GM is all that. Even those like me that have been Gming for decades can learn more and better their skills. I still have a lot to learn even after all these years.
Lady Amalthea

Attitude and social skills have more to do with group RP success than most seem to realize, may be a fair way of putting it?

Do you ever allow for talented but diva players? Have some understanding for easily distracted folks? People that want to know more about the story than others, or want to somehow assist, or otherwise feel part of the process?

Attitude and social skills have more to do with group RP success than most seem to realize, may be a fair way of putting it?

Yes, they are huge factors in the success of an Rp. It doesn't mean that you can't host a successful Rp if you have an attitude. You just have to know how to walk a very delicate line to balance everything.

Do you ever allow for talented but diva players? Have some understanding for easily distracted folks? People that want to know more about the story than others, or want to somehow assist, or otherwise feel part of the process?

Oh god yes! I run the gambit of personalities when dealing with Rpers in my Rps. Divas, attention whores, drama queens and kings. Jerks to downright assholes. Shy people, New rpers, young, old, you name it. All are welcome. As long as they follow the rules of the Rp I am willing to give everyone a chance.

And my peeps assist me and are constantly part of the process. That is a huge part of being a Gm is weaving the PC's into the story, having those mini plots and minor story arcs are essential for character growth. I'm always open to listen and take the ideas of the Rpers. A GM creates the world, the Rpers makes it go.

But as far as knowing more about an Rp than others, I only have two words for you - NO SPOILERS!
Lady Amalthea

What's your favorite thing about the Guild outside of roleplaying?

You mean there's more to the guild outside of Rp!??! ~runs to the window and throws open the shutters~ Holy crap! Lol Seriously though, the P E E P S! Peeps! My peeps are my favorite part of the forum, even beyond RP. I really have the best group of core Rpers that have grown into dear dear friends since I joined the forum, they are my support and my strength. An online family I know I will always be thankful for meeting. Rp, like life, is nothing without people. They make the Rps great and my life more enriched because of their presence.
Lady Amalthea

You mentioned writing a new guide for GMing, but in another thread you mentioned putting together a guide for new users: where did the idea come from? Where do the current ones fall short in your opinion? Are you looking to work with site staff on the project? Have you gotten any pushback going from RP guides to site guides?

It is actually a really old idea from when I first joined the forum. I got the pm like everyone but as I started reading through everything I became a little overwhelmed. Not by the content but the amount of clicking I had to do. There was a lot. And then I found some things were not linked I wish there was and even things I wished there were covered that were not. It wasn't that the ones provided fell short, they just weren't the right feel for me personally. Over my time here I have heard similar from friends on the forum so I figured, why not just go ahead and do that now? If it helps great, if it doesn't no worries.

I'd love to work with the staff on this if they wanted to, but it's not like I am currently working to change what is there. Just more of organizing it. Mine wouldn't be the first user guide to the forum, there are several in the Article's and Guide Section touching on different things.

As far as push back goes, no; haven't gotten any. If there is any, I haven't seen it. Granted, it really wouldn't even be my first site guide here. The Rpers Guide to Etiquette touches on general site manners and I have organized an Article's And Guide index.
Lady Amalthea

Who's your favorite GM?

Hrm, that's a tough one. I really don't join many Rp's, tend to keep to Gming myself. So I haven't dealt with a lot of Gm's as an Rper personally on the forum. Though out of the ones I have I would probably have to say Morose. Her Gming style is very similar to mine as far as rules and enforcement goes, so I am more comfortable letting go of the GM control with her. Not to mention the woman weaves one hell of a story line that keeps you guessing. She brings out the best in her Rpers and is loads of fun to Rp with. As a Gm or an Rper, she really is tops in my book.
Lady Amalthea

In your opinion, what's the Guild need less of?

Besides bots? Trolls, people who believe because others have gotten away with things on the forum because a mod wasn't around that they can do whatever they want; especially on the status bar.
Lady Amalthea

I take it you were encouraged by the recent response to concerns of users by Guild staff?

Very much so. It is one thing for people to individually report things but the reports don't usually go to every mod. A mod gets a pm and handles that event. Not sure if there is a central list or something that lets say one mod know if another mod has dealt with someone in the past, so some things could have slipped through the cracks.

Having an open forum where people get to voice their concerns and all the staff can see it helps. It creates a joint effort between users and staff to help make things better on the forum. I have made reports in the past and they've been handled quickly, effectively, and with care; so I know the mods care. Thing is, they can't help us if we don't speak up. We finally spoke up.

Addressing the concerns of the users is validation. It lets us know we are being heard. It was the first step. Adding another mod to help the current staff was another. We're making progress. Sure not as quickly as some would like but change takes time. I'm just excited to see that change. It's promising and I am hopeful for the forums future. This a wonderful place, working together helps us keep it that way.
Lady Amalthea

We asked.

"There's a Mod sub-forum we (the Staff) communicate on to notify each other of events."
Guild Mods

It was refreshing to see Guild folk come out of the woodwork and try to be (mostly) constructive. I mean we were busy drinking putting together the news post but it gave us more to write about, so we're for it.

Think most respect the power the Guild gives GMs? Ever had to take something to Staff as a GM?

I believe it does. I have been on a lot of forums over the decades and one thing that has been a common issue is the lack of power for the GM's. Needing mods to even be able to tell someone to leave the Rp they are hosting. Mods coming in and telling Gm's they have to let certain people in. The stuff I have seen in the past elsewhere is enough to make you hurl. I've seen forums kill their Rp sections because of this. Knowing the GM's have control here is refreshing and one of many things that has kept me here over the last two years. There are a few things I would like to see for GM's but that is a coding thing. (Like being able to turn over an Rp to a Co-Gm fully if the GM has to leave, being able to edit posts in their own topic instead of having to ask a mod to, things like that.) But again, that is a coding thing and frankly Mahz has enough on his plate, so not even asking for it yet. lol

Taking problems to the staff as a GM? Only to have a post deleted. Other than that no. Granted, I am an Evil GM Overlord. I have a lot of rules and regulations for people to follow and when they submit their CS it has a little note on the bottom stating when they submit the CS they are agreeing to it. My rules also include that my Rpers have to follow the standards of the RPers Guide To RP Etiquette. I expect a certain level of respect from my Rpers, not only towards me since I am running things but towards each other and even the staff: both in and out of RP. If I get word they are causing problems outside of the RP, they are gone and they know it. That is a breach of my rules, rules they agreed to. Entering an Rp of mine is like well... Welcome to Thunderdome! You break a deal, you face the wheel. lol I have had attitude from people I have booted from RP but who hasn't? Yet, it has never been so much that I needed to seek a mods help in the matter beyond having a post or two deleted. Even then it has been few and far between.
Lady Amalthea

"Evil GM Overlord" yet has a circle of friends on the Guild built over time and shared creative experiences via those same RPs you overlord. You can't be that bad. So long as drunk posting is allowed.

My circle just enjoys the same level of complete and utter madness I do. My own little slice of Wonderland and I am the Mad Hatter. There's a reason there are so many empty chairs at the table. Anyone is welcome to show up, few can tolerate everything going stark raving mad.
Lady Amalthea

(Please note the newsroom collectively darting our eyes between ourselves, then reaching for the hard liquor before continuing.)


Any guides coming soon, or RPs you want to plug? Any shout outs?

Aww, did I make you nervous? That's sooo sweet. ~chuckles~

Well, as I said earlier I have the New Users Guide I am working on as well as Gming 301. I hope to have those done in the next week or two. Hrm, as far as Rp's to plug I only have one that is upcoming - Shadowrun. It will be a Table Top RP but hosted in Casual. I am melding my usual Gming standards and CS with the 3rd Edition Shadowrun set. It looks to be a lot of fun, have two Co-Gm's that will be helping me with everything, Sigil and Dragoknighte. Both excellent Rpers and Gm's in their own right. I am really excited about working with them on this.

Shout outs? Omg, so many! To each and every one of my peeps in all my Rps! Which is a huge list but damn, I couldn't be luckier to have them. We have 3 Rp's that have been going strong for over a year and others quickly closing in on the 1 year mark. So to all my peeps in The Walking Dead, Duplicity, Darker Than Black, Soulless Regency, After Miranda, and Deeper Than The Sands - Major Kudos to all of you! I love everything we have done together and am so looking forward to the twists, turns, and down right mind screws we have coming up! You have made Gming fun for me despite all the work. I couldn't have done it without you.
Lady Amalthea

Thanks again for the time, it was our pleasure. Good luck to you and looking forward to the guides.

Join us again for the next Weekend Conversation when we sit down with new Co-Admin Hank.
In Resignation 3 yrs ago Forum: News
<Snipped quote by RPGN>

this sentence sounds awfully not-boopy. are you malfunctioning?


In Resignation 3 yrs ago Forum: News

Great. Now we have to create a whole new category: "Music That Sucks So Bad It Doesn't Suck."
In RPGN 5.2.2017 3 yrs ago Forum: News
Are you guys currently looking for people to join?

"Must care about the Guild community, and must love dogs." PM us with what you might want to help with.
In RPGN 5.2.2017 3 yrs ago Forum: News
I like the vibe of this RPGN issue! Makes the stuff fun to read. :)

The only (halfway) sober one of us will be happy to hear this.

I mean, we probably won't mention it to them. They've got writing to do for the next issue, and we've got a whip to crack.

But thanks!
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