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Hey! Figured most people engaging the "community discussion" would be established members of the site, so here's a flaker/mainly-anonymous "newbie" adding her two cents.

I've been roleplaying through sub-forums for over three years now, and I found RPG on a whim, looking for larger sites to dip into. I appreciated, and still do appreciate, the sheer expanse of the site - or at least the illusion of expansiveness; I've always gotten the impression you could post any roleplay up at any time of the year and it would still get a decent amount of interested players based on just how many potential players there were. That's the selling point of the site as a whole for me: the idea of jumping in when I'm bored, when roleplays elsewhere are grinding to a halt, to just throw character concepts to the wall and hope they stick.

I can't describe my engagement on RPG as lasting to any capacity. You look through my message history, it speaks for itself. My plan of approaching RPG has prevented me from dedicating to anything, but there also hasn't really been a "backbone" to my experience that holds my interest.

Every roleplay can be a case-by-case basis in terms of personal investment, so, in my experience, I usually turn to the out-of-character community when the IC fails me. First time I joined the RPG Discord, I was bumped out by a wrestling discussion... in the wrong channel... by a mod. That sums up how included I feel in the site as a whole, really, haha. And unfortunately, the site from my distanced perspective has always had a dark undertone to it, from the fact that the most active roleplay discussion thread was for throwing shade (it was funny while it lasted, rest in peace) to the absence of the 'Matz' guy giving the impression of neglect (sorry if I don't have the whole picture there; I can't, I don't know what the hell's going on here). I've stopped because I was anxious of getting pulled into drama, so I've settled on being a Ghost Mode spectator, rising from the dead once or twice a year to leave empty promises on some poor GM's casual anime RP.

I'm glad a lot of you have someplace you can come to, though. Looks like I have to keep searching for my place!

The biggest reason I wanted to comment though was I think a newsletter like this is a step in the right direction in terms of community involvement. The best way to be inclusive is to be informative/ Let people who haven't found their niche yet or exist on the sidelines like I do know what's going on around the site. Also, spotlighting roleplays: that's something I'm wholly glad more of the roleplaying communities I know are doing. I'm used to only talking about projects or posts unless it's to ask for feedback. There's nothing that boosts my motivation as a GM and as a player than conversation about the game! I'm 100% in favor of bringing this back. Even if I might not be around for the next few editions, aha.

666 days bby
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Here goes nothing! <3

I found the Guild back in 2015 after the place I originally roleplayed at was closed, and was immediately drawn to it because the layout was just like the one in my old site. The first few weeks were uneventful, as I couldn't find any roleplays that interested me and I was still learning the ropes on here. I took a hiatus of a few months, then returned to the site to find a distraction after a bad breakup. It was then when I joined my first official lasting roleplay, and by the end of the year (Christmas Day of 2015) I responded to the 1x1 request of the person who would become my best friend on this site: my boi @Altered Tundra.

It all just grew from there! I dove deeper into the group roleplays thanks to Miss @Hushed Whispers and her original Beverly Hills High roleplay (BHHS I will always have the most special place in my heart <3), where I met a lot more of the awesome people I still talk and write with to this day. I continued to grow as a writer and develop my skills further, not to mention create the the funnest stories! And no matter how busy life got, I always found the time to get pulled into writing just one more story.

So, in the end, I owe the Guild so much of my happiness. If I hadn't registered, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people from all over the world (you know who you guys are special shout-out to the GTP fam, what up?) and create wonderful characters and stories with them. I also wouldn't have met the man who I now share my life with, and am on the way to marry (my forever love @Grim327). And even in the bad times, I find comfort knowing that I have a group of people I cherish to have my back and pull me right back up.

Here's to many more years ahead! <3
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Kind of a two-part story about how I discovered Roleplay that leads into why I went looking and eventually found RPG.

Roleplay for me started in a very odd place during a very odd part of my life a little over a decade ago. I was in high school. Wasn't terribly popular. Just your average teen trying to side step every social pitfall in life and maintain what few connections I had with what friends I could keep. It was a struggle on account of having a rather overbearing stepmom. Do we have any Asian kiddies in the house.. or Disney princesses? Do parents still think your shirt being tucked out qualifies you as being in a gang? Does an -A and an F still look exactly the same? Have you mopped the floors yet?

I was allowed a phone for emergencies and a laptop... for... homework of course. Being the good child that I was, I used it mostly for Myspace (remember that?) and one other social netorking site known as IMVU. Introduced to me by my sister, IMVU was (still is) a silly virtual chat client that allowed you to customize an avatar and place them around a 3D space on predetermined nodes, posing yourself in various ways from the rather normal to the obscene. In this way, you could be anyone, be anywhere and more importantly, do anything. A perfect tool for the RPer at heart... and there were plenty to be had there.

My first exposure to actual Roleplay was a conversation I had with a friend of mine. I'll spare the finer details, but she was involved in a particular activity that any normal person, according to my limited perspective on the world at the time, would have rather avoided. I asked why she couldn't just click the 'red X' in the corner of the window and nope out of there. She proceeded to explain to me that she was in fact playing a role and that closing the window wasn't an option. She didn't want to leave because that was exactly where she wanted to be. So... Roleplay.

It goes without saying that I was confused. Heavily. but more importantly, I was also intrigued... and curious enough to want to see this for myself. She agreed to share and thus, pulled me through a door and into the first fantasy world I'd ever explored where a new RPer was born. IMVU allowed you to make your own 'rooms' and this particular room was populated by other players in your usual fantasy getup. Heavy armor. Bladed weapons at the hip. Tails and horns and... oh? Is that an over-sexualized genie? I created my first character there, the core of which I've kept alive today, got involved with their overarching plots and the drama therein and immediately became addicted to the hobby.

What brought me to RPG was the particular style of roleplay. IMVU's client being nothing more than an overly robust messenger, everything was done in real time and although I could keep up, that was all I could do. Additionally, I was stuck "self inserting" myself in the game. It was easier to play as a more fantasized version of me than it was to create and play out a entirely new character I was unfamiliar with. I wanted to explore, but I wanted to do it at a comfortable pace. One that gave me time to think about what I wanted to do, where I wanted to drive a particular story, and really give me a chance to flex my creative muscles. Enter play-by-post. My particular wheelhouse and first discovered perusing the forums on the same site. I quickly fell in love. However, the design of each thread wasn't entirely conducive for RP (IC and OOC were kept in the same place) and after taking part in more failed games than I care to accurately recall, I took to the internet to find a new home.

RPG at the time was still the 'OldGuild'. I want to say a couple years old? Maybe more. Still growing but always remaining for the most part simple in it's design. That's what really drew me in. Easy to navigate. Easy to understand. Easy to find a game at my particular level of writing and jump in. I signed up then as Exitthisway and joined my first 'Free' RP involving your standard band of adventurers on a shared quest. The King's Daughter it was titled. If I could go back in time and find that GM and thank him, I would. Every RP since I've joined has been a lesson in writing, his being the most important. In short, he hated me because I was the obvious Gary Stu. In preparation for his world, I'd done nothing more than press two of my favorite characters from other cannons into one and during the game, had gone so far as to play out a scene depicted in a movie, shot by shot. There was no real creativity involved. No real direction I was trying to take my character. I wasn't yet there for the right reason. It was the first and only time I've ever felt the need to kill my character off as I had written myself into a corner.

My character was trying to be perfect... and nobody likes that.

Fast forward ten years and here I am today, having explored more worlds than I can remember and even dabbled in a bit of GMing myself. I'm not the most well known name around the guild but I've done my time. My take away? The experiences I've shared with a lot of the writers here. The lesson's I've learned and the adventures we've gone on. I can't really put into words what kind of impact it has had on my life but I know I don't regret falling into this... and that's thanks in large part to the Guild and the people I've met here. That's not exclusive to those I've spoken too either. You see examples of great people from all walks of life making time to weave together narratives for the benefit of others. Established GMs who've dedicated years to their games and managed to keep their story alive. OOC they're good people as well and it's inspiring.

It's the parts of the community like them that drive me to do better. I was and still am a terrible writer but I'm ever working to improve. I'm also not as active as I once was. Nowadays, I mostly conceptualize for future projects I plan to start when I have the time and share what new music I've stumbled across that I'm really enjoying. I only ever join a game when if I know I have the time to commit and if the story is intriguing enough and lately, I've had none of the former. I do hope to return and remain active and give back in some way and it's things like the Writing Contest and the revival of our Guild News that help.
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@Guild News@Mara@Hero

Apologies for being late for the first news segment, but we are live with a new competition for all!
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@Guild News@Mara@Hero

Apologies for being late for the first news segment, but we are live with a new competition for all!

No problem man, it's better than waiting a month to write about it.
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The news is back again.

Good luck to you, I tried my best back in the day but real life gets the better of us all. If you're interested there could potentially be some bottles of Whisky lying around near my old desk.
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hows my fam doin?

nadie asks how mahz is doin, just where mahz is :(
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@Mahz So uh... have you finished your vacation errands yet?
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@Mahz How's Mahz doin'?
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Ive been a part of your family for about 3 years now. Actually probably 4... this isnt my original account...

You are still such a mystery man to me... Its kinda crazy... Ive never really seen you around...

Youre just the benevolent god that keeps this place running... doing all the behind the scenes work without much reason to...

We are all glad youve dedicated so much to up Mahz...

You're really awesome.

Thank you.
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@Briza loves @Mahz. ❤️ ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪ ❤️❤️ d o o t y d o o t d o o t ~ 🎷
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It's been a great time here, I've met someone cool people who pushed me to become a better writer.

I can't begin to recount all those I encountered but thank you Mahz, for so so much.
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hows my fam doin?

nadie asks how mahz is doin, just where mahz is :(

I'll do you one better: why is Mahz?
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My resolution for 2019 is to get involved again on a weekly basis, particularly on a writer's level.

I've been getting back into writing, finally, after dabbling with /r/WritingPrompts. I always thought that roleplaying was a really inspiring way to write because of the collaborative effort. Even stricken with writer's block, I always found advancing the plot enough for the next writer a bearable task.

I always have a bunch of PMs for why I'm away so much. It gets worse and worse the older the Guild gets, I think, because the vocal minority stings more and more when they condemn me for not spending enough time and effort. It's a very frustrating thing to hear when you've put in so much effort into something. But I'd like to train myself to ignore that nonsense this year instead of avoiding it.

I resurrected my secret roleplaying account. So if you notice some particular cringe in your roleplays, it might be me trying to write a sentence after so many years away from roleplaying.
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And the people's search for @Mahz's secret RP account begins xD
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I always have a bunch of PMs for why I'm away so much. It gets worse and worse the older the Guild gets, I think, because the vocal minority stings more and more when they condemn me for not spending enough time and effort. It's a very frustrating thing to hear when you've put in so much effort into something. But I'd like to train myself to ignore that nonsense this year instead of avoiding it.

I really hope the people behind said PMs are joking and not being too difficult to deal with. I know I, for one, am very thankful for how much effort you've put into the site already; it runs like a charm! BBCode is a godsend for me, too, because HTML can go screw itself. Though hearing you have a secret roleplaying account fills me with simultaneous excitement and anxiety... :D

Thank you for keeping this awesome place alive!
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